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Ahmed Hamed
AI: Summary © The third proof of the existence of God is the belief in the time of need, which is the time of pain. The natural disposition of the human body, the creation of the universe, and the witness to the creation of the universe are all core proof points for the existence of God. Sharia is a means to reflect on the existence of God.
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welcome back to the program. No, your Lord, we we were dealing with a question does not exist. Before the break we were talking about the Imam, Abu hanifa, how he deals with the person with a group of atheists, how intellectually he debated with the group of atheists, once a group comes to Abu hanifa, may Allah have mercy upon him.

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And they wanted to debate with Abu hanifa and Abu hanifa hamdulillah. He was very intelligent, he asked them to come after a day or two, he gives the appointment after a day or two. So this group, they waited, and they comes back, they come back to Abu hanifa and ask this question, what is the proof that God exists? And he says, I was thinking about a ship, which sails by itself stops where it wants to stop,

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delivers the luggage by itself, leaves where it wants to leave by itself.

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And does everything by itself. And surprisingly, there is no captain, there are no workers. By listening this, this group of atheists, they say how unintelligent, this is senseless, it is not acceptable, that the ship in the sea, it comes by itself to the seashore delivers the goods

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and goes by itself without a captain, without any workers, this is not possible.

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So Abu hanifa, he asked them, How do you think then it is possible that the sun, the moon, the stars, the galaxies, this entire creation? This can come by itself?

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So they were intellectually defeated? They were intellectually defeated, because they got the answer, when that when a ship, when a small ship cannot does all these things by itself, then what is the question? What is the question that this whole creation, the heavens in the earth, the sky, the mountains, the trees, that everything all of us can come by ourselves? And that is the reason a rhetorical question,

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rhetorical argument given by Allah subhanaw taala into the tool surah number 52. Item A 35 Allah subhanaw taala says, what they created from nothing, or are they themselves the creators, there are two arguments, intellectual arguments that Allah subhanaw taala he sets forth to the people of reflection, Allah subhanaw taala says what they themselves the, what they created from nothing, number one, what they created from nothing, and we know that we cannot be created out of nothing, we cannot have our existence without nothing.

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Number two argument that Allah subhanaw taala put forth is that are we ourselves the creators, which again, a common logic, common answer would be, we cannot create ourselves. So the third question,

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or the third point that would be left is that Allah subhanho wa Taala is the creator of everything is the creator is the Lord of everything. Therefore,

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this is the first proof that is the intellect and the intellect is the first proof that proves the existence of Almighty God. The second proof of the existence of God is

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the census, the human senses, we the people have inbuilt feeling, which takes us closer to God Almighty, in the time of difficulty, in the time of challenges in the time of pain and problems. We as humans, regardless of who he is, he might be a person who believes in God or who does not believe in God, a person who has got that feeling at the time of problems. At the time, when he is facing a turmoil in his life, he will say oh my god, this is the sensible proof that God exists. For example, if a atheist who denies the existence of God if he travels

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If he flies in the sky, in the aircraft, and the aircraft is about to crash, he would definitely take out these words, oh my god. These are the sensible proofs, which proves that God exists. The third proof that God does exist, is defeater. The third proof that God does exist is our fitrah. Allah subhanahu wa Tada. He reminds us as mentioned in Surah, surah number seven, at number 172. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Remember, remember, when Allah Almighty He gathered the children of Adam, and asked them this question, unless to be Rubicam? Am I not your Lord? Am I not your Creator? And all of them? All of us? The believer or the non believer, the disbeliever, the atheist, the

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agnostic, everyone. We all acknowledged Paulo Bala, yes, oh Lord, You are our Creator. This fitrah this religion, Islam, this belief in Allah Almighty, in the creator in the existence of Allah Almighty is a natural disposition. It is our natural disposition which demands to believe in God in the times of need, we go back to God Almighty. In the times of difficulty we go back to God Almighty and law Almighty says instead of room surah, number 30, at number 30

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that Allah subhanaw taala has given this Deen which is on our nature, our Deen will fitrah this is the natural disposition which demands which proves that God does exist. So the third proof is the belief in the existence of God is in the nature of the human. The fourth proof that we know with regards to the existence of Allah Almighty is the creation

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is the creation. Allah subhanaw taala says, our lomira levina kifaru and SMRT will orb carnotaurus for takahama. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in Surah MBR surah number 21 is number 30. That do the unbelievers not see that the heavens and the earth were joined together and V. The Creator clubbed them into asunder.

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And every living thing Allah Almighty the Creator has created from water, do you still not believe? Allah subhanaw taala he invites the attention of the people who are the great scientists who are very well advanced in this in the science in the technology.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he calls the attention to this ayah in order that they may reflect that they may ponder, so the creation around us and within us proves the existence of God Almighty Allah subhanaw taala he says in Surah Allah Maran surah, number three, at number 190 Allah subhanho wa Taala says, indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of the night and the day, are the signs for people to reflect in the creation of the heavens and the earth, in the alternation of the night and the day are the signs for people to reflect. Allah subhanho wa Taala has created this great creation, in

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order that may reflect upon it so that we may understand and we will never, ever deny the existence of God Almighty. And there are so many signs within us. If we know ourselves, our existence, our creation, then this itself is a proof that God does exist. This is a proof that God does exist, our creation demands a creator and that is Allah Almighty. This is the fourth proof that Allah Almighty He exists the existence of a creator. The fifth proof that we would like to share in this episode is the proof of Sharia is the proof of the revelation that Allah subhanahu wa taala is sent to his messengers to his prophets in order to make people recognize, realize and reflect upon

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the God Almighty.

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They may identify they may understand the the law

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Who is the Creator of the heavens and the earth? Allah Almighty, He says in the Quran

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in surah baqarah surah number two Atma 185 that He has given this poron as a guidance for the people and as a photon as a criterion for people to distinguish between right and wrong. So Allah Almighty, He sends down the prophets and the messengers as Allah subhanaw taala says, In surah, Brahim surah, number 14, is number four, that Allah subhanho wa Taala. He sends down the prophets and the messengers to the people speaking in their own languages. So these prophets, these messengers, who came as representatives of God Almighty, to make people understand that God does exist, to make people know and realize that God does exist. This is also a proof that God does exist.

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The revelation, it came to all the people and Allah subhanho wa Taala. He says in the Quran, in Surah, Rod surah number 13. At number seven, when equally common hard to every people to every nation, we sent a guide, Allah subhanho wa Taala through the revelation from time immemorial, he sends down the message for the people to understand, to reflect, to ponder, to react, so that they may understand and realize the existence of Allah Almighty. My dear brothers and sisters, and the people of the world, who deny the existence of God, reflect before you regret, reflect on your own intellect, before you regret and deny the existence of God. Reflect before you regret, or people who

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deny the existence of God upon your own senses, which demands which proves which calls out God Almighty in the times of need, reflect before you regret. Reflect on your own nature, which demands and which proves the existence of Almighty God, reflect before you regret

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upon the creation around you, which signifies which proves that God does exist, reflect within yourself.

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And you will conclude that God does exist and reflect upon the last and final revelation, the glorious Koran sent for the whole of humanity. The last and final revelation sent for the whole of humanity, reflect, read it, understand it, and you will understand the clear truth that God Almighty does exist. inshallah, in the next episode, we will talk about why and how do we know Allah Almighty Our Lord, till then, keep pondering, and you will understand the reality of the existence of Almighty God of Almighty God was salam o Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Tell me who

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you should be soon.

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And then your shout out to him.

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