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The importance of the name of the person who is not mentioned in the title of the book is discussed, as it is not a personal personal and cannot be measured. The speakers stress the need for strong personal opinions and trusting in Islam to achieve goals. The speakers also discuss the use of hope and the importance of following guidance in learning from the Quran. The conversation shifts to the benefits of decoration and paying off debts to avoid inflation, as well as a recent break in Easter Sunday during a church visit. The speakers also mention a new program for students to study Arabic and become confident in their language.

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Salam alaykum. Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to our q&a hosted by SLM Institute's

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with Shiva connect we handle every Thursday 6pm UK time. We've had a few weeks off I hope you guys miss a q&a I know I did. So I'm happy to be back and in sha Allah hopefully will continue and resume my normal routine in sha Allah. Anyone that's new here we assalam Institute we hold this q&a which I can lead we just 30 minutes every week and it gives people a time if you from anywhere around the world, maybe sisters who don't necessarily have access to any scholars, and likewise for others to to just give them a platform where they can have access to a scholar often comes caliber where they can just ask the questions. Inshallah we'll try and answer as many questions as we can. There are

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some questions about the nature of them require more time than others. But again, we'll try our best in sha Allah. If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below we are live on Facebook and YouTube and without any further ado, let's get started in sha Allah Jack in the kosher for joining us handlers Nice to have you back. Let's start with

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let's see

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okay, let's start with this question on the screen. So now I can Why isn't a quitter not mentioned in total Kath? It is it true people said it's because Mozart's RAM is much better than him and Mosa is a messenger and hydro is not

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my team

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are handled by Allah Muna was slid out there was salam ala Saudi Mohammed Vida Ali he was hobbies in

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my life.

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So you know, this question actually is important in the way that many people when they do tafsir of the Quran and also when they expand it any any text, this how narrowly they look very narrow.

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You know, just think, if somebody the name is not mentioned, could be only one reason because he is less important than somebody else.

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Out there people who are less important their names mentioned because the names actually are identity. You need to identify the people

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in the Quran, there are in the middle of Allah, their name had been mentioned, they have no importance at all in the eye of Allah. Abu Lahab I didn't mention do Abu Bakr has never been mentioned, Omar has never been mentioned, Schaeffer these are all these wipes that the person doesn't they never had been mentioned. But Ebola was mentioned. They had even a Haritha a celeb of the professor lawless alum who got free later on, he's mentioned his name is mentioned. You know Qarun is mentioned in the Quran. And there are many messengers and prophets they are not mentioned. But people are that then they may have mentioned Lokmanya dimension many people think it was not a

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prophet. So if somebody's not mentioned by the name, and the reason not it's not important

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that because of Quranic way is the Quran mentions a story for a purpose. So names are not important unless, you know they are in you know, they had some information to a story of Musa alayhis salam about his sovereign patients, and the other person is part of the story, but whether we know his name or don't noise and then it doesn't make any difference anyway, in this story, you know, the story will be same either we mentioned named know the name of we don't know the name. So that way the Quran did not mention the name because many many palapa Quran had mission to voice at the parcel al Islam in Surah, taurine and very clear to why's that the person hasn't mentioned in a duel, you

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know, focus Guru bakoma into tuba, Allah He to do it. But Quran did not measure the name, because it is not important to know the names of these wives. What important is the lesson that you can take?

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The not mentioning the name should not reason because you notice there's somebody lower or inferior? No, it could be because the internet is doing their contest. It's not important, but the person himself will be very important that why in the Hadith or the parcela Listen, name of Hydra has come but though we don't know really whether the name, Hadith name, or the title could be Navy, something else some people think his name is something else and other is a title. By the way, you know, simple matter is whenever you do Tafseer of the Quran

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on explaining a textbook, find out many, many more things behind that. Don't narrow yourself to some 111 thing or two things. That is a mistake many people don't have seen. Anyway, the simpler thing is that the reason the name is not mentioned, because in that story in that context, knowing the name is not important

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a shin

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from Faheem Han and his question is, are people who have depression so accountable for sins they commit due to their depression, for example, believing everyone is better without them and potentially cutting family ties in the process.

