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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and implementation of the Shahada program in the United States, including its use in massages and the importance of shaping behavior and appearance to reflect the culture of the Muslim community. They emphasize the need for acceptance and change in society, particularly in addressing the rights of disabled individuals. The speakers also mention the struggles of blind people in homes and challenges of achieving success in their jobs.
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Bismillah Nura, Nura.

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It is from the heck mo of Allah subhanho wa Taala that He has created us within the society within this world with varying different displays of His mercy upon us. There are those that Allah blesses them with lots of money and no education. And there are those that have a lot of education and no money. There are those that Allah blesses them with abundance of health, all the way towards the end of their life. And there are those who get inflicted with sickness from the get go of their lives. Allah subhanho wa Taala he chooses from his very bad those that He bestows upon them knowledge and Hickam and wisdom without ever stepping foot in any madrasa or any school systems. And then he takes

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away that wisdom from those who have been through so many degrees that you and I can't even count yet they don't have no wisdom.

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This is how Allah's cuidado his decree is descended and distributed amongst us.

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Likewise, Allah subhanaw taala can test any one of us with varying different types of special needs, or you may call them disabilities. These are people that Allah subhanaw taala in his deen and de Shetty are considered special

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because Allah has tested them. And throughout our time model was Zemon. You will find that long before the discussions of having inclusion of this category. This special needs people in our massages in our centers. Our predecessors had set the examples way before anyone he was even talking about it. At the time when people have special needs would be gathered in Europe.

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And they would all be exterminated.

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At that same moment, Omar Abdullah Abdullah Aziz or Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah and when he is about to enter into a land that was filled with non Muslims, they are about to conquer this land. He says, the command and he says when you enter Do not touch up any child. Do not touch any woman. Do not touch an old man. Do not touch a person whom old age has made him crippled and do not touch the one.

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milk or milk bury the bill Murad. He has been made to sit down he's not able to get up he's not able to walk. Or someone who has been affected with paralysis. Do not touch them.

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This is when he was giving his first conquest Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Han, Omar Abdulaziz and then after him Al Walid Al, Al Ali Ali, Ali dibutyl Abdul Malik Cubana Marwan you will find, you know, I'll make crazy. He's a historian to Deena literacy he mentions in his books, if you read about his history, he says that during the time of Omar Abdel Aziz who started this idea, he said go and give me the list of every single person that is considered to be special needs.

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So throughout the Muslim kingdom, there was the stats, somebody went in calculator who wants you have a family gate? How many kids do you have? Okay, what type of Need Do you have? Oh, you have a person who's blind you have a person who needs this you have a person who needs his support, got the list. Then it mentioned the democracy he says for gyla li, li for every single Shalin a person who's not what our agenda the person who didn't have a limb for every single one of them Jada who Hardiman.

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Every person who had some form of special needs, they were had a servant in their house, to take them to bathrooms to help them make will do and bring them to the massage, it's to take care of them the cooling for everyone

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will equally and for every blind person who was capable of taking care of himself in the house, but once he steps out, it's very difficult. Well, Jalili Cooley

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thought it in.

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There was a person appointed by salary for every single blind person appointed the only job of this person. He was a person appointed by the state that whenever this blind person leaves from their house, please make sure that you're walking with Him in the streets.

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During the time of Abdulmalik giving him it'd be Marwan are a little outward.

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He gets a complaint from the people of Egypt. And the complaint is that they say to him, you know, this guy the complaint to lead that our governor, he only gives us zakat money

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At the end of Ramadan, where are we going to earn? I mean, zakat love hair for taking care of us by providing us the servants and people who can take us out. But we can work. And we can wait all year long to get zakaat.

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So he spoke to the governor will lead. And he said, you might have to save your home by Dell and Shari, why don't you distribute for them a monthly stipend?

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So he says, Yeah, me and Jani? How do you want me to do this? Like we have beta tomorrow, I have to manage all these resources. He says, fragile enough Sikka FEMA on me and put yourself in their shoes?

