Tafseer Reflections #12 – Genuine Revelation – Surah Al-An’am

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The speakers discuss the meaning behind actions and actions taken by Islam, including the use of "has been fantastic" to identify people and actions, the history of sh arc and its negative consequences, and the importance of protecting and letting out of fear of the world. They also touch on animal pride, animals as carriers, and the use of animals as symbols. The speakers emphasize the importance of gratitude and bounty in bringing people through difficult experiences, and the use of animals as symbols and sh arc in various cultural and political topics. They also discuss the history of sh arc and its negative consequences, and the use of "ma'am" in the title and its relation to "naive speech" and "naive language."

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Surrattsville an iron

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has been genuine revelation. Okay?

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How do we tell between the stuff that's made up? The stuff that's phony, and the stuff that is actually genuine revelation, I remember way back from the beginning of a surah. Allah azza wa jal was talking about how to tell a fake prophet from a real prophet. Anybody remember any of that? We had a lot of told us that a real prophet is not going to ask for money. Okay? He's sincere, he doesn't accept anything in return, a real prophet is not going to claim to be something he's not, he's not going to claim to be an angel. It's not going to be claimed to be God or son of God or something like this. We also said that he's not going to claim to know more than he actually knows

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he's not going to pretend that he knows every single thing of the future, he's not going to promise his followers that he's going to make them rich. These were some of the many things that Allah azza wa jal told us, so that we could go out in the world. And when we see somebody who claims to be a prophet, that we have actual criteria to be able to say, yes, as possible. No, that's not possible. Now, obviously, this applies to the past, because there's no prophet after Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we also had other sorts of things where Allah so Joe was talking about genuine religion, from phony religion. Okay, people these days, they're very, very sloppy when it comes to

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this concept. They talk about religion. And it just means to them, it means anything that anybody believes. Right? I want to make up the my own religion, pasta, foriegn ism, or whatever, right? The Flying Spaghetti Monster, all these sorts of things that came about as like a joke. Because if you're going to open that door, then I can just make up anything I want. I can make up my whole religion, I can make up my god, I can make up my priests, I can make up my text, I can make up anything. So Allah spent two hours trying to get us to think about in this surah so it's an arm, what is real religion? And what's fake religion? What's real guidance and what's fake guidance? And

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so he talks about

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some of the taboos and the things that the Quran had made up.

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When the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, I'm stepped onto the scene, what was the situation? Okay? We know some things already. We know that.

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They were doing the wharf right around the Kaaba at the time of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, I said when he was growing up, but they were doing it what?

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Naked and drunk.

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So they had this ritual that began with Ibrahima that he said, but they had invented things on their own,

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from their own sort of rationale, and they thought that it was worshipping Allah. But in reality, they were just making stuff up. They also had other types of taboos. When it comes to marriage and divorce. They had other types of taboos when it came to what they could and could not eat. Right. And these were things that bit by bit, Islam is breaking down and calling out and saying, wait a second, that's not true. Allah never said that. And that's the center point. The main point of this part of the Koran is that Allah is saying how evil it is to make up something about Allah. It's not just about your culture. And it's not just about saying, Well, I believe in this, if you're saying

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that Allah says this, and you're wrong, you're lying, is basically the worst thing that you could do. It's the most arrogant thing that you could do. Because you're taking other people, normal people, they want to follow what Allah says, they want to do what's right, and they want to stay away from what's wrong, then some joker comes. And he's making up stuff. And he says, well, Allah likes this. And Allah doesn't like that. And he's making it all up. What an evil person, look at how many people they lead astray. And that's what Allah subhanaw taala wants us to be aware of. And so he starts with this part that we're almost at the end of the chapter. And he starts by talking about

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some of the things that the courts had been doing and the things that they had been believing in this starts at 136. Well, giannulli Law him in Melora, mental health, civil and criminal see even it says that they used to claim that part of the plants and part of the creatures were for the idols. This has two meanings. It means that they thought that maybe Allah created some of the things that we see on Earth and maybe the others created other things. It also meant that they reserved a part of their harvests for the idols right. So everyday land imagine were 100 years ago. We're back on the farm. Right? We're growing this crop and that crop.

