Ahsan Hanif – The Trust Allah Gave to Us

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The Church of Islam is a powerful source of culture globally, and its success depends on the trust and responsibility it takes to fulfill one's bases. The importance of fulfilling God's God'sagency and faith in achieving goals is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to fulfill their own trust and fulfill their families' roles. The importance of trusting oneself and others to achieve their responsibilities is also emphasized, along with the need for transparency and integrity in the face of evil.
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In al hamdu lillahi taala number two who wants to know when to stop

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when our auto billahi min asurion fusina woman CR dr Molina Mija de la Vela Medina woman. fella had era worshiping Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika worship under Mohammed Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira un levina Amato la porta potti wala tomo tuna in LA one two Muslim on yo yo Han NASA topo Bakula de la comida wahida bufala permin Hassan jaha Baba sameen humare geralyn Cafiero manisa what Taka la la de Luna Viva La or ham in La La Conner Ali Kumara teba yo yo la Vina Armando taco la havapoo Colin de de de

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la cama Morocco como philippou, back home, military la sala hufa Defense Force and Halima amabel goofiness. takahara Nikita bolita Allah

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Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Sharon mo de moda to Hakuna Matata tembisa la de da, da da da La palabra Latin for now.

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The heavens were made an offer and they declined to take it. The Earth was made the same often and also declined to take it. The mountains were made the same offer and it also declined to take it. The mankind Me and you, we accepted that responsibility.

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In verse number 72 of Sora to Lhasa, Allah subhana wa Taala is bringing to us a very powerful message. It is something which should make us set up and think about our role and our purpose in life. A larger one Jill is telling us that the heavens with all of their splendor and all of their beauty. They refuse to take this responsibility. And the earth with all of its stability and its power also refused. And the mountains with all of their strength and all of their for mutability. They also refused a lot of syllogisms in Alagna, amanatullah semi avati. One of the big bang for Athena yamina was poppin Amina Warhammer lol insane. Not only did they refuse, but they were afraid

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of taking this responsibility. Alonzo jewel says that he offered the trust the responsibility to the heavens and to the earth into the mountains. Each one of them refused. Not only did they refused what a shocker nemenhah they were afraid to take on this responsibility. Warhammer lehle insan the mankind me and you we bought this responsibility. Allah subhanaw taala when he speaks about this, Amana a trust or responsibility, the vast majority of the scholars of Tafseer Ali Muhammad Allah, they said that the meaning is the obligations that Allah has placed upon us and the prohibitions that our larger region has made haraam for us. This is what is being referred to what is meant by

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the trust and responsibility

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with the trust and responsibility that comes certain perks and certain honors, but that also comes a threat of punishment. The trust that a large religion gives it is something which on one hand, if it is fulfilled, then it takes you to the highest levels of reward. But if it is not fulfilled, if it is squandered, then it takes you to the depths of punishment. And emammal hassanal basilea rahima Hello tida, one of the greatest, most illustrious scholars of Islam, a giant from amongst the scholars of the tablet in the tambourine in general, as you know, who are the students of the companions are of the Allahu anhu mentioned Marian. They are a prestigious generation of Muslims.

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They have been honored by a larger agenda. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by his own tongue. He said, haleness Ernie, from Allah, Xena, Luna home from LA Vina.

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The best of people are my generation than those who follow them and then those who follow them. Those tabea in that generation, were nurtured by the very hands that were nurtured directly by the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they study they took their religion from the companions, and the companions were there and they witnessed the revelation of the Quran. They understood the context of the sooner they understood what was taking place and why it was taking place and how it took place. But amongst the generation of tiberian and the mammal has to robustly Rahim, Allah tala is a giant amongst them. He's a leader amongst the scholars of the tiberian so well known is he in

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the books of Hadith and Tafseer, in all of the books of Islamic sciences, that when the name and hesson on its own, no first name, no punia, no second name. Nowhere he came from nothing, just the name hasn't, which, as you can imagine, is an extremely popular Muslim.