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The finger there's so many lists in the world high

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rise in marriage, because of our social problems of personal problems, many of those things, you know, so people think they are not important that this is thinking that we are not important that a big bigger disease, it actually goes against the Command of Allah subhanaw taala which is not something which cannot be treated. You know, people have to learn this thing in order to use the Quran understand the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah has made every human being very important for us the warlock or the Karana Bani Dharma, we have made human beings important, we have given them honor and respect. And that why so many may suggest game and just as serving the human

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beings, Paradise and hellfire had been made, Day of Judgment had been made. And if you do so, to Ramana, Allah will remind you how much he had made for the human being, you know, Kurata, also arrival was Sahana we have made in the service of the human being all the mountains on Earth, stars, moon, sun, so many things they're serving as rain, cloud, every human being is very, very important, really. But the problem is, we measure our importance, with some external measures. We think we are important if other people give us important importance. So that's the big mistake. You are not important because if other people did nobody in the world is still you'd be important. In you're not

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important because your related respect to you. Because your friends respect you because your parents respect you, your children respect, you know, your input on your own, your importance inside you.

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You're being a slave of Allah makes it important, you're being a human being, it also makes it important, you have been given the nature Fetullah my sound mind that makes it so important that we are able to receive a last command to understand his address all those things, and you can go to paradise. So this big thing, trees will not go to Paradise, Sun and Moon will not go to Paradise mountains will not go to Paradise, but you can go to Paradise, if you serve him. And what needs to you know, to be qualified paradise is not external,

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whether people are giving you important importance or not, it doesn't make you eligible to go paradise. Until even if people don't give importance, it couldn't be one of the reason that you go to paradise. Because then you do somebody patient and Allah so hot and Grigory would you to go to paradise. So to be able to be qualified to intern to Paradise, a big big thing is how important people are. So I will say really the something these things should be treated properly. People should be taught they are important. And their importance is not in the hands of other people, their importance in their own hands. They're important because they are alive made important. Whether your

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parents, your children, your brothers, your sisters, your colleagues, your friends, they give you an important note, it is their duty, they should make important, they should cancel if they don't do it in their mistake, they will be accountable for that, not you. So every daughter major US importers will have that access distance. And it's going going on more and more. I really feel very silly. When people you know when people become happy that they have gotten I actually I don't know how to use whatsapp any better. I had all this news to somebody than what I read on Facebook. And they have gotten so many likes, the little happy enough people still liking you don't like not liking doesn't

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make any difference anyway, is not really important or important that Allah likes you not. So think about that. The most of these days we have created because we you know don't understand who we are. So I would advise really that I will I don't know really how great this illness for the person is. Sometimes they'll miss it like emeritus people to convert you or they're not accountable for anything. We've done. This is something that we killed you

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will be accountable like some people that are angry very quickly. They'll be accountable the concept that no my temporary like that, no, you can control you can learn about it. So similarly, you know this thing you shouldn't be not really that everybody's very important and don't measure yourself because the behavior and attitude of other people towards you

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Zack, no question, Jeff. I think this was a reality check and a reminder that maybe all of us need at some point in our lives.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's move on to the next question. It seems like the questions we're getting today are very, very interesting, very different panela. Maybe we need to take another long break. Okay, all the good questions and Okay, let's see if we have a question from let's have a look.

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We had an interesting question. Okay. Let's take this one from even Mohammed. And his question is what is the difference between having Tawakkol upon Allah and having Roger in Allah? When should we have to work with and when should we have Anja?

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People in our in the languages, the words actually keep changing the meaning. So when people say in English language, we hope

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it really doesn't mean anything. Because people always say hope, let's have hope. They say hope or when they don't want to do anything, just to basically live to a limit that difficult gotta work with the people should understand the meaning of tours. Tawakkol and Tawakkol. Tawakkol is that you trust in Allah, while trusting in the ability that he has given you? What are the abilities, he has given you mind fitrah will intention, you can make effort. If you do all that. And then trust in Allah desta could use his abilities to for example, you want to study, you want to learn, you make your admission, in one of the good school, or college, and then you make all that and then after

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that you've trusted Allah that you will pass. So you use all the abilities, and you trust in Allah, that caterpillar, that the real hope that otter LaMotta wants people to build hope to hope is built. When people have got all the effort, effort in the US all the effort Allah, you know, all the beauty that Allah has given them, the trust in Allah and then the hope.