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It's harvest day, we get all of it together. We have what we need to survive.

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We have what we need for next year. But then we're going to take part of it and we're going to say this is for a law we're going to sacrifice it for Allah then we're going to take another part of it and say this is for this God, this statue, this idol. This is what they were doing

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that Paul who had Allah He visited me him well hello Alicia Rick Lee Shoraka inner.

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So they said that okay, this portion is for Allah and this person is for our idols. From our Kana Lisa aka him fella Yasu Illa Allah Wilma can Allah He for who Yasu Isla should? Okay, so

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if that wasn't bad enough, they weren't fair. When things went south, not every year they had enough, right? You can't rely on your harvest every year. So what happens if it's a tough year, you don't have as much as you're used to. You got three pools, you got the pool of what you need to survive. You got what you decided was going to be reserved for Allah and you got what was reserved for the idols? Which do you think they were going to take away from?

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They were going to take away from the one that was for a lot.

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And they will keep the one that was for the idols, oh, cool, you know exactly how they wanted it to be. And they'd keep the one for themselves, but they will take away from the one from Allah.

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That was what they used to do. And so Allah says, Set ma come only how evil is what they judge, they were judging completely wrong. You've got Allah's power, the other who owns everything controls everything. And these statues that they made for themselves,

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that they're claiming have power deep down, they know that's not true. And they're going above and beyond for the worship of these things. And they're falling short and that worship of the last panel to audit that a lot changes the topics. And he brings up something that's more current to what they were doing because ALEC is a Jana Lika Theatre in

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MENA emotionally kina parcela Hola. De him. What was one thing that the coloration were doing at the time of the Prophet Muhammad Ali? Salaam, what did they do to their daughters?

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Ah, they used to bury their daughters. That's right. They did not like girls as much as they liked boys, a lot of references in the Quran. He actually calls out the core age because if they would have one of the ladies would get pregnant, they would have a boy they would be all happy.

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And if was born, it was a girl, Allah subhanaw taala said their face would darken like

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the face you make as if like they were getting they would someone told them bad news SubhanAllah. And some would actually take it to the extent that they would actually bury them alive.

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Because they viewed them as a liability. This is tribal warfare. Maybe someone's going to kidnap them and defile them. And they have to pay for something you know, it's not, you know, there have a math to feed, but it's not going to bring in any income. This is how they looked. They didn't depend upon Allah spawn darlin. So this is one of the things that they were doing. That's why Allah says and just like this, he's talking about with the whole inventing things about this is for the idols and this is for Allah, just like that. Their idols beautified for many of the idolaters killing their own children.

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Why did they do it? Because it was beautified to them. This is one of the ways that the devil works. Allah says it multiple times in the Quran. Tenzin he makes it seem okay. He makes it seem beautiful. So how good is the devil at making things seem beautiful. He even made the Quran think that killing their own daughters is beautiful.

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Something that just violates our natural internal

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everything, our instinct, it's your own child, you feel protective over your own child. That's instinct. So if the devil can take somebody so far, that it can ruin that instinct to protect and it can actually turn it into we want to kill the thing that we were created to protect, then don't you think he can do the same to us when it comes to,

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again, the social media and putting ourselves out there.

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Which is why we need to check ourselves, brothers and sisters. And we need to have people who are mentors and we have to have accountability. And we have to never, never, never just take it for granted that we're going to be able to figure out every single thing that we're doing wrong. It's not possible. We need that third party audit. Right? We spoke about religion. True Religion is a third party audit. Somebody outside of you somebody who's not just going to hype you up for doing the wrong thing.

