Ahsan Hanif – 03 Umdatul Talib & Bulugh Al Maram Shaykh

Ahsan Hanif
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All righty confederal has any questions before we start today? While still still waiting for a few minutes, we started the stream. Nobody started the stream or we started

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911 salatu salam ala Rasulillah vida de he was Army human wildlife My bad. So this is the second day of the reading and the commentary of the two books from the tautology. Okay Tabitha Hara from the two books armed totally by shacman Sorrell Behati Rahim Allah Tada. And the book will open muram by the Hatfield hydrolysed Kalani or Hema level Tida and we

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are on the chapter of Nevada law the nullifies a widow so yesterday after we covered all the final two chapters that we covered, were a widow and I'll miss out a whole thing. One thing over the socks

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and then the author hyung mozzarella will now go on to this next chapter which is that which nullifies a person's taharah

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manual Rahim Aloma Filipina when he shows up now in how did he know a semi or you can be sad decom heavy hola como la

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la hemo lo Bub now after evil young Oh hottie John min Serbian in worker them in BAP in bed and in Canada hola now white on Oh get here on Neji send over Yahoo America in what was our new happening? Well, there will be no mean ilaya Ceylon Minca I didn't work on him in LA Ed mo standard in one way. Or Mr Farage in behead? Oh with Decker DB federal general ed. What?

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Well, Mr Farage in bed with DECA DB federal Jeeva UD Williams were decorating wollam So they're carrying on the economy Xiao Hua lamb in Dune is a very unwelcome associate. I didn't look for it. While Mr. Shah I didn't although free now Mr. Dawa What am I what I'm so what are some thoughts Will Ferrell Joe Biden who either what a would either share who.

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It is nullified by that which leaves the private parts or from other parts of the body if it is urine or feces, or a big amount of other than those two such as vomit and blood

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clouding of the mind even by sleep unless it is literal from one sitting or standing unless he is reclining, etc, touching the private part with the hand or another private part touching it, touching a male or female with desire, unless there are unless they are under seven, not touching her nails or hairless young man or the one whose private parts or bodies being touched even if they experienced desire.

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He also handled that is going to begin with this chapter and I'm gonna walk you through will do and as we've done for every chapter, there are a number of guidelines or principles that we mentioned at the beginning of each chapter.

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Just to kind of summarize some of the main issues within these chapters. So we have three

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principles or rules for this particular chapter. The first is

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Everything which comes out from either one of the two private parts, meaning the front of the real ones, whether that is pure or impure a bricks Tahara. Anything which comes out of the private parts front or rear,

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whether irrespective of whether it is targeted or niches, whether it's pure or impure, it will break your Bahara. So an example of something which is pure is like *. An example of something which is impure is like urine, irrespective of its the horror or its nature.

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As a pure impurity, it still breaks your Tahara breaks your model or your Bahara state number to

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some of the things that break your window

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or break your Bahara

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a tad booty

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or to add booty, like washing the deceased and eating camo meat. What does that booty mean?

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What does that booty mean? Some of the things that break your taharah a tab booty?

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What does that word mean?

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It is purely worship. What the fuck the heart mean by this is that we don't understand necessarily the reasoning behind it. So, someone going to the bathroom, urinating bricks, you will law pretty obvious why that is

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you eating come home eat? Or you're watching a deceased person that breaking your window? What's the reasoning behind that? And so the fetal heart say or the handbill, you say that this is more to embody, not necessarily a reason that we understand but because of the generations that they have taken, that it's something which you know, which happens like Brexit, Bahara. And number three, layer three, no layers will be shocked certainty isn't removed by doubt, certainty isn't removed by that. And that's one of the principles in the notifications of widow or the nullifies a widow until you are certain that your door has been broken. As we mentioned, the Hadith that we will cover on

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this chapter, then you'll Tahara is still intact.

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The author of Hamlet Tada he says that the will do is nullified

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or it is nullified by. And then he mentions a number of things. Number one, that which leaves the private parts, or from other parts of the body, if it is urine, or feces, or a big amount of other than these two, such as vomit, and blood.

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madhhab of the Hanabi that is, as he has stated, number one, we look at two different things. Number one is anything which comes out of the private pockets, front area, whatever it is, that Brexit will do, at the very least Brexit Tahara. And obviously could break your way to the hara if it is something like oil money, or for a woman, for example, if she's on her monthly cycle. So that's something which

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is the first part. The second part now is what if he leaves from other than that part of the body other than the private parts is coming out? How do we say or what do we determine that to be in terms of a breaking or nullifying door, they say that if what is coming out from other than those two places, is also urine or feces. Like for example, now, people who maybe need a stoma bag, because of some medical procedure that they've had, or someone has a hole in the stomach and from it comes out impurities, urine and feces, then that person will say you've also broken your window. So if it is urine and feces, breaks the window in whatever amount just as it would if it was to come

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directly from the private parts. However, if it's not urine feces, so what's coming out now, something like blood, what's coming out something like vomit. This is what's coming out of the body from a different orifice or a different place. Then in the middle, it only breaks will do if it is number one nudges. And number two, it is a great amount. So small amount. But unbreakable, though someone has a small bleed,

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right? You have a paper cut, or you have a small nosebleed or something and it's a small amount that doesn't break your window. Someone has a small

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bleed in their mouth from under their teeth, the bleeding, gums bleeding, right and it's a small amount. The madhhab says it doesn't break your window. But if it's a big amount you've been injured, a great deal of blood has come out, then they would say it is and also number two the same condition of that being that it's something which we consider to be not just in the madhhab considered to be impure. Like for example blood.

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He then says Rahim Allah to Allah and also from that which nullifies the will do is the clouding of the mind. The word work on

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the one will occur is your consciousness going by the clouding of the mind?

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Even if by

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So what does that include zodiacal. It can include someone being intoxicated. It can include someone

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not having their senses anymore. Psychologically like the crazy. They're going mad, it can include sleep, are all of these are forms of cervical someone fainting, US consciousness, all of these. So when

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we say that the hacker has left this person, even if it is temporarily, even if my sleep unless it is literally

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there is an aesthetic nap. The exception to the rule when it comes to sleep is that if it is a small amount of sleep, and it is done from someone who is sitting or standing, unless he is reclining, then it's something which doesn't break the law. So like the way you're sitting now this brother sitting here cross legged, firmly on the ground, you would say if he was to doze off,

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and he wasn't to fall into a deep sleep, small amount of sleep, we would say he hasn't broken his window, as opposed to someone who's reclining on the wall and does something similar. Because the likelihood is that person may have broken they will do and I realized where it is difficult for this brother because of the way he's sitting. But something would leave him like he will be able to pass wind without realizing because of the firmness of his posture. That's what they base it upon. And it's based on the Hadith of the companions of the prophets of Allah where it was cinnamon Easter, it was Rattler, Russia, and the profit center would come out late. And they would often doze off as

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they were waiting in the masjid for him to come out. And then they would get up as the narration says, And they wouldn't repeat that they would pray. So that shows that if it's a small amount of sleep, or not a deep, long sleep, small amount of sleep, as opposed to what some people do in Harlem, if you go to Mecca and Medina, that goes flat out like laying down flat, mashallah slept for an hour, and then goes he gets up and he starts praying. Like, that's like, that's not what the Quran says on the meaning of what they're saying no to the companion sleeping that way either. Or he's standing. Because we have generations of the companions that they used to stand and sometimes

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you because of how tired you are, you're almost again falling asleep or you're dozing off.

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And so that type of person who's dozing off in a light sleep has some awareness of what's going around. And that's what they're constantly in a state of waking up and sleeping, are you those of you wake up, you hear a sound you wake up, someone's saying something and you kind of pick up part of the conversation you have a general vague awareness of what's going around, that's the type of sleep that we are speaking about.

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So that's number two number three and I'm going to amend the translation here slightly to make it clearer touching the female private part with the hand or the male

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um, so the current almost foraging building with the caddy before to Jean lady

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touching the male the female private pot with the hand

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or the male private pot touching the female one, just to make that sentence clearer touching the female private pot with the hand or the male private pot touching the female one

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is also something which breaks

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breaks a person's Tahara.

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And the you know, the FDA, they have like the HANA biller have a number of conditions for this and so on.

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From them is that the Combi anything in between has to be a direct touch. So it's not covered by anything, there's no cloth in between. That's one of those conditions that they have.

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And then he says why mozzarella and touching a male or female with desire.

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And this is the mother, the mother

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is that if you touch

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a person of the opposite gender, with desire and bricks, you will do bricks you will do as opposed to touching them for other reasons. Like you touch someone because you need to help them up, or you touch someone because like for example, your parents, they need some help going to massage them and whatever. That's a different thing. But touching someone and this is obviously usually between a husband and wife, touching them with desire according to the meta brakes, brakes will do

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a shower, if it's done with desire brakes will do. And this is the discussion that the scholars have concerning the verse of the Quran, which Allah subhanaw taala says allow us to Nisa from the things that Allah mentions in the Quran that breaks up

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lessons will do is if you touch women, and then the scholars had a great deal of discussion as to what does it mean to touch a woman, some of them said he means to have relation with relations with them. Another said it means simply to touch them as the Quran says, like the literal translation of the set like the Hanabi that normally means to touch them with shower. So, this is what that whole discussion is revolving around. Either way, though, here the method is that if they are touched with shower and bricks,

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bricks will do.

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they are under the age of seven, seven or under.

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Or what is touched is not directly connected to them.

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Like hair, like nails,

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or a mother Umrah is the hairless young man was yet to have facial hair coming upon him.

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So according to the method, unless you're just touching someone, that person's hair, or their nails, not directly connected to them, it's an extension of their body, but it's not directly their skin. But if we touch them on their body parts, and it's with shower, it breaks your window according to the mothership.

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However, for the one being touched,

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it doesn't break their will. What the one being touched mean that they're not party to that they don't want to be touched and they're being touched now.

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Then the author says are human Latina? Even if the find some desire in that, then

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does break the window? Why?

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Why does it break my window? If I touch it, it doesn't break your window if you're touched.

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Why do they make the distinction?

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He says well over the shower, even if you find this desire

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or intention

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because the first one, you have a text, the verse says if you touch women, right, you touch someone, the second one being touched, we don't have any texts. So as we said yesterday, the folk AHA they have this principle if the Quran or the Sunnah don't explicitly give a warning for something they don't mention that in the folklore likewise, don't play start up on people.

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And so this is the reason why so the one being touched. That's what the Quran says, Oh Lemmens donesafe we touch the women plus for the one being touched, that's not mentioned in the verse Islam mentioned in the Hadith, either

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a question

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or a question what

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not the one who's touching not the one who's been touched doesn't have to make the law we're saying

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even if he has desire quantum to them with him

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or her they come

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while young table was Luma ut no UCLA and Maybelline Khalsa, were co Loma algebra. horseland Ziva mountain algebra. Women Day of Karnataka Ratan Masha Caffee had that in our x zoom and I have to uni wire room will be heard that in order to know what our former Sumos have been verbally havila Her ill while I Who hemlo mobila Mess what our software will become me won't be rude.

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It is also nullified by washing the diseased eating camel meat alone, everything which obligates bathing other than death also obligates ablution whoever is searching off his purification and doubts being in a ritually impure state or vice versa bases his decision on certainty and ritually impure state prevents one from prayer though off and touching the must have or part of it without a covering. He can however carry it without touching or turn its pages with the sleeve or stick.

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Total Hamlet Allah continues and it says and also from that which nullifies the Hara is washing the deceased so someone who gives also to a deceased person, according to the madhhab a bricks although you have to make Waldo again and this is from the unique positions of the Hanabi law. The other methods don't have this position. Only the METAvivor Muhammad says this.

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So according to the madhhab making loosen

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washing the deceased person breaks your Will you have to make model and that's what we said at the beginning. Some of these are tab booty like we don't really know or understand the reasoning what the logical very law behind it, but it's something which we which we accept based upon the narration

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sins and some of them which we will see. Number seven the seventh thing which also breaks a person's will go is eating come home eat alone. It says Allah Tala a clue if you didn't have only come home eat no other meat. Because we know at the beginning of Islam, the ruling was that anything which was caught with fire, anything which was touched by fire would break your window that was the beginning of Islam. So anything that was cooked any type of meat anything that you used fire to cook used to break your window, and then that was abrogated, was abrogated. And then the rolling became for this only come on Meet something which breaks your will and this is also from the fraud that from the

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unique positions of the handling methods. Other methods don't agree with this, only the humbly say this. So these last two points the washing of the deceased and the eating of camo meat. Both of these are unique positions to the Hanbury mother.

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And then he says Rahimullah to either and everything which obligates bathing, other than death also obligates ablution meaning that if you break

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your major Sahara, then your mind that the heart is also broken. Right. So some of that needs to be also because they've had marital relations. We don't say to them that you will do still intact or use your own your whistle has been broken or your major state has been broken. So the bigger one obviously breaks the smaller or lesser one other than death other than death. The person who dies what is the obligation for the deceased Muslim passes away what's obligatory?

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Walsall, right to make also love them is what is obligatory, not widow. The widow is recommended in their record, as the hostel that the Sharia says that you must do well, that's what we say watching the deceased or most on me, that's what we're doing with the deceased. So that's the exception. So usually, the warning would be anything which requires also also requires whoodle. However, when it comes to death, then it's only in the hosel that we are obligated upon people and not the ablution of the widow.

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No, not necessarily,

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necessarily. So for the first one, we're seeing that the ruling applies, right. So it's lifted, the state is lifted. But when it comes to washing the deceased, we're not lifting the state, per se, they're not going to make any bad or anything. So the two are not like for like

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even says Rahim, Allah Tada, whoever is certain of his purification and doubts being in a ritually impure state or vice versa. Basis is decisional uncertainty. And this is the principle that we mentioned at the beginning while you're penalized pseudo Bishkek. So if you are certain that you are in a state of purity, and you doubt that you broke your will do, then you base it on what you will consider to be certain. And the opposite is also true. If the last thing you remember is that you broke your window. And then you don't remember did I make although I went to the bathroom, but did I make what or I didn't make although I'm not sure. You said you went to the bathroom and you broke

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your window, then we would say go and make another word based upon what is certain. And that's the Hadith we will see in Bloomerang from them is that the prophets of Allah while he was telling us to say if one of us in Surah, and he thinks that his Brooklyn's will do that don't leave the surah until you hear a sound or you smell an odor, meaning them to you certain that you broken your model, don't just leave and break your setup without certainty.

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Initially, I genuinely say certainty. We don't mean 100%. But we mean that you're pretty sure that you're pretty sure because it's rare, that every moment of your life you will have 100% certainty right no one lives with that type of certainty or that type of percentage of certainty. But they surely are means that you are pretty sure overwhelmingly sure of something unless you see someone who tells you something different. Like for example, a person who thinks that they didn't make model and someone says no I saw you make model like 10 minutes ago, together you will make a model. You just didn't remember that you were making model. Right? And so that's like a different issue now

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because you have someone who's come to give you something, the one who doesn't have Budo what cannot come to you do he says Rahim Allah to Allah ritually impure, steeped a person who is Monteith.

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He cannot pray. Number one,

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according to the method number two

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my bow off a number three touch the most half, that's the most half.

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What's the exception to the third one?

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Now, that's not an exception, that's like a way of like, and he's going to mention that anyway. But there's an exception to this one that the scholars mentioned, especially in the later times

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because even the contract

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that's almost half anymore. The most half means the only Arabic Quran

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now there's a category of people that are that are exception to this rule. So I'm not talking about like the details of like, he's gonna mention that you can use a stick who use a global one of that stuff, I'm talking about catcher we have people that are an exception to this rule that you can't touch the most half with that will do

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who are learning Quran,

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children who are learning Quran, even though the method differs over this issue, right, some of the scholars said no, even they have to be in a state of limbo. But a number of them and it seems to be the more common position now is that if you obligate something like that, upon young children, you want to five or six year old start memorize the Quran, and you're going to say to the mcconachie, except to the widow what's going to happen

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really, I'm really going to read Quran up until even like until the age of 1112 when they reach puberty and so that's an exception to the rule because of the need there, why there's a need there for them to be able to read the Quran, memorize the Quran, learn the Quran and so on. So that's a category of people who are exempted in that way he says touching the most awful parts of it without a covering. He can however carry it with a touching alternates pages with the sleeve or stick so he can carry it without touching it

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meaning if it's in his pocket, it's fine for him to keep on him it's in a bad it's fine for him to do that. Or if he needs to touch it, then he touches it with the with something with the within with with something that is between him and the must have like for example the sister who is on her monthly cycle she uses a glove or she uses some type of a scarf or something else to hold the Quran well as opposed to touching it directly and some of them would even say that if you're going to touch it then what they should touch the other edges of the page not actual words of the Quran. You don't like the border you have which is the plain part of the page that's the part that they touched

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on that's the part of the use to to turn over and so on Allah knows best

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10 Allahu La con bourbon our clearly Luo chapter notifications are photo and as your as a mnemonic and Ravi Allah who I knew on a network on Sinhala illegal and then Sydney man you can lobby Allahu Anhu in Hong Kong can ELLs horrible on Saudi law he's on a longer island he wants a llama I had the yen tell the owner Alicia had deaf vehicle zoom two miles on Luna when they were on a Florida Hua Buddha would also have the record me what else no v Muslim, and it's narrated the companions of Allah's Messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam during his time would wait for a shot until their heads dropped. They would then pray drooped as unlike them until their heads drooped. They would then pray

00:28:34 --> 00:28:39

without repeating ablution collected Bible there wouldn't authenticated by their company and its origin is in Muslim.

