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The importance of not denying one's own faith and honoring one's brother's Islam is crucial to excel in the world. The need for people to be proud of one's religion and stay connected with God is crucial. The importance of belief in one God and being clear with laws is also emphasized. The importance of devotion and hard work is emphasized, as it is the most important thing in life. The success of martial arts and protecting oneself is also emphasized. The importance of respecting others and learning from mistakes is emphasized, as it is the most important thing in life. The upcoming events in shallow Thailand, including La ilaha illallah, and the fight between two groups and people are discussed.

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In Alhamdulillah nada Jota Allah want to stay no who want to stop Viru when are all the villa Himanshu Rudy and fusina women say yeah Dr. Anna Lena, they you may have the love of Allah. Allah medulla What are you doing for now ha de Allah? Wa sure do Allah Allah work doula Sherry Kayla shadow Anna Mohammed and Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman mozzie them.

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My dear brothers in Islam

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on the sixth of October last Sunday,

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millions of Muslims and non Muslims alike around the world became very happy

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when our brother could be

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beat in mold, the trash talking Conor McGregor,

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who was a great success going one time, someone who came from the streets of Dublin

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who was living on social welfare, and became a superstar. And instead of being thankful to his creator, he caught himself a god I want to be loved. And Allah Allah who humiliated him

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and his fight against Nate Diaz, and then he was humiliated again against our brother could be.

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And today, as I was preparing the football a couple of days ago, after a budget, I was thinking about some of the stances. Some of the things that we benefit from the life and from the actions of our brother can be an asset that will be a great topic to share with my brothers here today, and the whole book

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I have in front of me, and perhaps you never see me carry papers before, as it's not my customer when I speak. But I have with me today 54 different things that we gain from our brother Habib, whose name and Arabic is heavy hobby nor Mohammed.

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And as we start, I'm not getting into visual cagefighting. Is it halal haram. So, as Muslims, we know most of us know the rulings of this.

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And this is something that's between him and Allah.

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And what we want to focus on what we can gain from our brother, who has sent a beautiful message of what it is to be a Muslim and to be a proud Muslims. What do we gain from his story? I jotted down here 54 things in shallow title, we're going to try to go through it quickly. We have 25 to 30 minutes, we'll stop at each point, maybe just 30 seconds to reflect and see what we gain from historical and SubhanAllah. The first thing that we gain

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is to never judge a book by its cover. Because even though as you know, I'm someone who is into MMA, I follow the sport. And I like competing fighting style. But I never looked at him as a Muslim. I know he's a Muslim, but I never looked into his life. Because I assumed like many Muslims by name, that they're not really close to their religion. They're far from their religion. But obviously, he proved me to be wrong. And that taught me a lesson and taught many people a lesson to never judge a book by its cover. Even if he's doing something that you don't agree with in the fighting life. That hamdulillah he's still someone who's devoted to his faith.

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Number two, don't generalize and paint everyone with the same brush. And us as Muslims, we always complain that the media paints all of the Muslims with the same brush. So it's not fair for us to paint all of the Muslim athletes with the same brush. Just like it's not fair for us to paint all of the Irish as a bunch of Conor McGregor's, because as we know living in Ireland, most Irish are ashamed of this of this man. Most IRAs don't like him, because of his actions and what he says and what he did.

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Three, always look for the positive. When you want to reflect on something, look for the positive, even Ganea one, many times we look at the negative, negative, and then we're blinded and we can't see the positive and what the good something has to offer us. For we take from the narration which is narrated in a hadith which the we said it's not authentic before, but the meaning of it is correct, which is a hikma to bother to move in, that the wisdom is the Lost belongings of the believer, wherever he finds it, he takes. So if we if we see the wisdom, with the UFC fighter, we're going to take it we see their wisdom and the sooner we take it we see the wisdom for of our

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scholars, we take it we see the wisdom from a non Muslim, we take it because this is the way of the believer. So when we reflect on the story of our brother, there's so much we can gain. Number five, and perhaps this is the greatest lesson that we take home is the honor that he has as a Muslim. He makes it clear that the religion is the most important thing. And he makes it I'm very proud to be a Muslim. This is who I am. Yes, I'm a fighter, but I'm proud to be a Muslim. And this is how the Muslim should be should have is an honor and be proud to be a Muslim. Six not compromising.

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Our brother doesn't compromise when it comes to his faith. He makes it clear time and time that

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Get the faith that his Islam his religion comes first. And UFC 200, which at the time was perhaps the biggest UFC fighting event, they wanted him to fight on the court. But what happened? It was in Ramadan, and he said, No, I'm Muslim Ramadan is more important than the fighting. And he refused to fight on that card. How many Muslims would have been willing to compromise for that big pay day? I wouldn't be willing to compromise so they could be out there in the spotlight. But our brother refused. Because it was Ramadan.

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Seven, not being shy when it comes to the faith. How many of the Muslims nowadays they're undercover Muslims. They're scared to be Muslims. And you see quite a bit, it's clear as day this is who I am. This is what I believe. And this is what I'm about and what he sees and how he acts.

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The story of cubby proves to us that a Muslim can excel in the worldly affairs, whether it be sports or business or what have you, and still be devoted to his faith. And fact, what does our religion want from us and this is the ninth point, which is perfection, the province of Allah while he was selling them told us in namaha, your Hebrew he that I'm Allah Hadoken, Avalon and Yukina who Allah loves what have you done something he perfected Islam as realism, perfection, no matter what you do, and we see it time and time again here on these robots, that we need to strive to perfect whatever we do in life. 10 One of the things that we gain from our brother, and Hamdulillah He always says

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100 Allah, very proud and very strong. And he says that hamdulillah everything I have is from Allah, He makes it clear. And this is the way of the believer how many times a day as Muslims do we say Alhamdulillah in the Salah at least 17 times a day. That's if you're not praying the Sunnah just the vote 17 times a day, and the hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen all the praise and things are due to a law, the world of the heavens, the Lord of the heavens in the earth. And after the sloth 33 times after each prayer.

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You're almost up to 200 times a day saying hamdulillah and where does it come from? And hamdulillah if you think about what it means, and even how you can feel it coming from your chest. So as a Muslim, be proud say it out now that hamdulillah let the people know. Number 11 He makes it clear that religion is the most important thing.

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He says it time and time again that religion is number one to me. And surely what here's some of his quotes 12 He says I am nothing without Allah Subhanallah look at the level he reached my brain when he reached that level. He called himself a god

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could be when he reached that level. He says I'm nothing without Allah and Hamdulillah.

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turning to Allah, we see in his life, how he praises Allah. He says he's nothing without Allah, you see that he looks up to the sky, showing that his heart is attached to Allah. And when he comes out, and he had the UFC on his chest in the way and what did he do? He pointed out at the camera, he said, It means nothing. He said it's from Allah. It's all from Allah being attached to Allah is dua, you see him time and time again raising his hands to his greater making dua praying to Allah, money and success as 15. Money is success didn't change him. He still could be from Pakistan. Even after the millions, even after the fame, even after the 9 million followers on Instagram, he's still the

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same man. Look at how humble he is. Look at how he acts look at how he talks. Look where he lives. Look in this round and look at the pictures where he is in like normal places. This is simple guy, the same guy who started is the same guy he is today. 16 being humble. Look how humble and to all those little brother has and this is from the way of the true Muslims our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Mantovani, Allah He wrote, ah who that whoever is humbled to Allah, Allah will raise him

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17 The prayer the Salah, you see him training hard night and day, but when it comes time for the Salah, you always see there, they're praying, teaching us all a lesson there. No matter how successful you are, no matter how busy you are, that the skeleton of prayer always comes first. From 18 to 21. I'm going to share with you four of the quotes of our brother can be 18 when Allah is with you, he said, when Allah is with you, nobody can stop you. You have to believe this. This is true man. When Allah is with you, no one can stop you 19 Stay connected with God. He said number one most important thing for us is staying connected with God. Because without this, he said money and

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family. They can't give you like being connected to God. He said no matter what happens to you, it doesn't matter. You have to pray and you have to stay humble and stay focused and stay connected with God. This is very important to us. He said UFC champion or not, isn't it?

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Doesn't matter, Allahu Akbar. Look at this, look at this, this beautiful quote, this is the advice he's giving to some youth stay connected to God, this is important thing. Don't worry about being a champion. Don't worry about being famous, be connected to God. Be clear with Allah. He said, You go to the mosque, because nobody's perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. And we ask Allah to forgive us. This is very important mentally, pay attention and one. He said this is very important mentally to be clear with Allah. This is not about the USC, there is nothing else more important to me than being clear with the law. And being clear with the law is the number one most hard thing in life. 21

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putting Allah first, when Ramadan comes, what did he say? He said, When? When come Ramadan, this is everything. For me. I don't think about fighting because I believe in one God, La ilaha illa Allah, He said, I believe in one God, this is my religion. Religion, for me is number one, support for me is not number one, Allahu Akbar