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And figure out if you would want that stipend or not? And if the answer is yes, then do it.

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Then you will find that Walid I will he created something throughout the Muslim empire at that time, which was something called Marie Stan. In Pharisee, the places where people cannot walk, people that were found on the streets, because they were, you know, they had paralysis or they had some form of disability or special needs, they will be taken to these hospitals. And in these hospitals had doctors that were specialized to take care of both the emotional the mental state, as well as the spiritual states.

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And because of that, and from these murders, Stan,

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from these hospitals, came a person by the name of Musa Ben Messiah.

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He came out with such mental fortitude that he goes and he didn't have one leg. And he goes all the way from here, all the way to Andalus. And he starts conquering Europe. And his dream was to enter Constantinople, not from the eastern side, but from the Western from the top come from from north down on Constantinople, because that was the least guarded area. And they were not afraid for anybody attacking them from there. So he went all the way up until at that time, Musa ibn say Atari Wednesday. I told him that it is not befitting for us to enter right now hold back, Musa evenness. If you look at Abdullah ibn Al Maktoum,

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the Madoka of qadisiya, he was the one Hamdulillah he was the one holding the flag. He didn't know where he was going, he was blind. So the society had uplifted these people to a level that they played an integral role in our wars, in conquest in victories.

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You hear these names but you don't realize that these people weren't you know, you have pura.

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You have people who are Quran reciters many of the revenue recitations that you and I have today, they were either Subhanallah by loon could not hear except Quran.

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If you were to talk to him, you will not be able to have a conversation. He couldn't hear anything. Allah exclusively made his ears only hear Quran.

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You had other Quran who are blind

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was when he was dying, he says in karate, he was telling telling his daughter that oh my daughter, you see that pillar, that pillar, I have finished every single Ramadan, so many Quran that I can't even count. He couldn't see but he knew that the pillar that he would recite next to Subhan Allah. So this is what we had in our history, and we can go on and on and on. So that's the first part of the hotbar. Today, the second part of the hotbar is

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how should we look at this as a community and as a family if somebody is inflicted with this first part on the Day of Judgment when Allah subhanaw taala is going to be doing his job?

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lomaia Rona.

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A Halal Halal people have hired in this dunya while Afia and people whom Allah had given Aafia in this world, they received from all of these afflictions, lomaia, Rona Balaiah, when they're going to look at people who would be inflicted Well, my old Thea Tila, whom Mina la Paya and what would have been given for them and to them on that day from the gifts from Allah subhanho wa taala. Kowloon, they're going to say the people of IKEA the people who were in great state in this world financially held morally in every every possibility, they're going to say, Allah sent us back

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and give us more afflictions that the person we see so that we can walk away with the rewards like they are walking away with.

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So that's the first part for us to look at that if Allah has tested us, then

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understand that that test is going to be in the shortest period of that person's liveable, conscientious life. You have lived, your rule has lived longer, before you came into this earth, and it will carry you on living longer, after you leave this earth, the shortest period that you have 60 to 70 years of your entire rule span

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is in this world.

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So this limited infliction and pain might end up becoming a source of eternal bliss for you. Number two, as many of the Roma they have mentioned, basing on the PRS of the Hadith where a woman came and she had epilepsy, and she came to Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she said the Rasul Allah, please make dua for me that Allah cures me, because whenever I have an epileptic attack, I get exposed. They didn't have clothes like we were today. They had things that they would wrap and stuff so she would get exposed. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam turns to her and tells her in severalty

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if you are patient, ie if you are patient and you carry on the pain and you and this infliction that you're going through, if you are patient about it, Fela kill Jana.

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So you're going to get Jana?

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So she said yes, I will be patient. But can you please make dua that if I have an epileptic attack, epileptic attack, then I'm not exposed. So Professor seller made the offer, from that the Allama, they did the key acid, anybody who is afflicted with the disease that is not curable,

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or a disease that is causing chronic a chronic disease or a disease that is not curable and it is causing them pain or they are inflicted with something they had no control over

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some form of special needs, it could be physical, it could be special needs that you can visibly see. Or it could be special needs that are mental incapacity, if you're inflicted with any of these special needs, and if that person is patient,

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he shows sub to that, then that person is guaranteed agenda.

