Beautiful Dua With Reflectionrecite & Reflect #2

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in this powerful dua, we find actually a key to understand that nothing is more important than guidance. For a believer, the most important deal for him is guidance and that can never ever be compromised. Other things of reflection that we actually get from this is it is Allah who gives guidance, so we don't see guidance from urine there. But we go back to the one who is the provider of guidance, even the prophets, they can guide anyone except with the will of Allah subhanaw taala. So this indeed, it's an reflection point for us that we go back to him also we need to realize our heart, it always goes up and down. And therefore we are asking Allah Yuning Allah, Oh Allah, let not

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our hearts deviate away, after you have given this beautiful gift of guidance. And in it, we also reflect that we have to ask for the Mercy of Allah without which we will be loser. So my beloved brothers and sisters in this powerful dua, the reflection is we seek guidance from Allah and this guidance is not one time but lifetime until we die. And we also ask Allah's Mercy throughout our lives. Even in the era when we want to enter into Jannah we have to get the mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala