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My Rafi often rely on Bella alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Muhammad Ali was heavy Magnum for all the Wheeler even a share pty rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. What he did with Allah Ibrahim Abu Dhabi Cali Martin Fatah moon in Asia I locally nasima bokhara Tada wasabi hi Eva Hebrew Bunny, bunny yaku Java ninja in Bahasa Medina ferrata moon,

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So, my dear brothers and sisters Hello should thank Allah subhanaw taala that he guided us and you know he made us to be here in in the city of Allah subhanaw taala in the most beautiful city of Valencia Hotel in Makkah mocha Rama the city which was built by Ibrahim Ali Salaam, and this the city which is most beloved Plaza Hotel because he technically has the house of lots of other car but so Alhamdulillah we are here and it is only a last favor that we are here not that and when we made any effort to be here, if Allah did not want people who are more rich than us, they are more powerful than us more qualified than us, but they never came here. So the hamdulillah we should

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thank Allah subhanaw taala and we should make effort to use our time here properly to inshallah the classes will start tomorrow from nine to 12 in class the teacher tafsir 40 Hadith now we can see that the prophets Allah Allah said Look,

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man after Aisha will have any shot

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you know, some some skulls Raka Rama who can come and give some advice sometime I had either listen to some other Listen, shall we hope there will be few people inshallah are coming to us. But today, I just want to make a few general advice. And to remind myself and everybody here that why this is so important in Islam, inshallah. But to make effort that, you know, when you are here, don't waste your time I in this city, you know, a very good dude has so many rewards. In the prayer, one of prayer in this in this mosque, if I do one eration is equal to 100,000 prayers, to just imagine, you know, it is so huge reward. But at the same time any senate people do, they're all set multiplied

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many, many times. They don't do since and among the sins are lying, backbiting, harming anybody hurting anybody thinking bad about anybody. All these are very, very bad. People shouldn't while they're here, don't lie, don't lie anywhere. But if you lie here, this alive will be multiplied by many, many times don't bite, bite anybody Don't laugh at people. You know, these are very, very important thing. Similarly, don't involve any discussion and argument. Because what happens when people come or argue, the shatter comes, because then everybody wants to win, and we'll shut that shut. That is the best time for shaitan that we had this other person has that argument is harder or

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harder. Like, you know, like, the barber shaves his head. Similarly, when argument issues, other religion to fight in the region goes away, and the head red, and you know, these things can come to while staying here. Also, make sure don't argue anybody. Don't discuss anything very popular, you have anything you can ask question. There's, you know, very little time in here, we are just going to stay here for five days, to within this four or five days. We don't need to, you know, destroy our actions to make sure don't even if you think you are right, don't worry, you are not here to convince people to force people. You know, even you know, this this cache Tancock database. So don't

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discuss anything, don't argue it in don't debate with the people. You know, otherwise, here trade and innovating will come. And there's a best way of shaitaan to make a similarly anything which actually are political matters. And many of those matters where Muslims are divided. Don't discuss them, because we no doubt it. You know, we don't have any imamo halifa huka who can not in this matter. And in every matter, there are so many angles. So it is very difficult for the people to have unity. So the best thing either don't discuss those two, if you discuss them, what will happen to group three groups, everybody argument, at least waste of time is still if you remain friends,

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it's still waste of time. So keep in mind that while you're here, just keep thinking that how I can learn from the city and how can I increase my piety and mid earnest to Allah subhanaw taala

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inshallah, very, very important. If you see anybody arguing, ask them, you know, please, you know, you go by, and then can make a discussion argument, but not in the city. So, so Alhamdulillah and we're just I want to remind you to visit shala. Tomorrow, we shall go to start a class and then you can learn what you have been learning. But this city is really chosen by lasala not only the city, Ibrahim Ali Salam is really chosen by the santella wherever he is born. Wherever he walked every city, every activity that I went to, it becomes chosen. The reparata with Tina was a tool

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We're to russini waha della Bella till I mean, for plus a cron mission. What do you know the place where there is a mountain effect deed was a tune the place where the mountain of worry is to tear the place up. And he includes also the place where numerous lamps in the ark when it came and settled. That's all the place our car would place up to. So it basically history goes back to two mauritiana but there are a lot smarter than merely the monkey doesn't have to be bought in his in his place to Ibrahima islamically belong to the place up to Djibouti was a tool, the mountain of old automounter it is Syria. And this is a place where you can see the Bible in you know in Gospels.

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Now, he said is one of the great messengers lacinato he used to go there and gifts are much there and used to worship a lot harder to tell Big History. In mount Ollie mountains are very, very important. These two mountains are very important to first amount of clean. And that is actually which were the three of new new human generation for newer Islam stars. And that is the place where Ibrahim Islam was born in Europe.

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Their karate mission. The mountain is a tool to get in the place. Very Brahim. I served in his first duty when I moved from Iraq. He came when he came to Russia to that area of Mountain zaytoun. Then after that Ibrahim I stamped it second era and from Sham he went well. He went to Egypt as a data by karasawa to russini. And you know that place is our sexuality, Islam and then another Jordan messenger musar Islam, he used to talk Ullswater there to historical place and then a Paraskeva della Bella did I mean did he Brahimi snapper last hegira was from Egypt he then he came to to Makkah Tomoko Rama, so you can see Brahim Muslim moving from area of Djibouti to the area of WSI two

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in Syria from there he goes to tourists in a tourist scene and from tourists he come to Hyderabad I mean to Allah subhanaw taala has chosen all the places very Brian has booked properly if he had been chosen and his family scenario last year that every place anywhere I must have walked to Quran and inshallah explained that that how would like to live right my synopsis decentred de Rahim Islam no doubt really easy. Great. My senate before that noir Islam, our messengers, they have saved our Eva fella hautala but before that mill Nevada established mill said in a mill a way of life, where it has very striking features and every theory known it was not there, to a lot what has shown Abraham

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is to make a proper Miller to people know what what are actually distinguished distinction of this builder. This will love basically what it is belies hanifa turn away from everything to Allah to Allah. Second part of the mill is Islam submission to Allah subhanaw taala. And the third part of millet are the militia don't initiate these treaties and file this treaty right now actually, also introduce it. Many of those teeth which can keep this villa alive until the day after Yama too far the honey fear and follow a salon. He introduced Salah properly at the right times, to this tight time that teach people in honey fear and also Islam for that purpose. Also he will that the Kaaba,

