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Juz’ 18: Al-Mu’minun – Al-Furqan 1-20

An-Nur 41-64 – Al-Furqan 1-20

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I'm Tara anila, how you Sabir Allah who manifests somehow what do you what do you not see that Allah is Exalted by whomever is within the heavens and the earth, and by the birds with wings spread in flight, meaning flying birds, what are they doing? They're doing the spear. They're glorifying Allah. So the next time you see a bird flying, especially the birds that are migrating, remember that they are glorifying Allah. Each of them has known his means of prayer and exalting him and Allah is Knowing of what they do. Save the birds. No, there must be should we know how to do this better also? Yes. Should we know what does he have to say in the morning, in the evening in the

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daytime after salah and have our sins forgiven? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he asked one day, that is one amongst you powerless to get 1000 good deeds every day, meaning who does not have the capacity? So the Sahaba they were like none of us can do that. 1000 good deeds, who can do 1000 good deeds a day.

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And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said do this be 100 times do this be 100 times and 1000 good deeds are recorded to your credit and 1000 cents are blotted out. This is a hadith from Muslim, the prophets of Allah Islam once passed by a tree that had dry leaves on it and he struggled with his staff, and that made the leaves fall. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said indeed Alhamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah, La ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar, they cause the sins to fall from the worship or just as the leaves of this tree fall. So in this month, especially, you know, make it your habit, force yourself if you have too busy yourself in the liquor of Allah in the morning and evening. And

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to Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and to Allah is the destination. Do you not see that Allah drive the clouds, then he brings them together, then he makes them into a mass, just reflect on the scene, just imagine it in your mind. And you see the rain emerge from within it, meaning alone, these cloudlets they don't bring any rain. But when is it that they bring rain when they join hands, when they consolidate their efforts, instead of being divided, then the results are far greater. A small cloud, it cannot shower in and he sends down from the sky mountains of clouds within witches hail, you see some clouds as they gather together. as they grow bigger and bigger.

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Their results are so much stronger and better and greater. Likewise, some people when they come together when they consolidate their efforts, then what happens the results are much better, more productive.

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And he strikes with it whom He wills and averts it from whom He wills, the flesh of its lightning almost takes away the eyesight. Allah alternates the night and the day. Indeed, and that is a sign for those who have vision. Allah has created every living creature from water, one water and so much variety. And all of them are those that move on their bellies, and have them are those that walk on two legs, and of them are those that walk on four legs. And then there are some that have many more legs than four, we cannot even count them. Allah creates what He wills. Indeed, Allah is over all things competent. We have certainly sent down distinct verses, and Allah guides whom He wills to a

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straight path. But the hypocrites say, we have believed in Allah and in the messenger and we obey, then our party of them turns away after that. Those are not believers who are not believers, those who just say they believe but they don't show they believe, who is the person who shows that? Yes, he actually believes the one who changes his actions, the one who transforms the one who obeys the orders of Allah. So the hypocrites they hear, but they don't obey. And when they're called to the words of Allah and His Messenger, to judge between them at once a party of them turns aside in refusal, saying no, we don't want to hear what the Quran says. But if the right is theirs, they come

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to him and prompt obedience meaning if they get something from the Quran, if something is in their favor, then yes, they will go and memorize those verses and quote them, is their disease in their hearts, or have they doubted? Or do they fear that Allah will be unjust to them or his messenger? Rather, it is they who are the wrongdoers, meaning Why would they obey align the messenger? Do they feel that these commands are unfair? They're not unfair. You are unfair to think that Allah's law is unfair. The only statement of the true believers when they're called to Allah and His messenger to judge between them is that they say we hear and we obey, Samir now, what Alterna mela make us

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amongst those what Allah eco homomorphic Li Hoon and those are the successful, not those who stop after seeing some error now, yeah, we have heard I know. And whoever obeys Allah and His messenger and fears Allah and this guy

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of him, it is those who are the attainers because unless the person fears Allah He cannot obey Him. And they swear by Allah, their strongest oats, that if you ordered them, they would go forth in a lost cause, say, Do not swear. Such obedience is known. Indeed Allah is acquainted with that which you do, meaning Don't try to satisfy with words, say, obey Allah and obey the messenger. But if you turn away, then upon him is only that duty with which he has been charged and upon you is that with which you have been charged the messengers job was to convey he conveyed Your job is to listen and follow are you doing that, if you obey Him, you will be rightly guided, underlying this what in

