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AI: Summary © The importance of taking advantage of wealth and using it for one's health is discussed, as well as the use of drugs and alcohol in people's lives and the importance of not smacking and drinking. The speakers emphasize the importance of having time and being patient during difficult situations, as well as the importance of being a good person and not giving up on one's own success. There is also a mention of a potential return to a future state. The segment emphasizes the importance of taking advantage of wealth and being patient during difficult situations, as well as the importance of listening to the question and being a good person.
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My dear brothers and sisters in the back in Islam

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today's topic with a few minutes we have together

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is attending house, the house. Take advantage of five before five.

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And now I'm going to ask you to help me out

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what were these five? Can somebody remind me of one of them?

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Your youth before your old age? You know what I have something for you man.

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low calorie minutes

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now very good. We'll take one one at a time. Okay, let's take that that

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was that was one of the reasons that was a USP you know what let something better for you know budget cuts.

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But everything is good for you. Alright, the first one let's talk about the second one. The first one is take advantage of you youth before you become old. So Pamela Why

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did you know brothers? The loss of Hannah Montana loves three types of people among us three types of people more among them, he loves the older person that is righteous but he loves the user switches more. So take advantage of your youth before you get old and I'm talking about a little more. Why?

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Because the older person Okay, go ahead Tell me why. You don't know I love that answer.

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He's like melodrama delay.

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Allah D I don't know.

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We don't say Allah. Allah knows best Allah will give you knowledge inshallah. Okay, who can tell me why I love Subhana Allah loves the youth that are obedient more than the elder person is obedient.

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Right maybe it's one of them you because you're busy and all others very good very good. I'll have competition after go ahead and

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it's better to learn when you're young before you Oh very good Go ahead. Nothing

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more more memory Mashallah more memory very good glad

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he started a habit mesh while you learn when you're young he sticks with you very good.

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Right? You learn when you're young stick to it when you're old go ahead man.

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It's not an obligate obligation yet you haven't reached age 15 or reach age of puberty but you're doing this you're doing something voluntary that you're acting upon. Beautiful Yes. Yes, my brother.

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If you understand the heart disappear, have never heard this hadith luminary. Allah Allah. Okay.

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Good for you. See, I'm learning from you guys.

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Mashallah, it's easier for you, when you're younger than you are become older, you get the idea, just because I only have a few minutes with you. So we'll take one, only five or 10 minutes. So shall we get the gist? Thank you very much while I love you, but I wouldn't have a competition in the end. So ask you about this again. So here is some of the scholars say You know why? Because when you get older,

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you know, you get a bit of gray hair. You start making noises when you get up.

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When you're young, you don't feel that you feel indispensable. You're invisible. You feel like you're going through stones, you move mountains, you That's it, you indestructible, you're not gonna die, you feel that string, right? And not only that, you see the older man now has been there, done that.

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And he's getting older. He's married now. He's got kids. He's tired enough to be going

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to the grave soon. So the preparing is becoming righteous.

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But when you lose yourself yet, you get hormones driving you up and down. Like you're driving you nuts, get chemical reactions, you get things you get fitted all over the place. You're like a bowl right? You're walking around hunting.

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So now you're obedient. When you have all these systems.

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You're more beloved to Allah subhanaw taala You understand? That's why among the seven there will be shade. No shade except the one sheet is a shadow wound.

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A youth that was raised in the obedience of Allah make you among the very good indeed. Now, who can tell me number two of the five

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Which one?

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Your health before you illness very good. Your health before your illness, you get your health now, you won't know that revisions and the sustenance and the blessing of Allah has given you the help and lets you lose it. You won't understand what I'm saying it's not tangible, you don't feel it yet. No problems you got to go and do things, no problems. But when you lose it, you will understand that the blessing of the health is priceless. If you don't want to

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just go to the to the hospital one day, go to the hospital one time and go to the burn unit.

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You won't be able to take a line of tea for the blessings that you have. If you go back in the hospital you find out the these people that have a bag and this and that because the action that cannot go to the bathroom. People you think that things you take for granted the things you take for granted like you wake up in the morning, right you get up the bed you put your feet in, you go to the bathroom, you make will do you actually go down and come up and pray and all that. But I'll tell you what, you can watch it on YouTube, a man called Abdullah young matter

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that you've seen on your screen on the face normal when the screen pulls back up, you'll see this man his quadriplegic is paralyzed from the neck down the things you take for granted. He mentions his his his wishes, his I wish for three things, among the wishes for the three things he says and as he says,

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I wish that I could prostrate to a law once the things you take for granted that you actually pray and take it for granted that it's no big deal like that man knows how beautiful it is not because he cannot do it. And he says that I wish that my friends told me to prostrate to Allah before it's too late. I didn't pray before now I want to pray again. And he says the worst thing about it is my friends that even mentioned now they're setting them in the collegiate chair. There's the feel sorry for me and didn't feel sorry for me because I didn't agree before.

