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Salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen will not be able to remove Turpin hola Eduardo Illa Allah Lolly mean, why should you Allah either in Allahu Allahu la sharika who Illa who overly known are feeling or shadow in an era Muhammad Abdullah sudo Mustafa Amin, Allah masala was certainly more radical abductor Asuka Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Ultramarine and my bad Welcome to another episode of our seal program page by page and inshallah Tyler. Today, we are going to be covering page number 29 of the Quran, which is in the second dose Surah Al Baqarah. In the previous episode, we began with the verses that speak about

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fasting and its obligation and its many virtues and rewards. And we mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala when it came to fasting Allah azza wa jal at the beginning of the legislation of fasting, he allowed certain things that will then lead to abrogate it certain parts of the legislation of fasting will change over time. So for example, we mentioned in the last episode, that Allah azza wa jal at the beginning of Islam allowed for people to choose between fasting or between feeding a poor person. So those who had the money had the ability to feed could choose to feed rather than fast, or they could choose to fast. That's one example of a law at the beginning of Islam with regards to

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fasting, there was the need to change. And it was changed to, as we know, the way that it is now for every Muslim, and that is that they must fast, there is no other option, you must fast. And then there are exceptions to that rule for valid reason. So it's not an option for everyone. But for certain people, there are certain rules, as we mentioned before the one who's sick, the one who is traveling women on their monthly cycle, and so on and so forth, people who are too old and frail and and what have you. So Allah subhanaw taala, gave to us a number of the legislations concerning fasting. And the last verse that we mentioned in the previous episode spoke about the importance of

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dua, and its position and virtue, and especially when it comes to or in relation to this month of fasting the month of Ramadan. At the beginning of this page in verse number 187, Allah subhanaw taala then continues with verses regarding fasting and Allah azza wa jal says, our older been lacking in a shape on the regime, or he learned accumulate let us refer to in earnest income Hoonah liberals who like to leave us alone, Ani Mala who Anna Konkan, doctor and owner for second feta Berardi Comerica uncom Annabelle Shiro Hoon, our butcher Huma Khattab hola hola. Come Where Kulu wash Rabu yatta yatta Hola, como el Domina

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demeanor and Virgil

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mazria in a lane Walla to bash your own now to mark ephone aphelion messaggi that didn't get hold on en la he found a taco Rob whoo ha. Cada Anika Ubu Yachty healing nurse in LA whom yet on Allah subhanaw taala says

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it is permitted for you to live with your wives during the night of the fast they are like comments to you as you are to them. This portion of portion of this verse in 187, this part of the verse was revealed also concerning one of the restrictions of Ramadan, that was the later changed in the legislation of Allah subhanaw taala. At the beginning of Islam, the person who broke their fast had to eat at the time of mercury between Mercury and Russia had to break their fast if for one reason or another didn't eat during that time and night settled upon them in Russia comes in because the time of Maghrib is the time of sunset, and there's a redness that stays in the sky until the time of

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Russia. That's when we pray. Russia wants that redness that light of the sky finally goes and might fully sets in. That is the time of Russia if at the beginning of Islam someone hadn't eaten during that period, for one reason or another almost retire, they become busy or whatever, they forget what happens they go to sleep and they oversleep or whatever, and then they miss the timing, then it means that they couldn't eat now until the following the Maori meaning that they had to fast for a longer period almost statistics. I was also like a day and a half. And it was reported in some of the narrations that there was a companion from the Ansara who used to work for a living as a

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laborer. He was someone who was engaged in physical labor. So he's already tired and fatigued and he's had a long day and it's hot and he's eaten or drunk, and it's time for him to break his fast. So when he came and it was time for mothering, and he broke his fast he asked his wife to bring food and she said that I don't

