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to La

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to horizontal or center who will have been in a sorority machine one and zero. whether or not he or she Roger Mooney wrong. Salama, wa salam ala Baraka De

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De De De De Stephen, Cassie la

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Buddha Mohammed in Salalah alayhi wa sallam Mashallah

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obey he

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was one of the greatest and most illustrious companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, at times the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would receive revelation from Allah subhanho wa Taala verses and passages from the Quran. And he would go to obey blueconic rhodiola one, and he would recite them to him immediately. He wants such incident, the prophets of Allah wa sallam said to obey, obey, Indeed, Allah commanded me to recite these verses of the Quran to you. So he

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said, O Messenger of Allah, take my name from above the seven heavens and command you to come to me by name. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said yes, and this single incident shows the virtue of the sweet companion of your loved one. He was from the scholars and the people of the Quran, from the most knowledgeable companions about the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's why when

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it came to compiling the Koran, one of the companions that he chose was obey Him, Luca

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was the halifa. And he will lead the people in prayer, and the person standing directly behind him was none other than obey Luca. And he would give him this great virtue and his weight status because of his knowledge of the Quran. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to obey European law one day, and he asked him a question, a question, that is one of the most important questions concerning the army. He said obey a ul in Viki tabula Yaga from this Oran 114 different saws spread over 13 inches up over 6000 versus a UI Team Viki tabula rasa, which single verse from amongst all of those verses, is the greatest single verse of the Quran. What is the greatest verse of the Quran?

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Now we know from our religion, that from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that our prophets are a lot of water and he emphasized the importance of certain passages of the Quran Surah Fatiha. So,

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there are two sort of

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a nurse so to mark the last verses of surah to upon all of these parts of the Quran, so to come up on a Friday, they have a special virtue in our religion. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wasn't asking about any particular surah or any part or passage of the Quran. He wanted to know the greatest single verse of the Quran. So my Hebrew characters

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are risk respect for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, out of humility and humbleness. He said, Allahu wa rasuluh Allah, Allah and His Messenger know best. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam knew that obey Luca was a personal Companion of the Quran, a scholar of the Quran. So he repeated the question again, a will be a US

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what is the greatest single verse within the Oregon within this book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we'll be talking a lot more since he was being asked this question the second time since the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was repeating the question, he replied and he said, O Messenger of Allah. It is the verse, Allah.

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Allah to see. So the prophets of Allah when he was settler, touched will be on his chest. And he said, may Allah always increase you in knowledge. My dear brothers and sisters in Islam this

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One simple Hadith of the Prophet son a lot while he was setting them, illustrates a point that should be at the forefront of our minds that we have this Book from Allah subhana wa tada a book which a large majority describes as a light and a guidance and a source of mercy and a cure. And so many other descriptions that allow gifts to the origin and from the mercy of Allah azza wa jal is that he hasn't asked us to study all of the origin at once, because that would be difficult and it will take time and effort. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam emphasized certain portions of the war are over others, certain parts and passages and soldiers of the origin are emphasized in

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terms of their virtue. So that me I knew we as Muslims know that these are the parts of the Koran that we should concentrate on first as well. Surah Fatiha described as the mother of the soul to the last equals a third of the last two verses of Surah Baqarah. From the verses that you recite before you go to sleep, these different parts of the soul that will come up on a Friday gives you a light form on Friday to the next and protects you from the jam. And so we concentrate on these parts of the origin. And so in this harghita pockets on the lower end, he was seldom the same from all of those passages, and all of those verses and all of those different sources, the single greatest

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verse is added to cosy. And that is not new news to anyone sitting here today. That's not new information. All of us already knew this. And that's why when you go into someone's car, you will find out lots of cool see on the mirror, you go to someone's house and they have it in calligraphy, you go into the restaurant, and you find a poster all of them.

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So the question isn't whether we know how important American policy is or not. But the question is, do we understand what a law is saying to us through this verse of the Quran? What is the meaning of allergen policy? What is the message of ion policy? What is the lies which are trying to relate to us through the single verse of the Quran, the prophets of Allah alayhi wa sallam. In another Hadith again, to add and emphasize the virtue of the single verse of the Quran, he said,

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He will send them that if a person after every single obligatory prayer of the federal and former and also a Muslim in Russia, if they were to recite our little policy, that nothing was done between them and agenda, except their own death. But all that stands between you and Jenna, for you to die, meaning you will have gentlemen, because you recite the single verse after every single obligatory prayer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and yet another Hadith, that if you recite the sport, this verse of the owner in the morning, when you wake up, the law will protect you until the evening. And if you recite it in the evening, that a law will protect you in the morning, and the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and yet another Hadith, that whoever recites Iran could see at night, that Allah will descend upon him this protection and shake power will not be able to have that person until the morning and so on and so on and so on. So many hobbies that speak about the virtue of a single verse of the Quran.