00:28:41 --> 00:29:03

Well, I know what I should have done all the Allahu anha and call it Jad felt Emma Tobin to Abby who Beijing Isla Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as I call it. Yeah rasool Allah in Nimrod who knows the help of alcohol Alpha Darryl salah, Allah Allah in Nevada Anika Wiley Leakey, Salonika

00:29:05 --> 00:29:48

law in Nevada Lika the leakier elk while they say behave for either Gobelet however, to keep that in Salah were either at the ballot to fail, we'll see the federal CD Anki dama Tomas only whatever happened it will boccardi to matter what you call your Salah mashallah Muslim and Ilana who had that for her and I generated Fatima bint be herbage came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked, or messenger of Allah. I am a woman who has continuous blood flow, and I'm never in a state of purification. Should I leave of praying? He replied, No, that is a vein and not menstruation. When your menses starts, then stop praying and when they finish, wash the blood off and pray agreed upon

00:29:48 --> 00:29:59

in an in Al Bukhari his wording, then make ablution for every prayer, Muslim said he intentionally excluded this edition and Hunter Hamel was mentioning a hadith that referred to issues that will

00:30:00 --> 00:30:26

Want to complete from because this hadith hadith of Fatima, the Allah Juana is to do with issues of women's bleeding. And that's going to be the final chapter in under totality. And because it's one of the NAWAPA Trudeau he mentions it here in this hadith, but inshallah we'll come on to this later. But just one point here is at the end, he says in our bodies wording, the mica solution for every prayer, and Muslim said that he intentionally excluded this addition, why did Muslim intentionally exclude it?

00:30:28 --> 00:30:29

What does that mean?

00:30:31 --> 00:30:33

He mentioned an additional wording

00:30:34 --> 00:30:45

and image of cells because of Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim. He says this additional wedding Muslim said, or he intimated that he left it on purpose, intentionally.

00:30:46 --> 00:30:58

He didn't consider it to be authentic, didn't consider it to be very strong. And so he left it, that's what he means, say Muslim. Consider this addition at the end, to not be very strong.

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And Allahu La calm or an ally near be liberal on the Allahu Anhu and upon Contura Jordan meant the melatonin equidad and then as far as what the end Yes, Anna Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Avasarala velcon V Hill Waldo motif apana Allah you will love Bolin Buhari Ali narrated, I was a man who who has regular seminal discharge. So I asked him what to inquire from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about this. So he did, replied Mikoto agreed upon in the wording is everybody's while did early asking them to ask the professor Solon McNally just asked him directly.

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Yeah, in some wordings of the Hadith, he says because of me being the son in law of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam like I felt shy to ask him such a personal question. And his daughters with me, meaning his daughters, my wife, and so I asked him for that to ask instead. And he asked in the process, Adam said Makoto, and this is one of the evidence is used therefore by the meth lab and others, to show that anything that comes out of the private parts front or rear, brakes the Waddle from them is as many

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as an alarm they come. When you shut down all the Allahu anha Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a pub Bella Beragon is a from Mahalo, je la sala de la mirada what a flood Jehovah will Bacardi. He narrated that the Prophet sallallaahu Selim kissed some of his wives, then left for the prayer without making with all collected by Muhammad and weakened by Al Bukhari. These are Hadith therefore the root relate to the issue that we mentioned of touching a woman touching someone else with Jehovah, the ruling that it holds because there are Hadith of the prophets, such as this hadith and other Hadith Raj Allah, the Allahu Ana, the Prophet said, amused to kiss some of his wives and then

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he would go and make Salah and he wouldn't make

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and so because of these Hadith that you have done the verse of the Quran that you have done the general principle of the Sharia that you have, this is why you have differences of opinion over this issue. But as we stated, the method position is that it would be cool to

00:33:10 --> 00:33:50

send Allahu nigrum Well, I never been more I wrote down on the Allahu Anhu I know con Allah sunnah Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Eva Jedha hadoo configurable Tony Shea and Virsh Cara Lee Hello German who cheer you on amla, fella Hello John nominal MSG. They had Dyess marathon with an odd color the whole Muslim Ebola narrator that Allah's Messenger is alert. So him said, if one of you feel something in his stomach, and he's unsure, Did something come out or not. He should not leave the masjid unless he hears a sound or smells and odor collected by Muslim and this is one of the evidences for that clarity of the Sharia, which is one of the major principles of the Sharia.

00:33:50 --> 00:34:06

That certainty isn't removed by that. And so someone's setting up something. The study says don't open up the door for sheep on the road. The way you should do is be sure otherwise you open up the door for shaytaan to come into whisper to cause you problems.

00:34:07 --> 00:34:31

As an ally and a con. We're unpiloted nearly a lobby Allahu Anhu and to whom on on Rajon muscles to deck Eddie, Colorado looks to accent Allahu Allah Allah Julian mercies to deck Eddie Allah Raju EMS to deck Allah Hafiz sada I then he will call the Navi new sondland long running he was a la mala in NEMA, who are bellboy, I don't mean

00:34:33 --> 00:34:39

across the whole concept to also have a burn. We'll call it neuro Medini who will accent Amin Halevi masala

00:34:40 --> 00:35:00

Polka when it narrated a man said I touched my private part. Or he said a man touches his private part in the prayer must he make although the prophets Allah Islam replied, No, it is only a part of you collected by the five and authentic and bourbon headband. Even in Medina said it is better than veneration of Basra mineral Medina to freedom scholar Have you

00:35:00 --> 00:35:22

You will Medini Rahim Allah Tada from the contemporaries of Lima Muhammad Rahim Allah Tada said, this hadith is better than the hadith of Muslim and this hadith was the position or the Hadith that is used by the Hanafi madhhab. They considered this to be the stronger Hadith then the second Hadith, the hadith of Bootsma, which is going to be mentioned now,

00:35:23 --> 00:35:24

Sinhala Honeycomb,

00:35:25 --> 00:36:05

and both serotyping the software Radi Allahu anha and now rasool Allah is Allah who I knew he was a llama con man mosaddek Allahu Venya there was a flood the hula Hamza also held in May the new webinar also held in we do have a band, McConnell Buhari, who else are hosting in via the booster club insofar narrated Allah's Messenger is alone SLM said, Whoever touches the private part should make although collected by the five and authenticated by telemovie, and even had banned alcohol, he said, It is the most authentic interaction this issue. And this is what the majority of the scholars hold on to this particular hadith is what the majority including the Hanabi law, hold on to that if

00:36:05 --> 00:36:17

we touch the private partner breaks will do as opposed to the previous Hadith, which other methods are one of the other methods? The question here is, why is there a difference?

00:36:19 --> 00:36:45

Why is there a difference like what is it that scholars are trying to determine between because we have to Hadith each one of them is saying something different. And even Hajra Rahim Allah Tala from his fake and his knowledge gives to you in his commentary, the reason why this is such a big difference of opinion, and he does by mentioning he does so by mentioning this thing, but you know, Madine then Buhari, what is even a Medina say?

00:36:46 --> 00:36:47

What does it mean? Medina say

00:36:49 --> 00:36:58

that the hadith of Baltic and it is well, better than the hadith of Busara. But Buhari said that the hadith of Bucha is what

00:37:00 --> 00:37:41

the most authentic narration in this chapter. So what you have now you have two major scholars of Hadith, major Imams of the Sunnah, differing as to which of these narrations is better, preserved, more authentic in its wording stronger in his chain. And that's something which happens also, as opposed to the example we gave yesterday, distinguished Muhammad, which will what the American or someone said that in this chapter, there's not a single Hadith that is authentic, meaning that all of these Hadith have problems in them, there's a problem in all of these narrations. This is now the opposite of that. Right? Some are saying or not the opposite, necessarily, but it's a different

00:37:41 --> 00:37:55

version of the different different form of that. And that is a one scholar saying this one is stronger, and other one is saying that one is stronger. So then when the scholars come, depending on which of those two positions they consider to be the stronger

00:37:56 --> 00:38:15

they will base their positions accordingly. And that shows that just as we have differences of opinion in faith, and the Messiah and you also have different differences of opinion in Hadith, and the greeting of Hadith and authenticity of them, and whether they're acceptable or not. And that this is a good example of that.

00:38:17 --> 00:38:26

Sinhala and econ are an incident all the Allahu anha nanostone and lies on Allahu Allah He was an AMA con men Elsa hookah you

00:38:27 --> 00:38:56

call that soon oh, maybe you Infineon Saudi if fully on Saudi fenetre what? familia Binney IOL solidarity. Well, whoever he then he gotta take a lamp. A cron job no matter of if a Hua Maduro is generated. Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, Whoever vomits has a nosebleed or reflux or seminar discharge should leave and make although he should then continue his prayer and not speak during that collected by the manager. We can buy a hammer and others

00:38:58 --> 00:39:39

well and believe me some one jab at BNI Sam Morata are the Allahu and Homer and now Roger Lanza Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at one woman local Milan called in shipped all at our Ballroom in low home and even on a holiday home Muslim Jabil in similar narrated, a man asked the prophets Allah Salam, should we perform ablution from Martin, he replied, If you wish, the man asked should be performed ablution from camel meat? He replied yes collected by Muslim This is the position taken by the Hanabi as we said from the Format EPS only the humble is take the position that you make although from camel meat based on this hadith in Sahih, Muslim

00:39:40 --> 00:39:59

10 Allahu nikam wannabe Harada Radi Allahu Anhu uno con la Sol Allah in some long why the US men Allah Salah may yet unfamiliar with Sal woman hemella Hopefully at one o'clock Jehovah Witness you wanted maybe what has center Wakanda medulla Sophia

00:40:00 --> 00:40:16

Hello Barbie che Ebola narrative that Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, Whoever washed the disease should bathe and whoever carries him should perform ablution collected by Mohammed Anessa under tell me who declared it sound. Muhammad said nothing in this issue is authentic.

00:40:17 --> 00:40:48

The statement of my mammogram Wattana meaningless nothing that is attributed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is authentic. However, you have statements of the companions and the actions and the turbin and so on. And so the position as we said at the Hanbury Mehta is a unique model, it breaks a window, but not necessarily that you have to make awesome from it but also this Mr. Hub, it is recommended to me also from giving also to the deceased woman Pamela, hopefully at one bar and whoever carries him should perform ablution

00:40:49 --> 00:41:26

even headband Rahimullah to Allah He said what he means by carrying is in the olden days when they would carry a body they would carry it directly, not in a coffin. Right not on one of those things that people carry, like the call but they have a thing that they put the body on and they carry it right it's like call for ends to it and people lift it up onto their shoulders and they carry it. This is referring to the person who carries the body directly as was common in many of those countries for much of the history of Islam, because the directly touching the body. That's what the hadith is referring to that those people should make. Mikado

00:41:27 --> 00:42:09

Sinhala honeycombe Well and Abdullah hidden Joby Beckett and Rocky Mountain law and nephrology Derby letting you get a hold on solo on lines on Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Leah Emily Bnei has an ally Ms. Sandra Khurana in la ba here, la Houma alikhan mo salah, WA sallahu nessa E. Webb no headband, Well, who am I alone at the lab and biblical narrative that it said in the letter Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam sent to Amazon hasm. No one should touch the Quran except in a state of ritual purity collected by Malik as morsel as a morsel narration and, and connected by a necessity and even headband and it is defective. This letter of ameripro hasm

00:42:10 --> 00:42:49

Even though they had different chains, and so on, have defects in them. The scholars said that the many scholars who narrated this and the many scholars of Islam who spoke of this shows that it is authentic. And even though the chains that we have have defects in them, but its fame, how widespread it became how well known it is amongst all of the scholars of Islam is enough for to show it to show its authenticity. And that's a way of breeding Hadith. Not necessarily just looking at the individual names within the chain of narrators. But how widely accepted there is if it's something which the author has accepted all of it, then even if there's a problem in the chain of

00:42:49 --> 00:42:58

narrators with one of the readers and so on shows that the Muslim ummah accepted that scholars accepted and so on and so forth. And so this is an example of such a situation

00:43:00 --> 00:43:20

10 Allahu leikam where Anna is shut down on the on long run Han pilot can also lie he's en la mala who Allah He was Santa Maria Goro La La Colonia Allahu Muslim Anwar la Bacardi. I generated Allah's Messenger so low Salam would remember light all times collected by Muslim and noted by Al Bahati

00:43:22 --> 00:43:40

and Sydney Manik and along the Allahu Anhu and the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Dejima Salah while a Miata was bought a colada who Donald Cook Nuala Jana, and it's narrated that the Prophet salallahu Salam got copped then prayed without making model collected by Dr. Courtney who mentioned its weakness.

00:43:41 --> 00:44:24

Well and more we are done on the Allahu Anhu in Hong Kong on also lines on Long Island he wants a lamp a line weaker was for Ivana Matilda Aina and his stepdaughter Colin weaker Baba Baba la Belani Raja waterbody Baba Ronnie was at woman Nam familia de what were her the his year that he had he had that hadith in the Abida would mean Hadith Yadi do not only is deltona choleric where he Khalil is now they will be killed at some level they will have been killed a listener they need life. While the Aveda will the EBA and an evening I bet in model for enamel uovo LM Anna mukajee

00:44:25 --> 00:44:52

wolfies nerdy here life on a bar where I went to the Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, the eye is a string tying the * when the eyes sleep the * opens collected by Ahmed and Bharani who added whoever sleeps should make ablution both chains a week ago that we've collected from even Ibis ablution is only upon the one who sleeps flat. This chain also has weakness in it. All of this has to do with the issue of sleep and the type of sleep that brings we'll do

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

stand alone a con where anybody I bet your labia Allahu and Humana masuleh Here

00:45:00 --> 00:45:04

Allahu alayhi wa salam upon yet to her Docomo Shavon ofii

00:45:06 --> 00:45:22

Salonika yet de ahora de como shaytaan ova sadati for yen for coffee mocha Ida de for yoga yellow Isla, you know that when a new update the EVA Jeddah Anika young Saudi Dias Massimo Mousehole didn't know yesterday that he had a flood of oil but

00:45:23 --> 00:46:02

we'll also know office so he hired him in Hadiya Abdullah he needs he didn't want to live in his aid while the Muslim and Ebihara lotta one way will hack me and Abby say it didn't matter for either Ajah Hydrochemistry one with a partner in NASA that definitely couldn't get there but well Roger hope not a burner biller for fairly Apple V NFC. Even our best rated Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, Satan comes to one of you in his prayer and blows into his room making him think he passed when when he hasn't. If you find this sensation, then do not leave until you hear a sound or smell an odor. collectible bizarre. Its origin is agreed upon from the narration of Adelaide and

00:46:02 --> 00:46:17

Zaid and in Muslim from the narration of Abu Huraira al Hakim collected from Ambleside. If Satan comes to one of you and says you have passed when then reply you liar. Even HIPAA also collected this with the wording then let him say to himself,

00:46:18 --> 00:46:23

Okay, shall we let's take a terminal break. Shall alternative we'll come on to the next chapter. We'll hustle

00:55:59 --> 00:56:15

coming down from the de la salatu salam ala Rasulillah while he also be human, voila My bad. So inshallah we're going to come to the next chapter which is Babel also the chapter of colossal and we have a number of principles or rules

00:56:17 --> 00:56:20

to summarize this chapter The first of them is

00:56:24 --> 00:56:25

that the

00:56:29 --> 00:56:31

the movement of *

00:56:32 --> 00:56:34

even if it doesn't

00:56:36 --> 00:56:39

come out also necessitates also,

00:56:40 --> 00:56:47

the movement of *, even if it doesn't come out also necessitates also, number two,

00:56:48 --> 00:56:52

it is permissible for the one who is in a state of major ritual impurity,

00:56:54 --> 00:57:14

to say things that are found in the Quran without the intention of reading the Quran. So the method as we will see is that the person in a major state of ritual impurity can't read Quran not even reading Quran. However, if you say something that happens to be in the Quran, as long as your intention to read the Quran, then that's permissible. Like for example

00:57:17 --> 00:57:18

give me an example

00:57:22 --> 00:57:24

has been Allah when Allah kill or

00:57:25 --> 00:57:28

in early Lahainaluna Roger on you heard of someone's death or

00:57:30 --> 00:57:50

hamdulillah right, someone sneezes or whatever. So you're saying this not because you need to read the Quran but because of the curve for certain other times, so they would consider that to be permissible. Number three, it is recommended to me also in 16 Different times out or 16 Different times

00:57:53 --> 00:57:54

number four,

00:57:55 --> 00:58:01

there are two ways of making awesome the complete way and the minimum wage.

00:58:03 --> 00:58:05

The complete wage and the minimum point.

00:58:09 --> 00:58:40

Sinhala Hooray come by a local Sol ujjivan Horologium and EMB that the Wamena Imin MotoAmerica were in indicado Anna Maria Raji ye in in Dhaka Allah Allah Mia Kannada Tessa whether you are to be corrodi by Adobe that whatever he will hash fit nicely yet in V followed generously while I will do Bora LV behemoth in our may yet what Islam okay Phil will mode where Haven one in first law will add that to Nigeria to none.