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Have food, we don't have food, but I will go and find you some. So she went and it took us some time to find food. But the time she returned, she found that he had fallen asleep, and that the time of Russia had come in. So she said to him, you're going to have a hard time now, because you can't eat even though I have food, you have to wait for the next day Maghrib. And so on the next following day, when he went to work when he went back to his job, he was physically unable to continue because of the bed, and he ended up losing consciousness or fainting. And so Allah subhanaw taala, then gave the concession allow things to be easier. And that is the time of the night whenever you eat, from

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the time of of sunset, up until the time of Fudger the dawn, that time of the night is open for you eat as you wish, drink as you wish and have marital relations if we so choose to do so. And that is why Allah azza wa jal mentions the issue of marital relations, because of the forms of the way that the people or the things that people can enjoy in a halal way outside of fasting, that is the one that is if you like the, the major one. And so therefore food and drink comes benefit anyway. And so therefore by extension, we know that those are also possible and allowed by Allah subhanaw taala permission. Allah azza wa jal says animala who and Nicole Clinton, Dr. Luna and forsaken, Allah

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knows that you used to betray your sounds, meaning that some of you were able to physically do this, that there was some of these rulings that you weren't able to completely carry out Imagine having to fast for all of that period of time, especially when the day is long and it's hot and something which is difficult for you because of the job that you may have. So Allah azza wa jal says that he knows that it was difficult for you for Thai baht or they come so Allah has forgiven you, Wi Fi earned income and Allah azza wa jal has pardoned you as well. So Allah subhanaw taala made things easy for the believers, and this is from the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. So certain things Allah

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azza wa jal obligated at the beginning of Islam, and didn't change them, made them easier for people and certain things Allah subhanaw taala allowed for people to have some concession in at the beginning. And then he made them slightly more strict if you like. And we are both examples of this in the month of Ramadan, the beginning of Ramadan, as we said at the beginning of fasting, the first legislation is you have a choice. And for many people that choice is a form of ease, but then Allah subhanaw taala takes away the option and says you must hold fast. And at the same time Allah azza wa jal said to people that if you don't eat at this time, then you must continue to fast consecutively.

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But then Allah azza wa jal made that concession or gave a concession or made things easier for people even if they missed that time or the initial time of eating and drinking.

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Allah subhanaw taala then continues and he says, Well Kulu wash Rabu had a young woman earlier boom, you know, hurry up. So the minute and fragile from Team mazria Elan lane, Allah subhanaw taala says So eat and drink until the white thread of dawn becomes distinct from the black, then fast until nightfall. These are the timings of fasting done that Allah azza wa jal legislated and the timing is that from the time of the Adana federal Dawn, up until sunset, the time of Muhammad and that is the the white thread from the black thread meaning the white thread of dawn of light and the black thread of the microphone. That is the time that you must continue to that you can eat and drink

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during the night hours. During the daylight hours you must fasters Allah azza wa jal system, a team Luciana Illa lay the numerous fast until the end of the night and so Allah subhanaw taala therefore tells us and in this you also find a an indication of some of the scholars of Tafseer mentioned that it is recommended therefore to have the two meals that are part of the fasting which is the Sahara and Iftar. The support because Allah azza wa jal says eat and drink until you can distinguish between those times meaning that when the time comes in you stop. But Allah says before the Eat and drink meaning it is good for you to do so. And we know that the prophets of Allah where it will send

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them said concerning the support in it, there is baraka, there is baraka, there is blessing and so that pre Dawn meal that you have, which is the half an hour 20 minutes before, not the meal that you have a mid night, and then you say I'm not going to don't need to wake up now before Fajr and eat know the support is the time that is just before for each of the 1520 30 minutes. That is the time that is called cellphone and Arabic language. And it is a time that Allah azza wa jal greatly, greatly praises in the Quran generally. Anyway, Allah subhanaw taala says concerning the believers, as you will come to Allah in the Quran will be a Saturday, whom Mr. Fionn during the time of Soho,

