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Powerful Jummah Khutbah.

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The speakers discuss the importance of avoiding sinful behavior and forgiveness in Islam. They emphasize the need for fear and striving for the greatness of Islam. They also discuss the NFC and a telecom for Collazo Virgil.

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Well howdy kitayama Will Ferrell Howdy, howdy Mohammed in Salalah while he was alum verschuren ohmori mo

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wakulla modesetting beija wakulla

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now are you Hello Muslim owner Eva de la ou si como en FCB taco la in a favorite set it up wa My dear brothers and sisters in Islam

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and today's hold

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inshallah Hamza Baraka Watada, we are going to take a journey

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in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala to reflect on a few verses.

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But before we do so

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I want to ask you two questions

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that each of you will answer to itself.

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Do you really want Allah to forgive you? Do you want his mug Farah?

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And the second question is, do you really want

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the agenda?

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Now I want you to pay attention to the key word in the question. Because of course, everybody said to himself, yes.

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But as you were to highlight the key word,

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which is really

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do you really want the mouthfeel or the forgiveness of Allah and His gender, really.

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Because now you need to look at your actions. Because actions speak louder than words or your actions. The actions of somebody who is striving to get the mug fit or the forgiveness of a law or your actions, somebody who was striving to get to the agenda.

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The reality of really

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is a scary reality for a lot of us,

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so we can be successful, so we can get them out Fira the forgiveness of the law and his agenda. inshallah,

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we're going to mention the command of a loss of power, what's on and how we can do that. And sort of Allium on chapter three.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us in verse 133, was Sadie Oh Lila, Verity Mira become virgin netting out to her semi well,

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who heard that

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and race

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to the mouth are the forgiveness of your Lord

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and His gender, there is as best as the heavens in the earth. It has been created for them looked appealing. For those who are pious, and have fear of the law

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will reflect on this verse.

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We need to first of all remind ourselves

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that if we really want the agenda, we have to strive for we have to raise for it as a loss of power. What's Allah commanded us to do in this verse was said erase for stripe boards.

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And we know that the agenda,

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it's not going to be something easy.

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It's something you have to work for. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made that very clear to us, when he told us that the agenda has been surrounded by an mcherry by the difficulties by some things you might dislike.

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Gender has been surrounded by these things well enough.

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And the Hellfire has been surrounded by the lust and the desires.

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So it's not going to be easy. If you really want the agenda, you have to strive for it. And that's the showing your action.

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And Allah subhana wa Tada. All throughout the Quran. He tells us about the description of the agenda. Here, just a very,

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something very simple about the agenda, but also the plan, the description of the agenda, the description of the Hellfire of the jahannam in order to have our hearts attached to the agenda, and to make us strive forward to make us strive to stay away from the hellfire.

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Then something very, very important that we don't reflect on

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at the end of the verse, Allah subhana wa tada says to us, or a debt limit.

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It has been created for the mucked up team.

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Those who fear of law those who have Taqwa

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and here we need to sit and ask ourselves another question.

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Because we will read Oprah like we're supposed to, when to reflect on his meanings when they sit and ask ourselves when a law tells us that

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it's been created for those who fear a law, or we honestly, from the McDuffie

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do we deserve Jenna? Once again, we'll look at our actions.

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The scholars of Islam said the taqwa and tegile beynac. obeying the law he will call you to put a barrier between yourself and the punishment of a law. Look at your actions. With your actions have you put this barrier between yourself in between the punishment of the last panel what's Allah or not?

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If not costly, remind yourself

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that the gender has been created for them.

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If you're not from them,

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is the agenda for you?

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Who are the 15? What are some of the characteristics? Allah subhanho wa Taala continues in the next verse.

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Alevtina Yom Kippur F is rah, rah, he will care demeanor, he will have been RNs while law who you hate bullmore sin.

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And those who give at the time of ease and the time of difficulty.

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And those who restrain their anger, and those who forgive the others, and barely a law loves the doors of good.

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The ones who give at the time of ease and difficulty, because it's easy to give at the time of ease when you have money. But when the times are rough, and the oma needs money, the budget needs money.

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Your brothers in Syria the money wherever it is almost need. It's different. We have that much money, that's when it becomes difficult. That's the true test. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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that the southern part is boron it's evidence of your Eman.

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Allah subhana wa tada told us Lenten, Berra had

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to be born

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that you will never gain the beer, which is all that is good. You will never gain the beer. And so you get from that what you love.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he told us to fear the not

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to fear the Hellfire he told us le Salatu was Salam. For double now we'll be sure to Tamra and fear the Hellfire even though the half of a date something that's small, you have to give them what you love.

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The second characteristic will care the Nina leave the one who restrains his anger, because as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us laces shed Ito the surah machete dual lithium nickel Is

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that the one who can wrestle and beat people down he's not the strong one. The strong one is the one who can restrain himself at the time of anger. He can control his anger. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us

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that the one who restrains his anger

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solely for Allah subhanho wa Taala

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will call the roll up though he has the ability to do something about it. Meaning somebody who has powers and has the ability to get revenge

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but he restrains his anger for a law

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what's going to happen to him on the Day of Judgment you know the he a law a moment hello hello we'll call him in front of all of the creation you Hi euro Manila Hurry, Masha. Allah him shoes from the green what he wants, when he restrains his anger.

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How many difficulties that we falling into in our lives because we couldn't control our angles will care the meaning of life will have been an illness. And those who forgive

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Abdullah radi Allahu anhu.

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He said, I heard the prophets of the law while he was selling them on the member

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Mo, Mo.

