The Syrian Shaykh with Two Wives – Funny Story

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A woman describes a situation where two wives, one of whom had previously claimed she was cheating, were allowed to do so. She describes how the woman had to take the funeral and how she had to leave her job to attend. She also mentions that she had a hole in her wall and that she had to take the other woman's complaint about being cheating to herself.

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People have to understand Islamic correct marriage means that if you have two or three wives, provide them same accommodation,

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same expenses.

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Only stay with them turn by turn one note here, a wonder that one out there, if people can manage that they are allowed. If you cannot do that, than when I said, don't do this, tell him only one wife could justice more important, people cannot just then they should be justified to do one person do somebody can do like that. Like I met somebody in Syria, he had to rise to a very clearly ordered story I wrote in my journey, the chef in Syria, he had two wives.

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And in one day, they are able to same for both of them. And what happens then both of them died the same same day. He wants to take the funeral at the same time to you know, pet he did justice, all they have to know, but there's only one, door. Two, then he made a hole in the wall. So he can take the other finger. So that will at the same time. They are very happy that you know he did everything properly. And he said it's our dream. One of them came in three months he complained that you did not justice with me. He said How? You know I met both of you to have a folder the same day. She said no for the other one. You took her funeral, through the gate and for my walk through the wall.

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You're not you're not sure what to say.

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To this person, every best effort to be as fair as possible is still their complaint.

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The people can manage that.