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And then Hamden in the middle one estate you know, when a stock fuel and the stock funeral who went to LA he went there he made sure Orian fusina Women say he had to and then in the end he left who Fela moutain La La women who fell ahead yella? Why should one ILA had you know for the hula Sharika why shadow Anessa udana Mohamed Abu who wants to? Yeah, you had leadin taco what how to party? How to body well.

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India went to Muslim Yeah, and you had nurse taco rock the cool lady, Dr. Coleman that so?

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Holla Carmen has Oh Jaha Babette Feldman Houma region and Kathy around when is

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one taco lady just ruler be he was our hand in the wall again. I live from Rahi that

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yeah, Medina mo dot o loi, our pool or colon sevida. Your solution?

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We have a few left Congo Nova calm. While may moto elever Sula, who forgot the first 1000 of Lima and their biographer in the US the Hadith the Kitab will law bahaya Rod had he had to Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah and He will send them a shorter a little more on that to have a coulomb Deathrattle berawa COVID Arten Bala Wakulla Bala Tenzin nom Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah you lady Adana, the hand I wanna

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come, Tatiana, Lola and abdominal wall and hamdulillah aliens Allah Allah, the hill Kitab, or whatever the agenda

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and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen all Praise to Allah, Lord of All the Worlds. All praise is due to Allah Who has guided us to this path to Islam, we would not have been able to guide ourselves had not ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in his infinite grace and mercy chosen to guide us and haven't been do they mean? The hand

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the praise of Allah is an expression Sure.

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One of the differences

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the scholars tell us between hand and Sugar, Sugar is generally praise that we offer in exchange for a blessing.

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Hand is praise because of the nature. The beauty

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of the one being praised to sell handily land for law did not extend a single blessing to us.

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We'll still set to do that.

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Because of the beauty of Allah and Allah Jamil, every July because of the generosity of Allah, even if we did not perceive a blessing, the fact that we were given the ability to praise the Lord is a blessing.

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The fact that we're able to see the blessings Allah gives others and to praise the Lord because of that blessing is a blessing.

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The one who's

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the one who's cut off from blessings is the one who sees a blessing upon another and wants it to be taken away. envy and jealousy.

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The one who is truly blessed is one who can see a blessing that someone else enjoys and can send handily learn even if they lacked that blessing. Because they see in the gift that Allah has given to another they see the beauty of Allah Allah is the One who gives gifts and who bestows blessings that in the long run to talk briefly about sugar, dear brothers and sisters,

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Allah down have mentioned in the Quran

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the sugar a chakra

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while Callie luminae Buryatia core so it's flux the founder of download to undertake acts of chakra and then at work or family of dough, gratitude, thankfulness and a new added down chakra undertake acts of gratitude and those actions are taken with our tongue.

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And with our lives,

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we should be in a constant state of Shuker.

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Not just to Allah subhana wa time.

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That goes without saying, For Allah tile is bestowed this life upon us. Allah Tala is to be stowed speech upon us, and blessed us to understand speech, Allah time has given us a blessing. He hasn't given any other animal. And it's a blessing that distinguishes us from the other animals. He's blessed us to accumulate knowledge and then to build on the knowledge of prior generations. Monkeys cannot build on the knowledge of prior generations of monkeys. That's why every month is finger by human beings started that way. And generation after generation, they're refined the tools that can extract things. Until now starting from where the monkey started, were able to build on that

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experience. And we didn't have to, as they say, reinvent the wheel, when we can build and attach the wheel to axles and we can develop and development to the point that now we have nano instruments, we have instruments you can even see with the naked eye, that are performing functions that you can't see with the naked eye, and developing tools and chips that you can't see with the naked eye. Nano instruments. And the monk is still digging is not with a pig. This is a great blessing that Allah has bestowed upon us. One of the manifestations of our unique intellect our unique Apple,

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we should be in a constant state of shocker. No animals can write poetry, Allah Tala has not given us the ability to speak out of His mercy, our men, I learned the Quran and the Hadith. He said I learned with Diane, Allah has given us the ability to articulate ourselves. And so we can not only speak and the most rudimentary forms of communication, we can write poetry, we can express our emotions, we can embellish our speech and beautiful ways that move hearts to tears.

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lat long

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and we could just go on this entire sermon could be dedicated to end the entire rest of the year. Every time I come here, I could talk about the reasons we should be grateful to our Lord.