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you can see right here Melissa Ramsar has chosen not to make this builder known properly. And then after that new messenger when they come they don't need to make any Miller they just follow the similar that was what I said in the Quran. After Ibrahim whenever a messenger came, we commanded him to follow him even the Prophet masala listener poron said somehow hanaa ileka and it does not mean that they Brahim or hanifa or Prophet Muhammad they'll be revealed to you that you must follow the mill lucky Brahim Ursula de Rahim on Islamic Studies is chosen all the mineralized his builder to the Prophet Muhammad Salah Lester did not bring in a new message for answer pull ma punto be the odd

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minute Russell tell I'm not a new messenger I do not bring a new nothing new in my message. My message same what Ibrahim Islam has been teaching Musa recently not to bring any new message the same message what is the teaching? Well, he says Lumpkin no new message say myself myself zebra Hema is the founder of the this builder and then every messenger every prophet who came after him, they must follow my lead model Amir give example for the believer or on Saturday Brahim. So we have Mehdi Rahim as example for all the believers to his Dima as you know another was porosity. What is it a laborer? hemara Boubacar a Martin remember when so hautala Destiny Brahim in a few things and I'm

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explaining what the star and Ibrahim he passed all the tests for every single test Allah made if I were him, he would I passed him. It would be okay Cassie, atta Mona Miss. With the full marks you can imagine really highest mark you can make him did not do any mistake in the exam basically every single test and that's not a metaphor him, era him and you

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Did that exam that tested and the highest level for that program was commanded him to serve to slaughter his son. There can be many many degrees what could be his thinking meaning to devote his son to worship Him that also that also means a dream we've arrived in target to lower meaning he will go to highest meaning the slot in the sun then there are many could be slotted the sir but not now maybe after 20 years But Abraham did immediately every time unlike Mr. O'Brien era have never gone you know, to the lowest whenever I am don't go to the middle party right always go to highest possible way of Allah. Allah subhanaw taala for us ferrata Mona euro him did desta but every

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distressed completely properly that the no defect Rivera himself in obedience all the time properly.

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The somebody that like that, certainly Allah will be very happy to Lhasa to Brahim in Ninja I look at the nasty Mama. He said Abraham I'm going to make eema for all the people she knows until the draft Yama now his email for all the people to Ibrahim Islam you know he was that that you know if the Imam but I will die if I die what will happen because my family of humanity needs a new email all the time. If I Imam and then for all the people or I die after a future lesson to follow my message what will happen to that why he remembers he said women do Righetti he said while also making money in my family because if I mom and then I die after future and I said to forget he knows

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what happened to all Islam he wants to know new mosque keep coming to Allah says okay I'll do that but lie in audio volume in among your dissenters who around was they will not be now. They will be ma'am as long as they follow you. If they don't follow you. They are no more email and then a part of that also in suta dakara unless not I said to him I set up sending my my family in messenger. You know in a widow who teaches your book and hikma in all those reports about the Prophet muscle Allah Islam, you can see Brahim is not a concern actually not only for himself, he wants it. This imama to continue on to the Def Jam. Allah loves this difference. But he wants to he knows that this is the

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way to tell hate Allah worship, to after his death. This should continue. There's always must be people in his family, many followers, they continue the message. So this city actually has chosen with this cancer, you can see every father has many, many concerns. Our fathers have considered that when I die, then my family and my children will go to eat and drink how they would survive. Even him has no concept except one concern that where might I die? that Mr. Ma should continue my family and other people should worship us. That way it does not sell in the other version in Sumatra

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was slobby hyperbola he MOBA neihu yaku era HeMan yopu they left the wheel for their children. What they will well yeah bernia in nulla hasta la Coumadin Oh, my sons are last chosen for you Islam deal. What Islam Islam actually we have we have been using Islam with capital I to Islam became like a name of a specific religion. Very but I haven't used the word Islam he does not mean in every region. What he means by Islam is you can say no, it is more like Islam means submission derives at all makes sense since our last show that for you submission is your religion. filata Muto na Illa on to Muslim don't die, it's he say emphasize never never die until you are in full submission. Do you

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see but I have my stance concerning that my family should continue worshiping for surrender some submission, they should not die.

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And this actually will continue sustainably that his family has no concern all the masses family they have no concern of any state any power anything geometers like only concerned the families what Islam submission to Allah, Allah, the Quran nation, the story of another great messenger from his family, his great his grandson jacoba Islam to bourassa wasabi hybrid Grace, I'm going to Shahada the harder I Akuma mode where you present it when the data came to jacoba Islam, jacobellis now the greater messenger Sunnah is the higher Palestina and grandson of Ibrahim also knows dying last moment of his life and all his two sons and their children and our the wives just sitting around

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him. They want to listen for the last word last word that he can say they want to listen for him and everybody's here. You can see really he's a messenger and he said, you know even actually, if my father not messenger, you know, I are very very keen if he said he has a any last week. I want to do that. Anybody when you are whenever your father leaves in last week, anybody wants to do that. And now Yahoo is red messenger yahoo is dying and our the something Nicola use for Islam. He's in here himself as a messenger. He's around their job is going to make a will. And everybody listening. He called them that I want to leave for you last week. They must be thinking what am I going to say

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when he

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When all the children came, what yaku said lamotta abouna mean Bodhi. He said oh my sense after my death what I go to worship leaders who you go to worship he made more gentle. He just want to make sure really what is the man Mata auto body because he Salaam and Iowa both are the same thing. What after my death he would worship. He even did not want to die unless he listened for his children, though. Yeah, messenger and his children have grown up in that house. They don't need a reminder. You to think really that you know this is the house. You know most children house you can imagine. That was the promise a lot of ask is a continuous Do you know who is Kareem IGNOU Kareem Abdul Karim

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So this alized message in a messenger know the best he said use in Yahoo. Even is the heart in your chosen family. You can see Rahimi the greatest mom, there is happy mom than Jacobi demand and use of demand. And then there are charisma azima chosen family in this chose that a family are really you think that people worship someone else?

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You know, it could be after 1020 generation, but when the messengers are alive, Ibrahim raised them then after data from another person is happy then in the family. He's looking after them after this is the hub Yakuza.

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He's looking after them. And after Yahoo, they will be there. So in Holloway, Dharma centers anyway. Do you think this family nuisance reminder But no, and calcium families father, but he's really only concerned about Islam, nothing else really has no concern, except submission. And that's current salary continue continue the whole family, the whole family one lick on cancer is enough submission, nothing else. The now jouko before this, he wants to see how Allah loves the story. You know, Allah never mentioned to the people, anybody death over how people die, but Yakuza death is a well record in the Quran. Very nice contest in sutra bacara. Who died, not otherwise Buddha Dharma, just other

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people. When we don't have in the Quran that Abu Salah Salaam, we don't have a data up many, many people. But data of Yahoo is mentioned because Yakuza data is great. Listen, everybody's there. I asked them what a good to worship after my death. Luna abou ala haka.

