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barnacle rahmatullah wa barakato

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Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen On October 13 Oh la la Dimino shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa the hola Sharika you don't only know you didn't know should do an interview era Muhammad Abdul Hora sudo Mustafa I mean la masala was sitting Mubarak and avocado sadaqa Muhammad Anwar the idea he wants to be here to Marina my bad

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so welcome to this afternoon's session of the first day of this is not cause an eyeshadow Tada we're going to continue with the reading on the commentary of the book are relatively tolerable Hadith. Traveling for the pursuit of Hadith by the famous Imam Abu Bakr al Baghdadi Rahim Allah Tada Brahma Theodosia, who died in the year 465 of the Hijra. And before we broke for Salah to dawn, in, in the introduction to this book, I didn't really go into the biography of the author. And that's because the pdf copy that you have or if you have the physical book

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of the translation, the editor or the translator, or the publisher has given like an extensive biography of a healthy body. So you can refer to that and we that instead of us like just repeating information, so if it's something which is available in front of you, then it will suffice with that otherwise I would have gone into slightly more detail concerning his biography. So we're continuing inshallah Tada with the second narration narration number two from this book

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from the Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad while early he was IVIG main Allama foolish ethanol which I thought was really honestly mean it's not so common law in Hollywood about the auto dialer and the whole kind of you get over here, a little bit, Hadith

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bada bada I would have said Muhammad even and Sandra and Muhammad had father Dyneema, toothy called a hadith and I will say, Medina Mohammed bin Abdullah Museo de la Katan Allah Hadassah Muhammad Muhammad limited or live in some time had or had destiny i will have any outbursts even though I'm not even in I burst of color with any color and burn off man have not admitted up either had that in a jar for ignition or Mohammed or for the blue jar from no Hershey mean or Muhammad

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have already been given your how to order her death and it hasn't acknowledged the father buzzers Allah had written an article for the 30 Feminists man from Africa and as you know Carla birth even nomadic and an Obeah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam icon or global animal will obviously in for in Natalia will tell me forever to Allah Kula Muslim

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Hadith that we already covered Hadith number one the first narration, which is seek knowledge even if it is in China, because seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim and we said that the second part of the hadith is also related, but you can imagine is Sunon and that's about the scholars said is more likely to be estimator, one of the companions of the tabulation as opposed to the statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and as for the first part, seek knowledge even if it means to go to China, we said that many of the scholars of Hadith such as the Lima Muhammad and others, the meat encounter of this wording, they said that they rejected and said that

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it's not a hadith, or narration. However, as we said, some of the scholars were of the position that you can read these types of things if the meaning is correct. And if you give it a slot so that people will know, and make that determination at the early scholars of Hadith as residual hottie, as we said in this book in the narrations that he mentions, he's not really referring to. And by the way, these narrations that the one that he just read, and the one after it as well, that he's going to read isn't in the translation. So the translated version that you have, some of these repeated narrations are missed out. And I don't know if that's because of the manuscript they use, or if it

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was done on purpose, but it's not it's not actually in there, by the way.

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So evil Baghdadi and some of the scholars of that generation, sometimes in the works, what they will do is they will look for those ahaadeeth are very well known, or they will mature. So you have mature Hadith, mature means is famous, well known, widely related. And that's because it's in Bukhari, and Muslim in the world and collections of Hadith. And then there are generations that are called Hara, the peculiar narrations, or they're not well known narrations. And so some of the scholars of Hadith in some of their books, because the well known ones are well known. So they would try to gather some of these other ones just so that they could clip them into single work. And so

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Hatim sometimes does that and also a hottie Warhammer target is from the generation where they are still trying

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And together narration so that's why sometimes you have the same story repeated, or the same narration rather repeated with a number of different chains like it is here. And that's a very common thing that the scholars used to do to show that there's different ways back to that same narration. And then you realize through your own study that all of them are weak or some are stronger than others, and some may strengthen others. And so that's something which is called or Hadith used to do also. And one of the themes, imams that did this a great deal in his work is a necessity. And so he focused on this in his Sunon where he mentioned the narration and then he will

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see the same narration through so and so that's the chapter heading and the same narration through so on. So bringing you through a different chain. And he does this a lot. He repeats the rap because he wants you to understand the discrepancies between the narrations that through this Narita is this wedding and that narrator has this wedding as the same Hadith more or less, but there's a different change in in wording here or extra word here or deletion over there. That's something which they also used to do some article on off about our now who I will Mohamed and I've been able to live near here I've now updated about a sahkari color and button I have no so even in house or Hadith and

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Abdullah has an inhale Ronnie Allah and a burner Abu Bakr in an iron How about Ronnie? He won't have any idea Hamza even I didn't even Bill was watercolored I had a worker in Medina Hebei de la Dori Dori

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and now hora de Carla had detonate Muhammad even he has either lost CV or had to send an ibis even maybe it's already been dead. Carla had Carla additonal hasn't

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had death and it hasn't been out yet even an FBI Attica

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and Annette Sydney Malik and Radi Allahu Anhu Anna Hokkaido, Carla Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on Lulu and Mo and I was saying that and I burst for intolerable enemy for a lot when Allah cola Muslim generation just with a different team off about a little cardio worker Muhammad even hasn't even learned how to shoot you'll be in a surfboard I thought I had it and I would like best Muhammad evening I probably got some quite a header tonight but I haven't given him a result and it was really up Mr. Hat wealth bought on a Wi Fi and hasn't even been able to finish I've learned buzzers either in Burnett I've also hidden even in Muhammad didn't have the Lebanese a yard or even

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his he didn't even his yard in pilot had the number how many of newness? How about on what does the hammer mean? So I mentioned this before the generators if you have this letter hat, or sometimes ha what does that refer to?

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Another chain like the wheel or it's not an AHA and so what they're doing is sometimes rather than because it's similar that those no returns will meet back at a certain point. It's just the first tools when returns of generators are cheap changed. And so they will rather than mentioning as a separate narration, the meat wheel with the letter hat or the Red Hat and the new you read on to the next chain

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person on a lake and what about on Abu Mohammed Mohammed Abdullah Ahmed half of the whales behind

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me also for evening Khaled Allah had dinner Muhammad Yunus of money Musa Allah Allah had death and abalone

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abalone double the hara Ibu Allah Hooray BU and asked him if he had anything Muhammad Menounos. Allah had the tenacity manager even Hey, what about on Apple has any idea of neural model

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and mockery and mockery

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and burner Muhammad Ali Abdullah on

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the inner water

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of someone I like a bottle now Mohammed bin Abdullah Ibrahim is Scheffer. Allah doesn't know why even in within Allah had death and Mo said that all the Hadith would cause me to ask him Raja even Hey, what are you heard the thunder will diminish me and Kathy replacing Paul Quinto Jellison MA with dada. We must add much tahajjud on for call. Yeah but Dada Ji to come in El Medina to Medina to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Hadith in Bella Ani and Nico to Hadith wa Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah will tell you how jetten Kala Allah Allah to Joe Ratan Paula Paula Gita elderly ha the Hadith your call Allah all over India Samaritan Law School Allah is Allah

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Allahu alayhi wa salam upon men Celica Tada Kenyatta Wolfie elements Celica. behavorial fundamental local Jana, we're in Elmira, you get a lot of the genetic engineer who knew how to how to read on the toilet behind me we're in Northern Ireland the island I would love for them to come relatability either so it did kawaki were in an argument itself you know the home if you saw my watch Phil odd Okaloosa in hatted hatin fijo FINMA in an order matter what I thought would MBR in an MBR LM your resort in our on what I did home and what order food item from an AHA that we have in welfare. What are the love to Hadith or some?

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Cathedral workplace related

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While I was sitting in the company of the rhodiola, one who in the masjid of Damascus, a man came and said

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that I traveled all the way from the Medina, the city of the Prophet, to hear Syria just to ask you about the Hadith that I was informed, you generate from the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. I will note that as the man you did not travel because you had a welding need you wanted to fulfill? The man replied No, I would have asked again not even for the purpose of trade. He replied, No, I wouldn't have asked you only traveled to inquire about this hadith. He said, Yes, I would have then said I heard the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying, Whoever trusts whoever treads on a path in search of knowledge, Allah will ease the way to Paradise for him. The angels

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lower their wings in humility to the seek of knowledge and approval of what he is undertaking. the superiority of the scholar over the worshiper is like the superiority of the full moon over the stars at night. Indeed, for the land forgiveness will be sought by those within the heavens and the earth, rather by everything, even the fish in the oceans depth, the scholars are the heirs of the prophets, but the prophet

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the scholars are the heirs of the prophets, but the prophets did not leave behind wealth for inheritance, but rather they left behind knowledge. Whoever acquires this knowledge acquires abundant good fortune.

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This hadith which is the Hadith of the Allah one, as we said, so the author what he does here is rather than just give you the narration, he wants to give it to you the story behind the narration as well. So rather than just mentioning the Hadith or Buddha or the Allah one, he mentioned this narration of cathedral paste, who happen to be with a portable that when someone came traveling from Medina, all the way to a border that what was that? What did I sham in Damascus. That's where he settled and that's when he passed away. So to go from Medina to Hashem, Damascus is a long journey. It's like a month journey. And so he left from Medina and he comes all the way to Damascus. And he

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says, I only came to hear from you a single Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So Buddha asks him, you didn't come for any other business, any other family, any trade anything else, meaning you only came for this, because some people travel and they have two purposes. I have family there. But when I go and see my family, I'll go and see the chef as well or go and study with the chef, I have business there. But as I go for business, then I'll go and do something else as well. That's one type of person and know that that person is still up on good and it's rewarding. However, there's a difference between the one who does that with the dual intention because there is a

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mixture of deen and duniya as opposed to the one who only goes for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala has nothing else doesn't know anyone has no business has no the need of the dunya he only goes to seek religion for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. And that is why we have that what the Allahu Anhu is impressed with this person, that he would travel such a distance for a single Hadith that he wanted to hear from Abu Dhabi. Hola, Juan. And so I would note that then mentioned to him, this hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and it's an amazing hadith is one of the Hadith that speaks most extensively concerning the virtues of seeking knowledge and its rewards and its

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merits. And what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had in the statement that the that the angels lower their wings, for the student of knowledge. Some of the scholars said that is literal. And other said that it is metaphorical, literal in the sense that they lower their wings so that you walk on the wings of the angels, as you go to seek knowledge. So you leave your house and you're going towards the teacher to seek knowledge for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, the angels allowed lower their wings for you, so that you walk upon upon the wings as you walk towards the places and the circles of knowledge. Another said that what he means is out of respect for you and humility,

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because in Arabic language, you say that you say you lower your wing. I don't respect right as Allah azza wa jal says in the Quran, Moffitt Lahoma in Jana, hello Lima Rama, when he speaks about the parents, he says, lower the winds of your of your mercy and your humidity from lunch and we don't have wings to lower to our parents. It's an expression in Arabic language means Be humble towards them, be respectful towards them, and so the angels of Allah azza wa jal show the honor and respect for them. And that is where the Hadith goes on to say that they make dua right for the student of knowledge, everything makes dua even the angels make dua for the student of knowledge. And here the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that the scholars are the heirs of the prophets.

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The interesting question here is waiting to see the heirs of the messengers.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the messenger of Allah. So why didn't he say that they are the heirs of the messengers Why are the heirs of the Prophets the students of knowledge

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are you gonna say

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Ah, so you say anyway

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yeah, because the profit

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It's a more general to show that the knowledge of the take is something which they take from all of those prophets of Allah subhanaw taala what are the MBA the prophets are is what the scholars are the heirs of the prophets and so the prophets on some didn't restrict them. Because the messengers were a few that Allah azza wa jal sent, but Allah Subhana Allah sent many prophets, to humankind. And so Allah azza wa jal is the role of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe. Salam in his Hadith speaks about their virtue and their and their and their marriage. But the point here of the Hadith, or this narration, not just the virtue on the merit of the people of knowledge, but the story behind this

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wall he wants you to understand, because that it's worth it for all of this reward. That journey becomes worthwhile. You won't get any money necessarily, you won't get a position you won't get status. But Allah azza wa jal will make it worthwhile for you in terms of every step that you take, and every footstep that you tread. And every moment that you pass in the SQL knowledge becomes very bad. The whole thing is that we've had, and so the amount of trouble that this man had from Medina to Damascus, all of its everybody, one of his worship, and so his days and his nights, and his stopping and starting and his resting, everything is really bad. Then the Prophet allah sallallahu,

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alayhi, salam, the Hadith,

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the Hadith, concerning the horses, the rest of them said, the one that takes a horse and he keeps it for the sake of Allah meaning just that he can perform jihad on it and use it for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, the President said that horse even when it goes away, and he grazes, and it goes away, and it has his droppings, and he goes, when he drinks from all of that you get a reward for just doing what horses do, right? It's not used in battle, how often maybe once in a year, once in two years, but every other day that it's still going around grazing, walking around drinking, you get a reward for all of that, because the intention is that is for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So

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likewise, the student of knowledge, you may take you two months before you reach the chef, and you study with him. And maybe only spend two three weeks with him. Or, as in this case, one Hadith. You go there literally for 1020 minutes, you learn the Hadith, and you leave. But that whole process of studying and moving and sort of the whole process of journeying, and traveling and moving there and staying there and then all the way back, all of that is Riba and it is something to Lara's origin rewards you for son hola hola. But I have that we're having the hug on oral D and a smile.

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Now Yash and Hemsley analyse Mineola Jamie Hayward Katie, why do you need a word called off about honor who I will have any activity Muhammad Muhammad allottee you will Muhammad has an Ignite evening Muhammad Joe How are you Allah and Allah and Bernard Muhammad Adnan Mala Fatah and Hatfield Pilar had detonate Muhammad Muhammad Yunus. What a man about when the other hand doesn't have that we're having to hack on NIOSH and asked him to Roger Hayward and that will damage me and Kathy replacing our ledger Roger don't mean Alan Medina. Illa be the image player salehoo and Hadith in Bulava, who you had this will be a Buddha or Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam if I call LA who

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I would or that merger BKT geranyl Paula Paula Geeta, Dalibor hydrating paella, all our magic top La Ilaha that hadith akala however actually encounter saw the icon for in new Samuel to rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa salam ala Paul, Mammon Raja linea Hello Julian Beatty Hello were element level data level men are eager to engineer how to read and be my upload or select Allah will be loaded up on lol Jana, or in an ID molester Rola home and for summer what you will not have a ton of water for the Rhode Island me either liability for the de la cama relatability either side cover keep in an

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MBA in an MBA and Amuri. So DNL on what I did know him and we're in our third item

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from another root of all the Allahu Anhu asked, you traveled just to ask about this hadith he said Yes, I will do that then said Glad Tidings to you. If you are truthful in your answer for your heart, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, whoever leaves his house in pursuit of knowledge, Allah Allah is the way to Paradise for him. The angels lower their wings in humility to the sake of knowledge and approval of what he is undertaking. Indeed for the land forgiveness will be sought by those within the heavens and the earth, rather by everything, even the fish in the oceans depth. The severe superiority of the scholar over the worshiper is like the superiority of

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the full moon over the stars at night. The scholars are the heirs of the prophets, but the prophets did not leave behind wealth for inheritance. Rather, they left behind knowledge. In this hadith, this notion of Cathedral in place, this man comes and he says to Abu Dhabi, Hola, Juan. He said, I came to you to seek a hadith that I had, you know, read from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, this man from Medina as he had the Hadith Abu Dhabi that

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is on his wedding.

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Yeah, he said it. He says I've come to you because I heard of a hadith that you know

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Read from the Prophets Allah meaning that I heard it from someone else who narrated from you that you said that the Prophet SAW Selim said, So what's he done here? He has a longer chain of narration, what does he want to do? He wants to go directly to the source, because he can be more sure that that is accurate in his narration and the wording of this other man who heard from a Buddha. And so he already has the Hadith. He already has the Hadith, but what he wants to do is he wants to be sure, and he wants to have a social to chin on narration, and he wants to go and learn the Hadith from the source because it is more authentic in that way. So his trouble is even to learn

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something that he did not know, which shows also that from the methodologies of seeking knowledge and from its etiquettes is sometimes you already have knowledge concerning what you want to go and seek like you read, for example, Bihari before, or the motto of Imam Malik before a double move right before whatever book of Hadith maybe before. And that's what you will find amongst the scholars of Hadith, in the Jazz's and so on, that they would read the same book to multiple roles here at Bihari 20 times. He also he Muslim 10 times you read the multiple nomadic 40 times. And it's one because he has already once he's ready once, twice, 10 times before already, but he wants to go

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again. Why because the chef has a different it's not that chef will teach him things that the other ones didn't know that Chef may have points of benefit that didn't learn from anyone else. And because repetition in and of itself is something which is a very good way of maintaining knowledge. You become very familiar with the book if you repeat it over and over and over again. So you read the Hadith read over and over and over again. If you read someone reads Buhari 30 Times you think you want to Buhari like inside that we all know it very well be very familiar with it. Just repetition allows you to understand what it is that you are reading us on Hola Hola.

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Hola Hola have a son ignorable coffee and evening is a call about on Abu Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah it'd be a bucket in Indonesia then whatever, Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah, Mohammed Yemeni Jaffa well I will call him I live in Hasini at attainable he your honor an honor and button and all the

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follow and button and all the above they learn Hussein Ahmed unified in and mostly all the Hudson

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Valley Middle Muthana Allah Hadith and our son called rather than our Santa Maria and is married to me i Yash and asked him JB Hayward and Jimmy and Jimmy live in a place in and Roger and germinal Medina de la vida de la one Hadith and for Allah whoever dadada major a big aha John what I what I did for you Tala BT gelatin was up al Hadith habito Lee

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don't even know her Baisha is the same party

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that's off about an hour but the minute all hats are held on and while wherever I'm at Northman even in Mohamed demonios have an I love color

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palette I met the pilot had this in our color with man

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had the center personally had had this an avocado with man and butter now Paula Bobak Abona

00:23:12--> 00:23:12

Allah again

00:23:14--> 00:23:21

double victory as well call with the man roosters How do you talking to people? That's what he's saying to people.

00:23:22--> 00:23:28

And man, he says in his narration said had death in a man and his relation said I'm gonna

00:23:30--> 00:23:39

call off man and button our work in Mohammed bin Abdullah Shafi Allah had this Anya Cobo even though you also felt as well, because we're new

00:23:40--> 00:23:48

because we need you are the number one the Minister is the Minister of your boyfriend and Rosie and ask him even Abby

00:23:49--> 00:23:53

even been nudged with an agenda.