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Throughout Muslim history, but when the name and Hasson on its own is mentioned, it refers to this scholar. Everyone knows anyone that's a student of knowledge. Anyone that studies Islam, when you get to know the name has done on its own, it's referring to only one person. That's how great his position was in Islam and amongst the scholars of Islam. Remember, hustle and bustle Rahim Allah to Allah in His tafsir of this very verse, He said that a large surgeon gave this trust this offer, that they should fulfill the obligations of Allah and stay away from his prohibitionist, he gave it to the heavens, with all of its beauty and all of its stars in all of its splendor. And then a large

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nodal set to it that what it means the trust is that if you're a base, and it fulfills that trust, it will be rewarded. But if it doesn't fulfill that trust, it doesn't fulfill that condition, it will be punished. And this elaborate coalition of alliances which are this amazing creation of Allah, the heavens, you refuse to do so. And then you have the earth likewise, was given the same offer, with all of its expansiveness, and all of its stability, the very earth that we tread upon and stand upon, it was given the same offer. And if you fulfill this offer of Earth, you will be rewarded, and if you squander it, you will be punished. And it too, said no, as in the mountains

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with all of them. For me, the ability the pegs that are large that were dimensions are on the pegs that keep this earth stable, the Himalayas, the Rockies, all of these amazing mountain ranges were made the same offer. And they also said no, but then humankind, mankind, me and new people, who in relative comparison are weak, feeble, insignificant compared to all of those other vast elaborate creations of a large village. Well, we bought that responsibility, and we took Iran. And that is why for those who fulfill that responsibility, of following a large religions legislation, of living their life in a way that is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala, fulfilling the obligations that Allah

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placed upon them, not just religious obligations, but in every single facet of life in every aspect of life, and the stay away from the harem and the prohibitions. And if they fall into the harem, they turn back to a large zoa gel, and they repent and sin and they make Toba because they know that that is the path to get back into Allah's favor and good grace. Those people who fulfill that responsibility and that trust, a larger agenda will honor them, he will honor them to such heights that none of those other collisions can have the earth and the heavens and the mountains of vast, formidable creations. But they don't have free will. No prophets were sent to them. No books were

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revealed to them. They haven't been given the agenda and offered gender and its reward of power, dice and all the beauty that it contains. And that's why those people who fulfill that responsibility that Allah has placed upon them, some of them will reach heights even greater than the angels. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and on the night journalists run the mirage. There was a point in the journey when even Jubilee Valley Salaam who is the arch Angel, the leader of the angels of the heavens, even he said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I cannot go beyond this point. This is for no one other than you. Even Jubilee Valley Salaam has a

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place where he has to stop. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continued, showing the honor that a large zoldan gave to mankind. Why? Because they accepted that responsibility. But at the same time, the earth and the heavens and the mountains won't be punished, because they didn't take on that responsibility. They won't be punished. There's no threat of Hellfire upon them, but on the humans and the people who don't fulfill their obligations, who fall into the Haram who don't repent to Allah, who disbelieve in Allah subhanho wa Taala upon them is the threat of severe punishment, and some of them will be placed in the depths of agony in the fire. That is the trust that a large

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village will give to them. Abdullah Massoud rhodiola, run the weightlessness companion, leader and a scholar amongst the companions. He said in the Tafseer of this verse, speaking about how it not isn't just contained to Islam or the religious obligations, but it spans across all of our lives in everything that we do. He said Asana to Amana will will do Amana. And then he mentioned a number of things and he said, Well wasn't a man I will kill a man. He said that the prayer is from those trusts, and they will do that you make meaning that you don't pray without will do. Praying without will do or make you move correctly. There is a trust that a large region has placed upon your prayer

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isn't accepted until the condition of Salah is fulfilled. It is an A man and he mentioned a whole list of things. And then he said even the way that you weigh your produce when you buy and sell, whether you do it by weight or whether you do it by volume or whether you do because it's the liquid. However you do it that is also an Amana it is a trust that a large surgeon has

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Based upon

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our relationships with one another, our relationships as husbands and wives and fathers and mothers, our relationships as sons and daughters, as children, as employers and employees, as teachers and students in every single facet and aspect of life, these relationships, every single one of them is in a manner. It is a trust from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is so important and the greatest of them without doubt, is the trust that Alliance owns and placed upon us in terms of worshiping Him alone. subhana wa Tada. That is a trust that a large soldier placed upon us, when you fulfill those trusts. When you stand up and take ownership and responsibility of that trust and responsibility that Allah

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has placed upon your shoulders, then a large diligence gives to you blessings, and he shall was upon His mercy and forgiveness, and a large genomic soul of your affairs in this life in the next, he makes them affairs that are easy and good for you. But those people who turn away from those responsibilities, who share those responsibilities, who don't want to know, can't be bothered, will haven't taken and putting the time and effort to learn even what those responsibilities are. Those are the people that alarms diligent will turn away from them, just as they have turned away from him. subhanho wa Taala. All of us have trusts the self of this oma the pious scholars of the past.

