Adnan Rashid – Why Civilisations Rise and Fall

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the rise and fall of civilizations and the importance of justice in achieving peace. They use Surah Nisa as an example of how the church has been holding the beginning of a culture of peace for over 1000 years, which has been driven by the church's the church's mission to create peace and build the world. The church's success in achieving peace is due to their belief in Allah and their belief in writing his the church's deeds.
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any king,

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any government that indulges in injustice will collapse?

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It will fall. It will not last as what happened to all the civilizations that came before us. I will still briefly touch upon the initial topic, fall of civilizations and link it directly to our current situation in Palestine.

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Why do civilizations rise and why do they fall? is a very important question all of us we have to understand

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what a civilization is, and how do we how they arise? How did they come about in the first place?

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An American historian,

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he described a civilization as follows. His name is Wil Durant. He wrote a history of civilizations in 10 volumes. On the first page of the first volume of his book, our oriental heritage. He states, a civilization consists of four elements,

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economic provisions, political stability, pursuit of knowledge, and arts, and moral traditions. And all of these four elements rests upon one pillar,

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one pillar, and that pillar is sense of security and justice, you remove justice,

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and by consequent bye, bye bye consequence remove sense of security, former society, these four elements will collapse, a civilization will collapse. So in other words, he's saying that our civilization can come about by a collection of these four elements,

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political stability, economic provisions, pursuit of knowledge and arts and moral traditions.

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And the only way these four elements that make a civilization will survive, and last is true justice.

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And justice will bring about peace.

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Without peace,

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you cannot have progress. So going backwards, no progress.

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Without peace, no peace, without justice, without justice, no civilization.

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Period. So when a civilization comes about,

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and it starts to avoid justice,

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and then gives way to chaos,

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crime, corruption, injustice, that civilization will collapse. So the glad tidings I want to give you today is that any unjust power

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any entity that indulges in injustice, any country?

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Any military, any dynasty, any king, any government that indulges in injustice will collapse?

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It will fall. It will not last as what happened to all the civilizations that came before us.

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This is why Allah subhanaw taala states in the Quran. Our world we live in a Chicago regime is hula Rouhani Rahim.

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See rueful ARB fan guru que la que ver con el capitan boca de bien, go in the land and see those who came before you.

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As they denied

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the truth that denied Allah denying Allah is denying justice, period. Because Allah subhanaw taala he makes it a he makes it a point it makes it a point of our faith Deedle Islam that you must do justice in Surah Nisa, verse 135. And Surah toma ADA verse eight, Allah subhanaw taala in these both verses tells us do justice even if it goes against you. Even if you dislike a people, you must do justice because that is the recipe for success. That is closer to Toccoa. That is closer to knowing Allah being close to Allah being conscience of Allah.

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and the reason the Islamic civilization

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came to prominence and rose

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to power it exercised for over 1000 years because it was because of justice.

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It was because of justice. That the more

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slim civilization became a powerhouse. The best scholars the best points, the best philosophers, the best thinkers, the best theologians, the best Quran the best, everything.

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But born

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in Muslim territories,

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and this continued for nearly 1000 years because of justice.

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So Quran promises justice, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam delivers that justice not only to Muslims, but even non Muslims,

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the Jews and the Christians. They lived in prosperity

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throughout the Muslim civilization, stretching from China to Spain, and then to South Asia, currently Pakistan within 100 years of the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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the Muslims had taken land between China to Spain, the largest stretch of land ever ruled by one group of people. And this was clearly directly foretold by Allah in Surah Surah Noor, verse 55 Out of the we live in a ship on the regime, what are the hola hola de nom income. We're amid a solid hot layer struggling for normal Earth, commerce baklava Latina men company him. It is a promise of Allah to those who believe among you do right his deed that Allah will give you succession in the land. Allah will make you rulers of the land, so long as you have these characteristics. It will be an outcome of your characters. Your characters have to be right, yes, you have to be believers in

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Allah. You believe in Allah and do write his deeds do justice, do justice, Allah will give you the land. Now reverse that. reverse that. You leave justice. And you start to disbelieve in Allah, all of that will be taken away from you. All of that will be taken away from you

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