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22. He uses his platform, to relay the message, to call to to hear to call to the oneness of God. How many times have you seen an even in the post fight interviews? He says the number one thing is to believe in your one God, to believe and to hear to believe Allah, Allah, Allah, He sends the message to the people. And this is a message for all of us, whatever platform you have, if you're a doctor, if you're an engineer, if you're somebody who works in the shop, if you're somebody who drives a taxi, all of you have platforms, use your platforms to spread the message of law and law to spread the message of towhee 23 could be it teaches us that family comes first, the importance of

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And we see the devotion he has to his father and he has to his family. And this is the teachings of Islam. There is no way any of us can be a true Muslim, unless we are devoted to our parents. And this is something that makes us proud that even though we have issues in our countries and the Muslim countries Wallah he No one can be is better than us when it comes to the devotion that we have and the respect that we have for our parents will Hamdulillah 24 Don't talk about people's families. He showed us very clearly show the world this is a red line. Don't talk about someone's family. And in Islam. Islam forbids us to curse and to slander the families of others.

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25 The role of the parents, we see the outcome and the upbringing, when his father focused on his therapy and making sure that he was a decent young man, that he was a good Muslim, that he was someone who had respect and honor and we see the outcome of this tarbiyah and this reminds us as parents the role that we play and bring up our children. Don't curse the faith of others. 26 Even if you think someone is on falsehood, Islam, what does it teach us? Allah tells us in Surah Tila and we'll add to so pollinia Roman Dooney Allah do not curse or slander those who make dua, those who call and pray to other than Allah, even though we know this is the most major sin the Lord tells us,

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don't curse them, why are you so Billa I don't read because they'll come back and return. And they'll curse on law, any without not, of course, a law unjustly without knowledge. Therefore, the believer never curses the people of the beliefs. And this is one of the lessons that we gain from this story. 27 Having good surroundings, making sure those people around you are good, you'll see that the ones around know his Muslim brothers, the ones who are praying with him, the ones who are training with them, they're on the same page, they're on the same mission, they want to be fighters, but at the same time, they're people who are devoted to their religion will hamdulillah also, we see

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from our brother could be 28 the relationship he has with the non Muslims around him.

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Even though the stand is a Muslim country, when he came to America, a lot of non Muslims It was strange the surroundings around him, but look at the relationship he has and look at the respect that the non Muslims have for him. Look how they stuck up for him after the event. Daniel Cormier, the heavyweight champion, look at the beautiful things he said about Kobe because he's seven years, he's been training with this Muslim man from devastated and he knows what a beautiful man he is 29 relationships with our governments, many people might not be happy to see him visiting Putin. But I believe that it's important for us as Muslims to have relations with our local governments. That's

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the That's what the President is, whether he likes it or agrees that that's what the President is, and this can return somebody of that status. It can have a good outcome for the Muslims looking at Muhammad Ali and the relations that he had, how he helped his local community. So when we have someone who reaches that status, it's very important that they have good relations with the local government, even if you disagree with their policies. 30 The strong believer, the province and Allahu alayhi wa sallam told us al movement in a weak way you don't want to have been a woman and woman at Bife he said that the strong believer is more beloved to Allah is better and more beloved

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to Allah than the weak believer. A strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer and the

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scholars said that this includes the strength this for it includes that of the faith of the man and that of the mind. And I've been, and that also of the body. This is how the Muslim should be 31 the importance of martial arts and being able to defend yourselves. As Muslims, we should do all these things. And we see that the brothers in devils stand they focus on this from a young age, being able to wrestle and be able to defend themselves. And that brings us to 32. which things should we learn ourselves? What should we teach our children from these fights? From the beginning of the UFC, UFC one, it's been proven that the superior martial art is BJJ, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and wrestling, not

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the striking, not that kicking. That stuff is important, but the most important thing is BJJ and wrestling to learn. And subhanAllah. If you go back to the YouTube and you look at on the Gracie breakdown, why every child needs jujitsu and look, if your shoulder learn jujitsu, how they can defend themselves, look at the beauty defend themselves without harming the other individual. Because they will learn how to take the person down and how to restrain him until an adult comes and breaks it up without well hurting him, but they're gonna teach him how to strike. He's gonna have to knock him out, he's gonna hurt the people. So BJJ you can defend yourself and we'll lay out for us