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totally rude do if you obey the messenger, then you are rightly guided. So if we disobey the Prophet sallallahu sallam, if we contradict the Quran in our actions, then are we rightly guided? Are we No way, and there is not upon the messenger except the responsibility for clear notification. Allah has promised those who have believed among you and unrighteous deeds, that He will surely grant them succession to authority upon the earth, just as He granted it to those before them, and that He will surely established for them, they're in their religion, which he has preferred for them, and that He will surely substitute for them after their fear, security for their worship me not associating

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anything with me. But whoever disbelieves after that, then those are the defiantly disobedient, you see those who obey Allah, and then become firm? Then what will happen? Allah who will change their state from fear, to be security? because initially, when you tell yourself that I'm going to obey this command of a lot, then what happens? Do you feel afraid?

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You do, because the whole world is doing something else. If you're going to bring about a change of visible change in your life, people are not going to leave you alone. They're not going to leave you alone. And this is something that frightens us, a lot promises that I will replace their fear with security, that this fear will only be there for how long, just sometime very soon, very soon, unless panel title will make it easier. But this is for who, those who obey Allah, those who are firm in their obedience to Allah, then Allah who will give them security in this world, and it happens. It happens at a smaller level also, you know, like, for example, you want to fast the month of Ramadan

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was coming just do three weeks ago, and the thought of fasting would frighten you. Right? And as you did your first sahoo he were a little worried for yourself. And then what happened by the end of the day, at home live in LA, and what happened the next day and the day after and the day after, you see how fear turned into peace into security. But what is it that you can experience that when you take that chance when you take that risk? But if a person says No no, I cannot fast 1718 almost hours, average that to 20 you know, because when you're afraid then what happens the things seem more scary than they actually are, isn't it so this is a lost promise you obey Him rely on Him He will make

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things easier for you will have pain will sweat etho at Osaka will alter your over soon La La come to her moon and established prayer gives a car obey the messenger that you may receive mercy meaning without this you're not going to receive mercy, Allah special mercy. Never think that the disbelievers are causing failure to Allah upon the earth, their refuge will be the fire and how wretched is the destination? Oh, you will have believed let those whom your right hands possess and those who have not yet reached puberty among you ask permission of you before entering at three times. Meaning children should not just walk in the bedroom of the parents without permission at

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these three times. They should not open the bedroom door without permission at least three times. What are these three times before the federal prayer and when you put aside your clothing for rest at noon, and after the night prayer, these are three times of privacy for you. These are commands pertaining to modesty inside the house right higher inside the house, there's higher outside the house and there's higher inside the house also. So a married couple, a person should not barge into their room especially at these three times. There is no blame upon you, nor upon them beyond these three times for they continually circulate among you, some of you among others, you go to their room

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they come to your room. Thus does Allah make clear to you the verses and Allah is Knowing and wise. And when the children among you reach puberty, let them ask permission at all times when entering the house. Right now the children once they reach puberty, then they have to seek permission at all times when they're entering the house or they entered the bedroom. As those before them have

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Done. Thus does Allah make clear to you his verses and Allah is annoying and wise? What do we see over here that men, when they enter their own house even? What do they need to do? They should let their presence be known. Or if the situation requires they need to seek permission before they come in. Like, for example, if a man goes to his house and in his house, his wife is there and her sisters are there, and her cousins or their relatives are there, he shouldn't just walk in Oh, it's my house. It's a women's party. All right. So before coming in, he should seek permission. Likewise, when a boy is going into the house where his sisters are, or a man is going into the house, where

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sister in law maybe, or daughter in law, maybe then what should they do before entering? Either seek permission, if that is required? Or let their presence be known? All right, and who's going to teach them this etiquette? Who's going to teach them mothers have to, if the fathers are not the mothers have to, because then what will happen?