00:58:43 --> 00:59:26

It is obligated with enjoyable * and from sleep in general. If * moves but does not exit he must pave he does not need to repeat bathing for that which exits lot later. Without enjoyment. It is also obligated for the with the male genitalia entering into the fate of female genitalia, even if it be the rare the rare or an animal or diseased. Likewise, bathing is required for a new Muslim and the disease, menstruation and postpartum bleeding, but not birth that produces no bleeding. The author hamata Allah He begins by mentioning those things that make also obligatory and he mentioned six or seven depending on how you want to count them. I think Bill Clinton was

00:59:26 --> 00:59:31

seven The first of them is Hooroo, Germany and Belinda

00:59:32 --> 00:59:33

The first of them is

00:59:34 --> 00:59:36

enjoyable *

00:59:39 --> 00:59:49

that is something which breaks a person or puts a person into major ritual impurity and had an Akbar and therefore they must make also as a result

00:59:50 --> 00:59:58

and connected to that. He says a woman named him in Metallica and from sleep in general. What does that mean?

01:00:00 --> 01:00:03

From sleep in general, doesn't mean if you got to sleep, you have to make muscle.

01:00:05 --> 01:00:05


01:00:07 --> 01:00:09

You have to make muscle from deep sleep.

01:00:12 --> 01:00:17

But dreams, he's referring to the same issue of *. But why does he say in general?

01:00:19 --> 01:00:23

What is to say and from sleeping journal meaning that if you have a *, he says, in general,

01:00:25 --> 01:00:26

in general, as opposed to what

01:00:30 --> 01:00:38

even if you don't enjoy it, because sometimes you don't remember it's a dream. You may remember it, you may not. But if you wake up, and that's what you see,

01:00:39 --> 01:00:43

then the Olson is still obligated. Right. And that's what he means.

01:00:45 --> 01:00:50

So those are, that's the first thing. The second thing is what we mentioned in the principle.

01:00:52 --> 01:00:57

If he feels the seeming moving, but it doesn't exit, he must still make awesome.

01:00:58 --> 01:01:10

So he holds it back. For example, he stops a suppresses whatever it may be, but he knows that it's moved, and that it was about to come out. But he stops it and suppresses it. The madhhab says you still may also

01:01:11 --> 01:01:18

still you still enter into a state of major ritual impurity, and you must make Olson as a result.

01:01:20 --> 01:01:43

And then he explains this further, and he says, however, he does not need to repeat bathing, for that which exits after without enjoyment, meaning what? This person has suppressed the *. What did we say? The mother says, what do they have to do? They have to go and make awesome. He made his awesome. After he made his awesome, it comes up.

01:01:45 --> 01:01:56

This comes up didn't enjoy it. It didn't do anything to prompt it. But it was obviously in there and it comes out. What does the madhhab say? Does he have to go to the coastal Ghana? No. What does he have to make the

01:01:58 --> 01:02:00

will do? Why does he have to make wudu.

01:02:02 --> 01:02:26

Because the general principle we gave right anything that x is the private part, whatever it is, bricks will do. So he doesn't mention that explicitly. But that's the understanding. Right? So he still has to make although, but we're not going to say to him go and make. Also again, unless he does it with enjoy, meaning he does something that that prompts it to come out in that way, which case they would have to make a further also

01:02:28 --> 01:02:44

number three, it is also obligated. And I'm going to amend the translation slightly just to make it clearer. Because the Arabic says hasha fatten asleep, if the head of the male genitalia enters into the female genitalia.

01:02:45 --> 01:02:48

Even if nothing else happens, just the entrance of it

01:02:49 --> 01:02:54

makes the hosel Whadjuk makes the allsole Whadjuk.

01:02:55 --> 01:03:13

Number three, and then he says and this is an example of what you mentioned yesterday that scholars are fake. They speak about a calm, even if that can relate to people doing haram. And that's what we have now, even if you've been in the rear or an animal or deceased. What are those haram?

01:03:14 --> 01:03:34

Are all of those are haram, the real the animal or deceased person? It is from the major sins all of those things. However, if that happened, then we need to know what's the warning, what does that person need to do? We would say to them, you need to go and make awesome you to go and make awesome number 4/4 thing that makes awesome magic

01:03:36 --> 01:03:39

is the new Muslim according to the madhhab

01:03:40 --> 01:03:41

a new Muslim.

01:03:42 --> 01:03:45

So a new Muslim mistake also.

01:03:48 --> 01:03:52

And that's because there are Hadith that speak about this, but also because

01:03:53 --> 01:03:54

the new Muslim

01:03:55 --> 01:04:11

before he prays he's going to read Quran, contrary to a number of things, he is going to be in a state of major ritual impurity from his or her many years as a non Muslim. And so therefore, they would say he makes awesome. Number five,

01:04:12 --> 01:04:31

the deceased, we already covered. Right? It's one of the rights that the deceased person has is a foreign key via that the Muslims what do they do with the deceased person they wash them, they wash them, except for one deceased person. There's one exception to that rule, whose exception to the rule,

01:04:32 --> 01:04:34

the martyr on the battlefield,

01:04:35 --> 01:04:58

the martyr on the battlefield, and according to the method or a number of the scholars of the madhhab anyone who takes the ruling of a martyr because of the process Solomon said that it's not just the battlefield martyr that's a martyr, but rather the one who is killed oppressively. He considered them to be martyrs as well. But other positions says not only the matter of the battlefield, only the matter of the battlefield is exempted from that

01:05:00 --> 01:05:18

Number six, menstruation and number seven postpartum bleeding, which is post birth bleeding these are the seven things that make Olson Whadjuk and then he says to Anna finishing off this paragraph, but not birth that produces no bleeding

01:05:19 --> 01:05:35

someone was to give birth or they were to have some type of something leave them maybe not be a fully formed baby or whatever it may be, and no bleeding comes as a result then that person doesn't have to make awesome that lady doesn't have to make awesome however, what does she have to do?

01:05:38 --> 01:05:39

Why was she after me holder

01:05:42 --> 01:05:53

because of the general ruling, right? And so that's what we said even if it's something we just die or whether it's legis both of them we would still consider it to be something that breaks the old

01:05:55 --> 01:06:11

Sinhala welcome, woman nazima Who was learn how Roma i They have a lot to it in fact on a little bit on BMS student Villa will do well on Moodle, Roby will allow Africa Quran and voila, Mia cosied Kalba smell it will Hamdallah

01:06:13 --> 01:06:43

whoever needs to bathe is forbidden from reading a verse, a verse or more remaining in the masjid without ablution but he can pass through and say words that may be from the Quran without intending to read it, such as Best mela and hamdulillah daughter Hamlet or other nurses or goes on to the issue of what is haram. For the person who is in a state of major ritual impurity? What is haram for them to do? He says that one of the things that they are forbidden from doing and this is an addition, obviously to what has already proceeded in the previous chapter, what were the things that were haram

01:06:44 --> 01:07:21

in the previous chapter for person to do not in the state of although you can't pray, you can't make the off. You can't touch the Quran. So if a person is in a major state to reach an impurity, then even more reason so so these are additional things now, additional things, reading the Quran. So person who is doesn't have who can read the Quran, right, you can read the book of ALLAH SubhanA data from memory, or reading it from a tablet or reading it from a phone or something. However, the position of the map is that if a person is in the state of major ritual impurity, you can't even read it. Call me the Quran.

01:07:23 --> 01:08:01

That's the mental position. Right. And as we said, we're going to, generally speaking, only go with the meta position. However, some times, I think it's important to speak about some of these issues in more detail. In this issue, some of the scholars of the Hanabi, like they made a distinction between the two major states of major ritual impurity, there are two reasons why people like all of these seven that we mentioned beforehand, there are they kind of come into two categories. Number one, is that something which is optional. Person has marital relations, that's a choice that they make, right a person, for example.

01:08:03 --> 01:08:40

You don't like doing the number of those things, it is optional. That didn't make Walsall watchable upon you. But then there are things that aren't optional. They're not a choice, like for example, women's bleeding, sort of choice that they have. So some of the scholars of the month have made the distinction in terms of the reading between the two. And they said that if it's an optional thing, meaning that you can take also whenever you want, then for you is not allowed for you to recite the Quran, until you may also. So someone has marital relations that in the seat of Geneva major ritual impurity, they can go and make also whenever they want the fact that they choose not to show that

01:08:40 --> 01:09:02

they then shouldn't be able to read the Quran also, as opposed to for example, a woman who's on her monthly cycle, the woman who's on a monthly cycle doesn't have a choice has to wait for the 678 days to to expire, or the woman who's on postpartum bleeding, has to wait perhaps for those 40 days to finish. And so therefore she doesn't have a choice. So to say to her, you can't

01:09:04 --> 01:09:30

read the Quran during that time, places difficulty upon difficulty upon her. However, the man's head position, the Hanabi that they don't make a distinction in the meta position. They don't make a distinction. They say all of those people call me on and so sister likewise, she would make liquor of Allah azza wa jal or she would do other things, but she wouldn't recite the Quran they shouldn't recite the Quran. That's the first thing number two is Macphun few masjid or LeBreton fil masjid,

01:09:31 --> 01:09:59

to remain in the masjid meaning to sit in the masjid. So persons in the state of Geneva and major ritual impurity that are not allowed to come and sit in the masjid, however they are allowed to pass through, especially in the Muslim world, some of these big masajid in order for you to get from one side to the other, because the Muslims in the middle of the squares like in the city center, like in the Haram in Mecca and Medina. Sometimes it's easier for you to walk through the masjid

01:10:00 --> 01:10:39

Got the site as opposed to walking all the way around. And likewise in the masjid in major cities, the Masjid is so big, that people often use it as a thoroughfare. They walk through it in order to come out of the site that is permissible. Even if a person is in a state of major ritual impurity, because of the statement of Allah azza wa jal in the Quran, liabilty Seville, except for those who are passing through Allah made an exception for them subhanaw taala. And so therefore those people are, are exempted from that rule. However, those people want to come and sit in the masjid, they are literally using the masjid as a thoroughfare or a passage going from one side to the other.

01:10:41 --> 01:10:59

And then he says, as we mentioned in one of the principles at the beginning of this chapter, and to see words that may be from the Quran without intending to read them is permissible such as the best mela saying Bismillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. someone hears that someone's passed away, just in the law in a garage or on

01:11:01 --> 01:11:21

someone for example, like we said, the calamity that takes place this has been Allah when Allah kill, right someone says Subhan Allah all of these are found in the Quran. But that person isn't intending to read by the Quran. They're making the call depending on a situation and the please

01:11:23 --> 01:11:44

send Allah welcome. Or you send no gods no Nigel Matin worried warming warming class Lima youth in what you've got him in junonia Ilma in Bella in when he goes off in was this all in way haram in what the Holy Mecca well tawaf. He fell but didn't murder anyone will coffin be out of that I want to beat him was deadly for while I'm Iijima.

01:11:46 --> 01:12:28

It is recommended to bathe for Jumeirah and aid after washing the diseased regaining one senses of the insanity and unconsciousness in which there was no *. Eclipse prayer rain, rain prayer for a haram entering Makkah thoughtful if Allah and Prophet vada standing in Allah and spending the night in Mozilla and stoning. As we said at the beginning, the handbook the math themselves there are 1616 places or 16 times when it was recommended to me also we spoken about the wajib also now, right in the beginning of the chapter, now we're speaking about when it was to have when it's recommended to take a listen when it's recommended to be 16 are the places in the Hungary method

01:12:28 --> 01:12:51

that it is recommended to take a bath. The author mentions 14 of them. He mentions 14 of the 16 he says Rahim Allah Tada. It is recommended to bathe for Salah to Joomla it is recommended to bathe for solid algebra. And the bathing of Jumeirah is no doubt the most recommended of these 16

01:12:52 --> 01:13:01

The Sato Juma to bathe for it, it is the most recommended of these 16 and the timing of the bathing according to the madhhab begins from after fajr of the Friday

01:13:03 --> 01:13:42

because we know generally in Islamic the way that we measure our time in the Muslim calendar is the day starts at the time of Margaret. Margaret comes in Islam the next day. So, certain things if you do have to Muslim they would be considered to be from that day, but certain things No. And from those examples is the breathing of salatu Jomar they would say you do it after fajr of that day. According to the method. The second recommended occasion for bathing, for Rasul is read their eat, but with the read they say you can leave before or after. Fragile.

01:13:44 --> 01:13:47

Why before after fajr why do they make a distinction

01:13:56 --> 01:14:34

because the Sunnah is even though it's not necessarily practiced in the West anymore, but the Sunnah is that you pray Fudger you pray read as soon as the sun rises, as soon as the sun rises for a short time after that the solid lead begins. And so the timing is limited. And so a lot of people when they come up for the prayer for Fudger they will stay there and they'll wait until it's time for especially if it's busy that place where they're going to pray. Like it was often the case when we used to pray in Mecca or Medina and Harlem's you go for federal nice stay there because if you leave, you won't find the place again. So people are going to wait then stay. So for those people

01:14:34 --> 01:14:40

you say look, you make your also before before Salatin photo, right because of the limited time for surah

01:14:41 --> 01:14:49

number three after watching the deceased as we already mentioned, that it is recommended to after you've watched the deceased to make also

01:14:50 --> 01:14:51

number four

01:14:52 --> 01:14:59

regaining one's senses if our continuing Junoon after insanity, someone lost their sense

01:15:00 --> 01:15:13

As they went crazy, and then they gained their senses or regained their senses, we say that those people also it is recommended for them to make also recommended for them to make awesome

01:15:14 --> 01:15:44

what is the man or the fan unconscious, someone faints, loses consciousness is out for like two days or three days, or similar to this in our time would be a coma, someone's in a coma for a few days or a week or two weeks and they wake up you would say to them recommended for you to make awesome unless biller exam, unless they had a * they * during that loss of consciousness, then obviously, it's wajib now becomes a wardrobe upon them an obligatory

01:15:47 --> 01:15:57

number six, the six recommended occasion is the Eclipse prayer where the solar or lunar eclipse prayer by the solar or lunar

01:15:58 --> 01:16:22

number seven is discard the ring prayer. And by the way, there's not a specific Hadith as far as I know for each and every single one of these occasions. But there are a hadith for some of them. So what the scholars of the month have did is that they looked at these acts of worship and they looked at similar acts of worship and gave it to it the same recommendation. Alright, so for example, the ashram

01:16:23 --> 01:16:50

recommended you may also before going to haram recommended they may also for Jomar recommended you may also look for it, there are Hadith that speak about them. The Kosuth prayer this is called prayer, the clips and REM prayer are similar in terms of the way that they hold the people gathering the hotbed has given me the salah that's made and so what they said is very similar in terms of its appearance in terms of its objectives and so on. And so therefore we give to it the same recommendation.

01:16:51 --> 01:16:56

So number seven, the ring prayer is discard number eight the Haram

01:16:58 --> 01:16:58

The Haram

01:17:01 --> 01:17:03

number nine entering the city of Mecca

01:17:06 --> 01:17:08

entering the city of Mecca.

01:17:10 --> 01:17:12

Number 10 the waffle ephah

01:17:14 --> 01:17:17

the waffle your father is what which dwarf is that?

01:17:19 --> 01:17:30

The dwarf of hunch on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah that's the trophy father. Number 11 to the waffle without the farewell tawaf before you leave Mecca.

01:17:31 --> 01:17:33

Number 12 standing on the devil out of

01:17:35 --> 01:17:36

standing on the devil Arafa.

01:17:40 --> 01:17:41

Number 13

01:17:42 --> 01:17:44

Spending the writing was deliver

01:17:45 --> 01:17:47

spending the night in must deliver.

01:17:50 --> 01:17:52

And number 14 for the stoning

01:17:53 --> 01:18:03

of the pillars in Mila. Those are the 14 that are mentioned by the author the two that he didn't mention. Number 15 is entering into the Haram of Mecca

01:18:05 --> 01:18:11

so what's the difference between this one and the one before because you said entering Mecca so what's the difference?

01:18:13 --> 01:18:49

What is entering the city and what is entering the Haram because if you go to Mecca today is all of Mecca in the home because a big city not so big place so there's a difference between the city and between the Haram and number 16 is the woman who has continuous bleeding the monster haba continuous bleeding it is recommended for her to meet also for every solder now watch him according to the method recommended for her to meet also for a reason we'll come on to this in more detail when we come to that relevant section inshallah who

01:18:53 --> 01:19:12

I sent along with a con fasten welcome host little cameo and then we're gonna use Amelia was in IDE that one what were the workflow Wi Fi Allah ROTC better than total we were OMA but then who was Linda then moto Yameen and via the leuco well yeah, we'll see the academy

01:19:14 --> 01:19:19

as an employee they come via the local via cdai Academy heavy metal they're in hot

01:19:21 --> 01:19:25

well, more Jersey one Yeah. And we are when you send me via Omega Danna, who has learned Marla.

01:19:27 --> 01:19:53

The complete ritual bathing is make the intention say Allah's Name. Wash your hand three times and remove impurities perform model pour water three times over your over his head and reaching and reaching his roots. Then wash the body three times beginning with the right side and rubbing the water in. Then to wash the feet in another place. The required steps are to make the intention perform model and watch the complete body body wants

01:19:54 --> 01:19:55


01:19:58 --> 01:19:58


01:20:02 --> 01:20:30

Anyway, the author hammer Tarana goes on to the description of how to make awesome. And as we said, when we were going through the principles of this chapter at the beginning, that there are two ways of making awesome, there is the recommended way, which is the complete way. And then there is the minimum way, why the minimum amount that you must do in order for the whistle to be to be correct. He says Rahim Allah to Allah, the complete ritual bathing is to number one, make the intention.