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the brothers who have been older, you'll never find a better workout, the BGA trust me, it is brutal. If you're really really worked out what you do. BJJ when you do jujitsu, you work out the best workout you'll find that shallow 33 Being fit, being in shape, we look at our brother mashallah demonic Allah when it comes up, and he's ripped, he's in Cadiz and shape. And that's how the Muslims should be. Even when we look at the description of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you go back to the Sierra, he's described as having a flat stomach, and having broad shoulders. And this is the physique that a man should have this how we should be as Muslims, we shouldn't want to follow

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Rasul Allah. So Islam in some in all aspects, even though he looked even in his bodily features, at least that was Salam 34

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USC 2229 showed us the reality of the hatred of many non Muslims towards Islam. And when the Muslims, we saw the reality, from the build up to the fight, what was said to our brother, and what was said after the fight, also, we see 35, the double standards, or we can say, the Western double standards, when he talks about everything is fair, and all of this, everything is fair, except for when it comes to us as Muslims, this is the reality

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in our society is how many freedoms that people have, but they come and they attack us. People can do all of these different things when it comes to Muslims, it's open game colors, do whatever you want, because it's freedom of speech when it comes to that. And we're gonna come to that point in a minute 37

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or 36,

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that we have to be fair as listen to say that mashallah this event, even though we saw the ugly side of some individuals, it showed us the justice and the equality that so many non Muslims possess, so many non Muslims still behind our brother. So many Muslims supported our brother and stood against what was said to him. So many non Muslims, they stood up against the double standards and spoke out a bit about it. They said, if you're going to do this to Khabib, and his team, then you had to do it to Connor as well. So we see we have to be fair, as Muslims, even though there was a lot of ugliness towards Islam and the Muslims, we can't paint everyone, as we said, in the beginning with the same

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brush. Because there was a lot of non Muslims, athletes, reporters, who had very good things to say very positive things to say. And they stood against the double standards 37 The power of media and social media, we see that when you use the media correctly, the impact that it has, you see that when you use the social media Subhanallah, the first day after the fight, who spoke out about who threw the first punch in the ring, everybody's blaming it, blaming Khabib and the Muslims, those horrible rush Russian Muslims, they're the ones who start everything. But then they saw who was the first one in the ring to throw the punch, it was Connor, it was their poster boy, then the Muslims,

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they flood social media. So look at who threw the first punch, look at the uncut footage. And then a lot of the non Muslims when they saw that as well, they stood up against it as well. hamdulillah so we can use these means the media and the social media, to support our religion, and to fight for our rights as Muslims 38 The Brotherhood, we see the love that we have for our brothers Subhanallah here's our brother, we don't even know him. He's from Dagestan from the other part of the world, but the Muslims stood behind him. Even those who don't watch martial arts, even those who don't support MMA, because that's our brother, and we love him for Allah subhanho wa Taala especially because he's

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not just our brother, he's someone who's proud to be a Muslim, and that makes us love him even more. We see 39 The strength of our unity when we come together as an ummah, how much drink do we have, how much that we can do? And that's why Islam focuses on the importance of the reality of intimate me know that. That indeed, the believers are brothers

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As Allah subhanho wa Taala told us, we are close to Him, we will be happy Lehi, Jimmy or whatever Federico to hold firm all together to the rope of Allah and do not do deviate amongst yourselves. Do not deviate amongst yourselves. And Allah told us in the verse in Surah, 10, and file were Latinus. But to have shallow water to have a resume, and do not differ amongst yourself, why? Because you're gonna lose your courage and you're gonna become weak, we have to stay together to have unity, and this event, this event, what Muslims together all around the world with hamdulillah for the the result of hard work, and dedication and commitment, our brother he reached that level of being the

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undisputed lightweight champion 27. No, never lost, never even lost the round, even though the round he they said he lost in this fight. It's controversial, ever lost around why hard work and dedication and commitment to what he believed in. And we benefit from this liberal committee, anything in life, that this is what we're going to reach as well. 41 Being a role model,

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in the importance of being a role model, when you're someone who is in position, our brother could be he said, when you when you become champion, this is not everything. You have to be greatest outside to I mean, outside the ring. This is the true champion.

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Before the fight, it's apparent when you look at the impact of this individual that he has. Both are Muslims making muslims proud of being a role model and Muslims as well. He's become a hero to the Muslims, my kids at home now, instead of wanting to play Superman and Batman, they're playing Cubby.

