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Adnan Rashid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their confusion over the use of the verse in the Gospel of Matthew, stating that it is inaccurate and that the Bible does not prove the use of the verse. They criticize the use of the symbols in the Bible and the way they are being used to prove the presence of a prophet. The speaker concludes that the use of the symbols in the Bible is inaccurate and will lead to false predictions. They also discuss the importance of proving that one is a true prophet and how to assert their legitimacy.
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Being verse you're claiming you're you're, you're basically indirectly claiming this verse in the Gospel of Matthew, or this part, this chapter, or when this part you're claiming is true. You actually claim me, and because it's true is talking about a prophet, Son of man coming from the east. Firstly, your Biblical understanding is completely flawed. Let me explain why. Okay? That Jesus himself said about His Second Coming, okay? It's his second understand, and we are saying, Jesus said in the book of Matthew, chapter 24, our Prophet will come from the east, and he's teaching we'll come to the west. That's what he says. He's not saying that. He's not he's talking.

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If a look, first of all, first of all, he says, no, no, no, no, no, hang on. It says, Let me let me call what Jesus said. When you see lightning coming from the east onto the West. Therefore shall you find the Son of Man, the three things Okay, one, he points to the east. Okay, number two, he said, lightning. First of all, let me finish lightning in biblical terminology means teaching. It means divine teach, you're claiming that No, no, that is not a claim. I'm a former Christian theologian. It's what we were taught. Right? I graduated in the Dominican institution in theology and philosophy, okay. Then I went on to other universities. So it's not what I'm claiming. It's what I

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taught what I was taught. Okay, then, son of mine means a prophet. So Jesus said that Prophet, My Second Coming, will come from the east. Okay. That's our interpretation. That's, I'm only putting that to you now. Now. It's false. Let me explain why. No, no, no, no, no, no, that's your claim. Right? Well, my claim let me explain my claim. No. Second of all, let me claim first to clarify this. Firstly, anything on the Gospels when you use it to substantiate the prophethood of your prophet from cardijn in Punjab, okay. You are standing on shaky grounds. Okay. Well, I'll tell you why. I'll tell you why. Okay. Especially especially, especially when you have no evidence from the

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Quran and the Sunnah. The reason why we as Muslims go back to the biblical prophets prophecies is not because they are Hotjar upon us is because the Quran claims you actually do know who muck tuba in the home fit Torah Tala G, they find Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam written with them in Torah, and in the Gospel, okay, this is why we got wait. This is why we go back here. You're just making something out of the Gospels. As you press first you're claiming verse you're claiming you're, you're basically indirectly claiming this verse in the Gospel of Matthew, or this part this with this part you're claiming is true. You're actually claiming, and because it's true, it's talking

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about a prophet, Son of man coming from the east. Firstly, your Biblical understanding is completely flawed. Let me explain why. Okay, okay. Wait, wait. Okay. The Gospel of the Gospel of Matthew. Firstly, is not hijab on us. We cannot use it to claim a prophet somewhere else. Number one, number one, you're standing on shaky ground, number one, number two, the Gospel of Matthew itself is highly questionable. He said, it's an anonymous is Wait, let me finish. Brother Ibrahim, let me finish. Let me finish. Let me check your theological knowledge that now how much of a theologian you are, let me check. Okay. The Gospel of Matthew is an anonymous document. The only person who gave name to so is

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Dave is Dave is module. Okay, wait, wait, the document. Look, is module is Module unknown person, okay. We don't know who wrote it. Number one. Number two, the concept of some Son of Man biblically speaking in the New Testament, it refers to one person only, okay, according to the gospel authors, and that is Jesus Christ himself physically, physically, himself, no one else, okay? Because there's a prophecy in the book of Daniel, wait, let me finish. Okay. Now, next point. Okay, so, so so so all of these things put together, your entire house of cards falls

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in your face, number one, number two. The reason why you have to go to the Gospel of Matthew, is because you have nothing from the Quran. Nothing from the Prophet of Islam, about a Punjabi Mongol prophet who emerged in the 19th century in India. And wait, wait, let me say, who who didn't even have the profile, let alone be a prophet, a profile of a gentleman. I mean, I'm being very polite. I'm being very polite, okay, I'm not insulting him. I'm not saying what we have received about him from your sources from Ahmadi sources, his language, his behavior, and other things that came from his family. He doesn't even qualify to be a gentle man, let alone let alone a prophet. Wait, okay,

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let alone a prophet. Well, we're not gonna get into that because that's a sensitive. No, no, no, no, but that because you are new, you're coming with no references. Nothing. And if I pull out references I'm going to read I'm going to read his quote, very swearing, very swearing was using Punjabi swear words. Okay, listen to me, and it's false prophecies, his false prophecies. We

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argument okay using profile. Okay, okay, wait, let me let me finish my arguments.

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Okay, let me use some words Yes. I'm like Jesus did like the Quran does not Punjabi swear words. Okay? Okay, wait no Punjabi swear words. Okay, what about Punjabi swear words they do hurt. They're hurtful.

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Do you heard for long? Okay, wait, wait, let me finish. So so the reason why you have to go to the Gospel of Matthew is because you have nothing you do you come to people like me or or or our people, let's say anywhere else in the world we Amedy sneak in quietly and go and start preaching to ignorant, absolutely ignorant Muslims who have no access to scholarship, and they start to win converts. You know why that? How, why they do this? Well how they do this? Because they know if they go to an educated Muslim community, where people are educated about sources, they will never accept this. They will never accept this next year or next year. It's our Allah, Allah invite you to our

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conference. They would like you to know can you come as a chief guest?

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I would love to fiercely. I have nothing against. By the way. I'm not I'm not an enemy of the comedies. Okay, I am I am against that I'm against the religion.

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But sometimes your sarcasm does not do any favor. Right? You're talking about? I'm sorry. This is this is my character, by the way.

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Controlling Yeah. The very thing you're making a claim on the hazard was?

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Yes. And not being a gentleman.

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Put that aside, please. But that's a separate discussion. That's a separate discussion. Okay.

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I'm asking you give me something about his profiter you're going now you're going on to discuss him? He's currently right now. Okay. You can get my okay. Let me tell you something, a better way to defend him. You know, Christians attacked the Prophet of Islam with all sorts of things. What do we do? We show them how he's a prophet of Allah, how there are prophecies in the books about him how he was promised this, this this and Allah gave it to him. Just like that. Forget about the things that once you prove that he's a true prophet. Once you prove that he's a trooper, everything is gone.

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