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Ahmad Saleem
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In congruence between your external representation and an internal state, that's when f Nipah. And we spoke in detail if you remember in Ramadan over 22 sessions we did in Ramadan about the NIF off and the disease and how bad it is, and the entire can we did an entire session on that. So if you were to understand that it's in the net summary, you have solute, which is the external representation, and you have a flock which is Amahl botany and what we're trying to do our best is to have number one congruence. So what we are from inside or what we are at outside, we represent only that which is inside of us. So that you know one of the Alama they said, Why do you should you

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represent the true state of who you are?

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Because if you're good,

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people will pray for you, for your goodness.

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Wayne Assa. If a person has a evil state of Slowpoke, they will rectify you, they will tell you how to fix yourself. But if you hide those deformities inside, then it becomes very difficult for us and the society to form. So that's the first part second part.

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So you have the docket and you have the hostage. If you if we analyze the Quran, we realize that Allah subhanaw taala has sunnah he has ways of how he governs the world, one of the Sooners that becomes very evident for us or one of the Maxim's that becomes very evident for anybody who actually studies the Quran is that a dahil, you, astrologer highridge whatever is in your inside is going to eventually affect your outside. Even if you present a fake identity, eventually the truth will come out.

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Well, Hari Ji you assert I'll darken and your external also has an impact on your internal

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and for us to be able to understand that I will present a few few verses so that we can understand this that my salah and when I come and pray, it's an external act.

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It also has an impact on my dokkan but if my dolphin is not in the right place, I will not get the tofield to come and pray. So it's like it's a catch 22 like you both you need to fix both. Now if you read some of the verses that Allah subhanaw taala has talked about, for example, Allah subhanaw taala says Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, Aurora a lezzy UCAS zebu be the mean.

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Is it doctrinal courage.

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Did you see the one who denies the Day of Recompense? Or the day of Dean or judgment?

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Is it darken the hill?

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Yeah, now or at least come on. You're out of out of all the people you should? It's our item Jasmine. Sorry, about eight at any rate, I need another data and other data

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occulta did you use your Apple did you think about the GGC this phenomena? Allah wants you to observe this? And let's see you can see within the one who can zebu who denies or who belies a dean that day of judgment

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what's what does he do? What's after that? Alright, I love you because they will within for that he can levy adorable Yeah, Team external. Well, I have to allow time and heat. He does not want to give to the team. He prevents people from having

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all I heard dial up I'm in miskeen

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I'm losing my fuck. All right, tell me you can keep up with the facade. You can let the other old get him? Well, I have to allow time and Miskin for why you do little mousseline and Lavina, home and sadati himself own. Because you deny that day of judgment, you don't really believe that you're going to stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala who delay or Salas, you pray for others. All of these external evils that Allah talks about in that entire sutra. All are permeating with an internal defect.

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A Dean and that denial of Dean in the heart. Okay, similarly, Allah subhanaw taala lays for us. Many verses, total of six verses in the Quran that I have come across.

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If we get a chance, we'll go through all of them, where Allah subhanaw taala talks about how the external impacted the internal even if the person was good. His external bad deeds eventually led him to Okafor.

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And we're going to talk about a few of those.

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So, external impacting Can anybody think of the worse before I start telling versus think of or worse or Allah subhanaw taala talks about

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it's, it's

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It is sort of a habit another verse

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it's towards the end

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where law talks about something and they think they're doing something really good

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Pharaoh Pharaoh did what

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okay yeah but we're talking about how did external armor of a person impact their internal state of iman

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or their state of o'clock for example Allah Samantha says get

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run out Allah pulumi him what's after that

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come on guys

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yes no come on

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Bella Rana Allah Colombian bamaca no

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Yuxi Boone their actual the things they did with their hands and their limbs that led them to have their hearts rusted your external environment the way you operated externally led them to have a rusted heart.

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So, you see how your external effects your internal similarly Allah subhanaw taala says in sorry not prophesy centum said in a hadith and we say this all the time in the football in a salata then her Anil fascia he will Moon curry well barley, Salah external prevents you from all of the evils of your you know, fascia and munkar because once you have fascia in your heart, it's going to be represented outside. So your Salah becomes a preventative source of that. Then you have other verses what ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says Balaam and cassava say what I had thought be healthy at woohoo, Subhan Allah, Allah says,

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Verily the one Kesava you attend again, you earn your limbs, your physical limbs, your eyes, your ears, were involved in this process. Bellarmine Kesava you attend?

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Well, a helper to be healthy at all, that he got so involved in that sin, that it just surrounded him and encompassed him.

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Over here the aroma they said that the word how to be healthy or to who means that that person he became muddiman and Marcia,

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he became addicted to sin.

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So much so that a habit to be healthy to who that he becomes literally like he is a Muslim but internal state of a Catholic

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May Allah protect us from that?

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A health let's be healthy a to HuFa Allah Iike us have or not, these are the people of fire, whom fee ha ha detune they're going to remain in that Hellfire forever. Over here, the showerhead, the focus is mon Casa se attend your notice how Allah Zane, you just earned one evil deed, say he attend did one mistake then you did another, then you did another and this the word say you attend that fat ha the tooth and mean that you see is an illusion that the person when it's alluding to the fact Allah subhanaw taala is eluding the Arabic language that when that person committed that sin, if dakara had to heal Marcia, he looked down upon the sin and he said, it's just a sin.

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So he had done it's just this is just a sin, just one

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that leads you to another and another and another and another. Right Subhanallah and that is why as you know,

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some of the sulfasalazine they were so they used to say that

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another auto to read law.

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That if you look at something or someone with contentment and pleasure, and that person is involved in a state of Massiah di Butoh and Malasana center, it destroys your one year's worth of emotion in a beta. Why is that? Because you at this point, that's your first beginning you saw someone in a sin and he like

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let him do it.

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But you were really your content. I mean, you couldn't stop it. But you felt content that caller said okay,

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he can do it. That could destroy a person's one year of good deeds. Now there are two Rila right

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now Allah protect us.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says in the early parts of Surah Al Baqarah thing it's like I in number seven or

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khatam Allahu Allah.

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coleauxv him while seminary him why the other Saudi Henry shower? Well at home either when I leave or the one at home I that wouldn't have been what happens when a person consistently persistently commits sin, that Allah subhanaw taala conceals that person's heart completely hot time. A lot of people over here, the ones who you know, they want to blame Allah subhanaw taala now with the villa or somebody else for their mistakes, they will say what? No my fault Allah is the One who will lead the Hatha Maga kalbi, he is the one who conceals my heart. Over here we understand this concept. Your external Omna will lead you to have your heart sealed.

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It's not that Allah over here Hashem Allah is majaz and that you know, your Amal were so wretched and evil that eventually Allah subhanaw taala placed

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a lock on that because of this Amil of yours.

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Now and when you say the word hum, layered hula hula che and voila, Raju che ah, no no see high no good deed no iunknown Every and nothing enters that person's heart and whatever he's in and all the fields nothing exists that hard.

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And how does that person free himself from that state? He frees himself from that state by stopping these, the hydrogeochemical the external that he was involved in the minute he stops that Allah subhanaw taala lifts that seal and that's how you understand this is hot I'm Allahu Allah colluvial him Allah summery him while the other Saudi English our well at home of either Abu Haleem then Allah subhanaw taala says In other words, don't Mecca now. Tell levena Assa also.

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Allah says, Allah cartiva actually means this this thing this this heel of yours this is called active and active basically an Atiba which is generally translated as what no do

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not he'll, RTB in the Quran or English What is it translated as?

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No hottie but for example, in Tibetan Lavina, the end of those people, the punishment, the consequence,

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the majaz this the imagery of why is it related to your octave? Is that when you commit a scene, when you commit a crime, and when you're leaving that scene, the last thing that leaves is your job. So Atiba is the punishment. Olivia. People are tieback. That follows your Atiba that follows your rocket. And that's why it's called Atiba write the punishment IE, this is not something Allah sent. It is the consequence of you entering a sin, sin and leaving that sin and since you left that sin Alethea people had the hill Marcia that that follows that is the RTL, it is the punishment and that's why a punishment that is followed by a sin is called Aktiva. In specific, if it's a

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punishment without a sin, that's something else that's carifta or there's different names for it. But Atiba is when Allah so Allah is like, so Makana activator Latina Assa su Uncas WB I Atilla

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the punishment or the end of the people who were Assa or Sue, they were constantly involved in one evil deed after the other one evil deed after the other. What happened eventually, and because there will be IR Tila, their sins led them to do complete denial of the verses of philosophy, they became tougher.

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And that is why sometimes you see that, right, I told you, the friend of you know, he was a friend of mine, who all the phone apps that you guys use. The text of the Quran that you use, was written by a friend of mine who is no longer Muslim.