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You know, now when we have people who, who, on their deathbed, they give their final advice and Will and Testament, people write it down. People say verbally, they advise their children and their family. We advise them about many things, about their relationships, about their property, about wealth about jobs, and we do many things. But if you look at the wasabia the advice and the testaments of the past, of the scholars of the past, you will find that the more more or less exclusively, they focus on their relationship with Allah subhana wa tada because they understood that is the greatest of trusts. Yes, your wealth and your property and your family and the people

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that you leave behind. They are important and they have a role. And Islam gives them that role. And it gives them that importance. But moreso an even greater than those responsibilities and those trusts is the trust of worshipping Allah subhana wa Tada. And that is why we need to ask that question to ourselves and be honest, have we done enough as individuals for ourselves in our relationship with Allah subhana wa tada that we would be confident that we have fulfilled that trust, by the help of Allah, by the mercy of Allah, have we done enough to fulfill that trust on a large local police departments? Its reward is great, but the threat of its punishment is also great.

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And then within our families and our children, have we made enough time and taken enough effort made the necessary steps to ensure that they also have that sense of a manner. It is a trust that is meant to be passed on from generation to generation. And that is what the scholars of Islam understood. That is what the pious people of the past understood. That is what a large soldier is saying directly to me and you. So prophets on the lower end was seldom, he mentioned in a Hadith, that a person came to him and he said to him, or messenger of Allah matassa When will that I will be established when is human piano and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam responded and he said

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either, Amana, from Toby Risa Buhari, if trust is lost, then await the arrival of the hour, when trust is lost amongst the people, then await the arrival of the hour. So we have this condition today. Unfortunately, we don't need to look beyond even this mystery than our families and ourselves, let alone what's going on in the rest of the world. And with all of the mess that's going on, even amongst ourselves as individuals within our families, in our own personal relationships, has interest been lost amongst us our trust in terms of how we are as Muslims and how we portray our religion and our Islam. When we look at how many people amongst Muslims are in prison, how many of

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them are known to be crime criminals and gang members, how many of them are peddling drugs and doing all sorts of stuff. And then we look at the condition of our families, and how rampant things like abuse, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, psychological all of these types of abuses are within our communities. We know that they're out there, we know that they're in the news. We know that they're in the media, but within us amongst us, the Muslim community and is also rampant, just because it hasn't come out into the media, just because you may not hear about it. Don't be under any false illusions. It is something which is rampant amongst us, domestic abuse, women being

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abused, all of these different types of issues are there Why? Because the Trust has been lost. We don't have that trust anymore. That fear of a loss of Hannah with Tyra even amongst our families when it comes to inheritance families

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bickering with one another breaking up their ties, family splitting up, overwhelmed and over money and over marriage and over land and over property. Why? Because the Trust has been lost. They used to say about the companions of the Prophet son alone while he was selling them. They used to say about them, that they wouldn't bicker and they wouldn't spoil, even though there are narrations, as you know, but there were disputes, and there were disagreements amongst the companions. But as a hone in in general, it wasn't something which was common amongst them. Why? Because each one of them knew their rights. And each one of them knew the rights of others upon amongst them. They knew the

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rights that they had over others and the rights of others over them. And so they were able to fulfill that trust and a larger region has placed upon them. They will people who are upstanding, have good moral character. They will people who, even before Islam, they were people who were known some of them any way they were known for their character and polish was known for some of its good attributes, but it's been lost over time. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the hadith of Ennis even man he called the Allah one, a woman if they don't I mean, Dini come and Amana, the first thing that will be lost from this, from this nation is trust. That's the first

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thing to be lost. Because when you can no longer trust people in your own family, you can no longer trust your Muslim brothers and sisters, you can no longer trust the people around you, then society begins to crumble. You no longer have responsibility or you no longer have that trust and assurance in someone because you know that they themselves don't have that similar trust within themselves to the people within their own family. People don't have that trust that a large soldier placed upon them in their relationship with him. subhana wa Tada. People don't pray. People don't give a car. People are dishonest. People lie people do all sorts of things. Even though there are Muslims.

