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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the value of reciting or teaching multiple verses of the Quran to increase the chances of achieving success in life. They also mention the importance of reciting or teaching multiple verses of the Quran to increase the chances of achieving success in life. The speaker provides advice on how to ensure success in life and offers advice for those trying to start with a few verses of the Quran.
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What is the most expensive car you've ever seen in your life? Some people will work their entire lives, either for material wealth or status, symbols, prestige. So for some people, they're looking for a massive mansion, they're looking for a Ferrari, when it comes to cars are a Bugatti. They're looking for brand name clothes to cover them from head to toe, because they believe the effort is worth it. But when it comes to the afterlife, the reality is, although many people want it, they want paradise. And they claim and they say they want the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. They don't strive for it, even with a fraction of the same effort, as they put forth for that prestige,

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or that status symbol or that brand name or that car. Connecting with one area of the Quran every single day. Teaching it or reciting it is better for you than all of that worldly materials and status symbol. It's better than that car, two verses of the Quran as well, three verses of the Quran and four. And I'll mention to you a story here. One time, the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he came out and one of the Sahaba said he came to us while we were in a sofa, this is the hostel This is a place in the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for the poor Muslims who were homeless. And he said to them, which one of you would like to go out every morning and he gave two

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examples to different cities and villages they could go to. And he said they can come back, bring back to large sheep camels, without being guilty of sin. And without cutting off the ties of kinship, meaning, without committing a sin, you can come back with two camels, which one of you would like that? So we said, O Messenger of Allah, we would love to do that. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Do you not go out in the morning to the mosque, and you teach or recite two verses from the book of Allah subhanaw taala. That is better for you than to Shri camels. And three verses of the Quran are better for you than three and four are better for him than for and on to

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their number in camels. What does that mean?

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For those who are wondering, a she camel was extremely valuable and is still extremely valuable to the Arabs. Why? Because it could give birth to other camels. So it's a very, very valuable thing. Think of the modern day equivalents of these sheep camels is very valuable assets, if you will, these valuable things as a nice car. So imagine in this analogy, imagine that reciting, or teaching only two verses of the Quran that one day that it's better for you than two really nice cars. And reciting three verses of the Quran is better for you than three cars better for you than three Ferraris Lamborghinis, whatever you want. But again, the the she camel is even more valuable because

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it continues to produce and you have a second car and a third car and a fourth car. What's the conclusion from the story and from this hadith, the Quran is better for you than all the wealth of this world. The Quran is better for you than all the wealth of this world. The Quran is better for you than every car, and every palace, and all types of status symbols found in this world. The Quran leads to an eternal reward with Allah subhanaw taala and it's saved for you in the account of the afterlife.

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We are told based on the story, that every verse makes a difference, meaning every idea is like a whole nother thing that's better for you, every verse is rewarding. In other words, do not belittle the weight of reciting one verse. Do not belittle the habit of reciting a few verses every single day. Don't belittle the reward that accumulates with a lifestyle of connecting to the Quran consistently. One time, a brother told us that he downloaded the Quran app for the first time on his phone. And at work, he started reciting every time he had a two minute break a three minute break, he would start to recite where he stopped. Basically, he would continue where he left off. And then

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after a week of doing this, he realized very quickly, he could actually complete the Quran in a month for the first time in his life. Why? Because during all of his breaks to three minute breaks, and they would add up, he was being consistent. He would instead of grabbing his phone and quickly go to check a social media app or something else that wasn't useful. He would actually go and read Quran he would continue where he left off. So he read and he read and he read and what happens when you take every one or two minute break, and you're dedicated to something consistently and you're very passionate about your goal. Eventually he completed the entire Quran in the month of Ramadan.

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One time a young man asked what are the different things to keep in mind when it comes to connecting with the Quran all the different facets that we should keep in mind with this rule

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lationship we desire. And there's a really beautiful response that comes from a great scholar of Islam from the earliest of generations. Abdullah loved him about Oklahoma. He says the first step towards seeking knowledge is the sincerity of intention. It's the intention that you know why you're doing this for the sake of Allah. Number two, he says then it is listening. Then it is understanding, then it is memorizing, then it is implementing, and then it is conveyed. And these are things we can all follow and all the time and they don't require prerequisites, but rather focus all on them. Start with the intention. What do you want? I'll leave you with this question. What do

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you personally do to ensure that no day goes by without reciting at least a few verses of the Quran? And what advice would you give to others who are trying to start with a few verses of the Quran?