00:23:56--> 00:24:04

The Imam of the Quran the Quran, the courier asked him so we read from Hassan Anson asked him his name is asking me when I've been in the job that he is here

00:24:06--> 00:24:12

and didn't even know how Vation called potatoes are for anemia. I saw that in Moradi ubicada merger a big political

00:24:13--> 00:24:22

pile of any symetra Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Apple Mannahatta German Beatty if they allowed me what I didn't matter to me how to highlight what's going to be my Asana

00:24:23--> 00:24:59

zero probation related I visits of Sephora and NASA. Moradi Radi Allahu Anhu and he asked me about the purpose of my visit. When I answered him that I came to seek knowledge he said, I had the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, whoever leaves the house for the purpose of seeking knowledge, the angels will lower their wings in humility to him in approval of what he is undertaking. He would have been probations but from the major scholars with the tempter in his study with the likes of Mr auditor, the Allahu Allah knows from his close students and companions and others for most of the companions. zili been rubbish Rahim Allah Tada. The author is showing here

00:24:59--> 00:25:00

that it wasn't just

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One person in the story well, but that wasn't a unique incident, that only one of them would go and study in this way or travel to seek knowledge of a single Hadith was something common amongst the generation of the tambourine and others. And so that's what zero rubbish or Hamlet is doing is going to the companion software, the cell or the Allah Huang. And again, the same thing you only came to study this hadith? He says, Yes, so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or you mentioned to her do this hadith of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam

00:25:29--> 00:25:58

bada bada now I will has any aluminum Mohammed Mittal Hathaway will be also Han Allah additonal Solomon, Medina yoga, taba Ronnie, you are similar to Abba Korea even as Sergio Kala, Kona and MCV as if it was La La Bobby Bowden Maha defin first Ronald Misha Wakanda mana Raju Don marginal moto Hammond V de vaca alpha or a jeweler, an engineer hatin mela equity la taxi roja Carl monster has if Amazon I mean more than a head defer to the jeweler who has suffered

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a boy yeah, here is a career even near here a surge generated, we were walking in the alleys of the city of Wasilla heading towards the house of one of the scholars of Hadith. As we started to work fast and impudent man who was known for being a little bit time, remarked in mockery, lift your feet of the wings of the angel, so you do not break them. However, before he could take one more step after he mocked us his feet became paralyzed, and he fell to the floor. And so this generation shows a couple of things. Number one, it was the practice of the self, that they would consider the moment that they left their house in order to seek knowledge and to learn knowledge to be reminded. And so

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the moment from this morning when you woke up from your house, wherever whichever was your place of residence, and you left to come to the masjid to learn. All of that is very bad. every footstep every moment everything that you do during that time is very bad. And if you have sincerity, and you do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that is one of the greatest ways of attaining reward and good deeds, because there is something which Allah azza wa jal loves, and it is something which Allah subhanaw taala blesses. And so that's why the Scholars used to love seeking knowledge, because there is an act, which the whole process of it is rebirth. And so if you're engaged in something,

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which all of it is rebated, that is something which is beloved to Allah subhanaw taala. But as we know, in every single time, there are always those people who make fun and mock those people who want to seek knowledge and to learn their religion or to worship Allah azza wa jal. And this is an example of that, as we said, some of the scholars rather position that it's a literal, meaning that the angels lower their wings. So this man is making fun and he's saying to those people, because they're walking fast to the teachers lesson, be careful, because you're going to break the wings of those angels that you claim have loaded wings for you, and he's making fun of them. The narrator

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says that this man as soon as he said that he probably was paralyzed Allah azza wa jal dealt with him, because of the way that he made fun of his religion. And the worst people are those who attack those who want to learn the region of Allah subhanho wa taala. Because there's different people who try to oppose the region of Allah azza wa jal or obstruct others from the region of Allah subhanaw taala. And from amongst the worst of those is those who don't want other people to learn, because of their own ignorance, or because of their own, whatever it may be their own their own innovations, and you don't want anyone to learn. Because the more that people learn their religion, the more than

00:28:18--> 00:28:51

you know what is correct and incorrect, what is truth? What is falsehood? And the more that people learn and study their religion, the closer they come to Allah subhanaw taala and the better that community that they live in becomes, because amongst them there are people of knowledge, and so they order the good and they forbid the evil and they worship Allah azza wa jal and through the action and their character, the statements and the way that they deal with people, they are living, walking, talking examples of the Quran and the Sunnah. People don't like that some people don't like that, because that means that now what they are upon in terms of not praying, not doing good, not

00:28:51--> 00:29:23

worshiping Allah not being engaged in riba that's going to be the odd thing out now, as it wasn't the time of the Senate, the time of the Senate, everyone prayed live one word Quran and everyone gives the car, those who didn't want the odd ones out. So they used to feel peculiar. And they're the ones that used to hide, and they're the ones that would be embarrassed and ashamed. Because people if they find it special, doesn't pray, who doesn't pray in the time of the self, who doesn't read the Quran in the time in the Senate, which kind of Muslim behaves like that in the time of the Senate. But we live now in a time where it's the opposite. Most people don't pray. Most people don't

00:29:23--> 00:29:53

read the Quran. And most people aren't engaged in seeking knowledge and everybody so that when you find someone you see like a young person wants to go and wants to learn, and seek knowledge and learn and they want to spend their time as opposed to going and playing sports or doing anything else. They want to let us acknowledge. He's the odd one out now. And he's the one that has to feel embarrassed and ashamed because all of his friends are doing everything else. And so it's changed now. And so the more people that learn, and the more that knowledge becomes prevalent in the community, the more normalized it becomes. And the more people start encouraging one another to

00:29:53--> 00:30:00

learn and to seek knowledge and to go on to attend. And so that's why the people she doesn't like people seeking knowledge and

00:30:00--> 00:30:29

Those people that have following the desires and following the path of shaytan they don't like people to seek knowledge either. So that's something which we should be mindful of to encourage people when they want to seek knowledge to make it easy for them, to give them access to it, especially in this time that we're living in now, to break down those barriers until it becomes something which is widespread again, that's something which we all have to collectively work towards. And so in the time of the century was common commonplace for people to go and seek knowledge very normal for them to go learn about their religion. We live in a time now where the

00:30:29--> 00:30:53

opposite is the truth, or the opposite is true. And that is the very few people want to spend their time and dedicate their lives to seeking knowledge on Allahu Allah for about an hour has any idea of new costume even in Hassanein show you that will masala Allah had definite abode open in his new is new his journey you are headed on our way to LA even Obaidullah even Jamil and mildly you will believe us Rock

00:30:55--> 00:31:13

Center that is desenvolver you know when we attain all our debts and our Hamza turabi, it may be motoring muawiya type near here, or Hala Huhtala there with Ali Salam. And it does is now Ladyman Hadith and while some in Hadith, waterlooville Alma had that and Casa de la saw with an Javier Kanalen.

00:31:16--> 00:31:31

Marwa, even your hair related Allah revealed to Prophet alayhi salam were shoes made of iron and rely on a stick made of iron and travel to seek knowledge until the stick is broken and the shoes are torn apart. What does this mean, this narration of the Prophet dealt with at least some

00:31:33--> 00:31:48

examples of iron and a stick of iron, you know, there used to work in the desert, they would walk with the stick right to help them walk in the visit. Take sandals of iron and a stick of iron and seek knowledge until the stick breaks and the sandals break. What does that mean, then?

00:31:50--> 00:32:27

It means never stop because something out of iron is unlikely to break. Or if it does break, it will take a very long time for it to do so. So this is an example of perseverance and knowledge because knowledge requires a great deal of patience, a great deal of patience. Why? Because knowledge is one of those things that you can't just learn in a short time in a short space of time. And the shorter or the less time that you dedicate to knowledge, the more likely that you have taken very little of that knowledge. But if you spend months and years and decades, dedicated to knowledge, then it's likely that you will have attained a great deal of it. And that is why some of the scholars said

00:32:27--> 00:33:03

that Allah subhanaw taala sent the prophets at the age of 40. Because at the age of 14, there are 40 years of experience and 40 years of learning and 40 years of wisdom. And so when Allah azza wa jal gives to the knowledge, they're able to take it, someone else which is able to Josie and others used to be able to position that the student of knowledge shouldn't start teaching until the age of 40. For that reason, the first 2030 years of your life you dedicate to learning, dedicated seeking knowledge dedicated to understanding because they didn't expect someone to seek knowledge and to graduate and to learn within a few short years. They expect you to take decades, it will take you a

00:33:03--> 00:33:30

long time, before you reach that position just as us in every other science and discipline. We know that the people who really get to the heights of their profession and in their specialism and so it's going to take them decades, right, someone gets to 40 before they become a specialist in their field, doesn't it's not easy, it's not something you just take in a few years. So likewise, with Islamic sciences takes a long time. And then once you reach that level, then you can stop teaching and giving that knowledge to others.

00:33:31--> 00:33:37

Allah Akbar and I live in Medina, Hamada and Macario Macario ijazat. Anwar had that any question? He says, What

00:33:39--> 00:33:45

is not a banana and you are moral Macario. He has written what does that mean?

00:33:48--> 00:34:20

For an ijazah. So this is something which you took, as an ijazah mean, either he gave it to him my book and he said no, right from this, this is how he took it. Right. And so you will see in this book in everything that we learnt in the morning session in that book of McLaren movement virus, you can see application the I don't always have to stop and point it out. But if you're paying attention to this slide, you will see a lot of those terms, because he's speaking about this type of generation of people or Hatim comes after him in fairness. So he comes like 6070 years after even Pharisee passes away. So, this generation, this is what the what they did.

00:34:21--> 00:34:23

What had the Athenian has an

00:34:24--> 00:34:41

even though Mohammed Al Hala Animoca rah, rah, rah means I read, so he narrates system raishin from two people. He says one I read too, and the other one I didn't read too, he gave me an each other and the shows do precision in in the chain of narrators.

00:34:42--> 00:34:59

I had this an Abraham mediven and has an elected Amin and Dr. Amin, Zinio Allah. Muhammad even it hasn't even it'd be a Hamza paella Hadith and Mohammed even it was in in Walsall at all as a matter Yes, even in our own our poll. Political Muhammad Yunus aid in a smile

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

Hello Dakota Allahu Azerbaijan let's have a hadith even Quran Allah Nam LM to smile only as

00:35:06--> 00:35:18

for Lola Anna for Amin Khalifa ricotta min whom for if the COVID dini will you the role of Muhammad Raja Rue La him for her that if you call him in Raha Tala Bella

00:35:19--> 00:35:23

welcome wolfelt Rajabi lemon wala whova lemahieu ear.

00:35:24--> 00:35:59

He has even her own set to Hammadi Muniz eight. Oh avoid scenario. Is there any mention of the scholars of Hadith in the Quran? He replied, Yes, did you not hear the idea, and it is not for the believers to go forth to battle all at once, for they should separate from every division of them a group remaining to obtain understanding in the religion and want their people when they return to them. It this AI is applicable to every person who traveled upon the path of seeking knowledge and jurisprudence, and then return to their communities to teach them what they learned at the museum or Hamlet tannins from the famous scholars of Hadith from the teachers of the likes of Sofia and

00:35:59--> 00:36:34

authority under Mubarak and others. And Hammadi Moses asked what you find in the Quran that people should travel for the sake of knowledge and he mentioned this verse Surah to Toba. This verse is concerning the people of jihad, Allah azza wa jal is saying to those companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when the call for jihad is given, because as we know, the prophet sent him didn't attend every battle didn't lead every battle. He attended himself physically a handful of battles, but he would often send out expeditions under the leadership of other companions. So Allah is releasing to the Companions is not befitting when the call of jihad is made, the role of you

00:36:34--> 00:36:41

leave, but rather, a group of you should remain behind why should they remain behind

00:36:42--> 00:37:19

to continue to learn from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because what he says during the absence of the Army, what he narrates, what he says is sermons, his teachings, his actions, someone has to preserve that knowledge, so that when those people come back, they can share it with them. That was the norm in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and as then we can see her Mademoiselle and others from amongst the scholars, they flipped that also, because then the dome became what, that the majority of people stay put in their hand lungs, and it's the scholars who travel to seek knowledge. Because now the process animals in Medina, so it's easy, but then in the

00:37:19--> 00:37:55

time of the companions, they became dispersed in the tambourine, they become dispersed right there all around the Muslim empire, the Muslim lands, and so now the student has to travel and go to those places so that when he does return eventually to his home, he has that knowledge that he can then impart upon those people but the point is here that it is an apostle in the Quran study and to seek knowledge in that way and the author will mention this further in one of the chapters are coming out some Hola Hola. Hola for bottom note, I will simulate as a header you will have an image of Mohammed and halal. Allah had dinner Mohammed Abdullah Abbas and Jose says Paul Hadith and Abdullah Aveda

00:37:55--> 00:38:00

would call Hadith Anna Jaffa OB Salam al Qaeda doesn't have to live near Rama

00:38:01--> 00:38:03

um armor or armor

00:38:05--> 00:38:06

of the loved animal

00:38:14--> 00:38:15

had enough his armor armor

00:38:17--> 00:38:29

I'm always has a wallet and always if you see a hammer with a wall or hammer with the world is a hammer. That's how the Arabs differentiate because the original script of Arabic was written while

00:38:30--> 00:38:33

the time of the prophets and how do they restore Arabic.

00:38:36--> 00:39:18

Without vowels, it was written like many languages written by form. So you recognize patterns you recognize shapes, and it wasn't written in the way that we are now accustomed to it. So the time of the companions there's no such thing as the first one with the companion understand what that was. He said to a companion at that time was the Fatah was the dot seems like what you want about how the Quran was written. And that's why in the Quran, we have two sciences. In more Rossum and more dot Emerson is the science of the script of the Quran, that is to piffy comes from the time of the Prophet Salam. And then you have doped which is the dots and the vowels. That's not totally free

00:39:18--> 00:39:45

that doesn't come from the prophets and that was something which the scholars then added an introduced into the Arabic language they said because of the Quran because people like me and you and other people that weren't Arabs entered into the form of Islam and they kind of make the sense of what is on on Amazon what is you know, banter and they need the dots. So what the Arabs used to do is in order to differentiate they would add the letter, a silent letter, like Rama Rama had you know the difference between the two.

00:39:46--> 00:39:47

Because of that,

00:39:48--> 00:39:50

and there are examples of this I did like an online

00:39:51--> 00:40:00

online thing and chronic progression that you can go through what I did like a whole thing on the science the different sciences of of the Quran, including abortion or Bob three

00:40:00--> 00:40:21

interesting it's one of those sciences of the Quran 14 hour time that we're losing. People don't really understand Rossum and Bob 21 How they will read and how these are Sciences of the Quran are important and so to learn them and to understand especially for students of the Quran is something which I would which I would recommend is an Allah Allah. Allah had written a book a year in I normal enough an eye cream

00:40:23--> 00:40:31

I know more than enough and I carry my Mole every now bursts for your holy dialer as your home or the home caller but will Hadith.

00:40:35--> 00:41:11

crema the seven of even Ibis commented on the part of the IEA the travelers for his cause, saying it refers to those who seek the knowledge of the Hadith cream as we know is the famous fall Rav tafsir from the students have been an ambassador of the Allah Akuma and he has many iterations of the statement of Allah azza wa jal, Allah Subhana Allah speaks about those people that he loves. And he describes them in terms of the actions of worship that they perform at Eborn and RB don't tell him you don't. Those who make Toba those who praise Allah azza wa jal, those who who pray those who do command the good and forbidding evil, and from those people he refers to, are those who are Sati

00:41:11--> 00:41:41

Hoonah say hone in Arabic language means from sia hacia means tourism now, a Sir Who is the one who travels? What does it mean traveling wise? Why is it beloved to Allah azza wa jal because they traveled for the sake of Allah. And actually my said meaning they traveled for the sake of knowledge, because that is one of the highest forms of traveling for the sake of Allah azza wa jal, but it could mean anyone that travels for the sake of Allah. So jihad, Hajj, Umrah all of these are traveling for the sake of Allah but no doubt from amongst them is the people who traveled for the sake of knowledge

00:41:42--> 00:41:57

about an idea or Omar and mockery or para la polla and Bernays Marimon idea in a hotel bu called Abdullah Ahmed, many handbell partners are to be pro hammer Hola, I'm intolerable. And total nihilism Allah Julian

00:41:59--> 00:42:05

and the URL is Mr. Rajan and the whole element for your failure. Failure to ban the yoke to ban

00:42:07--> 00:42:19

to ban I will talk to her and yada yada Ellen Manuel the Latifi Hi, Elmo. Yes, ma'am. I mean, who are they are Heidi October and Kofi in our bursary, you know, in Medina, Nakata, Yasha. Munna Sally asthma I mean, who

00:42:21--> 00:42:58

have to live near, even 100 related I asked my father, may Allah have mercy on him? Should a person who pursues knowledge, stay with a knowledgeable person and learn from him? Or should he travel to wherever knowledge is found, and learn from the different people? He answered, He ought to travel and learn from the scholars of Kufa, the scholars of Basra and the scholars of Medina and Mecca. So, I'm not gonna descender asked my father, who's his father, Imam, Muhammad Rahim, Allah Tada. He said on my father, should the person stay in their own land, and study and learn just from their teachers? Or should they travel for the sake of knowledge and study in that way? And he said to him,

00:42:58--> 00:43:29

No, rather they should study he should mix with the people and benefit from them. And so it was common amongst the scholars, therefore, other than a few there were a few exceptions to this, by the way, Abu Hanifa Rahim Allah already traveled, Imam Malik rarely traveled other than to Makkah. And these were scholars, they didn't travel to many other places. However, some of the scholars said that even Americans didn't Medina, so people came to him, he didn't need to go to anyone. Why that's like, if you live in Mecca, Medina, you know, that's like probably the exception to the rule, because everyone comes to you eventually anyway, but the majority of the scholars of that

00:43:29--> 00:43:44

generation, they will travel. And there are many benefits in doing so. Not least because certain countries and certain lands became known for certain types of knowledge, like even in our time now, if you want to be an expert in Quran and Quran, which country would you go to?

00:43:46--> 00:43:55

Egypt, right? Egypt is like the land of the Quran. It's the land of like the famous Imams of and if you want to go and learn the relations of Hadith, and you want to Egypt and Hadith,

00:43:56--> 00:44:32

Yemen, Yemen, Pakistan, India, Morocco, there are certain places that are known for this. And if you want to learn Arabic language and become an expert in that, then Hashem and Yemen, these were known for this. So even to today, there are certain places in Africa, you know, then you go to the ages, you go to Saudi Arabia, so everyone has like this specialisms that they that they focus on, and that became known and so Mr. Mohammed is saying don't just stay in one place. Constantly go and learn on visitors on a map and study with them and specialize or learn from what they specialized in. Some Allahu Allah. Allah at the bottom, I went across the middle the one over the Mohammed bin and Hasson

00:44:32--> 00:44:38

and Dana where you're at, they know where you're at nobody Dina worry. Carla Hudson Abu Ali Mohammed

00:44:42--> 00:44:58

Abu Ali Hamza bin Abdullah last burhani Tada similar to be Abdullah about Abdullah Ahmad Ibrahim Mohammed bin is half an hour Toria Paul, similar to Abdullah Mohammed Mohammed bin and Nicole, similar to your whole Torah verlo will is not the minute Dean

00:44:59--> 00:44:59


00:45:00--> 00:45:34

Now I'm not even 100 related. I heard my father state that endeavouring to generate a report with a chain that has the least number of narratives is part of the religion as part of the religion not only to therefore seek knowledge with this land, but to find a short chain and raters are normally snapped. And that's what the scholars used to do these to trouble to find the shortest chain of narrators that the could, because as we said, in the morning session, that it means that there's this like likelihood of there being errors, the shorter the chain that has likelihood of errors. The longer the chain, the more people you add into that narration, then the more likely that one of them

00:45:34--> 00:46:06

made a mistake, or that one of them had or had an error in one way or another. So this is something which the sponsors used to do these to like to have the shortest chain of narration possible. And so that's why sometimes as we said in the morning, sometimes a person goes to a swollen up because he's very well versed, or has a great deal of knowledge, but because they have a short chain of narrators. And so this is something which we and I've mentioned to you before, in some of the previous is not courses that some of the scholars used to take their young children to their teachers, so that they could not read from them directly because by doing so the child skips a

00:46:06--> 00:46:24

generation, he skips you and he goes to your teacher. So that's something which they used to do. They used to like to do that even if it was only a short, you know, short number of a hadith or just a few things that they could know each other they could say, I narrated from so and so. And that's something which the Center for always like to do.