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But we should also be grateful to our fellow human beings as our prophets of Allah Allah who was sent them instructed us men the missionary NASA fellow Nish could be the one who does not think the people has not thanked Almighty God has nothing to La Savannah, what time brothers and sisters when you go home, thank your mother for her sacrifices. Thank you Father, for his exposing himself to the abuses that he has to face in the workplace.

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Thank you siblings for supporting you. Thank your neighbors for being good neighbors.

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When you go to the grocery store, thank the cashier for being there throughout this pandemic.

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We don't have million dollar jobs or millions in the in the bank of one afforded the opportunity to get an education that enables them to work from home. But they're they're meeting customer after customer handling their money exchanging materials with them day after day. Thank them for their sacrifices. We should be we shouldn't be effusively and our thankfulness.

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And that's the essence of shoe corps. Shakira is the one who's thankful and gracious, grateful weather. But the show core is from the Arabic language the Arabs, they say it'd be EB Russia cool. It doesn't mean a thankful camel. It means a camel that gets fat on a little bit of pasture.

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A camel that gets fat on a little bit of pasture, so it will even share corn.

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He gets back on a little bit of pasture. And this is this is wonderful. Because the other camels the other livestock, they have much pasture left over. And the camel fattens up on just a little bit of pasture and this this transfer this moves over into how we understand a lot as

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Kord so what does it mean some people might miss translate Allah is thankful, as if Allah responds to something will initiate Allah, a shell corps be happier, less kind of Attalla a shell corps as you relate to Allah subhanho wa taala, who led your team T cell web and Jesse, then Allah, I'm in in Napoleon. He is the one who gives a great reward of a little bit of add a little bit of a small act.

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We say in Ramadan, Subhana Allah one time, we rewarded 1000 times, we're told and has enough to actually be unfairly had one good deed is multiply 10 times over. In a step up, I did 700 times over one good deed. And I think if you're on 7000 70,000 7 billion, that's awesome kids hero, one good deed.

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This is what it means Allah Shikou He gives us a great reward for a little bit of action.

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And he only asked us very little. He asked us to pray five times. And some people find that overwhelming

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because of the weakness of faith, by law, strengthen all of our faith.

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Well, when Musa alayhis salam during the night of the Mirage,

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and the the obligatory prayer was first mentioned, it was 50 times a day.

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And there was reduced to five in the five were rewarded 10 times over so the five had the reward of 50.

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So Allah gives us a great reward for little action.

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And we should thank him for that. But we shouldn't be shocked or we should try to move beyond being shackled, to be shackled. And what would that mean for us as humans are mean that the little the smallest blessings

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would generate a nice great great great great thankfulness.

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The small input smallest blessings

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and we should never be mean a blessing.

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Because it's a gift and lo expresses gratitude for gifts what happens? The one who gave them the gift will tend to continue to give them gifts.

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And this is also something we learned in Bucharest. What if, then Rocketbook online shall come to Lassie, the next one conforms to the inertia deed. And when you're lower proclaim

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that you are thankful for my blessings, that in Shackleton, I will increase you in those lessons, as he doesn't know

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why they didn't conform to men of you are ungrateful. You should know that My punishment is severe and neither be you sad.

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In other real sad, so brothers and sisters Be thankful we live in an age of ingratitude. Part of that is because of the the stock materialism of our age. We have given we've been given so much. We take things for granted

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pre industrial times before the Industrial Revolution. And we know one of the first industries that was birthed by the Industrial Revolution was the textile industry. And this textile industry made it possible for us to have closets and closets and attics and garages filled with clothing. The man was afraid to announce we're going to have a clothing drive when it's in clothing. To understand the message it'll fill up you have to say stop please folks.

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We have so much

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but as we get more and more and more we take the smallest thing for granted before the Industrial Revolution most people have one or two garments to where they saw they had

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and they were thankful for that. Now we have closet for them. We don't have the latest fashion and we feel depressed and crestfallen.

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We don't have this data the other we don't have the the latest sneakers.

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We have the Lebron James sneakers button the prom is holding over the hill now. So we want the world the latest

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stories we want this sneakers. They're the bronze we call cost our parents in the spending two or $300 to get them and then we don't want them because now this

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John came up with some new ones in there the hot new sneaker. One the Java want.

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For column a barrier Shaku Shaku, very few of my servants are truly thankful.

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We ask Allah that he makes each and every one of us from that small number.

