Adnan Rashid – Responding to Nabeel Qureshi’s – Why I Stopped Believing Islam

Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The message of Islam is reiterated in various messages throughout the transcript. The message of Islam is reiterated in various ways, including in the message of Islam. The message of Islam is reiterated in various ways, including in the message of Islam. The message of Islam is reiterated in various ways, including in the message of Islam. The message of Islam is reiterated in various ways, including in the message of Islam. The message of Islam is reiterated in various ways, including in the message of Islam. The message of Islam is reiterated in various ways, including in the message of Islam. The message of Islam is reiterated in various ways.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I'm a non Rashid I'm in quarantine self isolating. I thought I shouldn't be responding to some of the misconceptions out there about Islam spread by Christian missionaries, extremist atheists, islamophobes outright Islam haters, all sorts of people. I came across a video made by Nabeel Qureshi, which has nearly a million hits. And it is clear that a lot of people are watching this video and they are taking away misconceptions about Islam. Nabeel Qureshi has since died. He was a Christian missionary, who had said a lot of things about Islam. I don't want to say anything about him right now anything negative, to say the least because he has passed away. And I

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would like to address his

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misconceptions about Islam. Whether these are misconceptions or deliberate lies, or laziness on the part of Nabeel Qureshi, or lack of willingness to do research. You You can decide all that. I will respond to some of the points he has raised in these

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minutes, and you can see whether my responses are valid. So let's see what Nabeel Qureshi has to say.

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Initially, when I encountered the violence in Islam, I said, Well, this can't be the true Islam. And I for years would push back arguing No, this hadith here is unreliable. For example, Muhammad says in Sahih Muslim that he has come to expel the Jews and Christians from the Arabian Peninsula and will not leave any but Muslims. That doesn't sound like the Mohammed I knew. So I said, well, that can't be a reliable tradition. Here Nabeel Qureshi is referring to a report from the Prophet where he said that non believers cannot remain in the Arabian Peninsula, strictly speaking the land of Hejaz, to this day that rule remains, non Muslims cannot enter Makkah, non Muslims cannot enter

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Medina because that is sacred space for Muslims. And that applies to many other religions. For example, can people just walk into Vatican and start building mosques? Can any Muslim walk into a temple a Hindu temple for that matter or a Buddhist temple and start building a mosque or start praying in his own way? That would be disrespectful, right? And, of course, one has to look at the rules and regulations of sacred spaces. Now the Prophet had defined the Hejaz region to be sacred space for Muslims, therefore, non believers could not be there. And for that reason, the Jewish communities of Arabia were relocated to Palestine, which is where they wanted to be, the Christians

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did not want the Jewish people to be in Palestine. This was made very clear by patriarchs or fronius, when he struck a deal with Omar, the second Caliph of Islam, and he submitted the city to him, the city of Jerusalem. And within the terms he requested that no Jews will be allowed to live in the city of Jerusalem. And of course, that particular term was not practiced, the Jewish people were relocated to Palestine, and they lived happily ever after. And we have so many books written on this topic where the Jewish scholars have paid tributes to Muslims and the Muslim civilization. In fact, some of the Jewish scholars believe that the the Jewish period in Spain when the Muslims are

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governing Spain, was the golden age of the house of Israel. This is where the best scholars of the Jewish history were produced the best poets, the best commentators, the best philosophers, for that matter. So when people like Neil Qureshi, and others claimed that this was a hostile act on the part of the Prophet No, Hejaz was simply sacred space for the Muslims and the Prophet Simply stated, the non believers cannot be in the sacred space or the Muslims. And that rule applies to this day. Saudi Arabia does not allow non Muslims to go to Mecca and Medina. Why? Because this is sacred and Muslim space. What is the what is the problem with that? Why cannot? Why can't our Christian missionary

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friends understand that? So it's a very simple fact, which Christian missionaries fail to understand or deliberately

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do not want to understand. And then another tradition from Sahih Bukhari which says, I have been ordered to fight people until they testify that there is no God but Allah, and only then will their lives and their property be saved from me. And this is from the most reliable collection of idiots, he Bahati and I said, Now, I can't be reliable either. And as you continue, you find Muhammad be. So here, Nabeel mentions Another handy somebody and he ended up I don't know how he understands it, but our orthodox scholars have explained that this had this is specifically talking about a group of idolaters in the Arabian Peninsula. It will, Tamia made it very clear in his photo, and it will

