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In this video, we’ll be discussing marijuana aka pot. Recently we came to know about a young Muslim also Hafiz of the Quran not only using marijuana but promoting it as well. He was misinformed somehow believing that this is allowed in Islam.

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This is

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the law Peace be with you. Welcome to the D show I'm your host subscribe if you haven't already guess what we're going to be talking about. They put Jane before Mary Mary Jane, whatever is called marijuana cannabis, we're going to be straight with you today we're going to be keeping it real and we're going to be talking about this topic is become something very casual. And many Muslims are getting involved in it, having some misinterpretations about it. So we're gonna set the record straight. We're going to have a very frank discussion here with my next guest on the D show, you're going to be very enlightened, don't go anywhere, sit through the whole show. So you can make up your

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mind the next time you're thinking about lighten up here to D show my next guest don't go anywhere, right back. This is

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this is the

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Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you.

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How are you doing my friend? Wonderful yourself. Good. hamdulillah we got a very exciting topic to talk about. Talk about, you know, people sit back nowadays and it's become very casual, you know, to smoke marijuana. people equate it with something natural. It's a natural plant and whatnot. And what what

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hit home for me really was something that was more personal because

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a brother had brought to our attention that some young brother was inquiring not more inquiring, he was trying to persuade because he had shared his Facebook page with one brother and brother had noticed that there was a picture promoting actually marijuana. So brother, let's say brother x is talking about brother wine. He's like he asked him he said, Look, brother, I'm kind of confused. You know, I thought you had get this. You are half as of Quran, you memorize the Quran. And I really had deep profound respect for you. But now I'm seeing you're promoting, you know, this plant. You know, it says on there, you know, share plant people are seeing this picture right now it says share a

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plant with your friends. He was I was he was in shock. And then he had texted one of his friends and he said, What do you say to someone who says half the scholars say that? smoking marijuana? half, half half. Wow, half says hello, half CSR. So the brother said I'd tell him he's crazy shakedowns, pimping them, what would you say? It is of how law I don't know what no half or other half you know any sane person who knows and know about drugs and toxic ins and so on, you know, that also aligns them a lot he was selling them. He clearly stated that anything that intoxicates you is prohibited and and then as a scholar said the measure that accordingly, you know, maybe cigarettes, maybe

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marijuana and its lakes were not existent back in the profits, they specifically with these names, but that's called our time along with the doctors because he can't do one group without the other you have the doctors and you have the scars of the dean. They do the work research they put on the table. And I personally am not aware of any scholar that knows of such intoxicants and drugs and end up saying yeah, you know what? Sure, go for it. who seek Allah's refuge and sauce understanding, even if they say, Well, there are some benefits. And yes, you might find a benefit or two. But what's the harm behind 1000s hundreds Allah knows best. And then they change the terms of it, right?

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They say things that you know, soothes the mind, sing the grants you happiness, and they change the terms. So the baseline is that intoxicates you as I progress, last sentence as well, whatever intoxicates you in large quantities, is also hard on in small quantities. So it doesn't matter took a bucket a gallon to get your ground. As soon as it gets you in tight covers the uncle, the mine exactly, clouds it wonderful, then that's innovative, he knows how to light, even things like that, you know, scholars are required to support us and so on. But sometimes even yourself, the prophets of Allah Allah was sending you said, sin has two signs for it, that which your heart does not feel

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comfortable towards or you're doubtful. And number two, something they don't like people to see you doing.

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So I ask everyone who consumes that I asked them by Allah. If they know a pilot is smoking weed? Would they go and write in that airplane? I asked them by Allah to be genuine to be sincere. If the one who's been doing an operation on their parents has talked and has taken a joint a lot a drug here and there this marijuana, are they going to allow that doctor to complete the operation on their parents, I asked them by Allah. I'm not a chef nor scholar, I'm talking to that person. What would they say? See if you feel uncomfortable, maybe that's the alarm in the heart that Allah has blessed you with the sutra that they know consciousness if wish to say or that innate nature.