00:46:25--> 00:46:53

Personally, I have about an hour my aim and half of the pilot about only Mohammed Abdullah debate vikita be here call her destiny Abu Omar Abdullah, Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed El Poder che you, Paula had that call center. Jaffna Playa LISI. rsmo Yeah evening Marina Nicole, Ottawa, Tony Salman home Rashida hydrasuit Derp Well, Munna all the women on Mahadev Raja Rani actigraphy Bella de haywire Hello faith Allah will Hadith

00:46:54--> 00:47:12

Jaffa tirelessly said I heard your heavenly mind say, do not expect guidance in four persons, the gatekeeper the doorman of the judge, the son of a hadith master and the man who studies in his homeland and does not travel to seek the knowledge of Hadith. Also read that again, the key keeper

00:47:15--> 00:47:27

the doorman of the judge, the son of a hadith master, and a man who studies in his homeland and does not travel to seek the knowledge of Hadith. Why are these four What do you have in mind say, Don't go to these four beware of these four.

00:47:30--> 00:47:31

The gatekeeper

00:47:33--> 00:47:37

the doorman of the judge the gatekeeper in the olden days, in the cities what it used to have

00:47:38--> 00:48:14

the olden days, cities would have gates. Now like now you can enter into city from any which way you want. They used to have ones like fortresses and gates that would open during the day, and to prevent enemies and attack they will close it during the night. So saying beware of the gate, man. This is what he refers to. And the doorman of the judge, meaning the one that lets the people into the judge and now he's his secretary or something. Number three, the son of the Hadith scholar Hadith center. That's the point that he wants to mention here. And number four, the one who doesn't travel to seek knowledge of Hadith. Why these four?

00:48:16--> 00:48:16

What's the common

00:48:18--> 00:48:19

pattern between them?

00:48:22--> 00:48:24

Because the gatekeeper like poor man was in trouble.

00:48:27--> 00:48:29

Patient but what? And then what

00:48:30--> 00:48:33

is a privilege that they have? And then what do they do with it?

00:48:39--> 00:48:42

She's saying that amongst these people, there can be a level of arrogance,

00:48:43--> 00:48:51

because of the position that they're in. So the one who controls the gates of the city, you come late one day, and you're like I'm late. You're like, Sorry, man, I opened the gate.

00:48:52--> 00:49:22

He's like this led him to a level of arrogance, right? He has power now in that position. And if he's someone who is not wise or not good or not humble, and likewise, is the person that lets you into the judge, you come with an issue. He's like, No, it's not a good time, come back tomorrow, even as the judge even go and seek permission, just know, I control access to him, like you see, in many places, people that are powerful people that are ritual people. Often you hear people have like, it's not the person that person's good. But the people around him are no good. The people that control his access, and because they want to keep that exclusive power in their hands. And so

00:49:22--> 00:49:29

they're like, No, you can't come No, he's busy. No, come back and I'll get an appointment. And like when he's the son of them had this why the son of them had this.

00:49:30--> 00:50:00

Because he sometimes is the one who controls access to his father in our time, now sometimes some of these very elderly chefs that you have in Hadith, you hang on to them, they owned like the man's really old, he's in his 80s and I've seen this personally 80s 90s So the some of the grandson is the one that you have to contact. That's the son of the grandson may not may not be a student of knowledge. Just because he's a son or his grandson doesn't mean he seeks knowledge. It doesn't doesn't have anything. And so what does he do now? He controls access. And I've seen this personally sometimes that I

00:50:00--> 00:50:01

access means

00:50:02--> 00:50:39

pay me. You want to come and read to my father, grandfather you have to pay. How much can you afford? What can you give me? You only Buhari to give me $2,000. And Allah you repo hydrogen. And so now you, you have no option either you say, Look, I can't do this, I can't afford this mass and Amoco, or you pay the man, so that you can go and read to his material grandfather or his eight year old father, whatever it may be. So he's saying beware of this and the one who stays in one place and doesn't travel. Why? Because he also can't have a level of arrogance. Because he only knows what he knows sitting in one place. And then he's like, No, he's wrong, and he's wrong. And those people are

00:50:39--> 00:51:05

wrong, and everyone's wrong, didn't do anything except sell home. And now all of a sudden, everyone else is wrong. And I'm right. So this is why you have mindset. Beware of these people because all of them can have sometimes not all of them. Not, it's not always the case. But amongst them they can be those who have because of deposition and because of the privilege, a sense of arrogance within them. As an Allahu Akbar named Muhammad Yunus I will call similar as Rocco Carla and Bernard will work

00:51:06--> 00:51:24

harder and Burna Abu Bakr Muhammad even has an in nakash under Mohammed Himalaya, as Amin had death at home remodeler all US America, Abdul Rahman Muhammad Yunus had immunopathol Avellone and Ebrahimian call in Allah to Allah forward but on Herbie Hill OMA be relatives habit Hadith.

00:51:30--> 00:52:05

Ibrahim even heard him said Allah the Most High protects his this nation from calamities due to the virtue of the journeys made by the people of Hadith in the quest of knowledge. Even Ibrahim even admits from the one known scholars of the Sedef and he was especially known for his wisdom, his sayings concerning Zod and other things, very well known for that. And so he said that Allah azza wa jal prevents harm and calamity from before in this ummah, because of the people of Hadith and they're traveling for the sake of knowledge, meaning that Allah azza wa jal has mercy upon the Ummah because of these people. And we know from the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim, it does establish

00:52:05--> 00:52:36

principle in the Sharia, that Allah azza wa jal has mercy upon the people due to their weak and their poor amongst them. Allah has mercy upon them because Allah azza wa jal has mercy upon them and they are weak and the weakness and the need and the poverty before we supply the data, so the benefit the community benefits. And so likewise, the people Hadith because for the most part, the people have Hadith are often poor. Because they've given up their life, they don't have income, they don't have a job, they don't have any, they've given up their life and dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and seeking knowledge and spreading that knowledge. So they don't have much wealth. And so

00:52:36--> 00:53:06

they're poor. And they have limited means and then above that they spend because they have to travel, and they're busy and they're traveling and they're and they have expenses and and that's what they dedicated their life to. So Allah azza wa jal, maybe the reason why in your community or in your place, or in your masjid, or in your family, you have blessing is because you have someone that does this, you don't know where the blessing comes from. And so if there's somebody in your family who's elderly, someone in your family who's poor, someone in your family who's a student of knowledge, maybe Elijah has mercy upon you and those around you because of those people.

00:53:08--> 00:53:33

All of a sudden a woman sought in academia and seen him now leave neuroma even Muhammad is sahkari Allah doesn't know Muhammad Yunus Marilla were robbed in LA and Carla had this idea of no Muhammad. Allah had this and it hasn't even I live near sir. Carla doesn't even be a tub an ion holla doesn't has a career mini ID or not or a token and mobile like if you know for ultramarathon Allah aerobic. Allah for Olivia relative in Hadith.

00:53:35--> 00:53:54

The Korea ignore the related I saw him in mobile rock in a dream when I asked him, What did Allah do with you? He replied, He forgave me because of the journeys that I undertook for the knowledge of the Hadith. Even on mobile Rocklahoma Tara, the famous scholar of the faith, was known for his extensive travel of Hadith

00:53:55--> 00:54:07

to the extent that some of the scholars said that we don't know anyone who traveled for Hadith, no Movado don't have anyone who traveled for the sake of Hadith. I even know Mubarak, in addition to the fact in addition to the fact

00:54:15--> 00:54:54

come on to that, in addition to the fact that everyone Barak, Allah has blessed him with wealth as a wealthy man. And because he was a wealthy man, he had the ability to travel. So he traveled extensively. And so this man is saying that I saw Mubarak in a dream. And often these dreams, answering the question of our young brothers, that these dreams are not like they're not working. It's not a revelation from Allah, or anything. It's a dream that he sees. And so you see the dream and generated because it is law tidings. As the prophet sent him said Bushnell moment, the prophets of Allah where he was Senator from the science of the hour, is that the people who are truthful will

00:54:54--> 00:55:00

be lions and the people who are liars will be considered to be truthful, until the only thing that you

00:55:00--> 00:55:01

You see some times is

00:55:02--> 00:55:33

the good dream where the good dream is the glad tidings for the believer and the prophets of Allah where it will set them that those people who are the most truthful in speech are the ones whose dreams are the foremost truthful. So the set of history this it doesn't mean anything like there's no like ruling of the Sharia that we take from it. But it's a good sign when you see that the scholars in a dream and you ask them and they say to this is what I benefit from and so on. And it's conforming to the principle of the show. He's not saying anything, which is wrong. If he came up with something which was crazy, right or said something which was a bidder or said something like

00:55:33--> 00:55:46

should is well, then you know, that's from Shaytaan. But he said, No, it's my traveling of Hadith that Allah azza wa jal forgive me for and that's possible. That's possible a large region can forgive someone for any of the good deeds of that person performance.

00:55:47--> 00:56:26

Allah for Bernard Muhammad Imran Hussain Imran father Lim Katana, Allah and Bernard bologna Jaffa is the way he in Hawaii or Addison and we are now I don't know who they are at this point. You know, Sophia and I had designated for the new museum, the new Carla Medina Hanbal or himolla Lumia con visa management mobile, Araki up La la la la Minho, Raha le m&e, well Illa Misawa in a sham when was the last one cool felt work on I mean, robotic, robotic, cutter Anasazi wonky. Well, cutterbar and the rock manipulated muddy one in facility advisory advisory advisory were Gemma Umbra nabina.