01:20:32 --> 01:20:32

Number two,

01:20:34 --> 01:20:41

to say Allah azza wa jal name must be set according to the madhhab, that if you remember, you must make the test Mia, you must say Bismillah.

01:20:42 --> 01:21:02

Number three, to wash your hands three times. And to remove impurities, whether that be blood, whether that be fluid that's come out, none of that stuff, remove impurities, number four, to make wudu to perform a complete model,

01:21:04 --> 01:21:05

number five,

01:21:06 --> 01:21:22

to pour water three times over the head, ensuring that it touches the roots of the process sentiment actually put his hands his hands into the roots of his hair. And then he would pour three times over his head, and then to wash the body three times.

01:21:24 --> 01:21:29

And the three times that are mentioned here, according to the method is the PRS that they make on

01:21:30 --> 01:21:52

the Hadith on specifically mentioned that he will do it three times. But based on the nucleus of Moodle, Moodle, you're told to do things three times. So likewise, in Mosul, beginning with the right side, before the left, and rubbing the water in a Delk is to pass your hands over your body to ensure that water has reached over everywhere.

01:21:54 --> 01:22:31

And as we said, might the general rulings of the Sharia is that you do this to the best of your ability until you're fairly certain that your water has reached every part of your body. Because you can't see every part of your body. Right, you can't see the back and you can't see and make sure that every single has been covered. And every single part of your back has been covered. You don't have the ability to ensure you do it to the best of your ability. And it's easy in our time because of the showers that we have and so on to make that more of a certainty. Whereas in the olden days when people were using water that they were gathering scoops with their hands, or small little cups

01:22:31 --> 01:22:43

that they would use more difficult to ensure that. So the Shinya says you didn't do it to the best of your ability until you are fairly certain that you've covered the whole body with water. And then to wash the feet in another place.

01:22:44 --> 01:22:47

Why would the profit center wash his feet in another place

01:22:56 --> 01:23:03

because the sand that they will be standing on as they're making also, when it's mixed with water becomes

01:23:05 --> 01:23:06


01:23:09 --> 01:23:46

muddy. And as it becomes muddy, then what's going to happen to your feet is they're going to become muddy, so he would move away. And then he would he would sort of wash his feet obviously in our time today. We don't necessarily need to do that because we don't have the issue anymore. However, the mother also has a discussion as to whether men the widow that you're making and also remember we said step number four was making we'll do that we'll do does that include the washing of the feet, or can that be delayed at the end and you have both positions. But I think the more famous position in the method is that you make the full world including the feet and then you would wash your feet

01:23:46 --> 01:24:33

at the end if there is a need to do so. So this is what we call the full Walsall the person that is the son or the camel also the minimum amount that is needed is number one to make the intention number two to say Bismillah so that's a typo in your notes slot performable it is to say Bismillah you send me to say Bismillah and number three to watch the complete body wants to make sure the water is reached all over the body even if once so if someone was to do that, say Bismillah have the intention. Jump into the shower make sure that water covered all of their body and hair. Then we would say that person has made their hostel The hostel is correct and valid. And so the also can be

01:24:33 --> 01:24:36

done in that way. If there is a need to do so.

01:24:38 --> 01:24:55

Accent alarm relay comm or you send no other on remote denwa T cell phone visa where Korea is set off we're in SPL I'll be doing here I will never be lost because Lee Hill had a thing I was Stiva hotel solder Tikka or you send only John Obon was lithology here although holy

01:24:56 --> 01:24:59

salami they come or you send nollie Juno vinnova slowfall

01:25:00 --> 01:25:07

When will the holy gnome in water clean one more hour dirty water. While you're back on my I'm Nemo Harlan

01:25:08 --> 01:25:47

it is recommended to make although the mud and ritually bathed with a sloth, it is disliked to waste. If he does it completely with less or intense with his bathing the lifting of both ritually impure state or the permissibility of prayer, it is enough, it is recommended for the one it is recommended for the one major ritual impurity to wash their private parts and to make although to sleep, to eat or repeat *, it is permissible to use public baths if one safe from haram. Both or Hamlet are the concluding this chapter he says it is recommended to make although with the mood, and to be the with the star. And this is something which we mentioned yesterday when when the

01:25:47 --> 01:25:51

Hadith in Bloomerang, we already covered the Hadith speaks about this.

01:25:53 --> 01:26:39

The hadith of Enniscorthy Allah and a month, as we said is to handphones. And the way that it's measured in grams, according to many, it's about 510 grams 510 grams is a month or 510 liters if it was going to be a liquid. And so like this bottle is not this bottle is 500. Right? So approximately this, this is what the prophets sent him would use to make wudu with, that's the amount of water he would use. And obviously water was scarce during that time, not something which people had a great deal of. And so they would be very careful in particular with how much water they use. Unlike in our time, when we have a tendency to waste water when it comes to this type of stuff and to waste water.

01:26:39 --> 01:27:30

As the Prophet said Salah Robinson is author would mention it is disliked. The hadith says even if one of you was by the side of a flowing river, meaning your bio River, even there to wastewater is something which is disliked. So he would usually make the will do with the mud. And he would be if the narration says with a tsar to five months. And Assad, as we said is four months. So approximately 2.4 kilograms or 2.4 liters of water up to maybe 2.93 kilograms. That's what the prophet seven would use for his Olson and so it's not a great deal of water. And so he would do with that Salah article send me full Olson in the way that we just described because the hadith of Arusha

01:27:30 --> 01:27:49

be Munna and others from the wives of the Prophet send them one of the Allah and one. When they describe his awesome they describe the complete also not the minimum morsel, the complete also that the author just described. And he used to do that with this amount of water and a sort of the allawah Angoon rates this hadith is a person who should know this very well. Why?

01:27:50 --> 01:27:52

Why would he know the quantities of water being used?

01:27:56 --> 01:28:14

Because he's a servant. One of his tasks is to bring water and to gather water and to bring him those types of things that the Prophet sunnah would need for these types of issues. And so therefore, he would be very well aware. He says, Rahim Allah to Allah and was disliked to waste.

01:28:15 --> 01:28:18

And then he says, if he does it completely with less

01:28:19 --> 01:28:38

or intent, intense with his bathing, the lifting of both ritually impure state or the permissibility of prayer is enough. So if a person can do a full we'll do with less than a month, there's no problem. You can do a full hospital with less than a PSA, no problem. Right. So it's not like has to be done with that amount.

01:28:39 --> 01:29:19

And the intentions that a person should have is either, as we said, to lift the ritual impure state that you're in, or that you want to perform an action of worship for which you would need also like the Salah, like the tawaf, like the touching of the most half, that is sufficient. And then he says, It is also recommended for the one in major ritual impurity, to wash their private parts and to make wudu. Meaning even if they don't want to make awesome, it's late at night. They're in a state of major ritual impurity in Genova, they don't really want to call me also that that time of the night, is recommended that they wash their private parts, and they make wudu to do a number of things,

01:29:19 --> 01:29:59

number one, to sleep to sleep. And this is the hadith of Ibn Amata. And what are the Allahu Allah as the prophets of Salaam? Concerning this messenger of Allah? What do I do at night if I'm in a state of Geneva, and I want to sleep, the process I'm set to do this? What's your private area and Mikado? So to sleep or to eat or to repeat *? And then he says Ramadan in the final issue, it is permissible to use public baths if one is safe from haram in the olden days, as we know people didn't have showers at home, even bathrooms at home in the way that we do today. And so they would have one of two options Either they would have something which they could use

01:30:00 --> 01:30:34

was privately like they would have an area that they could go in and bathe, or what became the popular in many parts of the Muslim world is what we call an imam. Imam today we call a bathroom meaning the personal bathroom that you use. But in the old classical text the word man means a public baths like the Romans used to have another's, my public bathroom go in, and loads of people can come. And even in this country right before people had bathrooms at home, they would often go to public bathing houses. He says it's permissible to use them so long as there is no haram what is the Haram that is referring to

01:30:36 --> 01:30:38

as the Haram that you haven't been public bathing us?

01:30:39 --> 01:31:01

We mixing people seeing each other's out of their private parts, because there's no segregation there's no cubicles just open one big bathing pool everyone goes in. All of that is haram if that's taking place, then it's not allowed. But if it's something which is done correctly, and properly and is private and so on, then there is no harm in using it or law soldier knows best.

01:31:03 --> 01:31:11

Sinhala welcome, Babylon slaver hochma or Kamala Janab verbosely Wha wha Hockman

01:31:13 --> 01:31:14

welcome me.

01:31:15 --> 01:31:45

Some lonely bourbon mostly welcoming journal chapter ritual bathing and the ruling of major ritual impurity. And Ibiza. You didn't follow the Ibiza? You didn't know Cody Radi Allahu Anhu and Hong Kong, all around us all Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Alma Amina Lima Halawa, who Muslim will also live off in Buhari. I will say the country narrated that Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi salam said, water is due to fluid collected by Muslim and its origin is in our body.

01:31:47 --> 01:32:28

Well, I mean when I doubt on the Allahu Allahu Allah who call Allah rasool Allah He is Allah Allah and then he was a lamp, either jealous or Benina sure I'll be a robot to measure her via the water but locos whatever upon it. The Muslim were Illa muons in Abu Reina narrated that Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, if he sits between her four pots and pushes into her, then ritual bathing is obligatory, agreed upon and Muslim added, even if he does not *, that is the Hadith that we mentioned right that is the Hadith of the one of the Mooji Bertha will also makes also the obligatory. One of the six as we said is that if the male genitalia goes into the female one, even

01:32:28 --> 01:32:33

if nothing else happens, the fact that that happens based on this hadith, it is in a force to be obligatory.

01:32:34 --> 01:32:53

Sinhala, Aleikum, WA and save mnemonic and all the Allah 111 call Allah rasool Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam Phil Morrow editor of him and me ma en La Jolla. Allah delko DeSalle whatever con la the Muslim for call it almost so lame should be almost selama

01:32:54 --> 01:33:02

as an ally they call it Musa dama we're heading yaku Harada Allah Now I'm in a in a corner Shiva

01:33:03 --> 01:33:17

and asserted that Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said about a woman who sees in her dream what a man sees she Bates agreed upon Muslim added that almost Salama asked, Does this happen? He replied, Yes. Where else does the likeness come from?

01:33:19 --> 01:33:35

Well, if you shut down all the long run her and call it gun and Nebby us on Allahu alayhi wa salam ala Hotez, you know, minute by minute agenda, but you are your woman Jomo OIML, Jo Marathi woman, Amin al hijama, Wamena Koszalin, may yet

01:33:37 --> 01:33:55

accent Alaikum calm Well, I mean, the last little may yet are horrible that would also help no Hoceima actually narrated that the prophets Allah Salam would be for four things major ritual impurity, Fridays, from cupping, and from washing the deceased, collected Bible that will then authenticate by when Hoceima

01:33:56 --> 01:34:34

whenever you write down all the Allahu Anhu vehicles Saudi tomahto DOMA, metab neat with that, in the Muslim What am Allah who never use Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam and Yahoo dessin our web de Rosa, what else loom whatever coonelly. Ebola narrated the story of tomato and hotel when he accepted Islam and the prophets, Allah Islam commanded him to be collected by the reserve and its origin is agreed upon. This is this hadith is the one that they use to show that the Muslim will the new Muslim, let's take a whistle that is an obligation upon him to also make awesome and this is an issue of difference of opinion amongst the scholars of Islam. Is it something which is worship, or

01:34:34 --> 01:34:59

is it just simply recommended? And in this wedding, the Prophet said and ordered him to do so commanded him which would show that therefore it's an obligation. But in the other wedding, he went on his own accord and made it also mean he wasn't commanded to do so. But he, despite his nature, and knowing that he should be in a state of purity before reading the Quran, or praying or coming from Allah azza wa jal from his fitrah he just went and he made he made awesome

01:35:00 --> 01:35:00


01:35:02 --> 01:35:39

other group of scholars who say that it's not watching, say that in the vast majority of the Sunnah, what are the stories, there are numerous companions who accepted Islam. And the vast majority of those generations, you never have this command. And had it been worshipped in every single time, there also has to tell them, Go make yourself go make also a warming also, because they don't know the new Muslims sound like they would be aware of the situation. And so this issue really comes into play because even whatever position you take, you would, you would soon, at some point have to teach the new Muslim, how to make an awesome, whichever position you take, I think, no doubt that the

01:35:39 --> 01:36:18

safer position and as we said in Bahara, the Hanban is one of the big cooperator one of the big principles that they use, is when it comes to taharah and rabada. Always err on the side of caution, always go that extra step. Because otherwise the person is praying that we can throw off the reading the Quran, they do other acts of worship, and the invalid, the invalid invalid, because that person is in a state of New Jassa didn't see the ritual impurity, or they haven't adjusted upon them and so on. And so I think, even if you don't hold that position, to recommend it in a wise way, in a gentle way to you at some point, if it's not on the first day, the second day, the third day, very soon,

01:36:19 --> 01:36:41

that that's something which they should do is a good idea. And as we've seen here, the minimum amount is actually very easy. The minimum way of doing listen is like everyone takes a shower pretty much. All they got to do is add the intention and say Bismillah at the beginning, and then everything else is like you will take your awesome anyway. And so all the shower anyway. And so that's something which I think is worthwhile remembering

01:36:43 --> 01:37:02

as an ally in econ. Well I Naveen 70, the Iranian long run when Allah Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam Alcon will go slowly Jumeirah d'Ivoire, Jeevan Colima tell him a Kannada who survived. I will say narrated Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, bathing on Fridays is obligatory upon every adult collected by the seventh

01:37:03 --> 01:37:40

one salmon what are the Allahu Anhu on the Hong Kong Anaconda was on on line some long running he was a mentor of a young woman, Joe Marathi Fabia when he I met, where many of our tests and I felt it was laughable. Raja who comes to our heart center who did many similar narrative, Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, Whoever makes the one Friday has done good and it is sufficient, whoever bathe and whoever based then bathing is better connected by the five and a 10 minute declared it sound because of these two Hadith that you see here. There is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars as to whether breathing on Friday is worship or not, is worship or not and the

01:37:40 --> 01:38:20

position of the Muslim as we said and many of the scholars is that it is recommended amount of logic. And from the narrations that show that is the notion of Amara, the Allahu Antonius Khilafah when Earth man or the Allahu and came in late one day, during the Friday hotbar and Amara, the Allah one rebuked him for coming in late. And he said, Oh, Ameerul Momineen I was busy, and I became late and then I had to make Moodle. And then I came and he said, and you only still need although like you're late anyway, and you didn't even make awesome. Like, you know that the process of Mr. Se may also be for you come for Jamar but he didn't tell him to leave or that his job I was invalid or that

01:38:20 --> 01:38:31

he needs to go back and make also, that's one of the evidence is to show that even the Companions, they knew that it wasn't watching, will they accept it and this is Juma prayer, right. Lots of the companions of Islam are private,

01:38:32 --> 01:38:57

isolated situation. However, the narration also shows that they consider to be something which was not befitting of the Muslim that they come not in a state of Walsall, to the salah to Joomla that it was something which they consider to be par for the course or on a Friday a Muslim makes awesome before they come. One of the issues that's also connected to that then is who is the hosel recommended for on the Friday

01:38:58 --> 01:39:00

according to the method, yeah.

01:39:03 --> 01:39:30

For the person who Juma is obligatory upon that so we recommend it for so if it's not obligatory upon them like a woman, like a child, like the traveler and so on. Then we say that for them it's not necessarily recommend they can still take a listen if they want on a Friday it's not a problem, but it's not a recommendation for them anymore. So the recommendation is for that particular group of of people who it is obligated upon them to pray solitary Jamar

01:39:31 --> 01:39:59

tena Allahu Allah comm where an alien while the Allahu Anwen on Ghana, rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and Yoko the owner and Khurana man Aamir Khan Jo Nova Raja who comes wah, wah the left foot and maybe what has center also hope notable and integrated Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam would teach us the Quran as long as he was not in a state of major ritual impurity, collected by the five and this is the wording of activity who declared it sound

01:40:00 --> 01:40:30

That was authentic and vibrant headband. This is the narration this narration of audiology Allah one is why the madhhab says that in the mosquito major ritual impurity, you can read the Quran. You can read the Quran, and as we said in the madhhab the other position is the distinction between those who can take also because they have the ability to do so. And also can't they also because of the Hadith or the impurity still continuing like for example, women on the monthly cycles

01:40:31 --> 01:41:15

stand alone a gun? Well, I mean, so even inequality and only Allah one one, on on Allah's own Allah He Sanlam Allahu alayhi wa sallam either either at a huddle calm Allahu Allah and you will definitely get what they you know whomever will do, well who Muslim Xherdan Hakim for inner who and shalt only load within it and I shall tell all the Allahu anha and Pilate Ghana masala Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam a Jana Mora who join Oba minakari The NDMS Well, who am I alone? I will say the CADRE narrated that Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, if one of you approaches his family and then wants to return, let him perform ablution in between collected by Muslim al

01:41:15 --> 01:41:43

Hakim added for his more energetic in returning the four collected from Asia that she said Allah's Messenger is not alone is and would sleep in a state of major ritual impurity without touching water, it is defective. As I said, right the global phenomena are looking to go into a detailed explanation. We want to benefit principles. We have two Hadith here, one from Abu serie Rhodiola one one for Marisha or the Allahu anha what was the meta position when it comes to this issue?