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Boys, they walk into such spaces, and they don't even realize they're doing something wrong. And then these accidents happen where a girl was not wearing a hijab and a man just came in. So this is something that we need to remind our men of is that is the that is basically to seek permission. How by saying Salaam are really asking for permission, or by making your presence known. So a man when he's going into a women's area, what does he have to do? make his presence known, and women of postmenstrual age who have no desire for marriage, there is no blame upon them for putting aside their outer garments, but not displaying adornment, meaning an old old woman, old woman who has no

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desire for marriage, if she doesn't have desire for marriage, that means she doesn't even bother to wear jewelry or makeup or nice clothes, the trousers or something else in the shirt to something else. And the scarf is something else mismatched why because she's just concerned about comfort, not her looks, you understand, the hair is not even done properly, an old old woman. So if she takes off her outer garment, meaning herget above her hijab, if she takes that off, there's nothing wrong as long as she is not displaying adornment, meaning now she should not say Oh, let me get a nice haircut. And let me get my hair colored. And let me put some jewelry on. No, she shouldn't do that.

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If she has makeup, jewelry, nice clothes, colored hair, and she has a young spirit, then she has to observe the ruling for a young body to but to modesty refrain from that is better for them. And Allah is hearing and knowing there is not upon the blind any constraint nor upon the lame constraint, nor upon the ill constraint, nor upon yourselves when you eat from your own houses, or the houses of your fathers, or the houses of your mother's or the houses of your brothers or the houses of your sisters, or the houses of your father's brothers, or the houses of your father sisters, or the houses of your mother's brothers, or the houses of your mother sisters, or from

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houses whose keys you possess or from the house of your friend. These relatives are mentioned over here, that when you go to their house, there is nothing wrong if you eat food, because in some cultures, it's considered wrong. If you go to your daughter's house she's married, or be very careful about how much you eat, and don't eat freely, be pretentious, even if you need tea, don't ask for tea, this kind of pretense that really makes life difficult. There's no need to do this. There's no piety in this. And at the beginning of the ayah where the disabled are mentioned, what does that show that just because a person is suffering from a disability, they should not be

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excluded from social gatherings, they should be included. There is no blame upon you whether you eat together or separately. Meaning if you're in a rush, you might eat separately. But if you want to eat together that is also fine. But when you enter houses give greetings of peace upon each other a greeting from Allah bless it and good. Thus does Allah make clear to you the verses of ordinance that you may understand. You see over here what is mentioned about eating together the profits or the loss of them said I have booked our army in a lucky Mecca de la la Hill ad. The best food in the sight of Allah is that which the most hands share. Meaning the food may be little, but there's a lot

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of people who want to eat from it that food is best in the sight of Allah when it is shared. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that when the authorities run shorter provisions, then they collect whatever is with them in a cloth, meaning whatever anybody has, they bring it, they have a potluck, and then they eat together. They are for me and I am from them. The believers are only those who believe in Allah and His messenger and when they are meeting with him for a matter of common interest, they do not depart until they have asked his permission, meaning they don't leave just like that. Indeed those who ask your permission, those are the ones who believe in Allah and His

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messenger. So when they ask your permission for something of their affairs, then give permission to whom you will among them and ask forgiveness for them of Allah because leaving one's work, leaving one's responsibility is not correct. This is something that we will be covering

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About. So here we see that even when the permission has been given, seek forgiveness for them from Allah ask Allah to forgive them because they're leaving their work and leaving work, leaving something that was assigned to you is a crime. This is something that's unfair. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Do not make your calling of the messenger among yourselves as the call of one of you to another when the messenger calls you, when he orders you something, don't treat that like somebody else's statement, somebody else's command somebody else's instruction, the statement of the Prophet is not like the statement of Aristotle. All right, there's a huge difference the

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statement of the profits of a lot of enemies up here, Allah says, Do not make the call of the messenger among yourselves as the call of one of you to another of an ordinary average man to another. Already Allah knows those of you who slip away, concealed by others because of the profits or loss and I would call the people they would come, but the hypocrites among them, what would they do? They would just quietly slip away. Allah says let those beware who descend from the profits order less a fitna should strike them or a painful punishment, meaning disobeying the Prophet, not following the sooner can put one in great fitna, even in this life, this is very, very dangerous.

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And in the lahemaa, for summer work, you will have unquestionably to Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth padierna muma and tomorrow, LA, already he knows that upon which you stand, he knows where each and every one of us stands before him, what our position is before him, and he will know the day when they will be returned to him meaning on the day when we stand before Him, He will be fully aware of us and He will inform them of what they have done. And Allah is Knowing of all things. So the fact is, that we cannot hide from Allah, He has created us, he knows us, he has ordered us and we should be most concerned about our position near him our image near him

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and a person when he rectifies his relationship with Allah than Allah subhanaw taala will also take care of his affairs, but when a person does not give the hug of Allah, then what will happen he is choosing loss and failure in this world and the hereafter.

