His Best Friends Gave Him Dawah & He Converted To Islam

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A customer talks about finding out about the company and their friend's location. They also mention a moment in a city and a basketball bet. The conversation then turns to WhatsApp groups and a deceptive video featuring a shadow war.

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How'd you How'd you find out about us now? My best friend's the here? Was that city moment.

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Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Excellent job. Okay, so they didn't force you to be here. Absolutely. No. All right. You didn't lose a basketball bet. No.

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Okay, how long did it I just gotta make sure because I know these guys. So you're gonna repeat after me. We're gonna do an English and we'll give it a shot and I bear witness, I bear witness that there's no God, that there's no God, worthy of worship, worthy of worship except Allah except Allah. And I bear witness and I bear witness that Mohammed, Mohammed as the last messenger is the last messenger of a lot of ash head of a shadow war. Allah

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de la ilaha illallah illa Allah. This is easy, but for as well as head to n and more Hamadan. Mohammad Rasool Allah rasool Allah Tec de

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Jordan, welcome to the community. Welcome to the brotherhood and blessings month of Ramadan. We're so happy to have you with us. Thanks. So we're gonna get you hooked up into the WhatsApp groups and stuff like that everybody exchanged numbers do what you have to do. And this is a great way to start off from a lot about a coffee