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The historical significance of the Koran is discussed, including its use in various media and its historical significance in the Bible. The importance of giving charity and showing faith in Islam is emphasized, as well as the need for a "back to the past" approach to addressing past events and addressing future events. The importance of understanding the mindset of Islam's actions and avoiding harms and suffering from diseases like the heart is emphasized, along with the need for a "back to the future" approach to addressing past events.

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No harm done in a toddler and

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a newborn istockphoto on our ob la Himanshu rhodian fusina woman sejahtera Melina Mija de la Fernando de la la mejor de Lille Farah hodja washer to Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wash. Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira Yeah, you're living in a taco la casa de La mattina illa one two muslimin yohannes taco raba como la de holla comienza ohana. Permian has o jaha. Rowbotham in Houma region and Kathy Romani de la la de de Luna de Waal or ham in the LA Cana Ali Kumara. diva

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Latina Amano Tacoma havapoo Ponce de de la cama cama filicudi uno momento de la hora seudah hufa defassa fosun Halima

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nos Takahashi Nikita Bella tada verfahren Buddha Buddha Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Sharon Mortimer to her wakulla modesetting bedarra collaboration badaga wakulla finau our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as you know was given many miracles. But from the greatest of those miracles or the greatest single miracle that was bestowed upon our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the miracle of the Quran. The prophets on the lower it was cillum as we know as is mentioned in the Quran, and sometimes in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was given the miracle of splitting the moon into two hubs. And he was given the miracle of taking a

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small amount of food, and by reciting the Lord's name over it, making it 24 for a great number of people. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would sometimes have water coming from his hands that would be sufficient for a large group of companions, to make widow with many miracles that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given. But the greatest of those miracles is the miracle of the Quran. Not least because the Quran in and of itself is miraculous, from the miracle of the Quran, is that it is something which applies to each and every single time, its lessons, its principles, its morals, its guidelines, once they are deduced and derived and understood in the way

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in the manner that they should be understood. They apply to every time and every generation. And that's the miracle of the Quran. Usually books, usually, any type of written information is only valid for a small amount of time. The works that were written by authors in the 16th 17th 18th century, money read them now even though they were written in English authors like Shakespeare, authors like Charles Dickens, people like that those books, we find it difficult to understand. They were written for a different generation, different time and place, but the Koran, it is something which is valid. The Quran is something which its rules, its principles, its morals, its guidelines,

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they can be deduced and applied to our situation right here today in the UK. So I want to give an example of this inshallah tada in this time that we have before us in this hospital jamara by going through and analyzing one of the stories of the Koran, historian soldier to the Mount either verses 26 onwards, in which Allah subhana wa Taala mentions to us the story of the two sons of Adam and his son Adam, Adam, the first prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala, our Father, the father of mankind, he had many children, but Alonso, Magellan relays in the Quran, the story of his two sons. Now usually in the Quran, when we look at the story of this amazing prophet of Allah, we're only told a very

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limited amount of information in the Quran concerning him. Most of the UN only deals with his creation, and with the last command to the angels to prostrate before him, and how he believes refuse to make that prostration that's what the Quran usually speaks about when it comes to the story of this prophet. And in Surah, trauma in the larger world tells us about the son two of his sons have been and Bobby, Cain and Abel, their story. And Alonzo just says what to do early he never abney Adam, I will relate to them the news of the two sons of Adam in truth. And Alonzo will doesn't call this just a story he calls it news, often in Nepal, and when a large soldier mentions the

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stories of the prophets, he calls them stories. Associated apostles Allah Allah who metaphor can relate to them stories that they may ponder and think, think and contemplate. A large soldier calls them stories in the surah of use Valley, Sam, San apostles the best of stories, but in this particular story on Larissa which uses the word nabba it is news and often in the poor areas of Spanish