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hydrolyze Kalani even raised the point about this, that if the Hadees is to be taken generally that the Prophet has been commanded to fight all people, then how do we have peace treaties? How do we have the means living with the Muslims for example, the Jews in the

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Christians who have lived throughout the Muslim civilization, from Morocco to all the way up to China. So how did the Muslim civilization facilitate well being, and the existence or even the coexistence of Jews and Christians with the Muslims? How did that happen? So obviously, maybe

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around read the Hadees, with a hostile lens, without sympathy without even taking time to read the Orthodox scholars of Islam on this matter, so he didn't want to understand because there are variant versions of this very Hadees. How do we understand how these literature as Muslims as orthodox Muslims, we read the Hadith literature holistically, we do not take statements of the prophet in isolation because different people heard

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these statements from the Prophet sallahu wa Salaam, and they conveyed these ideas in their own words. So what we do is we read all the reports on that particular matter, and we take them all into consideration, and we look at the matter holistically, instead of taking one report in isolation. So what the bill seems to have done, he read this a decent Buhari, and he thought that is the only studies on the matter, but when we go to other versions of that, very Hudis, it's specifically mentioned the word mushrikeen, omerta and okra, Talal mushrikeen that I have been commanded to fight the idolaters and idolaters the Prophet was fighting we're in the Arabian Peninsula. This is why it

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multimedia in his Fatah, he made it very clear that this had these is talking about those hostile idolaters who were fighting the Muslims, they were attacking the Muslims. Likewise, Roger also mentioned that this Hadees cannot be taken generally. Because how do you fight people you have agreements with? Okay, how do you fight with Alabama for example, the Jews and Christians living in the domain of Islam, you do not fight them, you cannot fight them, in fact, the Quran commands to be kind to them and I will come to that, in due course.

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Adding multiple hundreds of men at the same time. You see him, distributing those men's wives and children into slavery. You see him torturing people for money, you see him

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all these atrocities within Muhammad's life, and not always in defensive battles by any means. Offensively as well. And okay, here in a Bill mentioned few incidents, for example, he's talking about the execution of an operator to give you the exact reference which is mentioned in Bukhari, by the way bonagura, was not executed by the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. He did not issue that decree rather banal Qaeda themselves chose a man called Saad bin Muhammad, who was an ally of Bano Qaeda in the past, there is a huge history behind it. Many articles have been written, explaining this history, Christian missionaries, for some reason, fail to understand it, or do not want to

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understand it, or if they understand it, they do not want to convey to them as they deliberately deceive the masses into thinking that Mohammed was some sort of bloodthirsty

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Savage, outdo Bella somehow to Bella, who wanted to kill people across the board. But if that was the case, what was the binocular era doing in Medina in the first place? Who were the bond operator? Who was the sub tribe of the Jewish people living in Medina, side by side with Muslims? What were they doing in the what what were they doing in this situation in the first place? How many other Jewish tries a day? Did this policy apply to them? Of course not. So the background to give you a very quick summary is that the devil many Jewish tribes and sub tribes who lived around Medina when the Prophet was the sole ruler of the city, and the Jews went into treaties with the Muslims, they

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signed treaties with the Muslims, and they agreed that there will be no hostility from the Jewish side against the Muslims. And if anyone breaches the terms of the treaties, then of course, they forfeit their protection. Right. So Bhanu coryza, was one of those tribes that rebelled against the Muslims joined ranks with the idolaters who are attacking the Muslims in Medina, and this happened in year five of Hijri. During the Battle of the ditch, if you want to read the details, go to any basic book of the biography of the Prophet peace be upon him, and you will see the details there that Bono kureta among many of the Jewish tribes was one of those tribes that broke the treaty with

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the Prophet deliberately despite being warned. To the contrary, they broke the treaty, and they wanted to inline it annihilate the Muslims

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joining the idolaters in this particular battle, and after the battle was over, of course, the idolaters they lifted the camp and they left and bonagura was left without

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Any support from the idolaters? So the Prophet went to Bono Cora, asking them questions. So Bono Cora refused to accept the arbitration of Prophet Muhammad. They said we will only accept the arbitration aside in March, who had known Bono Cora, in the past before the Prophet had migrated to Medina, they requested that we will accept any decree coming from Serbia have any decree so I've been was, was a companion of the prophet who lived in Medina, who had allied with bunker Ada in the past, who was an ally of pinacoteca. In the past before the Prophet came to Medina, so they trusted Savi mods, because they had a good relationship with Him. And they assumed that zarbin mas will be

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very merciful towards them, when it comes to arbitration. So the Prophet peace be upon him accepted.