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And so that way, Allah subhanaw taala said that the devil convinced them beautified for them killing of their own children. Leo to door home while el Basu la him Dena home and to confuse them in their Deen. Remember, they thought that this was all

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Part of their Deen

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not just something oh I know I'm standing on the side they actually thought it was their religion when they're walking around the Kaaba naked and drunk they thought they were worshipping Allah

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do we have that today

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oh yeah we do here we do shake your head of course we do. We got the White Pigeon. Remember the White Pigeon? We go to the *y and he's really the Sasha he's really the magician. Right oh yeah this is the and we put an Islamic label on it we say oh this is you know

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is this a similar thing? Yes a similar thing we can be the devil can have a so that we're doing something that Allah hates and we not just think it's okay we actually think it's part of the beat

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Yes, it happens we'll call do have the heat and I'm Allah is going to keep on going into other examples of this what they were doing Apollo had he and I'm on. Well, hello phone Hedren lie of ammo, ha Illa Menasha obz mayhem. So they said that, okay. There are certain foods and certain animals that are off limits. Nobody can eat them except who we say. Remember we said that from the beginning? What's the appeal of shirk. Idolatry is that someone's got to speak for the idle, idle can't speak for itself. So now somebody's got to put themselves up and say, Oh, I know what the idle wants. I know what makes the idle happy. I know what makes the idle angry. You can't do that. You

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have to do that. You have to do that. That's the idea behind shirk. So they had this when it came to food and when it came to animals and came to their harvest, they had certain things that said, no, no, no, no, no, nobody gets to eat them except for who we say well, and I'm on hold rematch the whole Ruha and some that you couldn't ride well and I'm gonna lie of course gonna smell law here Alia if Tara and Ali and even some animals that they used to eat that they wouldn't even say Allah's name over when they sacrificed.

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So you have to see him be Magkano you have to own they're going to be rewarded or rather punished for that which they used to invent. If turtle is the key word here is that they're inventing lies. They don't have any evidence for this. They don't have any sanction from the last panel to audit. And that's one of the worst things that you can do like a lot of say on the next page. We'll call do Matthew Baldwin he had the hill an army Harley, certainly the coroner, sometimes an animal would be pregnant. Gonna have another animal and let's say this is specific for the men. Women can't eat it. Yes, that was one of their taboos.

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What we'll have Ramona as well Gina and it's not allowed for our our spouses to eat it. Well, he couldn't may attend if it was born dead. If it was a stillbirth for home fee, he showed a cat then both of them could eat it.

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You see how crazy people can go. Every single one of our cultures has one my family comes from Italy, my family's Italian, Italians have the same stuff. They got like a horn. You see people like driving with a horn attached to like the rearview mirror, all these sorts of different superstitions. Even people of Mecca and Medina people they hijas the old timers, I said that when a guest used to leave the house, they used to take a bowl of water and throw it out the door

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to chase away the bad spirits, whatever, whatever that means. You got the people who say you leave a prayer rug out. Okay? You gotta fold it up for us, the devil is going to prey on it. There's others that say you gotta leave it unfolded, or else the devil is going to do something else to it. If there are if there are where'd this come from? That Allah send this down to the Prophet Muhammad SAW Saddam send this down, or are people making up stuff about Allah and what he likes and what he doesn't like, people are making stuff up and that is one of the most oppressive and ridiculous things that can happen.

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So all of this is in that neighborhood. So yeah, just see him was for whom I was found that Allah is going to give them what they deserve in the hookah ki-moon Allah and Allah is found to Allah is Most wise most knowing of what they were doing who's right and who's wrong. Or the hustler Latina Kalu scuze me or the hustler Latina, Cthulhu our ladder home,

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Safa ham, the lady and Allah Subhana Allah says that these people who would were tricked into killing their own children are in Las cosas era loss.

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They used to kill them SEF and foolishly believe it and without any knowledge or warrants to do so. Well how Ramu now, Rocklahoma Allah Haftarah and Allah Allah and in that way by killing their own children, they were actually cutting off a loss risk to them. Isn't it crazy? People they make do they ask oh Allah give me Rizz give me from your bouncy give me I need this. I mean, Allah gives you a child and then you go and bury it.

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That's like if I give Mohammed a Bugatti tomorrow, everybody knows I'm rolling in it right? The Imams, right and they run up and everybody's, I give you a Bugatti tomorrow. And then you go on you drive it off a cliff.

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I say yep.

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You take something that somebody gives you, that's precious, and you completely ruin it.

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Is that gratitude? Or is that cover that sugar or coffee we have both of these two things. It's a binary either gratitude or in gratitude that's in gratitude. You take something Allah gives you precious takes nine months to bake in the stomach.