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there are people who make the stick far meaning they tend to Allah and forgiveness referring to the believers. And it is also the time before you fast to have a small amount to eat and drink at that time. And likewise, Allah azza wa jal didn't says fast until that meaning as soon as money comes in, then stop your fasting. And that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that this OMA will continue to be in good, so long as it hastens they've thought and delays as a whole. So the practice that people have today where they don't necessarily break, they're frustrated after Muslim but they wait to the

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Don't pray and then they come back. That is not the sooner nor is it the sooner to have this whole really early meaning that before you go to bed at night, or some people come back after traveling, I'll just eat now that I don't have to wake up and so on. That is not from the Sunnah. And so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us these two points and these two times because this is what Allah azza wa jal is referring to in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala then gives us another example of an act of worship that we can perform in the month of Ramadan. So we've had the Quran and it's important to our in its importance obviously, fasting already has been mentioned. Allah azza wa

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jal then says here, wala to bash you know, to Meraki phone F in masajid do not lie with the meaning do not have marital relations with your spouses during the night of your devotional retreat in the masjid. Meaning when you make your article if you don't do anything, right decaf is when you seclude yourself in one of the houses of Allah subhanaw taala and decaf, is only that in a masjid Allah azza wa jal says so in this verse, fill massager in the masjid. It is when you seclude yourself meaning that you don't go out you don't go to work you don't mix generally as you would with your family and friends and so on. You seclude yourself in the masjid to do what to worship Allah subhanaw taala and

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as we know, it is the sunnah to do so, for the last 10 nights of Ramadan in particular, to look for the Night of Decree but it is allowed outside of the month of Ramadan and in other nights of Ramadan as well as in the last 10 Because there is a genuine act of worship that a person can go in. And for example, say that I will make an article for one night in the masjid to worship Allah azza wa jal to devote myself to Allah subhanaw taala. Generally at night, it is allowed for you as we send the Ramadan to eat and drink and for those that are married to have multiple relations, Allah Azza did the same as saying the however in Attica if you eat and drink, but don't go close to your spouse's

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meaning, don't do that. What Why? Because the whole point of erotica is to devote yourself to Allah's worship during the night and during the day. So if you are busy with other stuff, not takes away from the devotional aspect of seclusion aspect of this act of worship, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make it at Cath and his wives. Radi Allahu Anhu Niger marine after his death will also continue to do so as the scholars of Islam throughout the ages and even till today we find people still make the Artic F and it is an amazing act of worship. Allah Subhana Allah then continues and says teleca who do do Allah He fella Takara boo Ha, these are the

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boundaries set by Allah. So do not go near them meaning do not transgress overstep them. So what Allah azza wa jal has mentioned about the restrictions regarding food and drink and marital relations and how you should first and the etiquette and everything that we therefore know from the verses of Quran that we've just mentioned in these episodes of Tafseer. And likewise, what we have from the Sunnah of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam these are the boundaries that Allah has set, so do not overstep them. Do not go overboard concerning them. Because Daddy, can you be you know, Allah who is at his nurse level Mitakon Allah concludes this versaplanetary Allah by saying,

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in this way Allah makes his message is clear to people that they may guard themselves against doing wrong. So Allah azza wa jal is saying that Allah subhanaw taala has made the Sharia clear, the laws are clear, the cam and the rulings are clear. And so Allah azza wa jal has given guidance to transgress beyond that guidance, or to do actions without learning that guidance first meaning by through ignorance, it is something which Allah azza wa jal is telling us to stay away from, because both are dangerous to overstep the boundaries of Allah is to disregard what Allah azza wa jal has told you, and to act without any knowledge out of ignorance is to also disregard Allah's religion in

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a different way, but it is also equally as problematic.

