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How Can I Involve My Son, Who Has Epilepsy, With The Masjid

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Episode Notes

A single mum has a son who has severe epilepsy. This mother is looking to involve him in the masjid activities. How can this mother go about it?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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Episode Transcript

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I ask Allah subhana wa tada first to help you and to reward you and your son and to bless you and bless your son and you plus your family. It's a very hard to have someone who's disabled at home, but I want you to know that that reward that waiting for you and inshallah for your son is great and waiting for you agenda and there is nothing in this dunya while there is no nothing in this dunya will be Shahla equal to reward, but this will be kept for you in sha Allah and nmls wanted to give you sub for that

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as for your son, so it depends First of all, I think this is has to be communicated with the community with domestic make them aware of the your son's situation, and hamdulillah most of our massages are people educated understand and provide the safe environment for him. And he can go to the mustard as long as his participation in the mustard, it will not be put in harm's way nor other people and in the community. And also it will not dysfunctional the work of the master. So for example, it will not prevent people from focusing on the Salah. But let's say if we make noise or sometimes happen rarely, that's fine, it can be tolerated. And the community should be tolerated.

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But I will be very honest with you as well. We should not expect everybody to behave perfectly and I'm sure by now you are, you know used to that. But it's a chance for our community to be educated for the Imam to educate the community. As long as the function of the method can remain. I asked our last panel data to make it easy for all of us.