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There's something in between

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Keep in mind, so from the technical from the from the perspective now is this allowed? This is pretty much clear that, you know, there's a consensus of scholarship that have agreed that this is something that is prohibited that anything that intoxicates you it's in the Quran, it's in the sun. This is something there's no ambiguity, ambiguity. It's not ambiguous. You know, that's one of my teachers, one of our alumni, he said the fact we're the ruling of cigarettes, imagine cigarettes, imagine you've done marijuana go to the next level, the rulings on the box. What is this? What is it see on the box, a cigarette pack? This thing that may cause you lung cancer is done, where you're

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arguing for shift the stent even taymiyah. He says actually, according to him, he said that it is a consensus amongst the scholars that he specifies hashish which is a weed, it is prohibited to them. I wouldn't negotiable I want to back it up because there's a difference between let's say, because in this case, you have someone who

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you know had memorized the Quran now there's a difference between someone memorizing cron understanding the Quran and talk with us involved because Polly one a cracker.

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Okay, you know, the parrot, she can you can train her to memorize some crowd. What What, what points point is it? And when further the brother was talking to the brother, this other brother who was promoting the weed who had,

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who was at one point

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was seeming like he was really strong on the D. So I put it to the public, he appears very practice. Yeah, he had mentioned that. I'm not really what you think I am, you know, I'm not that knowledgeable. It's all me. So when we look back, I mean, how important is it when we really start teaching our kids we start learning the Quran that we learn it with understanding? Absolutely, you know, learning with understanding is something that you will seek till the last breath that you have. And then when I showed the law and the whys of the process, tell them when they asked about the character of the Prophet.

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They said he is a walking, what Koran. So he applied the Han, there's some narrations that the companions, they said, We never moved on to memorizing the next verse, until we memorize and applied the first verse, somehow. So that's something definitely very critical. and applying is is is a lifelong journey. And we allow us to apply what we learn and that's what we say, Now let me get an excuse for us to intergender and not an excuse against us. We know the level you know, there's quite a big difference between someone who is in Ireland, someone who's a scholar, someone who's really fat who's memorized who's, who's living this Deen, there's much respect, we have to respect our

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teachers when I had a conversation with someone who I thought was actually Muslim. But then at the end talking to him, I was trying to give him some advice. And at the end, he said, Look, I'm not really religious, and he started talking to me about Darwinism. He started saying, you know, I don't want to I'm not involved in religion, all these mullahs and all this you know, religious people, they're the most corrupt and I really caught me off guard then I said, You know what, you're absolutely right. You know that the Hellfire is going to be started with scholars. So how long is going to start That's true. So I want to talk about this. There could be some some shake some person

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even smoking. He can be a Mufti smokiness of Booker. Is he our example at the end of the day? May Allah protect us from being under such people? You know, this is why the scholars are very high position. Allah said Shaheed Allahu Allah says, Allah The first one who believes on Oh testified is there no Lord, but a lot art is Allah is a shade of love. And no, Laila Hello. And Allah talks about the angels it talks about the scholars so Allah you know, appreciates a scholar so scholars is a very sensitive position. So that's why in people follow us scholars sing a very odd opinion and it may Allah protect us and this is a fitna from I know that can follow up on people but what I'd say

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is that just you know, use your logic as well a scholar tells you something I'm not saying you have to be a scholar, but at least have some common sense. If you have 1000 scholars that tell you this is prohibited non negotiable this isn't that then you use this one odds you know you call scholar a law alum and see what's his reasoning and be very just with the ask for the reasoning respectfully shake with all respect, you know, I know your island, but with respect, what's your reasoning behind saying it's highlighted? How is it possible and see why it tells you or why is it Why is it not on and so on. When you have this evidence, we're gonna take a break and we right back with more here on

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the show to talk about marijuana, Mary Jane cannabis, what are the names they got for it? They call it pickled onions, the nickels, mushrooms

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Continuing on talking about marijuana, something that's really amongst the youth, even adults it's become something more casual. But you know what trumps everything at the end of the day is if we've connected our heart, to the maker of the heart, our Creator, this is it. This is where we get

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If our guidance from now I really you know, when I'm thinking about this, can we can you imagine? And you take off from here, if the Sahaba our beloved, the last economist

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from Amazon, we're

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getting stoned, getting high, saying I gotta think clear, you know, because you see people come up with all these you know, different reasoning you know, I can think clear I'm more focused on one not even though you know, they've just studied CNN, people see right now we'll go to a clip, Rick as a consultant prepared our marijuana smoking lab.