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This third part, the agenda for a person who is patients on patient on an infliction of a disease that he has no control over.

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Or a special needs that he has no control over. The adjure is in Jnana yoga for soberano rowhome Billa URI, he's up. Limitless reward Allah has kept for you for them. I eat when you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala on that day, and the time comes for you to do your hisab your counter one Okay, mashallah, you did this good deed plus that intention equal to 1000 rewards for you. But oh, you were inflicted with this disease. Okay, open the gates of rewards and let him take whatever he wants, there is no count on that. Behind it is up, that would not be counted. You take as much as you like, whenever you like, however you like how often you like, that's yours to take.

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So for those who have been inflicted, or those that you know, your families have been inflicted, or anybody in your family, then this is a reminder for them. That you know, this is a temporal world, and it will end but the reward, you know, you and I look forward to that insha Allah on the day, the last part, the last message, and this is the message to general public and how we should react. So when we do see somebody who has been inflicted, first and foremost, you should thank Allah subhanaw taala that he has saved you from that affliction. Plus, do not do this. In front of the brother or sister who's been inflicted.

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Subhanallah some of the brothers they went to visit a brother who was sick in the hospital and the brothers I call Hamdulillah he let the other family members Telavi like Subhanallah the brothers in the hospital you don't read this dua in front of him, this is a dua for your internal reflection.

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That I think All Praise be to Allah that Allah has saved me with that so many others have been inflicted with. That's number one. Number two, that Elias Hurco Moonman, Omen Asha and you're gonna hire a man whom

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you cannot look at someone's disability and come to this conclusion that that person is lesser of you. Just because you have mashallah fully functional body and limbs and everything. That's why promises and said Let do not look down upon. That's why profits out of Salomon, another Hadith and narration he says, Muslim, a person who's a Muslim, he does not lie as her Wallah. Yeah, yeah. He

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is not angry at his other brother. While he does not look down upon his other brother, these are the qualities of Muslim communities and societies. Number three places of worships massages. They need to be accommodating for people of such needs. And we have to show sensitivity. If their wheelchair has to cross through the carpet, we have to be little bit more sensible.

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seen I've seen scenes in massages in places where a person comes and he doesn't have a choice he's coming in the winter, he doesn't control where his car can go or where his his wheelchair can go. But he enters and we made such a huge fuss about it. No, this is the only section they can pray in and stuff. The massages should anticipate that

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and create areas where they can come in without causing any disruptions. The next part, most of our bathrooms are not up to code.

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They're not up to code, the doors every Masjid because they were up to code when the massages were built back in the day. The only there's a recent Masjid in Halton, if you go to the Halton man masjid, and go and see the bathroom for the special needs over there, masha Allah, the only bathroom I've seen that is up to code, that a person with special needs can literally take in their entire wheelchair without any support all the amenities provided to that brother, including taking care of their taharah Desinger in a manner that we'll start through.

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But rarely, we have massages that have dedicated and as soon as you enter the bathroom is right at the entrance, the brother does not have to our sister does not have to go loop around the entire building to get to the bathroom.

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Right? So we have to even if we have to invest money, and create these facilities, so that we can accommodate them. Number five,

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this is a special needs that nobody talks about, because it doesn't look like special needs. And they are the Deaf Muslims of Canada.

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We have done some work with Deaf Muslims of Canada when I was in Israel. We do some work here with DMC deaf Muslims of Canada. And subhanAllah the amount of a pot like children, teenagers in Milton high school that are leaving Islam, because they have no access. I mean, can you imagine a blind can still hear a heartbeat.

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But a deaf person has no way of understanding what the scene is.

