Yasir Qadhi – Fiqh of Jumuah and Janazah

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives us important information on the Jumuah and Janazah.

Before going to Jummah, taking a bath is strongly encouraged and also wearing special clothes.It is prohibited to speak while Imam is giving Khutbah and we should not let our mind wander and concentrate and have khushoo during the Khutbah.

Salatul Eid is compulsory to attend whether male or female. Timing for Eid is Salatul Duha.It is Sunnah to pray outside the community, take a path different from the initial path taken on your return, saying the Takbeer, eating something before one goes to prayer.

How to pray the Eid prayer? Listen intently to discover important details.

Next in the line for discussion is the funeral or the janazah wherein two acts are essential – washing of dead body and the funeral prayer. What are the rules to be exercised when one is washing or performing ghusl of the dead body?Shaykh Yasir answers. Salatul Janazah should be performed by the closest relative of the dead person so that there is more sincerity in Dua for the dead. But, an Imam can also do the same.

4 Takbeerat should be performed – 1st Takbeer should be succeeded by Surah Fatiha, 2nd takbeer should be succeeded by Durood on the Prophet (SAW) 3rd takbeer should be succeeded by dua for the dead and the 4th takbeer should be succeeded with immediate Salam on one side. The grave should be dug around 5 to 6 ft deep.  There are the two ways to dig a grave – one is Lahd and the other is Shaq.

The reward for praying Salatul Janazah and attending Janazah is attainment of two mountains of rewards where one mountain is the size of Mount Uhud.

The Muslim should be buried as soon as possible and  it should not be delayed and the dead must be buried in the same place as his death.