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The request and sobbing was was requested to come an arbitrator. So before Saad decided on the matter, or before he

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issued his decree, he stood up, and he asked all parties to accept whatever he decides, he looked at the profit specifically, and he asked him to agree, if you decide something, it will be followed, the prophet gave his word that it will be followed by an operator also agreed that whatever he decides, will be followed and accepted. Then he decreed that all the fighting men who were ready to fight and kill the Muslims, not very long ago with the idolatrous are to be executed as a result, because they broke the treaty, they forfeit their protection and security. And the women and children ought to be taken into captivity. So this is exactly what happened at the time of an opera.

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And this decree by the way, was decided according to the biblical text with the Jewish people themselves believed in the book of Deuteronomy, the Book of Leviticus, is full of laws. Regarding book the book of Numbers, also the Pentateuch, for example, the Torah is full of laws regarding how you deal with enemies or captives. So that very same law of the Bible which Nabeel shouldn't have a problem, it was applied on the Jewish people. So the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him had nothing to do with this decree. He had already given his word that he will accept whatever saw the MAS decrease, because there were two other sub tribes who had done similar things in the Prophet bundle,

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pain, Oka, and banana zeal. They were not executed. They were simply exiled because they broke the terms of the treaties. There were other Jewish tribes around Medina who did not break the treaties and treaties with them were confirmed. They were not touched. They were not pushed around. They were not harmed in any way rather, the relationship, the peaceful, cordial relationship with them continued. So Nabeel Qureshi deliberately hides all of that. And not only Nabeel Qureshi does that all Christian missionaries have come across unfortunately, all I have to say all. I haven't seen one so far, who has given the entire picture to the Christian audiences, we have to do it. All Christian

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missionaries, without an exception, deliberately hide these important facts, these important details for people to understand the circumstances of why the Prophet peace be upon him sola Salaam, agreed with that harsh decree of sobbing mouth. And as a result binaries are executed. So always Christian missionaries who say Mohammed executed the Mohammed x. Actually they executed themselves, they chose a man who decreed that they should be executed the fighting men By the way, only the fighting men who were ready to fight and kill Muslims not long ago. So this is the background knowledge of the incident of an operator. Another incident Nabeel referred to was that Muhammad, tortured people to

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extract money from them. This is absurd. This is absolute shamelessness. Because this report, I think he's referring to a report in Eben is hoc and it is a fabrication and outright fabrication. It is like me, quoting from the Gospel of Judah, the gospel of Mary Magdalene, of the Gospel of Thomas or other apocryphal literature with the Christians do not accept today, as a source of information for the Christians, it would be an absolute

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absolutely disingenuous thing to do. And this is exactly what Neville seems to have done. So what Christian missionaries used to do and do to this day is they're mixed false with some truth, and even the truth has been manipulated, or basic, important facts have been completely taken away from the truth. So the people have a very bad image of the Prophet. So people think of Muhammad peace be upon him as some sort of bloodthirsty savage barbarian who wanted to kill people across the world. That wasn't the case. We see the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in a different light because we see with we study his life holistically, moving on without indulging too much into that

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So, after trying to dismiss many of these traditions, I said, Well, let me let me piece together what's going on here because if I dismiss all of these violent traditions, then I am basically dismissing the foundations of Islam. This is where I get my picture of Muhammad from. So it is clear Nabeel Qureshi had a picture of Islam based upon these sources. It is also clear, either he did not read the circumstances around the sources or the meaning of the sources, or the greater the larger context of these sources, or he did not want to know the truth, or he knew the truth and didn't want to talk about it or didn't want to accept it. It was one of those things because the way he's

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putting these sources forward, and the way he's understanding them is clearly wrong is clearly completely misplaced. So looking just at the sources, what is the story? How do I reconstruct what Muhammad's life is like and what you find when you do that? Because there certainly are peaceful passages in the Quran. We can't ignore that. Like chapter two, verse 256 of the Quran, which says, There's no compulsion in religion. Those are often the ones that are quoted and are often the ones so you have people chapter 109, which says, you know, those of you who disbelieve, believe whatever you want, and let us believe what we want and fairly peaceful. One of the ones that's just I can't

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say this without laughing a bit, but so abused is chapter five, verse 32, of the Quran, which says, If you kill one person, it says if you kill all of mankind, and if you say if you save a life, it says if you save all of mankind, when you start understanding the context, though, you realize that this is not the ultimate message of Islam, for example, that one verse, chapter five, verse 32, of the Quran, says, the first part of that verse is, it was told to the Jews, if you kill one person, it's as if you kill all mankind, I save life, as if you save all mankind. And we do we find that in tractate Sanhedrin of the Babylonian Talmud, it's not in the Quran. It's not a teaching for Muslims.