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Everybody today is getting the Agile for using he's the one who wrote the source code and stuff back 1516 years ago, when everybody was trying to look for Word documents of Quran to be able to do in the PowerPoints and stuff. He wrote the source code for that.

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And today, he has a YouTube channel of like, I don't know how many hundreds of 1000s of followers as like your friendly ex Muslim or something like that, or whatever he calls himself, like, And subhanAllah.

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When a lot of people ask what happens.

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The real Emma they talk about this, that this is specifically refers to a person that many times we see a person for the longest period of time, and we see them as a pious person. We see them with all the traits of a good person in a channel, all of a sudden,

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something happens. The switch flips in you're like what happened. And that's where the FCM officer when they talk about this is that you

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These are Ahmed al Assyria, that usually people they had secret things that they used to do behind the doors.

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And they would not be shy of a loss of Hannah with Allah but they would shy of people

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and they would hide those things from others. And these are the people Subhan Allah, may Allah protect us that we stay, you know, that's why Allah Allah subhanaw taala says that you adapt sin ILAHA that you're the one who you are doing Mercy of Allah, what Dr. Joe lumen lumen and NAS and you you shy away from people like you're the one who's committing sins in the hope of Allah and your worry is what if people will say you Subhan Allah.

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So Makana Atiba Lavina Atiba. levena acetyl Su and the end of those people who followed who followed one evil after the other Uncas double will be IR tila. They ended up ended up denying the Ayat of Allah, while Ken will be highest as the own. The reality was they would hear the verses of Allah subhanaw taala but their actions depicted mockery of those verses.

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Yeah, it's okay. It's Ayat of Allah, but their actions are completely opposite of that.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says in the next

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and this is where Surah Tilka have held noona Bo Campbell, Serena Amala. Shall I not tell you those people who are their most wretched of who have the most wretched of actions, or the ones who are absolute losers in their actions? accetti and Milea their armor are of no worthy no worth worthless?

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And Levine Allah Allah Sir, are you home Phil hieratic? Dunya so in this life they work really hard. So are you him sir? Well, they've worked they put an effort

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but all of that effort less Are you whom it went with became worthless and in vain? It it amassed to nothing.

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And the sad reality was while home yes have on and they were thinking a new home you're seen on so now, what a great thing I'm creating what a great home alarm doing.

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So all of these things, these verses are a clear depiction of two things for us. That certain things your your darkened, whatever you're inside has a direct effect on your outside and your outside your environment has a direct effect on you.

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So your physical actions that you do when you come for Salah it has a direct impact on your iman directly. But what you do in terms of your consciousness and Dupois while you are in the Salah,

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that also has a direct effect on your esteem Radhiya how long you're going to do this good deeds. That was some of the set of slides I think they used to see that the difference between our ADA and the Rebbe of the solar facade heen was that

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Eva did tuna either.

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So our our worships our habits,

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our worships our habits, but the difference for them as for the sulfasalazine

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and EBA to now Radha, that to whom Mary bada

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their habit is to worship

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our worship has become a habit but their habit was to worship I eat there's lot more consciousness there. And if we're able to balance these two were our habits becomes filled with piety. But then our habit becomes very bad the eye our consciousness our dark will become so aware and we become so aware of Allah subhanaw taala then that has a huge impact on us inshallah.

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Inshallah, with with this will start Inshallah, from from next week, we'll start our first o'clock. Again, one of the reasons I take time on deductions is because introduction is what lays the foundation for what's to come. And if we jump into the topic without understanding where I'm coming from and the premise, then obviously, that is, that is of

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the benefit reduces. The second question that came to me for last week, and I'll end with this.

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This was about

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I think, last week, or the week before I was wearing a hat, which had the picture of the novoline of Prophet sallallahu sallam, those of you that don't know Marlene sandela, right, it has different names for it is the sandals Mobarak of Nabi SallAllahu, alayhi wasallam.

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And the objection that the brother had is where's this from the Sunnah. And why do we why are we wearing this? So I told him, I said I will address it publicly. So that everybody

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benefits. So, first and foremost,

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what is the significance of this knowledge? Somebody can tell me what why why the image of Nalin is so important for us?

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A we already have a physical sample of profit systems in the URL that are found in Turkey Museum. We're not one we have actually four or five different copies of them. So we know the exact how it was.

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But what's why so significance?

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It's very common in Turkey, very common in Jordan, very common in Yemen, very common in parts of Pakistan, parts of India,

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very common in parts of Saudi, if you go to the states, if you go to the city of ISI, if you go to certain parts of Jeddah, certain, like almost like seven, eight neighborhoods of Jeddah, everyone has nataline Why such a significance?