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Seal mentioned, when the word number is used, it's because it was a grave, important issue, something major was going to happen something that we should pay more attention to the unusual, a large soldier that says I'm alone and in number in our lien. What do they ask concerning? they asked concerning the greatest of news, meaning the Day of Judgment, human piano, when a large religion speaks in Surah. Assad, he says, hold on, Arlene, say that there is a tremendous news. And then a large silver jewelry lays the story of Adam, likewise a large central cold news, something that we need to pay attention to relate to them the news of the two sons of Adam In truth, because all of

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the stories of the Quran are true, not fiction. It's not made up. It's not just there for entertainment, every single one of those stories that Allah mentions in the Koran, they are true, they took place. But those stories that are true are not just there for us to read. They're there for us to analyze and understand. They're there for us to contemplate. They're there for us to study. They're there for us to sit with our younger brothers and sisters and our children, and explore the deeper meanings of those stories of the Quran. And the lessons that are learned so john wants us to take from them so that we can apply them in our situation. What is the story of these

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two sons of Adam is arabba for men and for to cobalamin howdy Hema, welcome to Taco Bell, Mina Aha, both of them gave forth a sacrifice. It was accepted from one of those two sons of America. And it was rejected from the other. The scholars of diversity Blue caffitaly mama Papa, the others, Rahim Allah, they see concerning the background of the story, that the two sons of Adam alayhis salaam, both of them wanted to marry the same woman. So the father Adam said to them, that because both of you want the same woman, you should offer a sacrifice, give some child he gives something in the name of Allah. And whichever one is child is accepted by Allah, He is the one who will marry, and

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the one whose child is rejected, not accepted by Allah, he doesn't marry that lady. So both of them did this. Now before our own man before our generation before our nation, the time of the Prophet son alone while he was sending them in the past nations, a large soldier would show acceptance of sacrifice and charity, by sending a fire from the heavens, and devouring that offering. That's how it was given as acceptance in the generations or in the nations that passed in the previous prophets, nations. When they would go to war, they would wage one they would have the booty, the spoils of war, they would collect them and gather them together. And they wouldn't take them and

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benefit from them wouldn't be distributed amongst the soldiers and the generals, it would be left and if a loss and down a fire to devour that, that booty, it was considered to be accepted. And if it was left, it was rejected. It's not pure enough, maybe they weren't sincere enough, whatever the reason, it was rejected. And that's how a large religion will show them the science in our own in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet told us all alone, while he was still him from the unique attributes that he was given, will hinder him will booty the spoils of war were made halaal for me, meaning the women Hillel for the previous prophets, who came before him. So

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this was the sign both of them wanted to marry a the same woman. So both of them were told to give some charity offer something in the name of Allah habil was a man who had vegetation among sorry, he had livestock and animals. He was someone who had sheep and cows and camels. So he had a prized animal that he was saving. And he thought to himself that this is the one that I will take and sacrifice In the name of Allah, meaning the best of his wealth. And his brother Bobby was a man of vegetation plantation, amount of harvest of agriculture. And he thought to himself, dorama doesn't need my charity. Allah doesn't need my sacrifice online doesn't need what I give. So I will give to

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allow what I have left over the worst that I have, I will give that in the name of charity. So Alexa will accept it from the one who gave the best of his work. And he rejected from his brother who gave from the worst of his work. And that is a sign in of itself, in the way that we give charity, the mindset that we have when it comes to worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada. That is why our religion is so amazing. It is so beautiful, even on this day of Jumeirah. We're told to come in a certain way to the masjid. We're told that we should bathe on this day, we should wear a set of clean clothes. We should perfume ourself Why? Because we're coming to stand in front of Allah subhana wa Tada. There

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are certain things that we're not meant to eat before we come into the masjid, onions, garlic, those types of things. Why? Because we're coming to stand before Allah subhana wa Tada. That is the mindset of worshipping Allah azza wa jal

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So one of the sons of Adam, he understood that the yes Allah doesn't need my wife. Allah doesn't benefit from the sacrifice that I make. A lot doesn't take from the meat. But a large religion wants to see how willing I am. It is a sign of my piety of my sincerity, as a lot tells us in the Quran in surah al Hajj concerning the sacrifice that we will offer in the days of the read that is forthcoming. Legion Allah Allah, Allah,