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The next verse is the teaching for Muslims, which says, If anyone creates mischief in the land or strives against a lot or His Messenger, Crucify Him, or kill him, right, exactly. Okay, so you start getting the context and what you find is, in the first 13 years of Muhammad's prophetic career, he lives a peaceful life. He has about 100 followers by the end of that time, not that many. So before we get to the first 13 years of the life of the Prophet peace be upon him. Let's quickly address some of the verses Neville has mentioned. He clearly acknowledges that there are peaceful versus peaceful verses in the Quran.

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And he seems to find a contradiction in them and other violent verses of the Quran. For example, one one of the verses he mentions is to Surah to 256. Law a graphic been out of alignment chatango regime law a graphic de facto by Universal domina, right. Okay. That verse clearly states that there is no compulsion in religion and truth stands clear from false it. So in other words, do not force people to accept the Accept your religion, right. And that particular verse was definitely revealed about the Jews and the Christians because the context when we read it, that verse was revealed about,

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you know,

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the prophet, and the Quran or a law preventing Muslims from forcing anyone to accept Islam. It's clear, then he mentions another verse, which is talking about the Jewish people that they were told that if you kill one innocent person, it is like killing the whole of humanity. So why is God giving that example to Muslims? Is the question how do the Muslims understand that verse? How do we apply it in our lives? What do the Muslim commentators have to say? What did the commentary say about this? First, the application is for the Muslims. The reason why God is telling the believers why the Jews were told x, y, and Zed is to give them a lesson that they were told this, this also applies

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when you so they were given a standard, which is a moral standard. We are telling you this standard again, so that you can also apply this in your life. So do not kill innocent people. Because killing an innocent person is like killing the all of humanity. And then he jumps straight to the next verse, which which is talking about criminals, amazingly, without shedding light on that particular incident, which is mentioned in the verse later, that as for those who commit crimes against a line is messenger. Now Islam has been a political faith from the very start, okay?

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The Medina, society or the society in Medina was governed by the law of Islam. Right? Prophet was the head of state, right? So there was a law to follow, you cannot murder. So that particular verse, which prescribes very harsh punishment for criminals, who are these criminals, the context of the verses, and we read in the commentaries, that there were people who came to the prophet of Islam, and they accepted Islam with him.

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They were desert bedwin. They were Arabs, they came to the Prophet, they accepted Islam, and they became ill. They were unwell. So the Prophet prescribed for them to go to his camels. Okay? And stay in that environment. And mix camel milk with urine, Campbell urine, he prescribed this as a cultural as a traditional remedy for whatever condition they had.

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So this cultural traditional remedy was prescribed by the prophet for those specific people for those specific conditions in those specific circumstances. They went to the camels. So after becoming fit, and well, spending time, out there in the desert with the camels or the profit, they killed the caretaker of the camels. Now remember, these people had already embraced Islam with the Prophet, they pretended to be Muslims with the Prophet clearly. And when they became well, in fit, they realized there are many camels and they simply can't, they can simply make away with the camels. So they killed the caretaker, they tortured him to death, okay, they chopped his limbs off

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from opposite sides, and then blinded him, they blind these people, these very people blinded him. So they killed this caretaker of the Prophet very, very savagely. And they're made away with the candles. So the when, when so when the Prophet realized what had happened, he sent people to a restaurant to catch them, they were caught, and they were killed. In the like fashion. The limbs from the opposite sides are chopped off, just like they killed the caretaker of the Prophet, because Islam follows the law, an eye for an eye, a hand for a hand, a leg for a leg. So this was the law that was applied by the prophet on these very criminals. And this is when this verse was revealed to

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confirm what the prophet had done, that those who fight against God and His Prophet, this is the punishment prescribed for them. So this punishment, or this harsh penalty, this very harsh penalty is for highway robbers, for murderers for rapists. This is the penalty in Islam for people who do such crimes. Okay, this is what the verse is talking about. The verse is not talking about disbelievers just as Nabeel Qureshi attempted to insinuate, right, it has nothing to do with disbelievers. Because the verse before clarifies you cannot kill innocent people, under any circumstances. The prophetic tradition clarifies that amply.

