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The speaker gives five advice to the children to help them achieve their goals in life, including practicing the five priority messages of the Quran and learning to be a powerful half of it. They stress the importance of consistency and communication in achieving success. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of learning and practicing to become a people of Islam.

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five pieces of advice I would like to give to you in particular and to all the children out there. Remember the five C's my beloved brothers and sisters while you are in the journey of the Quran. The first is conviction. You know you need to be absolutely convinced that this Quran is from Allah subhanho wa Taala with this conviction, you have to read the Quran with this conviction you have to memorize the Quran. With this conviction with strong belief in Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, you have to master the Quran B isn't Allah Tala. So this is the first C that is conviction that you need to keep in mind. The second C is the commitment you know, as I said, Nothing comes easy on your

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way. So you need to be committed as these guys Masha Allah may Allah bless them have committed themselves to the Quran, with the portion of the Quran on a daily basis with a daily objective and this is nothing this should be the the normal, you know, thing in every Muslims life to be a half of the Quran, this should be a normal thing insha Allah and this is absolutely achievable, if you and I are committed. So that's number two, see commitment. Number three communication. The Quran is all about communication. So you teach others the Quran, the more you teach, the more you will learn, the more you will become more powerful inshallah. So the communication is very, very important when you

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want to basically become a powerful half adore Quran insha Allah number four collaboration find a friend who is already in a similar journey, perhaps whom you think is better than you so that you have a better possibility to actually collaborate and to make your Quran as a better Quran. So when you have a buddy, half is who is in a similar you know, Journey video, you can memorize with each other. Make sure that especially during Ramadan, pray to raka Na Na fill, let him pray the half the half, you have just and you pray the half just you recite the half just during those two now awful. So when you have a buddy with someone, it will really, really help and that is all about

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collaboration. That's number four, see, and number five, which is the most important is the consistency. Always be consistent. We have to be with the Quran, not just in Ramadan, not just after one month of Ramadan but throughout our life until we die because we want to seek guidance, we want to be blessed. We want to be a people who want who want to take the mercy from Allah until we die, so we have to be with the Quran until we die inshallah. So consistency is very, very important. Perhaps some might not be able to memorize one page a day, no problem, even if it's half a page, if it is consistent, continuous, that's beautiful. As the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, he said, the

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most beloved deed to Allah Allah Itza is that which is done continuously, while Allah even if it's little, no problem, but maintain consistency. So number one, guys, conviction number two commitment number three communication number four collaboration and number five, consistency. adopt these five C's Inshallah, through your journey with the Quran, and I'm sure we can see, you know, millions of her fans especially the younger generation in sha Allah, who will take up the message of the Quran with the rest of the world.