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Three volunteers each took a practice run on a course set up by the Thurston County Sheriff's Office stop until she wiped out a cone which would have been indicative of backing into a pole or maybe a citizen on the on a sidewalk, the sheriff's officer driving instructor and even Addy agreed she would not be safe if she was on a public road. She would be a danger. Yeah, yeah, definitely. That's dangerous. To confirm the volunteers were driving impaired we treated them like anyone else pulled over and suspected of drug use. The County's drug recognition expert put them through a 12 step evaluation checking things like their balance, heart rate and blood pressure were also checked. They

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all had issues including Jeff who couldn't find his nose with this finger tip. I would say that all three would have been arrested for driving under the influence where you know what the expert have said like you actually operating machinery a car you endanger yourself in danger. However, experts warned that weed could negatively affect brain development in teens and cause short term memory dysfunction, coughing and respiratory disorders. It also impairs people's ability to drive. But what about from this perspective? Here's someone who's a who's you know, want to be respected? You're a scholar You know, you're somebody who's committed to the DEA How could someone take you seriously if

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you're someone who just gets stolen and gets hot? Absolutely especially taking someone seriously as they were mentioned about the pilot, the doctor and so on this is very serious, you know, from from medical field in the simple term. You know, whenever we eat something sitting a gathering that we enjoy, there's a dopamine level that is released in a very natural level allow me to think that you know Nakula shaken up now before that Allah made everything you know, you know, settle alas calculate everything. We take these intoxicants marijuana and its likes, it basically releases more dopamine than that which is natural. So excitement level is above which is average and normal. And

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people get excited because they love it. And when you experience this, you're no longer satisfied with whatever Allah made normal. So every time they go on board I need to excitement I need this is unless you go for something that's unnatural. So then you stick to it, because you're more dopamine and all that stuff, etc. So when someone is at that level, as you said, how you can take them serious and then when they walk like that they smell bad and so on. So it's a whole set of things you know, if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam advised us not to go to the massage at the mosque when we eat onion and know things that are disturbing Imagine if you walked in with smoking a cigarette

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smoking weed how disturbing the the smell. So I'm not just talking about even health wise even disturbing to other people. It just this is a package of things that I truly believe every genuine man and woman who consumes that I believe so has an atom week of amen or belief or any sanity left they would know that it has some serious effects. This will definitely I mean, okay with the red eye, dry mouth munchies whatnot, you're, you sleep a lot, you sleep a lot in house, this is going to definitely affect you, your father, your worship your you know, your life is absolutely, the question lies in that too. Why are you consuming such stuff? Is that why? Most people will tell you

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according to what we read here and there, most of them feel stress. I'm stressed out. I personally know someone I saw them taking some intoxicants. I asked why because my father and mother continuously fight and my father is actually physically abusive to my mother. So their solution to that, you know, depression they're going through is smoking cigarettes and intoxicants. Now I feel bad for you may Allah lift every hardship from our brothers and sisters really. But is that really the stress relief method? You know, the prophets I said and told us you know, one time a man was putting some alcohol together.

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So Rasulullah sallallahu he was talking 10s authentic hadith. So the man said yes, well this is cure.

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This alcohol is a cure to me. The promises lice are the least happy though this is not cure. In know that radisys disease, luck. You know, don't think that Allah will put something a cure and something that's harder. Obviously, you might have some moments where the doctors if you won't, if you don't mind me just touch on this you know. So using intoxicants as a means of cure and other scholars have mentioned few points for you to use an intoxicant, which is naturally hot on as mentioned, is acceptable in three conditions that some scholars have mentioned. Number one is the doctor doctor. A Muslim doctor needs to prescribe it for you

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Like, you don't need to take this marijuana, you could take business and natera, when whatever it may be, it's not a Muslim doctor than a doctor who's trustworthy, non Muslims fine, but knows about your standing values. And number two, this has to be the only drug or only medication available, there's no substitution whatsoever. And number three, it has to do with the quantity that is needed for your children. So people have to keep that in mind and not exaggerate. You'll see arguments for this. I mean, you'll see people who will just go out of their way, you know, argue something. Do you see that when you really want to follow your desires? Yes, you will do everything and beyond to try

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to justify that. Yes.