00:56:28--> 00:56:53

Muhammad Muhammad said there was no one more enthusiastic and keen to seek knowledge in the time of Abdullahi Mubarak than him. He traveled to Yemen, Egypt, Sham Basra and Kofa he became one of the sources that people took knowledge from, and he's deserved reaching that level. He learned from the renowned scholars and the scholars of less stature, he received knowledge directly from the raw, manipulated mahadi Anil Ferrari, this resulted

00:56:56--> 00:57:25

in the acquisition of a great amount of knowledge. So Imam, Mubarak primatology as Mohammed is saying he was known for his seeking knowledge right well known for traveling and seeking knowledge and so all of these regions as you can see, I'm flexible about that the raw material that wants to impress upon us this point, that if you have to travel for seeking knowledge then you should do so and there are many benefits in doing so and many many virtues in doing so. As an ally they are they are pulled had Destiny unfolding in Nevada similar to him a little bit more law

00:57:27--> 00:58:04

we'll call it a law Roger and I'm in total and Yokota well Hadith for called Allahu ala Muhammad Menounos in Oshiomhole Islam, a man as Imam Muhammad, even humble Who do you think is qualified to take Hadith from here apply to go to Ahmed Musa for he is shameful Islam. But they've been useless. That's the type of comedy been useful. Here's shuffle Islam. So early management's asked Who do we go to? And he said to them go to this man. And this man used to live in a different part of the world. And he said to him, go there and seek knowledge from him. Right. And this is something which was very common that they did, that the scholars would travel from their land, and they would go to

00:58:04--> 00:58:40

other lands, and they would seek knowledge from the mammoth, as we said this himself, he left Baghdad and he went to Mecca, he went to Medina and he went to Yemen, went to different parts of the world. And likewise at Mount Bukhari and Muslim and others, this is what they did, they traveled across the Muslim world, to seek knowledge from the people of knowledge, and Allah azza wa jal blessed those people, those people that are sincere for this, and they're known for it from a land or from a place of larger blesses them in this, like in the time of Al Bukhari and others, by area that remember Hadees from Muslim Buhari, a Buddha would tell me the bin manager, all of them are

00:58:40--> 00:59:16

from that same region, right? In modern day today we call it Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, the whole region. That region is so far away from Mecca, Medina, a sham, Yemen, sec, the other side of the world in those times. But those are the people that Allah azza wa jal blessed when he came to the major works of Hadith. And that's because they struggled, and they strived and they traveled the furthest distances, and the longest times to seek knowledge and to benefit and learn the religion of Allah Subhana Allah so Allah blesses those people. And when you see a group of people that spend time and effort into seeking knowledge, even if it's just one particular sense, Allah blesses them.

00:59:16--> 00:59:51

But now like you said, the people of Egypt are known for Quran. They're not necessarily known for other sciences. But when it comes to Quran and Quran, they're known because they've dedicated their lives. And some of our teachers said that they went to Egypt, and they went to some of the villages in Egypt. Everyone in the village is accorded even the everyone the whole village, the women, the men, the elderly, the children, the whole village is full of Quran because that's how much effort they put into. That's how much they emphasize the importance of reading Quran mm was the Quran and Tajweed and Quran. And Allah, Allah blesses those people that sincerity, the fact that you're all

00:59:51--> 00:59:59

willing to dedicate yourself to that type of knowledge and listen to those people just as used to find in other parts of the world people who just focus on Hadith, so they didn't read Hadith

01:00:00--> 01:00:33

and seek Hadith and learn Hadith. And so Allah has blessed those people and they became known for the preservation of Hadith. And so that's what Allah subhanaw taala does for those people who show that type of effort and sincerity and determination for his six panel Wattana excellent Allahu Allah Akbar on urban and fatherly, Allah Hadith and Abdullah immunogen Jafar pilot had this an AR COBOL had Destiny crimini Abdullah Abdul Malik called Addison abdulrazaq or Hudson Mr. mancha Caudalie. A yo encounter Rohit and I had for hell even if I was were in love

01:00:34--> 01:00:38

Illa Bonita Baja 11 NATOs were LFL is empty jar rhotic.

01:00:41--> 01:00:43

Mamata narrated that you have said to him,

01:00:44--> 01:01:15

if you decide to travel to seek knowledge from anyone then traveled to even Davos otherwise do not leave your trade to the Ubisoft Ubisoft Yanni Rahimullah Tana from the famous follows off obvious stamp from the from the younger tabulating or the older Attabad tabulating. And so you were sucked down is a famous follower of the self. He said that if you're going to travel, the travel to the likes of Abdullah ibn Powerwalls, even post Davos, as you know, is the famous scholar the feminist scholar by Wilson, please Sunni and POUs.

01:01:17--> 01:01:51

The Yemeni satoshibet Okay son, rather, posters from the major students have been abuzz about the Allahu Anhu man his son is also famous scholar his name was Abdullah Edmund powers. So you will be saying a saktiandi. Ramallah if you're going to travel, then travel even follows. One of the things that the seller for us to do is if you're going to travel, and you're going to put in the time and effort and you're going to spend the money, then you may as well try to go and find the greatest corners of your time, there is no point putting in that time and effort and sacrificing and spending that money and making an effort to seek knowledge and travel. And then you just go to someone like

01:01:51--> 01:02:22

relatively unknown or junior, or not very well known or well versed in his in his knowledge. And he just because maybe it's convenient to you or that's not what the scholars used to do. So for example, like, you know, you say, Oh, I'm gonna go to Morocco, because Merkel's a nice place, has a nice beach mashallah next to the sea. And then whoever I find that I'll go and seek knowledge with as well, that's not the way of the self, they will look for the person, even if he's in a far distant village is difficult to get to, they will rather go to him, because then it's worthwhile, like you're going to traveling either way. And it's going to be difficult either way, and you're

01:02:22--> 01:02:54

spending money either way. So you may as well go and attain, the best type of knowledge that you can attain that it is, is in your capability to attain. And so that's what he's saying to them, don't just go to anyone, if you're going to actually go then go to someone like Abdullah and Thor's. And that's what the study is to do, is to look for the scholars of their time. And a hottie boom, mentioned some stories Subhanallah of how scholars used to travel trying to find as an alum, and by the time they get there, they passed away, because they're looking not, they're not just going to anyone, they go there. And also one of the things that you find also in this narration is one of the

01:02:54--> 01:03:28

things that the scholars used to do is that they would ask other scholars, they will go to a scholar, and they would say, Who do you advise me to hold off to you? So I've learned from you now study with you. Who's next? Who do you recommend? He says, Go to so and so. So you go to him and you study with him? And then you ask him now who do I go to next? I'll come from this person, and I came to you he told me to come to you who do I go to next? He says go to so and so. And that's what you do. And that's how the selfies to go from one Imam to another son Allahu Allah. Allah have a bottle nobody has any Muhammad, Muhammad even Muhammad Muhammad even risk renal diseases called Hadith and

01:03:28--> 01:03:59

a smile. Even though Ali hota Vu Abu Ali me so wife, Ninja for an evening Hamden. God who had death and Abdullah Medina Hanbal Allah I had this little hammer low or the iron pilot had the center of the summit all had this into her mom Paula had this in house. Data call her destiny zero no probation all over tofi Life at the Earth man if now Fern or the other one. We're in NEMA Hamadani island with that the local you were unique cabin was heavy. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

01:04:01--> 01:04:36

Zero ignore Ovation probationer rated. The only motive that made me travel to Medina during the Khalifa of mine when I found out about the Allahu Anhu was to meet or even recap about the Allahu Anhu and the other companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was recently rubbish lived in Kufa study there with the likes of he'd been mistreated, and others for months, the companions that were living in Kufa and he says that the only reason that I traveled and left Kufa because you have major scholars there. Even Miss Ruth is one of the most scenic companions of the Prophet SAW Selim, one of the major scholars from amongst them, he studied with him and he's learning from me he

01:04:36--> 01:04:59

says the only reason I left and traveled to Medina during the time he was man with the Allah one is because I wanted to meet will be able to camp because it had been rubbish is one of the orders of Quran right? We take our Quran from Zimbabwe she's one of the teachers of as soon as you can see it, I'll see him. Even Abdullah Judo asked him you know bandana is known by both names. He's studied from zero inhibition as one of his teachers.

01:05:00--> 01:05:33

simply saying that I want you to go to Medina to learn from obey even calm why because we will recap was from the most prolific of the companions when it came to Quran, one of the ones that the Prophet SAW Allah What are you seeing them read to by the command of Allah azza wa jal and, as mentioned a number of a hadith Allah azza wa jal commanded the Prophet salam to read certain sewers to be able to cap and or even recap said O Messenger of Allah did Allah named me meaning by name, he told you to come to me he said yes, and obeyed the Allahu and cried, we'll be able to cap Steven Medina because in the time of Earth man on Earth man was telling the companions to go to different places

01:05:33--> 01:06:07

and teach Quran will be when the car was exempted because of his age, old, very old, and so he found it difficult to travel. And in those days traveling is difficult or you go on Camelback or donkey back and it takes you weeks, if not months to arrive at a destination, not easy for an old man. So he said to obey, you stay in Medina, you teach the people of Medina. And so God forbid, you say that I want you to travel to him, to learn from him and other companions, that will also in Medina. And so again, this is the point that we mentioned in the previous narration, that they will choose who they're going to travel to, because it's impossible for you to meet all of the scholars of your

01:06:07--> 01:06:38

generation very difficult, or at least even if you meet them to actually spend time and study with them. So you have to be selective. And there's a number of issues that come into that selection, some of you will be cost, some of it will be the ability to find them and meet with them, some of it is their willingness to teach you and some of it should also be to do with their seniority and their knowledge. So if you go to a place then you look for who are the Senior Scholars of this time, right who are the ones that the people go to and that they respect and honor and then you go and you find them and you seek knowledge from them

01:06:39--> 01:06:55

as an Allahu Allah, Allah have bought on him and father Allah for bottom Abdullah, even the Jaffa Allah had this covenant Sophia and Allah doesn't have the Romanian Abraham and it'd be a pattern and it'd be hard data and it'd be late you can Kona smell

01:06:56--> 01:07:06

a no call Quinonez mobility Wyatt Jana was happy Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Medina will also love him and nada had the inner home for Samia and I mean home.