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So the question is, what is the meaning of Allah to see, and even though it is a single verse of the Quran, it would be extremely difficult, nigh impossible for me to give you a comprehensive overview and Tafseer of the single verse of the Quran. So great is its meanings, so comprehensive on its words, so beautiful is the message that a large region is trying to relate to us. But Allah subhana wa tada says, Allahu,

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Allahu Allah begins this verse, the most important verse of the Quran, he begins it with the most important issue that any individual needs to know. And especially me and you as Muslims, and that is the loss of Hanna, what Allah, Allah, none has the right to be worshipped except him. He is a large religion alone, in terms of His Lordship, for He is the Creator and the provider and the one who gives life and death and he is the one who decrees harm, and God is Allah alone, that created everything in this universe. And so therefore Allah alone deserves to be worshipped. So when we pray, we pray to Allah alone. When we fast be fast for Allah alone. When you perform hajj and umrah

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is for the sake of Allah alone. When we give Cherokees for Allah alone, when we make dua, to Allah alone, when we sacrifice or take our nose, it is for Allah alone. All of the acts of worship that we perform, are for Allah alone. Why? Because no one has

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is the right to be worshipped except Him. And this is not only the beginning of this verse, but the most important and fundamental message of the whole verse, in fact of the whole or an, in fact of the whole religion of Islam, that you worship Allah alone, not associating anyone in worship with him. When you pray, you don't play to impress the person next to you, or to impress your father or your brother, or to impress anyone else that may be watching. It is what Allah alone, when you give charity is not to help someone, or to please someone, it is first and foremost for the pleasure of Allah. And then everything else is secondary. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, Allah

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will love you.

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And then he mentioned two of his most beautiful names and attributes, and how healthy you are God is that ever living never dies, everyone else in this universe will die, I will die and you will die. And the people that are closest to you will die. And even though we act as if we're going to live forever, each one of us will die. So why then when I have a need, when I need some help, when I require some support, when I go to someone as weak as me, if not weaker? Why would I not go to the one who is all living subhanho wa Taala, who will never die will never become ill, who never sleeps, who never tires who never rests, and he is

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the one who is self sufficient, yet at the same time, he suffices everyone else a lot doesn't need our there are a lot there's a need for us to come on this day of Juma and listen to this hookah and praying this prayer. Allah is free, Allah doesn't need the help of a partner, Noah's son doesn't need the companionship of a friend, for he is self sufficient. Yet at the same time, he provides for everyone else, from the smallest drop of water, from the way that your blood circulates from the air that you breathe from the pennies that you have in your pocket. All of this everything in the universe, it is a law that helps to suffice. It is a law that provides it is a law that has control

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over everything. And so it is up to you. So why would you go to anyone else? When you have a problem? Be that with your family, be that with your children? Be that with your job? Be that with financial issues? Be that with your studies? Why would you go to the people around you who are weak, you need to sleep who tire who forget who make mistakes, who don't have the ability and knowledge to help themselves? Literally, I'll help you. Why would you not go back to Allah and Hegel to you. And then to illustrate that point on law says, larger fusina tamala known Omar has not become tired, nor does he sleep, Allah subhanho wa Taala, before of the people, all of the people of this world were

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to come together, and at the same time, they will or to raise their hands up to the heavens, and they will all to make dua, Allah for all of the needs that they have, that Allah would be able to listen to all of them simultaneously, despite their different parts, or their different locations across the globe, despite the different languages that they speak, despite the different needs that they have, an Allah will not become confused, and the VA will not become tired, and allow will not become bored, and allow will not want them to stop. But Alonzo john is the one who listens to everything, and he hears everything, and he sees everything, and he knows everything

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about you,

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and to allow belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. And that's why when the prophets of Allah went through so much difficulty and they went through the trials that they have to endure, they wouldn't turn to this person or that person. They wouldn't turn to their parents or their children, they wouldn't turn to the people around them. If they would turn to Allah first and foremost, and that doesn't mean that you can't seek help from others. But what it means is that your first port of call should be Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that's why we brought him out. He said, I was thrown in the fire, he turned to Allah. And when Uranus was in the belly of the whale, he turned

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to alarm and when they used was overcoming disease and illness, he turned to Allah and when our prophets Allah, Allah when he was settled on, on the Battle of butter on that day, the most decisive of days when the Muslims were on number three to one, he turned to Allah. Why? Because Allah controls everything in the heavens and earth.

