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Ahmad Saleem
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narrowed the villa in Minnesota and rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish Iraqis everywhere silly Emery. What Hello looked at Emily Sani of a holy Robin as dinar alemannia Corinne

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inshallah we're gonna carry on our discussion hopefully we can today finish

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the sixth chapter which is a sebab Alba I will Riba the things that provoke us from to commit riba or to get into the sin of riba backbiting number six we did last time was so Korea to make mark to have fun, make fun of somebody to mock someone. And then we talked in detail about the effects of Seoul, Korea and mercury. Now a sub Sabirah

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the seventh reason and this is a reason that is actually found specifically in people who happen to be as the as the as the author says that they have to happen to be people who are practicing people. So they are people who adhere to the deen they have some adherence, some lens to them. But when they look at somebody else who doesn't have that degree of semblance to the deen, they don't have that degree. When they look at that person, you have when Isley is like oh, the follow Carta. So you look at that person. So Allah who be Mahara Tila dub, you get really angry that somebody is committing a sin, which is a sin in the eyes of Allah. You get angry about that sin. Allah my ear tackable

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Mancha, you're angry on the person who is committing this sin.

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For Yahuwah Babu. This person he expresses his anger that how could you commit this sin?

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Well, if he ethna Harada, in the middle of this year, Zuko, is smooth. He mentioned the person's name or did you see this person full on Subhan? Allah I'm so angry that this person has committed in such and such sin.

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So he showing anger for the sin of Allah but you also mentioned the person's name.

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Your entire intention was never to do Riba.

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Your intention was to express your anger and dissent that how good anybody disobey Allah subhanaw taala.

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Right. And the example of this that I saw was SubhanAllah.

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You know, there's a scholar in Yemen, very famous scholar heavy Burma. So he was visiting Malaysia.

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And when he was visiting Malaysia,

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the entire crowd had like 2000 people in there. And a group of people they were from Muslims from the LGBTQ community.

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So they came up and they had the audacity to pick up a mic and ask me one or this question that we are from this community, we are openly sinners. 123 And what do you say?

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And at that point, you had to see Habib Omar has reaction, right? He started first praising Allah subhanaw taala then he started talking about sins, and then talked about categories of sin. And but not once did he talk about them?

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I mean, like imagine America you have a guru like i It's it requires a highest level of control that you know, how do you react and you don't get angry, you don't kick that person out. And subhanAllah not once did he mentioned he talked about the shooting out of Allah and how it operates. And these are the boundaries and if somebody crosses the boundaries, Allah's door of acceptance is always open. Our Majelis are always open and accept and this person is a guy who's dressed like a woman lipstick and everything and he has a little bit of beard pony and like it like literally he's dressed like a woman in a modulus. And it's a YouTube clip it's it's phenomenal to see how he

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reacted to that not once condemning him to * this person right, talking in such a loving way

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feeling the hatred for the sin but not for the person but not also exposing that person's not saying the community and the people and stuff not mentioning something like that. So this is one of the reasons why many times we commit Riba is because we are generally upset that somebody has committed a sin. We want to we want to be upset that you are committing the sin but in that process sometimes we crossed the boundary okay Sebulba salmon that eighth reason is has said for you so do al Motobu my youth nearly in Natsu. Well, you reborn home for you. How will Elmo Tarbell hustled kalila dean will alkyl so I'll hazard jealousy and Jealousy is a person he says okay this person is getting

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attention or money or promotion name it whatever you desire and somebody else is getting

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right has and doesn't have a boundary. So how's it gonna be anything new phone

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same type of phone bigger and smaller. Like it could be anything right? A better biryani right it can be anything right you can have hustled into a more chicken on the plate like on Friday night right? Like man Oscars other Alcudia he got more

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and must be struggling by is not serving properly right like you know, so, the person starts thinking like that right. So, whatever it is that fi XR Fuson that you are trying to compete or there is a subtle you got more than me and now you wish that that near ma that Allah has given that person is stripped away from your brother

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that is hesed the definition of it ZyWall near Mati min Africa

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that you want that Nima to be given and on top of that what yeah ba Healy enough see, and it should be given to me

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and be taken away from you and it should be given to me that is how I said, so he says how sad is one of the main reasons why because, for example, he gives an example my use nearly he knows for example, a person has praised the use a good volleyball player, youth, nearly enough people praise Him. Today's volleyball season also is good volleyball example. Right? Somebody plays well, you were born out. Everybody loves a man I want to be on your team. Your team is the best and that who's who's the best team here right now?