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The prophetic tradition clarifies that very,

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very much how, because we have reported Buhari for example, the prophet specifically told his companions, that when in conflict,

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when in conflict Do not kill women and children specifically, in the book of jihad in Sahih. Al Bukhari the Prophet specifically told his companions, even in conflict, do not kill women and children, because the Prophet had come across a dead body of a woman on the battlefield on one of the battlefields. So these pieces of information are deliberately hidden by our Christian missionary

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opponents and interlocutors, in this case in the bill Qureshi clearly does not understand the context of these texts in Islam, or doesn't want to understand them, or if he understands them didn't want to tell people the bigger picture certainly doesn't have a fighting force. Most of these people are of humble means. And he doesn't fight during that time. But then he's given rule over a city, an entire city gives him the right to be arbiter. From that moment until his death approximately nine to 10 years. He personally participates in or deputizes 86 battles, right, so that's an average of nine plus battles a year. And they culminate in intensity until the moment he

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dies. Chapter nine of the Quran is the last major chapter of the clicker. So before we get to chapter nine, here, Nabeel Qureshi talks about the first 13 years of the Prophet when he was peaceful, right. And then after he migrated to Medina, he became violent somehow, and they were at expeditions in those 10 years. What he doesn't tell people is that in the first 13 years, the Prophet and his companions was severely tortured, persecuted, abused, pushed around, beaten, strangled, thrown around boycotted all those things. Nabeel deliberately hides all this important information. He does not tell people what was happening to the prophet in the first 30 years. His

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companions were tortured to death. They were sold into slavery. They were pushed around or spat at. They were killed the Prophet his wife was lost.

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Prophet lost his wife due to a very severe boycott imposed against the Prophet and his family. So after the Prophet migrated to Medina, where the people had invited him to come and be an arbitrator in their phase, these skirmishes and idolaters around the Arabian Peninsula, they started to attack the profit. They did not let the they did not let him live in peace. They did not let him have peace. And to defend his community. The Prophet had to launch military campaigns to defend this community. So he fought Arabian tribes. He fought Romans, he was threatened by the Persians, he was threatened by all sorts of people, his small little community, okay became a garrison community.

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They had to, they had to dig

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ditches around Medina to defend themselves. They had to fight defensive battles. Now go and see the battles of the Prophet. The bill was talking about the bill was talking about at campaigns, if you calculate the numbers

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of people who died in these campaigns, it's not more than 2000 people, because all of these people 99% of these battles were defensive, in nature, 99% of them, okay. And those that were not defensive, they were pre emptive they were pre emptive prophet had to lead his community, he had to defend his vulnerable community, a very small number of people were threatened repeatedly, again and again by the Qureshi by Bernhard Fon, by Bhanu hanifa. For example, other for example, a coalition of Jewish tribes in favor, they were threatening, threatening the Prophet peace be upon him and his companions. So these were mostly defensive battles that were fought in the defense of the the

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Prophet and his community. But what would Nabeel say about someone like Musa Moses, who fought offensive battles over attacking territories without any provocation, as such, okay? If you go and read the book of Numbers, for example, okay, and other books, in the Old Testament, you will see massacres being committed, you will see massacres, indiscriminate massacres, being committed. The Book of Second Samuel, chapter 15, verse three, clearly states that Moses commanded the Israelites to kill men, women and children, unbelievable cruelty. And we do not believe that Moses could have commanded something like that. This is not from Moses, we do not believe that's the word of God, we

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will never accept that, that a prophet of God can ever command to kill innocent people. That is in the Bible. For some reason, people like Nabeel, and

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others who want to attack Islam from the Christian background. They do not read the Bible, they do not see the Old Testament, the Old Testament still stands as a moral tradition for the Christians to follow. Although Christians do not follow the teachings of the Old Testament where they still follow the moral values of it. This is what Paul said, in second, similar as the book a second Timothy, chapter three, verse 16, that all scripture all scripture means all of it from from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation. Okay? Although Paul was talking about the the Old Testament, in particular, All scripture is God breathed, and it is good for correction for righteousness, and

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training and morality. If that's the case, then the Old Testament is applicable to Christians to this day to learn morality. And if that's the case, then Moses could not have possibly done anything immoral. How do people like to justify the actions of Moses in the Old Testament?