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But the wrong who probably is you don't do anything, just think something will happen. So Derek Tawakkol debacle means you basically don't use ALLAH given ability to trust in Him. You just think in the Bible says something will happen without any effort. So Allah did not make well like that to Raja that using the Quran, the Quran said that believers are those who expect reward in the hereafter. They are the people who believe they work hard, they prayed in the day and night, they spent the money they do all the good deeds, and they trust in Allah then the hope or love to go into paradise. So you know that that's the right hope. But the people who don't do anything, and still

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the hope that something will happen, it is deception that are calling Khurana guru, all it means is you put your hope

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in illusion, you didn't do anything. There's nothing, you know, an iPhone or Apple, I'm sitting here and I'm thinking maybe, you know, from my roof, what a million pounds to drop here to accomplish. And then I'm sitting here this could be possible because of luck and validity. But this is a rural Mr. Deception is not based on any

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reality that Allah has made. It is just, you know, run thinking to people do many of these internal rules that first Schatten does a lot of you know use your abilities. You know, find out what Allah has given you all the efforts you see from him, and dentist in him, then didn't make that a real hope. But

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what when I see the people use the word hope in English language, my mind is really they don't know what they mean by hope but something laziness I think I don't have one thing is just simple hope it reminds me the story of

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Jehovah that once somebody gave to her

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yogurt in a container

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in in a clear container and he hanged it on the on the roof that how people used to in the past. And yeah, that is sticking his hand and he thinks that I'll sell the yogurt then I get so much money then from that I will buy him and then I'll get so many hence the from the inside by a sheep and the frog sheep I get many many shifts and this and then I'll buy you know camels and horses that this and that. Then I buy farm and this type can be ritualistic and I build a big house. Then after that I get married and

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denial have no children. And if my child does not behave properly, I'll use my stick to hit him. And when he took the stick, he hid the container. And all the yogurt fell down to his say when he said to him that you destroyed all the yogurt, he said, not a yogurt, all my family and all my money, all of my business, everything has gone, you know, because of this. So this is actually not this what people think I hope that this not really hold this rule, you know, deception. So, Tavakoli is really when people use all the ability that Allah has given them. And then the think that this effort, the effort will not result in anything unless a law was justified.

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And Tawakkol is that when people don't use any ability and just surrender, something will happen. That actually is false hope it tobacco is very dangerous for any individual or any nation. I think it must be clear by now.

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Yes, handled I think that makes it very clear Japanese, I've no one. Okay, let's move on to a question from Facebook. I think we have a question from sociopathy here. It is quite long, but we'll try and get through it because our questions always good. Okay, inshallah. She says, Can we actually take part of any RESNA for and to be quoted as supportive evidence supportive evidence to what we think it fits in, for example, and she quotes verse 70, from sutra and fell? Yeah, you have never Yoko Lehmann VAD comedian meaning us ra e Allah may Allah Who vehicle OB come hire you to come hire me met with them income we have finlaggan Allahu la foto Rahim. And when Allah says He will give you

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better than what is taken from you whereby this verse continues saying and forgive you, which indicates it must talk about a specific matter. For example, the captives in the Battle of butter.

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I think share high notes it's a long question. But I think if we go back to the first sentence, maybe it makes it more clear.

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You know, think that the question is

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the Quran actually has taught people everything that they need for guidance, anything that people need for guidance on to the deaf, glioma, it all in the Quran. And we need to understand the little many things are mentioned in the stories. Stories are never a specific to the person with whom it happened. In the original meaning if people do same thing, other people, they will get the same result, to follow for their story of somebody true and honest. And then he gets success. So meaning if you do the same, you will look at the success. If their story of slavery and Taqwa like is very strong in the horror story, it means that if you do that over and over, you get the same result.

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That why the Surah Yusuf was revealed to the professor lesson before conquest in Makkah thermocol Rama before he did his Euro, two, he could think really, that if he follows use of foodstuffs, and the stock one server, he will be successful.

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So certainly when Allah says, Allah subhanaw taala said that what he gives you better than what you take from you. So it is a contest. But you have to learn from that contest, meaning if people do obedience, if they obey lots of Motala they don't rush for the worldly matters. They don't, you know, don't sacrifice Allah's commands for the sake of money, rather, they prefer last two months over the money, you know, then Allah subhanaw taala you know, give them more than what they put for ticket because sometimes people just want quick result. Like you know, you've come to us just want the money to Allah will say that what is going to give you too much more than that. So don't rush

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for that. Your intention should be to obey Him

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and listen to him.

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So people can take from the column, take full folding, full thing, don't think that think Allah, Allah will give you more than he takes from you know, it only happens when you obey. If you obey Allah subhanaw taala certainly, he will give you more than the part that you spent money in the path of a lead sadaqa he's going to give you much more, you know, you spend years your time in the path of Allah, you know, to obey Him, then He will give much more than that. You know, like the Companions they spend so much time that Allah gave them all the treasures of Roman Empire and Persian Empire or came to the feet. So that happened but it conditioned on obedience. And there were

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Quran said that, you know, awful Brd Ooby article is you have to fulfill My covenant, and I'll fulfill your covenant, unless covenant that we must obey and the karma that he made with us, if we obey Him, He will give us success in the hereafter answer in this world, inshallah Tada.