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In verse 188, Allah subhana data then moves on from fasting. And Allah azza wa jal speaks about the importance of integrity when it comes to walk. So Allah azza wa jal says whatever Kulu Amala can be in Bilbao plenty what to do no Bihar Adel,

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what to do no be in El Caminito como very calm in the nurse even if mujer Tana mon do not consume your wealth, your property wrongfully? No use it to bribe judges, intending sinfully unknowingly to consume parts of other people's property. Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the integrity of wealth. So we've said that one of the things that combines all of these different things that Allah azza wa jal has mentioned in the previous couple of episodes, and in this episode, the underlying current or the if you like, the the connecting pattern is this issue of integrity that comes from the Taqwa of Allah subhanaw taala being conscious of Allah azza wa jal and the greatest act of worship that gives

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you that level of higher consciousness and awareness of Allah azza wa jal is the act of worship of fasting. So Allah subhanaw taala told us about being having integrity when it comes to accusing other people of crimes and taking retribution. Allah azza wa jal told us they put some integrity when it comes to people's testaments and wills and the time

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them of their death. And Allah azza wa jal is now telling us to have integrity when it comes to property. Don't devour your property amongst you, and justly, meaning don't steal, don't cheat. Don't try to take stuff that doesn't belong to you in one way or another, by hook or by crook, because you're not following the commands of Allah azza wa jal, don't engage in interest in rebar, and all of those things that Allah subhanaw taala is prohibited when it comes to walk. And this is what from the greatest temptations that a person faces money, because everyone naturally has a love for wealth and money because of the status that it gives, because of the things that you're able to

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provide and bring and buy. And one of the other things that surround wealth and everything that it that it brings to you and to those around you. It is a temptation therefore, to engage in it in a way that it's haram. To take with the halal is allowed to take it in a way that is pleasing to Allah azza wa jal and to spend in that way is halal. And we know that from amongst the companions and the scholars of the past, where people who are very wealthy, that acceptable become an honest man and undramatic body Allah who are animalistic marine and others were extremely wealthy. By today's standards, they would have been considered probably to be multimillionaires. And amongst the

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scholars of the past several people like Abdullah bin Mubarak Rahim Allah and others, Imam, Abu Hanifa, and others who are known to have a good deal of wealth, Allah azza wa jal bless them, and never did. They shun that wealth, but they didn't become servants either to it. They benefited from the wealth, they took it, they spent it, but they didn't become slaves running after it or taking it in every way that is haram. And so Allah azza wa jal says, Don't devour your wealth, and just don't steal, don't betray, don't cheat, don't do those things that are haram. And from those issues that speak about integrity, what to do to be calm, is that you give bribes to judges in order to take the

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property of others. And this is something unfortunate that we see in many Muslim countries, that a person doesn't own that land, but because they can bribe the judge or they have some influence over them, whether it's a monetary bribe, whether it's undue influence, whether it's someone who knows that dwell and says, okay, just you know, this is my friend and give it to him, rather than the person who's the rightful owner. These are all forms of undue influence. And the one who's a judge and accepts that type of bribe or influence is someone who has a lack of integrity. And the one who takes the property of others in that way, also lacks integrity. And so if we don't feel Allah azza

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wa jal, when it comes to our wealth, when it comes to our dealings with others, when it comes to the trust and responsibilities that have been placed upon us, then that is something which is extremely dangerous, and you lead yourself down a path that is displeasing to Allah subhanho wa taala. So Allah azza wa jal has given us this warning, the stock warning, beware, be careful. And for what you take that wealth and you benefit from it, maybe perhaps in your life and in the lifetime of your children. But in as a result of that, there is no Baraka in your life. As a result of that you see much more evil and disobedience in your family and your children. As a result of that there are

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calamities and hardships upon you, and what that wealth, bringing you the happiness and contentment and joy, the you thought that you coveted that you thought that it would bring instead what it does, is that it gives you a life of misery, a life of hardship and calamity, you don't feel any peace and contentment the people who will want your friends and after your money, your family that you thought that you could trust or waiting for you to die or for something else to happen to you so that they can also devour that wealth and take it from you just as you took it from someone else. And that is why Allah azza wa jal says that this is something you should stay away from, to have a life that is

