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Akram Nadwi
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As Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah hillberg. Good to have you on Welcome back to our q&a with Chicago nadwi hosted by SLM Institute, this q&a is every Thursday 6pm PST. Although, course the time in the UK will probably probably be changing soon, so we'll notify you when that does happen. Inshallah. I hope everyone is well.

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This q&a is going to be 30 minutes in sha Allah, if anyone's new here, or if anyone

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returning students, new students alike. If you do have any questions, you're more than welcome to just ask it in the comment below

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of the stream that you're watching and then we will try and take them in sha Allah just quickly

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Okay, give me one moment

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okay, let's get in sha Allah chef, I'm assuming you can hear me.

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Okay, hello, perfect. Just want to double check. Let's start with our first question. Inshallah. We have this question from one of our regular q&a attendees, says very high. She's asking the cashback money that we get his reward when we use certain apps for payments is is halal or haram. So chef, I don't know if you're familiar, but you know, there's a lot of like websites, a lot of apps, where if you kind of go onto their website, and then purchase something, for example, it might be cashback with Tesco or like with a mobile. And if you go through that app, then you can get money back on wherever you purchase. She's asking if it's halal or haram if you can maybe shed some light on this

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You know, African American emblem, that's what gambling means to win the money by chance. If you're buying something, and you pay the your price, and then after that, there is some draw something that they need some money for some customers, so then we've paid a fine. But if there is a, you know, give me the money for the sake of the draw. Some people will some people don't mean that in the gambling. So I don't know exactly what what the condition is.

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Of a simple matter is if it is gambling, whether you win money by up money and the winner money by chance,

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or lose money by the shops to

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buy if you buy such a purchase simply for regular price. And they give you some award to the sun this award does not. There's no gambling. That's going to get out

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there clear.

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Yes, that's her handler. Okay, perfect. We will go on to a question from Oman.

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I'm not sure if how, if this will show on the screen, half of Jeff's face might get cut off, so maybe I'll remove and just reattach Allah. He's asking if you can explain this hadith. And this hadith is Narrated by Abu Zeid and Audrey on women. I have not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you a cautious sensible man could be led astray by some of you. Is this not the evidence of two women equal to the weakness of one man he said this is a deficiency in head intelligence. Isn't it true that a woman can neither pray nor faster and her man says and he said this is a deficiency in her religion and this is in Sahil boy. I'll quickly put it on the

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so you know this or this I express so many times and the best thing is going to take a nearly half an hour to explain so there's no question. So why don't you just give the people access you know, some of these I taught some courses on the women and this had this efficiently I explained properly enough input and if I just say a few words it is able to help anyway, people need to understand this properly. So I have done so not only once a new many times on this thing. So you know there have been some posted on the women from a salon. If you look at that, you know you can find all distinction. Definitely share father feeling you're talking about the woman's status in marriage

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course that we held last year, but if it's not that we do with most courses at shefa comm is held with us and is available on our on demand platform. So if anyone's interested

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We did hold a two day course on the woman's status in marriage last year, which I couldn't agree. This was the beginning of the if I'm not mistaken, we've had one on the high desert as well, and quite a few other ones throughout the years. If you go on to our website, Elsa n.ac.uk, and then there'll be in the top right, you'll see on demand, go on there Inshallah, and you can

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attend some of the courses because like Chef said, some some questions that we have lower trying to take any questions, and we will try and go in order. Some require time, Inshallah, and we can't give justice to them in this small 30 minute.

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Time. Okay, let's go to a minor then.

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What is the true purpose and function of that vehicle of a of a child? What are the other authentic son as rights of the newborn? And is giving charity equal to the weight of the newborn shaved hair authentic? Quite a few questions, we'll see if we can

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just move on. This is a pretty very important question. And many people do, escaping this matter. To defend our paper, none of them are so authentic. And

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they don't really think that accompanies us to do our paper, if we do you see in our in our tiny way

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to couldn't be there used to be some sacrifices and some food like people celebrate the feast or when the child is born, even before this alarm. When Islam came, you know, it continued like that, and others used to do this.