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eeka Ibrahim

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Ilaha. The family those they said no after your death will keep on continue worshiping same thing Illa your ala elaphe. Your father's Ibrahim is not even a Somali is there no tradition, we're worshipping one national homes to the moon and we are subject to him. And then he dies to really listen to Allah se submission, submission to Allah subhanaw taala that what he would have needed even he said, when we say Mila Ibrahim, that what he means really full of submission to Allah if Allah commands that Ibrahim never can hesitate. What's the command of Allah comes? We were I was the first person to do anonymous enter there, there are volumes remain there the first person to first

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person to some Mr. intercoolers hautala that actually what we need to learn the city Kadena even labor is a family came to the city. It was not a city where people take the family. You know when we move from India to inland we did not come there for a submission. We came for money. People you know everybody who coming to visit a movie for what purpose for something else. But when Ibrahim was commanded to bring his wife and a son to to Makkah, what was their aura said Abraham says Oh Allah rabine has come to me to read Yeti baywa dinner violet, these are the bicycle Mahatma. While I made my family to settle Where were the innovative between mountains sometime very heavy no reverse and

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fountains and water to find in the valley but their water but what I've said was dinner later these are in a Wally where nothing grows.

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Tell me Have you seen in the history any further data like that?

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If you see if you see settlements in the world, or the SIM card I have been actually we have been working on that there are many many Muslim settlements. settlements always follow water settlements in the world. All of it happened beside the water where the water the resettlement. The only settlement in the world we know without water is

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the only father who makes his family to sit in and replace it with water if it never happens to me. Every father when they make a settlement with the muck make their family to set in the order where to make sure that the water and there is something grows. But Ibrahim actually said this thing by make my family to settle in a place they were in a hurry this does any further ado like that.

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No father does because the city will that will teach people submission. Even I have made Mr to Te submission. People come to market on karma not for for any other thing will lead they come for submission to city was chosen for the submission to teach the submission properly or to Alaska Ibrahim to come

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commanded to be here. He is there. He doesn't care about water about anything. And then what happens is with his son, he started going, you know, running the luck of Mardi Gras him to slaughter his son, this man of submission. He had no hesitation nighties in the dream. In the morning, he said to his son, Yeah, boy nyjah in our field Manami a knee at the biochar fanvil Matata. Oh, my beloved son. In the night, I've seen the dream that of slotting you. What do you think? No doubt, whether it's mile thick or not think it doesn't matter to grind even I'm going to slow time anyway. Is it 35 Rahim that if it is myself, or my father, what to do now I'm not going to listen to you. It's

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trivial to do. But you will have massive smile to have, you know, full of food in submission as well. This might smile at Listen, this might said about the farmer tomorrow, Saturday morning in sha Allah on the slavery, he said my father, do what you have commanded, you'll find me with patient sobre to deseq to the city of submission and sobre Allah's command comes for submission and difficulty comes for sobre nodata when a level commodity something provenance will come it is never never the last party that will be you know covered with the roses and flowers No, unless the roads actually are covered with the tunes problem will be their difficulty will be there because it needs

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another to suffer too fast either you surrender to Him and when you surrender, it is not going to have an easy life. difficult life submission to Allah subhanaw taala actually means it difficulty you surrender to Him difficulty will come. And then what you need to do server to this is an arm really is ugly, if somebody is part of that that vertical is this city is built. And that was a turning of the huduma is to teach people for submission with the server. Another part of the middle of my circle in which we can see here honey for a year, you were I myself have been teaching children honey fear. Everybody in this world when they're grown up I opened I

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the what attracts people, you know the beauty of the world. Economy The word interesting to today's you the river, the water in the sun, the moon, the beauty of the sky, the beauty of the earth, money position, in related, whatever and that is everything attraction. Even his amela is based on what to leave or the attraction and turn to Allah. Allah is more attractive, he will rise away is what ever it is to see our attractive, alleged creator, he must be more attractive. A very a very very you see beauty, Allah must be more beautiful because he the Creator. Even is away they leave all the beauty Tamara from all beauty to Allah subhanaw taala says he nella jameelah you have Pooja Mala. If you

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see any beauty anywhere, Donna from there to Allah Allah more beautiful that way the professor Lannister once he was playing in his house and I shed a lot my sheep got a very nice cotton to put it in, she had the cotton on the wool, nice for booty and the profits and after the player he asked me to remove remove the cotton, the cotton was distracting her because a lot of beauty that much more attractive than due to the cut, he did not want anything to interfere with that where he built his most so simple, to people's mind never got to the wall, to the bricks to the stones to the color no just to last motala that era hips away really that no doubt or lack read the beauty in the world.

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There'll be you have children, you will have wives, you have houses, you have all those things, but turn away from everything to Allah subhanaw taala even the sun and moon cannot attempt to evaluate you know sun and sun in Hebrew is much much greater than the whole earth but sun could not you know, attractive, you know as a Quran mission that one day you know his people when the worshiping star they came to celebrity star and they said you know this is star worship diva Mr. So comes on he wants to basically teach them to be this My Lord.

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Follow my father.

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When the star disappeared, Ibrahim said no, don't who disappeared. I don't love them.

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Because they love gun. Then when you start a gun My love is gun. My era is gone. I don't love those who have disappeared will descend to second amazingly then more comes and disappears. Abraham did not want them. Their son comes and disappears. He will have does not love and deliver I'm sad after the sun has disappeared in Nevada to Virginia, Linda de Fatah, wa ala hanifa I don't face I don't direct my face to Sun Moon a star No, I direct my first one who created them for the summer what are the hanifa turning away from everything to Allah subhanaw taala and his son proud Mashallah. He did the same. When others were offering to him money and kingdom and this and that. And they asked him

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to leave this matter. And you know, we want to make looking, we want to marry with the most beautiful woman what he said by Allah. If they put the sun on my right hand and a moon on the left hand that I did this matter, I'm not going to leave. Nothing can distract the nothing can attract them. This actually how Milla Milla, Brahim at the base of distinct that nothing can actually will alert us that nothing can distract us. Unless beauty is much more than less power is much more than any power.

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Lie the more what a lack of benefit. Nobody can admit what a lack of they don't want to leave Rahim Islam wanted to teach his children this hanafy and Islam both.