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Surah Al Furqan

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coo coo

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the Name of Allah the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, who can levinas lol for corner Allah agua de Li akuna de la la mina de la bless it is he who sent down the criterion the Quran upon his servant, that he may be to the world's a warner. Allah has sent the score on as a criterion, something that tells us what is right and what is wrong. It gives us the ability to distinguish between what is good and what is bad, because after all, the score on is new, it is hedaya it is guidance from Allah. And why is it that Allah revealed his full con, so that all people are warned but on his for all, he to whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and

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the earth and who has not taken a sun and has not had a partner in dominion and has created each thing and determined it with precise determination. So he is the one who has revealed this but on the one who has determined that

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decree for every creature, meaning Divine Decree, aka duck deed is not just for us. It is something that applies to every single creature. Like for example, when we think of God when we think of Divine Decree, we think that okay, a person is only born when Allah decides they should be born. They only live as long as they're supposed to live, isn't it? Not a day more, not a day less. A person can only eat what is decreed for them, their appearance, what they receive in their life. This is all according to Allah's decree. But this is not just related to human beings, everything that is created, whether it's in the skies or in the earth, or in the depths of the ocean, buried

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within the earth, and we think is according to Allah is the key. It's his planning. It's his decree. Just imagine his knowledge. Just imagine his power. He is the one who has revealed this Quran. But they have taken besides him gods, which create nothing while they are created and possess not for themselves any harm or benefit and possess not power to cause death or life or resurrection. Who does this alone, only Allah, so who could be God besides Allah, and those who disbelieve say, this Koran is not except a falsehood that he has invented, who has invented the servant Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has invented, this is what the disbelievers say. And another people have

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assisted him in it, meaning he has taken the help of other people, but they have committed an injustice and a lie. And they say, legends of the former peoples, which he has written down, and they are dictated to him morning and afternoon. say, oh, Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in response to all of these accusations, it has been revealed by he who knows every secret within the heavens and the earth. Indeed, he is ever Forgiving and Merciful. And they say, what is this messenger that eats food and walks in the markets? He should have been some kind of superhuman? Why was there not sent down to him and angel? So he would be with him a warner? Or why is not a treasure

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presented to him from heaven? Or does he not have a garden from which he eats? And the wrongdoer say you follow not but a man affected by magic? Ultimately, they say, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam has been affected by magic. Allah says, Look, how this strike for you comparisons, but they have strayed, so they cannot find a way. They keep changing their mind. They're themselves confused, because at one point they say he is affected by magic. Another point they say that he is a liar. Another point they say that he has learned all of this about okay lady, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is comforted here, bless it is he meaning Allah, Who if he will, could have made for you

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something better than that. The people say why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has not been given a garden and so on and so forth. Allah says he could have given you something better than they demand gardens beneath which rivers flow and could make for you palaces, but they have denied the hour. And we have prepared for those who deny the hour of Blaze. And so the demands the requests of such people, they are not fulfilled. Because these people when they're making these demands, they're not seeking guidance. They're just raising objections against the prophets of Allah who is on them. When the Hellfire sees them from a distant place, they will hear its fury and roaring. And when they're

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thrown into a narrow place, they're in bound in chains, they will cry out there upon for destruction, they will be told, do not cry this day for one destruction, but cry for much destruction, say is that better or the garden of eternity which is promised to the righteous, it will be for them a reward and destination, their final destination. So in the Hereafter, there are only two homes. One home is for those who believe those who are righteous, and the other is for those who disbelieve. And there's a huge difference between these two places. For those who are righteous in general. Allah says for them there and is whatever they wish, while abiding eternally,

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it is ever upon your Lord a promise worthy to be requested and mentioned the day he will gather them and that which they worship besides Allah, and he will say, Did you mislead these My servants? Or did they themselves stray from the way so on the Day of Judgment, Allah will ask the false gods that were associated with him that did you tell people to worship you? They will say Exalted are You Oh Allah, it was not for us to take besides you any allies, meaning we ourselves worship You, but you provided comforts for them and their fathers until they forgot the message and became a people ruined, meaning they got deceived by this world, and they forgot you and thus they became a people