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So it's I wish the things that I took it for granted, I didn't I wish that I can actually turn a page at the crime. The things that take for granted that you help with that I'll give you the ability to be able to hold the grant we will turn the grant we abuse it

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and he says I wish when I press three two lights my last thing that I do I wish that I die right there then and he says I wish that I can run to my mother and Ed hug her and kiss her and tells exactly located on your own mouth maphorisa me when I was young is I can do that. So the things that you have you help before you elmas you should take advantage of it before it's too late. Thank

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you for the nearmap with the blessing that he's given you so how do you think Omar with your eyes? how you think about your eyes? Yesterday

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read the Quran beautiful what else how else

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lower your gaze you get the idea? How do you how do you think Allah with the near mouth the tongue?

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Say Salah.

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Say Vic and so on You get the idea. How do you think about when your feet

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are very good. How do you then come out with your hands?

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Don't smack me I'll be thankful to you yesterday.

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I don't know I love that man.

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This is the I don't know man. What's your name?

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Now he becomes

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become thankful to Allah Subhana Allah to take advantage of that. That's number two. Who can tell me number three? Okay.

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We got number one and number two, okay, who can tell me

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you will be for your poverty my man very good. Indeed. This stuff will go in the end I'll ask questions. There'll be competition. So take advantage of your wealth before you're poor. Because now you have the money tomorrow. Do you have money? Alright, but how do you spend your money man? Did you go buy some drugs and alcohol you bought that car? You saw the girls buy some lunch and all that stuff? Is that how you spend your money? Have you not heard that allows them Hello Jana Will you will ask you on gentlemen D Where did you get the money from and how it is funny man.

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So now can you imagine when Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam says this well. In three types. We'll talk about the dealer side job, I won't go into details. But when you have the money take advantage of the Effie and spend it for the sake of Allah.

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Before you spend it somewhere else, how did you earn it? Because Allah says,

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there is the sustenance is written, decreed provision is written for you in the womb before you even born.

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But it says,

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Ask for the risk in the most beautiful way and the story is given that this man

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has given the man the reins of his horse. He went inside the masjid. So the man likes the rains, and he stole them and he sold them in the marketplace and even

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when he went outside, he did not see his race. We went to the marketplace to look for one he saw his own so I asked the merchant he says I asked him for the sake of Allah How much did he give this the man that gave you this rain How much money do you give him for his I gave him two dinar for it. This is what I intended to give him to dinar for him looking after my horse while I'm inside the masjid.

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But he was in the East he was in a rush to get his money. So make sure my brothers and sisters to get the money from local sources and spend it in the local sources and take advantage that you have the money now before you don't have it later and spend it for the sake of Allah very good. Number four, who is number four?

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What is number five? Please take advantage of five before

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he says hierarchical

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use your life before death. Who guarantees can guaranteed to live forever? Raise your hand if you think you're gonna live forever. Really?

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This the same brother says I don't know you're right.

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Are you kidding?

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me dude. Even Prophet Mohammed Salah creation, Allah subhanaw taala took an oath by his life.

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By your time by your life, Allah took an oath with that. Allah only can take an oath with any frustration but manifestation you can take an oath with anybody else except the love.

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Even problem.

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If you die, you think they are going to live forever eternally flower like no one is gonna live forever in this life in the hereafter inshallah. But now, he says, knowing for sure that you will die knowing for sure. And that's another topic. We'll talk about another lecture tomorrow, that you will die. How could you not possibly prepare for that? When I blanked

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on the Sabbath means that since you're created, there is an arrow already been let go. The Angeles death is coming for you. Your life is a countdown to the greed. Since you know for sure. Initially, people even don't believe in God. If people don't believe in God, they'll tell you two things are for sure. What are they? That the taxes right? They even believe that if you don't believe in God, they don't believe in the discipline they don't believe in I think they still believe that that the taxes are for sure you can't get away from them. So be smart. Prepare, take advantage of this life before you die. And I'll tell you the explanation later on Sharla I'll give you just a brief one so

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you can get something that's tangible to you. on Judgement Day, on Judgement Day, the scholars will tell you will get three grants or four wishes some of the scholars say and somebody said when you go to the other side,

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when in the Hellfire that people will ask Allah for something. Allah will be answering, of course.

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So many years later, he says, Please, build your own land, the Amazon and FEMA. People will say What?

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You know what I know it's true. It's true. Now the Hellfire suite exists. I know now you're gonna take me back to this place.

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Maybe I can do something good before I die.

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What happens is tele inanimate

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knee we will not go back to it. It is merely an utterance a lip service, right? And lip service is not going to happen. They will go back to the old ways. And I'll give you that example. You know who travels here, guys? Anybody travels? All right. You know if you take a car driving around, or you take a boat going somewhere, you take a plane going somewhere. And you start thinking now I gotta see this girl Sr. Sr v. Oh, sister. Susie was doing so good, man. I gotta go check her out, man. your intention is very true. Sure. Yeah. Chickens playing games with the head. Right? Know what happens on the airplane. What do you do, man? As soon as you get air turbulence?

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What do you feel? You're still taking their picture out and smelling and stuff and get ready for it? Because

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I repent.

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Is that right? That's what happens. Same thing. You're on the boat. You say you're a Buddhist thinking. If you say this, I gave 100,000 pounds. And all of a sudden the Buddhists

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you can see now Midland Yeah.

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Here's the 50,000 pounds I mentioned earlier, I'll give it to you soon as you get on the shore you're coming close to the shore those five pounds or law that I promised I will give it to you as soon as you get on shore you know I get the checks

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that's what happens to human being that's what it is man. So take advantage of light before that's what happens Yes. So we understand now there's something tangible among that allows the panel

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is okay. You're not coming back to life. What happens?

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Again, is this for the

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Acid a lotta killers who don't want to feel the movie?

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is though, that will not happen either.

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The third one says what happens is

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one day off. Apparently the union they need a new holiday. They want to take one day

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will that happen? That will not happen. So that's the reason the scholar says and Nia you are living this wish you How much will you pay to come back to this life? How much will you pay to come back to this life to do good to say

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anything? So the seller says you are living this wish don't waste its life before death. And last one inshallah. Okay, no, he said something.

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Which was good man. Time, time before you don't have time.

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Have you heard this before? Let's kill some time. Yeah.

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When you hear that people say let's kill some time. Let's go man. Let's go bar hopping, man. Let's kill some time. Don't you know that the time is your capital,

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Billings and other people's buy time. Indeed, human being in a state of loss.

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Except those who believe and do good deeds, and help one another, do righteous deeds and be patient among one another and so on.

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Amazingly enough, time is your capital, what could not

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count everything for you. So your time is what the seed is. So in this life, what you sowed here in the seed, you will receive the reward in the hereafter. So time is what you're given before it's too late. And when you're in this situation, you don't have you don't have a wife, you don't have a husband, you don't have family, you have kids and you have that stuff you have the time now, before you don't have the time I tell you a lot if you take advantage of it before it's too late. So now you have the five take advantage of 545 and I ask Allah subhanaw taala to make you among the makers among those who listen speech and follow the rest of it.

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This is fine. So let's recap. Right here we go. Competition time. So I'll tell you why.

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The brothers are sitting down as one group the brothers that are standing up is another group. All right, call yourself a name what's the what's the group? What's your name? What's your team name? It's lab Okay, this is

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their Muslim. Okay, what are the brothers of standing up? What's the name of your T?

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Man okay

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so let me ask you the first question brother

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Give me one of the five

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year well before you

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brother standing up Give me a second

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use the world ah good man.

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Like before that Mashallah

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brother in the blue

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I haven't heard you yet.

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Before barber to think I heard that before. That's okay. Now the brother standing

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up Go ahead, man.

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Whatever it is, I agree. Go ahead.

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All right, let's call it a tie.

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tie dye. I'll tell you what. Your tie dye you'll get this. This the tiebreaker? Okay. Let me explain. Haven't seen haven't seen brothers haven't seen. I'll explain this the last question. Okay. We call this a tiebreaker. The tiebreaker rules are very simple. I'll say a question the first one raise their hand I stop. I will not complete the question more than we repeat the question. So you have to answer according to what you heard. You give me the right answer. You and your team win this. You give me the wrong answer. The other team wins by default.

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And your team members hate you for life. No pressure. The rules, okay, for the brothers are sitting down, please sit down, you're resilient. The brothers standing up originally stand up. All right, here we go.

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Here we go. Remember the tiebreaker questions are very tricky and tough. You have to be listening well, and you have to give me everything I asked for. So I will I will tell the brother, I will tell the brother what the answer is and what the question is. So he knows I'm not bluffing. So hold on one second. Pretend you're talking about yourself.

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All right, the tiebreaker question is the brother knows what the question is. So you can call my bluff. And please make sure you eyewitnesses who raise their hand first. Okay. All right. If you raise your hand until you give me the answer

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otherwise you default make sure you understand the question know the answer before you read otherwise they'll tell you go ahead answer you don't give me the right answer. The other team would have

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to be careful the type three question is

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what was

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the three wishes

00:21:14--> 00:21:15

go ahead what were the three wishes

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is the one that actually answer the question

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please do not fly over this otherwise take it away.

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Okay, he's the honor

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don't come and don't come forward okay.

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To give it away or you want to give it away.

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He's defaulted. He says I'm honored rate but he will give it to the big boys were the big boys.

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You guys, you guys give it one at a time standard life. Thank you very much.

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