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Allah, Allah Kiana otaku. I mean, come on, Lord doesn't take from the meat to the blood of what you offer, but Allah takes from the piety that you display. And so he understood this. This is a principle that goes throughout the Sharia. When we do something, when we have our relationships, when we have our customs, the way that we treat our friends, our relatives, our guests, there's a certain standard in the way that we perform. There's a certain standard that we meet in the way that we treat one another because that is our honor and dignity. But when it comes to standing in front of Allah, worshipping Allah Subhana, WA Tada, what is the standard that we meet in terms of our

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worship? That is what a large religion is telling us in this story. A woman once came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she said, or messenger of Allah, my mother, she took an oath, that she would fast. But then she died before she was able to make up those days of fasting. She took an oath by Allah. This when a person passes away, we usually go around and we settle their deaths. Someone has alone, they took some money from someone, we settle those loans and debts as a matter of fact, of the funeral procedures. My mother passed away she made an oath to Allah, that she would fast but then she passed away, what should I do? The Prophet told us on the lower eyelid, he will

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sell them fast on her behalf for the new law, your Haku and yoga, because the depths of Allah have more right that they should be fulfilled. It is more befitting that you fulfill the rights of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's why when someone passes away from their estate, if they didn't perform hajj, they didn't perform well. And we have enough money from their wealth from the money that they left behind, that someone should go and perform hygiene or on their behalf, that is from the center, something that should be done. Some of the scholars consider it to be something which you do, even before you distribute that money to the deceased relatives and to the people that are living. That's

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the rights of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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in another How do you man came to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he said, O Messenger of Allah. When I'm at home, and I'm alone, no one can see me. No one. Can I walk around naked? I'm alone, no one can see me. Is that allowed for me to walk around naked? The Prophet said to him salallahu alayhi wa sallam for law who are happy and you study? I mean, Allah has more right? That you show embarrassment and shyness before him. Yes, no one can see you. There's no one there around you. But Allah is watching. Allah sees. You should be more shy and embarrassed that you walk in that way, knowing that Allah is watching and hearing you. And that's why Abubakar rhodiola, when it said

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that when he would want to relieve himself from a common law, he would go far away in the desert. And he would say about himself that I hunched down, I make myself small and I cover myself with whatever cloth that I have out of China's before the loss of Hannah Montana. A boom was Elijah de la jolla. One is to say that during the night when he would go and relieve himself in the desert, because they didn't have bathrooms in their homes, they would go out for a walk, and then they would relieve themselves of chemical Mullah. He would say even in the night, I cover myself up out of shyness before Allah subhana wa Tada. That is a mindset My dear brothers and sisters, that's

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something that takes place up there. And in the heart, the way that we act before Allah subhana wa Tada. We often so preoccupied with the way that people would judge us, the way that people will look at us the standards that people have, in the way that they see the house that we live in the car that we drive, the clothes that we wear, the way that we speak the way that we act. But then when we're alone, and only allies with us, we forget everything. No standards remain. We have nothing that we're fearful of in the sight of Allah, but we're ashamed of every single other person. This is the mindset that is being mentioned to us in the story of the two sons of Adam. One of them

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understood this concept, the other one didn't. Yes, the poor don't benefit or not, doesn't benefit from the wealth that you give. Allah doesn't need our charity. Allah doesn't need our worship. But we need to charge in our worship, and alarms. Those are judges that charge and worship based upon our level of sincerity, our taqwa the excellence that we put in to the actions that we perform, but to be laminar had the most accepted from one of them, and it wasn't accepted from the other. So the one who was rejected, he had the disease in his heart. on up to London, UK, he said to his own blood, brother, I will kill you. Because in his heart, he had jealousy, jealousy, so