01:41:46 --> 01:41:52

Someone's in a state of Geneva and then they want to go and do something by eating or drinking and so on it is

01:41:55 --> 01:41:58

a performed model and formula is what was the ruling

01:42:01 --> 01:42:07

recommended is the recommended even though the first Hadith seems to show that it is watching

01:42:08 --> 01:42:44

one of you wants to approach his family or one of your purchases family and wants to return let him perform ablution seems like it's watching but because the second Hadith says I should say that A times the Prophet said wouldn't touch any water and he would sleep shows therefore that is not watching and therefore this is how the scholars of fake look they gather these nourishes together one seems to explicitly say something but we have another generation now that shows that actually not all the time not on every occasion the process that we did this so that takes the ruling now from an obligation to a recommendation and that's really 100 Rahimullah Tada he gathers these

01:42:44 --> 01:42:48

notations together so you can see this more closely.

01:42:50 --> 01:43:39

Accent alone a calm or an eye you shut down on the Allahu and then call it Ghana la Sol online salon Allahu Allahu wa salam ala hotel Santa Amin el Jana yeah but that will fail because you know yeah day to day your foot it will be I mean he either Shima the via was you know Faraja don't matter what what the mayor hold on for you the key to sabe I hope he also the shell from the Havana and a lot see that have an ad sama fell by the ad just ready to Melva Saturday July whatever. You will love Bali Muslim. Wala Houma V Hadith ma Munna from full of Isla Faraji Fela Salah who will be Shrimad from Nevada be held via the wire for Messer habit to lob where we will be hearing from day two women

01:43:40 --> 01:43:41

from day to

01:43:43 --> 01:43:49

day do horrible mundane followed the wifey wotja Ilyin photolemur Obeah de

01:43:51 --> 01:44:14

salida Cambodia Ida Yun photolemur Beardy, I generated Allah's Messenger Salallahu Salam, Allah's mercy in Salah Salem when ritually bathing would begin by washing his hands, he would then pour water with the right onto the left hand and wash his private area, he would then make waddle he would then take water and wet the roots of his hair, and then pour water over his head three times.

01:44:15 --> 01:44:57

He will then wash the rest of his body than his feet agrees. So when it comes to the washing of the hair, the Hadith, Asha says you do how many times three times when it comes to washing of the body should give a number? No, she says you simply poured water over but the month app says it is best to do it three times based upon what you will do and we'll do one more you did for the head for the hair. And so they base it on that type of prs. Similarly, he would then watch the rest of his body and then his feet agreed upon and its wording is a Muslim. They also collect from Mona her narration. He would then pour water on his private area and wash it with his left hand and then

01:44:57 --> 01:44:59

strike the earth with it in another wording.

01:45:00 --> 01:45:09

You'd wipe it with Earth. At the end of this narration. She said she, she says, I then bought him a cloth and he refused it. Instead using his hand to remove the water.

01:45:11 --> 01:45:21

Were an omen Salama, Telavi Allahu anha. And Pilate called to ya rasool Allah in the Maratona should do share a lot see as far

01:45:24 --> 01:45:58

as I'm learning as I am called the Holy Ghost, little Jenna, or via the wire will tell you about the con law in Nehemiah CFI And fear Allah ROTC kita has a lot of Muslim on Salah generated that she said O Messenger of Allah I'm a woman with plates with plates her hair closely must I unplayed it with when ritually bathing from major ritual impurity in another wording and from menses replied No, it is enough to fall over. Pour over yourself three handfuls created by Muslim

01:45:59 --> 01:46:25

when I shut down all the Allahu anha and call it all the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Nila Hill Masjid Ali Harold lihat up in Walla Walla who aboda would also have no Hoceima I generated that Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, I do not allow the menstruating woman or the one in major ritual impurity to be in the most the to be in the masjid collected Bible there was an authenticated Bible Hoceima was the exception we said.

01:46:26 --> 01:46:31

Hadith says you're not allowed in the mercy of these people exception being passing through.

01:46:33 --> 01:47:01

And a lovely legal one Hannah call it contour whatever you do, and our sole Allah is Allahu Allah He was a lamb I mean ina in Whitehead doctorly for Idina V human agenda, with DEF CON LA, Xia wa burn whatever she also narrated, I would bait alongside Allah's Messenger SallAllahu Sallam from the same vessel with both our hands alternating in it from major ritual impurity, agreed upon even even been added our hands meeting

01:47:02 --> 01:47:14

or the shows of the proscenium would be with his wives. That's what's hadith is saying, Alright, shorty Alana is saying that you would make also at the same time, both of us drink water from the same vessel.

01:47:15 --> 01:47:40

I sent alone a gun when Ebihara Euro Telavi Allahu Allahu Allah who call Allah Allah so Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam in the Kinesia Allah in general, federal zero shell were uncovered by Shell law Buddha without in many of our alpha, while the while the medina Isha network network, where fee or fee law in mudhole.

01:47:41 --> 01:48:04

Ebola generated Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said there is beneath each hair major ritual impurity, so wash each hand cleanse the skin culture Bible, there was an attempt at both of whom declared it week 100 collects something similar from Asia, but it's chain contains an unknown writer. What does it mean? beneath each her is major ritual impurity. So watch wash each hair cleanses skin

01:48:06 --> 01:48:08

what we take from that what's the principle?

01:48:12 --> 01:48:15

Water has to reach every single part of the body

01:48:18 --> 01:48:26

and each hair there is Genova so you have to make sure the water reaches every single part of the body from the head down.

01:48:27 --> 01:48:33

So you can't miss a place you can't miss certain parts of the body out. Everything has to be washed

01:48:35 --> 01:48:43

as an ally in a calm, Bob, okay, let's take a break inshallah. Tada 10 minutes. Then we'll come on to the next chapter of a table.

01:57:24 --> 01:57:38

me learn from the de la Salado center salam ala Rasulillah, whether it be him and whether I'm bad. So inshallah we're coming on to the next chapter now and we go on to the chapter of a team. So after having spoken about the different types of Sahara

01:57:40 --> 01:58:05

of water with water, so we'll do an apostle for minor major ritual impurity, we now speak about the Buddle the alternate way of making the Hara. In the case of having no water or not being able to use water, either you have no water or you are unable to use water. And

01:58:07 --> 01:58:10

the chapter of a TMM also has a number of guidelines or rules.

01:58:12 --> 01:58:22

The first of them is that the TMO is not a rasa in his Azima. So it also means is a concession as EMA means that it's something that you must do.

01:58:23 --> 01:58:29

It's not a rock solid Zima and that's why you can do it even when resident

01:58:30 --> 01:58:37

right or you can do it once you're traveling. You can do it for example, in illness like just depends on your particular situation.

01:58:38 --> 01:58:47

Number two, and this is a very important principle if you understand this principle, this chapter will become very easy for you Inshallah, according to the madhhab

01:58:48 --> 01:58:57

to young mum is something which makes acts of worship permissible, but doesn't lift the state of ritual impurity.

01:58:59 --> 01:59:04

It makes acts of worship permissible. In Arabic We call this Moby

01:59:06 --> 01:59:06


01:59:08 --> 01:59:11

but it doesn't lift the state of ritual impurity.

01:59:12 --> 01:59:18

And we'll see examples of this as we go through this what was the difference between the two? Who can tell me

01:59:22 --> 01:59:26

what is the difference between making an act of worship permissible as opposed to

01:59:28 --> 01:59:29

ruffle Hadith

01:59:31 --> 01:59:32

lifting history to ritual impurity.

01:59:35 --> 01:59:37

Now it's not a concession it's just the way that we're looking at it.

01:59:39 --> 01:59:44

Is a temporary things a temporary measure. So the Hanabi let's say when do you make the ammo

01:59:46 --> 01:59:52

for Salah just says time for Lord prayer now, Laura is going to come in in one hour proximately right.

01:59:53 --> 01:59:56

When do you make the ammo for the whole? Can you make it now?

01:59:58 --> 01:59:59

Like if you wanted to make well do

02:00:00 --> 02:00:17

More than an hour could you go make Madonna football? Right? No problem, right? No one disagrees. No one differs over that issue. You woke up in the morning, eight o'clock in the morning you made we'll do. You've kept that we'll do all the way to the harasser. You make Salah in that same model, no problem.

02:00:19 --> 02:00:28

The difference between the two is the Hannah Bella say that when it comes to your mum and mum, which is that you can't make although except once the time of the Salah has begun.

02:00:29 --> 02:00:33

This is an issue of difference of opinion, obviously, what is their mum? Does it lift

02:00:34 --> 02:01:09

state of ritual impurity? Or is it as the HANA Bella see movie, it just make something permissible. So it's making something permissible. Once that's done, you must make them home again to make the next thing permissible. So they would see to you that you can't make multiple Salas like for the salons with one term, you must make him a new for every single fourth sunnah. And the author will go into this in more detail so that we understand this right. But if you understand that this is what the Hanabi let's say about that, it's maybe it will make things easy for you.

02:01:10 --> 02:01:16

And obviously, this is an issue of difference of opinion, even in the method, but we're talking about the main position of the madhhab.

02:01:18 --> 02:01:21

Number three, a person who has an injury

02:01:23 --> 02:01:35

in one of their limbs of voodoo, then he must wash it if he can. And if not, then he must wipe over it with wet hands. And if he cannot, then he can make to move.

02:01:37 --> 02:01:38

So if someone has an injury,

02:01:40 --> 02:01:42

and we're not talking here about what

02:01:43 --> 02:02:13

not talking about a cast, because we covered that already muscle often someone has an injury or cut, but they don't have anything on it just open in the on the arm. What is the method center doesn't have a customer's ARM chip, but he has a gash has a big, deep gash. The melt up says that if they can wash that, as they would normally do, that's what they should do. It's not going to harm them. If not, then they will pass wet hands over that place, if that's not going to harm them. And if it is going to harm them, then they make to

02:02:15 --> 02:02:16

number four,

02:02:17 --> 02:02:31

the one who doesn't have access to either of the two things by which to make Bahara. What are the two things that we make the huddle with? Definitely the Sharia. Number one is water. And number two is

02:02:33 --> 02:02:38

Earth. Right. Those are the two things that we make the huddle with, the one who doesn't have either of the two

02:02:39 --> 02:02:41

doesn't have water doesn't have earth

02:02:42 --> 02:02:45

than that person only does the bare minimum

02:02:46 --> 02:03:26

only does the bare minimum. So for example, they only pray the obligatory prayers, the competent level prayers. For example, even in the Salah, they only do the bare minimum of the sutra. They don't do any of the Sooners of Salah they don't read anything extra, they do the bare minimum because they're just trying to fulfill their obligation of surah. But because they're in a state of ritual impurity, they didn't even make to them because they don't even have Earth, this person is in a dire situation. So therefore they do the very least and likewise a person would lead the salah if the people behind him one has to do or someone has trained them, right he wouldn't be the one

02:03:26 --> 02:03:53

needing the Salah and so on and so forth. And the only thing that breaks that person's Salah is if during the salah they were to break or to nullify or one of the notifications was to come. So that person for example passing when before the salah after the surah does it make a difference? No because they have no water they have no earth anyway. But if they did it in the middle of the Salah, we would say no you need to start that Salah again

02:03:57 --> 02:04:15

when it comes to TM mum for minor ritual purification, so you would usually make wudu for TM moment it comes in place of Waldo, then you must also do it in the correct order. And in succession team and Malala as we mentioned this

02:04:17 --> 02:04:20

has to be done in the correct order has to be done in succession

02:04:23 --> 02:04:25

I sent along in econ

02:04:26 --> 02:04:46

at Dr. mubadala Nyla kaha Latina in the IGC and who shall I'm very very fair Eva da la vaca to follow them will be high enough and we're all demand met was the other time and he gets you know oh half obviously I'm early about on my bed any all of you up over he met in more detail on that in their mom.

02:04:48 --> 02:05:00

Their mom is an alternative to purifying water when one is unable to use it in the shower a sense if the time of obligation enters or permissible voluntary times the water cannot

02:05:00 --> 02:05:11

be found, and water cannot be found, or its price is abnormally high, or it is feared from its use harm to one's body, his fellowship or respectable animals, he makes them.

02:05:12 --> 02:05:34

Both are Hamlet the other begins and he says to your mom, is an alternative your common man, it is better. It's an alternative. So what we normally call it, as we said in the principle, we don't call it a concession. But we call it a battle an alternative to purifying water when one isn't able to use it in the shadowy sense, meaning that everything that the

02:05:36 --> 02:05:45

that water would be used for, we can make TM for except for two things, according to the method, except for two things. Number one

02:05:48 --> 02:05:48


02:05:51 --> 02:06:08

washing the hands. In the morning, when you wake up from sleeping at night, remember, we said that that's watchable, according to the madhhab, you don't have to make them for that. Just don't do anything. If you don't have water, you don't have to make them doesn't replace it for that. And number two,

02:06:09 --> 02:06:13

it doesn't remove impurities, other than those that are on the body.

02:06:14 --> 02:06:40

So if a person has impurities on the body, because they don't have access to water them or access to stones, the comic is dismal. The comic is danger, you can make them they won't remove the impurities on clothing, or your comic to him for that. You can't make them for impurities on the ground comic Tim for that. Right. So that's Tony differences between water or using water and using

02:06:41 --> 02:06:42

the earth.

02:06:47 --> 02:06:55

And he says shorter and if you're unable to use it, in the shorter a sense. What does that mean? The shorter is sense.

02:07:01 --> 02:07:08

Yeah, but what does that mean, though? Yeah. What's the shorter I sense? He says, even if you call us water in the shallow sense.

02:07:12 --> 02:07:19

Now, he's referring to an issue here. There's two reasons why you call us water. Number one would be because you don't have

02:07:20 --> 02:07:21


02:07:22 --> 02:07:23

And number two would be

02:07:25 --> 02:07:26

that you have water but

02:07:27 --> 02:07:57

you can't hold on necessarily, but you can't use it, you're unable to use water, it would be harmful to you. So we say the shorter is sense because the person who has water but can't use it also can make their moon like for example, the Hadith of the man who was traveling in a military expedition, what happens to him becomes injured. Then he goes to sleep has a *. wakes up in the morning finds he's in Geneva says to the Companions, this is what's happened, what do I do? What do they say to him?

02:07:58 --> 02:07:59

You have to make awesome,

02:08:01 --> 02:08:07

up to make awesome. So he did so and what happened to him passed away. The process of him hurt he became angry.

02:08:09 --> 02:08:38

Why? Because what he should have done in that state is make them but the Companions they made he had based upon the presence of of water. They had water. So there's the Sharia answers the TM moments for both of those. And that's where he says, What Oh, Sharon. In the Sheree sense, the shadow essence means that you can't use that water sometimes because it's not there sometimes because it is there. But it's just not. You're just not able to use and we'll give examples of this.

02:08:39 --> 02:08:41

He says are hemella to either the

02:08:42 --> 02:08:56

conditions for using TM or making TM is number one for either the holla walk to fourth if the time of obligation enters or will be Hanif alone, or permissible voluntary times are permissible voluntary times.

02:08:57 --> 02:08:59

What does that mean? What's a permissible voluntary time?

02:09:04 --> 02:09:07

Yeah, like for Laura and I saw wouldn't be a permissible laundry time

02:09:08 --> 02:09:17

after us on until mercury and after furjan until sunrise and the time of ZyWall.

02:09:18 --> 02:09:39

So in those times, you're not allowed to just make Neville Neville just an interval, it's not allowed. So this is why we said it's not a raffle harder it is a movie. So he's saying to you, if you can't perform an act of worship with it, you can't make time for it. So if it's not the time of Neville, can you make to your mum to make knuffel? No.

02:09:40 --> 02:09:59

So he's saying either the time of an obligatory prayers and is a lot of time is answered time is motive time, or is the time where you can make Knuffle like for example, preamble lane, someone wants to pay for a young lady, right? That's permissible, voluntary time. So for those things you can make to your mom so long as are the married man

02:10:00 --> 02:10:07

Water cannot be found. That's the first scenario, you have no access to water, water cannot be found.

02:10:10 --> 02:10:10


02:10:20 --> 02:10:21

we're gonna come to that

02:10:23 --> 02:10:30

there is no water, right water cannot be found, or its price is abnormally high.

02:10:32 --> 02:10:39

So you have no water, you're in the middle of the desert, someone says I have this bottle of water that you can make with or with, that's gonna cost you 1000 pounds.

02:10:41 --> 02:10:56

Or close to 1000 pounds or 100 pounds, or 50 pounds, you would say that is abnormally high, no one pays 100 pounds or a bottle of water. And so therefore, the Sharia says that you don't have to spend that type of money in order to get water.

