Ahsan Hanif – Quran Tafseer – Page 63 – Significance Of Baitullah

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The importance of remaining steadfast and firm in pursuing Islam's mission is highlighted, along with the need for fear and knowing the meaning of Taqwa, a belief associated with fear of the god himself. The importance of unity in all levels of society is emphasized, along with the need for people to advocate for what is right and not just be like those who have been given a clear revelation. The negative consequences of people rejecting their religion and the importance of following the church's guidelines for building a foundation for everyone to join the United are also discussed.
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Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakato Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Atiba to clean water Eduardo Illa Allah volley min one shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Who are the hula Sharika Allahu Allah will you know last year in Washington in Abuja, Mohammed Abdul Hora sudo Mustafa I mean, la Mussolini was selling MOBOTIX optical rasool Allah Muhammad, what are the early he was big, bad Welcome to another episode of Attersee page by page on the shallow to Allah today we are on page number 63 of the Quran which is towards the beginning of the fourth just sorta too early Imran. In the previous episode we spoke about how Allah azza wa jal mentioned a number of issues concerning

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relief in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that is that Allah azza wa jal spoke about how some people rejected the prophets of Allah while he was salam, because of certain arguments that they made or certain beliefs that they held, for example, that there is no such thing as abrogation between one prophet and the next. And Allah as origin, dismisses that within the verses that we mentioned yesterday. Also Allah subhanaw taala spoke about the importance of following the Prophet Ibrahim Ali salatu salam in the way that is his true message and that is in believing in Islam and having to hate and worshipping Allah azza wa jal alone, and that Allah subhanaw taala spoke about

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the the sanctity and the aggressive nature of the city of Mecca. How it was the Haram was the or the karma was the first house of Allah azza wa jal to be built for worship, and how it is therefore an and compulsory act of worship. For those who have the ability that they meet pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime, to the house of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Allah azza wa jal in today's verses that we're going to be taking will speak about the importance of remaining steadfast and firm and united upon the religion of Allah subhanaw taala and the different things that a person needs to do in order to be able to maintain that. We begin with verse 102. And that is the statement of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. There will be Allah human a shape on the regime. Yeah, a new hullavington tabula haka. toccata he moved on.

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To Muslim on are you who believe me Be mindful of Allah as he says, do and make sure you devote yourselves to him to a dying moment? Allah subhanaw taala begins by giving us this instruction. And that begins with a call to the people of iman. And Allah azza wa jal addresses me a new and every believer and he says, Oh you who believe or people of faith, and as the Companions used to say that when Allah azza wa jal makes this call, he addresses people in this way he calls out to the believers than pay attention, because after it will either be a command or a prohibition, Allah azza wa jal will tell us something that we should do, or something that we should stay away from. So here

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Allah subhanaw taala makes a similar call and then he gives the command it hola haka. Takata. Fear Allah, in the way that you should be feared as this is due in the manner that is befitting to him subhanho wa Taala fear Allah azza wa jal, this word and this concept of Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala is essentially to do everything which is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal, and to stay away from everything which is displeasing from Allah subhanaw taala, displeasing to Allah subhana wa Tada or some of the scholars said, it is to erect between yourself and the punishment of Allah a barrier. So every time you do a good deed, if you imagine that the fire of * is between us, or there is

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nothing between us and the fire of *. So our job in this life is to build a wall and a barrier that will save us from that fire. And so with every good deed that you do, you place a brick in that wall, and the more that you do, the bigger the world, the stronger the world, the greater the world, the more reinforced that wall. And so your life's mission, if you'd like is to do this is to build this wall, so that inshallah Tada when you come and stand before Allah azza wa jal and human piano, that word will be sufficient in terms of saving you from the punishment of the fire.

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So Taqwa is something which is often often it is often translated as fear of Allah, mindfulness of Allah, being conscious of Allah subhanaw taala, having piety of Allah azza wa jal, all of these are words that are similar in meaning. And all of them are components of Taqwa. Because in order for you to truly have taqwa, you must have a level of fear Allah of Allah azza wa jal because you're trying to save yourself from the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala. In order to have Taqwa you must be mine.

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Full of Allah azza wa jal unconscious of him, because how else can you make sure and ensure that to the best of your ability each and every single day, you're coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So when you're presented with a situation you will find yourself in a scenario and you have two choices, or multiple choices. One of them brings you closer to Allah azza wa jal and others take you away from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. It is the component of Taqwa. It is that sense of consciousness within you the inner consciousness, that remembrance and mindfulness of Allah azza wa jal that makes you stop and pause and think it's the one that tells you wait a minute, if I do this, yes, I may get

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some temporary benefit, I may get some enjoyment, it may be something that my heart desires Perotti money, it will week that one that barrier, which is between me and the fire of heart. But if I give it up, if I sacrifice if I leave it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, I am strengthening that wall. And the more that I live off for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, and the more that I do, have the good for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala, the easier it becomes, the more proficient I become, the more experienced that I become. And with that time and experience, I become more proficient in what it is that I'm trying to do, just like a builder. First person that comes and builds a wall, it's

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the first time has never built a wall before that was going to be slightly crooked. It's going to be slightly difficult. It's going to have problems in it, it's going to have weaknesses in it, because he's never built a wall by himself before. But the fifth time, the 10th time, the 100th time. He's now a master builder. So likewise, we have to train ourselves Taqwa isn't just something that's as unfortunately some Muslims do. Once a week on Jamar they practice a bit of Taqwa by going to the mission for Jamar don't pray for the rest of the week. It's not a once in a year thing, Ramadan okay, this show a better taco and for the rest of the year we forget about Allah azza wa jal and his

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rights. It's not a once in a lifetime thing, that when I go for Umrah or hajj I will be good but otherwise no. Taqwa is something which requires a daily struggle. And that is when Allah azza wa jal doesn't say just have Taqwa of Allah. He says to Kati, in the way that is his right and due to him subhanaw taala. And what is his right and do is that every single day, you fulfill your obligation to stay away from the prohibitions of Allah subhanaw taala every day you will, you're completing your prayers every day. You have good o'clock and character every day you're fulfilling your responsibilities. Every day you're staying away from haram. Every day you're someone who is

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conscious of Allah azza wa jal and making remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala and reading the Quran and learning your religion and as and when those different acts of worship become obligatory upon you like this occur, what is the month of Ramadan, or you have the ability now to perform hajj and umrah those things kick in and then you are also from those people who are conscious and mindful of them, and you perform those and fulfill those obligations that Allah azza wa jal has made clear to you. This is the first way therefore, from the greatest ways of turning to Allah azza wa jal, or coming closer to Allah spent the remaining firm and steadfast upon this religion is to have the

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Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal, the second way Allah subhanaw taala tells us what I term will tuna, it allow us to Muslim own and do not die. Accepting the state meanings not a one day marathon or a one day sprint is not a two day fast race. The issue of Taqwa and of staying steadfast is a marathon that spreads across your life until death. That's this concept that sometimes some of us have, that is just about the short race Ramadan, we'll do a lot and then the rest of the it's okay, I would go for Umrah or Hajj once or twice in my lifetime, and I will just seek forgiveness then ask Allah for Toba. And then it's okay. That's not a concept. That is a good concept of mindset to have, because

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it is dangerous. Number one, you have no guarantee that you will reach from above that you will ever make courage that you will have the ability to make Amara how many people had that plan, and they died before they could how many people had that plan. And when the time actually came, they didn't have the ability anymore, financially, physically, whatever it may be, their circumstances changed. Don't be like those people who are deceived by shaytaan but rather work actively and know that this life is a test and the test remains until the moment of death. Death is the end of the test. Before that, there is no ending you are still in the phase and the and the place of being tested and

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trying. So number two is understand this reality and therefore what each and every single day for your accurate and for the next slide number three, from the greatest ways in which you can come closer to Allah subhanaw taala remain steadfast is to be united, united with others united as Muslims and united in motto Allah azza wa jal says, What does it mean to be Hubballi? Learn Jimmy or whatever for Rocco with corrodium Atala era come with going to Florida for 11 million Apollo become false back to Mr. Murthy he Juana Welcome to either shefa 14 million

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Father caminha the daddy can you be new hola hola que tienen la comida don't invest 103 Allah azza wa jal says and hold fast to Allah's rope or together and do not split into factions. Remember Allah's favor upon you your enemies, and then he bought your hearts together and you became brothers by His grace, you're about to fall into a pit of the fire and he saved you from it in this way, make Allah azza wa jal makes his revelations clear to you. So that you may be amongst the rightly guided Allah azza wa jal says the from the greatest reason remaining steadfast is to all unite together and unite together with other Muslims and Muslims shouldn't be united, having brothers and sisters

