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And over the years and when I went into teaching,

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I realized certain things

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that the youth want to contribute.

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Do you want to matter?

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Do you want to shine?

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Do you want to belong?

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But it is the sadness of our time.

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The ugliness of

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that us who are able and capable and competent and brilliant and give them the opportunity to shine, they are given the opportunity to contribute, and said they are told you are too young. You can't vote till you're 18

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you can't start a business till you're 18 you can't get married till you're 18 go sleep around after 16 but don't commit.

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Don't below you don't marry until you're 18 it is the ugliness of our times.

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what Allah has handled,

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that we come from a religion has a long legacy,

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an age old legacy of letting young individuals brilliant individuals come as individuals, abled individuals to contribute and shine and matter and belong and happen there. In the drive that the mecca where a young

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young child becomes the stone just helper of the Prophet.

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It happened when most, if not all, my a man in his teens is sent as the ambassador of the Seal of prophethood. Go to Medina and open a vase for Islam there. And the goals of Medina flung open to Islam and the Muslims at the effort of this young, brilliant, brilliant Messiah.

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And it was the legacy of this religion that produce men, like how old are machine? You know, subpanel, harlot 14 year old man, 14 year old, he was the general of the biggest army on a

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14 year old.

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And by the time he reads 17, he has earned the title machine, the right the guided, as in the eyes of Allah is with him. By 20 he was the belief of the entire Muslim land

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20 countries in which a 21 year old person isn't allowed to vote. There are countries in which a 21 year old isn't allowed to marry this 21 year old reign over the majority of the globe he used to look at the clouds and tell them cloud go rain wherever you want. Its benefits will come to me as in the whole earth is mine go rain where you want it we'll come back to me.

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And this is the religion that gave us suparna law scholars the life of Muhammad Shafi

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at the age of 17

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at the age of 17, use the gift patwa

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17 years of age and the scholars of right and left us to come to him for guidance and for guidance and instruction.

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This was the religion that gave us shame for Islam. Tamia Rahim Allah Allah

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at the age of 19, module 10 a lot.

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Complete ha ha the cross all the Messiah him

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Islam didn't come to limit at can to build

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a camp to let flourish at camp to allow mankind to reach their true potential.