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And the more to protect him to teach and defend Islam is what? The prayer full of full training for hanifa and Islam. Why honey fear and let go the rhyme is not random to make the timing of the prayer, the kind to scientists love or Bulava don't love who disappear. And Allah loves dissenter so much. Now for this oma, he made a time at the prayer in those times where it is a very temporary law of gravity. Do you see the first player comes when father time when the stars and moon disappeared? And Sun is no more their perfect tie for the worship? The believers come and they say what in the law What if we don't love those who disappeared? We don't watch your sun and moon star perfect time

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for worshipping honey fear. Prayer comes you turn on the from the star for the moon from the sun from the whole earth to Allah subhanaw taala a time when there's no sun, no moon, no star, just Allah hautala creator of the Sun and Moon. everything disappears but not Allah subhanaw taala perfected as soon as the sun rises, time it's not in the sun is rising, rising, rising. As soon as the sun declines, then era his followers come and they do a lot of prayer at the mechler law of sun can decline. But my Lord He never declines. The second approach also is around the scientists a lot of people are free. We don't love those who decline those who disappear. We don't love them. When we

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worship Allah, tala to secretaries also around our military training of hanifa. Then after that, what happens is when you do not get to after a while, after some declines, then after a few hours, sun hides behind the mountains, it disappears behind the mountains, that time of the sun can disappear behind the mountain, but he writes a lot he never disappears. Third prayer reminding the people love will read then after the sun sets you no matter if time comes to then believe or come I said very clearly love beautifully. I worship My Lord but not the sun. And then after that light as the sun also disappeared you know a short time five prayers perfect time for turning up laughable

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affiliate Hanafi de Brahim Iceland made a clear law that why in the prayer and kept running for honey for a year in the prayer, no interest nothing nobody. for Apple when you fast you can talk in the prayer and talk to the people. No because prayer. You cannot talk to people or other the law. You cannot talk to the people. In when you when you are doing hygiene you can eat and drink. But when you are pray, you cannot eat and drink. When you are in Ramadan anybody who can walk in any direction. But when you are in the in the in the prayer one to one direct Allah, nobody pays any fee and if you turn away from everything to Allah, that way you can understand why table is important.

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The table is to remind people that we are turning away from everything to Allah, tala Ibrahim is the House did not get a lot this year. It is basically to remind you that centers that return away from everything to understand how does not have any idle house only to focus to this that alert house reminded that turning away for another 200 feet you know hanifa is the main main part of the era as a builder to when you come to the city that what is not only that, you know we can see now if people have made the city so attractive, is still really Ullswater knows, attraction is in the Kaaba. attraction is where people Rahim, when you are in the prayer that what I loved in this city if you

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do shopping, and somebody that time it praying, telling me who is a beloved to Allah, the One who prays in this city, somebody does the math and somebody it does business. Tell him Tell me who is

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the one who did those who follow him in the city. They are beloved to this city city of honey fear city to learn only that we do take adversity for the men in this place. training of Hanafi atoning for submission to Allah subhanaw taala remember Eva Ibrahim is the mom and the Prophet Allah sallallahu sallam, when he is given the prayer, he is given a prayer to train people for honey figure 500 prayer for turning for honey fear. Actually, not only that, if you look at your record at the prayer, exactly same thing all the time reminding I don't want to, you know, spend too much time about the numbers of record. And why you know that how the trend for hanifa but understand this a

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properly. The Prayer is the most perfect thing to train people for what for anesthesia, and for a full submission to Allah tala. And that actually is in the middle that Abraham Islam. And the third part formula is either militia. No, no sre, meaning it. Anybody can nobody can influence believers. They don't take message from anyone other than lasala they surrender tumalo nothing else. No shilka if anybody makes any trouble if you inquire something to the player, it becomes more beautiful. If you are somebody named noblet. Brain believers want to keep their prayers as simple as possible because they want to on the foot is difficult.

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Have you ever had to widen the city keep thinking really, that the city to connect you with the right person to connect to with the Imam of Islam, he mama submission that what at least everything that you need when you think properly that he brought him when he made the house he said I made the house, the people that will make the VA when we saw between stuff and matoba think of the sacrifice that the wife she's running on his his son. When people started the label, remember it takes a memory of era he slotting his own son to this city basically one liter ending of what honey fear to turn away from everything to Allah tala and this allow them to surrender to Him without any question

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that why believers don't ask question before believe you have question, believe before believe, make effort to understand, think properly. But once you know that he is your Lord, then you have no choice but to surrender to Him unconditionally no thinking even if the thinker but thinking is what before he man in writing for honey fear. I assume Abraham gets his his Lord, that he would never think that even is that exactly what the Lord can't even maybe rather not know the wisdom. Not his Dharma favorite commodified less clear to Brian, because clear later on, but he would have never asked but we have no he forgot. If he's got commerce, it must invoice. And he said Mama selasa

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follows him enough for the year when the professor and made the treaty. And Omar Abdullah has question and he asked the process

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to what what he said he said, I am a leather messenger and I do what e commerce in my in my lab and I know that he will not let me down this thing really, the professor didn't know what was the bottom of the bat. But he believes that if Allah has commanded him to do the treaty, there must be wisdom full submission to Allah subhanaw taala in our time kill people for every single day. They asked you what racial racial evidence further racial argument No, he might not be his last command does not need any lands after a racial argument they need a proof if somebody said racially disapproval you can ask What proof that proof to Rachel Can you prove but alas come up it does not prove every

00:32:10--> 00:32:45

rational reasoning they really need a proof Caron no rational reasoning is perfect. But alas Come on. That's perfect. So Alhamdulillah we are now in the city of submission city of honey via where everybody's ticket This is where we will return anyway. That was a hotel make make sure that will you stay here you know all the time must be occupied by what by Salah by tava by Roku by cider, the decree of Allah subhanaw taala looking at the Kaaba no backbiting no argument no debate no discussion when returning from everything to Allah smarter if we spent time like that really do at least we got birkoff this house on a burqa

00:32:46--> 00:32:54

and not a burqa from Allah tala and we go back and hope inshallah this submission will keep growing to establish inshallah if you have any question please ask

00:33:11--> 00:33:17

sure what happens to the with okay just repeat what happens to the sun a lot of time and Asia time

00:33:18--> 00:33:39

with a lot sunny day declining, declining yet certainly declining but Allah never declines to this low fabula Filene on a short time even the lights of the Sun have disappeared when a very rapid sun decrease but is there a shade now dark to Kingdom of sun has done completely that work reminder is

00:33:41--> 00:33:56

equal to zero when our current Atomy salata ledger locations to the loop means what declining is over time as a type or even a militia do all for press to archivist location for prayer become zoar as a Mother Russia and their policy