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You know, as Allah says,

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illa Huwa some people will take their Lord as their desires they will do the oath the government did go to this Don't do that to legalize it, do whatever it takes, you know, day and night working on it somehow not so bad luck May Allah protect us and make our desires are a lovely is pleased with me. And it's something you need to keep in mind. No, I just went to a very foundational rule. You know, some people say, oh, marijuana means this means that it's not really the intoxicant. Let them call it whatever name they want. The bottom rule is what Allah said. And whether you see the benefits you don't that's not you know, leave it up to Allah roswaal lysandra montagny grab gold, and he grabbed

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silver and this is another example of how we submit to our laws rulings, gold and silk sorry, he told the people this is prohibited on the mend permissible on the woman. I personally, I'm not sure about your audience. Do They Know why? Gold is haram on men? Why silk Allah knows best. But what I know is I submit

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intoxicants are haram on submit to Allah xtronic time. So So I said, let you know I'm hoping alone, etc. We're going to take a break. And we'll come back shall wrap up this very interesting topic here on the D show. Please subscribe to the show, follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages in the links below. Please also help support the show by making a donation in the link below.

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So basically, at the end of the day, someone who is chosen constantly to submit to the creator to obey the creator loves the creator wants to follow the example the last fundamental problem he's got no, she's got no business getting stoned. Using dope. Just you know, it's not when you use these things, you know, when you use it, you say these getting high? Correct? You got no business stones, you know, you got no business,

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intelligence, these things I mean, there's something with the heart now we have to go there's a bigger, this is a symptom of something greater? Absolutely. SubhanAllah First of all, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to lift the hearts of brothers and sisters once again, really because sometimes you go through these avenues, maybe a lack of knowledge, you know, overzealousness and you name it, and most of the time, it's peer pressure, by the way, yeah. So peer pressure is very serious, I actually read a

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statement that says that most people that are addicted to drugs is due to peer pressure in terms of someone says, you try this out and so on. So May Allah protect us and grant you all righteous companionship regarding me when he when someone you know goes to these things to stress relief and so on. For sewer lines a lot he was lm wanted a man came to him and he told them also a lot how much they say some a lot instead of like ask a lot to send his peace of blessings upon you. Can I do it like two thirds of the time, one third of the time it gets mentioned. So the Prophet says the more you say it the better then the process is set in a certain quantity you see so many times that it

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any pressure from you like basically it takes over your I should let me rephrase that. Sorry. It relieves you from pressure and anxiety and stress and Allah forgives your sense. So there's a lot of options in which people can feel comfortable about themselves in terms of you know, there's a lot of stress depression and pressure a lot a lot a little sama sama has given you evidence to relieve yourself so we asked her to allow us to follow the universal might have a lot to say and there's a lot more so like I said for example he said Whoever says has to be Allahu La ilaha illa Allah to horrible Arshad him seven times in the morning and evening what happens? You say that then Allah

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subhana wa tada will suffice you suffice if everything suffice me for everything, your hardships, your difficulties and so on. So May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be patient and trusted without you know, with whatever struggle that we think you kind of have only the creator knows the future, but you go through experiences in life and you gain certain wisdoms. Allah gives you wisdom to foresee things if you obviously you try to walk across the expressway not looking you're going to most likely hit by a car correct so you see certain doors opening up you see where the craters honoring certain people let's say we go back to someone memorizing it's such a noble thing, you

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know, someone memorizes the book of the crater, you know, the the Quran, and you see what's the statement from Oman or the line where he said that we were people that Allah gave us. He gave us all

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100% slump, you see someone being honored, and people hold you to such a high level, you know? And that's a responsibility also so but then you go away from that. And you see a door of humiliation, what's the rest of the statement where he said that now, whoever goes and seeks it to anything through the dunya any of these things any Avenue besides Islam, humiliations? Regardless, it's a scary thing. Absolutely. What are your What are your no some how might you know if he ever want on it?

