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Masha Allah Jota in nebula today with such a beautiful mashallah it

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was one of a kind and Masha Allah the citation after and also feeling very fulfilled you know it makes my day you know I always think about why Allah Almighty tells us through the blessing lips of Nabina Muhammad salah, atta and Federico young in a dunya one mafia, the two units of prayer prior to the fall of Fajr the the Sunnah, better than the whole world and whatever it has imagined this is a sunnah Subhanallah so what about the Phaedra itself? Subhanallah so you know, people want to know no one would sleep. No one would stay at home when you have a beautiful machine like that. If you if you come early for Salatin, Fajr

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and you fulfill the Sunnah and you're sitting perhaps, of cars and recitation of Quran, Allah He every time the feeling is so amazing. And it is only tasted by those who have done it, no matter how much you explain it to someone, they would not be able to.

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Yes, you cannot describe it. And the end and even more, is when you get up earlier, and you fulfill the tahajjud like you rightly said, and I repeated it, the 100 is by Invite Only now, Allah invites you to fulfill the 100 so if Allah has given you the opportunity to fulfill that 100 You need to know he invited me. He loves you. Yes, he loves you and he's invited you and this is why you are there. So imagine these two units are fragile when they are fulfilled in a beautiful Masjid. I think the capacity of this Masjid must be easily 10,015 Yes, yes, yes. This is just one floor. There is a courtyard outside and there is the downstairs and upstairs look. The ladies they can pray also

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upstairs as much as you mentioned Chetna Allah is not only for her family, but as we look now right now in the midst, it's about 7am and you look around you see Allah also has chosen

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for us to sit quietly and use and read the Quran Salah

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mashallah, mashallah you know, to watch the sun rising to get up so early. This is part of the plan of Allah buku, Lahore. There is a lot of Baraka when you get up in the morning and you start doing whatever you have to do from as early as possible. There's a lot of blessings in this execution for the believers.

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Well, as far as work, no, it is not exclusive for the believers. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala gives the dunya for those who work for it. When can you read with our dunya?

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So those who work for the dunya and

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they get up early morning in order to earn the provision, Allah Allah Almighty will facilitate that for them. But as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam I said in a minute either only Allah Hassan attend for dunya both on my behalf or madam dunya AliMed ro Allahu Allah hominid Asha, Yanni the difference between a movement and a non believer or look at the most up here while we're talking, mashallah Yanni. Whenever an unbeliever does anything, Allah will reward him for it in the dunya you work hard in the page. You struggle this is challenging this is handwritten

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must be very old.

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Here is what it says here are your watch Yes, here it is and align this other one

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must have Malaysia Mashallah.

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MashAllah beautiful.

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And this is the wood around it. Look at this Mashallah.

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Pull out of the rock Venus Milliken last. In us so far in the life Allah.

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Allah has was the word of the dunya and the word of the Hereafter. And if you only according the

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roti, him and Manisha

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were given as much as we want, but the person who is a believer gets up in the morning, they pray the fed the traditional before fed, they decide that I've got an entirely different category. If there is not a country that is actually the holistic growth of an individual, you have the spiritual aspect as well as the physical aspect, and all other aspects of the contentment, one feels, the peace, the tranquility and so on. Whereas when you have a person who doesn't believe at all, it's very difficult for them to be so contented while going through great hardship. So people who go through hardship they become angry, they become very, you know,

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the concept behind some Hana they think Allah is not fair to them. God forbid data movement looks at it as this is a test an opportunity for me to show

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China with my Subak either way, it's a blessing from Allah Subhana Allah when you know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi lmsc Manuel si will mean and in Henneman Allah and also been while I was having had the show, can you share in laka for Allah who we haven't applied, anything that afflicts a believer, even if some worries him, grief, sorrow, sadness, concern, to the extent that if it is a phone that breaks his skin, a lot of mighty made this as a means of executing some of his sense. So when you look at it this way you say Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hamdulillah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said and will Afia Jana those who don't suffer much in the dunya yarmulke Yama even when

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they enter heaven then when they see the level the rank of those who have been tested and we suffer the great deal they say we wish that our bodies will slip with clippers we wish that we have been tested because no matter what we have you had a dunya is just a brief and a short life shower and then an eternal or the sun is rising look at look at how the sun looks through the glass and through the data let

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us know that stainless mashallah service

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reliable I know this is a lady's masala all around 360 somehow Subhanallah and it looks how beautiful it looks when the sun is shining through.