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Other scholars have said that just as arrogance was the first sin that was committed in the heavens, when he believes refuse to Prostrate to Adam and he said, I'm the father of these two men. When he refused, it was out of arrogance. That was the first sin that was committed. And arrogance is so dangerous, and it is so destructive that he led Iblees to rejecting Allah subhana wa Tada. Refusing to obey the command of Allah. He led him to become an outcast. And that's why our Prophet told us all along while he was Selim liat for Jenna, Montana, Toby vara to mithali min kibber he will not enter into paradise, the one who even has a morsel the mustard seed of arrogance in their heart,

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it's dangerous. Just as that was the first sin to be committed in the heavens, than some of the scholars said that the first sin to be committed on the earth was jealousy. And jealousy is just as destructive. When it leads to envy and hatred in leads to a person doing things that you wouldn't think were possible by killing their own blood relatives.

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to Linda, I will kill you. That's why the Prophet Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam large Timmy Rafi jiofi Adina Lee Manuel has it in the sign of a ban. It doesn't come together in the heart of a single person, that they have Eman faith in Allah, and they have jealousy. And the Prophet told us sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warning us as a community that but you may come down amin publikum. Allah has a tool bar that has come upon you the disease that afflicted those who came before you jealousy and hatred, because jealousy often leads to hatred. So he said to him, I'm going to kill you. Paula in America tabula hominem attacking, his brother responded and he said, Allah only

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accepts from the people of piety, the people who have got consciousness, the people who are always aware that a lot is watching allies hearing a lot is knowing that people who understand that even though no one asked me understand or know what is going in within my heart, a lot of soldier knows, and he knows better than I do. Allah only accepts from the people of taqwa doesn't accept from anyone else. And that's my motto. The alarm used to say, based on this verse, that if I knew that Allah only accepted a single deed of mine, one action, I would paste all of my hope and trust on that single action. A person like role model, with all of his years of jihad, all of his years of

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worship, all of his years of companionship with the Prophet son alone, while he will send them all of the sacrifice all of the good that he did for Islam, one action, I would place all of my hope and trust upon it. Because if Allah accepts one, it means that you fulfill that criteria of taqwa. It's a major thing. And so a lot of your loved one used to see this concerning this verse. Something that we don't really think about when it comes to our acts of worship. The month of Ramadan just passed by month, a month and a half ago, and the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said that after the month of Ramadan finished, they will make dua to Allah for a number of months

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that Allah would accept their deeds from the month of Ramadan. We've heard this narration so many times. Why? Because they understood its importance. They wouldn't just forget the Ramadan over or Hajj is over or this season's coming, it's gone. We're fast approaching now the first 10 days of the Rajah, about which the profit sets on a long while he will sell them. They are the best days of the best days in terms of doing actions coming closer to Allah. The scholar said even better than the days of Ramadan are those first 10 days of the future and they're coming upon us fast. What is the mindset that we have when we approach those days in Maya tabula hominem attacking for Allah only

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accepts from the people of piety, Limassol, Elijah Dickory Dock toolani Marina de basura near de la Kenyatta locked in near hoffa la hora, horrible I mean, and then he elaborates on this mindset, the brother who's going to be threatened by his own blood brother, that is going to be killed. He said, If you stretch your hand to harm me, that I will never out stretch my hand to harm you. Because I fear Allah, Lord of the Universe, I fear Allah. That's what it comes down to the way that we act with one another, the way that we deal with one another, when we know that we can take from someone something that doesn't belong to them, and they won't know what they're powerless to stop us, or we

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know that we're in the wrong, but no one can hold us to account there's nothing that they can do what stops us from oppressing other people, and what stops us from not being oppressive towards others. It is our fear of Allah subhana wa Tada. Just as in the month of Ramadan, when no one could see us and we were at home alone. And we had a fridge full of food and a cupboard full of food. We could have hidden and eaten and drank and no one would be any the wiser. But we stopped because Allah was watching us. We stopped because even though no one else knows, we know and Allah knows