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around you, that encourage you from your family, from your friends, from your from the people in the congregation that you attend in the masjid. These people around you that that advise you, they support you, you see them, you will inspired you want to come closer to Allah azza wa jal, they remind you of Allah subhanaw taala through their words, through their actions through their character through the interactions, those are the people that we want to be surrounded by. But Allah subhanaw taala gives us an important caveat here is that this unity can't be unity for the sake of unity. It can't be unity upon anything more everything it has to be upon, or with the rope of Allah

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subhanaw taala and the rope of Allah azza wa jal is the Quran. The rope of Allah azza wa jal is following the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, the rope of Allah azza wa jal is doing what Allah commands you in the way that he legislated. Whether its Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam legislated. And so yes, we often hear that Muslims should be united, united, united, but we don't often unite because each person is according to their own thing. And humans by their very nature, everyone has their own ideas. Everyone has their own understanding, everyone has their own levels of experience and wisdom. And so everyone will become disunited, unless we have a foundation

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upon which we can unite that we can all come and agree upon. And that has to be the Quran. It has to be the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is why Allah azza wa jal says, Hold fast together. But don't just stop on anything or to thin air or just because you're related or friends, no, but to the book of Allah azza wa jal, and that is what made the companion special and unique in that sense, because they will all people who understood this concept, one of them's an arrow, the other ones are missing in the third one's a polar Persian, the fourth one's a bison, bison chin Roman. There's people from different levels of of society people, rich people, poor

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people, slaves, people free, all of these people come together and they united, United because they understand that we have to stick to the Quran and the Sunnah. And because they have that common goal and that common if you like constitution between them, then the United and as soon as people came in, some people started to ignore parts of the Quran, or parts of the Sunnah change parts of the religion, then the Ummah began to split into factions. And that is when Allah azza wa jal warns against what for Rocco, for me, I knew practically in our time, it's not possible for us to unite the whole Ummah, necessarily, it's not our responsibility within our power to unite all of the

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billions strong Muslims across the world. But what I can do and ensure is that for me, my family, the people that are close to me, my community, we understand this concept of understanding the Quran and the Sunnah. We learn together, we grow together, we worship Allah azza wa jal together, we better ourselves and our communities and societies together. And that is through following the Quran and the Sunnah. And to the best of our ability, one to four Rocco, we do not become disunited. We don't become people of different factions, and so on. And that doesn't mean by the way, that everyone has to think the same way. Be the Same way look the same way. No, that's not the meaning of

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this verse. Because the sharing allows for people to express their individuality in ways that are Halak. Some people like the companions are different personalities. One is more soft, one is more harsh. One is more strict, one is more lenient, that's people's personalities. People have their personalities in terms of the way that they're going to study and do stuff. But the general community is united upon a foundation. And those differences those variances we need, we need people who are stronger in some disciplines over others, and those others that have their role to play in other disciplines. This is how the community becomes strengthened in and of itself. Allah azza wa

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jal then says And remember, the favor of Allah upon you redressing the companions of the prophets of Allah, what are you selling, but in particular, the people of the unsought of Medina is going to murder and laughably knockaloe become when you amongst yourselves used to be enemies to one another. And Allah azza wa jal says, for a live webinar called OB company brought your hearts together, because even amongst the Muslims, will those who would like to become Muslims before the stand came to them. People in families had problems with one another. tribes had problems with one another. The people that were living in the same city had problems with one another. We know for example, in

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Medina, the people who would later become the unsolved those companions who became the unsolved predominantly came from two major tribes in Medina, the OST and the huzzah Raj and these people before

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or Islam were in civil war and strife, they would fight and kill one another, even though they kind of related, they are from the greater kind of tribe. They related this marriage between them this transaction and they live in the same city together. When I say city, I don't mean a city like London, or New York, which is massive the cities of the time, in the time of the prophets of Allah, what are you sending? A city is relatively small, we would call it more like a hamlet, or a very small town. Everyone knows everyone, everyone sees everyone. It's like one of those small little towns that you get in places across the world where it's not a city where if you're living on one