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Russia so colorful.

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And there are a lot of calligraphy around the masjid with beautiful calligraphy this dome of the sha Allah Masjid living living in the West is actually amazing our machine I don't post I know do I hand any calligraphy or writing? I keep it plain as the machine of the pocket. distract people? Yes, exactly. But it will be by the way. This is Babu Luke. This is the door of the kings

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Bible Hello. Mashallah. Look at the donation.

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By virtue of worshiping Allah, you know you?

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So, if Allah has given me a letter, and then he says be more often fee well, then he okay and nema. He's at level dunya. We had an affair last night, you are healthy. You will give him security and handlers playing content. You're just a king. Like any of the things of the dunya you possess everything. What else do you need help. Sound enough for one day shelter security. Sometimes some of the kings don't even have the amount of peace that absolutely I would say all of them sort of have

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to be concerned about the idea to be concerned about those who are plotting against you and the different parties in the the countless problems that the nation or your community is, you know, after you to solve how could you sleep? Maybe I'll also give you the ability to eat differently.

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Oh Masha.

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This is the courtyard the outside

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size of this particular place is bigger than some of the masjid in our countries. Mashallah, mashallah May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy and accept from all of those who made this possible you know, there Hadith, when when Allah He must didn't when Allah who live obediently agenda, whoever built for the sake of Allah masjid, Allah builds for him a place and a housing agenda to fill those even if it is as new as Mr. Foster Subhanallah Yes, and another thing is, if someone contributes a there's a group of people who contribute towards the building of a masjid, Allah will give them all a full reward. Because they collectively made this thing happen and

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possible. The one word that always strikes me is Nilai. Yeah, because when benna mon bene lillahi masjid and you don't have to write your name on it. It has to be for the sake of Allah, it must be for the purpose of Allah not in order to, you know, create division in order to serve the small group of miners it is for the sake of Allah and it's serving the Ummah that we understand our beautiful

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Allah and Allah

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for Allah sake, and there is a beautiful increase that sometimes you know, when people admire you say move teaming. I'm a big fan of you, you're my idol and all of that stuff.

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Or whenever you feel yourself that you have some power, then the beautiful god of the prophets Allah Allah salah, recommended in order to nullify Rhea, show off and keep and meanwhile to be forgiven. Allah Muhammad

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In the weekend, and oshi kavika che and Alamo, Sol Sol Fluka, Lima Allah, Allah O Allah, I seek refuge with You, again is committing shift, or associating partners to an ocean showing off Oriya or whatever knowing the knowing and I seek your forgiveness in case that I've done that unknowingly hiddenly like

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a ship or coffee or allow much grows into somebody's heart and mind without even realizing like

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creeping on a black stone in a moonless night.

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I think organization

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is great, we have the strong things that I find help me is

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the issue of you know, being hard on yourself and contemplation and reflection over how your day has been even if it's just a moment to take a moment in the evening I shouldn't have done this, I should have done this. I want I need to do this better, this shouldn't have been I regret doing this and inshallah I will be productive in this particular way. So if you pause for a moment in the evening or the morning or anytime I find it helps me because what I do this monitor but enough for example, sometimes I myself, I tell myself, why did you do this, you know, you shouldn't have done this and you should have been better with this and you you know don't let yourself you know, develop wings

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like we say when you think that I'm someone and you're right when someone comes to you Oh, I'm a big fan and I'm like this online, he you know, you have to just continue to remind yourself who you are and that they fall in love in love. And I hate I will tell to lie only if there is any success that any of us achieved. It's simply from Allah subhanaw taala he put the words on our tongues and he began successful over us it's already happening and we're going to pray for cars in order to get the word woman had an ombre if you pray fetch and you sit in the masjid in the masala by the way when we say in the masala it's okay to move from one place to another but this whole mess should has become

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our masala so now it's really 15 minutes sunrise we'll try to like cancel out the order is the reward of our stomach culture last door. Breakfast

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Salam wa Rahmatullah here, I'm Monica Shala.