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But that's not just the month of Ramadan. It is in every single thing that we do every word that we utter every action that we perform, and especially when it comes to the rights of others. These last few weeks and months in the city of Birmingham across the UK, we've seen a major rise in crime, people being stabbed people being killed in our own community, these areas, just few minutes from the message, drive down this road rather than what you only have to read the news to see how many people gang related killings, people being stabbed, people being dead. In all of my years getting hurt by this machine. No single topic has been requested of me more than this issue. So many people

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have come to me after the Sala or after the hotbar that I gave previously, or people just stopping me and saying chef, this is a big issue. Why? Because we're worried for our safety, our families, our children, our wives, our parents, what stops a person from a pressing transgressing? What stops a person from taking more than what is their duty? And even when we are oppressed or were hurt we're in the right, what stops us from going overboard in the way that we demand our rights. What is our do? It is our fear of Allah subhana wa tada that should be first and foremost before anything else. And that's why it's important that we understand this mindset. Even if you my blood brother is going

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to kill me I will never harm you. Because I fear a larger region in the region turbo A B if me What if Mika for takuna menos haben now, whether nicotine Giovani Nene, and if you do so if you kill me, the not only will you take your sin, but you will take my sins as well. Allah will forgive me. And that's another thing that we forget that our understanding of justice, our understanding of mercy, our understanding of the rights and wrongs, is not just limited to this temporary abode of the dunya.

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Those people who do wrong if they're not caught in this life, if no justice is given to them here, they will stand in front of Allah, Who is the greatest of all judges. And if we don't take our rights in this life, someone oppresses us. We are weak, we are oppressed, then a large religion will give it to us in full in the next life. You will not only take the sin of murder, but you will take my sins from you as well as the Prophet Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam man Potala Dona Maliki for Shaheed woman Potala Dune NFC for Shaheen, Omen Mattila de una de halifa Shaheed woman patera una de forma Shaheed whosoever is co defending his family, his property, his honor, his his religion, that

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person is a matter. Allah has forgiven them. They've been killed oppressively, Allah has forgiven their sins, but the person who commits murder, they will take that sin. The Prophet told us all along while he was seldom in the Hadith in Sahih, Muslim la luna from buena Latina Allah

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kefalonian Demi ha Liana a woman single, not a single person is killed unjustly oppressively any time anywhere in the world, except that a portion of that sin will go on that first son of Adam, because he was the first one to stop murder in this world. He was the first one to establish that practice. And that's why sometimes when we deal with people, we don't understand the repercussions, the ramifications, the consequences of our actions. So you have someone who's oppressed, but he goes overboard and taking his revenge, and then there becomes a revenge killing. And then the third person retaliates, and it goes back and forth, back and forth. And this is a problem that we have

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murders the extreme example. But even in the small everyday issues, the way that we treat one another family members, friends, neighbors, the way that we deal with one another. What is the mindset that we have?

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So that son of Adam, every single person, can you imagine how many millions of people have been killed oppressively, he will take a portion of each one of their blood because he was the first one to start this is a major issue. everyone forgets we forget our families forget the community forgets police, everyone forgets but a lot of xojo doesn't forget a law records a law rights and his writing is meticulous. A large surgeon doesn't anything escaped him. On on the Day of Judgment, every single person for that total amount of sunshine, no one will be oppressed on that day. When can I miss Paula Hepburn mean harden in a Tina Bihar, even if it is a mustard seed that you did a word that you

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said that you forgot about an action that you performed, that you never thought twice about? A lot. So we'll we'll bring it forth will confirm you know, has he been and sufficient is Allah as one who holds to account. This is what a large that we're doing is teaching us here. This story of the two sons of Adam is a story of jealousy of hatred of revenge, but more importantly, it is a story of the way that we should be that son whose sacrifice was taken. He ended up dying. He was killed for coming closer to a large soldier for duty.

