Mohammad Elshinawy – Allah Knows, So Rest Assured

Mohammad Elshinawy
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I just wish to say that Allah Subhana, Allah tada knows, and we must never forget that Eliza legit knows and knows more than us and knows better than us.

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And that we wouldn't want it any other way. We wouldn't want things in anyone's hands with a lot of cell agendas because he is the best fit and the most perfect

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to manage our affairs and plan for us better than we could plan for ourselves in light of His perfect knowledge. Just one I have a Lazo agenda says to us in the hold on our Lord says to us, and He is the most truthful of speakers mouseflow by me mostly, but in a lobby Neela when you mean below here, the lovely cliche in our name, and sort of the odd one Allah Zilla Genesis. There is no calamity that ever happens except by permission from Allah except by permission from Allah, the mighty and majestic and whomever believes and whoever believes in Allah, He will guide their heart He will guide that person's heart and Allah has full knowledge of all things. You know, the great

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tabea out of Thumma but our human will law he said about this verse that no calamity befalls the earth except by permission from Allah. And whomever believes in Allah, Allah guides their heart. He said, this is the believer. This is the depiction of the believer that we should all

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be identified by and work towards, if we struggle at being defined as such. He says, This is the believer. You mean, belong to the verse says he believes in Allah. And so when a calamity hits, he chooses to believe he renews his fate says no, I believe this is from Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is in his hands, ultimately, and entirely. He believes in Allah He knows from Allah. And so he accepts it from Allah. And so Allah guides, his heart guides, it's hard to be content guides, it's hard to be comfortable with the fact that what hit them wasn't going to miss them and what missed them was never going to hit them. And that nothing will ever strike them except by permission from

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their Lord subhanho wa Taala. That is the greatest treasure that we can come out of this ordeal with to renew our faith with Allah Zilla gem.

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And so, this doesn't mean to be fadeless. Of course, it doesn't mean we're going to ignore all the precautionary measures. But at the same time, we don't want to just be cautious about the threat of our bodies being sick because if our bodies our health, our physical life would be compromised. That would only serve us from this world, which of course is a big deal. But relatively speaking, it is nothing compared to our hearts getting sick, our hearts getting compromised, and suffering us from Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is the most irreparable harm.

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You know, Dr. Sarah Kennedy, the famous contemporary Moroccan scholar, he says we need to make ourselves comfortable with whatever we cannot change, and we have very good reason to because Allah knows subhana wa Tada. He said, we ride planes and we ride boats sometimes.

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And we never know who the pilot is yet. We're comfortable riding those vehicles. We're comfortable riding those ships. He says and so how can we not live comfortable meaning secure?

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When we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the one managing our life. So it's just a matter of renewing our knowledge about a less perfect knowledge renewing our certainty and that women you mean be led here, the caliber whomever believes in Allah truly

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a level guide their heart, and we have to keep listening to Allah listening for the voice of Revelation, reciting the Quran reciting what Allah said about himself, because if we keep listening to the news, we're going to start assuming that they know full well what's happening and but if we are listening to a Lazo agenda, we'll remember that he is the one that knows best he is the one fully in charge. So what I'm trying to say is, it has a lot to do with us and a quarantine of our hearts. Essentially that is extremely important.

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Because to feel like anyone but Allah is in control is devastating, devastating even for our psyche devastating for our our ability to be resilient in the face of challenges. You know, one narration sooner Timothy from one of the tambourine that

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that always touches me it is from sulfonium decylene Rahim Allah He says, Manoj haba mela Khun Mina hourly lsms he had Allah La hawla wala quwata illa Villa You know, sometimes you feel paralyzed by the news although WhatsApp and otherwise and you feel like you can't get up what's to do let me just go find some more news. Maybe something else will reassure me something else can get

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Get me going. It says there is no angel that basically takes off launches from the earth to the heavens without first seeing. There is no mind nor power except by Allah subhana wa Tada. So let that be your chance as well let that be what shatters your lethargy which shatters that feeling of powerlessness that anks that may crawl up on us, there is no mind nor power, except by Allah La hawla wala, who was 11 let that be your motto, let that be your chance, in all your downtimes and all your heavy hearted moments, let that be the key that unlocks your inner peace in the middle of the storm.

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And and be protective of that be protective of what you listen to and how much of it you listen to. And even Rahim Allah, and I'll close with this. He said he was one sick, and a man came to him and said to him, how are you doing today? He said, behave. And if he I feel like I'm all right, I'm healthy. Meaning I'm healthy now. And he said he wanted very high, but they told us or he said you had a fever yesterday. And so I remember I

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got upset at him. And he said to him, either to liquor and Fei Fei Fela to frigidly manaphy when I tell you I'm fine, do not remove me from that state. Don't try to remind me that things are bad. So the protective really of the impressions the the prints the stains, by people's conversations by people's chapter. And what it could have on your heart could have on your spiritual perception could have on your your confidence in Allah, and your certain knowledge or positive knowledge that he knows perfectly well, it's kind of like that. I'll keep it there. It is a very short reminder, but it is a huge assignment.

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To close up the valves to false the information about how the world functions a little bit, tighten them as compared to how much you open the valves, allowing a lot to introduce himself to you over and over again through his words, and through that very important victory, however, therefore, it's a leveler. That is where we have to start but some more important reminders and action items in Sharla. In the coming nights about this challenge at hand, may Allah subhana wa tada

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alleviate us and allow us to show him good from ourselves through this pfitzner through this trial along I mean, does that go off and everyone have a great night's panic along

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