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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi gives us important information on the Jumuah and Janazah.

Before going to Jummah, taking a bath is strongly encouraged and also wearing special clothes.It is prohibited to speak while Imam is giving Khutbah and we should not let our mind wander and concentrate and have khushoo during the Khutbah.

Salatul Eid is compulsory to attend whether male or female. Timing for Eid is Salatul Duha.It is Sunnah to pray outside the community, take a path different from the initial path taken on your return, saying the Takbeer, eating something before one goes to prayer.

How to pray the Eid prayer? Listen intently to discover important details.

Next in the line for discussion is the funeral or the janazah wherein two acts are essential – washing of dead body and the funeral prayer. What are the rules to be exercised when one is washing or performing ghusl of the dead body?Shaykh Yasir answers. Salatul Janazah should be performed by the closest relative of the dead person so that there is more sincerity in Dua for the dead. But, an Imam can also do the same.

4 Takbeerat should be performed – 1st Takbeer should be succeeded by Surah Fatiha, 2nd takbeer should be succeeded by Durood on the Prophet (SAW) 3rd takbeer should be succeeded by dua for the dead and the 4th takbeer should be succeeded with immediate Salam on one side. The grave should be dug around 5 to 6 ft deep.  There are the two ways to dig a grave – one is Lahd and the other is Shaq.

The reward for praying Salatul Janazah and attending Janazah is attainment of two mountains of rewards where one mountain is the size of Mount Uhud.

The Muslim should be buried as soon as possible and  it should not be delayed and the dead must be buried in the same place as his death.


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And then have darynda in Canada who want to start a new one when I started off when I would have been lagging and Julian fusina want to say it and Marina de la Fernando de la la la la de la la ilaha illallah wa vous la sharika foreshadow Amina Mohammed Abu wala pseudo

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yesterday we covered the prayer of the traveller right.

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And we covered the fear pray we did that before that right okay now, we are going to cover for that to the Juma prayer of Juma Salatu. Juma okay. So, that is Juma is obligatory upon

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every single person in the community except for the female

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The traveler and he who has an excuse, he has an excuse means like, sick or he cannot physically make it to the masjid like that, so that the Juma is obligatory for the entire community for us to Joomla is obligatory for the entire community, except for

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the female obviously Juma is not obligatory for them to attend, they can praise God in their houses, okay, except for the female and the slave because the slave does not have to have different rules in Islam and the traveler and the one who has an excuse me who is sick or something. Now when we say the traveler, right, what we mean by the traveler is, we defined the traveler yesterday, but over here if the if the person hears the call for Juma this policy becomes obligatory for him to attend. If he hears the event for Juma, then he must come and attend UMass with the matrix. Okay.

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Display the

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place the one who is who is owned by another human being

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Obviously, slavery doesn't exist anymore. But there was a time when it did exist and Muslims had rules pertaining to how to treat or deal with slaves. So far probably that can be ignored in our time. can be can be ignored in our time, okay.

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Okay, now what is the procedure for us as humans, everyone knows the procedures are for gymnasts that the Imam stands up to give a 200% as soon as you give 200 but the man stands up to give 200 and he sits down in between these two hospices. And the scholar says that he should mention some words or some IR or praise Allah in both of the holsters In other words, both of the football should be of an Islamic nature, okay, that he should mention a lot of times I'm sprays send the setup on the profits of the love, it will tell them

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likewise, he should stay so people are giving the hostess.

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And after he finishes the 200 bucks, he comes down and it as soon as the man himself leaves the prayer, okay, even if there is a person that is more knowledgeable than him in the forest, it is sooner that the Imam himself leads to prayer, unless the only condition which the scholars have said that it's you know, better that he doesn't need the threat is when history is told bad or his reputation is so bad that he's going to make major mistakes. In that case, he gives it to another person. Otherwise the customer calls that we have over here in Houston in many places that probably will give the person someone else this is not the student status enough that the person who gives

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the hold back he leaves the purse if he has the proper recitation of the Quran.

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Juma prayer everyone knows as to the cause. And the resuscitation is out loud to the center to make the recitation out loud. So far, so good. I don't even have to go to my details. Very simple. However, what if someone, first of all, is it obligatory to attend the hospital?

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According to the court opinion, yes, it is obligatory to attend the homeless and if a person does not attend the homeless, without a valid excuse that he will be sinful. In other words, it is obligatory for the unbeliever for the male Muslim who is of age to try to attend the hope if he does not attend the homeless and he does not have valid excuse and he will be sinful. The proof for this is a verse in the Quran itself. Yeah, you will need a man who is an audience for that in your Muslim it First

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of all, you will believe when the call for prayer is given on Juma then rush to the remembrance of Allah meaning the rush to the remembrance of Allah and leave transactions leave trace. So when the call for Juma is given all the Muslims should leave their worldly affairs they should leave their jobs they should leave the office and they should come to the Juma

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which obviously we followed by the gym as well. Okay, if a person misses the hook, however, and he catches the shooter guys, then his Juma is still acceptable. Also he will be sinful if you didn't have an excuse for missing the holdup. Is your only acceptable? Suppose he misses the first block of gym and he catches the second workout of Juma What should he do then?

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He completed a Casper Juma. Okay he completed for Juma suppose he misses the second block of cactus before the test mean, what should you do now? You understand the scenarios? Is anyone confused? Okay, I'm giving a number of scenarios that he's coming in late. Firstly, he catches the whole time and this is what all the Muslims should do. Secondly, he misses the whole

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But, but he catches the two lockers and fourth, obviously, we see his drama is valid and he has done the drama. Thirdly, suppose he misses the first locker, he catches when the man stands up again and says that hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen aromas, he catches from there he catches the second record, we say that he makes him one Raka and he still has to jump. Okay. Thirdly, suppose he catches the man when he's standing up for something I'll go home and Hamida after the secondary, or he's gone down to search for the second record. In other words, he's missed the record of the secondary. In this case, we say that he has missed two giraffes and after the man finishes, he should pray for a cause

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of loss not eligible, you have to pay for the cost of goods not just

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because the process has said Whoever can get a buck out of Juma when he has caught the Juma. So if he taxes less than that he did not take him out he costs. Okay, so you understand the scenario is that suppose you entered and the man was standing up from the second stage. So you obviously pray with the email, you start you pray with the email. But when the email finishes, you don't just say to the consumer yesterday for a cup of water, okay, this is one point. Secondly, another point, suppose you enter and the Imam is giving a code, but should you still read your message or not? The current opinion is yes, you should. Because when a man came and sat down, and the Prophet was

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getting 100 bucks, he asked him, did you register as a machine? And he said, No. So the Prophet said, stand up and pray and make it short. So if you enter and then a man has given you 100 bucks, then you should

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read two records and make them short, mid to short Suraj. In those records.

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Likewise, it is part of

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wisdom and part of a Sharia law, we should have tried to have as less as less number of humans as possible in the community. Why? Because we want people to come together and we should have as few number of humans maybe the fewest that we need, we shouldn't try to have them on every street corner basically, try to make it as less as possible only the major massages. And we don't really have to deal with this problem in Houston because the machines are so far apart, but in Muslim countries, where machines are so close together, right? The government is different. So the way the government decides in this community this one must be the biggest matches will be Juma and all the rest of

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people have to come to that matches, what is the point of Juma that people come together? Okay, the people come together. So we try to have Jeremiah's in as few places as possible. So we don't have one on one Juma and just mentioned and laundromats individually across the world, for example, no, that's not allowed. Okay, you should have as you you might as possible.

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Suppose the person misses the Juma prayer. Absolutely. What does he pray at home?

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He prays for her at home because drama you need to have a unit of people first.

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You can't give yourself a husband and kind of the need to verify yourself in your mind. You know, you need to have people for

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now you might not have a second gen. Juma, you have to have the whole thing. If you arrive late after June, I don't have another homepage approval. Okay, it's pretty a lot and move on with it. Okay.

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A person who attends your mass, it is strongly strongly strongly encourage for him to

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take a bath and take a bath and in fact some elements to it is obligatory for him to take a bath. Because the province of Salem said that was two years you might be worried that the that the taking a shower on the day of tomorrow is obligatory upon every Muslim, but in other departments and says whoever takes a shower it is good. It is whoever does blue, it is good. And whoever takes a shower it is better. So he's showing them that if you just do we'll do it is fine. Your prayer is still valid and acceptable. And you're not sinful for leaving the shower but it is strongly strongly encouraged to take a shower before coming to Damascus. Likewise it is it is encouraged to wear good

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clothes because the processor will have special clothes for him that he would wear pajamas okay. Another point is

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nicest clothes, nice clothes, clothes that look good to people okay.

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Also it is prohibited to speak while the man is giving the holster, it is prohibited to speak while the man is giving the holster. The profits are seldom said that if you tell your brother to be quiet during the Hadza, then you are the one that has wasted a clip or two. So not only has the person we say the husband is talking, but even if you tell him to be quiet. Even if you tell him Don't talk during the quarter, then you have wasted your prayers. Okay.

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You're allowed to make a gesture that doesn't qualify as talking. If you just make like this. That's that's fine. But you're not allowed to say anything you can do during the quarter. And there's something that especially the sisters are guilty of. And this is true almost everywhere. That domestics during the Juma time you find the sisters are talking amongst themselves, you know, and they don't realize that they do this and there's no point in imitating the human you don't get the rewards of humanity. Because the person said if someone talks vain talk during the whole book, then you will have no reward except when he talks. In other words, he won't have the reward of the Juma

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prayer. Okay, so the brothers and sisters that should be careful, they don't speak or they don't talk during the Jamaat. Okay. It is very important that they remain quiet during the Jamaat but listen attentively, obviously should listen to

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sensitively to the Jamaat.

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Likewise, they shouldn't

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yonni they shouldn't become often they discovered that they should, they should, the person listening to the hood bus should not let his mind wander astray because she thought obviously was trying to make your mind wander through doing the horseback riding, he should pay attention to what the mom is saying, he should be affected by what the man says. And this is one of the signs of the believer is that he is affected one alone is messenger I mentioned to him, so he shouldn't just come and you know, think of his job or career or whatever, you should also have questions during the whole defense, he should have a type of humbleness, he should listen to what the man is saying he

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should pay attention to it. And you should try to make it affect his hostel.

