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Whenever we learn English only unforeseen our senior camelina VIP level

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la sharika. Wash.

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He was with Iraq. Your mother in law

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to see more, young

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lady Holla

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Holla come in hands of jack ma Bethany Romani gentlemen German Cyrano de

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fer de la, Luna de

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la de da de da de da

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da da da da, Hussein Obama.

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Eclipse on our roadmap.

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Mohammed and

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Lima dipropylene Rahman Bhattacharya, one of his works, he says that the basis of good and evil in each and every single one of us is from

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our thoughts and the way that we think the basis of good and evil in every single one of those, what inspires us to good or evil to obey the law or to disobey the law to learn or to hate, to become attached to something or to become distanced from it is the thoughts that we have everything.

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And this is something that you get from the book of ourselves.

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Because the last panel terrova often in the barn, he brings our attention to the issue of how we think, how we understand how we comprehend a large solution. And he tells us that you should be people who observe and see not people who really look but people who stop and see and observe a lot of

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people who do a lot of sales to the, towards the camera and observe it and the way that it was created. That type of thinking should lead to that type of seeing and observing should lead the person to thinking powerful does a large

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C at the conclusion of vs.

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Code, learn and get

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to the mark.

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Think, or perhaps they should think a large religion encourages us to see and observe and to think but also, to go deeper level and to ponder to contemplate

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America enough to contemplate and reflect upon the whole world, the hearts locked and seal, that type of looking and observing that type of thinking. That type of contemplating leads us to deducing lessons, taking any bar

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that sits in the

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calorie bottom, decoding of SAR, indeed, in that there are lessons for those what people are understanding that you make those connections, you deduce those lessons you learn to apply them in your life, when you read those verses of the Koran, and all of that they are observing the thinking and contemplating that taking and benefiting of lessons is so that in the time that you need to be able to do so don't

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you remember the loss of

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a loss has to similarly the

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shape on the cover, but you learn

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Indeed, those of piety, machine porn and his whisperings afflict them and touch them. They remember, they turn back to Allah, they are reminded of a law and they see what is the correct path from the script Wait, this is something we find to help or odd, versus telling us to think versus canvas to ponder and reflect. And it speaks to the time that we live in, where we have become so used to things becoming automated, at the click of a button or the swipe of a screen, that it is difficult for us to now stop and to think and to reflect the oma taught us to take time, and to think simply for you to sit down and do nothing else, but to look at the universe and the creation of a law and

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the way that a law created us or to lead to the stories the meaning or the purpose of a large agenda, and to do nothing more than to think in the heavies in a

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was sending to her co

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founder over the business of Eliza, which is a form of preparedness.

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The scholars of

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the person who's from the time being a student of the companions, he says the scholars of all the scholars meaning the people of his generation, and the parents were their teachers, he said that they are continuously, continuously, our people will use the fact of thinking and pondering and contemplating to help them remove a law. And they use the remembrance of a law to help them to think and to continue. It is part of our religion, that we have people who don't just walk around this earth, but don't just walk from face to face, I don't stop to fundamentally think about how the creation of a large social effectors how we can use it in a way that strengthens every man builds

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our relationship with the loss of Hannah laterna

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LLM you see moving out of the Fernando dilemma travel upon the earth so that they may see and observe nothing, you just really enjoy the sort of holiday chill, so they could take lessons and benefits from that you see around you. the heartbeat of aka Rahim Allah, students of the companions from the scholars of difficile in order to

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ban he said that I ended up in Arusha

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with my fellow companion or beta economy, or even

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someone who studied in the likes of Oman, and after World War

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Two, he says The tour was intended for the long run, and she welcomed us so long.