01:07:15--> 01:07:53

boulardii earlier narrated. We used to hear people in the city of Basra narrating the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that they heard from his companions. However, we never felt content until after we traveled and heard the Hadith directly from them. So the scholarship the tangible ideas from the senior scholars with the tabby will Alia said that this is what we will do, we would hear narrations, the other people will tell us from them. Like we said before, in the original Buddha and others, they had a hadith, but the companion who narrates the hadith is no longer in Medina he's traveled, he's gone somewhere else. He's moved to Buffalo to Kufa or to Egypt

01:07:53--> 01:08:29

and author, Rahim Allah will mentioned examples of this for most the Companions, those who traveled to hear a Hadith from amongst the Companions themselves. And from the tab you're in, and others. And so this is what will Alia is saying that we would hear a hadith press from a secondary source. And we wouldn't be happy and pleased content, until we went and found that companion and heard from him directly, sometimes even coming to them. Sometimes it means that you wait until they come 400 camera and you go to Mark, can you meet them, that's what they will do. And so they will look for those people, and they would narrate from them. And so finding what is closer, you know, chain, that you

01:08:29--> 01:08:53

can go directly to the source and find, especially in this generation, as we said, Now, it's not as you know, it's not as major anymore because it's not no longer has the significance in the way that he used to in those days. But in those times, they want to show authenticity. And so they want to make sure that what was heard and said was relayed accurately. And the best way to do that is to go to the source and say, you tell me what did you hear directly from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa salam

01:08:54--> 01:09:05

ala for about and I will say that Muhammad even the most eminent alternative Nisha, then Salafi, you'll be in a Sephora fight I had the thing that I would have burst Muhammad in Minneapolis and at some point I had nothing on Muhammad Yunus hap

01:09:06--> 01:09:32

so I knew I had that and I will know when orada had called a hadith in Abuja, finding Rosie and Robbie is an asinine idea to call contour Hello Ella Rajawali Murata a I mean Yes, ma'am. I mean, for our minimal salata for energy to your pain will come to us Mr. toman, when a gentle yoga Euro, or yoga yoga Raja to smart Minho, according to a hold of a solid TLDR

01:09:36--> 01:09:59

I will highly underrated I used to travel the distance of 10 days just to meet a person to hear an innovation from him. However, before I would take any knowledge from him, I would investigate whether he established unperformed The prayers well or not. If I found him observing the prayers and praying them well, I would stay and listen to him. Otherwise I would leave because a person who neglects to neglect the prayer would certainly neglect everything else.

01:10:00--> 01:10:32

This was also the methodology of a number of the self, that if they came to a scholar, because the scholars are known to them, they've heard he's a scholar, but they don't know Him personally. They haven't spent time with them. It's the first time they meeting them. They would observe them in terms of their Ibadah and in terms of their character, and they would see so for example, the Salah, how does he pray? Does he pray on time? What's the manner of his prayer? Does he uphold the Sunnah? Does he do it properly? Because if he's not doing it properly, and is upholding the Sunnah, it means that even if he's carrying the knowledge, then maybe he's not applying the knowledge very well. And

01:10:32--> 01:11:08

because of that, some of the scholars would leave or if, for example, his issues of character is adept advocates will not have a good nor have a good station, some of the setup would give away and there are stories of the likes of Imam Malik and others that Imam Malik said I stopped or you refuse to read from certain Imams, certain people that were in the, in the in the station of my teachers, because I saw them doing something and I didn't want to hear from them. And so some of the senators had this position that they would go and they would observe someone first and then they would say, Okay, I will narrate from them what I want and that's what we'll have to sing as well. So this was

01:11:08--> 01:11:30

the methodology of, of some of the stuff and again, you know, it's it's for them because they want to be accurate and precise, like in terms of who they are unwritten from and they want to have the best or the highest level of of Deen when it comes to narration is on Allahu Allah for about an hour the law, the law, even when Husayn minister made

01:11:31--> 01:11:49

him Mohammed Leone has an even bigger bucket in Indonesia than father and burner Mohamed Mohamed Ahmed. Even the Malik is curfew Johanna Hadith. Also Mohamed El heighth I mean all the other half dozen I will say it in a geography yo Allah doesn't work at all according to Allah and now we're

01:11:52--> 01:11:55

going to rip out and if you know me Robina

01:11:56--> 01:12:05

when Quinta Rob now I don't even know me mean show up late enough daily for a little Amish fella Myrtle matura how to LA for semi auto Minh

01:12:06--> 01:12:19

work here I said because of my yearning to meet him now. I used to see him in my dreams. At that time I was learning from an Amish and could not travel to meet him. However, after Amish died, I traveled to where he recited and learned from him.

01:12:20--> 01:13:01

Abdullah bin Irwin so the one that's been mentioned this narration I was yearning to meet up on Abdullah Abdullah bin Rahim Allah to Allah was from the father of his time from the great scholars of Hadith. And he's mentioned as being an Air sign from the sons of Allah azza wa jal in his Hadith, in his memorization, had an amazing memory. And he could memorize and memorize and memorize. And he said that certain things he memorized and for 30 years, he didn't feel 40 years in order to them later. And he still narrated them exactly the same way 40 years later as he narrated them, 40 years before an imam of, of Hadith and that's why we're here and this book here is who Makita Ibn Al

01:13:01--> 01:13:36

Adjara or Humala. Tara Okay, miniaturize saying that I used to go to Allah Masha I'm also from the Imams of Hadith as you know, you find them in Bukhari and Muslim another streamer diploma, Quran, okay, hit him Allah is that I used to go to Allah mesh, and I will travel to him. And I heard of him and I'm yearning to meet him. But from the etiquette of the student is that he doesn't just drop a teacher because another one comes on he hears of another one. It's not from good etiquette. And so we're clearly seeing that I didn't just leave my teacher and go to their own even though I had heard of him. But because of how much I had heard of him and how much I learned about Adrienne to learn

01:13:36--> 01:14:09

from him, I began to have dreams, right? Because I happen sometimes, you know, if your whole you're preoccupied in your thought, all you do is think about something, sometimes you start to dream that thing as well. And so he's saying the same thing that I had dreams constantly been around. And it was only after a month passed away that I went to Abdullah Brown, and I started to study from him as well. And he shows you that the self, how much they yearn seek knowledge how much you preoccupy their thoughts how they lived and breathed, and ate and drank knowledge. That's all they did. They survived for knowledge, and that's why they were able to do what they did. Because it takes a great

01:14:09--> 01:14:41

deal of patience and perseverance and determination to be able to seek knowledge in that way. And to show that level of discipline in seeking knowledge. Some Allahu Allah, Allah for both honorable and fatherly paella and burn Abdullah image out for him Carla had detonate Jacobina Sofia and Allah had definite father, who even knows Yeah, the Nakata semi auto Abdullah laser todo li ma Martin had an Illa legito Forca are ahead of in Hadith, Elan, Yemeni whoa alumina Raha Allah Who Abu Jafar was sham for call Allah Al Jazeera.

01:14:42--> 01:14:59

Even Ziad narrated, I heard above the law saying there is no man you can compare to Muhammad except that you will find him more superior. He travelled to seek the knowledge of Hadith in Yemen and he was the first one from the region to embark on this journey to Yemen. I will Jaffa said to him that he also traveled to a sham you apply

01:15:00--> 01:15:06

No However, he did travel to Al Jazeera, who is above the law here in this region 21 I heard Abraham to lossing

01:15:09--> 01:15:47

Muhammad Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah to Allah, he's a worm to Allah. So he says that I had a worm to law saying that there is no one that you can compare to the likes of Amaro. And that is because Muhammad was the first person to travel to Yemen, from Baghdad. And from that region, he was the first one to travel to Yemen to seek knowledge because Baghdad and Yemen are on opposite sides of the Arabian Peninsula. So very long journey to Yemen and Yemen. If you pass through, what is modern day Saudi Arabian, you're going towards Yemen, what do you find? Mountains. So mountainous region are an easy place to get to. And so the way to Yemen was not an easy road or path either. And so

01:15:47--> 01:16:26

he's saying that Muhammad was the first one to go. So he was the first one to travel for the sake of knowledge to Yemen. The student says was he also the first one to travel to Hashem. He said No, meaning other people had gone to a sham. But he was the first one to go to the Al Jazeera. Al Jazeera. If you look at the map today of modern Iraq, there's two rivers that run through Iraq. The first is the Euphrates, and the second is the Tigris. If you look at the map, and you see the two rivers, in between the two rivers, the area built in between in the middle of those two rivers is called AlJazeera. Amongst the self, that's what he means, which is zero literally means Peninsula.