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People hit people, all sorts of steel kill metal all of this is rampant. Why? Because we've lost that sense of trust. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the hadith of Abu melmetal Bellini rhodiola one that is collected in the form of a Bharani and resin authentic hadith. Hopefully visiting Allah can be guaranteed to me six things and I will guarantee for you Jenna paradise. guarantee six things to me and I will go and teach you Paradise is a hug desert hadoken fella

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to me and fly Yeah, one way the other fella yo Cliff will do absord Acoma Khufu ad accom. Photo photo, Jacqueline. If one of you speaks, then don't lie. And if one of us interested is given a trust, then don't break the trust. Don't be treacherous. If one of you makes a promise, then don't break your promise. Lower your gaze, keep your hands from harming others, and preserve your modesty. Those six things, if you do the profit sets on the lower line, you will sell them that he will guarantee for you, gentlemen. But the unfortunate reality is that often it is the opposite. We speak and much of what we see is false or it's a lie. We're given trusts and responsibilities. And we

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break those trusts, not just the trust symptoms of a laws, obligations upon us religious obligations. But as people who are employees as people who are students, as people who are employers, as people who are teachers, as people who are parents and spouses and children, in every single one of those different dynamic relationships, we break those trusts. And when we make oaths, we make promises we give our word. Our word is worthless doesn't mean anything. It's easy for us to break our word and break up promises. There's no sense of responsibility or integrity anymore, in even what we say.

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And so this is something which we need to rectify and correct. It is something which alarms the origin is telling us that it comes to the crux of our religion, everything comes back to the central point. And that is when a large budget mentions in this verse that I began with in Surah, verse number 72, he began by saying that it is an Amana alarm soldier didn't say that he placed Islam upon them. Alarm soldier didn't say he placed a man upon them or anything else. He chose a specific word, because that word denotes responsibility that denotes integrity. It denotes trustworthiness and honesty, and all of those traits that make up your character. And if it is something in which you're

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upright is something that you can tick off those boxes and fulfill those characteristics, not only in your relationship with the last panel tyrita but then in your relationship with those people around you. That is Islam. That is in a nutshell, what Islam is. And it is something which we need to rectify. The solution to this is also something which Allah subhana wa tada mentions in the Quran. The verses that we often begin with the verses that we often begin in the hospital, when a large surgeon often says yeah, you will live in a couple of three verses of the Quran. The hottie often begins with

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Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to remind this community of them, or you who believe fear Allah, the third of them in sort of exam, are the two verses that come directly before the verse that I began with this verse of trust before them. Alonzo just says, Yeah, you live in LA, dee da, O you who believe fear Allah, have the consciousness of Allah, be aware of Allah, that Allah is watching you or knows and his everything that you do, and think and feel, Fear Allah, be conscious of Allah be wary of a low appunto, Poland city that and see a word and a statement that is upright. That statement that is upright is La Ilaha, Illallah, and everything that it contains, it

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is that trust that a large village has placed upon you, Allah has told you how to fulfill that trust, when you start taking responsibility for your actions, when we as a community start taking responsibility for our individual roles within our families and within our community. And within the society at large. Even the way that we're dealing with the non Muslims and their perception of Islam, much of what's going on, yes, there's a part of the media and politics and so on. But a great part is also done to us, and the way we behave, and the perception that we give, and the image that we portray of ourselves and our religion. You can stand there and you can sit there and you can say

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no but and if but the reality is that all of us have a responsibility. All of us have a piece to play. And all that alarms, though, which will commence upon you is that you play your role. You're not responsible for the whole community and everyone else, you're responsible for what you're able to do, what's under your control, you and your wife and your family and your children. This is something which you're able to fix and remedy. But you need to instill within yourself and within them. That sense of trust. Because if you do so, as the law then continues, you'll see that Allah, Allah will rectify for you all of your actions. Everything that you embark upon, everything that you

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want to do allow will make it a good blessing choice for you. And if a large soldier doesn't want to something he removes you away from it is because there was harm in it that you're not aware of. We have no document and Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive you for all of your sins will mean you theory la hora Sula, who falls on our Lima and whoever is on line is messenger than indeed they have attained the greatest of success. That is a solution to this issue of trust and fulfilling trust is that you go back and you learn what is it that allows the origin wants me to do in every single one of these aspects of life in every one of these relationships? What is my role? What is the trust

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that Allah placed upon me, in terms of worshiping Allah, in terms of being a husband or a father or a wife, or a mother, or a son or all of these different relationships? What is my role and my trust that Allah placed upon me, and then you fulfill that to the best of your ability, with the help of a large soldier, asking Allah for the steadfastness and his and his field is a large soldier that he makes for monks, those people who fill our trust and that Allah helps us to fulfill those trusts and that a large soldier mixes from amongst those who will be successful and be given that reward. And he safeguards us from the punishment of those who do not fulfill these trusts and responsibilities.