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side of the city, to the next, you're not really going to know those people. There's like millions of people or 1000s 10s of 1000s of people. No, these are very small cities in the time of the prophets of Allah. Why are you sending everyone knows everyone? Everyone's familiar with everyone. And so when the strife, disunity, civil tension that's going to play out across the whole city. And that is how the awesome the hustler dwell on Allah Azza wa COVID says, look at the blessing of Allah azza wa jal that he caused you to not unite your hearts to be softened. But the question is, how did they unite upon what did they unite? What caused their hearts to be softened? And we know the answer

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to that that was when they accepted Islam, when they understood the beauty of this religion, when they follow the Quran, and they follow the Prophet sallallahu he was sent them a laughably Nakula will become so you, your hearts are softened towards one another false back to minute matiee Juana and you became by His grace brothers to one another. So now from people who are enemies, people who don't like one another, people who have issues and strife and beef with one another, they become extremely close, extremely close. Not only that, are they good with one another, but they're able to welcome in those Maha Julene those migrants from Makkah, who are now coming to settle within the

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city and we know the many stories that are mentioned concerning how the unsolved opened up their doors, and welcome their fellow Muslim brothers when they migrated from Mecca has some of them would give to them from their wealth, or would give to them from their business and their property. They allowed them to stay with one another at the beginning of that period, that you would even inherit from one another before Allah azza wa jal changed the law. And so they became extremely close. And that is what Brotherhood is Brotherhood is when you come together, you invited upon one ideal, one basis, one foundation, and that is the Quran and the Sunnah. And together that collectively you help

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one another you work with one another, to come closer to Allah subhanaw taala. Because the trials of the dunya and the many temptations that lead us away from Allah azza wa jal are many. And so we need support, we need help, we need advice, advice, we need people to come and to stand by our side, and when we're falling when we fallen down, to lift us up, and to strengthen us and to give us reminders and so on. And that is the beauty of the Brotherhood of Islam. That is why Brotherhood is such an important concept. In this religion. If you have it, then it is something which is beneficial for you. Allah azza wa jal says And remember, you're about to fall into the pit of the fire and deceived

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you from it because they were disbelievers and Allah azza wa jal then guided them to scam. This is our largest mixes revelations clear in the next verse, Allah subhanaw taala then 1000s In verse 100, on for what it took home in consumer to either own

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Motorola nebulous, Metro Wolfie way and how now I need one cow. We're all

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in one big community that calls for what is good, urgent, what is right for bench what is one, and those who do this are the successful ones. Allah azza wa jal says the from the greatest ways of remaining steadfast is within every community, the people of that community, the Muslims, individuals need to be people who stand up for what is right. They need to be people who remind they need to be people who urge others to do good. And they need to be people who when they see wrong, oppression, evil, they speak out. And this is something which we're losing across the world, in our communities today. Because of the very individual, individual, individual type of life that we live.

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We're very, very much it's about me and my family and no one else or if I see something, I don't really want to interfere with someone else's personal space in their personal issues. Whereas really, the way that the Muslims should be is that we should be advising one another. And because we don't, we've allowed within our communities I'm not speaking about the general wider non Muslim community, even within us, our families, our communities, our misogyny, we see people doing wrong and no one says anything. No one bats an eyelid no one speaks out and no one corrects no one advises, and that is something which then weakens the whole community. Allah azza wa jal says, Be an

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ummah, a community, a nation that calls to good enjoins the God forbids the evil. And that is the path of success. Because therefore people know that if I do something wrong openly, I'm going to be called out. If I don't do something that I should be doing, someone's going to pull me up and say, Why are you doing this? And when you have this within the community, it is something which strengthens everyone, invest 100

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Five Allah azza wa jal then says Walter Kuno can live in a tougher Roku telephone mean by the manager who will be in at what gala whom either win or win. Do not be like those who after they have been given clear revelation, they split into factions and falling into disputes. A terrible punishment awaits such people. Allah subhanaw taala said, don't be like those people who wants they've been given the revelation. They know this is the Quran, this is the Sunnah, they're going to split, they're going to defer and destroy it. And often, that disunity that differing is because people allow their egos to come into the discussion, pride, jealousy, enmity, all of these different

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issues that come up. And so that prevents us from accepting the truth. It prevents us from being united, because someone wants to be in charge. The other person wants to have influence the third person wants his position known and everyone to follow Him. And so when this starts to happen, that's going to be a problem. Whereas what we're told is everyone's ego, everyone's emotions, everyone's feelings, everyone's wants and needs. We are secondary to what we find in the Quran and the Sunnah, if they are in accordance, strict and Hamdulillah, all well and God and if not, then we part of our submission and devotion to Allah azza wa jal is that we turn back to Allah subhanaw

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taala. But when the Ummah becomes disunited, when people become disunited and divided, it weakens the collective whole and that then becomes a problem.

