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The guest is interviewing a chef at a community event and discusses the confusion surrounding a recent social media post about a black man being a rookie. The chef argues that the post was not a black man and that everyone is going to be the same. The conversation also touches on the use of fatwa in WhatsApp groups and the political and social dynamics surrounding the virus. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a TV show. The conversation also touches on Islam and protecting youth from false and false rumors, as well as educating youth about their rights and proper education.

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Smilla Soleimani Muhammad sallahu wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah he Wabag rubbish orally soldering USMLE Emily Hello Dr. Melissa Annie have only

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been as a denial many occurring

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firstly, I wanted to actually welcome a guest we have a brother ionic in over here somewhere

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right here. So he prayed with us, he's here to see how Muslims are and, and you know, learn a little bit more about I rented the car, you know, we rented the car from him and then he's like, Hey, you're in the man. I need to come to your mosque. Come on down. So he's here, show him some Muslim love. You know, so especially love so you know, you're gonna get a lot of hugs. And if you're a COVID sensitive, you better put a mask on but you know, we, you know, we're gonna still hug so, so he's here he's, you know, very interested in you know, just wanting to swans to explore and see. So Inshallah, this is your place, you can come down anytime, as Uncle Watson was telling you, there's

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other people who come and read Quran to very open, just come on down anytime, feel free to connect Inshallah, like, today, I want to talk about this. This is not a shamanic class today. But it's a very important issue.

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And this is the recent

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events that took place in Houston, Texas, how many of you are aware of that? In Michigan medium? Okay. So the context to that is as follows. There's a very prominent chef, Imam Suhaib Webb, who's supposed to becoming one of the months for us over here in sha Allah in the community. He was giving a lecture and there's one particular young guy online, who a lot of our youth follow. He goes by the name of Daniel Haqiqa. Jew. And you know, he's been saying things right and wrong. That's not what we're here to discuss. That is with Allah subhanaw taala in their own regards, we can talk about that. But we're here to discuss about this this element of

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speaking on the deen when you don't have knowledge.

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And how this has become such a rampant problem in our society. Okay, someone shared I think four days ago, some screenshots of somebody within the community and they're like, Oh, I asked them this. And they said, This is haram.

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Just a text message. You didn't even think about it. Right? For anybody to give fatwa, right? They have to go through the training of the fatwa training is different. Oh, my will do break. That's simple. Like but when it's like a technical issue, like you know, this is a card and my 401k got connected to this and I'm at 65 and all these technical things. Is this halal? And Haram is this, all of that that requires somebody who goes through a classical training of the mindset of a Mufti?

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Okay, many you came to if you remember, you came to me about some question. I said, What did I tell you? I don't know the answer. But I can talk to a Mufti. I can talk to you and then get an answer to you. Right. It's not about knowing everything. But it's about knowing what you don't know.

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It's about knowing your limits, and saying, I don't know. I don't know. And I think two days later, I came back to you and I gave you an answer. And my initial answer, if I had given you would have been completely wrong, right? Because I didn't have that. Then I went and asked the Mufti and he's like, okay, he asked this question and this question and this, and I asked you further clarifications? Can you clarify this? Can you clarify this, can you, then you can come to a conclusion, and then he's like, Okay, this is allowed or not. But today, we're not talking about this. So what happened was he he said to him, if you have an issue with me, why don't you come and

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talk to me directly, and he showed up in the masjid then there was an entire scene, it was all over social media. It was really bad PR for Muslims. You know, but again, in that whole thing, the issue was somebody who should not be speaking on the matters of Diem, or speaking about the scholars.

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I mean, Imam Suhaib Webb is not your like, you know, yeah, he's like, you know, a rookie in the in the game. I was 16 when his Mothers of the Believers CD set was found in shops in Canada. When I was 16, and 17. Like he goes back then, he's been serving the community what like, I saw almost 27 years plus that he was the only non Muslim a new Muslim convert who was appointed in as her to give to us. So there's other has these knows like, you know how you have this one, window one arch two, you can literally go to a window, and you can get and he was the one who was giving fatwas in Arabic language in as her

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that's not a small feat for them to accept somebody like that. So he's not a your average Joe of the park. Right. He's somebody who's well learned you may have differences with him. So what has happened right now? Allah subhanaw taala. He says,

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In the Quran, WA Takuro the man tells me for a sinner to come. And Kariba ha ha

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Well how the Haram don't fabricate and say things that your tongues have fabricated that this is halal and haram. What's the fabrication? The fabrication is that you, you and I, we are not Maltese, right? Basic rebar that sure I can guide you. But when it comes to the matter of if that if you remember ask any of the board members when you were there with me you remember on that Karachi bros meeting. I said, What are you guys going to say? If I tell you that I'm not going to get fat or what did you say? The brothers that he said I would rather have you say that then jeopardize your alcohol.