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That was briefly Salatu Jamaat very simple chapter, not much still up there. And the last chapter, if you haven't followed this before move on to funerals is what sighs left.

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Before we move on to funerals, what is

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it exactly? We did nothing yesterday, Mr. Salas,

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okay. Philosophy is philosophy. It is a follow up upon every single Muslim male or female, whether the female is menstruating or not. She must come to the prayer. Okay, because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam explicitly told the women that

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take every single old and young, old and young woman to the to the interior, so when some of the Sahaba said yes, well, what if we don't have our gene above our outer garment to wear, so the process and said, then she should share with another jilbab of her sister. So as someone that might have another job, or she has a great cook or garments, she should share with that other sister and still come, and even the process and said that even those that are menstruating. He said that they should come but they should stay away from the actual prayer obviously shouldn't pray, but they should come and attend the congregation in the sense that they should listen to the hospice and be

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with the Muslims on that day. So it is obligatory for every single witness to attend the prayer according to the current opinion of the scholars. Oh, by the way, what is the timing of Gemini before move on obviously is understood. The panic regime is not 145.

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That's a good one.

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Put that was really nice.

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The timing for humor is obviously bulletproof. Okay. And some scholars, they allowed it slightly before the filing for the watch. But we should try to be safer and pray as the time goes on. Now, what is the timing of read prayer?

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That's real good in the morning.

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Specifically, when I tell us exactly the timing for it is the timing for selective blast. The timing for EAD is the timing for selected so what is the timing for us to remember?

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Do you remember how what was the timing for it? With this today's recording?

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Okay, is the ending time is different before the what is the beginning time? Yes.

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The sun is once it is like above the horizon. So the timing for each starts at the timing of velocity. Okay. The timing of restarts at the timing of

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it is similar to pray these prayers outside of the community it is simpler to do so because the process and then he would leave Medina It was a Sunday when he would pray he wouldn't pray in the prophets lecture. He would pray in another machine outside the city of Medina in a match election in an open field or a gathering. So if we can do this sooner, it's good. If not, then obviously we have logistical problems in Houston and other places a nominal some countries that we don't, we can't always do what we want. But if we have authority if we have the capability and the means to do to do it on an open field outside of the city or outside of the community, this is following this in

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childhood, but finishes officially going okay. Likewise, it is sooner obviously there are 2889 data centers, it isn't that you're afraid either out half at its earliest time and it is similar to slightly delayed that they do suffer Why is this if someone knows

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what do you have to do in a decision First of all, what is either TT will suffer is one of the common

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one is a system and the other one exactly? What do you have to do on this day? Or before this day? Yes.

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Well not just said yes, you have to eat and hungry laughter What do you have to do? Besides that you have to give a certain type of gas, a certain type of charity which is called psychoticism, which we'll do until the next week, okay, basically everyone every single Muslim has to give a Zika a type of Zika before a prayer. So because of the fact that you have to give it before a prayer the prophets have encouraged us to delete the ether filter because everyone should give this occur before the prayer. However, this does not apply to evil for the eighth which is which is the aid of hygiene, okay, so therefore we should make the evil as early as possible.

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hamdulillah likewise, it is encouraged for the person who is going to eat to dress in his good clothes and

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obviously take a shower and put on some perfume for the men as for the woman then

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Unfortunately, what has occurred is that it has become, as everyone knows a fashion show for the woman and this is something that a lot is messenger are extremely displeased with, that they have converted a religious act and a religious,

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you know, into a festival, they have converted an act that she comes to make them come close to Allah subhana wa Tada. They have converted this into where they show their beauty to others and addressing matters that are not allowed for them to dress. And the sisters who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they should advise and exhort the other sisters, that this is not the time or the place. In fact, there is no time or place to do this, but especially on a day, because a day is meant as a day of thanking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. Both our age and Islam are related to religious acts. The first one is after Ramadan, after you have done a whole month of fasting of

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dedication, you're going to record all your deeds by doing this on a little Likewise, the second eight is the aid of hygiene. Okay, once again, when all the Muslims have gathered together artifacts, right, the next

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on the ninth of what Westminster agents for the ninth of June, hey, Jeff, this is another eight for us is another interest, but all of the Muslims are worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. Likewise, we too should join them in this act of worship in a certain way. And that is by offering just a prayer. So both of our E's are related to our religion. And they should not be changed into worldly events or access to stuff a lot of Harlem in them, which unfortunately, is the case and our ease over here. Okay.

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The person that is going for their eighth prayer, he should take a path that is different from his return path to his son that's not a liquid or we're talking about the seminary that it is said that as a Protestant would take a certain path to eat and he would return by a different path. And the scholars say that of the benefits of this is that the processing would meet more people that if you go obviously lose this walk to the master and walk back or walk through the place and walk back. If you walk through different paths, you're going to meet different people in each path, okay. So this is of the center there is that you meeting different people by walking down these paths okay.

