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The importance of following the Prophet's teachings in Islam is discussed, including following his example of being a messenger and following his teachings in learning about the spirituality of Islam. The importance of devotion and serving others in one's life is emphasized, particularly in one's life as a Christ. The negative impact of the Prophet's actions on children is also discussed, including their mothers and grandchildren and the provision for parents to keep children in a safe environment.

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. When if we were to tell people what to do either in the adelante mean we should do Allah Allah, Allah who had the hula Sharika Illa who didn't want to he didn't want to do and then the Vienna Muhammad Abdul Hora Surah Al Mustafa Al Amin Allahumma Salli was sending medical optical or pseudo Mohammed early he was sabe he is wearing a bad Welcome to another episode of our Tafseer page by page and inshallah Allah Today we are covering page 54 from the Quran, which is in surah Ali Imran the third use of the book of Allah subhanaw taala. In the previous episode, we spoke about a number of important issues

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from them is the power of Allah subhanaw taala and is complete complete control over everything in this universe and Allah azza wa jal describes himself as being mad he can work the King of all kings the one who has control over all things SubhanaHu wata either, and that is one of the greatest reasons as to why we worship Allah azza wa jal, because he is the one who has power over everything. Everyone who is of power or wealth or of influence, they are, you know, the Kingdom or the dominion of Allah subhanaw taala and Allah azza wa jal is their master needs our Master, He is king over them and He is King of subhanho wa taala. So Allah azza wa jal tells us as we mentioned in the last

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episode, to be aware of him, to be conscious of him, to be mindful of him, and to be cognizant of the fact that we will stand before Him to be judged, and that Allah subhanaw taala knows what we conceal within our hearts and what we hide, and that which we make apparent. In today's episode, we begin with verse number 30.

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And the statement of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada are all the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Yo Metalogix ducal Luna FC marami let me

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borrow me let me so in our Dulo Anabaena Dulo and nearby ouabain Emma them very well. You had them como ma Hoon EFSA wala Hora ofone milk cream.

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On the day whenever we soul finds all the good that it has done present before it, it will wish that all the bad that it has done be far far away. Indeed Allah wants you to be aware of him. And indeed Allah is compassionate towards his servants. Allah subhanaw taala says speaking about Yeoman Yama, on the day when every single soul will find all that they did have good or bad. And that is Yeoman Yama, Yama, Yama, is that all of the good deeds that you did and that is specifically for the believers, because for those good deeds to remain, one of the conditions is that you have Iman and Eman therefore sincerity in terms of worshiping Allah azza wa jal alone is one of the precursors in

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order for those actions to be presented as good deeds and human piano. Otherwise, even if they seemingly look to be good, but they are devoid of iman, as Allah azza wa jal tells us in the Quran, they will be rendered null and void. So Allah subhanaw taala says that people are that they will find good deeds, and then they will find the evil deeds. But on that day, people will know the reality of the situation. Because in this dunya, sometimes it's difficult for us to understand completely, and to imagine what it will be like a normal piano, we see and understand the concept and that's why it's so important to constantly remind yourself of your will piano and what will take

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place on that day and how the judgment will work. Because otherwise you become ignorant, you become heedless, you neglect that aspect of what is going to take place. And so often, when we think about good deeds or bad deeds, we don't really quantify them. We don't really see their impact. We don't really understand how it's going to work. Allah azza wa jal tells us in this verse, There are normal cuyama People will see the good deeds and they will see their evil deeds but they will not want that day. That this is it now, that judgment of Allah azza wa jal will determine whether I go and be from the people of Jana, or whether I go and be from the people of the fire may Allah azza wa jal see was

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from that, and so that reality will become known. So Allah azza wa jal will say that which that which the sea of good will be present before them, and they will rejoice with it, because it is good deeds, there is hope, in the good that I have done. And that is why the believer in this life is told to work and do more and more and more have as many good deeds as you possibly can can have, even if they are small, even if you think that they mean significant to do more and more and more so that when they are presented to you on normal piano in sha Allah they have more likely there is a more likely chance that they will tip that scale of deeds or that scale of deeds for you towards the

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good or the bad. But Allah azza wa jal says that they

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We'll also see the bad one our amulet minzu tawa Dulo Anabaena webinar who am Adam Merida. But when they see the evil they would wish that between him between themselves and those evil deeds was an extremely far distance years away, that they were millennia between them and those those evil deeds as if they don't want to be anywhere near them. They want to be away from them. They want to absolve themselves from them, which is what the act of Toba does, but when we don't perform the act of Toba because we're so heedless of repenting to Allah azza wa jal, and seeking His forgiveness, those evil deeds are presented as evil deeds, and on that day, there is no escape from them. There is no way to