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But the point of the situation is that our reading normally except to her own mother of the believers, tell us what is the most amazing thing that you saw on the Prophet sallallahu? It was simple, for an amazing question to ask someone in that position, close to the center, who saw and experienced and have things that no one else had any right to see or hear. What is the most amazing thing that you witnessed from our profits or allow it yourself? He says she began to cry, me to cry, thinking about this. But then she stopped and she said one night he came to me and he said to me, oh, Arusha. Leave me alone tonight to worship my law. Don't disturb. So I said to my lesson jumble

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law love that which you love that which makes you happy makes me happy. So he said she she said he stood up, and he began to believe that

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he said that she began to be she said that he began to cry and inquire

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So much that his cheeks became what was from his tears. And then he continued to grow to this beer was wet from his tears. And then he continued to cry in many of the different positions of prayer, but to the ground of the earth became moist and wet with his tears. She said to continue like this until it was the time for me to fizzle and

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knocked on the door and he came to alert the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the time of Salah is coming. But he ended up running when he saw the stick that he was in the tears, the voiceless on the ground, the way that the prophet SAW the lower angle cinema sprint is made worse, worshipping his lawyer. He said, Mr. Trump, a lot of you do this, when I last forgiven you for all of your sins past and future. The Prophet said to him a lot when I was sitting in a courtroom, acting shakoora should not be ungrateful sleep to a lot less than italica. Live by this might. A verse was revealed to me, we will be

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War Two, the one who reads it. In Arabic language is a term that means the destruction before the one who reads it and doesn't contemplate all in a free hug server. It will Mattila lady one aha in the morning, and indeed in the creation of the heavens and the earth, the alternation of the day and the night assigns for people of understanding

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the Yana

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wireless will be those who remember on was the standards, the citizens they lie on this site, or whatever Corona

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and they ponder, reflect, they think about the creation of the heavens.

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And they say, oh, Lord, we didn't include this in futility. So *ing

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Glory to you. So save us from the punishment of the fight. World War Two, the ones who need those verses, the final passage of surah Allah, and they don't contemplate over our profits on our legal system was a person who when he would read the alarm, and alarm system, think, stop, ponder, reflect, contemplate. He was one of those people who would stop anyone. But was he is no, it's the alarm history, the companions describe his prayers. That is the way that he used to pay me the soldiers, a lot of soldiers and he gives us a number of verses, a number of things that we should constantly over and think about. And I want to share some of them with you and the things that we

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see or hear about them, or exposed to them. They shouldn't just pass us by us phenomena shouldn't just pass us by as something that we happen to live on will see or becomes a matter of course, but then it's something that should make you think and reflect upon.

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Upon your position in life, upon the journey that you're on towards the hereafter towards our own death, alarm soldier from the things that he tells us to ponder over, is to ponder over the universe, the creation of the heavens and earth as we just said, in those lessons, to look at everything that you see around here, there are millions upon these islands, in which there are over 60,000 different species of animal and plants similar upon this earth. If you watch those David Attenborough documentaries of the seas and the oceans and the length of the forests in the jungle, it is amazing how a large ocean is created his creation, the different abilities that allows in data

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from the different lessons that are learned soldiers given to them, will who

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will generally have in Ottawa CEO and he's the one who was expanded, placed upon mountains and rivers, whichever will be pulled into marotti geography, so genius need for him to be fruitful. Allah has mean that you should learn and know how the mind overcomes the day enough.

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Indeed, within that there are signs for people to see. Just to imagine and think about our last greeting is from the wings that you increase the demand from the wings that you come closer to Allah subhana wa alterra woman he called Bertha Hooper motomura from the center mama is an shows you that it inspires fear, but it gives her what Santa Ana for usually the American otira and he is the one who causes the wind to descend from the heavens, and it goes back to life to the earth after its death in a very radical

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Iran, indeed within those that are Signs for people who understand the people who use the router, the people who when they come across those signs, and they see what alarms the wizard has placed upon the earth they will just pass them by but the stopping the

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thinking they reflect from that which alarms older houses to think about

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towns to ponder over in his books of Hannah Montana is that a large house is to think about our own creation, meaning, the way that alarm soldiers placed within a so many abilities and talents that we're going to learn soldiers. function has these living organisms, that we are self sufficient and independent. We don't need to be charged. We don't need money to work make our bodies work, or more intelligence abilities within our hearts and our brains and our lungs and our kidneys, that a large soldier knows. And we know that last kind of tired has given us things that we can pull over.