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All right, let's move on to a question from YouTube again.

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Is it permissible to wear an idle cozy pendant around the neck Salah and dua are prohibited in the bathroom so what benefit is there in this practice?

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Yeah that people should not leave we are something like that. In my two courses beneficial when you read understand I act upon it. But not just you hang on your neck on the wall or somewhere you know to basically like anything Allah has made. If you use it either Allah wants you to use any benefit. If you misuse it don't benefit to for example, the cure in honey.

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To when we take honey right where it amount, it really kills for many many illnesses is very helpful. By if we buy different types of the honey from all over the world and adorn our house with honey we put honey in a jar everywhere in the house. And we make a photo that pictures are put on social media there are so many honey nothing will happen you know what to kill you because only kills you when it inside you and in right amount of right time. The scenario peer Quran is the guidance. If people learn the Quran as Quran said if you understand follow it, you get you get America. If you understand the Quran, you get a Baraka.

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B if I put a different copy of the Quran all over my house, didn't know Baraka Baraka will come when I make effort to understand the Quran and to upon it, the prophets Allah some never handwriting Christianity, the Nick Abu Bakr Siddiq or mother Farrokh with Manali. I shall Khadija all these women, none of them did Abu Hanifa Malik Shafi are young and humble. Even a Tamia when you look at all these people, none of them hunger, any Crusader but they understood it, they acted upon it, they made advocacy part of their belief and trust in Allah subhanaw taala. To that what you need to do, really you don't need to write either because you're hanging your neck or somewhere else. This this

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is not going to help anything anyway, I'll tell you truth of the matter. If you put 100 times as you could see, in your neck, nothing will happen. No single will change will happen your life what you even understand one watt hours of course see hola hola, hola. Illa who that will change your life that will make impact to make effort to understand Allah the worst and make effort to act upon this to make Baraka understanding and then acting upon.

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Chef just to go a little bit more further. So you mentioned about people using the Koran for decoration like I know some people they will gift even at weddings I've seen it's actually like really very very small. Maybe compact for and sometimes the necklaces sometimes very nicely designed, but it's kind of for like to have an propped up somewheres decoration in your house. Sometimes it's so small is slightly impractical. Would you go as Would you go so far as to say this would be simple for people gifting things and they're not even practical. They're just they're just decoration.

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There could be good good purposes but for that particular reminder to live for Apple you put it of course in a place and you think every time you look it reminds you if it reminds you and you make effort to understand then yeah good reward. But if we just decoration you know nice calligraphy and this and that in your think about that never understand. You have to use less some equity is helpful. We don't know if we don't respect it. It could be sinful. What my what I'm trying to say is the baraka of quranic verse or utricle See comes when people understand it out there act upon it, if they just put somewhere you know, in the house or in the neck, it doesn't make a difference.

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Okay, that doesn't make sense, especially the honey analogy hunger that does. That's very, very good example. Okay, let's see if we have a mortgage question. I know we've we've covered this quite a few times. But this question is quite different. I don't think it's maybe been asked before

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I will just read it out because I can't put it on the screen. But this this is asking. I wanted to ask if an individual has a conventional mortgage, what are the priorities paying that back? And whether that takes precedence over other things like going on holiday or buying a car in short, should the person take all means necessary to pay that mortgage back as quickly as possible?

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in Lhasa firstly understand riba you know, usually is a haram and a mortgaged River. It is no doubt it's one of those haram you know, we have no doubt or that to motivate the the Haram insurance is haram there's no doubt in these things being haram but something haram could be allowed, you know, far people fall in with certain conditions. To Latin buying a house. You know, people don't have enough means no money to buy the house.

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And house if

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Under the important need for the people so for that purpose we have allowed people to buy house on conventional mortgage. Similarly, you know, you can't have a car unless you have insurance so we allow people to have a car because clearly we're not unusual in modern world people need for the family for so many reasons to this day now people should not relax really this you understanding haram by to allow for for needy, so they should pay back as soon as possible. Now you're in all the mortgages, then you go around all the world and pick up in the country traveling and all those things enjoying the life, you know, you should have used that money to pay back your mortgage so

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that we don't like our people go hogyan humara and all those things, how did not only get the money right not obligated on you. First thing is pay back your your debt. So that these types of the tests they are more urgent than other Khadija ROM. So you have to pay the bank as soon as possible. You will not get seen if you make effort to pay back. People get seen in Morgan, if they relax, they don't care. The Addendum simple because in what LaMotta allows you for a reason need to you have to play by it, I suppose because you are not. You don't have enough money, but you got the money still don't pay and you're relaxed. This is not right. The people should not, you know, waste their money

00:26:25--> 00:26:41

in other activities until they have period. They're launching bank loans properly. Unless you know, there's something usually like some time traveling could be need. Sometimes some of that is kind of convenient. By the No need, the priority should be to your mortgage.