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But now in Islam, we have got with a failure to sacrifice on in the hijab, there's an uncertainty levels towards

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3d. So we are somebody who can afford

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enough money that can one who the top 10 will be greatly, so they do sacrifice for themselves.

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The woman that for herself Amanda for himself. The same for men, women, if you want to hit one, one sheet, and if a car than seven people can share what kind of seven people can share. But the one sheet is same for mine. It pulled the figures of liberty on demand, he gives one. And if you've looked at on the woman's she gets one just in one same for everybody. So you have Muhammad Rahim Allah who legitimately che run this tomato Hanifa. He says that a Simpson is wrong. Will the heat up and the sacrifice on in Asia, that sacrifice has abrogated all the sacrifices of the fallibility. They haven't regretted they don't know what it

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is sometimes. So I think a but he certainly that, what? More right? But people always love celebration. So a bigger continuing Muslim society and people do things. But I don't think it's really so common in the time of the complainers and people like that, suddenly, you know, to give something to get off, here have a new golden, none of your sovereignty, but it still people you know, when the child is born, they need to clean the big. Yeah, these are the concerti all the time. But more important than that is that, you know, true intention. Like Maria Melissa mother, she moved the diving board, and she's got to devote

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for the sake of Allah, when a child is born, and you should make the intention that I'm going to make my child raised by the Grace of Allah to worship Him to obey Him, that what he needs to do, and then raising properly, many of the rituals, some of the very, very good, really good laughs important people do that if other people do for you, it doesn't matter much more anyway. So I don't care. What matters is that people love Islam, they will obey the Lord, or these companions to the border, and coffee, unbelievers. But then you can the best could on the face of doubt. So that was once the people's intention, People's Action, not what your parents have done on your behalf when

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you were born, that does not give you an enrichment. So I actually prefer the PFL Muhammad, since all the failure has come. So the sacrifice the ultimate hit, either regretted or sacrifice it.

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Does that now crankshafts I've no idea what

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I actually have a question about another kind of function or tradition that some people who I have a feeling this is familiar in the South Asian culture, I don't know if you're familiar with like the I mean, they call them I mean, it's like a kind of like a party that once a child has finished the first Fatima the Quran. So once a child has just finished reading it, whether it's at madrasa with their with their parents in their home, like a really big party for their child.

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And it's kind of become a tradition. I'm just curious if you watch

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You'd say about something like this you know people have carry so many people love celebration all the time they you know, so in India when I, when we were children, when we finish the sutra, the corruption

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within the food is cooled at home and you bring all the food and to this route and on all these children the school madrasa. So so many happened when the Quran is happening, Quran is completed, then bring us rules if our oldest was a mother son just you'd have to sometimes distribute the whole village. And you know, everybody, just celebration like that no harm. If you know people make the effort to hire a team in earnest revelation which is connected to an achievement just good luck and understands how to pray yourself in memorize the Quran memorization skill. So when there's an achievement, and you celebrate, that's good, because it's not a mastery to be to be happy with good

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deeds, what we don't like really, to have a celebration for achievement. So like, you know, when a child a one year old, a two year old you silver that

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at a party that actually is in has no proof because the champion didn't do anything. He just become fearful to any challenge when it comes to the old after two year, or three year old, or the three years to situations like that they don't really have any meaning. But if somebody asks you something, you should encourage you should support it. So I really want people love Quran or Hadith or anything No, you know something they achieve or do well in the exam? Yeah, let's have deliberation, encourage them to follow them.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to

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another question. shift this next question might require a lot more time than we already have. So maybe if you've already addressed this before we have a video of an article available maybe we can direct our viewers to this instead. But Iran is asking

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so why they come up with your worship, please can you tell us what your take is on celebrating Molad

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the thing of me is that people celebrate a moment or not even don't celebrate for different while reason is because every time you have a history, you all the time you obeyed in worship, you might have seen the prophets Allah so I don't understand why Muslims can How was this kind of forgetting the need to learn about in all the time, you know, when you pray, you pray that the Sunnah when you fast to find time to is to know when you sit around all the time every day you have to remember all the time and if you really want to do something, do what he did. He said I fast on Monday because that's the way I was born. So then fast every Monday if we want to celebrate his birthday, it was a

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day not to eat and drink industry. So then faster people do oppose us they just want to eat and drink and dance and while he used to be used to faster he definitely said I fast Monday because that's the devil bone. So I would say if you want to do something like that, then fast every Monday and every day that is sooner, so that will be something that you will reward

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okay, just fine, Jeff.