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l Pharaoh, Pharaoh Allahu Allah. Have mercy. Allah have mercy with you. forgiving Allah will forgive you. Allah tells us well he asked for when he asked for who? Allah, Buddha

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and forgive and forget.

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Don't you want to learn to forgive you?

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If we really want to be for them with the theme. We have to forgive and forget our brothers. Nobody

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He's perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. But the best of the Muslim is the one who forgives. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us that the one

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who starts with the Salaam after they've had a difference of opinion, and they're not giving us alarms when have they said, Well, hey, you know who

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I am. And the best of them is the one who starts with the salon.

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So forgive him forgive you forget what your brothers have done for you.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as he was sitting in imaginisce, sitting in a city with his companions while the Allahu anhu. He said, a man from the people of gender will come to the door.

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When he came through is no way famous. It wasn't. It wasn't.

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It wasn't one of the famous to have nobody really knew him. When I believe in Allah followed him and saw what he did from his actions, didn't see anything special. He asked him,

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he said, what is it that made you from the people of gender? What did you do that was so special? He said, I don't know that I do anything special except for that I don't sleep at night. Except for there's nothing in my heart against the Muslims, any Muslim?

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Well, I've been on in NES. And then what does the law say about these who have the characteristics of good?

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Well, law who you mean, if you become from the mercy from the doers of the law will love you.

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And then when we reflect on the beauty of the Quran,

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and mercy of our Creator, subpanel horchata. And his kindness, his Look,

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he's the leaf the Karim Rahim, Subhana, WA, Tada. He tells us something.

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And the next verse, verse 135.

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Because we set the agenda, it's not going to be easy to get there. So the macduffie we showed last show to some of their characteristics. And then he says in the next verse, When the either lufa he schatten a lot among

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those who do that, which is immoral, or oppressed themselves by sending

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the motor team, are you sure the motor Kane is talking about supanova tsala if they do that, which is immoral, because there's no angels when angels from human beings, we're not angels, we're gonna fall into sin. The process of them told us very clearly khulumani Adam hapa

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all of the children of Adam make mistakes, but the best of those who make the mistakes are those who are constantly repenting. So even the majority are gonna fall into that which is sinful, don't have shortcomings, but the difference between the multifeed and between the others. Pay attention to the rest of the verse, When leadin Ada Filofax ii schatten, old Allah Milan foster home

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What do they do now? They've oppressed themselves. They've done that which is immortal. First step that got Oh law they remember Allah subhana wa tada because he has the taqwa. He fell into the trap of a thought, but the tough what makes him remember Allah immediately?

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Step two.

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First, don't Fotolia don't obey Him. What may Allah law step two they make is that far for their sense? After remembering a law, then they make some stuff up for the sense. And a law reminds us about the importance of

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the importance of only turning to a loss of panelists Allah in the middle of this verse when he says, will Mejia obey the law who give forgive the sins of the law why returned to anybody else other than a law as some of those who claim to be Muslims do

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and then the third step while I'm you

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follow me alone, and they will not persist on doing what they're doing well, they know these are the must have been, when they fall into sin. They remember Allah subhana wa Tada. And then they raised to make the fall for their sins, and then they do not persist don't continue to do it. barakallahu li li li will happen for me was sooner whenever any way I can be my fee him and it will hikma APU totally her that was stopped for Aloha. First of

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all, Raheem Bismillahi waka wa Salatu was Salam Ala Moana beer mustafabad.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam

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after Allah subhanho wa Taala commanded us to race towards his mouth for his forgiveness and to raise towards his gender.

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And he told us some of the characteristics of the motor team whose agenda has been prepared for and what they do

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when they fall into shortcomings into sin, a loss of power what's

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Allah tells us in verse 136

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milk Pharaoh to millrock be him. What genette Treasury mean? takhti Helen how Holly Dena via one near La Jolla, meaning sapan, Allah, and these people, that they are the most appealing the characteristics that we mentioned, those who are racing, their rewards

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is that paradise the gardens, from which were beneath rivers flow to be there eternally, and what a great reward for those who strive for those who work for Allah subhana wa tada

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as we go home today, and we reflect on what we have learned, we need to constantly remind ourselves of the importance of reflecting on the meanings of the book of Allah subhanaw taala not just to read it for Baraka and to finish it, we need to reflect on the meanings that has in it.

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We need to reflect on the command of Allah subhanho wa Taala the cause the reminder

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of the greatness of the agenda, and that agenda is going to be for those who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala those who strive for him. It's not going to be easy. It's going to be a difficult path. But through the class and through trying and striving Allah subhana wa tada as promised, promised us when levena Jericho Veena learner the unknown sabudana what in the law Hello, Mr. Marcin, that barely those who strive for us, we will guide them to our ways and barely laws with the doers of goods, Allah will be with you alone will assist you. If you have a philosophy you strive for him supine on wattana we need to constantly remind ourselves

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the characteristics of the motor been to make these are characteristics. Next time we become angry. When the mean lie, remember,

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when we need to get for a loss of power, what's it remember those who give it the time of ease and the time of difficulty.

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we control our anger and we forgive our brothers.

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We forgive them for what they have done to get the reward from Allah subhana wa tada to receive the mercy in the mouthfeel of Allah subhanho wa Taala so much malama Hema de la jolla anila Hakata Morocco Myanmar, but that'd be better be the NFC to mythen NaVi Malacca telecom for Collazo Virgil in Allahu wa Monica to use a Luna and NaVi you Allah Dena masala Allah he was selling Moses Lima, where your Quran abuse Allah Allahu Allah, he was a lemon sala de la la la vida heavy Ashleigh Omaha masala wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad or de la mano forever Rashida Rebekah Roma