Expiation of Major and Minor Sins

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The speaker discusses the definition of a " minor" or " Major" meaning in relation to the definition of a "character" in the Quranic language. The definition is related to various cultural and political topics, including religion, religion, and politics. The speaker also mentions a book on major sins, but it is unclear if it is related to the definition.

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Some of the largest things there is no kasana for some of the largest sense. So, you know

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there is a phenomena for you saying to your wife for there is a Frana for basically having intercourse with your wife in Ramadan Right.

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Right there in front of her, this is the chrono for ribber. Usually ribbon, there is no front of her. So, which one is greater

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river is greater in fact of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said a river almost Runa shaba had not had Katie and Roger

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who was the taller tomography are the fee or Berber Rebbe is 72 categories, the least of them is like insist with one's mother.

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And the

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defamation of the reputation of your brother is the greatest form of rebut, or is likely the greatest form of

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defamation of the reputation of your brothers the bottom line if you already have a harbor river, the definition of the reputation of your mother or your brother is like

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the greatest form of river. So anyway anyway.

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So whenever I wasn't 100 Allah mentions is the noob in the program.

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Those are the kebabs. Whenever I mentioned say add, those are those are

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whenever is the new bar mentioned than the new

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we're talking about the cupboard.

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Whenever I say app are mentioned,

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we're talking about the saga or the minor sense. So the noob is the major sense. So you add are that minor sense.

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So the proofer on this is where Allah subhanaw taala says in Tanzania Boca Raton, Honolulu Kaffir en casa Tico stay away from the cabana area that we have forbidding you from New cafe Hong Kong we will forgive say article your sense. So say article here is not the cupboard.

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So the new will always require is the Far

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far they don't get wiped away without activist for a benefit Lana Zulu banner, you know,

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for me, what do you actually do?

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Nothing, no beer, but the new board requires the far the major sins will require.

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Now, certainly this isn't just one of the definition of minor and major sense of subtlety

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in the Quranic terminology, in the Quranic use of words, but in order for you to define what is minor and what is major, the scholars have disagreed over this, there is like

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certain sense that the Prophet called major those major according to all of the scholars, but certain, since the Prophet did not call major but the scholars said that there are hints to them being majors such as when Allah subhanaw taala

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you know, makes none of the person who does this curses, the person who does this or the Prophet curses, the person who does this it means it is a major sin

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of the major sins of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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Alicia COVID la la hora de wacaco knifes

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kabaya Alicia COVID

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you know the this what do you have? What is number four in this?

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there? No this is no this is not the one that has the seven This is the one that has the four

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the fourth one is keeping my mind occupied I struggle with life off awkward Valley, the near popcorn knifes

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was a trigger or

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Welcome to Google

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Yeah, someone will go with you.

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There's local law who can

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find the foreign court.

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So it is a scabby partner. So a lot mistreatment of parents, you know, the murder.

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All of these are major sins and then there is the other hobbies.

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One of the profits on the loss Mm hmm. How to Zoo Yeah, Congress zoo, full speech.

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So, the the,

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the major sins, the major sins require Toba repentance. The minor sins are forgiving by your good deeds.

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So Salatu was Salam ala Juma Ramadan ILA Ramadan between Ramadan and the next Ramadan between the salah and the next Salah between the drama and the drama. These acts of worship will wipe away your minor sense regularly without you even seeking repentance with the major sins, you need to seek repentance from them. If you want a book on major sins, remember that he has a book called the Kabbalah enormities has been translated

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and then you're read them

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but there they are. Many