The Life & Achievement of Abu Bakr (RA)

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Another name which Sadiq Khan who was given with Cydia, most likely the most honorable name that he was given was Siddique. When did this happen? This happened after the mirage. So the former is amo La La Silla goes to Milan, he comes back. Next day he goes out. What are the first people he bumps into is no other than a Buddha. So the Buddha has to say sarcastically is it Mohammed? Mohammed, what's new? So the problem is our last time so you know what's new. Last night, I went from Makkah to Jerusalem, to Bucharest, Abu Johanna's astonished, said you did all this in the portion of last night. There was a loss of that hold on, it isn't stopped it from there. I went up to the heavens.

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He said you did all this emotional last night. He said, Yes, I did all this in a portion of last night. He said, If

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I gather the people, are you ready to tell the people of Makkah What happened? And Mr. Avila said yes.

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So what happens is that they gather the people of Mecca and the restaurant will last a lot longer and even celebrities to them. Last night, I traveled from Mecca to Jerusalem. And I let de la Salatu, salam, and so on. So you did all that in a portion last night? Is it yeah, it isn't finished there. Is it from there, I went to the heavens.

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The narrations mentioned that some of the began to clap. Some of them place the hands over the head, some of them began to slap their thighs, some who are really weak in the mind as he turned away from the deal.

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So they thought this is the ideal situation. Let's go and convince Abu Bakar even Abu Bakar won't buy this one. And Abu Bakr was the right hand man of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And if Abu Bakar doesn't buy this one, then the Tao of the Messenger of Allah falls apart. So they go to a bigger city or the Atlanta who was at that time only aboubaker, not siddik.

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So they go to him. And they said, Oh, Walker, you know what your companion says? What do you say? He's saying that he traveled from Morocco to Jerusalem in a portion of a night.

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And then from Jerusalem, he went to the heavens, Abu Bakar of the alonza Makana thermic.

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Did he say that? They said yes. all excited. Then he replied, either sadhaka and he's speaking the truth. So what's so amazing about that is that often I am sitting in his company, and Jabra he comes and descends from the heavens to him. Upon one occasion, if Allah tala wanted to call him up to the heavens, what's so amazing about this? It was upon this occasion Abu Bakar of the Allah Allah was given the title Siddiq.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters. What you have just been watching is an excerpt from the life of Abu Bakar as a deacon of the law, I know the man regarding who the Messenger of Allah said the sun has not risen over a man better Abubakar acidic about the Allah and who, by the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I have lived over 50 episodes on the life of this great map. If you are interested in studying the life of Abu Bakr, Siddiq or the Allahu anhu then go to my YouTube channel, share the heat mood, subscribe, press the bell icon and you will be notified when they are released. The unique thing also about this course is that in the description, there is a question

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and answer session and you can test yourself and your family on what you know regarding life aboubaker study or the alonza Kabbalah hidden summit aleikum wa rahmatullah