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And I was very upfront on that right there basically Baghdad shore fatwa is a completely different science, okay? And taking a fatwa and transplanting it somewhere else, or I read this online let me share this on the WhatsApp group. Or there is an opinion I'm going to share an opinion on the WhatsApp group with some you know transcribed fatwa of a questioner that was in a different land his the man is different. His makan is different, his context is different. And the fatwa giver is does not even understand the context you cannot apply the fatwas you find online and then apply it to your society and say, look, look, this brothers doing haram you can't do that. fatwas are not

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transportable, you cannot translate it is given for that individual for that specific situation in that specific country for that specific time. And that's it.

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We cannot bring it here. We cannot transport fatwas. Okay. So Allah says do not say this. The drafter who Allah al Kazim, you want to fabricate lies on Allah subhanaw taala in Medina if the rune Allah Allah Hill Qibla you flee home, if you fabricate on Allah subhanaw taala things you're not going to be successful. There is no success for a person who fabricates things on Allah subhanaw taala and why don't people fabricate

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my own tiny shorty Cydonia just little bit of benefits, so that I don't feel like you know, people are gonna say, oh, what kind of Mussolini Are you? You don't even know the basics of the like, it's like somebody you know, who wears a lab coat of a doctor and hangs a stethoscope and now he starts giving you are this and you have to take this medicine let me prescribe this. Nobody's gonna accept that. Just because you're practicing and religious does not mean that you are going to be qualified to speak on the matters of the dean.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says,

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For Men of Allah mu who is more greater of a transgressor. manifattura Allah Allah He does Eva. Somebody who fabricated on Allah subhanaw taala alive.

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Leo, Leo the Lana Serbia right here, so that you misguide people without elmen Without knowledge in Hola Hola, como Gali. Mein Allah does not guide people who are transgressions of own that is a transgressor Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was sitting

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and he said, Let me tell you some of the signs of our

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Okay, he said,

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Minami Allah Azza referred to me, knowledge will be lifted. People will claim to have knowledge but they won't have knowledge.

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One was all eligible as knowledge rises, ignorance is widespread.

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And Shakti Allah consumer, Abdullah Abu Musa, I was with Abdullah and Abu Musa kala kala Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Albania, USA towards the end of our la Yarraman. There are going to be a time they're going to be days that we're going to witness Yun Zhi Luffy Hill JAL. gehele is going to descend amongst us while you river ofI Hill Elma knowledge is going to be lifted while roofie Hill hemorrhage while Harajuku cattle and people are going to kill a

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lot of killing are going to take place.

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Look at the massacre of the for example, the Rwandan massacre 30 days 1 million people killed with machetes.

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The entire world stood still nobody said anything.

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Why? Because one black person's nose was bigger than the other. You are a Hutu and you're a Tutsi.

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Why? Nobody knows why you're being killed. And another Hadith Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, in a mama that jailed right before the gel comes, listen to this Hadees This is so scary in my mind that jolly right before the jobs or preceding the jobs that the doll is coming and right before that these are the things that are going to happen. seening there are going to be some years of the word singing is different than singing or there's going to be days of real difficulty, but there are going to be some years he died and there is going to be

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lots and lots of deception.

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What seems to be right is wrong and what is wrong seems to be right.

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Well, you can see goofy his sodic

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the truthful one are going to be beleid

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hetron heteronormativity, for example, are what are you talking about? That's the thing of the past.

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Right? That's the thing of the past.

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Right? My, my, my friend the other day he was,

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you know, he's, by the way, he's going to be coming, Inshallah, and I'm Tom, he's confirmed for the Labor Day weekend. So he's going to be with us in for the weekend, for the Friday and the Friday night Halaqa and the Sunday morning cartoons. So, um, Tom is going to be with us. So he was saying that his wife went and picked up a book for penguins, because his daughter was watching, you know, March of the Penguins. So it the penguin says and the book and it's like a National Geographic, nothing to do with political agenda. It says, during the mating season, there are all different types of penguins. every different type of Penguin feels differently. And he's like, What is my what

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is my daughter reading, he's like, some penguins prefer to go with other male penguins, while other female penguins prefer female penguins.

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And this is in your National Geographic book. Now, this is a blatant lie. But provinces that have said you because they will feel sad, you are the truthful one, we have the values you're going to be like your guys are wrong, this is a lie. Well, you will slit dako fee He'll cause him and the one that's fabricating a lie they will be trusted.

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While you're horno fee him I mean, the one you're going to trust that person is going to break your trust. While your demo no v Hill ha in and the one who breaks the trust the dishonest one, everybody's going to trust him. The one we should trust

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is nowhere to be found. And the one we shouldn't trust is everywhere to be found. That is why one of the

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you know, political scientists, he said he said the people who should be running for office are never in office. And the people who shouldn't be running for office, they all hold office positions, ie public public posts and you know, being a mayor or city and all of that.

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While yet Callum ofI here ro ye Allah.

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And this is the this is the main MCSA of this Hadees while you're at the Qalamoun fee here Rawai Allah that during the end right before the general Rawai Billa are going to talk a lot

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further Sahabas they do not even know the word ROI

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for Karla warmer ROI, Diarra surah Allah what a row a villa rasool Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, all Prophets Allah Allah Salim said,

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Allah I'll for ya sit. These are the ones who break the boundaries of Allah

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secretly and openly. They're known as people public eyes, they drink they weaponize their voice, they're constantly breaking boundaries of Allah, either in public or private.

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Yet the Qalamoun fee AnnMarie Lam, they're going to talk about the affairs of people. Public Affairs is quite sacred literature as well as a car literature you should do this we should do this. We should do that.

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Profits are SallAllahu Sallam he said In another Hadith explaining this word ROI Allah. Allah rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you have followed up the resentment towards the end of time you're going to have people that are going to come out Bowman there are going to be a good number of people. The word co means you're going to be from a select segment of the society. Bowman

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does to

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us none. They're very young in their ages. They're immature. Basically. Sofa ha.

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They have really stupid dreams.

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They're so far they're stupid in their minds. And alarm their dreams are just like don't make sense.

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You're all alone. They say

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mean higher your colinas if you listen to them, nobody speaks better than

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they are. Thank you. I was gonna come to that you beat me to it. They are influencers of Instagram. influencers of social media, influencers. People that are talking about Dean about that. The other day I read a post of this this this woman posting something on Instagram saying or one of the rights. One of the YG bat of her husband is

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to provide an answer wajib the way to sustain and provide risk he has to provide sexual pleasure to the wife on a watch you bet. But we make things wajib

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and we make things highlighted and she has no business talking about whatsoever about Chettiar but we've dropped this in there because they're influencers yeah oh no no I'm in Hawaii the only nice they're going to have the best speeches.

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Well, yeah, but our own Al Quran and they're also going to be reciters

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la Yuja with water RT him but the Quran is only going to be there there Haluk

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it will not enter their hearts

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may Allah protect us from that

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young Morocco and I mean al Islam gamma Yom Maru, Osamu Minar lamea they will leave Islam

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at the speed at which the arrow leaves the bone

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Subhan Allah

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for men love to your home

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and if you mind these my fight the if you find these people, you should fight them if you don't give them a chance don't give them opportunities to and if the voice has to be written against such immature people and they're just causing dissent in the community dividing then those are the individuals that you need to to go and talk to them and take them away from those positions they shouldn't be speaking

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and then in another Hadith and this is a very severe Hadees it says prophets of salaam said for a man lucky at home if you meet them ie from the people who have authority within the cities from unlucky a home failure to home

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you kill these people that's not and then he didn't end over there he said for in Butler home indeed they're killing a judo nine de la it's a lot of reward for such people. Right so we are going to be tested with times that are going to be very difficult. This cartel is not you and I by the way.

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Just Just FYI. It's due process. Okay, due process. Okay.

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Roger who I met, and this is a here and so he had Jeremy

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then the last Hadees so you're gonna say Hakuna mean Amati istilah phone promises some said there's going to be

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this dream Allama sofa or we're gonna unite DOMA it's not gonna happen. Promises I'm already said that. Say Hakuna one. I mean Matthias CDF and there is going to be a laugh in my mama while for cotton and OMA is going to be divided.

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He already said that.

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Then he says, Oman you're seen on coal. Okay, who are these people professors and said the people who are going to be dividing the OMA there are going to be people with beautiful speech Mashallah.

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But their actions are going to be horrible.

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Well, yeah, Quran Allah Quran, they are going to be reading Quran they're going to be reciters of the Quran. While your job is doing that Allah it was always without a fee him nothing is going to go past their throats.

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Yeah, Morricone I mean, Dini Moodle, a Samina Ramin ly as your own data I love O P. He, they're going to leave the Dean as if the arrow leaves the dean and they're not going to come back to the dean until if they're given high status and position.

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Home shuttle role Hello.

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There are the wretched and the worst of the people

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tuba glad tidings to the one who fought them or who stops them from making this damage to the OMA. Ya rasool Allah ma CMR home

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provinces Salam Can you tell us what are the some of their signs How do we know if we see them?