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halal to live a life that is halal, permissible, pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. Even if it is a lie, even if it is a life of modesty, relatively speaking, or a life of difficulty, relatively speaking, then that is more beloved and better to Allah subhanaw taala in the sight of Allah azza wa jal than for you to engage in Haram and to steal and to take the wealth of others. For what the Prophet told us some Allahu Allah you will send them that the one who takes the land even a handspun of land that doesn't belong to them, Allah azza wa jal will punish them with it's like in the seven Earths on the day of judgment. And the Prophet told us on Allah wa salam, that just because someone

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gives it to you like a judge or a court, they give it to you doesn't make halal for you, if you know that it's not yours. He said, Son, Allah, what are you selling? Sometimes you come and you dispute before me, and some of you are more eloquent than others. So I give it to you based upon what I hear. But if you know that it doesn't belong to you, then know that all of the all that I am giving you is a portion of the fire. All I gave to you was a piece of the how fire the judge if he is true and honest, and he is a person of integrity, and he does the best of his ability is not to blame. If he does or gives the wound to the wrong person. He based upon evidence that he has, but if that

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person is forging testimonies, forging paper, forging, bribing people to come and be witnesses, the judge doesn't have the ability to know the unseen, but that person knows that it is wrong. And so just because the judge awarded it to him on the courtroom

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All humans fever doesn't make the property highlight. And this is a big problem that we have in our communities where we think that just because the judge gave it to us, it makes the Haram halal. I got it legally. I want it in a court case. So therefore, now it's mine, even though I know that it's not mine. I know that it doesn't belong to me. I know that that person who was on the opposite side of the case, it was his and it belong to Him. And so Allah subhanaw taala is telling us that this is from the greatest of sin, and Allah azza wa jal will write all wrongs and oppressions on the Day of Judgment.

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Allah subhanaw taala investment at nine, Allah azza wa jal then speaks about another act of worship. And this act of worship we mentioned in more detail each one but Allah azza wa jal begins here with a single verse concerning it. And that is in verse one, each line Allah azza wa jal speaks about the moon sighting as it relates to the great act of worship and pillar of Islam. That is the Hajj. Allah subhanaw taala says yes, Aluna Karen Hilah they ask you mean the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the crescent moons we know that our religion is based a lot of it is based upon the lunar calendar upon the sighting of the moon. So we base our months of the year the lunar months Islamic

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calendar, we base them upon the sighting of the moon. So we fast Ramadan based upon the sighting of the moon and we finish the festival Ramadan based upon the sighting of the moon and likewise, other acts of worship that are determined in that way such as the Hajj, the which takes place in the 12 lunar calendar year of the Muslim calendar. And so, therefore, in the month of the Rohingya, when will the hijab take place? It is also dependent upon Moon sighting. So Allah azza wa jal says they asked you concerning the president moons only he M RP Tony Nursey. Well, hunch say they show the times appointed for people and for the pilgrimage. They give you a timings meaning the elapsed, the

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elapsing of your months, you know the month began here and ended here allows you to count time, and also it allows you to know certain acts of worship from them is the timing of Hajj. And so that is from the beauty and the benefits of this particular sign of Allah subhanho wa taala. So the hunch takes place with the moon sighting just as the month of Ramadan does just as you as the car does, because you're the cat is due when a full lunar year passes upon that wall. And when it's done, it's done based upon the lunar calendar not upon the reward in Canada we use for example in the West, so it's not based upon January to January because the lunar calendar is shorter by about 1011 days per

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year than the solar calendar. But over time, if you keep using the solar calendar, the Gregorian calendar over a number of years it's not 10 days anymore, you're now a month out and so eventually you will be a year or more out in terms of your soccer and that is why it is important to use the Islamic calendar use Ramadan Shaban shall word whichever month you choose whenever that data was the chi is due from the benefits of Moon sighting therefore is also the Zakat as well. Allah subhanaw taala then says, well, easily Bill Roby and Tolbooth immune Lauria Wallach in Melbourne mamani taka what a tollbooth I mean Ebola, goodness or piety does not consist of entering houses by the

