Finding it difficult to wear Hijab?

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To follow you know, Islam is not easy, really. Because sometimes what happens, your desire, sometimes the culture tradition of the people, they stop you. So like in the West most people don't cover the head. So it looks very orient that the among the people to cover the head to people find it very difficult many medical fights not that easy. But always understand really, that I believe in God, I must surrender to a fake Amar. It doesn't matter whether I like I don't like people like they don't like, I must surrender to Him. And then he tests you. And after that people laugh at you, but you don't care about them. Nothing happens people's love does not make anything for you, then not

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harm you. keep insisting Allah will help you. Some time could be a real danger. Mark for Apple, there is trouble in the society, hatred against Muslim women. And in the night you're traveling going somewhere, or you think really if you go with the headscarf they can recognize you and then attack you. In those conditions you are allowed to take it off. When you think really that you know somebody can attack somebody. But generally when nobody can harm Easter except laughing or you feel really people you are embarrassed. This is a weakness. Don't be weak. Always Be strong, powerful, confident trust. If you have any problem in argument of the hedgehog, then you need to learn what

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arguments are once you know it. Don't be weak. You're weak people nobody likes strong people. Everybody likes to be strong, you know, daughter, whether people see or don't see you said this is my Kamata My Lord, I must do it. And then Allah helps you, you know, and people do this thing. And actually it makes impact on the people. People find a leader culatta Muslim women is a noble growth. Main animal says we like it. Can you see how noble it is? The daughter Don't be inferior, inferior. You know this complex of authority. It's very very bad for Muslim women. Muslim women should be strong enough to one a time when you are allowed to uncover is it when you are forced or forced

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condition when it didn't fit for your life. Otherwise generally that no neither here it is just weakness for the man to people need to make women Imani stronger, stronger fit to a level head to the shoulder.