00:33:58--> 00:34:43

and the prayer were you read Quran longer in the morning the five prayers or for press or glucose jumps and the last one well actually morning prayer when the no sun because all four players come and follow the sun and the feather cast before the sun to deliver current mission all these four five press in different way to set up any salata LIDAR locations for prayers which are connected with the Sun resorb ossur malvaceae but which way Sun is declining? Either setting or declining? Then of course another fight another prayer which cost before sunrise. At that time most common Reno and read the Quran longer can you see for fetching the moon is disappeared. Yeah, no doubt it will

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

be indefinitely even more is there is like down to something that is the devil peraza one one najmi the hover to when the stars fall down is tough falling of the star reminds people Ibrahim sir honey era has a laughable affiliate. The references to 291 najmi the hover marvelous

00:35:00--> 00:35:26

Hello komazawa do karate when you see whenever you see timing cuts all the time comes around the star when they fall down about the sun when they disappear about the sun when you whenever you read the Quran, where Allah Masada for sub 100 data, you know, you know, glorify your Lord, all the time timing around the sun and the moon and the star, either disappearing or the declining or the falling down to remind the people that they are affiliates and allies not affiliate.

00:35:30--> 00:35:31


00:35:33--> 00:35:34

you've explained to us

00:35:35--> 00:35:59

really well about what the military right he was really, you've explained why the processor was asked to follow the military brain. So the question I wanted to ask was, we also know that there were profits before he brought he really slow so if we say that all the profits were already slow, then why doesn't allow us the middle of other prompts a new for example, is anything defining.

00:36:00--> 00:36:04

He has all the proud messengers they brought the same message same about the numerous Rob

00:36:06--> 00:36:47

Schreiber is a very very same thing. You know, but you know what millennials the millennials say? A defined way of life, which had a strike which is actually proper proper feature or interesting with 16 which people know the new Allison did not do that. The ASCII possible sorta but different way. But Ibrahim Kalamata wanted to make well defined the test Ville establish proper that people never have any power to be deviated from the path derived from cause knife five player in the dose times, which can remind for about a year, then the Kaaba, then the height so many things that mill now the way the properly established to before that was a bad idea. But it was not established way off every

00:36:47--> 00:37:24

single day now, the properly defined was now every new messenger they don't need to think more they think corrupt Thank you prefer has come here define everything now just following. You don't need to do anything new before that numerous other people. They try to their own people they used to teach you how to worship Allah subhanaw taala ibadah for now. But what he branded Ibrahim made Alibaba so well defined that people never can find the ship. And you know and then he made this Alibaba into two parts honey fear, and he said up turnover from everything and surrender. And both is a default property. But I missed that. I said Mila, Mila means something which actually had way, way way of

00:37:24--> 00:37:32

doing things, but defined properly, which has boundary clearly know that he brought important before even I don't know, Mila. He but I miss Mila properly.

00:37:36--> 00:37:46

You mentioned a tafsir of Saltine. And for locations that are less than I went to, I just wondered

00:37:48--> 00:38:31

if if you if if that's if that explanation is found in any of the books of Tafseer to sort of check out what they're saying. And also you said the teen is connected with the ark of Noah the mountain and in the Koran is I think mentioned as Judy Yeah, and I just wondered if you had any comments on that yes maybe the god basic You know, when he said teen mountain I figured directly area around Iraq. I know and I'm in Turkey and those area to Judy actually is one of the mountain in that region. to that. We don't mean only one mountain is able to miss that that whole region to when we say Japan has Zeitoun what amounted Miss Shang Atlanta Baraka to when we say Jubilee tool, we mean

00:38:31--> 00:39:12

actually not only mountain to the Mount, there are two really important most important in the area or region. So currently measured the most important thing that region, two in the area of Iraq and Turkey and in this area, the most important region is a tune. And duty is part of that is in Russia. The most important factor is why because that is the place that we're most, most important sermon stuff. He says, Jesus Christ, he's to go there, worshippers if you read the gospel, you can see no matter what he how important it is, you can see to these four mount places. They're connected to rahima Islam, but they're also connected, connected to more Islam, and they connect to Musa Islam.

00:39:12--> 00:39:42

They connect to Islam and the character mama Salah. And these five are the messengers Barhom process, similar to the mirror messengers Paraclete proper messenger germination, message of determination, the five new Alison Ibrahim is not Moosa listener. He sadly Sarah and Mohamed Salah. So, these four places deck they actually connect all these five people there to distract me in one way you can see even other Melissa nomsa coming because it will definitely hinting detrimental when I say la de La Conner in Santa Fe,

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

these four places their history, this tells you that we have created the mankind in the best structure, you will not have to get the theory. But if I explain to you that you really can see that how it points to theories. You know, I thought that that means that when we are here, I'll know shala the meaning of this disorder.

00:40:00--> 00:40:31

And how they're really connected to the mess Effie Brahim as someone who is not even other Muslim, or even the Prophet Musa and work around what to convey the message through soutine to simple meaning which I wanted to tell you that Allah tala also want to tell the surah that Ibrahim surpluses are chosen by the rice families, children, his family's chosen because what does it mean to really to hit real children to his his family's chosen and also the plight that we can see after grime Islam, or the messengers boo we know they came in his family and they came in this land

00:40:33--> 00:41:03

or the messenger of Abraham who we know they are in his family are they are in this led to these are foreigners god my Bible is natella Land of Iraq, lined up Syria, land of Egypt, and life a land of Arabia, these foreign lands are chosen and a Family Feud I have to look at this. This actually what people have sacrificed Abraham is the messenger of sacrifice. His sacrifice actually happened in these four places. To after Rahim Allah Salaam, the chosen didar lands are these learners. And after Ibrahim Hassan chose a family, his his family, no other family.

00:41:04--> 00:41:23

And then anybody who follows him, they become like him to now others who are not from his family if they follow Him, they become chosen. And after, after his after him any land which followed the way of Ibrahim in Islam to land in a city which resembles Makkah and Medina they also become chosen, but initially chosen precisely these four places.

00:41:27--> 00:41:45

I like to ask you about the extra Baraka one receives was Nevada, in Makkah and Medina. Is it within the confines of the masjid? Or is it extended to the vicinity of the city, for example, if Sanders someone doesn't know for natural Salah in the masjid, or the hotel is there Baraka the same

00:41:46--> 00:41:53

what I'm trying to say is is this confined, confined to the machinery or the vicinity of the city, the actual road one gets?