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To tell us a couple more Lily caught up in Toronto. He's the one who created you from deaths we looked at in three men in America, and then from a drop of sperm and then from a king deform thing.

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And then he allows us to come out from the whims of your mothers as children and babies.

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And then he allows you to reach maturity for age from Anita, who was no ha, and then he allows you to reach old age, woman calling the telephone in public, but some of you will die before you reach that stage.

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But each one of you will reach their appointed time when I'm not terribly long. So perhaps you will pay, perhaps you will reflect upon this. We see people die around us every day. People who die people who pass away, people are sick, people were afflicted with diseases now lock, protect the soil, people who we see, and they shouldn't be less than this for us. We see the birth of our children and our relatives and our friends, their children. That should be signs for us how early stage or find one day, but within a moment, you know that you have one of those debilitating diseases and conditions that is the fragility of life. That is how, how uncertain your position is

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in this dunya. So how does that make you reflect? How does that bring you closer to a loss of habitat? And Aleister Crowley tells us to think from that he tells us to think of other persons that he has bestowed upon us.

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is the one the one who disagreed? Do you not think and remember what he

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says that if you were to try to encompass enumerate the business of the law, you would be unable to do so. And I'm totally

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Do you not see that a law subjugated for you everything that happens in the US was Indiana law.

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And then in the shower The problem is blessings that which are hidden, and that which are apparently seen a lot of soldier to act upon our houses to reflect upon everything that we see around us. Because when we do so, it moves us closer to Allah, He leads us back to our own and it makes us those people will know that our position in this life is one in which we work for the life of the Hereafter, but a lot

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sooner, whatever.

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It whatever it is, you're going to

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do in Nevada for

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smilla salatu salam ala rasulillah da da da da,

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da, da da, from the issuance of a large soldier passes to effect upon to contemplate over to think of it is the coroner, the versus the robotic soldier has revealed to us eternal

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elinchrom about

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this is a book that is that we have revealed upon you, so that you may ponder over its verses and study may be a reminder for people who understand every verse of the Quran, every story that you read within the Koran, every mention of a prophet or a nation of the past, every mention of Paradise and how fine the situation of humans began and the Day of Judgment should be enough to make you stop and to ponder but still see the kasasa

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account of losses and await upon them stories so that they need

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to associate him

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indeed, within those stories that are less than for people of understanding how often does a large soldier collaterals tell us encourage us motivate us to leave from those people of understanding to be people who think and reflect is coming and going against the grain of life. The way that we live the first piece that we have become accustomed to that we clean our house to stop intermediate states or become so automated, it is difficult to do but it is one of

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The keys of taking the benefits and the lessons that ally soldier has placed within the bar. When you reflect upon that, when you reflect upon the book of Allah, when you reflect upon the creation of a large soldier, it leaves you naturally to reflect upon your own situation where you will happen, what it is that you're going towards what it is a little cheating, in this little amount of time that you have in this dunya.

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Law will

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be hard to believe, fear of law, I look forward to the future calling for tomorrow. And a large system setting the people of the fire unlimited to the fire will open the study hall and they will scream, they're ready.

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And they will say, Oh Lord, I was to leave and we will do good deeds that we never did before, return us to the dunya. On losses, I will never know I'm milcon monitor that coffee cup does not give you ample time in this life, that those who wish to remember themselves, do not give you time to reflect, to have those days and those months of those weeks or those years in which you could remember a lot and

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if you chose to do so, it is something that we have forgotten from the teachings of the Quran and the teachings of the practice of our Prophet sallallaahu Selim that we learn to stop and to think and to contemplate and to take the lessons from them for the benefit of ourselves, and those people around us. Give us the ability to understand the life will give us the ability to comprehend those people who are repressed by these verses, we pass by them and we understand that we reflect and we apply the teachings in our lives. So

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we'll set up another study