01:16:26--> 01:16:59

And it's called a zero because it's like a peninsula. It's been surrounded by these two bodies of water, these two rivers running on either side. So the area between those two rivers, the Euphrates in the Tigris was known in the Jazeera, and that's why you will find many of the early works. They will say that he went to Al Jazeera Nila from Sparta they just Iran. And people often say, you know, in their translation, they don't really know what to do zero is and so like the translators and editors for Al Jazeera, or sometimes they write the peninsula, or sometimes they write Arabia, they think just zero means the whole Arabian Peninsula. That's not what he means. Amongst the early

01:16:59--> 01:17:34

Scholars, this is what it is the other area was wonderful to zero because it's like a peninsula, because of the way that is cut off by water. On either side. It's almost like an island in and of itself. It's not an island, though, it is part of the greater Iraq area. So he says environment says he was the first one to go to these places. And what do they mean that he went there and studied knowledge, what the practice of the self is, is there if they went to a land, they would go through the whole of the land, meaning city by city village by village learning from its people, as opposed to someone goes to Yemen goes to son the capital spends a few days a comes back and says I went to

01:17:34--> 01:17:55

Yemen and I saw knowledge from Yemen or you went and saw knowledge from one place in Yemen maybe you didn't like seek knowledge from all of Yemen. So what the scholars will do is they would go from its breadth and width from length and width from the north to the south, from the east to the west, and they would seek knowledge from as many people as they could find within that particular land. Person Allahu Allah

01:17:56--> 01:18:01

Tala for about an hour Omar Abdullah hit even in Mohammed Abdullah in New mahadi

01:18:02--> 01:18:31

l buzzers odor and burn out of the layman and Muhammad evening Muhammad in A lotta might even even saw didn't even eat raw. She didn't call Hadith an early evening has an odd definite Abu Hamza Anil Amash, an avid Doha and Mr. O'Connell Paul Abdullah will levy La Ilaha la out too many funerals MiniFee Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam began with Sabrina Surah Well, I had an Adam and Vicki tabula he may need to Bologna below la Hilah potato

01:18:32--> 01:19:10

masala narrated that Abdullah animus erode Radi Allahu Anhu said, by the one who there is no god except Him, I heard directly from the mouth of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, more than 60 sources. And if I came to hear of someone who knows more than I do, I will travel as far as camels go to learn from him. Arabic says more than 70 sorrows. And as mentioned in both generations, 60 and 70. But the one that 70 is more, more famous, right? That's the majority generation sees 70 not 60. So that's a typo in the English therefore, I think is better translation we to go with what the what you see in though and the manuscripts in the manuscripts of this book,

01:19:10--> 01:19:47

you find both and maybe that's why the translators taken that manuscript. However, the one that says 70 is what is more famous report from a bit of mystery. And so you've been mistreated or the Allah who is speaking about his own level of seeking knowledge, directly from the mouth of the prophets of Allah where you send him he memorized 70, odd sorrows directly from him. And he says, and if I knew of someone who had more knowledge concerning the book of Allah, then I would, I would go and travel to them. And even we struggled with the Allah who used to see that there's not a verse or not a verse of the Quran, etc. I know when it was revealed and how it was revealed and about whom he was

01:19:47--> 01:20:00

revealed, because he witnessed the revelation from the major senior companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that is when people used to speak to him about even Abbas Zimin ambassadors, you know, he's the Imam of Tafseer. He's to say I was do

01:20:00--> 01:20:34

It's been we've been our bus was born, been our best match and then it'd be missed. I was studying and learning this knowledge before he was even around and saving mystery over the Allah who are in news as we know from the famous Imams and scholars of Hadith but the point here being mentioned by the author is looking at despite him having memorized so much directly from the Prophet Salam is saying that if there was someone who learned from him something which I did not learn, and I could get to him physically, I would do so I would go and I would seek knowledge from that person and learn from him some Hola Hola, como por la for bahtinov an unfolding the kala Hadith and Abdullah

01:20:35--> 01:20:57

even though Jaffa in paella had this in a pub, or had no no made, or had this scenario here, even though are you saving the Sofiane Amish and Muslim and Moroccan con called Abdullah mountains that is an 11 Alamo female on zealot, while only Allah, Allah will be Kitab Allah He may need to build over one more time Montoya agitato

01:20:58--> 01:21:14

Soroka narrated that Abdullah goodness or what are the Allahu Anhu said, there is no idea except that I know the reason of its revelation. And if I came to find that there is someone who knows the book of Allah azza wa jal better than I do, I will travel to meet him. Even if you're asides of vast distance away from me

01:21:18--> 01:21:22

all of a sudden I would have been in Mohammed even Norway they live in Mohamed El Hanaa. EU

01:21:23--> 01:21:52

and Hannah EU, Allah and Bernard even a Muhammad Yunus zubaid in coffee Johanna additonal hasn't even I'd even have fun. I'd had it in a jar for him now I wouldn't call this an eraser. I'll hand out an shabby low and Roger and and the whole call no no Roger roger wooden self robbing apostle, sham of Solomon for half a block element and then Pharaoh whole female you're stuck or below home in armory or eight about eight to enter Sephora hola yo there.

01:21:55--> 01:22:32

A Sharpie said if a man traveled from the farthest point and a sham to the farthest point in Yemen, to learn a word that would benefit him in his life. My view is that his journey will evade him. That is because the position of the solace of the self or IMO matado, when it came to knowledge, is it's about benefit. It's about learning that which will benefit you in your standing before Allah azza wa jal in your rabada in your Eman brings you closer to Allah subhanaw taala. And if you have to travel a great distance to learn something that will benefit you that will bring you closer to Allah. That's not a wasted journey. So beneficial journey, something which is good is something which you

01:22:32--> 01:23:05

have, which you have taken from and that is why a Lima, Muhammad ramela tallies to see concerning about some of the generations have been our best interest theory by Muhammad was in Baghdad. And some of the books have been written or written about even our best integrations with silver in Egypt, is to say that if someone traveled to Egypt to take from those books, and learn it wouldn't be a wasted journey wouldn't be a wasted journey because you traveled all that distance, learn about the Quran and Tafseer and the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And so if you are going to trouble and you're going to do that, and you're serious about doing it, or you're going to go do it, you know,

01:23:05--> 01:23:38

find a teacher a month they studied and they're back after three months. So they wasted like a lot of that time and people often do that they get to a place, then they wait to settle in, then they start asking, then they find a teacher, then the teachers busy for a month, then they wait for a month, then the teacher starts then they study for a month and now his six month holiday is over time to go home. He didn't really benefit from that. But as the self wouldn't call like that, they would go and they would start hit the one running they would arrive as you will see in some of these relations arrive in the morning by the afternoon they already study. We don't want to waste any time

01:23:38--> 01:23:52

because time is precious to the traveler when he's seeking knowledge. And so likewise with the scholars of a shabby and others that they will go and they will look at what's most beneficial How am I going to benefit What am I going to how can I get the maximum from this trip

01:23:55--> 01:24:39

as an ally Aleikum, Allah and shed any Abu Ali Al Hassan even though I lived in Mohamed El washy you have a little bit of ohana, Carla and Shalini I will follow the Ibis even Mohammed and Hadassah Annie you are Hello Hello What else La La Mota Hayden was the network model if you don't yet I had the thought layout Lola Alma in Barcelona back on or laser you have a little ill mahogany for later Jabon me mad and so forth Rocco for in nama heavy hit dunya Marwari. So, I will follow the LA bas Mohamed el horizonte recited the following lines of poetry. I traveled questing for the fountain of knowledge. Indeed, the adornment of a person in this life is the Hadith. Only a masculine man would

01:24:39--> 01:24:59

seek the knowledge for only an effeminate with disliked learning it, do not be impressed with the wealth you will leave behind. For this worldly life is about your legacy. And so this point is essentially saying that seeking knowledge, trade and vertical knowledge requires masculine traits masculinity in the sense that you need patience, you need a great deal of stuff

01:25:00--> 01:25:32

fastness weighting of discipline, great deal of one of these things are needed in order for you to be able to take that, that position. And that's why many people that travel for knowledge, are unable to stick through that process of traveling, they'll go, and they'll return very quickly, or they start studying, and they will leave very quickly. And anyone that knows about the students that go, for example, from here, from the UK, from the US from other countries, to Medina, or Riyadh, or any of these universities knows that the dropout rate is extremely high from our students, they go there. And within a few months, or a couple of years, they back without having completed their

01:25:32--> 01:26:06

studies, very high dropout rate. And that's because it's not easy. Even in this time, when in technology and luxuries and comforts are widely available and easily attainable, even then it's very difficult mentally, psychologically, socially. Many things, it's very difficult for a person to go and leave their home and their family, and everything that they're familiar with, and go to a different culture and land with very few people. And then on top of the study and benefit, learn, and all the time and effort that is not easy, not something which everyone can achieve. And so that's something which, you know, takes a great deal of patience and a great deal of, of wanting to

01:26:06--> 01:26:38

strive for that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala. And that's why the people that travel and they don't really want to do it for the knowledge they're not doing it for the sake of Allah, but they want to go because it's a nice break or it's a nice place, Medina is nice, we'll go we'll enjoy ourselves is good, this is the Haram and so on, you'll find that often either don't benefit very much, or they leave very quickly. Because their intention was really to seek knowledge in that way. So you have to be prepared, right and someone who is prepared, has no expectations, is willing to sleep on the ground willing to go and walk willing to do them, nothing bothers him, then that person

01:26:38--> 01:27:10

will get very far because they have zero expectations. For someone who goes there thinking every day I'm gonna eat a burger king, right breakfast is going to be here, dinner's over there. I'm going to do this and do that Starbucks three times. A person's like as soon as that doesn't work for him is going not going to last very long. And so that's why the Scholars of Hadith if you look at the way that they used to travel is to carry a bread piece of bread. Bread would get still the bread get hard but to get old, they would try to like put into some water just to soften and they would eat it and it doesn't make a difference carry on next day doesn't matter. I have zero expectations 00

01:27:11--> 01:27:34

ambition of the dunya just want to go and seek knowledge of one place to the next. So likewise, this knowledge even in our time today has to have a similar mindset. Because if the mindset isn't there, then that person won't last very long in terms of seeking knowledge. Okay, before we go on to the next chapter, let's break down inshallah Tada will take 15 minutes inshallah for Raikkonen shall love and return. So come back I like to Show