02:10:58 --> 02:11:11

And that's because for you on a slight, you know, hamdullah, you have that type of wealth and you can do it, you want to err on the side of caution. But the Sharia doesn't make it obligatory upon you to do that, because it's not normal. But abnormally high prices also depends on

02:11:12 --> 02:11:41

on the situation. So for example, when we travel on the motorway, and you stop at a service station, you expect the price of products at the service station to be higher, right. So just because they're charging a pound or two extra that's not abnormally high anymore. Someone that's traveling in the desert would expect to pay a premium for water in the desert, as opposed to in the city. But if it's abnormally high, that's why he says, preserve the other feminie he cathedra

02:11:42 --> 02:11:50

abnormally high then the car says you don't have to make that type of investment or pot with a type of water just to take the waterfall model.

02:11:52 --> 02:11:52


02:11:54 --> 02:11:56

it is feared from its use harm

02:11:57 --> 02:12:33

whether to oneself his fellowship, meaning his fellow travelers, or the respectable animals that he needs that water for. So he can't use water for himself. Number one, because it may harm him, puts water on his body he's sick, he's already unwell, putting water on himself may cause him to increase in his sickness, or he has gashes on his body injuries, putting water on them may make them faster become infested. And so he becomes extremely ill. Right that's one example of a person not being able to use water for themselves on the on the body.

02:12:34 --> 02:12:36

All he says are hemella Tada

02:12:38 --> 02:13:02

he has not enough water. Another example is you only have enough water to drink. And to cook with, you don't have enough water to eat and drink plus to make model. So which one takes preference, your survival, your food and your drink. And the will do you can make to your moment because they will do you have an alternative. But your food and drink you have no alternative or it causes harm to you're off

02:13:03 --> 02:13:39

the roof or you're traveling partners. So you're traveling with five or six people and you're sharing water. There's enough water there for you to drink and eat from Ecuador with. But what's going to happen eventually is that it's going to run out for everyone. Because it's not enough for five or six people. But it's enough for one or two people to make everything with. But eventually it will harm everyone that's traveling together. So if you're part of a caravan, you're part of a convoy of people, when you're traveling with a group, and you have limited supplies, even though you may think it's enough for you. But if it's going to adversely harm others that again, you don't have

02:13:39 --> 02:14:10

to use that water for widow you can make to your mom, or the animals that you're riding with. You need that water for them to drink. You have horses, you have camels, you're using them, donkeys that you're using as you're traveling, for example through the desert or through land. And so obviously you need to give them water to drink. You need to also look after their needs. And he says respectable animals, which means that if they are not respectable animals, then it doesn't count what are not respectable animals. According to the madhhab

02:14:12 --> 02:14:29

dogs and pigs, dogs and pigs that we don't consider to be respectable in the Metalab for all of this he says are Haman Lazzara TMM he can then make to move me forward these conditions are present, then he can make to your moon

02:14:31 --> 02:14:45

center line income woman wotja Dima and your CFI babyletto. Who is the amateur who's on mme? Well, Jerry Oh yeah, we'll see those slahi Wyatt am Malmo Lima yovel, Roma Mourlot, Devon matawa. Leah and we had that in Niles Hall.

02:14:46 --> 02:14:59

Whoever find some water that can be used for partial purification does so then mix them. The injured one washes for another for the uninjured parts and performs them for the parts that the board would harm in the correct order.

02:15:00 --> 02:15:03

And in succession, and in succession for minor ritual impurity,

02:15:04 --> 02:15:41

both on Hamilton and I mentioned the issue of what if you have some water that you can use, but it's not going to be enough for a full, although he says Rahimullah, tada, you use the water that can be used for partial purification, meaning you start with the beginning of your window, you have enough food to wash your face, to wash your mouth and nose to wash your arms. But now when you're going to come to washing your feet, it's not going to be enough. He says, use the water that you have up until the point that you can and then make TM for the rest make to your mum for the rest. And likewise, the injured one, as we said before, in the principle, the injured one washes for the

02:15:41 --> 02:16:19

injured parts and performs TMO for the parts that would harm him. And obviously this is for the one who doesn't have a custom because we already covered the rulings of that before you wipe over the cast. But in terms of this issue, we're talking about people who have injuries that haven't been covered. They're not been placed a custom there's no plaster or anything else on it. It's exposed. As we said, you either wash it if you can wipe over it with wet hands if you're unable to wash it and if not then you make to your mum for it. And he says are Hamlet Tada the two conditions that we already mentioned number one that they must be in the correct order. What is the correct order?

02:16:20 --> 02:16:22

According to the Metalab entire moon

02:16:27 --> 02:17:13

No, the correct order is you wipe over the face first and then the hands that's the correct order. I'll what you will do then wipe over the face, then wipe over the hands Metallian and in succession only for minor ritual impurity. So if you're making TM for also, for major ritual impurity, the method says you don't need to do in order and you don't need to do it in succession. Based upon what we said in wudu, and also in Moodle, we said has to be an order has to be done in succession. But when you came to cancel we didn't say any order, we didn't say has to be done in succession. So likewise to move because it's a burden. It's an alternative to either we'll do a whistle. So when

02:17:13 --> 02:17:27

it's an authentic Fudo we take the conditions of water as much as we can. And when Psalm 20 For Wilson, then we do likewise the same and because the top team and Malala are not the conditions for wasn't therefore, it's also something which isn't needed. Yeah.

02:17:29 --> 02:17:54

Sinhala, Heineken YG Motala BOMA in V La Liga coral Vu I mean roof party he will be della yog Bhutan Obama envy Rodney Walker Robert De Waal of Cardi B della teen Vienna Berlin Kabila for in Nasir Kurata who Allah you are the mm Wyatt am Mahmoud equally had that in well in Nigeria setting the bed and in double row is led to her while I will have all

02:17:55 --> 02:17:59

our oedema up to her by that FEV him am can what

02:18:01 --> 02:18:30

he must search for water in his belongings and clothes buy from his fellow travelers and when guided towards it if no harm ensues as a result, before restoring before resorting to them. If one forgets his ability to search and makes them home, he must repeat it. There are moments for each nullification and for every bodily impurity that cannot be removed without harm, even if resident or its removal cannot take place after lessening as much as possible, and there is no need to repeat.

02:18:32 --> 02:19:03

Those are 100 data analysis when it comes to looking for water. Because we said that there are moments when you're able to use water and one of the reasons why is because you have no water. He says he was searched for water and his belongings and clothes buy from his fellow travelers and when guided towards it if no harm ensues as a result before resorting to the method says that there are four things that a person must do many calls to looking for water scouting for water, number one is that they must wait for the time of the Salah to enter. So they wait for the time of the Salah to enter.

02:19:05 --> 02:19:17

Number two, this is when it becomes widespread, right for you to go and search for water. So the time of service is now entered, you must make an effort to search for water number two, that you must think

02:19:18 --> 02:19:30

that water is close by or you're unsure because you haven't looked and no one knows that more water may be an A may be nearby. However, if you're certain that there is no water nearby,

02:19:31 --> 02:19:59

right because people know that area. They've traveled extensively through it people with you have traveled that path loads of times and they say look for miles and miles. There's no water here. Then the Metalab says you don't have to go and make the effort because people know now. They've told you and they're trustworthy people and you can take it on good authority. But if you don't know there's a possibility of there being water, you're unsure. There's signs that there may be water then the Sharia says or the madhhab says go and look for it. Number three

02:20:00 --> 02:20:15

There's no harm that comes as a result of your searching. Meaning that you're not going to have to enter into a pool of crocodiles, and are going to have to go to a place where there's predatory animals, it's not going to be harmful for you, that you go off and search in that way.

02:20:16 --> 02:20:23

And number four, that the search of the water won't take so long that the time of the Salah will leave.

02:20:24 --> 02:20:40

Right because it'll take you two hours to go get that water like someone knows his water plus, like a two hour trek, they're bringing him back the time of Salah finishes, then the Sharia that the method says, Look, that's not the type of water that you also need to do. However, you make every

02:20:41 --> 02:20:51

every possible step that you can take, that is justifiable you do take in order to find that water. So you ask people,

02:20:52 --> 02:21:04

What you ask people, you you seek advice. If there's a guide. If there's a group of people that are settled in a village and they have water and you can borrow from them or take from them, they're willing to give it to you and so on. Then you do that to the best of your ability.

02:21:06 --> 02:21:09

He says are Hamlet Tada if one forgets his ability to search

02:21:10 --> 02:21:33

and make 10 moon then he must repeat it. Meaning someone just started to pray to him or structure to pray. They didn't even bother to look they didn't bother to ask. Then he says Rahim Allah Tala, he must repeat, meaning you must try to find it. And then repeat the salah. Because now he is the one who has been negligent. He's not doing his due diligence. He's not trying his utmost.

02:21:34 --> 02:22:17

He says what I'm not trying to teach him is for each nullification and for every bodily impurity that cannot be removed without harm. Even if resident audits removal cannot take place, after listening it as much as possible, and there is no need to repeat them is for every Hadith. And for every bodily impurities. As we said, the TMO is used number one because you're in a state of ritual impurity, whether minor or major. And number two, because of the bodily impurities that are on you that you can't clean off because you have no access to water, and no access to some for example, tissue paper, for example, stones, so you can't make this Digi mountain comic is stingy. So these

02:22:17 --> 02:22:19

are the two things for which you make to your mom.

02:22:20 --> 02:22:34

He says even if you're a resident, because it's possible that as a resident you can't use water as a pot as possible that as a resident you're unable to make wudu also you have to make you have to make thermal

02:22:37 --> 02:22:48

or the memories you have audits removal cannot take place. Meaning if for example, you don't have anything that can cleanse the impurity on your bodies, you've been to the bathroom or Chroma Kamala

02:22:49 --> 02:23:04

and now you don't have any water to make this ginger. You don't have anything like tissue paper or rocks or stones with which to make this ditch mount. The madhhab says try to lessen the impurity on your body to the best of your ability.

02:23:05 --> 02:23:08

And then you just pray to Him and pray in that state.

02:23:09 --> 02:23:30

And you don't have to repeat such a surah that Salah is valid for you. So you don't have to go later the next day third day you find what you make also whatever it is, the Sharia law doesn't say or the mother doesn't say you have to call repeat the salah that or you prayed in that state it is valid for that why? Because it is maybe it makes something MOBA makes it valid makes it permissible.

02:23:33 --> 02:23:54

Sinhala he they come in Adam and MA our to Robertson El Faro. Takata. Isla has me Hurley what is it? Do you dizzy What am your ad? What are your say who they are moving in lobby to lobby into holding mobile law who will vote on them you have a uniform bah bah you don't have a euro. Why don't we live within one hour we

02:23:56 --> 02:24:15

if both water and earth are not available, he prays only his obligatory prayers in his current state and does not do more than that what is required and he does not need to repeat it. The Imam is only valid with clean permissible earth that is dusty and does not and has not been changed by another pure substance even if it is upon materials etc.

02:24:16 --> 02:24:52

Both Ramadan Anna says What if you don't have one of the principles that we mentioned if someone doesn't have either of the two doesn't have water doesn't have Earth doesn't have water doesn't have Earth? We say that that person plays in the current state. So the karmic theme the comic although they just pray, but the price that they offer is the bare minimum that would make the sub make the salah valid. So they only do what is watching. So in the meantime inshallah when we come into the book of Surah, we will see what the scholars of the method considered to be the bare minimum in Salah. But for example, if a person is praised and he says Allahu Akbar was going to begin with,

02:24:53 --> 02:24:54

if you're doing the bare minimum

02:24:57 --> 02:24:59

when to begin with Surah, Al Fatiha we spend

02:25:00 --> 02:25:12

Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. Why? Because the DUA obviously after the opening to sing all the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. These are recommendations. And after he finished his Surah Fatiha, what's he going to do?

02:25:14 --> 02:25:20

Allahu Akbar Recor because extra surah is sunnah. And when he goes into court, what's he going to say?

02:25:22 --> 02:26:04

SubhanAllah? Bill Alvin, how many times? Once? Because that's what's watching, do you understand? Stands up send me Allah, even Hamidah Rob burner wallet Alhambra stream to search. So he's doing the bare minimum, the bare minimum in terms of what is required of action of, of speech, and of times multiplications. So he's doing the bare minimum. Why? Because he is in a state of majesta. Right, and he doesn't have anything that can purify him. So he has to pray doesn't have a choice now in that state. And so Allah doesn't hold him to account for its 100 Dinah. But at the same time, he doesn't do more than is necessary because of the state that he is in.

02:26:05 --> 02:26:31

And he doesn't have to repeat that prayer either. The author Hamlet Aradhana speaks about what you can make them when when he says number one, it has to be clean for him of the whole number two MOBA, permissible, can't be stolen, etc. Number three has to have obar must be dust particles that can take from it. Right, this is according to the method has to be something that leaves some type of residue, some type of thing on your on your hands.

02:26:32 --> 02:26:42

And it hasn't been changed by another pure substance. Like what, for example, someone has some sand. And it's been mixed now with what?

02:26:43 --> 02:26:44

Flour, for example,

02:26:45 --> 02:27:05

or something else have a similar thing? If you have flour is diet wise, pure, but it's not the whole? The earth is the whole, the two of you mixed together now can you use it now? Is it the whole anymore, like water, because it's been mixed with a pure substance, it goes from being purifying the whole into being buyer.

02:27:06 --> 02:27:45

And it has to have about according to the method has to have some type of dust particles. So for example, if you had sand, and you mixed it with a bit of water, and it becomes like mud and clay, will it have any particles now? No. Right? Changing changes into different substance. And so therefore, that also wouldn't be invalid according to the map. And then he says what are what are the lived in one hour, even if it is upon materials, meaning that it doesn't have to be on the ground, you have, for example, Dustin, this cloth, it will be sufficient, you have a wall that will be sufficient. So it doesn't have to be from the ground, he says from whatever it is upon. So

02:27:45 --> 02:28:12

wherever that dust is found the earth particle is found. It's okay. It doesn't have to necessarily be from the ground, right? And so based upon that, for example, you could use a wall right according to some of the solids, especially if the wall has had been painted and so on. It's like just Britten's on, like you do in many countries that have bricks and the mortar the bricks on the block still on there. You can use that because that's all earth that is made up of. That's what he's referring to here.

02:28:14 --> 02:28:50

And Allah He may come first well for all the who mess Why would he Why are they here? La qu a What are you why are you so lovely they come before all the homeless who are Gee, why are they here? Cool a what a uniate is diva hottie Maya Mamula woman had that in Ghana just worker that Auntie bhanwar mo Allah to and we had that in nail salon. Well in our head death and No, no, just send an immune visit who and how we're in our human Kapha. We're in our NFL and our Paula Paula Musa levy federal law. We're in our host, Colaba party here for over one hour Phil.

02:28:52 --> 02:29:06

Well, yeah, but they are mobilehome behold, you will continue on with the Lima de m Mamula. Well, we'll do what we'll do Duma in what our fee is for that in lab. What what they are Momo Out here on the bacteriologically mat Yola.

02:29:07 --> 02:29:49

It's obligatory components are to wipe the face and hands to the risks, the intention must be present to allow what the dam is being performed for, of nullification or impurity. Similarly, the correct order and succession are obligatory for minor ritual impurity, if He intends it for one nullification or impurity, it is not valid for another. If he intends both, then it is sufficient. If he intended for a voluntary act or makes a general intention, it is not valid for compulsory one, and if He intends the latter, he can pray both during the that time period. The Imam is nullified once the time ends or nullification occurs of all Forte's found, even if during the prayer but not

02:29:49 --> 02:29:54

after it, to perform them towards the end of the time for the one who is hopeful of finding what is preferred.

02:29:56 --> 02:29:59

The author of Hamlet the other note goes on and he says that the way to perform

02:30:01 --> 02:30:08

In terms of obligations that you must perform, or to wipe the face, right to wipe the face,

02:30:09 --> 02:30:15

and what is excluded from the face. So the difference between will do and to moment wiping over the face would be what?

02:30:17 --> 02:30:20

Sorry, my nose and mouth, and also

02:30:22 --> 02:30:27

one of the beard and so on underneath what we said in terms of although that's also something which you don't have to do.

02:30:28 --> 02:30:39

And so, just over the face, and the hands to the wrists, so, the hands to the wrists, right that is what is obligatory in terms of the

02:30:40 --> 02:31:26

what is what is obligatory in terms of the TMO it says or how much rather the intention must be present to allow what the term is being performed for, of nullification or impurity. So remember, we said that it is Moby. So someone wants to perform the salah, or someone wants to perform TMM because they want to lift off a state of ritual impurity. That's what they must make the intention for, or because of an act of worship for which they will need to take home like salah, like the off one of the two intentions, like we said in woudl, right? Either you're intending the lifting of the impurity, or the act of worship for which the tear mom is obligated for.

02:31:31 --> 02:32:15

And then he says, as we mentioned before, the correct order and succession are obligatory only for minor ritual. In shorthand, we mentioned that just a short while ago, he says are Hymenoptera if He intends it for one magnification or impurity, it is not valid for another, it is not valid for another meaning if He intends to buy it, the widow does account for the awesome. No, doesn't count for the hosel. Right? That's what it means. Because as we said it is Moby now raffia until her death. So it's not something which goes across everything, you're only makes permissible that which you intended it for. So it's not valid for another briefly intense both dinner is sufficient, if He

02:32:15 --> 02:32:50

intends both to the sufficient. So if He intends with it both, then it is something which is sufficient. If he intends it likewise for a voluntary act, or to make all mixes general intention, then there's not valid for a compulsory one. And if He intends the latter, then he can play both during the time period. So someone comes at the time now. Right? And he says for example, after that, I'm going to make a moment intention of praying natural prayer. So he put his nephew in prayer, and then he remembers that he hasn't played Lord Salah yet. Is that TM valid for the salah.