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Right? You're making your plans, you go through all this trouble and then you're having your poor wife has to go through so much pain to birth, and then you're gonna kill that child and bury it. Subhanallah that's the extent that the devil can take us if we're not careful.

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Of all Lu Omar can Omata Dean they have been led astray and they are not among the guided

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wahala the Anusha Jannetty and Allah is talking about himself a lot as the one who began gardens model Schettino Vida matal Shatin one Nakhla was Zara materi fan, oh Kulu. He's talking about all of the benefits, he was just talking about risk. He was just talking about sustenance and bounty children. Now he's going to talk about all the other sorts of sustenance and bounty that he gives us. He's talking about gardens, and we've got we've got dates and we've got planets mortality and Okolloh all of them are different in their taste. Even though they all have the same water, they all grow from the same soil. And yet they all taste different. You take a mango and a date, completely

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You take bread,

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and you take an apple, completely different all the girls from the ground, same water

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was a tuna what Romain

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olives, pomegranates with the shabby handled item with a shabby, they're similar to each other. And yet they're different. At the same time. Things grow, they ripen you pick them.

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It's the same rule for everything. And yet, one is sour one is sweet. One is, you know, one, you know goes goes bad very quickly. One it lasts a long time one is hard one a soft, you've got nuts, you've got all these sorts of different things, all from the same water all from the same soil.

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Allah says Kulu means Emory either as Mara.

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So eat, it's a command, but it's meant to be like an invitation. This is your risk. This is your bounty. So eat from it, when it's ripe. What to happen, who Yama has saw it and give those there do right on the day that you harvest. This refers to two things this refers to there's a QA, because the QA, if you have a farm is different than the cat for us today with money and we have cash, we have Bitcoin or whatever you guys had, you have to pay every year, if you got a certain threshold, it's above a certain threshold, it stays above that threshold for a year, you have to pay 2.5%. Okay, what have you got an apple farm? apple orchard, you're not going to have your apples for a

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whole year, you're going to harvest them in the fall, you're going to sell them, then you're out. So how do you pay the count on Apple Farm,

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you pay at the time of harvest. Okay, at the time of harvest, there's a certain percentage of what you take, and you pay from that. So the first meeting giving on the day of harvest is you give us a cat on the day that it's due if you have something to harvest. And the second is there used to be a tradition that the beggars and the poor people will gather at a place on the day when the harvest is going to happen. And it was understood that you will give them something. Anybody who knows the Koran towards the end of the Quran. There's one guy that talks about this, right? There's a group of people who conspire with each other, and they say where they say to each other is, uh, yo, let's go

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early to the farm. And so that we harvest it all before the poor people come. And that way we'll keep it all to ourselves. And then what does a lot do to their farm?

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destroys it. And then they regret and then they repent, right? That's what a lot. So this is exactly the same sort of thing. So there's a due to be paid. It's not your money. It's not your risk. This is something Allah gave to you. And so other people actually have a right to it.

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It's not my body, my choice. It's not my money, my choice. It's Allah's money. It's Allah's body. And so they have a right to,

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which is part of the reason why the vast majority of scholars, they say that it's preferable to pay as occur locally, and to pay it publicly. In this mess you we have all types of people. We've got poor people, we've got rich people. We've got every color, we've got every country. We got people from the inner city, we've got people from the suburbs, we've got everybody. Okay, so what if you take the poorest person in our community

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and he's making sujood in the prayer next to the richest person in our community.

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He sees the Rolex watch the guy next to him, he sees the press suit. He goes out in the parking lot he see he drives away in a Benz or something like that.

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How's the poor guy gonna feel?

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How's the poor guy gonna feel? What's the devil gonna try to get the poor guy to feel?

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Jealous? Right? Okay, so if the brother pays a cat locally, does that help the poor guy? Yes, it does. He says at least he's paying his fair share and staying in the community, okay? It makes him much more easily accepting of the fact that Allah decided there's going to be this big difference between the two. But if the brother senses a cat home, quote, unquote, home, guess what, this is your home.

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Back home, we say it's not your home, this is your home.

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They send it to Pakistan or you send it to Egypt or you send it somewhere else.