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run or hide from them, they will be presented as being ours, and we will have to take ownership of them. And that is why Allah azza wa jal says, Well, you have zero Kamala who NAFSA so Allah tells you to beware of him, conscious of Allah azza wa jal or be will be fearful of Allah subhanaw taala before you come to that, standing on that day, one Allah who are often very bad and Allah is compassionate towards his servants, meaning the believers, Allah is good towards them and Allah azza wa jal is merciful towards the people of Eman.

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Allah subhanaw taala then gives us invest that you want an amazing principle a beautiful principle and that is that if you therefore want to be from amongst those people have success and salvation be from the people who turned to Allah azza wa jal submit to Allah subhanaw taala love Allah azza wa jal more than anything and everything else. And the way to do that Allah azza wa jal says, All In Kuntum to hipbone Allah for Tammy Rooney bibble, common La Jolla. Dono, back home, wala who afford a Rahim see if you truly love Allah then follow me meaning the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Allah will love you and forgive you for your sins. Indeed, Allah is Most forgiving, Most Merciful.

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This is the golden rule. If you truly love Allah, and you want to be from the people of Allah azza wa jal, and the people who are given success by ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, one of the greatest tests, one of the greatest evidences to show that you truly love Allah, more than anything and everything under the love of Allah azza wa jal is stronger in your heart than anything else in this dunya the greatest test is to show how well you follow the example of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah azza wa jal is saying here that if you truly love Allah, then seek to them a messenger of Allah follow me. Follow my way, follow my sunnah. Follow my example, follow what I did in terms of

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the way that I prayed and the way that I worship Allah azza wa jal, and in the way that I dealt with my family and the people around me in the way that I dealt with with my business and my transactions in my interactions with people, the relationships that I had with others, follow me and take me as your guide. An example if you do so, your PIP come Allah, Allah azza wa jal will love you in return, while you're fiddling with you know back home and Allah azza wa jal will forgive you for all of your sins. This is one of the greatest evidences to show that in our religion is not enough for us to say for example, as some people unfortunately say that we just take the Quran that is only what's in the

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Quran that I don't need anything else if Allah tells me something, I'll do it. If not, then I won't do it. Or those people will come and say No, how can you say the hijab is part of Islam? I couldn't find the verse in the Quran, how can you say that something or else they're going to be it as part of that? It's not in the Quran. And they come up with all of these different types of issues and and they all say because it's not found in the Quran and Allah azza wa jal is telling you that part of what is in the Quran is to follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you cannot divorce one from the other. You can't separate the two in the sense that you say, I will only take knowledge

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from this and I will ignore this because otherwise what was the point of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? One of his main roles and functions was not only to bring the revelation, but to explain it, to live it to show how it is practically applied. And that is where our mother Aisha, Radi Allahu Allah when she was asked to describe the prophets of Allah while he was setting him in his character, she said he was the Quran, meaning that he manifested the Quran in his actions in his statements in the way that he behaved. All of this his character was found in the example of the Quran from the instructions of the Quran. And that is therefore the way of the believer. True love

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for Allah azza wa jal is for us to understand that Allah azza wa jal favored above all of creation, from his coalition, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and therefore that he has that status on honor, and from therefore our aspect of belief in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, from the pots of the man in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when you say you were a shadow under Muhammad Rasulullah the meaning of that means not only to accept that as a prophet and messenger, not only to believe that it's a prophet and messenger, but to show that belief by following his sunnah by following His example by following the instructions and the commands that he gave to us

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and that is why Allah azza wa jal then says in verse 32, explicitly, so that there would be no doubt

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Pull up here Allah Allah Rasool say, obey Allah and obey His messenger. So now it is distinct, it is clear. Allah azza wa jal expresses this very clearly. Command them or messenger of Allah say, obey Allah obey His messenger and Allah azza wa jal doesn't just say a bit Allah, but the messenger is optional. The messengers a tag along the messenger someone that's it's up to you you can choose to follow on up to follow Allah azza wa jal gives a very explicit command, obey Allah obey His messenger. So if you disobey the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then therefore by default you have disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala and that is Allah azza wa jal then says, For our Lofa in

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hola hola yo hipbone caffeine in and if they turn away, then know that Allah does not love those who turn away from his commands who reject His commands, meaning if they turn away from what from obeying Allah, and from obeying the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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invested three onwards Allah subhanaw taala will now mentioned to us the story after which this surah is named. And that is the story of the Family of Imran.

