How do i know that i truly love Allah and He loves me

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AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the idea that Islam's love for Allah is based on a metric called the sense of love for Allah. The metric is based on a combination of a sense of love for Allah and a sense of loyalty to his messenger. The transcript uses various examples to illustrate the idea that Islam's love for Allah is based on a combination of a sense of love for Allah and loyalty to his messenger.
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What are the signs that Allah loves you and your love Allah, one of the signs, you see Allison and possibly or him Allah He mentioned that a group of people claim to love Allah so much. So many people claim to love Allah. Everyone claims to love Allah and Allah loves the right, the sinner, the rebellious, the one who transgresses against Allah. So many people are claiming they love Allah and Allah loves them. Even the Christians and the Jews.

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They claim that Allah azza wa jal loves them. We'll call Attilio who don't know sobre la know Abner, Allah, what a bell, the Jews and the Christians. They said, We are the sons of God. And we are His most beloved Savior and claims this so it hasn't impossible. Allah said so many groups claim to love Allah then Allah revealed an AI that is going to measure our love for Him. Whether it's true or not, and this is really about why Muhammad Allah they refer to it as a tool.

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It is the testing air. Allah sojourn said In Kuntum to hipbone Allah, for Debbie Rooney, your common law.

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This is how we measure without we love Allah and Allah loves us back.

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True love for Allah is to obey Allah and His messenger, Allah azza wa jal said, say,

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if indeed, you people love Allah flutterby only follow, follow me, a beamy A be the messenger of Allah. Because a being rasool Allah is a being Allah subhanho wa taala. You become Allah, Allah who would surely love you.

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So if you obey Allah and His Messenger in all that they commanded, and you keep away from everything they prohibited and forbid upon us, and you do that lovingly, and willingly, then truly, you love Allah, and Allah loves you. That's the measure. And I'll give you a simple example. So you can understand, let's say a person went to his father. And he said to him, Father, I love you. I love you that. And then his father said to him, okay, son, thank you go and cut the grass. And then you as a sunset, sorry that I can't do it. I'm not bothered. Then you come again, and you say, Dad, I love you. And your dad says to you, well stay at home tonight. Because we want to sit together, and

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we want to talk and don't go with your friends tonight. So you say that I love you. But I need to go see my friends and I need to speak to them tonight. And every time your dad says to you do this, don't do this. You keep saying Dad, I love you. But I can't do this. I can't do that. After all this, you come back to your dad and you say Dad, I love you. What do you think he's gonna believe you that you love him? But your father is going to say you're a liar, my son, you don't love me. I tell you do this. I tell you do that. Stop doing this. Stop doing that you don't listen to me. So how can you say you love me? Allahu Akbar. Now you understand with this small example. How can you

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say you love Allah? If you do not obey Allah?

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How can you claim your love Allah? If you are committing sin after sin transgression after script transgression, not caring about your Tober and your relationship with Allah? And then how can you worse off How can you claim he loves you?

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If you are indulged in sin and transgression and rebellion? Lamp, this is wrong. This is why chef Rahim Allah said in a beautiful poem of his Dalsin Illa and that has a bow has Mohan Phil TSC bed hero loca and Booker saw the con la Pato in Lima, new bumo. Yo, these are beautiful, poetic words of a chef Rahim Allah He said, You disobey Allah. While you claim that you love you. This is impossible. It's an unprecedented analogy. It's unheard of. If you love or if your love had been true, you would have obeyed Him because the lover is always obedient to the one who he loves a lot. Like what if and that's the first sign of knowing, if you love Allah, and Allah loves you, and that

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is by following Allah's orders and instructions and commands and keeping away from everything that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada prohibited