00:41:54--> 00:42:02

Yeah, when we say Hara two we're basically Musa al Masjid, the mosque, then the area, which is

00:42:03--> 00:42:43

in between the workers that between the Health Minister there are places where you can go and make a refractometer it means that the places where you can sacrifice any money, where you can cut the tree, you free, when you move from here to towards the market of karma, then you are not allowed to kill hunt any bird hunt any animals, you are not allowed to cut the tree to death so hard on the one harami the most crucial then second one is it the area between the hill and the mosque? This is too hard to tell. So the second and second and third, third, third sacred places between the Mita and between them. There'll be like refer to when you move from to the left you will statically holyland

00:42:43--> 00:43:19

holy area to for up to refer to Mr. Ayesha It is very holy, but for a much much nicer because even more holy until you come to the mosque and willing to the boss demodulator no doubt mosque itself is actually much preferred. But even moccasin karma is restricted to you understand properly when we say harm or when we say a sacred place sacred places drastically from continuing to add from here more secondary sisters and when you come to Boston to know directly Mr. harami because we're on his mission and Mr. hora Miss whatever after expansion not only what was that as a parcel awesome, whatever, because part of my CRM

00:43:27--> 00:43:30

and our cell under understand when you are here

00:43:31--> 00:43:48

do have most more and cut it this is what I bother you which we never can really well prerecorded but you know if you have time do most of this actually evolved here by lasala because this will leave which can be done here. You know, nobody has to do it above as much as possible here. cartographical exela.

00:43:55--> 00:44:31

Chef, just regarding zum zum we were discussing today I'm wondering whether there is any particular adapt of having exams on whilst drinking and what what are the etiquettes what are the things associated with it? You know, there are the Hadith as parcel of the MA samza Lima Sri Bella, the water of samsara is far what ever it has been drunk. The meaning with whatever intention you make for them, you get it to whatever it is best thing is whenever you would need more water make intention that I'm ready for this purpose. For last month I'll give you two minor is this.

00:44:33--> 00:44:45

After that actually to water like you know you can sit anywhere will drink a drink in three breaths because the person has always advise people to have water in three to three times and never have to take out the villa from your mouth like that.

00:44:46--> 00:44:59

Sometimes people prefer if people drink it in the Dasha the karma but then no sooner like that the professor always drank the water in the direction of the Kaaba, but sometimes we do that's fine because you know Qibla is always important. Anyway. There are some

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

Are these in it the latter he drank the water while standing it could be some reason because you know he was in a dark place for not for their positive to me we're standing we don't really think that you know in any special manner for them then that people must think well standing sit, that's fine because we the professor's our preferred city for drinking anyway and sometimes also drinking but sometimes people stand that's also part of the you know, it allowed to avoid any water that people drink they should sit but if there is time left also mobile allowed to we don't have actually any immunity for them other than that, it has this Baraka that you can make any tension actually

00:45:38--> 00:45:55

sometimes it can suffice for the food without the lock on when he heard about the price a lot the market and karma and so much animosity and hatred against Brazil so he could not declare that he knows him too. When he came here he said fire actually I don't fuel fuel 10 or 20 I don't have a long history marker, he said he had no food other than Zamzam

00:45:57--> 00:46:38

and not only directly he got fired his body said he became it became bigger than he was before this the water nothing else the motor carriers are said this in it can be like food to people can take them out and they can survive for a while. They had a lot of bark, I remember only once the first time I came and in my with me I was a student from Turkey and in his face by then very something in ability all the time or the time office he could really and he said to him come tired in a way so much medical treatment, but nothing works in or very very bad the face or the time bleeding. So you know with me was one Minister for Pakistan, he said to him, okay, when you come to Makkah, just wash

00:46:38--> 00:47:02

your face with dum dum we didn't make intention, Allah smarter killing your faith. We notice after a while after 1030 that we saw his face fine. We asked him what happened. He said I wash my face with his abdomen he somebody advisement now just fine to this also can happen. So you can see that it's not that made America to make effort really to know to when you drink the water, make effort to not make an intention for anything for by default for the Center for anything. And I just wanted to give you the

00:47:06--> 00:47:13

phone number I said he removed his top part their home for a significant number of time, I think to remove some impurity like blood

00:47:14--> 00:47:21

is there in the top part of the home No, but he he just took it off and kept it on the side for a bit

00:47:22--> 00:47:23

is there

00:47:25--> 00:47:42

in the heart and you need people need to cover their body the purpose they don't need you can not wear any shirt or trouser. Instead of shouting you have the upper garment. And for the trouser you have a lower garment as well. This is what he did nothing that if you put take up this time, if people don't wear shorter, you only have to have this defined.

00:47:44--> 00:47:55

You know, the covering product leads for a minute from the navel to the knees, if that can cover that press fine. The people don't have the upper part is defined but you know you're suffering because sandwiched in between your body.

00:47:57--> 00:48:06

And I was wondering is the rules for Salah in the harem different to our own area because I realized that men and women pray to give our side by side

00:48:07--> 00:48:47

you know the ugly I don't think I have done really properly. But I have been thinking they matter so much. Now really I realize that Islamic way is not segregation. Islamic way is either public space, or private space to there are certain things which are actually pretty funny stuff to do in the private space, or certain public space. But or Islam never encouraged segregation between people are the base of gender or something like that. You never find this really to what happened in the harem. You can find all the time by still wanting it when we met. They should be together. Men and women should not next each other by sometime happens. You know, unintentionally, the press still very hard

00:48:47--> 00:49:14

to bossy imams in hanafy mother the prayer of the man because invaded but in the Haram even 100 people will be Fatah. But otherwise everybody said they know when you get to make invalid is makrooh. But you know if there's no other way, you know it is fine. So in other words more digitally, I don't want to be too simple to release it. This whole problem of segregation. It is not based on a tsunami, nothing like that the process a lot of them never make any segregation between men and women. Too many to pay and then children and then the women but no segregation between men and women.

00:49:26--> 00:49:29

You mentioned off being the best rabada

00:49:31--> 00:49:39

in the heart on what would what advice would you give for people who can't walk for too long or Stanford Judo maybe they have an injury?

00:49:40--> 00:49:59

Maybe they can do some math and some pm but not excessively. What advice would you give them how would they maximize their time? Not only people can do tomorrow people can do prayer people can read the Quran people can do they can people can slot and the personal lesson. Even if you're tired, you cannot do anything. People say no even looking at the house of Allah subhanaw taala in the lab is also integrated Baraka

00:50:00--> 00:50:36

In an email sitting there, Father prayer, if you were for the prayer, you end up prayer. Say, at least the simple thing is, don't talk with the people. Don't argue don't discuss, don't despair, don't beg by not lie. You know, even if you sleep, and that's better, at least for sleeping, you're not doing any sin. But when you're awake, that's probably when we awaken. They do alibi that don't talk this problem at least happen because I know when people start talking, when they don't get shut down, it is easy for him that shuttle moves from something to something else, that I believe as you know, the owner must say that your life is the one lead that part of your life, which you use, the

00:50:36--> 00:50:55

one of us that that is part of the calendar. So you can say, Hey, I lived in this for 70 years, but basically 70 years of calendar, your life with only 10 year that you used 60 was just wasted, to proper undertake properly. That's why investing in a theory many issues that we discussed. Do we tell them by discussion?