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You never see there's a cat over here. How are you going to feel?

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Wait a second. What's he doing? Why doesn't it get paid here.

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That's why the vast majority of scholars say that it's far preferable, preferable to pay as a cat in the area which you live and make your money.

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So we're talking about that we're talking about the rights of others upon our wealth. And then Allah says Allah to threefold and do not waste in who Lojban was riffin which proves that Allah is bound to otter doesn't love everything. And everybody Allah says he does not love people who waste

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one minute and Iommi hameau, the town without OSHA, from the animals, the livestock that Allah subhanaw taala has created, there are those that you ride and there are those that you actually use their hides for clothing. And for blankets. And for things like this, look at all the benefits that Allah has put back in the day. Even now, if you go back to Somalia, you go back to Bosnia, even you go back to Italy, you see that they use every part of the animal, right? They use the bones, they use the skins, they use the brains, they use everything. Okay? That's how Allah made it. That's an is a sign from Allah spa data. If stuff had evolved randomly, do you think we'd be able to use every

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single part of it?

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Maybe, maybe not.

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But every single man the first time I started my own my own animal. I was like, this is from Allah is crazy. Do you guys ever do it? You guys ever slaughter an animal? Yeah, okay.

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It's all up in that sack together. You slip that thing at all the organs come out. Just like one pack is like,

00:22:24--> 00:22:37

I was like, Subhan Allah, then you start peeling back the skin as a Yo, okay, yeah, it takes effort. But it's like it was created for this. You know what I mean? It's like it's easily separable. You can separate it easily.

00:22:39--> 00:22:46

That's a sign from Allah. If it wasn't from Allah, who knows, maybe you've got some organs over here under the arm and other organs down the leg and other organs, whatever.

00:22:48--> 00:22:54

All Mixed Up difficult. But it's not that way. Everything's just a nice little sack comes right out.

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So a lot of times Allah made animals in a specific way to benefit us himolla 10 some that you can ride with Photoshop, things that you can use for leather. Allah says Again, inviting us Kulu Minnaar Azacca como la, eat then from what Allah subhanaw taala has provided for you. While at a taboo for the word to shade on and do not follow the footsteps of shaitan Allah is bound to Allah doesn't just say that don't follow shaitan says don't follow his footsteps. Which means that it happens slowly, slowly, slowly. It also means that you don't see him directly. Right? If Allah Subhana Allah said, don't follow shaytan it would be like, you see the shaytaan walking down the street. Don't follow

00:23:40--> 00:24:13

him. Okay, that's easy. That's not how it happens, though. You see the footstep you see the footprint and you say, what's that? I wonder where that goes. And you don't realize that that's actually shaytaan was just there and then see so hmm. Okay, let's go on over here now. And before you know it, you're being taken further and further away from Allah's pleasure. In the hula Komodo won't know the movie in the devil is always a clear enemy to you. And another ayah Allah says, so take him as an enemy, mean act like he's your enemy.

00:24:14--> 00:24:57

Allah subhanaw taala continues to talk about food and he continues to talk about animals for millennia as wedge Allah says that there's eight types of livestock. And this has implications on film when we talk about Zika. It has implications for what's permissible for us. So there's eight types. If you reduce it to species there's four types male and female of each main a botany main why mineral matters the earth name, and it says male and female sheep, male and female goats. Then Allah says the Corradini aroma and Milan Thane and much similar to La he or Hamel unsane. So Allah is now taunting the police. He's saying, Okay, which one's hot on? You tell me which one is really off

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limits? Is it the male? Is it the fee

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male is it what's inside the stomach inside the womb of the female you tell me

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it's a rhetorical question and a lot father says

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no but only be he says he is a challenge. He says inform me with knowledge in quantum Saudi clean if you guys are truthful, then he brings out the remainder he says Wamena liberalists name I mean albacore is name and male and female from cows male and female from camels. The Quran anyhow, Rama eminence at MSMS Allah He have handled on the same thing. Which ones are haram guys? Is it the males? Is it the females? Is it the unborn?