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Likewise, it is similar that he says that that could be right. How does he say that that could be lost? What is it? What is it particular that? Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar? La ilaha illallah wa What? Allahu Akbar Belinda Hill. This is a certain level of for wahaca La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa ala in hand. Now, there are some additions that people put on to this right?

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Who knows these additions

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al hamdu lillahi wa, wa to hide a lot he Bucharest and wellfleet all of these things are not part of the center. Okay, they are not a part of this and that we should avoid them. The center is a last word Allahu Akbar La ilaha illallah wa la hora la hospice. We're in Dagenham likewise it is certain that that the people say this individually and not as one loud congregation because it's a habit they were sent individually. So it is certain that it's preferred Isn't it? Isn't it? It is encouraged that everyone says it individually in his own way because it is a it is a worship that you are doing to Allah subhanho wa Taala by saying this technique so you don't do it altogether each

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one should say his own sector he is a tricky question to the NFL. Okay, each one should so each one should try to say his own techniques and not say together as a community This is a pseudonym

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on the day of FIFA on the either super data center for him to eat something before he goes up to the API, why is this to show that he is not fasting he has just passed the 29 or 30 days so to show that this day he is not fasting It is enough for him to eat something preferably an odd number of days if you can this was as soon as possible a lot of you will send them

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likewise if it is the boss the either

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then he should sacrifice his personal college is obviously after it's not before everyone knows this right? You sacrifice the opia to sacrifice your goat or your heat for the next two or three days after eat not before the prayer okay. So, there is a simple you don't act before it and that is you give the customer the result of how you do an act after it or it is encouraged you will act after it and that is a sacrifice a goat or a camel or whatever sheep whatever. Okay, so each of these two days has another religious acronym to the way that it is offered is that it is true that as long as it is true that as long as the first occur you start with seven second Iraq, you say Allahu Akbar

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and you raise your hand and Sunnah seven times, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar seven times, okay.

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Seven times. And the second doctor you say a lot has been five times and this is explicitly explicitly been narrated in tally to the processor that the processor would say in a way that would process them in his in his that could be wrong for either upon a hospital in the first guy who was a seven second Iran and then the second car he was 560. Okay, so the correct opinion is that you should stay seven and then you should stay five, six years after that. Likewise, the eighth period does not have an Amazon or an e commerce. The read period does not have an editorial comment. What is the proof for this?

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There is no proof that there isn't another hammer which shows you that there is no other Hamas, okay, so, so to have an adult or a former for Israel is actually an innovation and we should avoid having any event or reform

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He does not have any signals to say don't try to send them before or after effects there are no signals to the aid pray. Okay.

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If it's in a message then you have to pay to look at before seeing the hidden message but that's not in the free Okay, after the to the cause it is tender for the amount to get a hold of a center for the mom to give a hug, in which he encourages them. basically talks about the community affairs encourage them to return to Allah subhana wa Tada. And this goes back to the wisdom of the of the hubby or the person giving the hope that he should take this time and utilize this time to the best of his advantage. Because rarely do so many Muslims get together. Rarely do so many Muslims get together as we do underneath or on just

00:20:42--> 00:20:50

play with that we finish the deck, the photographer will finish guitar for us. But one last point in their use, by the way, is that

00:20:52--> 00:21:22

for the evil of half for the next number of prayers, basically from the evil afterglow had an alpha and Muslim an href for three days. He is going to say this out loud. Okay, after the event. So the 10th and the 11th and then stopping at the 12th of August is going to say a lot the second a lot a lot was beloved by Elijah has a lower lower go along with what he likes him. He's gonna say this out loud after every for prayer. Okay, this is Sunnah for ages and not for ages.

00:21:23--> 00:21:43

But with that we finished guitar bufala and we move on to a new book called hittable Jenna is. And I'd like to remind you again and again, we're going at a very fast pace. And I don't like this personally because I would like to discuss in more detail with more evidences, but due to time constraints next week is basically our last week, the week after that it's a half a week, and we might have to change the fate classic double digit also. So that's why next week, we have to finish

00:21:44--> 00:22:19

the task and say I'm okay. And if there are enough voters interested I might open up the class in my house containing nikka and product marriage and divorce. Okay, and also going to my house inheritance. Okay, after we finish this one last last question domestic. Okay. So we move on now to the next chapter, which is very short chapter called funeral prayers. Okay, they're really not up to us to talk about solid they move on to funeral prayers, and they talk about the dead person, how you watch it at first and then how you offer the funeral first. Okay, so basically, there are two aspects to the funeral first, firstly, taking care of the dead person, Washington burying him

00:22:19--> 00:22:26

everything. Secondly, the actual funeral. Okay, the first aspect we're not going to go into detail for a number of reasons, primarily because

00:22:27--> 00:22:59

you either have to go into a lot of detail and show it tell you exactly what to do associate it with practical benefits and actually show you the best way to actually you know, we should go and see how a dead body is washed and shouted because it's not something you can convey by words is very difficult to explain in words. Or just to tell you briefly roughly what to do this will want to do in this lesson, just to give you a rough idea of what to do, but before we get to obviously, it is strongly encouraged to visit the dead visited visit the six is strongly encouraged to visit the six everyone knows of the greatest blessings of visiting the sixth the process is that if a person

00:22:59--> 00:23:09

visits a sick person, then the angels will continue to ask us for junior sensitive returns and so many hobbies to talk about the blessings of visiting a sick person and making draft for him.