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And there is an amazing story that contains many lessons and many benefits and it's a long story that will take a couple of episodes but we begin the story here from verse 33 onwards Allah subhanaw taala says in the last of them our know how the Ibrahim our earlier in Manana, I mean, Allah azza wa jal chose, he favored Adam and Noah and the family of Ibrahim and the Family of Imran, above all of the people. Allah subhanaw taala feed with these people and their families. Adam Ali Salam, who is the first of all of Allah's creation from humankind, Allah subhanaw taala created as the mighty Islam by his own hands, and he blew into him from his spirit. No hurry salatu salam, the first

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messenger that Allah azza wa jal sent to humankind when a ship first manifested and appeared upon the earth. No hurry, he said I was sent Ibrahim the Helene of Allah azza wa jal, the close friend of Allah subhanaw taala. And his family because from his descendants, as we've mentioned before it's happened is married, who is married and has happened to him set up, we have the rest of the prophets and messengers of Allah or the human salatu salam. And then the Family of Imran And the Family of Imran is from the descendants of Ibrahim and the Family of Imran is a family of virtue of nobility. Even though Imran himself despite Oh unlike the rest of the people mentioned in this lesson brought

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himself is not a prophet of Allah, Adam nor Ibrahim are prophets and messengers of Allah. But the man Imran this individual Imran was a righteous man a good man, but he wasn't from the Prophet prophets of Allah azza wa jal, but Allah subhanaw taala still honors him and he honors his family, because they will believers who believed in Allah azza wa jal and they will people of Eman and Allah subhanaw taala would cause from his progeny from his descendants to emerge one that would be a prophet and messenger of Allah. rd salatu salam invested in for Allah azza wa jal says lewdly timbral, Doha me Marg wala who sent me on Eileen, in one line of descent indeed Allah hears and

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knows all. So Adam, is the father of all of humankind. No hurry. CERAM is the father of everyone who came after him and Ibrahim Ali Salam is the father of all of the prophets and messengers who came after him. And so our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also traces his lineage back to these three amazing and mighty messengers of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah azza wa jal then tells us in verse 35, now the story of Imran Allah azza wa jal says, If quality not at war Imran Arab be in adopt to laka Murphy Botani Mohamed Ramadan Fatah, Cabell meanie in semi online him Allah subhana wa Tada says that indeed the wife of Imran said

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she's making a DUA, oh my lord, I have dedicated what is going in my room entirely to you. So accept this for me. You are the one who hears and knows all. Imran is a righteous man his wife is a righteous woman. The two of them would be the grandparents of the Prophet Isa Ali salatu salam, the Prophet Jesus may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him. And they are the parents therefore the direct parents of Miriam Ali Hassan, the mother of Isa. So these two individuals Imran and his wife are righteous people, Allah azza wa jal praises them because Allah azza wa jal says in the verse that we just mentioned, Allah has chosen them in Allah Stafa. Allah chose them Allah selected them,

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Allah azza wa jal gave them virtue and status over others. So Allah azza wa jal pleases them as being people of Eman, people of devotion, people of worship, to Allah subhanaw taala. And an example of that devotion and that worship is the statement of the wife of Imran that when she becomes pregnant, and in those days, they don't know what the gender of the child is going to be with the rest

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tend to be male or female, a boy or girl. But she thinks, and she hopes that the child in her womb is going to be a male, it's going to be a son, and a boy. And before the child is even born, she already has a vision and a goal. And I want you to pay attention to this. And then to see how different it is in the way that we often when we're told that we're going to have children, what we think for our children in terms of their life, and the way that they will pan out and the way that they will, that we plan for their upbringing. She says, oh, Allah, this child, I have dedicated him to your cause, dedicated him to your cause, in the sense that I want you to fight for your way or I

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want him to serve the most of the outside the area that the place that is that is pure and being from those people who will dedicate themselves to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala worship knowledge, doing good, helping others, helping spread the region of Allah azza wa jal. And so this is what she makes the intention for. Now, we when we have children, we often you know, for most of us, I think we think or we hope that our children will grow up and they will be successful in their careers, they will be successful in their jobs, they will be successful financially, they will settle down have a good family, and all of these are good and noble things to hope for. But look at