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dignity, if you ever want to be respected, it's only through believing. Because Allah named himself Allah, these are the most honorable. And Allah clearly tells us on the Prophet of Allah, if you seek honor and respect through any other avenue, it's not just you will not achieve it, you'll be humiliated. Allah, may Allah protect us really, you know, for example, just something that came to mind. There's one brother, who in a noble position, he was Mohammed and so on. And he went for a job interview. And then the interviewer asked him, so your name is Mohammed is like, no, call me Mo. Now it's not Mohammed Hillel. Besides the topic. Then he at the end of the interview, their manager told

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them. So

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as a Muslim, I think you need to take an hour off on Fridays, right? Is it No, no, no, I'm good.

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It's a query mean? Is it? No, no, I'm good. I can pray all five prayers. When I get home. I'm a very dedicated person to work is like what your colleagues Take, take an hour off, like Muslim colleagues, again, I'm very dedicated to my job. Don't worry about interviews done to express. He's waiting for a phone call. No, no phone call. So he calls him like Hello, a minute interview. My name is Mohammed. This has said that you remember me? Yes. I remember you. I was here. I think I qualified for everything. He asked for everything. checkmark. Then he asked the guy who didn't get hired, he said, you know, we looked into a better candidate. But I want to know why. But what is it

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that I lacked? Is that you want the honest truth, I want honest truth. He said you are not dedicated enough to your own religion. How can you expect to be dedicated to the job, wow. And so panela in this honor, through job position, and so on, that humilation fell upon me, Allah, may Allah protect us, I mean, that's another sign, you'll see someone going in this direction. And next thing, you know, you have to hang around certain friends also probably like the same thing. So now you also probably hanging around people you shouldn't be hanging around with, right, you start losing good friends. Or you even start promoting this stuff somehow, right, and you're earning more bad deeds,

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and then probably creating a rift in your family, which Islam came to preserve the family, you're probably disobeying your parents know, causing them grief. So a whole world of corruption starts to open up. Why because you need to get stoned, somehow, you need to escape the reality, maybe of your shortcomings, the reality of the hardships and how to overcome them. So many people that take the drugs, you know, they're escaping something that they maybe don't want to face, most of them, many of them, like, for example, like Justin Bieber, and they're like, well, just maybe you're a good looking man, you got all the girls, you got all the money, you're still young, you're strong. So

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realistically speaking, generally, you want to be as cautious or as awake as possible, I would resort to drugs, because the thing that we're looking for contentment, and the you know, tranquility and peace of mind is never there. So why not be as absent cuz I tried everything and never worked out. So you know what, I don't have any more I want to be as absent and as conscious as possible. You take drugs, you lose your mind, in a certain sense, right? You focus, you sleep a lot. So you minimize your exposure to this life. So May Allah allow me and allow you in all our listeners to have our hearts steadfast upon what upon the truth. And upon the path of grace will align salani you

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connect a lot with the young brothers, and they really enjoy listening to you taking advice from you, what would you say to a young brother out there? who's able to listen now? And maybe he's, or she's gone down this direction? What What advice would you give? First of all, I tell them Hamdulillah, that you're still alive and listening to this advice, you know, listening to this show and program. So this means that whenever you see a sign that Allah has given you, you have to realize it, you know, he just, you know, went on YouTube, this is not talking about drugs, or what is it about you, you have to utilize these signs, a lot of showing you some love a light, what to do

00:24:20--> 00:24:56

loving, so utilize that. Number two, if you're falling into it, my advice is that don't give up on leaving it in the lead. It's doable. And you have to do your absolute best to struggle. And my best advice to those who consume drugs in any way, shape or form that my best advice to them, I can think of right now is to change your companionship. Move away. You know, the guy who killed nine people, we heard that before then and people when he killed the hundreds, he went to the scholar afterwards he told him it killed 100 people What should I do? The scholar genius. He didn't say you know, send the message. And that's wonderful. No, that's wonderful. But he went beyond he said, you know, you

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are living around an area of corrupted people. The scholar