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backdoor. The truly good person is the one who is mindful of Allah azza wa jal. So enter your houses by their main doors, and be mindful of Allah subhanaw taala that you may prosper. It was the practice of the people of Jackie Leah before Islam, for example, it was said that it was a practice of some of the unsolved some of the people of Medina. So we know that all of the Arabs to perform Hajj they all would come for the pilgrimage, but amongst the different areas and locations and tribes of Arabia, they had slightly different practices. So some of the things that the medina Ian's did wasn't necessarily something which the Americans did and what the Americans did not necessarily

00:23:48--> 00:24:23

the medina ins did, but all of them agreed on the concept that they need to make hatch from the practices of the unsought of the people of Medina before Islam is that once they made the intention for Hajj, they would consider it to be seen me to be correct, that they should only enter their houses from the backdoor, they would enter the properties from the rear, not from the front. And they would consider this to be a way of showing worship or some type of submission to Allah or some type of knee and again the nearness to Allah azza wa jal, this was an act of worship or part of the rights at the heart. And so many stem came in abolish these types of rules because they make no

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sense and there is not something which Allah azza wa jal legislated in the first place. So Allah subhanaw taala says to them, that true goodness is not in these acts of worship that you invented for yourself like the college for example, would say to people, that you have to make the off naked for example, and they would say to them do certain things or certain places in certain ways that they themselves made up. Allah azza wa jal says that these issues, this is not where you get guidance from not where you get goodness or piety from rather true goodness is from your fear of Allah subhanaw taala true piety is when you turn to Allah azza wa jal and you are aware of Allah

00:24:59--> 00:25:00

subhanaw taala

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and therefore worship Him subhanaw taala alone. And so Allah azza wa jal disregarded this type of practice that they had concerning the practices of Hajj that they don't enter the properties from the front, but rather they enter from the rear from the benefits of this verse also, therefore, is a general etiquette. And that is that it is not from the proper etiquettes that you add to someone's property from the rear. In certain places. People don't have like, for example, a an enclosed RIA space, they don't have a water a gate, or a garden, for example, that is enclosed from the rear it is open on the street, there are houses for example, in the UK, in certain parts of the UK, where

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the back door is as accessible as the front door. And in some places, it is very common for people to enter through the back door or to seek permission to enter through the back door, and often as we know the back door, or is the place where people have their kitchens or their living areas and their spaces. And that is where likely then you will find to be fine, like likely to find people, for example, not dressed in the way that they would be in public. For example, women uncovered property or someone may not wished for people to come and see that private space of their living. And so Allah azza wa jal is telling us from the etiquette step four is that it's not the fitting that a

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person should enter into someone else's property from the rear. Rather you seek permission to enter from the correct door to Bluetec mean Abu Dhabi, Allah says, Enter the houses from the proper doors, meaning from the main door from the front of the property. And that is a general principle in Islam, that there is always two ways to do something, there's the back way, which is like the shock way or the incorrect way. And then there's the front way which is the correct way to do something. And Allah azza wa jal says, Enter every property meaning every issue with regards to entering it in the correct way enter through the main door and be mindful of Allah azza wa jal be knowing of Allah

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subhanaw taala so that you meet indeed prosper. This verse Lazarus which speaks about as we said, The hunch and this will be continued later on inshallah Tyler, including in the next verse, the final verse of this page, going on to the next page and speaks about issues of fighting and Jihad and so on and because the number of verses are connected together, we will leave the final verse on page 29, which is verse 190. And so that we can have inshallah Tada in the context with the following verses that will come on the next page which Allah Tala in the next episode, as Allah subhanaw taala that he blesses us with understanding of the Quran and that Allah azza wa jal allows

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us to act upon the knowledge that we seek bark low FICO masala, while

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while early he was on the edge mine was set up by Allah he wabarakatuh This means

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he see