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what Allah azza wa jal stresses here and why Allah azza wa jal pleases this family, because over and above everything else, what Imams wife wants from her child, is that he will be someone in the service of Allah subhanaw taala. And imagine if in all of our communities, when our brothers and our sisters who are going to have and start a family, and we're going to have children, this was the mindset that they had, that yes, I want my child to be successful in the dunya but I want them before that to be successful in the akhira. I want them to be people of devotion and submission to Allah azza wa jal, people of worship people who dedicate their lives to Allah subhanaw taala. This

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is the dua that the wife of Imran makes for Taco Bell mini she says, I will not accept this to our for me, indeed you are the one who hears and knows all. Allah azza wa jal invested the 60 then says phelim or Dr. polidoro being ni what Dr. Wala who are Allah movie My Word Art? Allahu Allah will be my other art what he said the total wounds were in need some may to harm our young men were in need or you do have because oddly yet Amina shape on the regime. But when she gave birth, she said, Indeed my Lord I have given birth to a girl. And Allah says he knows best what she had given birth to the male is not like the female. Indeed, I name her mme. And I commend her and our offspring to

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your protection from the rejected Chapin. When the mother of Madame the wife of Imran gives birth, she realizes that she has given birth to a girl, not a boy. And that girl would obviously become groped to become Miriam Ali has Salatu was Salam. And Allah azza wa jal says there are others surprise, because she had planned right she had planned and she envisioned that this child would grow up and he would serve the region of Allah azza wa jal, no doubt, it is easier in those times. And even in our time today, relatively speaking, it is easier for a man to do those things than a woman in many aspects of life, it is still easier for men to accomplish certain things that women

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may find more difficult. This is the situation and imagine now this is 1000s of years ago, to 3000 years ago. And now this is the situation that she's in, in a society in a place where there is a male dominance in terms of the the way that that civilization, civilization or the way that that community works, and that she has given birth to a girl. So she says I would like to go, Allah azza wa jal says, I know it's a girl. Allah is more knowing of what he what she has given birth to, because Allah azza wa jal is the one who decreed it, while he said the Karuna and the male is not like the female. So what does she do? She has a number of options. One of those options that she

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changes her plan is a girl now, okay, let's rethink let's do a no but what she does instead is she continues. And what she does is she makes amazing are firstly, she named the child margam as Allah Azza dimensions here, but it's just to add that I want you to focus upon what you need, or if you have a bigger workload we yet to have in a shape on the regime of Allah, I seek refuge, or I commend her and her offspring to your protection from Shavon. She makes draft for her child, but she also makes thrive for the children of the child for the offspring of the child and her descendants. Imagine now when you have a newborn child, this is your first child you have a son you have a

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daughter, we often make to have for that child. But very few of us have the foresight the vision to start making drive for that baby because it's still a baby, it's still someone that you cradling in your arms to make dua for their offspring or their descendants. But this is what Madame was mothers already thinking about. Yes, I gave birth to a daughter, but Allah azza wa jal from the daughter and her blessing and her righteousness and piety, her descendants can be come from the greatest of people and the greatest of of people who serve the religion of Allah subhanaw taala. So she didn't

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spared she didn't become despondent. She didn't think that though there's no hope there's no point in carrying on, but she turned to Allah azza wa jal trust in Allah's decree, trusting more Allah azza wa jal wanted for her and her family and she commended her offspring to the protection of Allah subhana wa Taala hoping that Allah azza wa jal would do what was best for them. Allah subhanaw taala says in verse 37, the final verse on this page for the Cabella Hora booyah baboon in Hasani Whoo, I'm better Annabeth and Hashanah. Waka Farah has a Korea called Lemma duckula our layers carry el murabaha during this call, Paula Maria mo N lackey had call it who I mean, the law in Allah Yasuko

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Allah azza wa jal says that Allah graciously accepted her and made her grow in goodness for Taco Bell. Rob boo habit baboon in Hudson, the mother of money M said in her drive for Taco Bell Mineola acceptor. Allah azza wa jal says that he accepted her in a gracious good way. When you have a child and you commend that child to Allah's protection of Allah, I want this child to serve your religion to worship you to honor you, to glorify you to help serve your religion and spread your message of Allah and the message of your profits on Allah. Where are you with Salam, Allah subhanaw taala accepts that sacrifice that is made that devotion that is given in the best of ways what a matter