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I told them leave that area and go to another area is the random or no go to that other area that has good people. So I advise you to go to a really strong good companionship. And no as a loss it's for in a matter of three, use right in the middle of every every hardship or two emotions that come and much more. So know that the relief is coming soon. But you have to cope yourself with some knowledge and advise them to post seek some knowledge of how to cope with hardships. If Allah is merciful, then why do tragedies happen? This Then That get to educate yourself more and more. Know how short life is, know the consequences from the medical field. how harmful This is to you to your

00:25:35--> 00:26:12

body, even to your manhood without going into much details if people can do their own research. So just look at it. Be genuine, be sincere and continuously ask Allah for assistance. Continuously ask Allah for assistance because you will never change. I will never die as a Muslim you will not die as a Muslim unless Allah assist us with that. So we ask God to make it easy for all of us. And allow us to have our last word in this life. La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul. Beautiful. Thank you so much. My pleasure. Wonderful advice. I appreciate your time. Thank you so much. All right, that was really a great topic. I hope you got to benefit. And we want to bring you more of the subscribe

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right now if you haven't subscribed. And we got to clear up the confusion. If you were misled, to believe we all make mistakes. But now when the truth comes to us, we can rectify those mistakes and it's not 5050 where 50% say it's allowed another 50% of scholars say it's not no No, no, this is very clear. Anything that intoxicates the mind. The fog, the mind alters the mind is prohibited in this Deen in this way of life that you've chosen to live. Now you can either follow your desires, or the truth comes to you and you submit. And it doesn't matter if it's the biggest Mufti in the world with the biggest beard telling you it's allowed. At the end of the day. What do we say that the

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Hellfire look, we have to respect the the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets, because they have the ill the knowledge but at the same time, you have many doing opposite to what they're supposed to be doing. It can be a ton of information on a donkey's back. But if that person doesn't have Taqwa consciousness of the Creator, and is not living and guiding people, to that, which is correct, then the creator talks about starting the Hellfire with scholars such as that, and it's a very scary thing. We have a great responsibility here to help guide the people to that what is right. And it's wrong to go ahead and advocate that someone can go ahead and smoke dope and get

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Because you have no business doing that in this day. So I hope this was made very clear. And why do you want to get high? That's, you know, the real this that's a symptom of a greater problem. Why do you want to get stoned? Can you imagine going to the Messenger of Allah and asking him, oh, Allah, can I go ahead? Would you allow me to smoke some dope to get high?

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What would he say to you, be sincere with yourself.

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And if this doesn't, again, help facilitate for you to leave this stuff alone.

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Along with you really, sincerely within yourself asking a law, asking the creator asking him look to facilitate ease in this because this is something that's easy to get addicted to. And you find yourself doing things that you wouldn't normally do when you weren't intoxicated. When your judgment wasn't clouded. even go to a level that you probably steal, you start you get you get around the worst of friends, you're making disharmony in your family alive, honored you now you are Hafiz of Qur'an. And what happens now you see, that starts getting taken away to dignity that honor you start losing it, you start posting things on your on your Facebook page advocating for this, you become a

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helper of the shaytaan

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Oh, he's pimped you and now he's had recruited you to go ahead and pimp others for what? Something that's clear you can invite them to that's good. You inviting them to go ahead and share the dope the ganja. You are your mind, of course when you smoke in the junk. So it's out of the love that we do these programs to really help facilitate goodness. And I hope that the heart is open and the mind definitely needs to be like a parachute to function properly. And if the mind is open, the heart is open. This topic is Case Closed. It's shut. If you really want to do what the creator wants you to do and not following

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desires anything that blocks you, from your purpose from that connection with definitely How many times have you probably overslept. If you miss a lot, we don't have time to get to all of the fitna that's opened up from you doing this stuff. And that's going to continue to open up. And the last you're going to be in because there's only one way one direction that you're headed, and that's towards being a loser, you're a winner. And stick to the winning path. Get off this drugs brother. You got no business getting high. And I hope this has been a benefit. Subscribe if you haven't hit it right now. Peace be with the LA Philharmonic. Please subscribe to the show. Follow us on our

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