00:23:10--> 00:23:35

If we are present when a person is dying on his deathbed, then we should encourage him to say that either in the law, we should tell him also and so, say that in a high level, because we weren't his last statement to be like that Hello, and this shows you the importance of the age the importance of life that was his last statement to be like in the last. So, we should encourage him we should remind him say that either had a loss failure you know as much as possible okay. And there are some weak narrations in which

00:23:36--> 00:23:39

some elements you should recycle they are seen over them, but these narrations are not

00:23:40--> 00:24:17

authentic, they are weak narration okay. If the person when the person when a person dies and we are present at his desk, right, then the first thing that we should do is cover his eyes closed his eyes, okay. The process of him said that when a person's soul is taken out of his body, that his eyes follow his soul. So, when you see when you see a dead person that close his eyes, okay. So, when this is why every dead person you find them looking up every dead person you find his eyes are looking up, because when the soul is taken out of the body, his eyes are going to follow his own soul and then life is taken away from his body, okay. So, the process has said when you see this

00:24:17--> 00:24:36

sense of blinding, he closed his eyes okay. So, we should first thing we should do is close his eyes okay. Obviously after this, the community obligation becomes washing the body and bearing. So, it is for the desire, which we already discussed what falsify am is what is falsifiability over.

00:24:41--> 00:24:53

Part One, the community is formed on the community as a whole to take charge of washing him and varying him and taking care of his funeral prayers. Okay. So it is 45 for this community community to take charge of the affairs of the dead person.

00:24:55--> 00:24:59

And the first obligation that you have up to this is to wash the dead body. Okay, so how do you wash it?

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Very briefly very quickly, basically, his clothes are taken off, but he is covered. So you never see his private parts or her private parts. And women take charge of washing the bodies of the women and men take charge of by washing the bodies of the men, except the scholars say that it is permissible but not encouraged for the man to wash his wife and the wife to watch your husband. But it is still better for women to take charge of women and men to take charge of men. And it is best for the closest relative to take charge also, okay. And this is, by the way, very psychological in the sense that this person was your relative, either your father or your brother or your son or whatever. And

00:25:32--> 00:26:02

here you are watching his dead body. Okay, look at death. Now, look at it, you're literally looking at debt in the face, this was a very person you ate with, and you, you know, and you and you grew up with whatever you whatever relationship you had with him, the very person you laughs and jokes and talks with now you are very human sending him to the future position be reminder to you also, that our time will come when YouTube will return to your Lord and return to your Creator. So this policy is encouraged that the closest male relative or if it's a female, the female relative take charge of washing the body of the dead person, what is done is that Firstly, a cloth is placed on the dead

00:26:02--> 00:26:37

body so that his private parts are covered. And then his clothes are taken off underneath this cloth. So that never ever, you actually see the private parts or the outer of the dead body. And there's something that is not you are not allowed to see the private parts of the dead person. Okay, so you cover the dead person and you take off his clothes. After this, you wear a cloth, or you wear a type of basically, you can say gloves in our times, I mean, it will do the job. Basically, you're not supposed to touch it with your with your hands. So you have to wear something, and then wash his whole body, give him also give him mobile and wash his private parts too. But since you're not

00:26:37--> 00:27:11

allowed to touch his private parts, you have to wear something on top of it. Okay, but this call is a for example, a glove we do in our time, we have a rubber glove or some type of gloves, so that you don't actually touch his private parts. And then what you should do, the first thing that you should do is make sure that there is no net no data left in his body. So you rub his stomach downwards, to expel any urine or stool. So you rub his stomach downwards like this, okay, you push your hand down, and you have it. And like I said, either we demonstrate it or just go over briefly. So we'll go over it briefly, we can't really go into great detail in this, basically expel all of the adjustments,

00:27:11--> 00:27:45

okay. And then you wash it with your hand that is covered with a cloth, you're not allowed to touch his private parts. So you have to wash that in the jacket from his body, you have to wash and adjust that from his body. After you wash and adjust that you give him a complete, we'll do a complete analysis. And as many times as necessary one or three or five or seven an odd number of times. And that water that you should be mixed with some type of sense with some type of scaffold or some type of sense that makes the body smell good. It is similar to mix that water with some type of sense. So you want his whole body or her whole body, whoever you're watching and give it a whole before that

00:27:45--> 00:27:59

as many times there is no there is no specified limit, you see yourself when you have done the job, when you think that his body is now clean and pure than you it is deficient, but it should be an odd number of times either one, or three, or five or seven as many times as needed.

00:28:02--> 00:28:19

This call is also say that you should put some constants in his private parts, because you don't want any more than adjusted to come out. Once you have given him the hosel you don't want to more than just to come up. So they see that you should put some content or something in his private parts that will prevent anything from coming out. Okay.

00:28:21--> 00:28:52

Also, after you have washed his body, then you should put some sleep or some perfume on his body and also on the shrub that you are going to use. Also on the shrouds that you are going to use on his body, as it's called to say that if he has long nails, or long mustache or whatever, then you should trim it because it was enough for him to do so when he's alive. Now that he's dead, then you should take that responsibility. Okay? That if he has long nails, or he has hadn't trimmed his mustache, or you know, his underarm hair, I mean, that's what the pubic hair you won't you won't even see it, you shouldn't even see it. Okay, so you don't know about it. But like the underarm hair, basically the

00:28:52--> 00:29:23

same sort of things that we talked about last week or two weeks ago, we now do them for the dead person. Okay. And this once again, shows you or it should remind you, all of us have death, that these aspects that we will be so shy or embarrassed to talk about or do someone is going to have to do it for us when we die. Okay, someone's going to have to watch our private parts after we urinate or when we are dead. And this shows you how frail man is. And this should remind you over and over again of the era and that the day will come when we will be so helpless. We can't even watch our own selves. Forget about doing good deeds are evil deeds, we should take advantage of our times when we

00:29:23--> 00:29:28

are alive when the Lord blessed us with life, we should do as many good deeds as possible.

00:29:29--> 00:29:55

The woman the scholars say that her hair should be tied in a braid in a knot so that it doesn't you know, come out all loose or free. It should be tied in a knot Okay, so that it doesn't disturb or come everywhere. Now as for the cuff and as for the wrappings when the scholar said that the singer for the man is that they use three white sheets of cloth clean sheets of cloth and white isn't that because the person said that white is the color that I love the most. So

00:29:56--> 00:29:59

dress yourself in white and dress your dead in white

00:30:00--> 00:30:00


00:30:01--> 00:30:29

it doesn't mean you don't think that whites are superior to black in the sense that white men are at the back of the truck and clearly there is no security of a white man or a black man but he's talking about the colors that you wear on your clothes because why is this because white shows you that you know black is black if you want something black right and something negative something dirty falls on it you won't know about it was just it was wearing something white and something dirty falls on it then you clean it immediately so basically be more conscious of yourself you'll be more conscious of your appearance and your

00:30:30--> 00:30:47

if you're clear if you're clean or not. So the process has said that white is the color that is most beloved to Allah so dress your selves in white and dress your debt in white also close your debt in white also okay so it is certain event to have three white sheets of cloth and they are wrapped in a special such dollar manner that if you won't see

00:30:48--> 00:31:27

they have a certain way of wrapping it but if you just rotate around and drop the dead person around that's fine too. But at no point in time would you see that as our remember always at no point in time was the man see the man or the woman see the woman's all that will always be covered up. So you cover a man in three white folding sheets okay as a woman than the son that is actually is covered in five pieces of cloth and is covered in five plus pieces of cloth Okay, firstly an ethos which is a lower garment okay. Secondly, a de which is an upper garment okay. Thirdly, something which would resemble a soap which would cover her from her chest all the way down to the

00:31:28--> 00:32:06

her toes and then two sheets of cloth I put around. So, this color said for the woman to make her even more protective There are five cloths that this color say that she should have five cloth on but this is the bare minimum is what one just you have to know the bare minimum is one it is sooner for the man to have three and the woman's have these five different cloths but the bare minimum is one okay. After this after the after the hotel has been given an after the coffin has been done, then the salata janazah is done for that person. And the best person to do that after janazah is his closest relatives, his son or his father, whatever. And if he doesn't want to, he can give it to the

00:32:06--> 00:32:35

month. But if we think that that person should be the one that was close to him in his life, why? Obviously he's going to love him more, he's going to want to have a more sincere drive for him. Okay, so the scholars say that the best person I should take charge of leading the prayer is the closest male relative, okay, or her closest male was just but obviously Don't make a fuss. I mean, if there's another person that comes in that you want to give it to, that's fine. You know, that's fine. But they say that to remind you and that's your draw is more sincere, it should be the one that is closest to the person that died.

00:32:36--> 00:32:38

How is the falafel janaza performed.

00:32:41--> 00:33:14

The salata janaza consists of four secondary rocks, this is a sooner other things other narrations mentioned more than four. But but four is what is mostly narrated in the sun. And this is what the center of our time is to this time, there are four secondary rocks, these times a man raises his hands and the people behind them raise their hands and say Allahu Akbar, okay. And there is no record and no stitches after the photograph to take the salon to one side only. Okay, so there's four tech blocks. After the fourth block, you say salon to one side. And if you want to get to the second side, that's fine. But the one side is the minimum, there are no records and no surgery.

00:33:14--> 00:33:19

Nothing is just for simple tech belongs at the after the first big zero you respect to the fact that

00:33:21--> 00:33:47

after the first second mirror, you respect to the fact that after the second second year, you recite the Select upon the prophets of the Leviathan of allama, Sunday Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed from affiliate algebra him either after the drive to the end of the day, after the third that could be era, this is where you make the glass of the dead man or the dead woman. Okay, and the drugs that are mentioned in this and then I encourage all of you to buy that book again, fortification or Muslim or I think the new translation is called citadel of the believers something, it's available, and that is

00:33:48--> 00:34:21

one of the translations and a better translation is available elsewhere. The green, the green one is a better translation, actually. But both are fine, both transitions are fine. And I encourage all of you to get this book and memorize the draft for the funeral press, the processor would make a special draft to the field press. But the court The point is even if you don't notice to us, say any draft, the profitsystem said when you seek for forgiveness for the dead, then ask sincerely for them after silly for them. And remember, just like you are praying for this person, one day someone will pray over you for just like you want him to pray over you just as sincerely as you're praying over

00:34:21--> 00:34:51

this dead person. So inshallah it is a certain level of the panel with Allah. As you do social, social, you shall be treated, right? There's a certain level of status, that if you are nice to your parents, Allah will bless you with children that are nice to you. And if you are evil or bad to your parents and Allah bless you with or, you know, curse you because I give you a punishment with children that are that are not nice to you. So just like you wish to be praised for while you are dead. So too You should pray for that man while you are standing in front of him. Okay, pray sincerely for him. Pray that Allah stated for the benefit of the grave. Pray that Allah blesses him

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

with gentleness three that Allah blesses him with a wide grave with a with an adult and that that and that he doesn't make his grave a place of torture for him. Okay.

00:35:00--> 00:35:17

Princeton theory that he forgives the sins, and that Allah blesses him with more good deeds and make and magnifies his good deeds. And he basically even if you don't know this to us, that is the sin, let's make any drugs. And if you don't know Arabic make it in any language. The point is, you have to make a glass of this man, and make it sincerely for this man.

00:35:19--> 00:35:55

After the fourth rocket, or after the fourth sec vs. Immediately after the fourth degree, the amount system. So if you want to make a glass of the fourth degree that's allowed, if you will remain quiet as allowed, check with me says, both are fine. If you wanna make it dry quickly, that's fine. If you wanna remain quiet and surveillance system, that is fine, too. Okay, after the finishing of the prayers, then the body should be carried to the graveyard and dinnertime has to be driven to the too far away, it should be carried to the grave, the grave should be dug deep enough that the scholars say like a man is deeper than a man's height, like five foot or six foot deep, it should be rather

00:35:55--> 00:36:25

deep, it shouldn't be very, because we don't want the little window a little rain to come and expose the body wants it to be rather deep. Okay, so the grave should be dug all the way, like five, six feet deep. I mean, there's no specific number mentioned in the front and center. But we're talking about from a simple common sense perspective, if we just covered the matter with that wind would blow it away. Or if we're putting two or three feet below, then if a sandstorm or some water came rain came that it would expose them, we don't want that wanted to be very deep, so there's not exposed in this fashion. Now, there are two ways that have been narrated for burying the dead person

00:36:25--> 00:36:29

and one of them is the preferred way and this is called Death lap la

00:36:30--> 00:36:53

Lam has done the lag method This is preferred, okay, this is preferred over the other methods, what is the difference between the last method and the shock method? The other method is called shock, sheen and cost what is the difference? Okay, look, if you dig a hole supposes the deepest horizontal view now of the hole inside the ground, okay, if you will now, to put the person right at the bottom of this hole.

00:36:55--> 00:37:14

Just put him right at the bottom of this hole, his body just lower into the hole, and then cover it with some planks of wood or some type of you know, covering, okay, this is called the shock method. Okay, it's called the shock method. However, if you were to dig this hole, and then dig a side channel, so that it becomes like an elk. Here we go.

00:37:15--> 00:37:51

It becomes like an elk. Basically, you dig another side channel, and you'd put the person in this L shape. This is the light and this is the sun. This is the lab and this is the center. And this is the way that the profit center himself is very, this is the way that the profit from the law license himself is very, is that there's a straight, you go straight down and then you dig an L shape towards the dribble you dig an L shape, okay. And then you place the mat, you place the mat so that you would turn his face to the right and then his face should be facing okay. Okay, you use How do you place the body inside this lads? Firstly, obviously, the LGA Pro, for example, in this machine,

00:37:51--> 00:38:25

right, we're going to dig a hole like this, and then go a little bit like that. Suppose, suppose we're digging next to the method obviously not inside the method is half the voters agree right next to the message, we will be digging straight down like this. And then it will be a chamber a few feet big that would go towards the camera. Okay. And then we will put the person in, and we would turn his face towards the fibula. So his body, his face will be facing the table that is right handle the face of the fibula. And obviously he's lying on his back. Okay, after we have done this after we have placed in in the lab, then we covered that L shape up with rocks and stones.