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Something that his father requested of him for giving charity In the name of Allah elect to his death. But a large soldier makes his story immortal in the Quran. Why? Because that is the mindset that he has, he has already gained success. A lot tells us in the Quran that he's successful, because he understood that there is a bigger picture, then he understood that it's not just about this thing or that thing, he will stand in front of Allah, and Allah will hold him to account. And these are the lessons that we need to draw for ourselves. We're living in a community in a society that is quickly becoming fractured. People, family members, community members, friends, relatives,

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neighbors, were quickly fighting with one another fracturing with one another. And the only way to overcome this is if we right the mindset that we have, in the way that we treat people we understand, first and foremost before anything else, our responsibility before our last panel, Dinah the right style of lies placed upon us and the rights that we have upon others, so that we don't be oppressed insha Allah and that we're not oppressive towards others. Male large agency was from jealousy and hatred and arrogance, and from oppressing others, and male laryssa which will grant us success in this life in the next barakallahu li walakum. Wa soon one of our new yakushima female

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Apollo was stopped for a lot he went to committee Jimmy and Muslim and him included them infrastop Pharaoh, now who can have a pharaoh

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. What on earth he was Sahih Omen Walla wa seldom at the Sleeman, kathira, Masha, Allah subhanaw taala. Often in the storage of the Quran, we see things that are physical things that are apparent things that we can judge people upon people stealing people committing murder, people committing adultery, those are the things that we see, are offering those stories Allah subhanaw taala also implies and he also alludes to the diseases of the heart, the things that we accumulate in here and the law and can see, but they are not hidden from Allah subhana wa Tada. Things like jealousy, things like hatred, things like arrogance, those types

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of destructive diseases that if we allow them to fester within our hearts, they quickly overcome our hearts and they lead us to destruction. Many of these things, they come from these types of diseases, someone who can't control their anger, someone who feels that they've been downtrodden, they need to seek revenge someone because of jealousy or hatred, whatever the issue is, it often begins from the heart. And that's why our Prophet told us a little while he was seldom in nephrologist at the mandala. There's a morsel of flesh in the heart, if you work to rectify, purify it, then the rest of the body will follow. But if you allow it to become destructive, you allow it

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to become rampant with disease and Ill then the rest of the body will also follow Allah here. It is the heart. It is something that we need to understand. I will surely bluebells Rahim, Allah tala, one of the greatest, most illustrious scholars of this time, it is said his students narrate that his most common in the month of Ramadan in taraweeh, in such that, if he was making camera power inside is most common. In every single place that he would go to is Allahu alayhi wa rectify my heart. He would repeat this over and over, the chef probably had loads of hours to make, they said that this is the day that we would hear him most making more than anything else over law, rectify my

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heart. And that's why more or less to any corner of the world that you go to. Whenever you come across a scholar. You come across a Muslim organization, you come across a group of people, there is a love in their hearts for that amazing man Rahim Allah tala. He touched people in so many different ways, from the poor and the needy to the scholars and the students of knowledge from the rulers to the lay people, so many different ways. And it's because it's hot. In sha Allah was something that was pure and rectified. This is what we need to work on. So that when we deal with one another, when we have problems that we face, we know that the one thing that we don't compromise is our standing

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before Allah subhana wa Tada. Everything else is easy. Everything else is insignificant. Everything else can come and go. And it doesn't matter. But that standing before a law is more important than anything. Don't compromise your standing before a law. For some of the poultry gains of this world. You benefit today, you lose something tomorrow, and you sell your integrity you sell your honor, you sell your trust, you sell your religion, just for a few pounds here, a few pounds there. You're standing before a law. Your Honor, before a law you tuck while you're a man in front of Allah is more honorable, more valuable, worth more than all of this world put together. Remember this and

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work on your heart and vascular surgeon that he blesses and shows his fingers upon us and that a large soldier keeps us and our families steadfast and that he shows his blessings upon our children.

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And our wives and our families, and our law saves us and them from the trials of shaytan. From the trappings of this life was colossal panatela that he makes selfish, easy for us, and that a large soldier purifies our hearts and cleanses them. And there are lots of parallel dynamics from amongst those who are people who are good in deed and action and in character. And that alarm soldier saves us from arrogance and jealousy and pride and from every destructive disease of the heart, so cannot because the phone was Saddam Hussein in Iraq.