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Okay, well, we'll try and take maybe one or two questions Sharla and then wrap up. We have a question from John Cox. And his question is, I understand if a person's parents are non Muslim, and they die in that state, that one is unable to make die for them. However, can someone give charity on behalf of non Muslim parents hoping that the reward will reach them

00:27:07--> 00:27:49

then thing is really you know, when your parents are alive, and they're not Muslims, you can benefit them, you can give them money, they can benefit, you know, you can, you should be nice to them, you know, use a nice word salad, don't don't hurt them, you'll get reward, you can looking after the parent is a big big commander plus motto other people must make effort to please their parents. So, and they also benefit from your service because, you know, they if they get money from you, it is good for them. If they, you know, help nice and kinda was on the farm, you did make them happy. But when they die, and they have died, certainly either unbelievers very clearly. Then whatever good you

00:27:49--> 00:28:05

do, nothing reached them. You can't benefit them when they're alive. But once they die, you're all good deeds, whether you do sadaqa charity for them or maybe to offer them it really helps when they are Muslims that is Muslim,

00:28:07--> 00:28:09

but the diagnosis to nothing can help.

00:28:11--> 00:28:42

So my advice to you be that you know that charity you give you will know for yourself, your children, those who are in around you Muslims, you know, you know, make intention, Allah will help you inshallah Satara and for your parents after the death you know, you cannot do anything not even you really nobody could have done even the Prophet Ibrahim and Islam he could not help his his his father when he died I don't believe so nobody can help anybody.

00:28:43--> 00:28:57

Crassula zero was rotten visit Ultra nobody will carry the burden of other people. But when the people die the grievous Yeah. Then some help. Could it be come from related and other people?

00:29:02--> 00:29:21

Okay, I think we will end it there in sha Allah and just make a few last. Last few announcements and then wind in churches are in shock for you for joining us and giving us your time. And inshallah chef will be joining us, hopefully next week in sha Allah, same time Thursday 6pm BSc in sha Allah so somebody comes here, we'll see you next week in sha Allah.

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And for everyone else, you may have realized that we've obviously we've been in a little bit of a break, doesn't mean nothing's been happening, actually, sometimes. There's been a lot happening. Very recently, we had a lot of our Arabic students, our Arabic ISP students, and they've gone to Mecca for an Arabic summer school handle and it's been very, very successful. So those of you that are watching from YouTube, you should be following us on Facebook and Instagram at least to keep up with everything else that we're doing. Those of you on Facebook, go and have a look. You may be very interested and maybe inshallah this will kind of show you kind of how we work as an entity.

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To the kind of teachers we have the kind of teaching that we encourage kind of learning that we encourage. So do have a look in sha Allah and for anyone interested in anything else that you have I can this show hokum is a principal and co founder of SLM Institute. We were founded in 2006. We wanted the first part time, Alinea, Islamic sciences and Arabic institutes in the UK. But now we have students all over the world, from Australia, to the Maldives, hamdulillah to Malaysia. And right here in the heart of London, if anyone is interested in studying with us, maybe you've always wanted to kind of get into studying Arabic or the Islamic sciences, and you just don't know where to

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kind of legal responsibilities and study that study abroad. This is why we are here we want to make seeking knowledge accessible to everyone. So have a look in Sharla. Go to our website, have a look at what we do. We do part time Islamic site Islamic scholarship courses, we do foundational courses. We do an Arabic immersion Yes. So those of you who've maybe dabbled in a bit of Arabic beforehand and you just want to kind of become confident immerse yourself in the Arabic language. Just for a year we have an Arabic immersion year program. And then if you want to continue you can do the full line in the year program in sha Allah and graduate at the end. So please do have a look. You're

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always welcome to ask us questions. Have a look at our YouTube channel you can see everything else that we do.

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And in sha Allah if you are interested in anything else, you're welcome this he is going to be launching some short courses with us in the next week or so in sha Allah so He will be teaching behind Tirmidhi with us for the next year. And to see Alka chef, we did this last year we'll be continuing this en Sharla so keep an eye out. And if you are unable to join any of our courses or programs, you're more than welcome to just join us next week. Come with your questions come with your curiosity and inshallah we'll try our best to answer

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and without any further ado, inshallah we'll see you next week. Same time, same place, slo Alikum everyone