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The importance of remembering what is important in life, especially in difficult situations like financial troubles, is emphasized. The use of defragment and devaluedizing actions is also discussed. The use of intentions in various fields, such as politics and social media, is also discussed. The segment emphasizes the importance of maximizing one's intentions and focusing on actions to avoid harm and illness.

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Then from the United Ireland Amadou Honister in order to still feel when are all the mila injuria and fusina amin sejati Marina Maria de La Villa de la

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Deanna wa Chateau a la ilaha illallah wa la sharika overshadow Anna Muhammad Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa early he was, he was a limiter Sleeman kathira yeah you are levina mana. takala haka, Ducati moto Nila one two Muslim en un NASA Takara. Bakula the HUD akumina. FC wahida holla permin has

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over seven humare Jalan kathira manisa we're talkin la la vida. Does he want our ham in the LA cannery Kumara peba Yeah, you're living in LA colo Colin said either. No slave nakoma man.

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Come on man. You're here in la hora sola who forgot the first fosun are Lima and mobilego finance Takahashi tabula rasa we'll head on head the head you Mohammedan sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Michel ohmori Martha to Hakuna Matata, Hakuna Matata Hakuna La Bella Latin Now,

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one of the objectives of the Sharia is to remind us to focus on what is important. In the everyday hustle and bustle of life with all of the issues that go on in everyday life, especially then, in a time like this, when I will falter preoccupied with serious issues, one of the objectives and the goals of the *tier by reading the Quran and focusing on the Quran, and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his example, is to remind us and make us focus on what is important lest we should forget what is important in life. An example of this is the situation that many of us are following or experiencing in the current circumstances, a difficulty in finances, many people

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are losing their jobs or fearing that they will lose their jobs. The economic situation is difficult not only for individuals and families, but in society as a whole. for charities like our massage, and other charities, it is a difficult situation. And so in pure business terms, we look at what we can do in order to gain the maximum profit for the minimum effort. Because that is how we are trained to think one of the things that surely our does is to remind us that just as that is an important component of our life, to see where our next income will come from, how we manage our finances, how we provide for ourselves and our families. It is also part of the Shetty as role to

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remind us that that is a far more important type of transaction and train that we should never lose sight of, whilst we're focusing on the very important circumstances that we're facing, that actually are also tells us to focus and concentrate on, we should never lose sight, that even with the greatest profit in this dunya a person will always be in a state of loss, if they have lost out on the greatest of all transactions, the transaction of the earth era. There is something a concept amongst the scholars that is known as de Jara, to Loyola, the transaction, the trade of the scholars, the trade of the scholars, is how you maximize your good deeds you are able to solve with

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your intention. With a single good deed How do you maximize that good deed? to the greatest extent possible? That is known as de Jara? torula. Yeah, even though because here rahima Hello, tada, one of the famous scholars of the tiberian from the most prolific narrators of hadith of his generation, Rahim Allah said, to focus on your intention is more important than to focus on your action. Abdullah normobaric Rahim Allah that famous scholar used to say that perhaps a small deed, you can maximize through your intention, and perhaps a major the the big deed, you minimize, because of your intention. This is what the scholars used to focus on. And so now when I come to the masjid, and I

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don't have much money, or my circumstances have changed, and they're difficult, and I can't give as much in South Africa as I would like, to the small amount that I give, I can maximize that by using my intention and intention that no one knows except me. And Allah subhana wa Tada. I intend, by the few pounds that I don't need to this question. Not only do I have to keep the services, of the prayer going of the masjid, in terms of its lighting, and its heating, but perhaps a small percentage of that, or a part of that will go to benefit the elders of my community, and the youth, and our sisters, and the poor, and the needy, and the orphans, and those people across the world who

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benefit from the sadhaka that we give, and our non Muslim community and the revert, who have recently accepted this religion. So many people benefit from a single intention. And the beauty of that power of that trade is that no one knows his true profit or loss margin except Allah subhanaw taala I have an intention and an interest those affairs to Allah azza wa jal by praying the way that we pray by behaving the way that we be

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In this current crisis, I don't shake people's hands when I come to the masjid, that's a difficult thing to do. We don't pray next to each other, even though our religion normally unusually commands us to pray, shoulder to shoulder, foot, foot next to foot. But I don't do certain things. And I leave them not only because the government wants me to do so, because there's a health implication to my actions. But I have an in my intention that by doing so, I prevent people from harm, I potentially save the lives of people. I prevent people from suffering distress, and harm and difficulty and illness because of my actions on your lawn mowers, whether I would ever be infected

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or affect anyone else, no one knows except a large soldier. But by having that intention, the purpose of what I do is magnified, that is what is to Georgia to the role. That is how the scholars used to train, they will do something small, but Allah azza wa jal would, because of their intentions, place many benefits in their actions. And that is why some of the greatest scholars of this religion are not the scholars who used to travel across the world wide and far. They are not the scholars who used to author many, many books, they were the scholars who sat in one place, but every time a student came to them, they would teach them. And every time someone came, they would