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It has to do with

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he was asked not to remove his name. So, the reason was that when Allah subhanaw taala spoke to Musa Ali salaam What did Allah Spano Tata tell him was highly Salam Ba La na Lake, take off his sandals

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and it is by the consensus of all the scholars that Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam Kahane at he he was wearing those sandals and he went all the way to Sidra, Telemundo.

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So from there, then the Isle of Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam ascended above the entire creation of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So, when you when when some of the people they put that

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that topi or wherever, that is out of that respect that you know, this was the MACOM of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that when Allah was talking to Musa they said I'm in the earth by a tree Allah is like you're in my presence, take off your sandals.

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But you can tell that to his he didn't tell that to His Habib and this is from the Fatah L of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is from the five sciences we always talk about. There is a Fatah al of Nabi Salam. And also Hassan is by the way, there is a new book that came out on Hassan is in English by the Horizonte publication, he got released yesterday.

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The same publication that did the Shama in the published in unsuited, you know, the Jalaluddin, you know, Cyril Gela. Lane. There are two general answers there, right. Dilaudid in and Mahalia Angela Dena cod, there are two jelas there. That's why it's called Jala. Lane. Gelato Dena su T. One of those Joel's he wrote a book on Hussites, which was translated and it was released on Amazon yesterday, I ordered, I ordered my coffee. So you guys should order yours too, because people were like words in English. This is a very good book in English and Sharla for you. So that is the significance of those Neha, there is no better here. It is the reverence of Prophet sallallahu

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sallam, and the artifacts of Prophet sallallahu sallam. And if somebody does that, out of out of reverence and revering prophets or Salam, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and somebody feels that they don't want to do it. Mashallah, there's like, you know, we should not divide the community on these little things. There's much bigger topics to discuss, Inshallah, if anybody has any questions about what we talked about today. Feel free. Otherwise, if you have to leave, please. Yes.

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If you have to leave, feel free to leave. And do you want me to mention about you?

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Okay, so Brother, brother Suraj, those of you that don't know, brother Suraj, by now they should Insha Allah, whether she's, you know, he's the chairman of the board, he is going to be accessible to the communities, any concerns and comments or something. So on Tuesdays, after our class, he will be sitting in the masjid and Tillandsia. So if anybody has any questions, any concerns bring him up directly, he wants to hear directly rather than us having beautiful parking lock talks, you have a person that can you know, you can talk to him, he will address it, he will send a meeting to the board and it'll be addressed in the right channel. And this way, there's a lot more layers that can

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come into community and Charlaine really appreciate you doing that, because that's what we need, we need to be able to have accessibility where you know, issues can be addressed rather than fester. So really appreciate that inshallah. Yes, your question Where do you go? Your your

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mind behind

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Excellent. And that's why you then the beginning of the lecture, okay. So we talked about that. So, so you can have disease in your heart.

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And if your your heart is diseased, and here's how you want to look at it. So if your heart if a person's heart is diseased,

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you know, my shift used to say that your heart is a transfer function. Everybody knows the transfer function. Like we put x in x, y comes out, or do you want me to give Okay, your heart is a mirror to a better example. It's like everybody gets it. Your heart is a mirror

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and it is meant to pass through the divine light. Okay, so if the me

00:25:00 --> 00:25:18

is absolutely perfect with no concavity and no convexity, the light will pass right through straight and it will, it will have the absolute effect that it needs to have. But when the heart has convexity is and can cavities, the light is right.

00:25:19 --> 00:25:25

When went and hits the heart, because of the defects and the deformities in the heart, it doesn't have that same effect.

00:25:26 --> 00:25:35

And that's why rectification of the heart is a completely different science as we focus on our model o'clock and stuff, we focus on these things.

00:25:36 --> 00:26:13

We also need to start looking at over the period of time we have accumulated just like our bodies, we accumulate so many diseases and so many things and blood pressure and this and that and triglycerides and isn't it like I was with the doctor and he's like, like, I've noted triglycerides colo, that's very high. Like, I'm not going to leave steaks. I told him right away. I'm like, You know what, if you I'm still gonna eat steaks, like that's something I like. He's like, no, no shit, you currently have to stop steaks. Ignore that triglycerides, like, you know, you can have a heart attack, I'm like, listen, I will die the day I will die. It's not a very wise thing to do. So just