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Like an example I just gave you from the book of Second Samuel? How do people like Abele reconcile that with the moral values today? So the prophet of Islam was fighting defensive, defensive battles, he did not do anything like Moses, Joshua, or other Israelite prophets are doing in the Old Testament, although we don't believe those passages are actually truly revealed by God. We believe those were put down by historians to inflate the, the, the, how can I put it the masculinity of Israelite prophets against the enemy's Quran to have been composed, and it is the most expansively violent This is the one that starts off by saying this is a disavow of all the treaties we have with

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polytheists chapter nine, verse five, slay the infidels wherever you find them, lay siege to them, take them captive, chapter nine, verse 29. Fight the Jews and Christians until they pay you the poll tax and they feel subdued. Why? chapter nine, verse 33, Islam has been made to prevail over every religion. So I mean, chapter nine is the most violent, it's the culmination of the Islamic message. It's what the marching orders that Mohammed leaves Muslims with, which is why when he dies, Muslims conquer one third of the known world within 150 years. So here an idealist

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About chapter nine of the Quran he believes that this is the culmination of the message of Islam. This is the peak of it right? This is when Islam reached its maturity, because this particular chapter of the Quran Chapter nine, Soto Toba was revealed near the end of the prophets life. So therefore it has to be the final say. And he mentioned certain

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violent verses the verses of war from this particular chapter, what he again fails to realize or fails to convey if he knows the facts that these verses were revealed in particular contexts. For example, chapter nine, verse five was revealed for those policies, who had broken the treaties with the Prophet, despite the fact that they had treaties of peace, the polytheist was still attacking the Prophet and his companions. And God had revealed the this verse, He revealed this verse, to tell the profit. Now you need to defend yourself, go and fight back. Okay, do not hold back because these policies will not respect any treaty, therefore fight back. And if they submit amazingly, what the

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bill does not do is, quote versus before, and versus after, amazingly versus after clarify that if they demand peace, if they request peace, then cease hostilities, because God love peace, and let them have peace. Let them have peace, simply read verse number six, verse number seven of chapter nine, and you will see how our dear friends Christian missionaries deliberately hide these basic facts. Likewise, he quoted 929, from the same chapter, insinuating that here is a command to fight all the Jews and Christians in the world, because they do not believe in Islam. Again, this is a very, very bad interpretation of this verse. And it doesn't exist, that particular interpretation

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does not exist. Why? Because if that was the case, there would be no Jews living with the Muslims throughout the Muslim civilization. For over 1000 years, there would be no Christians living under Islam. They would all be Muslims, they would be forced into Islam. Right? There would be no treaties between the immediate successor or successors of the Prophet of Islam, people like Abubakar Omar of man and Ali, Amaya, none of these people would have had treaties with non Muslim states. They are treaties. They signed treaties of peace, right. So here in this verse 929, chapter nine of the Quran verse 29, is telling the Prophet and his companions that those

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non Muslims who are attacking you, you must fight them back and defend yourself, which is common sense, which is a basic human right. If you are being attacked, you defend yourself, you don't sit idle and let people abuse you and push you around. And this is exactly what was happening to the prophet in his community. They were under attack, non stop. For the last 10 years of the prophets life. He was under attack, non stop every single day of his life he was being attacked, for worshiping one God for worshiping one god idolaters. Some of the Jewish tribes around Medina and some

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Roman allies were repeatedly threatening the prophet of Islam. In fact, 929 was revealed in the context of the Romans threatening to invade Arabia. This was clearly stated in a hadith of Bokhari whereby once honorable Qatar was approached by one of his companions, to give him the news that the Prophet might have divorced his daughter, when he opened the door. The first question Omar asked, Have the Romans arrived, because the man who knocked his door was very desperate to get almost attention. So Omar, when you open the door, the first question he asked how the Romans arrived. In other words, the Muslims are living in fear of the Romans attacking Arabia. So these verses are

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revealed in that context. Now, what Nabeel fails to do throughout this short video, which I'm responding to, is to quote the most important verse that deals with the Muslim attitude towards the non Muslims. The most important verse of the Quran in this regard, and what that verse is, is going to be as follows chapter 60 of the Quran, verse eight, I repeat chapter album, Davina, ciao chapter 60 of the Quran, verse eight, which states that God does not forbid you from being kind to those non believers who do not fight you for your religion and do not drive you out of your homes. God loves the just right. In this verse, God is simply telling the believers This is your general attitude

00:34:54 --> 00:35:00

towards non believers who do not fight you for your religion. They do not push you around. They do not