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They're taking the little punching bag and they're doing Body Slam, they're getting onto the ground and pound, and then they're taking turns of the good guy and bad guy. So the one who's the good guy is Cubby, and the bad guy is Mr. McGregor and they get on top of me to do the brand new power they're playing hamdulillah as a Muslim hero for them hamdulillah and they see that there's their brothers in Al Hamdulillah and praising Allah subhana wa Tada before the fight.

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We saw many of the teachings of what it meant to be a true Muslim. From that the sovereign have the patience, and the strength and the self restraint that he showed something amazing. And this is the teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who said Lisa should either be sort of it when the machete tool or the yum knickknacks too and rather that the one who is strong is not the one who the rest of the beat people down but the one who can read frame and control himself at the time of anger. And he did this at the beginning at the end something else happened which I will mention that inshallah at the end of the of the whole bunch of Matata 43 knots slandering others

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from the teachings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, lay cell movement will pan well Alon whatever Hirsch will believe. He said Allah salat wa salam that the believer is not a slander. It's not a slander and he doesn't slander others, nor does he curse others, nor is he immoral or shameless. And we see all of these and the manners of our brother heavy, heavy the whole lot. 44

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If you don't have anything good to say, as a believer, what do you do? You remain silent. The Prophet said Allah Wiley he was Simpson, mon cadmium, you may not be law he will. Call Phelan. Olia smoked, he said, whoever you believe in Allah the last day, let him say Good. I'll be quiet. And this is what Kobe was doing all before the fight remaining quiet. And he showed us something that's point 45, which is that actions speak louder than words. It's a great lesson.

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Connor was saying this in this in this. And our brother was saying six October 6 October. It just gives me six. That was it. Six, and then I told him, we're gonna see what's, what's gonna happen. And we saw what happened. Subhan Allah, when I remember that I looked at that I remember the story of one of the Muslim commanders, as he was going towards the border of China, the emperor of that area, sent him a message. And he said to him, that if you come into my land and try to find us, we're going to do this in this innocent, some very heavy language to this commander. So that commander that will still come out he took that paper and he turned it on, which is a sign of

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disrespect in itself. And he wrote the reply on the back of that page. He said, and Joelle who Matera Mala Mala Desna he said that the answer is what you're going to see that what you're going to hear, and then he said and sent it to him. And this is the way of a believer that anyone should be that action should always speak louder than words will finish in shallow Tada. From point 46 to 50 for the sake of football BarakAllahu people.

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Bismillah who will cover was salat wa salam ala Nabina Mustafa 46.

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Think of the outcome before x.

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Muslims and non Muslims alike.

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We don't agree with what our brother did after the fight by jumping into the crowd, and we believe that if he had been paying

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He should and stood there and grabbed the microphone and said a few good words, that that would have been better, better for him and better for us as Muslims as well. However,

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as the expression goes in Arabic rubato to Nebia, that perhaps from something bad's come something good.

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We see now what's happening in the media that there's actually a lot of good that's coming from this. So that could be the outcome. And that brings us the fourth point 47

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Is that you stand for what you believe in no matter what.

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You stand for what you believe in no matter what, what you believe in. And certainly, the people have bought at a falsehood. They're willing to stand and die for what they believe in. So what about us, as believers as believers in La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, those who believe in Allah, the Creator, and they believe in Mohammed as the last messenger sent to mankind.

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Should we stand up, our brother showed us, religion, family, country, nation, red line, this is what I believe and don't mess with it. Even if it means me leaving the millions and leaving the fame and leaving my career, I'm willing to leave it for my values, he stood up for what he believes in sacrificing 48 Sacrificing what you believe in. This is a great lesson that we willing to give it all up for my belief, giving, willing to give up what I have for something that I believe is actually greater. And subhanAllah something from this a stance like this, something amazing can come of you look at 1955 1955 in America, where the black people, they had to go to the back of the bus

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if the white people came a small lady by the name of Rosa Parks, who decided on that night in 1955, that she wasn't moving for the white man, she was staying in her seat. Look at that revolution. That read that sparked just her stance, because she said I believe I have the right I've been working all day, just like they've been working on the lady I had the right to sit here. And she did her stance, it changed the way Americans today change the way the world is, especially the western world when it comes to race, equality 49.