00:50:57--> 00:51:32

What happens actually, if you read the Quran, but that time, maybe something happened? Well, but by discussion, nothing happened, it will do something that's fine. But when people discuss and argue they don't say anything to understand this improperly, don't waste your time, don't waste your energy, and we'll discuss it in as he goes. Because you're thinking you speaking that very, very harmful thing it all well actually, I will advise people that in a focus on your purpose in life. Do I bother if you turn Everest? But don't gossip? You know, most of the unjustified believers in talking Muslim just once it starts, it never is learning is studying, you can distribute something

00:51:32--> 00:51:37

here. That's fine study something, but never talk when you start talking, then it makes the problem

00:51:40--> 00:51:48

shift just to another couple of questions specific. I heard from somebody that I was you get rewarded just for looking at the cover.

00:51:49--> 00:51:58

So if you have to somebody asked me I think maybe you ask I have to look again what is a reference for that is to I don't remember the reference I have to think for check that inshallah

00:52:00--> 00:52:01

Another question

00:52:07--> 00:52:47

I used to certain shall also be sure you could just elaborate each other when you mentioned Islam does not promote segregation. Are you talking about when we have been a part of the barriers you know, maybe in the classroom or in the masjid? Or? Or does this mean that we interact with the opposite gender where it's necessary for work or for transactional business? Yeah, and I'll extend some of that time but here just I can taste tell you that Islamic Islamic law and also in Islamic history, we don't have any proof of any segregation between men and women. No doubt by it will be they are manually playing but to separate the both of them because singularly it prayer happening on

00:52:47--> 00:53:26

a separate the women from the men and women cannot see the men, an Imam does a mistake is to go to Roku, a group of people sitting in the second car, he stands up by mistake, women were sitting, they don't appear here but this morning when we do clear to him out of the eye to say that too many people driven to Roku. We will intersect immediately if there's a barrier what will happen at least you can see the front row you can see other people you can follow them with a very what will happen to data is the professor could have done it very easily but he never did it. There's so many other you know it is definitely an issue if I have to spend a lot a lot of time but sympathy really

00:53:26--> 00:53:37

Islamic with not to cigarettes to make segregation know that Islamic party, but by to bite up it does not depend on segregation by it to make a party something else you need to do now segregation

00:53:39--> 00:53:52

show just carrying on from what the brother mentioned. I remember reading something that was attributed to Imam Shafi, where he mentioned one of the benefits of looking at the Kaaba, is that improves your eyesight. I don't know if you've heard of our

00:53:54--> 00:53:59

medical admission to put in we need proof that doesn't matter what proof but people have been messing with you.

00:54:20--> 00:54:24

slonaker I just wanted to know, is it okay for

00:54:26--> 00:54:29

a lady to do a twofer that her maharam?

00:54:30--> 00:54:59

Obviously, the situation around the Kaaba is like men and women together and she's she's performing to offer that her husband being present is that was acceptable. You know, a lady the Nita Muharram occurred to me up and we're in the creveling a 48 miles. But once you have come to a city, to within their city to move, you don't need him or her to accompany you all the time, forever coming from England to this country. You need a Muharram but once you are in the city, then you go fresh.

00:55:00--> 00:55:16

You go for the prayer you do tava you go if you don't remember otherwise the life is so difficult for the people to know a part of Africa. For whom right if you want to go another omura you can go on your own alone without your husband to my sister Felicia, because not very just few months, you can go there.

00:55:20--> 00:55:36

Put on era and come back to Java for Amara has nothing deeper than Mahara. Only traveling is a farmer, Mr. Private for a majority for 48 miles or more than that, then a guy to some opinion you need to Amara but within the city, you don't need him

00:55:37--> 00:55:40

is a career you can do on your own. There's no need for me.

00:55:44--> 00:56:33

Sorry, in relation to there is a If a If a woman travels without maharam or the maharam is not accompanying his wife, would she be sinful? We know that the question in regard to Mr. hanifa Imam Shafi Imam, Imam Muhammad, Allah tala, whenever a woman Trevor Sir 48 miles or more than that, she must be accompanied by her Mahara or by her husband. That opens back to some opiates, which actually I I follow, if the Traveling is safe, are traveling hyper to a place where women are respected. And the family or husband, he trusts his wife that she can travel she has no problem. So then are we allowed to every family in England, we know women are restricted or traveling generally safe to for

00:56:33--> 00:57:10

example, if a woman lives in Oxford, and she works in London, as she goes by car Oh by cozy and the family has no problem with her the trust in her to we don't The only problem is no so much difficulty. If a woman you know she favors from from inland in Pakistan and on aeroplanes long distance you know he accompanies her to the airport and there's somebody and other airport to receive her to get the plane is very safe. Traveling under pressure is very very safe. It's a much safer than the house sometimes in the house, there's more problem when the plane the restaurant because it's directly higher, there have been so many problems in the houses that people so many

00:57:10--> 00:57:26

cases for the women in my relative, but when they're traveling on the plane, there's nothing like that. The simple thing is if traveling is safe, the place where they travel to where women are respected, and the family allows then we allow the women to travel alone to come to market and

00:57:27--> 00:57:37

buy plenty safe. And if the woman you know in Delhi with other women in his hotel somewhere else goes for Ramadan, I don't see the problem as an another family trust.

00:57:40--> 00:58:24

Ask about this 48 masting why white? Why specifically 48 miles, the evidence is obviously for the time of the traveling. And now it takes a lot less time to travel 48 miles and it did at the time of processing on the 48 miles they just refuse to murder the process I mentioned actually the places which were understand certain distance. When people in America today measure the places they roughly come around that that distance. But even that time, you know some people think really 48 a month with it traveling by time while walking in a three day the night I've got that those dead people you know used to test so long time traveling and our time we travel very fast. It should be three days a

00:58:24--> 00:58:26

night, it's not true. Even those days people just have horses.

