Adnan Rashid – 5 Steps to Financial Success

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss practical ways to live, including waking up early, choosing the right job, and studying your product. They stress the importance of not ignoring the timekeeper and not giving up on one's own mentality. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to live successful financial lives by taking an active role in the society and educating themselves. They also discuss the issue of poverty and lack of education in the region, as well as the importance of finding charities working on these issues and finding one's capacity to handle one's financial problems. The speakers stress the importance of living the principles of Islam, including waking up early, starting small, growing slowly into businesses, and following the principles of Islam.
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I will be addressing five practical ways

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to live

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an effective financial life Five golden rules

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primarily taught by the prophet sallallahu Sallam itself.

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What are these five golden rules in my opinion,

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I will go through them

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one by one,

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and inshallah you will follow me in that.

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Rule number one,

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waking up early.

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Rule number two, starting small, aiming big.

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Rule number three consistency. Number four, choose the right job, or product. And number five, study what you do, study your product, study your job, so that you can find it interesting.

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Before I indulge

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in these rules and give you the details of my presentation, I've been warned about timing I'm notoriously known for going over my time and ignoring the timekeeper. I'm known for that. I'll try my best not to do that today.

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One of our brothers earlier was talking about people coming to this country

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and coming with an intention to go back in the 60s, when some of our elders came to this country. They came with the with the intention that they will make some money they will earn some pounds, buy some land, buy a property and eventually return home what they called home, Pakistan in most cases.

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In the 60s and the 70s, there was an exodus of Pakistanis, Bengalis, and Indians and people coming from other lands to this country.

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To fill the vacuum left by the Second World War,

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of shortage of labor, there was a huge shortage of labor in these countries. That's why immigration was opened. People came in with a lot of dreams, a lot of ambitions, aspirations, and they stayed behind. But most people who came to this country, they had this view in the mind that they will never stay here. This is not home. This is the mentality. Most of these people came with,

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that they will return eventually, where home, what they call home. But that home actually was not home. Because most of these people who came here in the 60s, we're already in the 40s and 50s, some of them and they have many of them, they have passed away.

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Some people,

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even in my family have passed away.

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Those who came in the 60s, worked in the factories,

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established businesses and shops. Many of them have died.

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And they only go back in a box.

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So in reality, as my brother was pointing out earlier,

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a respected elder that this is home, this is the this is the way you need to think this is it. This is where you will live. This is where your children belong, because they don't know Pakistan, they don't know India or Bangladesh. They don't know these countries. I have children. And when I speak to my children about going back to Pakistan, or even for a holiday,

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they make this face really Pakistan.

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They don't relate to that culture anymore. They are British Muslims. They are following Islam. And their way of thinking is British, very British. So this is home. We need to think home. We need to feel home, we need to do home. So very quickly before I indulge in my topic.

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I want to highlight this point a lot of the Muslim charity is working with Britain. The focus is Syria versa. Now, the Rohingya Muslims in Burma, some, in some cases, Pakistan or wherever the catastrophe takes place.

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How many charities are there Muslim charities

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that are actually dealing with the British problems, the issue of poverty here in this country, the issue of lack of education in this country, the issue of

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lack of provisions.

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There is poverty in Britain. In case you were not aware, there are hundreds of 1000s of single mothers struggling to live their lives to feed the children the food you're having right now on your tables.

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From the noise

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Most tape of this country to the southern most point,

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there are hundreds of 1000s of women, single mothers in particular, this is one issue I'm talking about there are orphans also, there are elderly. Some of them die in winter, because they don't have enough clothing, or they don't have enough heat in the house. And many of them died.

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What is the Muslim community doing for these people? This is home. This is where we live, this is where we belong. We are the ones who should be on the front line taking care of the orphans, the widows, single mothers, elderly, wherever we are needed. So find there are charities working across the globe on these matters on global problems or catastrophes. What about Britain, this is where we live. This is where we educate ourselves. This is where we earn our money, we need to pay back to the community to the society. And that's when you will see Islamophobia diminish. This is when you will see that Muslims will be considered true citizens of this place. You don't have to compromise

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on your religion. You don't have to abandon your values. You don't have to do any of that. You can be very practicing conservative Muslims, at the same time, you can be very active British citizens.

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So this is one of the messages I had.

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Now, point number one, how do we live successful financial lives we need solutions. As again pointing out what our brother was saying earlier, that not having a solution is not an option for us. We are Muslims Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam when a problem came to him, he solved it. And not only that he was

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not so lossless and was progressive. He preempted problems. He was proactive. He didn't wait for the sky to fall on him. And then he's doing something he taught his companions, how to be pre emptive be progressive. Think ahead, think 50 years ahead, think 100 years ahead. We want our children to live prosperous lives, peaceful, happy lives. How do we do that? We do that by taking an active role participating in the society, especially most importantly in the business sector. This is exactly what

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you know, this organization is doing is it's got you know, three aims on motive a mottos, educate, empower and eradicate, eradicate what

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eradicate the problems, the problem of

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numbness, the problem of of this deep slumber, the Muslim community finds itself in financially.

