Islam vs Culture – Can they coexist?

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The speaker discusses the issue of Islam interrelated with the culture of the people. They explain that while the Islam has been used to treat certain foods, the culture of the people is considered to be a medicine. The speaker emphasizes that while the culture of the people is important, it is important to consider the health of the people as well as their understanding of the culture.

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Yeah, you know, the question is can the Islam coexisted with the culture? Certainly that always had been that I'm trying to say that we when we say sunnah of the Prophet Salah Salem, the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam are two types. One is sunnah Fouda that is the guidance that Allah actually asked him to teach people. One is similar to the other that the culture of other people are a medicine like a you know, prophets are used to treat certain way eating, drinking, all will happen, no doubt about that, like for Indian people, you know, you do the right hand Harar food, but you have developed so many food biryani, samosa, kebab are all those things, if your culture is

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rubbing out against that, to certainly culture but if what what is important as your culture should not contradict your nature, or your religion. The problem is when people don't think, but this type of culture which clothes you wear it up to you is wrong, it covers you, it doesn't matter whether you know, Indian style or British style or this style, any style can happen as long as it covers everything. But if it contradicts the teachings of Prophet Messenger, that the problem will be there, too is the longer the men and women they wear those clothes, which cover their body, that fine you know, it could be any from any culture. As long as you the food was 100 and certain amount

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with the right hand. They doesn't matter how you make it, how cookie how people develop to certainly even the profits of their own culture. They don't leave it and nobody asked you to leave. And in Islam, we have got big consideration for the culture in the law as well as their color. You know, people's understanding people's culture habitually. importance is the lung dead culture does not contradict any teaching of a messenger of profit. If people start eating with the left hand, certainly deadly problem. If they eat with the right hand. They know that's fine. They eat whatever food they have developed.