02:32:51 --> 02:33:14

According to the method No, because his intention was only for the Neville, not for the fob. Oh, he just makes a general mintage didn't specify you say the general intention only allows you to perform now if not to perform the form. However, if he performs intense the field then includes both the fourth and the fifth just for that time period.

02:33:15 --> 02:33:28

Until the next formula comes in, in which case he must now make team once again he says Rahim Allah Tala TM is nullified. These are the notifications of TM he says number one when the time ends.

02:33:31 --> 02:33:33

Number one when the time ends,

02:33:34 --> 02:33:38

number two or or nullification. Sorry, number one the time ends.

02:33:40 --> 02:34:19

So, as we said, right, Lord time ends, he must make a new one for us. So time ends, he must make a new one for Maghrib, and so on. There are two exceptions to this, though. Two exceptions to this. Number one is if you want to combine someone's traveling, and they want to combine that one tear mom is enough for both Salas. So therefore, that's an exception to this rule, according to the map. So combining prayers for the traveler, for example, would be allowed, even with tier one. And number two, the second exception is if someone catches the last rocker of Salah to Joomla at the end of the time, of Joomla.

02:34:20 --> 02:34:49

Then the method says he can finish that prayer off, even though the time has elapsed and the time of answer has come in for him he can still pray and finish off that that particular site, those are the only two exceptions that they have concerning the timing issue. Number two, he says a notification occurs just like with although someone passes when someone urinate, someone has something else coming all of these things that break the window likewise break the TMO number three if water is found.

02:34:51 --> 02:34:54

And obviously what that means is it's found and you're able to use it as well.

02:34:56 --> 02:34:59

Right? Because sometimes people have water as we said, but they're unable to use it.

02:35:00 --> 02:35:04

or, for example, someone who.

02:35:05 --> 02:35:09

Yeah, so someone who has water and is able to use it

02:35:12 --> 02:35:13

even if

02:35:14 --> 02:35:15

during the prayer

02:35:18 --> 02:35:19

or not after it.

02:35:21 --> 02:35:23

Pasha now someone makes TMO

02:35:24 --> 02:35:35

and they pray, Allahu Akbar, they're praying. And as they start in the first record, someone comes in he brings loads of water fountain water comes and says, I have water. What is the method say?

02:35:36 --> 02:35:38

Does that press person have to break

02:35:40 --> 02:35:46

their salah, make wudu and pray now, or the fact that they started it's okay.

02:35:48 --> 02:35:51

The method says they have to break the surah

02:35:52 --> 02:35:56

the water that is found during the act of worship,

02:35:57 --> 02:36:00

nullifies the TMO nullifies the Salah.

02:36:01 --> 02:36:04

So therefore they must make wudu and then pray.

02:36:06 --> 02:36:08

What about after the Salah,

02:36:09 --> 02:36:17

so someone prayed with your mum. And then 10 minutes later someone comes and says I have plenty of I find water I find water. What is the method say?

02:36:19 --> 02:36:33

The method says that they don't have to repeat the salah. But the term is now broken. Because they can't use him anymore for anything further they have water now they must now make wudu they must now make will do.

02:36:34 --> 02:36:43

And that's why he says to perform to your mom towards the end of the time for the one who is hopeful of finding water, it is preferred and of the time meaning the preferred time of the solder.

02:36:45 --> 02:37:22

But the last time when there's only it doesn't mean wait right to the end. But the preferred time of the SATA then that is better. So if you can wait. So it's the time of the horse. But there's a likelihood within an hour someone's going to find water someone's going to search so on the method says better for you to wait see what happens with those people as opposed to praying. But if someone does pray, it's okay it's valid. But better for you to wait just in case someone does bring water starts to rain for example. You find what some anything could happen. So it's better for you to delay that Salah just to be sure that there is no water.

02:37:25 --> 02:37:44

Accent Allahu Allah will say for to who and then we use Amelia Boniva. To labia de Hemofarm digit al al sabia bad and as we heard them in Baba yam set wotja Who will be about 20 Elsa RBI will Cafe Hebei la her day are you Hello lol sabia.

02:37:45 --> 02:38:10

Its description is to make the intention. Say Allah's Name. strike the ground once with both hands with fingers spread and and after removing things like rings, even wipes over his face with his palms and his hands and in between his fingers. The description of thermometers number one to make the intention as we've covered number two to say the name of Allah subhanaw taala Bismillah number three to strike the ground once with both hands.

02:38:11 --> 02:38:55

This is the metal hip right and as we will see in the Hadith some narration say that you strike the ground twice, one for the face one for the hands. But what is more authentic or the Hadith reflected in in the more authentic narrations say that he struck your one son Allah article seldom, he says with the hands fingers spread out so not like this, your fingers spread out to make sure that the dust goes in between them as much as possible to strike the ground once then having removed anything that would stop that dust from touching the hands like rings. And then number four to wipe over the face and to wipe over the palms including in between the fingers and that is the table up to the

02:38:55 --> 02:39:04

wrist. So it's not all of the arm. Like in will do what it is only the hands up until the wrist that is what has been referred to

02:39:06 --> 02:39:52

as an Allah hillicon Bible damn mum chapter their mum and Jabby ribbony Abdullah you know the Allahu Allah and Houma and maybe your son Allahu alayhi wa sallam alchol worthley to come Sanlam Europa Hoonah Heddon Kabili No Sir Toby roar be Messinian audacia well during Letelier MSG then Walpa hola for a umount la Julian de la cattle sila to offend us on where they cannot Hadith or V Hadith your whole day in the Muslim world Jewry that was your ala to roba to * Anna bajo la either la Neji Dilma were aniline la mia Allahu and we're in the mud or jewelry that was your ala Tula Bali Allahu La jabbering Abdullah narrated that the prophets alone salaam said I was given five that no one

02:39:52 --> 02:39:59

before me was given by enemies were fearful of me a month before my arrival, and the earth is all a place of prayer and purify

02:40:00 --> 02:40:13

ation so whenever prayer comes upon you pray in the narration of Khalifa and Muslim it's Earth is purifying for us if we do not find water in the narration of Ali enactment, it's Earth is purification for me.

02:40:15 --> 02:40:31

Well I'm mad it near cinnamon while the Allahu Anhu man Hong Kong Bassanio Bethania Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam IV, Jetty V Hajin. For an agenda to accent Lodi come Bethenny, NAB us en la la

02:40:32 --> 02:41:24

burthen in Nairobi, and Lodi by attending nebules Allah Allahu Allah He was LMFT Hajj at in Virginia abotu Vallam edgy Dilma Fatima lava to feed Slade Kemet, Mr. Lava came at a mandala who came at the mandala, the mandala who. Tomato Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Aveda come to the Anika la Farrakhan in America and he can depo Libya de cada to Milan labia de barro that Anwar Haider to Mombasa Hi Shima idly I mean, Wawa hero Cafe wha wha wha here la cafe you are watchable, gorgeous and like they can reward you with death upon either you will love Bali Muslim or VDI at the little body while lobby Cafe Hill. Whenever coffee Hema from my master Habima watch her worker Fe American

02:41:24 --> 02:41:57

yes sir narrated Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent me on an errand and I became sexually impure and could not find water. So I rolled around on the ground just as an animal would. I then returned to the Prophet solos dilemma and told him what happened. He said it would have been sufficient to do this. He then struck his hands on the ground once and then use the left hand to wipe over the right and outside of his hands and his face agreed upon and the wedding is that of Muslim in the wedding of Al Bukhari, he struck his hand on the ground, blew into them, and then wiped His face and hands.

02:41:59 --> 02:41:59


02:42:00 --> 02:42:37

amount of vinyasa while the Allahu Anoma is one of the soul of the sperm, one of the foundations in terms of Hadith of the chapter of Timo and that is because Amar, as he was traveling, he understood that if he's in a state of major ritual impurity of Geneva, needs to use Earth but he didn't know the manner of what he did. So what did he do? He used his inch the hat. He thought, What do I do? How do I use this earth? Now? I didn't understand. So he made clear so what the animals do, what does an animal do when he wants to purify itself was around in the ground? That's what he did. But then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam corrected him. And there was that last wedding well

02:42:37 --> 02:42:47

Buhari that the Hanabi to take in terms of the description because the last wording says he put his hand on the ground, and then he wiped his face and his hands in that order.

02:42:49 --> 02:43:29

As an unloaded gun, well I need neuroma on on the Allahu Anhu man, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah is Allah Allah who I knew he was a lamb at Daya Momo bottle betta and bottle better little wedge, while Roberto linea de en el muro, Falcone? raha hu Donald Courtney you also have immense work work for me to work for, and lo they can also help him at work. Even Omar narrated that Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, they are mom is two strikes, one for the face and one for the hands to the elbows, collected by Adele Courtney and the scholars said, it is authentic as his statement, meaning that it's more authentic as esteemed or we will learn more as opposed to a statement of the Prophet

02:43:29 --> 02:43:45

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And that's why even though this manner is also the reason this description also Narita, as you can see a two strikes of the earth. Many of the scholars took the hadith of Amar because it's in Bukhari and Muslim more authentic and that is a statement of the Prophet salallahu

02:43:47 --> 02:44:06

Salam aleikum wa Annemie hola and I don't know the Allahu Anhu Anna who kala kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Elsa slider you do although almost World War Two is annoying they come outside you do wobble Muslim. We're in what's the difference between who and what who

02:44:07 --> 02:44:09

does Allama or Fatah

02:44:13 --> 02:44:58

one is the action we'll do is action of ablution and Waldo is what you use to make ablution with like the water or like the so here is strictly about the site, the ground the dirt, so it is a sorry to waddle Muslim. I sent Allah Aleikum Asana you do a slightly do waddle Muslim or Illumio he didn't. I shouldn't say Nene for either Wadjet familia Tapi la while you miss a whole bunch Sharada or whole bizarre was no Katan what I can so whatever Donald Courtney Rossella when it didn't really well it did me the you and maybe that the network also had a board generated that Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam said, The earth is ablution of the believer, even if he cannot find water for 10

02:44:58 --> 02:45:00

years. If he does then fine

02:45:00 --> 02:45:11

underwater, let him Fiala and use it to touch his skin collected while bizarre and authenticated payment Katan. But Adele Courtney said it is Marcel at 10 Maybe collected as a narration of a Buddha Buddha and declared it as authentic.

02:45:12 --> 02:45:17

This hadith what does it show? What would you use this hadith for?

02:45:18 --> 02:45:27

The famous Masada we began this chapter with Hadith says the earth is ablution of the believer even if you cannot find water for 10 years

02:45:35 --> 02:45:37

Yeah, but what is the masala feel here

02:45:40 --> 02:45:41

we know that it can be useful for Hara

02:45:42 --> 02:45:47

but what does it show the fact that you can use this the ablution of the believer even if for 10 years

02:45:49 --> 02:45:52

what that what does that make it more similar to in which context

02:46:04 --> 02:46:06

and of the need in

02:46:08 --> 02:46:19

Medellin easy, but what is the masala that we spoke on the principles that we said I said to you at the beginning that this issue if you understand the Hanbali position through this you will understand why they take a lot of their positions what was it

02:46:23 --> 02:46:25

that they consider that to be what

02:46:30 --> 02:46:31

not alternative

02:46:34 --> 02:46:36

simply measure boats on an Arabic

02:46:38 --> 02:46:39

as a temporary measure

02:46:41 --> 02:46:42

will be

02:46:43 --> 02:46:45

make something permissible.

02:46:46 --> 02:46:48

Make something permissible but this hadith what is the show?

02:46:51 --> 02:46:52

Hadith what is the show?

02:46:54 --> 02:47:06

Is it mobi? Or is it lifting the ritual state of impurity? Like if you made will do now? I mean, this is a hypothetical obviously. But if you made will do now and you didn't break it for 10 years, what do you have to repeat although

02:47:08 --> 02:47:32

you'll have to repeat well though, so long as you don't break your will though you don't have to make although again. So if just for the sake of argument someone didn't sleep for 72 hours, someone didn't go to the bathroom 72 hours somebody didn't pass muster, that will always still valid. So here were the prophets enemies making a like for like comparison. What's he comparing you with? Is he comparing you with being something which is mobi? Or something which lifts the state of ritual impurity?

02:47:34 --> 02:47:38

No, he's comparing it to be something which lifts the state of ritual impurity.

02:47:39 --> 02:47:57

And so that's why the other scholars who disagreed with the handling position even in the hungry position, we have a rewire that says that actually, it is like little you don't have to keep making them every so on and so on. But that's not the method position. But this is one of those Hadith that you will see that they use to support the other position.

02:47:59 --> 02:48:38

Sinhala in a con, well, Ana visa you didn't know Cordonnier on the on long run one on holo journal. Julian if he's if I didn't have artists on whether it's a man or a woman, vet AML so I needed a YouTuber. First one layer through my ledger, then film noir. I had a had a woman saw that well, we'll do well. I'm your ad to marathon soon online Sanlam law, why don't you send them over DACA and you can record any levy Lam your aid, or Saba test so not our GS Attica Salah talk, we'll call le han lekin eduroam or Latino or whoever that would want don't necessarily.

02:48:40 --> 02:49:10

I will say your country narrated to men went on a journey, the time for prayer entered upon them and they had no water. So they made their mom with the Clean Earth and prayed. They then found water during the same time period of that prep. One of them repeated his prayer with although and the other did not. When they returned to Allah's Messenger SallAllahu sallam, they mentioned this to him, he said to the one who did not repeat, you attained the Sunnah and your prayer was sufficient. He then said to the other, you have a double reward collector bible they wouldn't say which of the two was better?

02:49:14 --> 02:49:14

Which one?

02:49:18 --> 02:49:19

This is an interesting question.

02:49:21 --> 02:49:23

One obtain the Sunnah.

02:49:24 --> 02:49:25

And one got a double reward.

02:49:26 --> 02:49:31

Which one is better? Which one is the process and and praising first and foremost?

02:49:33 --> 02:49:34

The one who attends the Sunnah.

02:49:35 --> 02:49:38

Because on routines, the Sunnah isn't limited just to double reward.

02:49:40 --> 02:49:53

Right? And so the following of the Sunnah is not measured by that metric of it's just doubled or something. And so he said to him a sub The sooner you follow the sun now, what does that mean? You follow the Sunnah?

02:49:54 --> 02:49:59

It means if I was in your position, I would have done what you did.

02:50:00 --> 02:50:37

Which one is better now. Now if you put it into that term, now it's obviously that is better than the double reward. However, also from the benefits of this hadith is ethical to the prophets of Salaam, that if someone does something with a good intention or noble intention, even though what they did was less virtuous and better than someone else, then you should still be gentle towards them. Manners, there was no malice, they don't try to do a better they're not trying to do any harm. They're just trying to just like just good people and so on. And they use something and they didn't do the best thing in that particular situation. That was someone who, maybe you should have done

02:50:37 --> 02:51:12

something, but you should still be gentle with them. Just to be easy on with a Math Prof something he could have said to him. You didn't follow the Sunnah. That's what it means right? One of you obtain the Sunnah that means that the one didn't obtain the Sunnah. But he didn't say that to him, because he did it from a good place to do with a good intention. Right? And so the Sharia shows us this level of etiquette dealing with people especially like the general people like the general average Muslim, sometimes they do stuff and it's not the Sunnah, but they didn't mean any harm by it didn't do any anything wrong necessarily didn't do haram, just that they didn't do what was better

02:51:12 --> 02:51:24

in that situation, to encourage them to be gentle with them and then to teach them as the prophet Saddam did in this hadith. And the other company then for understood when he said this one follow the Sunnah. He understood what that meant also

02:51:26 --> 02:51:50

as an unloving income, or anybody advance in loving Allah who and whom have been called he has no agenda or in come to Melbourne. Why does I fall on either cannot be logically to deal I had to face me the law he will call for you Geneva via half or any mo De Niro tessen de la who down put Newman Cova while Rafa holebas also have new Jose Manuel Hakim

02:51:52 --> 02:52:10

even ebace commented on Allah statement if you're sick or on a journey, he said, if a person is injured and wounded in Allah's path and then become sexually impure, and fears death if he believes he makes them correct by the company as a statement, and the Prophetic narration while bizarre it was authenticated by when Jose Manuel Hakim

02:52:12 --> 02:52:39

were an ally in LA the Allahu Anhu in Hong Kong in Giza What does in the FSL? Isn't the Sinhala really come in, guess what it does, and the EFF fossa and Dola through the lines Allahu alayhi wa sallam for Mr. Rouhani and Zahal Jabba lava who ignem Raja hope new merger be sent at the present I didn't know where were him. But suddenly they come Hello hope no merge every cent I didn't wear him did.

02:52:40 --> 02:52:49

I didn't aerated one of my forearms fractured so I asked Allah's missin disallows alum, and he commanded me to wipe over the cost collected by the merger with a very weak chain.