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who were

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ruined, so they will deny you in what you say. And you cannot avert punishment or find help and whoever commits injustice among you will mainly elderly men come nozick who are the Urban cadila we will make him taste a great punishment, when injustice is something that will bring great punishment in the hereafter. And we did not send before you Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, any of the messengers except that they ate food and walked in the markets. every prophet was like that he was a human being. So if Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam eats food, and if he walks in the markets, then what is so strange about that? And if the prophets of Allah By the way, if they ate food, and if they

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walked in the markets, then is it okay for us to do that when we have a need? Yes, it's perfectly fine. As long as there's a purpose, and we have made some of you people as trial for others. What are the common LIBOR? When fitna does be rune? Will you have patience? What can Allah bukoba see law and ever is your Lord seeing subban is what matters genda is because of sub with sub or only can a person do something can he achieve anything? And especially when dealing with people sub is essential? Because Allah says, Allah Baba come liberland fitna, we have made some of you attest for others, meaning when a person will interact with another, you will find moments that are very, very

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difficult to bear. Why? Because people are a test for each other. Even your best friend. Yes. Even your husband. Yes. Even your parents, yes. Even your children. Yes. Even your siblings, of course, every person that you know, remember, they are a test for you. Every person, you know, it's amazing little children, even what happens to them when they are at home for longer hours. As soon as school ends. And the two kids are at home. What happens to them every few minutes. There are fights, there are humans, little children, even who can barely formulate full sentences. They're fighting with each other. So what do you think will happen to these people as they're going to adults? What do you

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think will happen? Will they not have differences? Of course they will have differences. Will they not disagree with one another? Yes, they will. Will they have times when they will get hurt from each other? Yes, they'll get annoyed from each other. Definitely. This is something that is going to happen. Because man is fitna for men. A person a human being is a fitna for another human being. We think tests and trials they come in the form of poverty. They come in the form of disease. They come in the form of extreme cold. No, they also come in the form of your loved ones, your closest ones. No matter who you sit with, you work with you live with. No matter who you marry. Remember, there

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will be problems, there will be annoying incidents there will be painful moments. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the believer who mixes with people and bears their annoyance with patience, will have a greater reward than the believer who does not mix with people and does not put up with their annoyance. Because what happens generally the moment we get hurt from somebody, we said that's it. Delete, contact,

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unfriend. Now, they're not my friend anymore. I don't want to keep in touch with them anymore. Why? Because we do cannot get along with each other. Well, okay, if they're a stranger outside, that's possible. But what if they're your sibling? What if they're your spouse? What if they're your parents, you have to live with them. And you have to live with this test? The question that Allah asks us is, thus milone will you will be patient. So this is a fact that the people in this world, the people in your life, they are a test for you. There's no avoiding that. You cannot fix it, you cannot get rid of this test. This is part of life. And it will forever be like that. The question is

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what we need to worry about is FSB alone. Will you be patient? Because, for example, your brother, do you have an option of keeping him as your brother or not keeping him as your brother? Do you have that option? No, Allah decreed they are your brother. All right. And this means for life, you will suffer at their hands. All right. So the question is at the spoon, so we shouldn't be worrying about how I can avoid this person and get rid of this person. Because that's not going to solve a problem. you eliminate one person from your life another will come. Whoever is a part of your life will be a test for you remember, so the solution is not in getting rid of people. The solution is not in

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cutting off from people. The solution is in learning how

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To Be patient, this is the key at us balloon, and sober until when until the end of our lives. And this is what we need to beg Allah for Allahumma Dr. Li sabula that Oh Allah, you make me extremely, extremely patient. You see when children are little Mother's Day comfort and oh one day they'll grow up. Then what happens when they grow up, they come with their own set of problems. So this is a fact of life that problems will never go away, especially those that we suffer at the hands of people. So we have to learn how to be patient. We have to learn how to control ourselves, how to deal with toxic people how to deal with toxic environments, how to remain happy, despite the fact that things

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are going against our wishes. This is what we need to learn about.

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May Allah subhanaw taala grant us all suburbs so Chronicle long will be handed a shadow a la ilaha illa Anta as the hirokawa to blue lake Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh