Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2014 #08

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The host of Rocky Maf 2014 discusses the importance of sharing good news to help people, particularly those who are fasting or in markets. They also talk about a Prophet's visit and his treatment of his five-year-old son. The speaker describes Jesus's treatment of his son's mother and how he gives her his food and clothing. They also discuss Jesus's treatment of his son's mother and how he describes people as a "slacker." The importance of strong people and earnting one's hearts is also emphasized.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. This is real words as he will come here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014, day eight, I hope that your Ramadan is going pretty smooth. And I hope that you are benefiting from these reminders. And I really hope that you're also sharing them with others, it'll help to share this here to help you to share this good with others in shallow data, if you think you're benefiting from them in Sharma.

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Today, I'd like to talk about matter, which is really important to us that, you know, in this, especially in this month of Ramadan, the people who go around you see that sometimes they lack patience, you know, when they're fasting, you know, in the streets, in the markets, you know, businesses,

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how to earn the love of people towards us how to learn their hearts, you know, this is something that we can benefit from not only the Ramadan, but also out of Ramadan, how to earn the trust of people how to earn their hearts, how to earn their love, you know, so here I'm gonna mention in maybe not, this may not take one episode, it may take few episodes because I want to talk you know about some, some stories of the Prophet Mohammed I just sent him the art he had just sent it on how to earn the trust and how to earn the love of people that he is allowed to sell. And he has some, you know, he's a prophet, he had that he had those skills or they sought to sell the skills to, to

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earn the love of people so that they also how he treated, you know, elderly people, you know, young people, men, women, you know, all accordingly, you know, on a self esteem. So, let me mention the story of Muhammad. Muhammad, no phobia.

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This is this story is mentioned in Bukhari. Muslim Arabia, he was five years old. And he mentioned he says, you know, when he grew up to you know, he mentioned this Hadith, he says, The Prophet was making all day one day and I went to him, and I sat down by him, like, just do that, you know, when the Prophet was making what it was, he says, then the Prophet after the cabin, we met, okay, I mean, Matt,

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Giteau with me, Samantha jiofi witchy. And then he says, The Prophet took some water, put it in his mouth, and then he spat it out on my face. And then he says, The facade you know, as he says, I started you know, smiling, laughing, you know, he liked it, you know, he's a five year old, you know, five years old and the Prophet took some water and, and, you know, we know spat it out in his face.

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And Elisa lottosend so

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it's nice would you do that? I mean, it's just so nice to go out there you know, have some water in your mouth, and then go into markets and oh, and what people are making or doing the massage you know, in the market, so maybe go to a neighbor and oh, and look at the door was a Muslim and then when they open the door Spino take some water and spit it out in the face and tell him Hey, listen, it's soon at the Prophet did that it's in Bukhari. You want to do it, I can't do that. The Prophet said, he did that but you think he will do it to it to some to some Allah David one who's like a tough rough man, you know, he will just go to him and start spitting in our water. He's, no, he

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wouldn't. He wouldn't do that. I said, and he did that accordingly. You know, he's a boy, you know, he needs to treat him accordingly. And, and he would do with what he did to this man. Another story, this poor man, poor man by the name of Zen, SJ, Zen Hallam, look, no, the Prophet did not differentiate between, you know, this is poor. And this is, you know, and this is rich and whatnot. But he treated people again, accordingly. Zedd Heron used to live outside of Mesa halabi bedwin.

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The Shadow donnarumma You know, he had no money and no beauty so people didn't really care about him. So he came, he used to come to Medina and then he would bring some some, some heavy, some gifts to the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet would give him something from Medina. So this day, he came to visit the Prophet the Prophet didn't, he wasn't home. So that has Muharram. He went to, you know, he went to Medina to the streets of Medina, setting his goods. The Prophet went home, he asked if anybody came in, they said, No, no, just this man's I have no hat on. So the Prophet went, where is he? Oh, he left. So he went looking for him in the streets of Medina, he found him sending his

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goods, you know, so the Prophet came slowly behind him, then he grabbed him from the back. He grabbed him from the back start saying, men yesterday, I heard that men yesterday had an eye who is willing to buy the slave who is willing to bite the slave that, you know, little disturbed, you know, as you're somebody who wants to steal my goods, no one is somebody wants to see my goods, though somebody wants to steal my goods and also sell me, you know, as a slave, then he really became annoyed. And then then he noticed that people are smiling people got together looking at them, and then they started smiling. So that when he realized that, it must be, you know, the one

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who's grabbing we must be the face. Oh, there must be a loss of a loss if you look back, and in fact, it was the face of them.

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To be the man Allah has ever created, the most honorable man Allah has ever created. And it's been medically described as the Prophet Mohammed when he says, I touched the most, you know, softest softest things on earth like the softer silk and the softest no golden silver. But there's nothing as a soft as the hand of our soul lies on the lower end. He said Jevon know somewhat, he also describes the Prophet he says when I looked at the face of the prophet in a in a day, you know, when the food when the moon was full, and they looked at the full moon, you know, I looked at the moon and they looked at the face of law so like he says, by a law one law he says the face of a server is

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more beloved is more beautiful, is more beautiful, is more, you know, enlightened. There's more radiant in the face and then the moon

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who grabbed it from the back when when when I looked at the face also when he says he was super active, your only attribute only would you send me. He says, then what law either letters you don't need casita, he says then you will find me like I'm worth nothing. You can sell me nothing, but you will not get it but you are so dear in the set of a lot. He earned his heart. He's about to say, you know, look at us today. How would you shake a hand with someone in the masjid for instance, or a guest or a day that's in the ministry? Someone that comes in who's like a little mosquito guy who knows not knowing so much you know, he just leaves

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a company don't give the full handshake and even you will maybe not even a smile You know, he was just saying

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okay, you know, and then all of a sudden you know, a beautiful car comes in or comes in like the latest Mercedes you know, they had a small of a Mercedes today this brand comes in some guy beautiful man Oh, he's very well known that rich man and then he comes so that when you would go on a coma set up, give it to you and you will go shake hands and then maybe even grab that person and give him a very nice hot invite him home and today we'll have some really nice if Bob would you do that? You know Yeah, a lot of us would do something like that because you know that man is different from the other man but also the law when he shook hands with our banker same way you shook hands

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with Alma say when he should can't do it would be that for the 1100 measurement in same way he treated as well as I have had on you know, so this is the month where we should go and, and and and try to mend the hearts of people inshallah. Tada. There's some more stories which I want to share with you in this regard on how to earn the love of people and how to earn their hearts. I asked the last panel without to help us to practice and to convey and to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2014 I say as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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