02:52:51 --> 02:53:14

Well, and we're under a bit of a delay here on the Allahu Anhu phenological. The lady should should jump out or Tesla in the mechanic fee and yet Hmm, well, yeah, we'll see. But either way he feel cut into my answer to my M. Sally her. Well, yeah, let's see. Let's say you're not just Eddie, or whoever that would be centered in V LIVE, where 50 live on. The

02:53:15 --> 02:53:31

Jebel Abdullah narrated concerning the man who was injured and then bathed, and then died as a result, it was enough for him to perform them. It should have tied a cloth over his injury and wiped over it and wash the rest of his body collected while they're worn with the chain that contains weakness, and incinerators are deferred over.

02:53:33 --> 02:54:10

Well, and evenly I battle all the Allahu Anhu man who called me in Asuna TL, you suddenly have legitimate they are moving in now. So that and we're here to make them normally solidarity local or our hometown, Putney based Nadeem, but if indeed, even Abbas said, it is from the Sunnah, that a man only pray the single prayer with them, then makes them again for the next prayer created by that company with a very weak chain. And this is the evidence that for us by the metal that it is movie, because that's what the statement of even ambassadors saying only one fog point at a time. And so these are the positions of some of the companions, and these are issues you will find amongst the

02:54:10 --> 02:54:16

companions that were differences of opinion. And that is why the meth labs also then different after them as well.

02:54:17 --> 02:54:47

Okay, we have two chapters left in terms of both books. So we have two choices now, or two or three choices in terms of the rest of our day. We can either break now for the lunch and salah, and then resumed maybe around like 215 or so 230. Or we can just carry on and finish. So we go up to the horse and then continue after the heart and we finish whenever we finished because we have like 10 I think also pages left of these notes. So what would you prefer to do?

02:54:50 --> 02:54:52

Break to finish and go home earlier.

02:54:53 --> 02:54:59

Or we come back at 230 and then we do like another hour or two after the hour half whatever it takes and we finish around 430

02:55:02 --> 02:55:03

Who says finish

02:55:05 --> 02:55:06

the democracy and play?

02:55:07 --> 02:55:10

Who says who says who says

02:55:11 --> 02:55:13

was I don't I forgot what

02:55:14 --> 02:55:16

to pray to break and pray you prefer that

02:55:19 --> 02:55:35

us so I think we will we will continue shall Matana will continue for about half an hour and then we'll break for for Salah to load and then inshallah after Lord immediately will continue inshallah for maybe another hour or so and then inshallah we should be done

02:55:37 --> 02:56:02

that's enough Olalekan Burbo is that in Niger Yoji will equally mod energies in several was alert in cut for Illa for had to nuclear for head to nuclear Bhima in the Halima hatin workato Cindy hija where else suddenly were also then call Mr. Martin Hardy gentlemen for in Kennett min. Kelvin I will concede in whatever to Robin Hood on I will never will get

02:56:05 --> 02:56:20

some lady come I will never well gosh nine year old Mahela Malema in their female your bowl for your CFI Musa wake up out of Indiana just had FEMA in the hospital across Latin to the bobbin Nigeria's dead have been Nigeria's

02:56:22 --> 02:57:00

every impurity must be washed seven times if that cleanses or else until it is cleansed with clean water along with rubbing or scratching if needed, and draining and draining each time so that the water is removed. If the impurities from a dog or pig, then clean earth or something similar, like ocean is compulsory, which must cover the area along with water unless it will harm it, in which case the least amount is sufficient for the ground that is impure due to fluids, it is sufficient to wash it so that the impurities removed this chapter the chapter of removing impurities we have a number of principles also. And that is an initial idea. The first principle is in the Sharia

02:57:00 --> 02:57:09

impurities are of three types. Impurities are of three categories. The first is what we call Maha Fef. The lesser impurity

02:57:11 --> 02:57:13

and that is impurity found on the ground

02:57:14 --> 02:57:15

and also

02:57:17 --> 02:57:22

the urine of a male child that has yet to eat solid food

02:57:24 --> 02:57:28

that is considered to be more of the lessor type of an adjuster.

02:57:29 --> 02:57:31

The second category of an adjuster is more Bulava.

02:57:33 --> 02:57:35

It is the strict type of non Jassa

02:57:37 --> 02:57:42

on the major type of majesta and that is the adjuster of the dog and the pig.

02:57:44 --> 02:57:49

And the third category is every other type of impurity and that is called Mater Wasseypur in between.

02:57:52 --> 02:58:02

The second principle is that all major sat are only cleansed with the whole map with purifying water with my own borehole.

02:58:11 --> 02:58:12

Number three

02:58:13 --> 02:58:17

that which intoxicates is haram and niches

02:58:18 --> 02:58:23

like wine is both haram and nudges.

02:58:28 --> 02:58:28

Number four

02:58:31 --> 02:58:37

some that just add some impurities in a small trace amount of given

02:58:39 --> 02:58:41

in non liquid

02:58:42 --> 02:58:46

such as if they fall on the clothing or the body.

02:58:47 --> 02:58:50

And we will speak about Susana Tana is articles to this chapter.

02:58:51 --> 02:59:26

Also Hamlet Allah says every impurity must be watched seven times if that cleanses. So he starts with which of the three categories. I'm gonna just that we said that is the lesser one, the major one and the middle one is starting with the middle one, because that's the one that most likely you're going to come across as the one that is most frequent. Often every impurity must be washed seven time if that cleanses so the mother is the author of those impurities on clothing for example, on bodies and so on, must be washed a minimum of seven times seven times

02:59:27 --> 02:59:34

or ounce until it is cleansed. Meaning if it takes more than seven, then you carry on until it is cleansed.

02:59:35 --> 02:59:38

With clean water mat on the whole as we said

02:59:40 --> 02:59:59

Manhattan workers in the Hydra along with rubbing or scratching if needed. Being if you need to rub that piece of cloth, you need to do something else in order to take out that impurity, then that is something which you must also do and draining each time so that the water is removed. Meaning with every wash

03:00:00 --> 03:00:36

Before you go on to the second wash, what must you do with the water, you must drain it. So for example, if it's a piece of cloth, and you wash it once, can you now wash it the second time? No, because what you're doing is mixing pure water with impure water that's already in the cloud. So it says drain it, then wash it the second time draining than the third time, drain it, and so on, and so forth. And the draining is done in a number of ways in the meth lab. So if it's something which is easy for you to drain by hand, you do so. And if not, then the method will say, for example, if it's something very big and heavy like a rug, then you place upon it a weight that would make the

03:00:36 --> 03:00:41

water command, like there's different ways of draining depending on what it is that is being watched.

03:00:43 --> 03:01:22

He then goes on to the second category, which is the moral lava, the major impurity, he says, if the impurities from a dog or a pig, then clean earth or something similar, like Oceania is compulsory. This is based on the Hadith that we covered yesterday, right, the Prophet said them said, if a dog comes and uses one of your vessels, then wash it seven times, once or in one ration the last or the first one being with Earth. He says he must be earth or something similar, like Krishna, Krishna was the type of leaf that they would grind together. And you would have a property similar to soap you would cleanse. So in our time would be a detergent or soap or something similar, you can use, which

03:01:22 --> 03:01:39

must cover the area along with water unless they will harm it, meaning unless the earth that you're using is going to harm it. Because the material that you have, whatever is is is sensitive. If it is then he says then use the least amount that you can.

03:01:40 --> 03:01:51

So what does it mean, when you watch something with that? How do you watch something with that? To say, now the dogs come mainly to watch the seven times he says the first time is that what does that mean?

03:01:57 --> 03:02:01

It means you mix the first batch of water with some dirt.

03:02:02 --> 03:02:13

And then you're washing it with that, right? So you mix it with it, and then you're washing it or you're placing it on and scrubbing it onto the thing and then washing it off with the water

03:02:17 --> 03:02:41

and for the ground. And so now we come to the MaHA fifth. The third category I'm gonna just set which is the lesser one for the ground that is implored you to fluids or it is sufficient to what it is sufficient to wash that so that impurity is removed. If it is a fluid meaning urine for example, or blood, then it's simply enough for you to wash it away with water until its effects go and that is based on which Hadith

03:02:42 --> 03:02:43

the Hadith of the man who

03:02:44 --> 03:03:06

urinated in the masjid. The Prophet said and didn't say watch it several times. And he said go and take a vessel a water container of water and wash it away. So that is called Maha Fef. But here he says that in order for that to happen, it must be Maya must be in liquid form. So if it's not in liquid form, then we're going to say now you have to be more diligent in terms of washing it off

03:03:08 --> 03:03:09

as an alarm really

03:03:10 --> 03:03:25

well, that the horn will be sham cure in what then can what is the Hala Illa Homra Tintin Kalibo Colombian FC her Wella Yato horo Deunan be hustlin Walla, Hepburn, Tasha, Rebecca, I will see Kenan Sofia yet.

03:03:27 --> 03:03:37

Are you dizzy? Oh, FIBA only Hola, mi la mia coinpot im and Nisha watamu, who are in the coffee among all the Niger setting. Wartsila had your day a bonanza Aloha.

03:03:40 --> 03:03:55

Earth is not cleansed by the sun or wind or rubbing. Or by transformation unless it is wine that transforms itself into vinegar. Or oil is not cleansed by washing, nor is a grain it has mixed with a wave or a knife forged in it.

03:03:56 --> 03:03:58

Automata Allah says that the Earth

03:04:00 --> 03:04:46

is not cleansed. All rubbish comes in that it is not cleansed by the sun. Meaning that just if the heat comes on the ground of the sun that doesn't cleanse, it doesn't purify it just simply by the rays of the sun, or the wind coming and blowing it that doesn't also purify it. So what is the only thing that purifies impurity, as we said at the beginning, mount the whole, using all of these things don't purify What are dealt or rubbing it away, scratching it off. If it is impure, doesn't make it pure, doesn't cleanse it all by transformation. So for example, someone has done have an animal that is nudges. So that's nudges. And then they burn it. So it becomes like ashes and so on.

03:04:46 --> 03:04:59

Just because it's been transformed for its original state to another. You will say that still niches so transformation doesn't cleanse it except for one case, as we mentioned before, and that is wine that transformed itself into vinegar because of

03:05:00 --> 03:05:45

The Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he says likewise, oil is not cleansed by washing. Oil is not cleansed by washing. No is an item such as a green, for example, a seed that is mixed with something that is impure, or a knife that is forged in impurity. So if someone, for example, has green, a green see that they put in the ground, and the way that they water that green is from impurity, they're using impure water or impure substances to make that seed grow. The metal says that that seed then becomes impure as well. Or you have a knife, the knife is placed in the fire. And then what they do is they take it out and they put it into water, right to cool it down

03:05:46 --> 03:05:56

that process. If that water is not just has urine in it, and so on, they would say that that knife has led Jassa in it. That's what he's referring to here.

03:05:57 --> 03:06:33

He says Rahimullah tar that is sufficient. And this is another type of muffin a Jassa the urine of a boy who is not desiring food, it is enough for you to cover it with water, just like you washed away the urine on the ground. It is enough for you to place enough water to cover the area and the clothing for the urine of that boy and you don't have to wash it any more times you don't have to do anything further so long as he's not eating food, solid food yet. Once you eat solid food, then his ruling is like the ruling of every other person. He says I'm not gonna if one is unsure of the exact place of impurity, he washes what he's certain will encompass it shows therefore that it's not about

03:06:33 --> 03:07:06

what you think. But it is about what is what will bring to you certainty. Like the example that we gave yesterday you have the square here is important but you don't know what so you would say if it means that you have to watch the whole thing in order to be certain then watch the whole thing. That's what we're referring to. Right. And so for example, someone goes into a public bathroom, they're wearing a throat the bottom part of their throat touches the ground Miss ledges they don't know which part of the bottom of their throat touch the ground but they know that it was the bottom of the thought we would say rinse the whole of the bottom of that thought right wash all of that

03:07:06 --> 03:07:11

bottom and then you show that you have washed whatever Justin may have been on it

03:07:13 --> 03:07:41

that's an Allahu La calm while your affair I need to see them in. Saudi didn't be Tobin overburden in higher one in PA here. We're an authentic stage Madame Bhima Halle wala Yun juice will add me Yun wala Mal and F seller who's in a to b mode whereby will no manual canula more or two who are many you who are many You mean we're anarcho Rico are here work so he'll work either solo heroin or marijuana who

03:07:42 --> 03:07:53

was he barely him while playing the math our call here. Welcome Well, email will actually well above a looming where our Roku and Ico were called normal scaling nudges.

03:07:55 --> 03:08:12

overlooked is small amounts of blood pass or a mixture of blood and pass on clothing, or the body from a permissible animal. And the trace amounts left after cleansing one oneself with something dry in its place. Humans and animals that don't have circulating blood

03:08:13 --> 03:08:34

that don't have certain blood or not impure when dead, the urine dung and * of permissible livestock as well as the * of humans and their sweat and saliva or pure. Likewise, the saliva of cats and small animals is pure predatory animals and birds larger than cats domesticated donkeys, mules from it, their sweat and saliva in toxicants are impure.

03:08:35 --> 03:09:06

Those are from Matata And that concludes this chapter by mentioning to us the serum that just said the trace amounts of impurity as we mentioned before, right, the trace elements of impurities are what he says or hemella Anna, if it is a small amount of blood or pus or a mixture of blood and person, the clothing or the body from a permissible animal. What's a permissible animal like a sheep? A cow, right, like for example, a camel, so you have a small amount of blood that falls onto your clothing or your body from one of those animals.

03:09:07 --> 03:09:44

Or it is a trace amount that is left after cleansing oneself. As we mentioned before, right after this teach more than the area sometimes has a trace amount of impurities to left that can't be removed except with water. We say that all of that is something which is overlooked by the Sharia. It is overlooked by the Sharia. And this is the card that that we gave right if it is something which is dried, and it is something which is something which is not in liquid sorry, in touching the liquid, because it has its own holdings as we covered when it came to the chapter of water. It's not something which is liquid and it's a small amount that affects a person. Then some of those things

03:09:44 --> 03:10:00

are forgiven and overlooked. It says what Hamlet Tada, humans and animals that don't have circulating blood are not impure when dead. A person who passes away any human that human is not considered to be niches. They're not considered to be impure.

03:10:00 --> 03:10:04

And likewise, animals that don't have circulating blood. Like what?

03:10:06 --> 03:10:07

What doesn't have circulating blood?

03:10:08 --> 03:10:12

flights, usually insects, flies, and

03:10:14 --> 03:10:21

bees, wasps, those types of things, small spiders or spiders in general, those things what does he mean by circulating blood?

03:10:24 --> 03:10:24


03:10:27 --> 03:10:28

What does he mean by that?

03:10:29 --> 03:10:31

What does he mean by so how would you know it has circulating blood?

03:10:34 --> 03:10:48

arteries and stuff? What does he refer to? If you were to structure a cow? What happens? Yeah, the blood gushes forth and flows. But if you were to take an ant, not that I'm condoning this, and to take off its head, what would happen?

03:10:49 --> 03:11:09

Nothing would come out or a very small amount of fluid to come out. That's the difference. That's what we mean by circulating blood circulating blood is that is a heart that pumps things around. And so when it started is going to cash out cash forth. But there are certain insects, that that's not the case for that. Those things are considered to be pile by here doesn't mean that you can eat it by the way.

03:11:10 --> 03:11:17

It's not what we're referring to eat the human that's dead. How are we referring to we're seeing that it is tied in terms of

03:11:18 --> 03:11:37

in terms of whether you have to wash it and so on. That's what we're referring to here. And then he says that during dung and * of permissible livestock, as well as the * of humans in their sweat, and saliva all pure, all pure, the urine and dung are pure of the animals that are permissible livestock. How do we know that?

03:11:39 --> 03:11:40

How do we know that the pure

03:11:43 --> 03:11:44


03:11:47 --> 03:11:59

one of those evidences is that the prophet of Salem allowed people to pray in sheep pens, and then she pens what to sheep do. They have the dung and so on. But there's another Hadith that is even more explicit than that one.

03:12:00 --> 03:12:01


03:12:03 --> 03:12:46

The hadith in which the Prophet some allowed people to drink from camel urine might be shows therefore, that it is something which is far higher. And likewise, when it comes to humans, their *, their sweat, and their saliva. All of these are considered to be pure. So the saliva of a person their sweat, it is something which is pure. And likewise, the saliva of cats and smaller animals is pure, as we mentioned, based on the Hadith of the Prophet of Salem, and what the scholars then said is anything of a similar size to a cat and smaller also takes the same ruling. However predatory animals and birds larger than cats, and domesticated donkeys and mules that come from

03:12:46 --> 03:12:55

those donkeys and their sweat and their saliva and all intoxicants are impure these are all considered to be Naja set.

03:12:56 --> 03:13:09

Okay, I think what we will do now inshallah Tada is we'll break for solidaridad I know we have some time left, but some of you seem like you could do with a sandwich or or like a drink or a cup of tea. So we'll break for approximately half an hour and this draft of the

03:13:11 --> 03:13:14

actual I think there's a dose of total right below

03:13:18 --> 03:13:19

here today, do you know

03:13:21 --> 03:13:41

okay, I didn't consider that if the share has Dustin we'll have to wait until he finishes inshallah Tada. So, maybe what we do just err on the side of caution is we say 230 Inshallah, we come back at 230 and then inshallah we'll finish the remainder of this struggle in fact, if if that's the case, let's just read

03:13:42 --> 03:13:46

these few Hadith right because we don't have long in these actions Okay.

03:13:56 --> 03:13:57

won't finish before law

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