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Most of us we struggle, we are hand to mouth financially. There are very few business people in our community, because we have found little solutions to our problems. So what are the solutions? I have five golden rules that every Muslim if he or she wants to apply these five golden rules in your lies, then

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this financial issue, these financial problems we are facing will go away. Point number one, one of the biggest problems is waking up late in the morning. A lot of us who are self employed who don't do nine to five jobs, we if we own businesses, we wake up late. Okay, there are employees they're going to open the shop, the chicken shop, or the grocery store or whatever it is. We wake up late. And this is a lesson we learn from the Messenger of Allah that you when you wake up for Salah fudger

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you do not sleep. The Prophet salallahu Salam did not sleep and Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran Rena Muslims, these are principles we should live by them. How many minutes what oh my god.

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That's good. Seriously, some handle okay after rush, right? So we these are principles we have to live by them. Right? Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the Quran

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in surah number

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one, your honor Laila Ali Abbas, Jalan jalan ahora Masha that Allah has made your night for resting as a cover for you so that you can come home and rest while you're under nahata Masha Allah has made your morning a mirage for you, a source of earning for you. So when the dawn breaks when the sun rises, this is your time to go out and seek your Lord's provisions, whatever Allah has for you out there. So this is the Quranic principle as well as the principle

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well established in the way of the prophets, Allah lawless alone. He was not a lazy man. wake up early in the morning, half your financial problems will be solved when you wake up. after praying for your Salah don't sleep, your brain will function you will start to think now I'm awake. What do I need to do? I need to do something I need to use this time. And that's when you are most fresh. Not fresh from the boat. Fresh from the bed. Okay, point number two. What was the point number two? Were you with me? My phone's turned off.

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Do you have it on the screen? Sorry.

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What was it?

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Do small. Start small sorry. Start small. Think Big. What do I mean by that very quickly. have realistic goals. When you start a job when you start a business. Know yourselves your capacity. Take on as much as you can do because even this principle is from Islam. Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam said, either Islam will overpower you or you will overpower Islam. In other words, impose as much as much Islam as you can handle upon yourself. Sometimes we impose excessive taqwa upon ourselves and we cannot handle it. And we have a burnout. This is why Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, he said, For takala, Hamas Totten, Fear Allah as far as you can, as much as you can, according to your

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capacities. Same principle applies in business take on as much as as much as you can do and think big, think big. Start small, when you start small, grow gradually into your businesses like you grow into Islam gradually grow gradually and Allah subhanaw taala will give you improvement upon improvement upon improvement and there will come a time that your big thinking may bear fruit. So very quickly, a short lesson, think big. Start small, have a huge aim a great aim and you will think big, you will do big when you think small, you end up achieving small. So if you think 10% you will, you're you'll achieve 1% but if you think 100% you will definitely go home with 10%. No doubt small

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things will happen themselves. So think big and do small point number three, what was it very quickly. I know my time is already I'm ignoring the timekeeper from now. Okay, very quickly last minute. Sorry, consistency, thank you. Consistency, what we call the Sol Sol.

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Sol consistency. Another point. Another lesson we learned from the province lifestyle a lot is follow that be consistent. When you do something, keep at it, don't abandon it in the middle, or don't think that it cannot be done. Believe in yourself, have the confidence to pursue your goals, have realistic goals, calculated goals, and then pursue them be consistent. Keep at it, even if it takes five to 10 years for you to achieve your ultimate aims. You keep at it, and do not abandon your goals. Because once you have chosen and that next point comes into this, choose the right product, choose the right product, what you are selling or what you're buying, or what you're doing.

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It has to be right for you. You have to love it, you have to have passion for it. It is not something that you should impose on yourself, unwillingly, rather, it should be something you love to do. So the job you want to do in your life. This is the fourth step I'm talking about. It has to be something you love. It has to be something you have passion for. Finally, the final point. The fifth point is that study your product. When you start something, you study it for example, I'm doing a small business, and I love I love the business I do. And I study it, I read books on it, I give my life to it, I give my passion to it. And this is one of the best ways to achieve huge, huge

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success rates in your life. I have practiced it myself, I'm sure you will be able to do it. If you take these five steps, serious in life, guaranteed you will make progress wake up early in the morning. Right? And start small, think big, have consistency. Choose a product you'll likely have passion for choose the right product for yourself and study it. That's the fifth point and In conclusion, thank you very much for listening to me. I wasn't told to talk about Riba or interest because there are scholars there there are a few here who will be addressing those points. I was given specific instructions, and I hope I have fulfilled those instructions. Thank you so much for

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listening for Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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