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Make us amongst the appeal that Allah make us amongst those of us servants who are thankful. Make us amongst those few servants that are thankful, make us amongst those who don't take the blessings we enjoy for granted that we don't take the water, the clear water, we turn on the tap into water comes out, bless us not to take that for granted. Because how many people in this world when they turn on that tap either dirty water or no water comes out? That's their reality. thank Allah for the clothing that we have in abundance. How many people in this world they don't have a closet, say to say nothing of one or two garments that are tattered and dirty.

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Make us amongst those who are thankful you Allah make us thankful for our food. Some people they as a habit throw out food. Oh, as leftovers, I don't eat leftovers. How many people in the world fight for your leftovers? How many people in the world dig into your garbage can for your leftovers? Yeah, well make us amongst those who are patient who are thankful. Yeah, Allah make us amongst those who are thankful you're alone. And this is the key that unlocks the storehouse of increased blessings.

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We'd be blessed with gratitude.

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When we be blessed with thankfulness, and may we be blessed to share the blessings that we enjoy and that's another aspect of thankfulness. But our time has expired. Apolo Callie Heather stokfella Holly will happen. We say in winning Congress tofu or.

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Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen more so that was center Madison University Sydney Sayidina Muhammad Oman earlier he was on he was in no other woman

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there who you saw none. Yeah. Are you ready in an urban who Sadhguru and he will set the mood Asli Allah Most of us in America last year, you know,

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he was had them. Hamdulillah we have this beautiful Masjid. We thank Allah for this message. Everything goes whose sacrifice some money and time was extended, extending the gift of their administrative abilities. We thank them for their sacrifices, because if they didn't make those sacrifices, we wouldn't have this message. We should thank them never take them for granted. Never look for their faults. We live in an age where it's become a sport to find the faults of people to exaggerate and distort their faults, not even to look at the fault as it is but to dis exaggerated to distorted and to make it as extravagant as possible because we'll get more likes, the more

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sensational it is, the more controversial it is, the more likes and shares we'll get. This is a disease My dear brothers and sisters.

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Look at the good of people.

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Are you suddenly synonymous related? One of the stories that we have in our Muslim tradition related to Esau Jesus and his piece

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is related that he was walking one day with a group of his disciples and they walked by a decaying sheep carcass. When one of them said this, this stench is unbearable. And another one said Look how mangy it is and one said look at the maggots all over it. And as I lay salaam Jesus said Look how wide his teeth are. I've trained my tongue to only speak good we should try not tones in the worst of situations to find good and we look for good will find the good. If we love for good we'll find the good and we should be obsessed with the good which is so great. Some people think that this world is falling apart. Because the news what what do they say if it bleeds it leads the news on the

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conveys the negativity and so

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those handful of shayateen that have orchestrating the destruction of the world that are orchestrating the wars and the conflict that overshadows the billions of people

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who are praying to the Lord the billions of people are struggling every day day by day the billions of people who pass by you every single day and don't harm you.

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And we forget about that. Those as we mentioned, sacrificing in this pandemic, so we can eat

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those those truck drivers and those menial workers. The healthcare workers are stressed out dead on the people who won't even listen to them. In many instances, yet they show up day after day after day. Look at the good at the hearts. Look at the good on all these mothers at someone finds a baby in a dumpster is big news. But for every baby that's in a dumpster, how many babies are in the loving arms of their mother.

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How many babies are being fed and nurture? Educated for the unborn baby we find in the dumpster? That becomes the news. And then we become obsessed with that negativity, who forget those lovely mothers who are sacrificing their time and their energy to nurture those babies. We forget the father so the deadbeat dads read the article. There's so many deadbeat dads read an article 40 25% of African American youth in some way in the care of the penal system. And we don't have here a single word about the 75% who aren't

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born hellacious conditions, in many instances, struggling to get an education sacrificing to get ahead. The ones without the criminal records, the one who are acting like folks

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to say nothing of the conditions that led to the ones who are acting like thugs acting like folks.

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We forget it.

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But then there's the shack here, the shell core, who's thankful does not forget, and because he or she does not forget, they find so many things that thank Allah for St. Allah for the mothers. Take a loss for the fathers. Thanks a lot for the workers. Thanks a lot for your health. So 800,000 900,000 People have died from COVID thank Allah for the millions who survived

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for the millions who have survived. Thank the law for the ability to find good in the worst of situations or what my ostensibly appear to be the worst of situations.

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Learning to have no more or no more feeling Muslim in all Muslim will mean in one movie