00:58:27--> 00:59:03

People will turn out the horses that the Prophet never said no to travel and the horses for them under three days night. People used to go by ship there, those are signs that were far faster faster traveling. To know the reason basically is because when 48 miles means there is an area where you are not familiar to if a woman have a problem difficulty she forced or something like that. And also she wants to buy something she did not notice that she knew the helper the 48 miles now we are away from the region where usually you can no cut it within four to 48 miles the people usually know their area they know where where, you know, the city is where this town is where the market was DC

00:59:04--> 00:59:11

but what is the cost 48 miles or more than that? It like new region new area you don't know where things are, to their women need to support help that properly

00:59:12--> 00:59:17

is not a good idea to discuss themselves, really because it's not new area, new region.

00:59:19--> 00:59:48

There are ways to market to a new city. And she says they're not fun to followup with you know, like many people used to go to from England to a study in Egypt to their Muharram used to take them to Egypt and they leave they'll come back and then they're staying there. The nice thing within Gaza now they know that the area and they can work out marinara with them to the moment its whole purpose is to help the women because women are not familiar with the ways on our roads or things to somebody can help them.

00:59:49--> 00:59:59

So anyway, the fatwa that we follow these days actually is that women can travel to to any place. Isilon is a place where they struggle.

01:00:00--> 01:00:19

Women are respected and also the Traveling is safe and the family preferable if somebody tells to India, I will not allow her. Because India women are not respected. If you probably feel Trevor too, for up to two European countries or to America, generally in this place it women are safe and they're expected to be allowed we can allow them

01:00:28--> 01:00:52

Should I just wanted to ask when it comes to during the fall off, if you think that you can do say for instance, to in between also nomogram is about to do that or is about to even though it means praying in a matter of time, not pay them? What do you do do top off seven, seven round, and the prayer of their love of delayed and you can do another top seven down. And then after Murray, you can do to do rocket rocket are both of the fun.

01:00:59--> 01:01:14

I was going to just add on to the same question for Ryan and Salah mentioned about the tawaf How long can you delay at the wharf? So for example, in Seoul as an example, that you're not able to do it, can you read or do some other rest and then continue

01:01:15--> 01:01:36

the number of hours that you have missed after and what is the timeframe we can delay this too often till basically is there any time limit for this, though off means seven rounds, to all those seven rounds, they don't necessarily mean to need to be done in the same same ago, you can do divide them as many like zero, there are no no time you thought that

01:01:37--> 01:02:12

means that before the data should be completed. reason is, because when you start to discuss obligately in awaji, you have to complete it, if you don't complete the sin, it before the debt people complete, that's fine, it did not dilute further it should be completed once you start it should be complete like an after prayer. If you started after prayer, and somehow you in a bracket in like your father is calling. Now you have to leave the prayer and you go to now you have to complete that. But when you know at least should be done before the before the test. But if you do as soon as possible and as better can the same be applied for aundre. So for example you've you've

01:02:12--> 01:02:25

done your toe off and say is that the 40 day limit again that is applied, obviously you'd be in the state of Iran. But say for example, you want to do your toe off you've done your toe off and you want to do say the next day

01:02:26--> 01:02:47

provided you meet the conditions over cram is that is that delay one month as long you remain more difficult for you. But you can do you notice that no time limit for this thing, because when people come in, they want to do as soon as possible. But who is going to do si unnecessarily because they know it is more difficult for people who want to do so but if people do it, that's fine. As long as they keep it around properly, they're fine.

01:02:51--> 01:03:04

Just to add on that is a comment that you're going to have to do the last 12 I think too often with that please try to nail on time because last time we had people delaying the coach and delaying the coach means we have to give them extra money. So please try

01:03:06--> 01:03:06

not to delay.

01:03:10--> 01:03:23

Chef you mentioned that it's wajib upon us to complete the 12 safe one was just start that off and for some reason just on the first round they could completely how many rounds is wajib to complete?

01:03:24--> 01:03:26

How many right all seven or is it three

01:03:27--> 01:03:45

office seven rounds. But there are for example somebody had done like six or something like that and he left it to them they don't need to cut that out but I don't remember exact details but there are some numbers of shows that if you've been that bit there you don't need to bother but I've checked properly but this is a good question. I don't know

01:03:46--> 01:04:25

I think he probably got a summary on my own book it is their little breezy I don't know by heart that's the problem. Yeah. Check Is it is it right to play zones on deposit a buddy should it just be drunk? Yeah it is pure water in our forum Allah subhanaw taala It is good to put on your level of convenience a simple thing to carry for a mile you know when rain used to happen sometimes the process allows you to take off his shirt and just walk in the rain the rain kind of fall on him directly from that so first to take your water can your body to can touch it for a masala there's no harm in that and Baraka and also you know, not beneficial anyway people can do on your face you can

01:04:25--> 01:04:28

put on a level of alcohol is coming from

01:04:29--> 01:04:41

your path with it. So, yeah, people have bought from you people, you know before that actually the word was you know, underneath people used to go there and they talk me out you know, I bought with that I remember that those days.

01:04:47--> 01:04:59

Sure, you know in the domain that the more I then relay the the tech payoffs and so on and so on. Where does that come from? what they do, you know the things in the haramain they wrote

01:05:00--> 01:05:02

Pete, what the image says, you know,

01:05:03--> 01:05:09

they see Rob on our local hand. So and where does that come from Iraq coming from Korea and basically is

01:05:11--> 01:05:36

it now we have a loud speaker but before they run over to somebody had to carve it up to other rows. And also reason is somehow sometime it could be the speaker that the Imam is using, if something goes wrong, or at least there's somebody repairs to that to arrangements, because something could be that you've listened to the correct place. To if something goes wrong, what will happen for somebody to cover correct, no carpet attack, mira has no sooner to do not repeat the winner.

01:05:38--> 01:05:40

If they have one more copy, that's fine. They could

01:05:41--> 01:05:44

cut it helps you know if something goes wrong for the board to happen.

01:05:55--> 01:05:57

Just want to say there's

01:05:58--> 01:06:03

another chef who shared this story regarding Zamzam is

01:06:04--> 01:06:05

a very unbelievable,

01:06:06--> 01:06:50

you know, occurrence with the water of thumbs up. He had a problem with his car engine car overheating. And for Subhanallah, many months, he was using normal water and he kept on having this problem. But one day he ran out of the he had this problem and he had a little bit of Zamzam in his car, he put that in into the car radiator as well. The problem was, is that something that is possible? No, no, I can't do it. miracles can happen with a simple trail either understand that you know use them for more you know, internal purity, make additional use example, make me more pious, make me the one who know, purify my soul, or something like that may be a good intention. Because in

01:06:50--> 01:06:57

this case, a very smooth really, it really is that whatever you asked me was saved by the golfer down the road by the cow farm done by the farmer