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so you know, like, I was just joking. You couldn't believe I was saying that right? It's like I will die the day I'll die let me have fun, let me have halal food. But no, just take care of your health don't do that. That's not the way so that's the reason why they're gonna feel pain they had convexities and cavities. The other part was the Manasa peen had never accepted Islam. So they had the representation of so so so this this this Amahl in effect, if somebody is truly a Muslim, there is a there is a seed that is embedded in that person's heart of Eman, the more water you pour of good deeds that tree grows and the less the water you pour the less it grows. Another example for us

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to be able to understand this concept is just like the tree if you look at the tree and you see pale leaves, you ask somebody from you know somebody that knows this agriculture and stuff like him or where's the other brother? Too much water to less water whatever if you see the water pail and so there's some issue happening to your plant you call somebody is that okay? You know what? Your plant is dying because you're not giving enough water so you come

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and instead of giving water to the root the roots you start giving water to the leafs

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is something going to happen no right so I'm gonna fix are just like giving water to the leaf. They weren't giving water but it was not going to the root it was going over the leaf and it would just fall right and you know others any other question? Yes

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beautiful so profits are seldom said and Natsuko Mahajan.

00:27:54 --> 00:27:55

People are like mines.

00:27:56 --> 00:28:01

Seattle home vilja Helia. Yarrow home Phil Islam the best

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if they were in a state of ignorance the best amongst them I either were like mines, this is a goldmine. This is a copper mine. Right so it does affect Allah has created each one of us with certain qualities. And to have a look at the beautiful description that our solar system said a national karma ideen were just like minerals,

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mines of minerals. piatto, whom the best mineral obviously with little bit of good can fly. The other person who's a copper really needs to like a brass. He really needs to clean that brass and polish it and stuff. Obviously his agenda is going to be more to write his agenda is going to more but for sure. The Hustler of that person is has a huge impact on on their receptions. And we see this in child rearing, like when children are growing we see that all the time certain children are very disciplined from you know, from childhood, they're very disciplined, organized and you don't need to tell them anything. And others you can give them all the organization books in the world.

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They will still throw their pants on the floor.

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And they will walk over that.

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And they don't see that. Right. It's just a culture right? So yes, the internal state province assumes that a nurse will come out in interfere home fija Helia here home for Islam, Eva

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Sati, who

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their best quality is only going to really come out if they truly understand that the Dean

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right so they could be the best in the world. But if they don't understand that have an understanding of the dean. It's not going to have an impact on them.

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Somebody else had a question that

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clarity Yes.

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the teacher writes in like 90% was looking 100% He's not visited to

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The clock is basically the in the Arab culture as Sulochana clock has become an interchangeable term if you study it from like the language perspective there are two separate things But today when we say a clock we mean most of the time was slow

00:30:17 --> 00:30:31

if I don't know if you noticed today the kids were very calm today in the Salah right this is like our sixth week right there external impacts the external environment impacts the kid the most

00:30:32 --> 00:31:01

with little bit of guidance if you notice like except one or two moments every all they were so bunch of kids and I was like man, Allah help us in the salon today. Like before bringing them like a love you're giving them come and then we're starting and then like what Subhanallah and the minute I said I'm gonna go on his Allah, the shouting King. Right, you heard that. But notice how the environment eventually they will learn because they will see you they will see you they will see you they'll see you they'll see like, everyone, nobody's running around. Eventually they'll come down. Right? Then you'll have this odd

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one that you'll have to control.

00:31:06 --> 00:31:12

You'll have this one kid who will not get the cue from the environment. And that is how we are as human beings.

00:31:13 --> 00:31:15

That's the nature yet somebody's not gonna get the cue.

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Anybody else? Okay.

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Baraka Luffy can Allah subhanaw taala bless you Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salam deceuninck If you're Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamal Barak Tala Ibrahima, Anwar Ali Ibrahim in Academy Majeed, Allah Houma. attina vasana Toccoa was a Kia antihero. Manchaca and W harmala hireable Alameen Allah who must left la Nakuru Ivana Allah who must Leela Nakuru Ivana Allahu Mirza Yun Colaba, NaVi o'clock Allah Who mozzie in Kelowna vs la Allahumma ACEN of La Cocina Allahu wa Jalla Filipina Mr. floppin Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a young kuruva Kulu Barnaby of luck and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever we're gonna be Mohabbat

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interview sal Allahu Allah He was telling them or SallAllahu Masha Allah Allah Haidee healthy Muhammad wa metadata ID he was happy he was an interesting

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are you

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Hussites was

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conceived because only publicly

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