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Am quantum Shuhada it was saw Kamala who we had. Were you guys, witnesses when Allah told you what you are claiming is taboo is off limits. And then Allah brings it home to the point he's been talking for over a page about animals about food about the taboos that the Qureshi has to have. Here's the main point. For men of lemmo men, men of Tirana, Allah Allah He Khadija who is more oppressive, who is more wrongdoing than somebody who makes up lies about Allah.

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Why do they make up lies about Allah legal bill and spell it and to mislead other people without knowledge. And that's a double meaning their meaning that they have no knowledge when they misled other people. They're not going off of anything that Allah sent down. They're making it up. And it also means that they mislead people who aren't who don't know any better. Right? Which shows us that every single one of us has to take responsibility for educating ourselves to the basics of Islam. Because if you don't know any better, someone's gonna fool you one day. Right? When it comes to what's your rights, what's not your rights. We see this a lot with a sister's marriage and divorce.

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Majority assessors have no idea what Islam says about marriage and divorce. And so they get in horrible situations. You get somebody who's dowry, he wants to get married to you for a song.

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Sister, that's your that's your bargaining chip, your dowry

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5k 6k 7k At least you can restart over keep it in a bank account. If he leaves you. But now you're in love and you lovey dovey and talk about this. He wants to just give you give you a Koran.

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Is it permissible? Okay, is permissible? Is it in the best interest of the female? No, it's not. A lot of women aren't aware of their, their rights when it comes to divorce, they think they have to stay into an abusive marriage. And a lot of times the parents what do they say?

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You're going to embarrass us, if you get divorced, you're going to bring shame on us our reputation, go back, make it work. And she's getting worked up on she's getting beat up

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wareness now is that

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it's just they don't know their rights.

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And so this stuff goes on. You have to educate yourself, you have to know the bare minimum, at least enough to protect yourself so that people don't come and say, Well, this is what Islam says. So what Islam says and who is more oppressive and unjust than the person who makes up something from Allah

00:28:23--> 00:28:34

that Allah subhanaw taala says cool, so Allah now is going to he's been just like cutting down cutting down cutting down all of these false beliefs that the Quran has had, especially about food, especially about money.

00:28:35--> 00:29:15

And so now he's going to give us the real stuff the real truth. Okay, so what is permissible and what's not permissible when it comes to what we can eat what we can't eat? Paula G do female or higher lamb or how ramen other mean? Yatta Mo, who so here's the setup. And check out the setup is starts with the negative. Allah tells the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam to say, I don't find anything that I've been that's been revealed to me. Like haram, meaning nothing is haram except that gives you default permissibility that means things are permissible until they're proven otherwise. Okay?

00:29:16--> 00:29:24

Well, how Renata Armenia Tomahawk Illa except for a corner May May 10. First is that it's

00:29:26--> 00:30:00

broken. What do we say? It's carrying as like the official term basically, it was killed without slaughter, got hit by a car fell from a height, right? Something hell happened where it wasn't ritually slaughtered. It was killed by accident, basically, or died on its own, as opposed to being either hunted or sacrificed. That's number one. Oh, Denman. Mess. Fu Han. Very important. He says blood blood is haram. But Allah qualifies it here with a word that he didn't use and the other parts of the Quran where he bring

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

Is this list Demin masu Han means the blood a lot of people we get freaked out. You go to the grocery store right? And you buy your ground meat or whatever you buy, you go home and you open it up and it's red. Right? You got to wash it is that blood haram or halal? What do you do

00:30:21--> 00:30:23

watching all the flavor away right?

00:30:25--> 00:30:28

Right? Is that the blood that Allah is talking about when he's saying

00:30:35--> 00:30:54

That's right. And Allah says him so that means the blood that gushes out when you slaughter you don't take that blood and then go drink it or collect it and eat it or something like that demand masu Han as for the last month I was talking about so that little bit of blood you see in the Yeah, that's going to be there you're not going to be able to get it out and we're going to take soap

00:30:55--> 00:31:11

right rub your rub your meat down with soap until it's white it's not going to happen right so Allah is found out about qualifies a hair demand must full hand the blood that issues for us when you slaughter that's not okay to eat. Oh Allah McCain zere easy fork