00:35:00 --> 00:35:41

abuse you they do not take your land from you. They do not do not invade your lands, they do not attack you. They don't do anything to you. You will be kind to them. You live in kindness with them. This is exactly what our Holy Scripture the Quran tells us Nabeel Qureshi for some reason, in this very important video where he's talking about these hostile versus against hostile people. These verses were revealed in responses to things hostile people were doing to Muslims. So God was giving them instructions. The Quran is a book of law. It is a book of instructions. It is a constitution for the Muslims. So the Quran gives them options. What do you do when you pray? What do you do when

00:35:41 --> 00:36:17

you divorce? What do you do when you're married? What do you do when you give charity to orphans? What do you do when you make ablution? Or when you wash yourselves? What do you do when you are dealing with your parents? For example, what do you do when you deal with your neighbors? What do you do when you deal with orphans? What do you do when you deal with your community at large with your leaders? For example, the Quran has details on all these things I mentioned. Right? And the Quran has instructions on how to engage people you are you are attacked by or people who are attacking you people who are who are hostile to you, how do you engage them. So Quran is a book of

00:36:17 --> 00:36:23

instructions on all these different matters. And amazingly, Nabeel Qureshi

00:36:24 --> 00:37:10

deliberately fails to mention this very important verse, which gives the general attitude of the Muslims, okay, which is to be held across the board throughout the Muslim civilization, kindness, generosity, compassion. This is exactly what the Koran prescribes. In chapter 16, verse eight, for disbelievers of all sought also idolaters Jews, Christians, and the Muslim civilization bears testimony to that fact that Jews lived with the Muslims for over 1000 years under the protection of Islam. Okay, there were Jewish scholars who confirmed that there are scholars like Bernard Lewis, who states that the Jews are more protected and treated far better under Islam for over 1000 years

00:37:10 --> 00:37:52

than they were in the Christian lines. Mark Cohan, and other American Jewish scholar who confirm this fact that the Jews were treated far better and far more peacefully than the Muslim in the Muslim lands than they were in the Christian lands. And I can go on and on and on, and give you many examples from the history of Islam and the Muslim civilization as to how the Jews and Christians coexisted with the Muslims for over 1000 years in peace, in peace and under justice of Islam. Now, he mentioned also that because of these verses, Muslims went out, and they ended up conquering vast chunks of land. Of course, they did that, because they were fighting hostile powers. They did this

00:37:52 --> 00:38:34

for two reason. They did this for two reasons to defend themselves, number one against Roman aggression. Okay, number two, the other reason was to take the Justice and the beauty of Islam to the people not to force them into Islam, no doubt, because the Muslims, they were taking the justice to the people of the land of Syria, to the people of the land of Egypt. This is exactly how they saw it. And this is clearly mentioned in Muslim Chronicles, that the only reason Muslims are going into these lands was because these people were heavily oppressed. Do you know who supported the Muslims in Syria, when Muslims went into Syria to fight the Romans, who was backing the Muslims, the

00:38:34 --> 00:39:17

Christians of Syria, the Christians of Syria, they opened the doors for the Muslims to support the Muslims, who supported the Muslims in Egypt against the Romans, the Coptic Christians, the Orthodox Coptic Christians of Egypt, they opened the doors of Egypt for the Muslims. This is clearly testified to the local by the local Chronicle as for example, john of nickeil, was a Coptic Christian writing in the seventh century in Egypt. He stated that when Muslims came to Egypt, the Coptic Christians, they backed the Muslims against the Romans who followed a different version of Christianity, which they were forcing upon the Orthodox masses. They were doing the same thing in

00:39:17 --> 00:39:50

Syria, the Romans are forcing their version of Christianity upon the Orthodox masses of Syria, and they did not like it. They hated the Romans for it. And one of the the the outcome was them backing the Muslims and Muslims went to Syria and Egypt. This is why scholars like Thomas Arnold they believe this is how the Muslims took all this land so rapidly because the masses are supporting them. So Muslims went out there to deliver deliver justice, these are the things Christian missionaries will not tell you. They will never tell you about these things. They were simply mentioned.

00:39:52 --> 00:40:00

things they have read, it's it's it's complex. Once again, they would tell places if you do not convert, then you have the option to pay a tax and if

00:40:00 --> 00:40:12

If you don't pay that tax, then we will get you the jizya. Exactly. Yeah. So it was it was expanding into territory. The first option people were given was conversion. The second option was paying a tax. And if that didn't happen, then it was then it was by the sword.