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profiter sallam said

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and again, I don't mean this with any offense, but again this is the Hadith and we have to take this as is. And this is a sahih Hadith in Jamia and Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says God is all Allah He was asked massima whom Allah Dally. They shave their beards. Number one

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was Adolphe and he added while you're still ahead to whom salata who they like haha por lo Animas. Toki I'll pray they are reminders of the Quran there there are people who are giving Dawa but for the Salah, they're like yeah, I took him and let's get this done first and let's finish the game first. Let's finish this first. Let's eat like Salah can come. Okay, so you will have their element their interaction with Salah is going to be an element of Hakata you're going to find it a little bit lower than their desires.

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Yeah, do come salata Hoonah Salah to him and provinces Adam said and some of you are going to look at your Salah and you're going to look at their Salas but when they come to pray you're going to be like your Metapod Buddha's I pray very bad compared to this person mashallah, what a great person when he prays Allahu Allah.

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You will look at your Salah as insignificant in front of this person Salam wa CRMO who Marcia was Yama who mousy? I mean you will fast but you will feel like oh no chance and what mashallah, what amazing fasting that he does I am such a horrible person

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that is going to be their sign

00:20:43--> 00:20:51

their sign is going to be abundance of Salah abundance of Kira abundance of CEM in another narration abundance of salaam

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but they're of all are going to be very, very different. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us

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and give us a trophy.

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So what I wanted to say with this was to end that we're going to this influencers thing that you talked about is a real issue because it becomes very difficult for our youth to know who to listen to who to talk to. Anybody with a million followers can say something halal and haram. And they're like, yeah, he has more authority than you who are you to say halal and haram.

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And that's what's happening. It was very sad to see that video where you know, all these youth are surrounded by like a scholar who has been serving for 30 years your Alma, he's a convert to Islam converted at the age of 16. And this is how our Shabaab are going oh, and raising voices and talk to the IRS and are you lost No, he didn't lose.

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He came to stop the harm that this person was doing.

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This person has been speaking about check homers at Manchester yesterday, or the not a person on the face of this earth that is there that he doesn't speak against publicly.

00:22:10--> 00:22:28

So when we see these things, and we have to, you know, raise voice against that, because this is going to affect our community one day too, by the way, this mind like it's gonna come to our community. If we think we are somehow protected, nothing is going to happen to us know we're deceived, it's going to come to us maybe one of our kids is going to be influenced by

00:22:30--> 00:23:08

so we have to be very careful about the online learning right without any structured education for our youth because if there are elements coming from a YouTube channel of an influencer and there's all of these famous ones on UK and stuff and they've made a business out of talking about them and pointing fingers about them but if you were to ask them and I'll give you an example like one of those influencers very top influencer I don't want to mention his name, super top influencer. We were having a conversation and neither than either he said I'm sorry, I don't understand is in the Quran and Arabic. Can you read it in English? I'm like you're, you're serious. Like you're going out

00:23:08--> 00:23:16

there and talking about Yasir qadhi And Omar Solomon and Hamza Yusuf as being like bald and Millennial and misguided and you don't even understand the Quran in Arabic.

00:23:19--> 00:23:31

And the guy has like 500,000 followers on YouTube and he's like daily bread. That's what he does takes a lecture of Yasaka the splits it up and say he's haram here. This is wrong here. His entire aim is in English.

00:23:34--> 00:24:02

Like nor LM at all. So anyhow, may Allah give us the Tofik to practice I thought this was an important topic. And we haven't had a 220 volt reminder for a while. So sometimes, you know, the community needs I've been giving you five volts, nine volts, five volts, nine volts. So people are like, you know, we want those 220 I can crack it up to but like, you know, there's some other headings that I skipped. I was like me, this will be too much. But anyhow, Allah gave us the tofu. There was a request for the for brother GIF here.

00:24:04--> 00:24:05

Daca fields brother he's in

00:24:07--> 00:24:40

the hospital. Transplant Okay, inshallah Allah wa salatu salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam assuming Kathira robotic Lahoma Allah Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamal Baraka alive Rahim Allah libera Mila comida Majeed Alana Martina Phu Sen Kawasaki Honda hieromonk Sokka Antonio Hamada here behind me allometry Madonna watchmen was a Muslim era beloved Amin Aloha Martha Scheffler Shiva Shiva, Shiva La Rosa Kanye Arabella mean oh Allah we asked you to guide every single one of us that is here and give us the hedaya and true path and understanding of our deen we ask You that You make us from those who truly understand your message and connect with you or Allah we ask

00:24:40--> 00:24:57

you for the Schiphol for our brother who was having a liver transplant to Allah give him Shiva Alchemilla and alleviate all the pains and ease for him and make a successful surgery for him we ask you that Allah guides every single one of us to the right path. Aquila already had that was tougher Allah had you wanna come on design was human fossil fuel free no love for him.

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Have you