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And not only in our life, not only in the dunya but even on your mantle, yes, parroting the Holy Land, who can intercede on your behalf except with the permission of a law? Why would you want your salvation to come from someone who is weak? Why would you go and think that those people who are weak, immaterial insignificant in the society

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Allah, why would you go and ask them for help you turn to Allah. And that is the beauty and the essence of worship. That is so simple. It's so powerful. You don't need someone to intercede on your behalf. You don't need people to come in between you and Allah, even though you are so insignificant, and Allah is so great and powerful from the mercy of Allah is that you can come directly to him, that you can make dua to him, that you can pray to Him, that you can worship him on a large religion hears and sees and accepts, and he knows everything so kinda mattarella. And that's when your normal piano, salvation will be given only to those people that allow on salvation for no

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one willing to see them that day, let alone be deceived, they will not even speak on that day, except without the permission of Allah. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that no one will enter Jannah except by the mercy of Allah, they said, O Messenger of Allah, not even you, even though all of your sins have been forgiven, past, present and future. And you're the greatest most beloved of the creation of Allah to Allah, not even you or messenger of Allah. He said, not even me, unless Allah bestows His mercy upon me. And that's why the prophets on the lower end will seldom said that from the people that will come and normally the gamma is a man who in this dunya

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All he did was worship Allah, from the moment that he was able to worship alone, he became a man until the moment that he died. All he did was worship a lot, prayer and fasting and charity. All he did was worship Allah. So when that person will come on your will dry, they will say, Oh Allah, Oh Allah, I don't want to enter into gender because of your mercy. But I want to enter into gender because of my own actions. All I did was worship Allah, never seen, never disobey the law, never stepped on a prayer never forgot to give charity, all I did was worship Allah, I want to enter into gender because of my own actions. And so Allah will weigh up his actions on one side of the scale.

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And on the other side of the scale, Allah will place all of the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon him from health, and family, and safety and security. And Allah will place all of those blessings on the other side, to see which of the two skills is greater. And when that way is done, it will be seen, the role of his lifetime of worship has only equaled half the blessing of eyesight. Only half the blessing of eyesight alone is speaking his hearing and smelling. And the fact that he has 10 fingers and 10 toes, the fact that he can walk and talk and understand and comprehend only half the blessing of ice. So when that man will see this, he will say oh well law, rather Your mercy

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or mercy, or will not into me into gender because of your mercy as of allowing MTM into gender because of his mess. So why then would you go and seek help or intercession from anyone other than a man and a woman, I've been at him

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for a while knows everything that has taken place in the past. And Allah knows everything that will take place in the future. And that is the beauty of when you call to Allah. If you have a problem or an issue, and you have to go to your parents, you have to go to your children, you have to go to your husband or wife, you have to go to your friend or your relative, you have to go to a therapist or a doctor, then what you have to do is explain the issue to them from beginning to end. And even when you finished explaining, they probably still won't understand fully and completely what you're going through. And even though you may have an illness, which many other people around you also

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have, they will be able to truly appreciate what it's doing to you how that affects you as an individual. But the beauty of worship is that when you turn to Allah, you don't need to mention the backstory. You don't need to mention your past history. You don't need to say out loud, this is how the issue began. This is when the trouble began, for a lot is on hearing or seeing or knowing he already knows better than you do. And Allah understands you better than you understand yourself. And Allah is more merciful to you, than even your parents would be to you. And so therefore when you tend to allow, or we simply do is raise our hands and make to our We ask Allah for the solution. We

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don't need to mention the story and the issue and the problem. We only asked for the solution for a lot of roles. And then when a large majority always something for us that solution or the issue that will solve our problem. A law does so with infinite knowledge and wisdom. If I was to give you advice, I can only give you advice according to my own understanding according to my own experience, and I don't know what the future holds for me know for you. But when you turn to Allah, Allah has infinite wisdom, infinite knowledge, so paradigm, one tada and a lot of roles, what will happen in the future and so on.

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A lot decrease, he decreased the best of things, whether you're into the machine, he ended up in a shop, and all that you have in managed in comparison to the knowledge of a law is that which he has given you. A lot has given us very little of knowledge. Allah has given us very, very little of knowledge from the knowledge that he possesses. But with that knowledge, were able to live our lives, we're able to have families were able to work, we're able to live in communities and societies. But the true knowledge exists within law. And that's why the law says we'll follow up couldn't be the real men.

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Above every single person of knowledge is the ongoings of heaven.

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There is always someone more knowledgeable than you. And above all of the people is the knowledge of Allah subhana wa Tada. But a lot

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was the

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to stop you.

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sallallahu wasallam Ababa, Canada Kennedy, he was he was one he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira have also kind of Madonna continues. And he says, in the course he was your co CEO, Sam

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Alonso just gives to us the Powerball an example of how great and fast his creation is, if you were to go out and travel all around the world, you would see mountains and you would see oceans, you would see the most beautiful scenery or natural beauty that you can ever imagine. But this is only a speck, only a speck in the ability and the equation of a loss of Hannah Montana. And that's why the pockets that allow whenever he will send them said that all of the toniann everything within it in the sight of Allah is only equal to the width of a mosquito. Why? Because it's insignificant. What is most significant in the sight of Allah is the day of judgment, and the fire of how and gender and

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all of those other types of creations that we cannot even begin to comprehend or fathom, literally see or hear. And so what gives that example, what's your advocacy tools and our key what are the footstool of Allah is far greater than all of the heavens and the earth, just a footstool of Allah. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the example of the footstool of Allah compared to the heavens and the earth, is that the example of a person who wants to go in the desert, the middle of the desert, and they want to take a ring of their hand, and they want to throw it in the middle of that desert. That is how the footstool of Allah is compared to the heavens and the earth,

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just the way your wind would would diminish from that weak desert. And then the prophet SAW the law while he was sitting them said, and the example of the throne of a law there are Shabaab law, compared to the footstool of Allah is the game like a person going into the middle of the desert, and taking off a ring from their finger and throwing it in the middle of the desert. That is how great the creation of a large village is. An abundance of a lot of it, he was seldom told us that there is an angel of Allah, just a single Angel of Allah, the distance between its ear, and his shoulder, is the distance of 700 years of traveling 700 years of traveling, and the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would sometimes see an angel, and the angel was so great that it would fill the horizon, and he wouldn't be able to see anything else. That is a single engine of a law. That is a single creation of a law. And there are millions upon millions of angels that are all well large, the wizard has created over and above them. That is the creation of a law. And so Alonzo john is not poor, a lot of soldiers and go through a storage, a lot of soldiers enough times where there are financial issues, a large region is ever which have also kind of data is ever powerful, ever having the ability to create and provide for his servants. And so when you turn to Allah, you're not

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turning to someone who has a limited budget. You're not turning to someone who has only a finite amount of resources, but you're turning to one who creates what he wishes.

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And he gives what he will supply them with data. And it was so easy for him. The only has to do is Command C colon B, and it is what are you doing

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on all of this creation, all of the dounia and everything within it all of the buildings

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of people within the world, all of the children and all of the animals and all of the parents, none of this toddlers a lot. A lot of them become tired looking after the universe, and lots of Hannah Montana doesn't tire. And that's why when you turn to Allah in prayer, despite all of the things that are large, our general looks after and Allah subhanho wa Taala is the Guardian over when you attend to Him in prayer, a mountain to you, a lot tense to you, and he listens to your prayer, and he listens to your Torah. And when you recite to autumn Fatiha as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, that allow responds to the verses of your backyard that you are reciting. And that's

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just not special treatment for you. Or for me, it is for every single Muslim, over 1 billion of them currently in the world. Allah has the ability to do all of this. And so while would return to other than Allah, and then Omar concludes the verse with another two great Beautiful Names and attributes of his will, who will learn,

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Allah is the most time the most great, there is no one waiting in a line, no more powerful than Allah. No one was more ability than Allah. And if all of the people that were ever created from the time of Adam, until the day of just before of departure from together, as the law says, In the hug, Ethan would see all of them, men, women, Jean, human, all of them from the beginning to the end, and order them came together at the same time. And one of them asked a law and they may throttle for one of their needs, that alone would respond to all of their needs. And all that would diminish from the kingdom of Allah is like a needle that you place in the middle of an ocean and you lift it up. How

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much of the ocean comes back with a needle if you take it out? How many drops that is how vast the kingdom of Allah is. So my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, the message

00:26:55--> 00:27:27

that we need to go back home and reflect on and understand and contemplate over and study deeper, it is the heat of a lot. It is the ability of Allah, it is the infinite power and wisdom and knowledge of a law. So then therefore Me and you, as people who worship Allah, as slaves and servants of Allah, we need to turn back to Allah. We need to strengthen that connection with Allah, we need to bring ourselves closer to Allah for that is the only way that we will achieve salvation in this life. And the next one

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was under

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Lima in

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Lima mamasan

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Rashid minalima de

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France I

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mean a lot more people.

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Allah, Allah taqwa

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until you have a law

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of attraction

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they will tell you that

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you will win can your belly

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fat poo

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poo poo poo

00:28:36--> 00:28:38

poo poo la one law