00:31:13--> 00:31:27

for in the hall Richardson Oh fisken or Hillel era Allah Hebei. Okay, so these are all things that are haram you guys got the list? Things that are that die on their own. They're not slaughtered or hunted or whatever the

00:31:28--> 00:31:34

blood that spills forth or that comes out when you start when you slaughter and

00:31:35--> 00:31:43

lack mackynzie right pork and then Allah subhanaw taala said earlier anything that is slaughtered without Allah's name over it

00:31:44--> 00:31:56

and the Sharia is all based off of what's good for us. What's good for us which is why then Allah mentions the exceptions for a minute thorough whoever though for so whoever is

00:31:57--> 00:32:00

there in a dire need, right? They're gonna die.

00:32:01--> 00:32:22

Right? As I'm bearing without going overboard well I didn't end up going back to it but in the hope for in Rebecca for Rahim, whoever eats any of the stuff listen if you have to as long as you don't eat too much of it. And as long as you don't go back to it because now you like it or whatever, then Allah Subhana Allah is forgiving.

00:32:23--> 00:32:27

How would you on time? All right, three minutes I'll let you guys go single was Super Bowl.

00:32:30--> 00:32:32

So yeah, that's what I said. I say what's Super Bowls today?

00:32:34--> 00:32:37

But some people you know some people Yeah, like

00:32:39--> 00:32:41

who's playing the Yankees right now?

00:32:43--> 00:33:24

Okay, now let's move on to Allah. He seems like he's changing subjects. But really it's the same thing but putting differently he says why Allah Allah Lena had to help rom Nakoula they go for? He says and for the Jews, we have actually, you know, there's a subtle difference here. Okay. Allah is bound to Allah uses different words to address the people the book, depending on if he is inviting them to Islam, or blaming them for what they did wrong. Okay, so you'll notice that Allah subhanaw taala, if he's inviting them, he'll call them at Al Kitab. Okay, and if he's blaming them, he's going to call them a Latina hairdo. The people who became Jews, right, literally, the translation of

00:33:24--> 00:33:32

it the people the book over here is like yo people the book this is common ground Come on, let's go. You agreed to this covenant we did this for you. Come on, let's let's get back right.

00:33:33--> 00:34:17

And then he has over here Oh, you who literally like became Jews like you did it to yourself. You used to be like on a straight path and then you went off and you made this whole thing and now that's what you're on. So Allah subhanaw taala is going to kind of throw shade at them a little bit. He's saying what are the Latina who and the people who became Jews? We forbid how rum Nakoula for anything with cloven hooves, which includes some things that we are allowed to eat there Sharia is different from our Sharia Wamena al Bukhari while Ivana me how Rhonda Allah him shoehorn Mahoma so for cows and run them and for sheep, we forbid for them the fat, a llama hamara Tahoma except for

00:34:17--> 00:34:49

that wishes to carry them. I will hire what I'm not Tata Okay, so there's this other sort of particular rules. That main idea is that there were things for the Jews that they were not allowed to eat, that we are allowed to eat. Now, what's the relationship between this part and what came before it is that somebody might look at the Jews and say, Well, wait a second. Are you guys making this up on your own to just like the Quran you're doing? And Allah say, no, actually, actually, that is from Allah. But Allah gave that specifically to them for a reason. What does he say? What's the reason

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

that Laker Jersey now home be belty him? We did that as a punishment for them. We actually made it harder on them, because they were always wild.

00:35:00--> 00:35:19

Now they were always trying to oppose our messengers they even tried to kill the messenger sometimes. And so this is what how we made it harder for them in response to their attitude. Right It was an attitude adjustment. So again, look at how it lost pounds or other actually anticipates what the reader is thinking responds to it doesn't say it

00:35:21--> 00:35:37

you're reading this thing about the corporation what they used to do. And then maybe you think, huh, you know what, you know, I remember hearing somewhere that the Jews there's this thing that they can't eat and this thing I wonder if that's the same situation as the Corolla sponsors? No, actually I did that in response to their poor attitude.

00:35:38--> 00:35:45

So Allah is bound to other response to that sort of doubt. well enough that saw the coin and we are the one that tells the truth.