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barakallahu li we're looking for and he will soon monophonic Murphy he might mean

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a punto de hada Mustapha la howdy welcome Jimmy and muslimeen I'm including them infrastop Pharaoh in the hall.

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hamdulillah Allah son he was Paulo Allah tofield tienen mucha de la la la la la la sharika lahu talim Alicia Machado Nana bnmc udana Mohammed Abu hora surah Allah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sallam he was one he was to limit the Sleeman kathira about I want to conclude this quote, by mentioning the Hadith, there is an Al Bukhari and Muslim hadith of a man about the Allah one was a familiar man is one of those amazing companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he's often a companion. They used to go and speak to the profits on a long while he was send them in question him about the trials that will flick over the owner. And he would say about himself that

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the majority of the companions, they would go to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they will ask about the good, they would ask about the good, but I would go and I would ask about evil and trials out of fear that it would affect me, and it would affect those around me. This was his mindset. And because of this, and because of this way of thinking, we have all of these ahaadeeth in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us against the evils that will come. Why so that we can safeguard ourselves and protect ourselves and be ready and prepared for them. In this hadith in Bukhari Muslim holiday facism will be a long one that I heard two Hadith from the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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One of them that I have seen with my own eyes, it has become reality, and the other one I am waiting for it to occur. As for the first heading, he said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that indeed a lot of xojo, sent down trust into the depths of the hearts of people, meaning that each and every single one of us, we have a natural inclination to be people who are good. People who fulfill our trust people who take responsibility, that's something which Allah has placed within our fitrah it is within our hearts. That's naturally what people want to do. Everyone grows up being good and being pure. It is in society and all of these other things are corrupt people. But as originally, we

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have that within our hearts, some mighty luminol or an alumina Sunnah. And then he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the end, and he's referring to the companions, they learned from the Quran and the land from the Sunnah. Because learning what to learn the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one from you helps that our manner that sense of trust, helps it to flourish, in nurtures it in nourishes it, it helps it spread out and it helps it to become stronger. That's the first. That's what he says, I saw her the verses, I saw this with my own eyes. They were people like Abu Bakr and Omar. And these were people who even before Islam, were known amongst oration, some of them amongst

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the Arabs, for the characters and for certain characteristics. And then when Islam came in, they learned from the Koran, and they learned from the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, they became even better, they became far greater, they became people that everyone looked up to. But then the second Howdy, he says that the Prophet said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that trust will be lifted from the hearts of people, to the extent that a person will sleep, or when they wake up, all that will be left from the sense of trust in their heart is like the dying embers of a fire. So let's left the dying embers of a fire. And then it continues, and then that person will sleep or another

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person will sleep, and they will wake up and even the dying embers of the fire that trace that small trace, even that won't be left. And all that will be left in its place is a blister, meaning that it will have the shape of something that's puffed up, but inside it, it's empty, it's devoid doesn't have anything in it, nothing good. To the extent that no one will be able to find a person that they consider to be trustworthy, people will buy and people will sell people will do dealings and contracts and agreements. But they can't find anyone that they consider to be trustworthy. Until someone will say that I heard that so and so the son of so and so in such and such a fireplace. He's

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a man of trust. That's how rare it will become. That person will become famous, even though they're far away. Because amongst the people in general, trust will be something which is rare. It is something which will be lifted from the vast majority of people. That is the second Hadeeth which were they for several the long run I haven't seen in my lifetime. But I think we can say that it is something that we're seeing in our lifetimes. It is something which is becoming more and more common. All of us have a responsibility that allows placed upon us distrust, that we fulfill our trust to Allah subhanaw taala first and foremost, and from it comes every other trust that we have

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with our families and our jobs and every other thing that we do, we should be people have impeccable integrity, people that are trustworthy people that are honest people that when we speak our words carry weight, they're not just empty words and empty promises. Unfortunately, that is what is becoming the case. This is something that we need to rectify. We ask for lots of panel data that it gives us the ability to do so under a large soldier keeps us and our families firm and steadfast upon his religion, and that a large soldier protects us from evil characteristics from the traps of sheep on the last panel data shows His mercy and blessings upon us and our families, our parents and

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our communities and that Allah subhanaw taala guides us to that which he loves and that which is good and keeps us away from that which is evil and harmful. subhana

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wa salam on addabbo serene Welcome to the law.

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