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When it comes to freedom of speech,

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I believe that this event and Chautala is going to change the narrative, it's going to change how people look at freedom of speech. Because you have certain groups in the society that if you talk about them, that's a red line, you can't talk about them. If we talk about this group, it becomes this type of phobia. If you talk about this group, it comes anti this and that. But when it comes to Muslims, or it's free speech, you can say whatever you want there, no, no problem. But now people will say like, No, this is not something that's acceptable. If we're going to have it for one vote, we have to have all the groups. And when it comes to freedom of speech, you can think what you want,

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you can believe what you want, you might not agree with me and I like what I do, but you can't offend other people, things that offend other people is not freedom of speech. This is being horrible and being hateful and Alhamdulillah I believe that this event will change that narrative in shallow Tana 50 and 5150. Respect and respecting others. I believe that it's been that's a general thing, that people would have more respect for other people of other faiths have other outlooks of other ways of life. And 51, respecting Muslims and their faith in specific, this event in shallow Thailand is going to help

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strengthen our relationship with our non Muslim community. And it's let the people know that we don't play when it comes to our religion. This is our faith is the most important thing to us. It's a red line for us. You don't have to agree with us.

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You don't have to support us, but don't talk about our faith is a red line for us. We don't have jokes about our faith, you might joke about your faith, but we don't joke about us. And I think this message was sent loud and clear 50 to the end of the volume and of the oppressor. And we see this, throughout the Quran, Allah gives us these examples of the past nations who thought like Pharaoh own the Pharaoh who thought he was God who thought he was Robocop and Allah your, your lower the Most High and how Allah humiliated him. And here we see this individual and Conor McGregor, who got so good.

00:28:59--> 00:29:03

Who had gotten so good that he called himself a god

00:29:04--> 00:29:23

as being from the gods. And what happened after he said this, I told the brothers before a brother could be what he's about to fight. Yes. I said he's going to lose now when he calls us up a godfather. It's over. Game over. Why, just like the Titanic. No one can sink the Titanic, not even God. First time out from Ireland as well, by the way.

00:29:24--> 00:29:59

First, I know the Titanic and what happens it sinks. As soon as he said this second round, he immediately choked out by Nate Diaz, once again comes back with all of this negative stuff, all of this color. I'm talking about our brother about his faith about his about his family, about his nation about his country, all of this. What happened once again choked out I mean, just beaten to a pulp. What wasn't even close, this beat a beat, he was playing with him like a toy, and then at the end just choked him out. Once again, this this column also presents was humiliated and this is the end for all of the oppressors upon this earth 53

00:30:01--> 00:30:35

In many when you make mistakes, our brother taught us a lesson. He could have defended his actions. Immediately after what he did after he jumped out of the ring. He said, This is not my best side. And he said, I'm sorry, I apologize. And this is the way of the believer, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, khulumani Adam Capo will fail for point until a boon that all of the children of Adam make mistakes, but the Best of those who make mistakes, to avoid the ones who repent to Allah, and the ones who come. And it was a myth, I made a mistake. This is awful. Vila, this is a high virtue when you come and say what I was wrong. I made a mistake. And this is what our

00:30:35--> 00:30:45

brother taught us to be. Not to be proud not to be arrogant, I missed that I shouldn't have done. It was open about that. Well, Hamdulillah 54 is the last point when it's in shallow Tala

00:30:46--> 00:31:23

is standing for justice. We saw yesterday on our brother Cubby, or heavy on his Instagram, when they suspended some of his brothers from the UFC from fighting. And he said, What about Conor McGregor and those who attack the bus which is even more dangerous people could have been killed there actually. They were UFC fighters, they didn't get suspended. So why are you going to suspend us? The Muslims the Russians, why are you gonna suspend us? Where's why these double standards, and he said, You needs to be known that if you're going to suspend my brothers, that means you're suspending me too. If you're gonna fire them, then you're gonna fire me too. And if you don't fire me, I'm gonna

00:31:23--> 00:31:29

quit. He said, because we're brothers and we're in it to the end. Look at it standing up for justice.

00:31:30--> 00:31:31

losing millions if he does.

00:31:33--> 00:31:42

He said something amazing when he said many people fight for the money. He said, I fight for the legacy. As well as you did the power we can add that as the 55th point and one,

00:31:43--> 00:32:19

that the knee and that you have the intention you have for something, how we can change forever honor and fighting for legacy and not fighting for the money Subhanallah whether we agree with each of the fighting, as we said in the beginning, but it is something that we benefit and that we can gain from these are 54 or 55 points to divide things that we gain from the story of our brother could be We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect him and to keep him humble, and to help him to increase in his faith and to help us inshallah and the Muslims to be like him. In many ways. We're we're proud to be Muslims. We don't we're not the undercover Muslims who slipped through this. I'm a

00:32:19--> 00:32:19


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As well when you respect yourself, this and we can add this is 56 when I stopped, I started it just keeps going