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Who's winning the semi finals? Right? Somebody told me

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him Hamza is in for semi finals.

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Semi finals. I know NCIC is also semi finals because that board member from ECAC told me that you know, we're going to beat you guys so I was like, they're out. Okay, he told me today that he's in semi finals.

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No, not one of their some of their players are there. Yeah, they're in semifinals. Yeah. Please beat them.

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Make sure is that of Hamza? Is that is that karma? Karma?

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Is it I'm asking for is I'm not this is a competition. This is a public competition at this stage is set.

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A 10 Halfords a year zeal. So that person what he wants for you. How will l Mahtab. kalila. Dean, over here the author he says something so powerful. He says Why does he do that? Because he has a depletion in his Dean alila team, while alcohol and also alcohol. I use ILA the Nirma Falah, fgdata neocon INLA likability bar, he wants that Nirmal to be removed, but he can't figure out how so he starts doing riba of that person.

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Well, we'll go over here at the heat and you start on dishonouring. That person had uz linear Mata, who until sometimes Nirmal can be removed, or sometimes you only lemon Chani or sometimes now you have achieved because now his status has dropped a little bit alarm during the IG PhD. Okay.

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Well heard them in October he Nursey Aculon. And this is the most wretched person, filthiest person in terms of his apple.

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He doesn't have Apple there. Allah is the One who gave. Why, what best to whom nevsun. And this is the most filthiest in his neffs in his essence. NUS Hola, hola, Sofia. May Allah protect us from being like that? Why? Because Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in in Hadith and Abdullah ibn Umar Radi Allahu Anhu Ile de la la Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam man are you nasty have been Rasulullah Susteren people were sitting in the I said who is the best people are you nasty of the substantia Lacan and who are the best people

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Rasul Allah says cool loom moving move mill Albee do kill the Sani llama

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Rasulullah said Sudoko Listen, the Sahaba said Ya rasool Allah, Sudoku, listen, we understood that the most truthful in his tongue.

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See there is said Siddiq. So I do like it's like super later. So he's like the highest in his end nothing but that the most thing that utters comes out of his mouth is just truth. So much so that he is called the abhorring truthful one, ie the most truthful one, he has so much truth coming out of him. So don't call this an Aradhna for Mama, who will call even Sahaba did not understand the word Muhammad will call this was the first time they heard it, right. So he's rasool Allah says the meaning of word Muhammad will call you can translate it in English, he says, Who what that the he is the one who has Taqwa. May Allah make us from those. He is the one who has Taqwa a naughty as heart

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is pure.

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law if Murphy there is no sin in his heart,

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he's not evil from inside law, if Murphy Wella Bahia and there is no animosity that I want to cross boundaries and hurt this person. When they will. And there is no jealousy. Wala has said and there is no no real animosity and has said there is no jealousy. This is my humble call. These are the best people

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Hola amigos from those, the seven nines. The ninth reason is it her is her rahmati what the sooner the more subtle a hurry and who you're going to the readiness miskeen. So for example, you feel like you want to show mercy and Rama and you say Man, my job is economic town Allah Muhammad.

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When you say whenever I see this person in sin, my heart, you know, inside Subhanallah and it cuts

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so Heba

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to panela

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why because you have now identified the person and the sin and you've attribute it to him in public. Although you did it in not even knowing like the first time when I read this I was like man Subhanallah is the Imams sometimes people come in you know they tell their situation you feel genuinely but to express that with the name of the person like if you say it in general generic that you know there was a person that was really sad about and that's different but he said Subhanallah every time I see facing

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I'd really hurts my heart to see him and that's it.

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Now, you have committed a bigger sin than him

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for he has guru Aruba who so now sorry that next number 10 point number 10 at the Sun no alive will hustle. Point number 10. Kobe Kobe Masak main joking sometimes we're sitting in gatherings and we will say something like well we will say something about a person that we know the crowd is going to laugh

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and then everybody will laugh he's like yeah, it was called the GA arrow SCOTUS match be Martin oneota Leave him you know that present again even smashed properly in volleyball will calculate a volleyball and then all of you the entire team last Oh yeah, release of analyze. So, so true. That guy can't even play volleyball. Right? The problem is none of you have played badminton with me

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over my nose,

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right? So there's no lead by this is just you know, letting you know my ability off the off the chair, inshallah understand.

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He got the point.

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So, sometimes we say that we'll make fun of someone in a gathering of similar type of people, but the whole purpose is, we are stating a fact. And he's okay with it. But we do it in a manner that other people laugh because we are doing or speaking about that person behind their back.

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If we do it in front of him, then it becomes so Korea.

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You're mocking him in front. But if you do it in the back, you did so Creo you did mockery, but then also you added to that

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Subhanallah the sin of libre.

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The next one, hopefully we'll finish these ASVAB there are two more left, I had the Azure

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this is this is basically where you attribute a sin to a person.

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True or False? Irrelevant? Because if it's true, then it's Riba. If it's false, then it's an amoeba you're fabricating effect.

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Right? So you attribute a sin to a person you say so and so he committed this sin.

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But hamdulillah Allah has protected me.

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And in juxtaposition you bring your piety

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that's also a sin

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panel. Like when we read these, these books like alpha to listen for example, you know, these treaties? I mean, I'm just giving you like one, maybe hundreds of it like for example, there are a hadith that are mentioned for example, that Hadees the Hadith that is coming right now next where Prophet sallallahu Sallam he says

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why Lulu the made destruction we for the one you had death will Hadith this person he says a statement he said a hadith

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the Old Hickory Hill on all he wants us the people should laugh.

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But yet because people are he lies in it. Well why you luh ya luh luh ya you low and three times Allah is like me that person have destruction may that person be destroyed me that person be destroyed.

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Now the word whale in the Arabic language comes from the whale is actually what anybody knows what whale is. It's it's a worthy in Jahannam

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it's one of the deepest valleys of Johanna.

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They're double meaning here destruction. But also whale Allahu, that that person is destined to that ye D have Johanna Allah protect us from that

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I number 12 And I end with the Hadees after that

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to a Sania lashup sannyasa Ushiro to be another lady he URI do shahada tiny out and PC in the Kabir Minal que kumara. So for example, you know that this person has MACOM or he you know, he's well respected in somebody's eyes.

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But you can't settle with that. It's not working for you, man like why? Like why this guy has honor but I don't.

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So you go and you share an actual fact about him that he has only shared with you

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in confidence

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but you want brownie points with that person that he has respect in?

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That you go and tell him by the way, did you know that this guy 123 This girl does 123 Because of our cha Wow. Now, you got brownie points with this person, you got some result and you were able to bring that further down in the other person's eyes.

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Panama I enjoy with this hadith and this is Hadees for the reminder for all of us, and what I was telling you for example,

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there is a Kitab called a dot here at a top here a labor mean then acyl lever, okay, it is how do you cleanse ourselves from the defect of

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this ape? Which is the the filth of riba that is on our hearts, there's an entire book on that. This is just one or two points from that book. So in that he mentioned this hadith, and with this word Rasulullah sallallahu.

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Were Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, in a haidakhan.

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Indeed, one of you lay at Colombo, he speaks we can imagine he speaks a statement and of course we were you said something? Yes, no. Yeah. Well, whatever you said a statement

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minerais Guanella he and you said a statement was good statement. You know that Allah is going to be pleased with the statement but you know, you did not attach too much value to this statement.

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But it was a good statement. It was a statement that would have pleased Allah subhanaw taala you said that statement and you stated it but yawning just you know, it's a good statement. I said it and you didn't attach value to him.

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So provinces said I'm says minerais, Diwan Ilahi Maya don't know and Tableau. He never thought this statement is going to do anything for him in life.

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My alguno and Tableau Marbella hot. He never thought the weight of the statement in his mind is so a little compared to what it reached in the eyes of Allah.

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But yet to Willa who be her read lawanna who, with that statement, Allah says, I am pleased with this person.

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But in your eyes, that statement has no value. But you don't know that that statement has made you from the ones whom Allah has Ridwan has descended.

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Ill iomica until you meet on that day, Allah subhanaw taala and Allah they can remember that one sentence you said to the old lady that was walking on the street.

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I was pleased with you on that day. From that day onwards, whatever you did was bonus. You in a single transaction, you accumulated so many good deeds with a single statement

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that everything else was just a bonus for you.

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On that day, and the opposite we now have the accumulator column OB Kalimantan Mensa Tila a person may say something that doesn't please Allah subhanaw taala and same thing you said it it's a passing remark to TC but small thing you just said it and showed us in

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like, you know, I told you this read like one of the brothers in Ramadan he was wearing a gold ring. So we were having Chai outside so I chatted up and no I said you know, brother is this is this gold he's a gal Hamdulillah 24 karat like mashallah

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you know, you know, the men you know, Allah will make it haram for them to wear gold on the day of judgment if we wear gold in this dunya

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It's okay, I'll very similar in Jana.

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Like that's not the point of the Hadith, right? That's not the point of these videos where it's a sin it's a major sin in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala like in Islamic theory we're gonna get to Indiana. Islam allows little bit later but since so sometimes we may do those little bit sins and we might get shorter says just small, little killer How about we Kelly Martin min Satilla Heemeyer Don Juan Tableau comma Bella card. You did not know that this is going to be waiting it will weigh so heavy on your scale on the Day of Judgment in a negative cell. But you have to be Allahu Allah ye we have Sacaton Allah writes that you can never please me now. Because of that wants to

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Hector you Oh my god.

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Who, until you meet Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah tells you that statement. And with that, this basic concept, which I know most of you are going to have, eventually students that are going to go to university or they're already going to university.

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Our dealing with Allah subhanaw taala is, it's transactional, but it's not, but it's not binary. It's not one equal one.

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It's not finite, like, if I give you one, he gives us one.

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Right? You can give him one and he can give you

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You can give him negative one, and he can give you negative 20,000.

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It's all based on what our intention

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it's all based on intention. That is why that's you know that that story is so powerful. That is a reminder that that that woman that was a prostitute that came in fed water, give water to the dog, even an ATM, he mentioned in the explanation on that.

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It's either imminent claim or even Kodama, I don't remember exactly. But one of the two scholars, they mentioned in the explanation of this, like as a reminder, he said, they said, they say that I searched all the books,

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and every island, and I asked them to do we have any Hadees? Whether it is so here are the rave that talks about this woman ever repenting from her sin,

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of prostitution?

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And I always got an answer that we don't have any evidence of that. He said, then what we take from this is that in that single transaction of giving water, the intention that she had, she accumulated so many good deeds, that it was humanly impossible for her

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to commit that many bad deeds in the eyes of Allah.

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And Allah forgive her sins.

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That one day, why because in Al Hasan that you'd have to say here

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good deeds, wipe away your bad deeds, but she accumulated so many that whatever she had her good deeds surmounted so much that it was impossible for her as opposite to that in the same hadith is what a lovely hubba tat Allah the one that can confiscated the cat. She used to pray fast tahajjud everything

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but all she did is a sin that you and I just didn't give water to forgot to give water to the cat

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didn't take care of the cat. Animal Well, welfare. Right? She is in the lowest descent of hellfire because of that cat.

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Because of that intention, and the lack of Rama in our heart

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that we never know which actions of ours can put us in a descend May Allah protect us and give us though field to practice Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam to see me Seaman Kathira are very Kilda Hamada Mohammed, Mohammed Omar Abdullah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Mina comida Majeed Allahumma it and of course Anna Taqwa was a Kia antihero, Monza and totally yo Mala Hi Robin Alameen Allah who met Helen and Jana Toby lady. Aloha my twin engine Natalia lady is AB hola hola. Hirokazu. Banana NIFA what else INETA nominal, Kevin. What else? INETA nominal, Reba. Hola. hamata here Alsina dynamin cool Atlas. Yeah, but I mean, hola Houma in Ness,

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Luca enough sends a Kia or Calvin Salema hola Houma in Lucca, Calvin. Salema Allahumma Hinako lubaina Allahu Mata Hinako Lovina y. Now we also do Aruna Iman on our pseudo Rana will Eman one la Kulu vana be Mohamed Mohamed Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Who Magellan nominated by Dean Allahu Magellan. I mean in my Deen was certainly Lahoma to Allah hidey hole to him Muhammad Ali. He was so happy to hear

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that LA Baraka Lafayette li

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