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Let's we have a few questions that maybe aren't too clear and we have one that's very Arabic focus I don't think that would work best in a live stream q&a inshallah but maybe that's an add another time we can take that. Okay, let's see.

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This is an interesting question from IOP is asking how will what lens should we approach to see a lot of the Prophet Muhammad said Allah ideal salam to learn its intended gems and blueprints that was left behind?

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Simply the what people need to know is the Quran the guy just the need to do it properly. Then after there they should they need to learn how the professor applied the Quran. And that is similar and they have resulted in the booklet and what some people thought he's a Muslim to book up Allah and the Sunnah the person that what people need to know why when you see that see there's like a context of the tsunami. So when you say the person to this data, we need to know the background what was conditioned to do something but lappa heard something but love butter, some thing in McTell life something in Medina life, something was clearly some thing when he was making a treaty with some

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people. So you need to see that the Sierra is basically that context for the Sunnah contract for the Quran. So that's why we need so good, the most authentic Syrah and definitely already in the Quran, authenticity in the Quran and some people call it so he loosened it, you can get it

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otherwise Sierra books and many of them in the content so many

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weak Hadith phabricator The monitor

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different images and images so many clones of Syrah the most people are written the sealer. They were not there because you know Hadith that comes from Aisha, from us from Abu Huraira in the divinity Monica, I should not have been blown up on the parts that somebody younger, lined up overnight when you came to Medina very late, and that's very challenging in a dancer, so he didn't know anything. People who know new things didn't read anything. Yakubu Cassidy and people are senior people that don't relate to the story. So one has to be very careful about the sneer reposted

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important thing with the Quran. This will not the person or the sinner or the most authentic leader. And as mentioned they are already mentioned the Quran in the Hebrew Koreans have been using

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okay, just talking about friendships and let's move on to another question from YouTube. For my mom who is asking in so let me know there is a verse Those whose weight of good deeds or lights will be enabled forever. Is this for most for Muslims? And I will Muslims then get a partial punishment before going to heaven.

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don't remember exactly what the word is.

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Yes, I was thinking I don't know if you can maybe refer us to this specific verse and then because the thing is that even the Quran is very curious unbelievers it didn't ever but the for the full interview, but sometimes there's punishment, but not for, you know, some some, some punishment will help them to learn quite a bit. Or maybe it's about punishing people. Because the state is so big.

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You could answer in a while if you're on Michigan, welfare Omar Democratic leaning a show a lot of love forgiveness. When people do

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anything other than that, he forgets who he was. That's the main thing love this very much combust, and very strong and very, very clear. So if people don't do Shilka, they always offer them the deceit says can be forgiven. And people who are behind them get creative, they can give charity for them, they can offer them it all department people to ship them nothing accepted. If we make dua, dua will not be accepted. So those who don't have shipped it always offer them. So I don't know, this particular version is gonna be possible. For those who are shaped by the notion of punishment, it will be there but it's still open for forgiveness.

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Okay, let's take our next question if you give me one.

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Okay, our next question is from Evan Mohammed.

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He's asking how do we understand the best way to lie? And I said, well, there was only one Mina from Santa Monica cone, when we often see the believers facing humiliation and persecution in the dunya.

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Ya know, is that basically,

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you know, the, in one year on a real honor, the use of that end belongs to you. So sometimes what happens in the left panel, students, they study and they work very hard and suffering all those things, but they're not really at the end of the day, but Harvard in the good. The real success similarly believers of God, the real success, you know, our people in India belongs to them. So they sometimes people laugh at them, sometimes people can hear them, but doesn't matter because they're not really getting the word for that. So just imagine

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if I said to you, that if anybody of you say something bad to you,

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by the way, I'm going to give you for every of us 1 million pounds

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and then people are using and for every of us you get 1 million pounds in February I want to think you're you know humiliation, you'll be so happy humiliation sacrilegious matter when you get it for every insult 1 million pound you look people to insult you so similarly believers you know people don't understand really people just see the believers as they don't they don't feel the love them because the they know that the Lord is with them in the wealth of masculinity and

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online with you you're never alone that what is that enough for you? You know the sea like no Indian people they eat all this curry food you know and so much harder. And you know, they switch from the IE from the face from the get familiar elaborate punishment but if you ask them this no, we are happy. We enjoy that it's very nice food. Very tasty to similarly believers in

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People could think they laugh at them, they can read them but actually believers don't feel anything. The reason is because they're so Alas, rewarded for every, you know, in the mind was your first your facade and

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those who are sober, the rewards are multiplied by many, many times, then nothing equal to the sub to I don't understand how can we humiliation for the believers nobody can even get them and definitely the prophets have said or given the unreal, the Metro that deliver the amazing if something will happen good to him and we thanks that's good for the reward if something bad happened to him or he discovered there's lots of times are good for him to believe it's always good to all the prophets or the messengers. They have been persecuted there have been enough suffering in this world but the hype with their success the people that whatever you decide and then deliver paradise,

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Paradise are all these people who cause problem for them. They will be held that the Quran says in a supermoto 15 For Yama, Levine, Armani, Miracle Farid, an Indian rule has to be able to follow Makani following in this word, unbelievers whenever they used to possibly use this to laugh at them make mockery in the day hereafter Allah will make believers to laugh at unbelievers and believers to be sitting on the sofa or on the nice chairs and on unbelievers. They will be in hellfire and just notice Don't you see that unbelievers have been rewarded for what they had been doing? So that reactionary spin on the rest of the beloved to Allah, a messenger and those who believe in

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Okay, let's have a look for our next question.

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Okay, we of course a question from Zayed who is asking when you ask for forgiveness for us and you commit often Is it a sin or impermissible to believe that you're statistically commit that sin again at some point

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no have to feel that you know you You're weak and you can commit a sin again there's no part of the ways that when you commit a sin a turn to Allah returned to me and let it determine that I'm not going to do it again and ask Allah to help you plan your week then if it again happens then again Don't Don't ask him to forgive you and never intention that not to do again

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but when you're again feeling whenever you feel naked

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because unless you can never tired of accepting the printers you can do since but whenever asked and he forgives you never tired of argon he never said you asked me and I will never go too far. If you million time do mistakes and your million tanks company he will forgive you. So don't listen to shut down either the first thing will be strong don't commit the sin again but one seven don't to sit go repent to Allah subhanaw taala ask Him to forgive and he will forgive you

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Okay, let's

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where most of our questions are from YouTube or or our Facebook Okay, let's go to a question from 16

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to one moments in kind of states Okay, he's asking is providing dental cosmetic treatment for example shaving or cutting without the need for health reasons permissible. The concern is that we'll do what won't be accepted if water cannot reach their natural teeth

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Why would we need to read the water to

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just wash the face so is there something such as something moto moto moto are limited to use the first your mother Mother and clean the mouth does not have to in order to most people simply knows what do you need to do you wash your face but anyway just something because reason that you weren't able to do

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that or maybe there's so many resolution is wrong so I don't understand why was a question first thing with other teachers no problem

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okay, let's see. We'll take a few more questions

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okay ideal is asking, Why did Allah use you said behind in surah. Yaseen, to refer to the sun and the moon instead of 270.

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Know the familiar, there are certain things which are done by those who have awkward, you know, like human being and just

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like to say that so entitled by the human being by the NGOs by the gym or Roku or even by the NGOs by the teams which have been rather there done by the people who rock led us to Rockman or these creations you know Heaven and Earth

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three the sun and moon they don't have Auckland, I know they are under the command of what they do. So whenever Allah use the word that we saved up or something like that for them, so then sometimes I just have to use it the worst which are used for the human being who who you know say that it is sometimes said they use it right to left

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unsaid usually right or Hadash Aleppo Cohen was some so what Amara is to me the the assumption of permanent lucky for them with the water should be solid Sajida or sitedart but not Saudi Dean the real upside they will because it is done by the human being by those who have actually so that way to run through the water cooler is performed so it's been because the you know, the monsters tell that era when rather than when it comes to the individual so that way you do Samba

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Oh, okay, let's see. Maybe we can take one more question.