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Hanna Beth and has said and he made her grow in a good way meaning her nourishment and nurturing her upbringing was done in the best of ways work a fella has a career and she was entrusted to the charge of the Prophet Zakaria, rd Salem, it is said in the books of difficile that her parents died while she was relatively young. So essentially, she becomes an orphan child. So therefore, both her parents Imran and his wife don't see what's going to happen. What's the outcome of Medea going to be let alone the outcome of Mobium in terms of mothering a prophet and messenger of Allah and the Saudis. Salatu Salam, and that shows that sometimes as parents, we do our best we have a man and

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Allah azza wa jal, we place our trust in Allah subhana data, and we make dua for our children and we do our utmost in terms of trying to give them an upbringing that is righteous and good, and the rest we entrust to Allah subhanaw taala we may never see the results of our efforts. We may never see the life of our children when they grow up because most of us are many of us may not live for that long. And even if we do, we may not see what happens with our grandchildren or our great grandchildren. But we trust them Allah subhanaw taala and if you trust in Allah azza wa jal with Eman with good deeds with righteousness with fear of Allah azza wa jal with dua, that Allah subhanaw taala takes

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that and he, he nourishes that and he protects that because it is something which is beloved to Allah azza wa jal. So it is said that a parents die, they don't know what's going to happen to her. And instead she comes under the charge of another prophet of Allah or a prophet of Allah. And that is the courier and he slammed and he said that Zakaria was married to the aunt of margam her aunt and so he's like her uncle. And so she came to live with the aunties merito so he's like an uncle with a fella has a career.

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Maria Maria salaam grows up in a good way and she's known for her Ibadah she's known for her worship, known for being a person of Salah and worship and devotion to Allah azza wa jal, Kula Medaka Alia has occurred. El haram Allah azza wa jal says that whenever Korea would enter into a sanctuary because in those days they would pray in a specific place. So that Haram is not an herb that you see in the mosques. Today, when you go under the front, you got a place where the Imam stands, that's not the meaning of the word Murghab. In classical Arabic, the word Robben classical Arabic is a space and usually it was elevated from the ground, meaning is finally up on stilts or

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something. And it is built and it is a place where people go to devote themselves in worship. One of the things that aspects of this show the Ark of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is that Allah azza wa jal made all of the earth a place of worship, with the few exceptions that we know, like the bathroom in those places that are impure. But generally the rest of the world is a place of prayer, you can go and play in the street, in your garden, outside, wherever you want. It is a place of worship. In the previous nations. That wasn't the case. They had specific places of worship, like their massages, and like certain other places from them was the MaHA Zachary Yachty. Salam, whenever

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he would enter upon Meriam as she's in a place of devotion, whether they are in his car, he would always find that she had a provision that Allah would give to her provision. And it's a provision that is that is that is something which is out of the ordinary, because if it was just normal food and normal water, then it's nothing worthy of mentioned. And so the scholars of Tafseer some of them said that she would have in those days the foods of the summer at winter time and the fruits of the winter at summer time, because it's not like today when we have refrigeration, and people can store this stuff and and now the way that the world works with terms of farming and so on is very

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You're different. In those days you only harvest what is on the trees. So you only get what is in season, but she would have the foot out of season. This is an example that is given by the scholarship to seal the career and he strangled. See this and he would know because he's a prophet of Allah. That is something which Allah is Undertow with, that's something different is that the reality Sam, at this time is old, is a man of old age, his wife is old, he's bound she's barren. And at the old age, he still has yet to have a child Allah azza wa jal hadn't yet blessed him with a child. So when he looks at this, he says to her Anala kihavah Oh, Maria, where has this come from

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eating this food this provision? He akala T, who I mean in the luxury replied, It is from Allah. Indeed, Allah provides limitlessly for him so ever he wills and this is where we're going to pause the story because now the karate slam will see a lesson and aside from this really will apply into his own life. But the point that I want to end upon is how Allah azza wa jal honors her that the role of the parent is so important for the child and the efforts that the parent makes with sincerity and hoping that the child will stay upon the straight path. Allah azza wa jal honors a person in terms of the efforts that they make with the children and their sincerity and Allah

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subhanaw taala will inshallah to Allah preserve your children, by the way as he did for Imran and his wife, when it came to their daughter Maria Maria Salam, as Allah azza wa jal. The Rebus is all with righteous offspring, that he protects our offspring from Shaytaan and that Allah azza wa jal will unite us and them in the highest ranks of Jana Baraka lofi como SallAllahu, ala Nabina Maha Mohammed, what are the early he was

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sent to La he

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