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Except that there's a person who stands and explains and there's a Deaf translator at the back interpreter, which which can hear that interpreter then speaks to the deaf interpreter in the front of the class. And they express that concept in their Duff, Deaf, Deaf ALC American Sign Language slang. That's the only way they're able to understand their Deen. And the process is so slow that one of my friends who was teaching this class, he could barely get through the concept of shahada in an entire semester. Because there are so many things you and I take for granted because you can hear and listen.

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Deaf Muslims are the least when it comes to the integration, for their integration in our massages. And all it takes is to appoint somebody an ESL, you know it's even post the hours are done on YouTube, you can always take the video down and re upload the video with an ASL you know person who actually interprets the video. And that video is then published or at least there is information and access available to them. See accessibility to that community. The Special Needs was our hallmark.

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It was how it has always been a hallmark. We were the first ones to have Melton mental health institutions, way before anybody even talked about it. People were experimenting in Europe and other parts of the parts of the world and France and they were doing all these weird things to people with mental disorder disabilities. Muslims were the only ones that understood understood the physical body but also the rule and try to cure that.

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So it's just time that we actually wake up. People that go to the massages, your voice will change, go and talk to the management of the messy tell them why don't we have a bathroom that is accessible? Why is it if there is enough pressure that is built up? Then those changes will happen? You never know maybe your voice and six other brothers they go to a masjid then raise the voice and concern and bring it up in a proper manner. The masjid or the board takes the responsibility build the bathroom and that could be a source of helping somebody's life when they are in need and they cannot find the bathroom they can go to a cola COLA that was tough for Allah Allah commonly cited

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Masumi infested farofa in the whole folder rocking

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Smilla hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Mala Anna via bada. And then we ask Allah subhana wa taala, that He enables us to be able to understand the pain of our brothers and sisters, as as the disability and the special needs of our community, we also see the disability and the special needs of this society to stand up to the needs of the Muslim community. They all of a sudden become disabled, to protect our own Muslim brothers and sisters. Just today, I got a call from one of the school boards over here, one of the schools in the Peel District, where the Islamic heritage month the MSA students were trying to bring a speaker and every speaker they would put forth this is in

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Mississauga, every speakers name they would put forth, there was some objection that was brought by the left leaning people that oh, we can't have this person, oh, we can't have this person. We can't have this person. And they will do research on that. And the people who were doing fact checking, were all fact checkers that belonged to the extreme LGBTQ, and the Hindu groups. So my name also came up in one of the discussions. And then I was shared the screenshot that was sent to me that, you know, this is, this is what happened. And they said, No, we can't have people, you know, who are pedophiles.

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Like, and they found some article as something that is not even me some other person. And eventually I was able to speak to the school board trustee. And right before coming, I'm expecting a call from the principal to apologize. So so the society also becomes and pretends to have special needs, when it comes to any Muslim. And when our rights are infringed. And unless and until we raise up and raise our voices against those, and let other people know that we're not, we're not going to keep quiet in this society. You cannot do this to us any longer. We're not going to be like the other. We are part and parcel of this society, we pay as much of a tax as you do, to have our kids being sent

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to the school. And we have all the right to dictate and decide what morality is being taught to them in those schools and not. But unless and until Muslims wake up from their slumber and their rat race to change this world. And realize that the tools that you need to come out of this is right at your disposal. But you just need to be able to talk to the right person and understand the system. And within within an hour or two we were able to resolve that issue. And the principal is going to call and apologize.

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So this is a prime example of how you cannot stay quiet when you see the society pretending to have special needs.

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When it comes to the rights of the Muslim and I end with the spirit famous coat of a Shire.

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He says moto moto Emery in FIRA but in that if a person dies in a jungle, zoo Iranians are caught in if he has blue eyes Nahusha and don't carry your own. It's a great cause everybody is going to stand up for it. Well now to come in.

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And if an entire nation those cillum in a peaceful nation, Yun Haru a dies further aka Miss Ella tune fi you know, this is a matter we need to actually appropriate and we have to discuss and we have to decide how we are going to respond to that.