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Allah azza wa jal then gives us this reminder in the next couple of verses concerning yomo piano. In verse 106, Allah azza wa jal says, no matter what your boo, what is, what do you do for a Molina's? What would you hope for tomorrow, the Imani conferred upon either but further upon either Bobby Malcolm tomtec foreknown. On the Day when some faces faces brighten, and others darken. It will be set to those with darkened faces. How could you reject your faith AFTER BELIEVING taste to torment for doing so? Allah subhanaw taala then says that based upon these actions, and what you do to be steadfast and if you can remain steadfast until death, as opposed to those who don't remain

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steadfast to turn away, who reject to disbelief, they will come and the day of judgment and they're there they will be split into two groups, the people of happiness and the people of, of wretchedness, the people of happiness, the faces will be illuminated and brightened. And the people of wretchedness their faces will be darkened. As for those whose faces are darkened, it will be set to them. How could you reject faith AFTER BELIEVING so now taste the punishment for for the choices that you made? And so Allah azza wa jal will punish them. Because they didn't do those things. They didn't follow the Quran. They didn't follow the Sunnah. They didn't have Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal.

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They didn't stay firm upon this religion. They didn't remain united upon the Quran and the Sunnah, the split and the different and they didn't call to what Allah azza wa jal is pleased with. And so because of that, Allah subhanaw taala. When they rejected Allah azza wa jal in his religion, Allah subhanaw taala will darken their faces on the day of judgment, and they will be punished as opposed to those whose faces will be eliminated. As Allah azza wa jal then says in verse 107.

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What a man living in Abuja, but would you home for fear Rahmatullah him via the dune but those with brightened faces, they will be in Allah's mercy, and they will be there to remain forever. Allah azza wa jal says that as for those who did remain steadfast They did have Taqwa of Allah azza wa jal, they did remain firm upon the Quran and the Sunnah, they did call to God and enjoin the good and forbid the evil. Allah subhanaw taala says that they will have the Mercy of Allah and Allah azza wa jal says he had they would have his mercy and the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is every type of good, every type of reward every type of blessing from our Lord and Creator Subhana wa Tada Allah

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azza wa jal says that you will be given essentially therefore, the gardens of Paradise with all of the of the blessings and all of the of the, the enjoyments and beauties that Allah azza wa jal has placed within Jana for the believers.

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In verse 108, Allah subhanaw taala then says to Korea to Allah you need to know how are they Camille Hapa mama Allah julio de de Juan Manuel and I mean, these are Allah's revelations will recite them to you with the truth, and Allah does not do justice to any of his creation. Allah azza wa jal says that these verses that you hear from the stories that Allah azza wa jal mentions to you in the Quran, from these types of advices that Allah azza wa jal gives these principles that ALLAH SubhanA data is given to you. All of this is the truth from your Lord. Allah azza wa jal has made clear for you the path to salvation, the path to success. If you hold on to that success than Allah onto that

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path, then Allah azza wa jal will grant you that success. And if you turned away, if you're negligent, if you're heedless, if you're not mindful of Allah azza wa jal, you don't have the Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala. Then Allah azza wa jal has no

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Meet of anyone from this creation. And so Allah azza wa jal has made the path clear. And Allah azza wa jal has told us not only what the path is, but how to be firm and steadfast upon that path, perchance that those of us who understand the Quran and the Sunnah Allah azza wa jal will give us the grace and the ability and the Tofik to stay steadfast on that path. And to be amongst those people who remain upon that path until the time of death. May Allah azza wa jal grant has granted to me and to you and to our families and to our loved ones. And to all of the believers and we then we come to the end of today's episode, medical lofi come with some of the who are going to be the

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Muhammad did one or the other he was happy. He said Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah. Mind me

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