00:38:26--> 00:39:01

Do you understand this? It's an L shape. Now it's an it's an empty L shape, we have covered the body we have put the body inside this L shape. Now we take bricks and we cover up the L shape so it becomes like a eyesafe again, a simple shape. Okay, we've covered it up this is a similar way this is the preferred way to do it. And if in our times the sharpest practice is not how I'm it's not as big as it is allowed is not as encouraged as the last method is once we have done that and obviously, we cover up the grave with time and that's and we need a mount on top of it. So that it can be recognized that this thing is great, as some scholars even said it's alright to put a stone

00:39:01--> 00:39:13

or a brick or Hampton will last as long as it doesn't it's not the surrounding grave as long as you don't build a structure. You just put one brick at the tip or at the head of the grave to know that this is a great

00:39:17--> 00:39:37

way with the rewards for offering the thrill of prayer and attending the janazah are extremely great as a process as Adam said that he who attended the janaza prayer and he who then walked with it to the grave and and wait until the body is buried. We'll have two mountains of reward to feed off okay, two houses for sale all things

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

took a lot if you like of a reward. So when he was asked what is up the rocks he said like the mountain that was a huge mountain. The mountain is a huge mountain outside Medina Okay, he will have that many rewards and if a person only attends the dinner, yes, you will have one of those mountains of rewards. So it is strongly encouraged when we hear of a person who has died it is strongly encouraged for us. It is firstly fire for the

00:40:00--> 00:40:25

With a community for our community, and it is strongly encouraged for each and every one of us to make an effort to attend to sudo prayer and to make an effort to go with him to the grave and bury him and attended his funeral too. Because also Another benefit is that it reminds us of our death over and over again, when we see a person in this state, it reminds us that we to a day will come when we too will have to face this and when we will be very, just like this person is being very, okay. So it is strongly encouraged for us to

00:40:27--> 00:41:02

bury the dead person another or to accompany the person another. Another point is that the dead person should be buried as soon as possible, as soon as possible because the process of them said that Hurry up, we're clicking in the burial of your dead. Okay, how are we ever cooking the burial of your deaths, we should hurry up, we shouldn't delay like the Christians. If the guy died on Monday, they might wait till Saturday so that it's a weekend. So people can come to this funeral No, the Muslim is very as soon as possible, okay, maybe the next day, as soon as possible as it takes a few hours for the voluntary washed and you know, the grave to be prepared might take half a day. So,

00:41:02--> 00:41:37

as soon as as it is possible for the person to be buried, he should be buried, we should not delay in the burial of any Muslim, okay. Likewise, it is strongly strongly discouraged to move the body to another place so if he died in that city, he should be buried in the city, you should not be transported back to his country for me, why is this because of delays is variable. Okay? If you're going to transfer the body body back to the Middle East departments are going to take another two three days. Okay. So this is strongly strongly discouraged, I strongly discourage the other method, the only time where you would say it is allowed is when there is a fear that people might mutilate

00:41:37--> 00:41:39

his body. So for example, if he's living in a

00:41:40--> 00:41:55

not just in the Catholic country, but a country which is openly hostile to the Muslims, that if Muslim were to die, they would literally you know, dig it dig up the body and desecrate his grave with something right. In this case, we have to talk today Okay in this case,

00:41:58--> 00:42:34

okay, in this case, the scholar said is permissible for the people to transfer his body and move it to another place, it is the only reason apart from this so it is not allowed or should not be allowed to remove the grave to another place. Likewise, it is haram to dig up a grave It is hard to dig up a grave unless once again there is a strong factor or reason to do so. Okay. So for example, a same reason might apply is that the Quran might mutilator disagree these bodies then it is in this case, it is allowed to dig up these bodies and bury them in a separate place. Otherwise, it is haram to move a Muslim from another place to to another place.

00:42:36--> 00:42:38

Okay, we'll finish up the chapter grades and we'll say that

00:42:39--> 00:43:15

when a person dies, obviously it is the Sunnah to bear patiently at his desk, not to cry openly or whale or to beat yourself this is all haram and that's a good idea, but natural crying is allowed to cry naturally and to feel sorrow is allowed us Hello, this is a sign of mercy, but to go more than this, to beat yourself or to whales or to you know, invoke curses upon yourself or your family or even worse than this this is all hot off and of the acts of God. When a person dies, it is certain that that we consult his relatives if he's not about relatives, we consult his relatives and they are certain to us that are of this innocence that you say if you meet that person likewise it is

00:43:15--> 00:43:52

encouraged for the men to visit the graves and there's a certain blood that is sooner for them to say and we said that is how long for the woman to visit the grave is not allowed for the woman to visit the grave it is not also one last point it is not allowed to accompany the grave when you're taking the body is not allowed to accompany with fire or with maca with the candles or with any type of warnings basically simply leave it simple okay don't accompany any strange objects all of this is of the innovations and they have been explicitly prohibited by the process of law and specifically fire or wood or any type of holy religious icon no leave it simple okay just his funerals via the

00:43:52--> 00:44:18

possession the possession should come and be buried okay don't know a company has nothing grant or marriage the funeral should be simple, the process of forbade wasting or being extravagant. So the funeral prayer and the funeral costs and the funeral arrangements should be simple. The most simple as needed without we're pressed for time because the chef has his lecture. So inshallah we finished it that was another next lesson inshallah we'll start the class and inshallah we'll finish deca and fasting next week, inshallah.