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teach them and perhaps some of them were not known in their lifetime. But after they passed away, people understood who they were. If you want an example of that, look no further than ignore Raja Bell hanbali rahima Hello, Tada. Someone who during his lifetime wasn't well known, someone who people used to think wasn't a scholar of his time. But after his death, when people realized what he had written and authored, they found and realized that he was from the greatest scholars of his generation. rahima Hello Tyler. This is a concept that we find in the Quran and the Sunnah Lars xojo tells us yeah, you are living in our manual. Hello Luke Malati Jr. rockin tungee COMM And either

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been ailing, or you who believe shall not guide you towards a transactional trade. That will save you from a painful torment taught me no Nabila. Here we're assuming you believe in Allah and His messenger. What did he do? He said, ILA II am wildly common physical, and you strive in the path of Allah with your lives and your wealth that the compiler will come and come to tala moon that is better for you. If you only put new york back home, Allah as a result will forgive you for your sins will come Jeannette integrity mentality and how and he will enter you into gardens into which rivers flow warmaster kinako herberton Fijian natya Adam, and He will give you residences that are pleasing

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to you in gardens of eternity, then he can fizzle out when that is the true and great victory. What is collected hon Hardy and Muslim to show you how the companions understood this concept about Musashi. And what are the blue Jebel or the Allahumma we're having a discussion in Yemen, the prophet of celibacy, and both of them to Yemen to teach the people of Yemen and to call them to Islam. And as they were discussing and having a discussion with one another, they were speaking about the young lady the language she's in her body and Muslim so my job Robbie Allah who are known to be from amongst the scholars of the Sahaba he said trouble Moosa Amana for animal boom. As for

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me, I sleep out of the night and I stand in prayer for part of the night. Why don't you fino Mati, my origin of your comity, and I pray and I hope from Allah that I will be rewarded in my sleep, just as I am rewarded, once I stand in prayer, and never be able to harm others from amongst the scholars said, what he means by that is because when he sleeps, his intention is that by sleeping, he has more energy to pray, more ability to concentrate, and when he does stand for prayer, that allow will reward him for that intention, even though he is asleep, just as when he stands to play. This concept is an extremely important concept that I want us to understand and start to build in within

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our lives. Because in the circumstances that we're in maybe, or in general, everyday life, we have an opportunity with a very limited amount of time, which is our transaction in the dunya what I bought with what I have is my lifetime, the time that Allah has given to me, how do I maximize that in those few years to gain the most in terms of deeds? barakallahu li walakum Ronnie was so now when a foreigner will Yakubu Murphy him I mean it will take my polka stuff with Allah honey welcome. What is your meeting Muslim equilibrium infrastop Euro in a one off,

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spill out from the de la salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah he was talking to a woman while I was alone with the semen kefir I'm about. I want to conclude by mentioning to ahaadeeth the shows the power of intention, that even though you don't know necessarily what's going to happen, but by having that intention, and interestingly refers to Allah is those that Allah subhanaw taala blesses your endeavors and the intention that you have within your heart, what is considerable hollien Muslim, the hadith of Abu huraira the Allah 100 our Prophet told us Allah Allah will send them about a man who said let the Leela be sadaqa tonight

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We'll go out and give some charity. So he goes in the middle of the night when it's dark and he doesn't know whose hand he will place money in. He ends up giving charity to someone who happens to be a thief. So the people of the town in the morning they say to so called Laila Allah Sadek. Last night someone gave sadaqa but he chose to give it to give it to a thief. The man when he heard what the people were saying, they didn't know he was him. He said along Malakal, Hamdulillah, salat, or praises for Allah even if I gave it to someone who was a thief. The second night, he goes again and he ends up giving charity to a prostitute. And again, the people say from all of the people of the

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town, someone ended up giving charity to a prostitute, but again, he pleases a large surgeon. And then on the third night, he decides to go and give sadaqa again, but this time he ends up giving it to someone who's a wealthy person, a rich man. So the people say now he's given sada or someone's giving sadaqa to someone who is wealthy, the man praises Allah again. And then a large social send someone to this man who tells him that perhaps the money that you gave to the thief will stop him from thieving and stealing. And the money that you gave to the prostitute will keep her helper to keep her modesty and chastity. And the one that you gave to the wealthy man, the rich man will

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perhaps make him reflect on his own situation and in turn spend upon others in the path of Allah subhana wa taberna. That is the power of intention, it is its beauty, and that is why the scholars would focus so much on intention and they would say, the one who has mastered this chapter of intention has mastered the religion of Islam. And that is why the scholars used to play so much weight on the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. In the malaria mail will be near Windermere equilibrium, man, our reaction is judged by its intention and everyone will get that which they intended as a large zildjian that it makes affairs easy for us not Allah subhanaw taala

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gives us the ability and the strength and the tofield to use our intention in ways that are pleasing to Him that maximize our rewards and our efforts has a large engine that removes from us harm and difficulty and hardship and there are lots of panatela shows his blessings and mercy and forgiveness upon us. So Pandora bicarbonate is that the MRC phone was set up. Well hello Mr. Dean. Welcome to the law.