00:40:13 --> 00:40:59

And do you basically see this as effectively the modus operandi of groups like ISIS today? Well, this has been the clear, you see a classic example of Christian missionaries, quoting verses in the Quran out of context, it is clear in this video out of context, okay? They don't want to understand the facts around these verses. And these reports from the Prophet completely out of out of context, they quote these verses out of context, and then they jump straight to ISIS. So they understanding the Christian missionary understanding of Islam is exactly the same as the ISIS understanding of Islam. So in this, I believe in this in this, they are both the same Christian missionaries, the

00:40:59 --> 00:41:43

think alike, and and the people of ISIS think alike, right. They think like each other. They both have the same understanding of Islam for some reason. And the vast majority of Muslim scholarship, the vast majority of the Muslims around the world, the entire history of Islam, and the Muslim civilization, stands testimony against ISIS, what ISIS is doing, and what Christian missionaries want people to believe. This is the travesty. This is the level of disingenuous it. This is the level of deception we are facing on the part of the Christian missionaries. So they quote these texts out of context, they put their own spins on them, and then they jump straight to ISIS, or see

00:41:43 --> 00:42:22

what we are saying or how we understand Islamic texts. ISIS is doing exactly the same. We agree with you. Absolutely. You and ISIS are in agreement in understanding Islam that way. And amazingly, thankfully, all the major authority of Islam have rejected ISIS, and all the Muslims on the planet. When I say All I am saying 99.9% of the Muslims on the planet have rejected ISIS. And I'm pretty sure you're quite disappointed about that biological understanding of Islam up until the fall of the Ottoman Empire, no Muslim really ever had qualms with it. It's, it's what it was. And this is the mess the means through which Allah had given Muslims dominance around the world. And it wasn't until

00:42:22 --> 00:43:08

Muslims had had to as culture, flipped the script and start playing the defensive the victim card which they hadn't done before. So for example, the crusades, many Muslims will point to the Crusades now and say this is another example of Christian sort of superiority complex and trying to keep us down and oppressing us. The Crusades were never even discussed in Islamic literature. There was no Muslim or Arabic word for crusades until Christians came up with one in the 19th century. This is absolutely inaccurate. Nabeel doesn't know the history of crusades, Muslim scholars amply discuss the Crusaders and the Crusades. Okay. In the histories, I can name Muslim sources from the time from

00:43:08 --> 00:43:49

the 12th century, when the Crusades were happening. There is a book written by Osama bin mancave. It is called kitamura. Tovar, he described the Crusaders in length and what they believed in what they did, how they live their culture, actually mocked it. They he mocked the culture of the Crusaders, right. And there was bow Dini buncha dad who wrote on the Crusades and the Crusaders and even praised some of the qualities of the Crusaders. So Muslims called us they discussed the Crusaders in detail. Perhaps Nabeel Qureshi is not aware of the history of the crusades, I will ask him to pick up a basic history of the Crusades. Now he has passed away, he's not alive, I would have told him if

00:43:49 --> 00:43:54

he was alive to read a basic history of the Crusades so that he can understand these things.

00:43:55 --> 00:44:34

It just wasn't a part of the Islamic mentality until the Ottoman Empire fell, the Islamic world started losing its power. And then these discussions started happening. And that's why you don't hear the phrase Islam is a religion of peace until the 20th century. This phrase that Islam is a religion of peace has been put out from the very beginning of Islam. The Quran mentioned that Rama or sanaka in naramata lalala mean the Quran states in chapter 21, verse 107, that Prophet Muhammad was not saint sent except to the mercy for the words and chapter 60 of the Quran, verse eight, where Quran says God commands you to be kind, okay? And it is a religion of peace. It is clearly stated in

00:44:34 --> 00:44:39

many, many Hadith of the Prophet, I do not have the time to go through all those reports at this stage.

00:44:41 --> 00:44:56

That simply wasn't a phrase it was never said it was never thought that wasn't the way Muslims had thought up until that time. Okay, the video ends my brothers and sisters, I do apologize if I went on for too long. Some of these things have to be clarified. And now it is clear that Christian missionaries

00:44:58 --> 00:44:59

in most cases will not tell you to

00:45:00 --> 00:45:27

truth they will lie on Islam. They will misrepresent Islam. They will misrepresent our sources. So please do not accept anything from missionaries in particular, a lot of them I'm not saying all of them most of them. Unfortunately we are debating Muslims who are engaging Muslims on the largest scale on the global scale. They will not tell you the truth of Islam and its sources. I hope you liked the video. If you did, please share it and make dinner for us. More will be coming inshallah salaam aleikum wa Taala

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