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From Abdullah

00:26:40 --> 00:26:56

I have a feeling he's talking about chef the reverse network cable and ethylene from a primary server using How does afford imply dependence in the story, the story of Ibrahim on Instagram and what exactly was the proof given by allotted volume

00:27:00 --> 00:27:05

How does it fulfill its dependence in the story of Ibrahim?

00:27:06 --> 00:27:07

Why is independence

00:27:09 --> 00:27:42

Jesse said Good afternoon. I don't want to live in Dortmund though the set you know so because I want to know if you love someone you want to go to deliver to be with you all the time. You know especially if you love someone to whom you need it to help you and then you can't accept that that your beloved dying is your sixth topic How can you know that Iran is saying that you know star and Moon and Sun you know the appearance in the disappear

00:27:43 --> 00:27:53

so how can I rely on them? How can we connection with them? I want someone who's always with me we never searched never disappears. And all those things

00:27:54 --> 00:28:37

do independence come they're like Watson lousy meaning meaning if sun and moon and stars disappear second, if you miss it, they do have power. The Kadena nobody wants to disappear nobody wants to reset really. If two people are poor they want to be all the time so the reason they appear and disappear because someone is running them someone is controlling them so Iran knows that a decent dinner don't have power they don't have built they don't have a rather you know someone in charge of them. So he doesn't want to worship something we certainly have no power no irida no good How can you love someone like that? And people worship things like that. But people worship trees people

00:28:37 --> 00:28:51

worship Sun Moon star I just none of them either rather or will have to have anything to benefit anyone. So that way that answered I gotta love it. Like any of those things which appear and then disappear

00:28:56 --> 00:29:22

Okay, handled I think we'll end it there. Insha Allah, we took a lot, a lot of action does ocular friendship for your time. And likewise to everyone else handled Ledger's lower phone for all of your time for coming with your questions come in with your curiosity. That's exactly what we want from you. And I hope everyone who's joined today in sha Allah will continue joining us again 6pm. UK time.

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And it's it I know it's only 30 minutes. But in sha Allah, we hope you guys able to benefit

00:29:29 --> 00:29:42

from just this small session where you can ask any question that you have in Charlotte, I know we're not able to take every question. Some questions just require more time from us or it will require it can't be given. It's just this

00:29:43 --> 00:30:00

because of the nature of how this q&a is run, but the whole idea is people who perhaps don't have access to a scholar lecture or come that we are just access to a teacher maybe you're doing your own studies in your own time. You just want to ask a question related to your studies, or you encounter a problem in your workplace or in your family. Hopefully

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

Insha Allah, you can take benefit from this.

00:30:03 --> 00:30:36

And yet, Inshallah, I hope you'll join us next week. Anyone who is new here, I'm sure you're all familiar with SLM Institute. But if you're not, just like the screen shows, we are an institute for Arabic, classical Arabic and Islamic sciences. We're a part time online Institute's started by Chef icon nadwi. This institute was started in 2006, I have been running for a very, very long time. The whole idea is to give just working professionals, anyone who is not able to come into their studies full time to give them access to seeking knowledge and access to teachers.

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instead of them having to think, Okay, I can't like I can't give up my job, I can't give up my commitments, and I can't move abroad to study or whatever maybe your friends or family have done before. The whole idea is to make seeking knowledge accessible and relevant to you. So if you're, if you just want to kind of become more familiar with what we do, you can go onto our website, I will try and put the website on the screen.

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Unless I can't find it. I think it should be here slm.ac.uk Head on head on to our website, or you're more than welcome to go onto our Facebook you've got Instagram SLM Institute, we've got a Twitter YouTube channel, of course, and hopefully we'll get more Facebook viewers next week. Most of our questions were from YouTube. I know we missed that some but Inshallah, the whole idea is we want as many people to benefit as possible in sha Allah so we will see you next week or so. Alikum everyone

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