Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #29 Waiting at the Gates of Heaven

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There's a fine line between being hasty in a way that's reckless, and then being quick, in a way that's praiseworthy, just like there's a fine line in Islam between confidence and arrogance, or taking initiative versus imposing yourself on every situation. And sometimes you see someone who gets into the dean, and they are thirsty, so they want to catch up and get everything really quickly. But what we learn from Allah subhanaw taala is that large spans of this journey to him are covered by the sincerity of our hearts. Now in this situation when you're actually looking at Jana, and you are ready to get in, imagine the longing of the heart at those moments when you're just

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outside its gates.

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The hearts have to be purified before agenda and nothing is held in the heart like a stubborn grudge. And that's why there is one more technical station of trial even though it's not a place of punishment, like the others. However, it does cause a delay. The prophets lie Selim said that the believers after being saved from the fire, they're stopped at one more bridge and this bridge is not the Ceylon it's a bridge called the peninsula. It's a bridge where the people of paradise need to work things out. So Allah subhanaw taala asks the believers to settle their issues here, this is the place being Jannah that no grudges are going to be allowed. And so sometimes good people still have

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issues between them. And you can't enter Jannah with those issues. And so the prophets like some tells us in a narration that Hakim Rahim Allah authenticated, and even the scholars that did not authenticate this particular narration, affirmed the presence of the controller. He said, So I found that you have these two men from the Ummah and they show up before Allah subhanaw taala. And they're on the controller. And one man says, Oh, my Lord, this person transgressed against me, and I want his good deeds. This isn't Amazon anymore. This isn't the beginning of the day of judgment. And the last contest says to him, it'll fall out suck, fumble, it'll Gina, look up and look at this

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And so he looks up and he sees the inside of Jannah through its gates. And he says, Yeah, Rob

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Medan in a minute, the hub while console I'm in the hub will Calella 10 below he says, Oh my lord, I see these palaces and these places of gold, that are laced with pearls. This is incredible. So he says the 80 Nabhi and harbor, the ACE Deaton Harbor, the Asia he didn't have the word profit is this for what's the deep business for? What Shahid is this for? And Allah subhana wa says, This is for you, if you forgive your brother today, and so because of that, the man will forgive him and the prophets lie. Some says at the end of this narration. It's up Allah who lost the HoH that to benei comfort in Allah has also been mean. He says, fear Allah and reconcile amongst yourselves because

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even Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will reconcile amongst the believers. When is that no Murphy saluti him in ravenden is one and Anna surah in water poverty. And we have removed every grudge from their hearts. They will be brothers reclining on thrones that day looking at one another. You know, there's a friend of mine Subhan Allah who recently actually was asking me to intervene on his behalf to reconcile between him and our brother, good brothers. And he said, You know, I'm not trying to get held up at the Impala. I don't want to be held up on that day on the continent. It's better to work things out now. So what happens in the station is not punishment like the other places, but it

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is delayed entrance, and it is perhaps a reduced rank and Paradise. Because you weren't able to work out that issue between you and your brother or you and your sister. Nobody will be allowed to and who continues, and he narrates in another narration that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the poor Muslims will enter paradise before the rich Muslims by half of the day, the length of which is 500 years because a day with Allah subhanaw taala is 1000 years. Now, you might read that and you say, wait a minute, does that mean that being rich is in and of itself being wealthy is in and of itself? condensable and being poor is in and of itself? rewardable And there it

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might say no, this hadith is not absolute. It's just like when you look at the help when we're talking about how the poor will hygiene come first to the Prophet slicin them. If this hadith was absolute than apobec it will be a lot of time on who would be delayed but we know that he's the first of this ummah to enter with our prophets of Allah it was Allah and the Prophet slice I'm taught us that Heliconias Shakur, the grateful wealthy person is the same as ultraclear ASABE the one who is poor and patience, and that's why the prophets lie some dimension, that envy is under

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goes to two things, someone who Allah gives knowledge and he spreads it for his sake, and someone who Allah gives wealth and he spends it for his sake. However, the reality is that the majority of the people of Jannah as the prophets lie some said, are poor and downtrodden, not because poverty is celebrated, but because it's less likely to take someone away from Allah subhanho to Allah and they have less to be asked about on the Day of Judgement. About worried about the Allah Tala and who says another narration, something very beautiful that took place between the prophets like Selim and Abubakar Sadiq or the Allah I know in the Companions, he said that the Prophet slice and I'm said

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that anyone who spends XO Jane a pair of things in the way of Allah subhanaw taala will be called from all the gates of Jana, and they are eight. And so the eight gates of paradise will say, Yeah, Abdullah, how the hide, oh servant of Allah, this is good. And he went on to say Salallahu Alaihe Salam, that salah the people of prayer will be called from that gates. Those who strove in the path of Allah subhanaw taala will be called from that gates the people of charity will be called from that gate and then the people of fasting asleep will be called from a special gate and Jana called a Rayyan. Now Rebecca will be allowed Thailand who who is always thinking about how to be a Saba how

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to be ahead. He says to the Prophet, sigh Sammy says yada so Allah, is there anyone who gets called from all the gates of Jana? Because to be called from all the gates would be incredible. Now, obviously, if you enter into Genda from one gate, you're good, right? It's not like you're going to enter and then get out and then hope to be called again. But apobec It'll be Allah Tada and was saying, is anyone going to arrive at that moment? And the angels from all the gates are calling out Yeah, bucket. Yeah, bucket. Oh, well, that could come through our gate. Overbeck had come through our gate. And the prophets lie. Some said yes. And I hope you will be amongst them eligible Beckett?

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In another narration SubhanAllah. how simple this is for us. The prophets I send them said that whoever finishes there will do and I told you, we'd come back to this whoever finishes their role, and says a shadow a la ilaha illallah Wacka, who lash recolor, or shadow ana Muhammadan. Abdu, who will sue, whoever finishes there will do and says this shahada, I testify that there is no God but Allah alone, without any partners. And I testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is His servant and Messenger. And in one narration, which is also authentic, the Prophet, slice and M said, and also says along with jasmine, even a toe webbing, or jasmine, even and Lakota hitting O Allah,

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make me amongst the repentant and make me amongst those who purified themselves. He said, slice on him that all eight gates of Jannah will be open for him on the day of judgment, and he can choose which one he wants to enter. So imagine Subhan, Allah arriving at the gates of Jana, and all eight gates are calling out your name. But who gets to go into Jannah first, or sulla sigh Salam said that I will be the first to knock at the door of Jana. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that when I come to the gate of paradise on that day, and I seek its opening, the angel would say, man, and who are you? Just like when he went up in his slotland Lodge, which would be a nice setup, but this

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time, who is it? And the prophets lie, Sam says Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the angel would say Becca will move to LA after holy, I hadn't cuplock It is for you that I had been ordered to wait. And I would not open this gate for anyone. Before you see the Prophet slice and it makes his way to enter the prophets of Allah make their way to enter the martyrs, the family of the Prophet slice on them, the companions of the Prophet slice of them, the people of truth, the people who are shaded under the Throne of Allah, and what is it like to finally enter into Jannah and know that at this point, there is no way you're ever going to be expelled.

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