Natives Accepting Islam in Philippines.

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The speaker is attending a smaller Springfield summer camp called Solokha in Virginia, which teaches Islam and provides opportunities for connections with native people. They emphasize the importance of teaching new practices and bringing together indigenous support. The camp is a seven-day program that provides opportunities for new Muslim support and is focused on following up. The speaker gives a brief recap of their experience, including a coffee shop and the importance of supporting local indigenous people. They encourage others to join their efforts to bring Islam to their hearts and help them financially.

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I want to

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okay as long as they come I am in Philippines right now brothers and sisters and you may be wondering what am I doing here? I am here for Ira work. I arise in Philippines doing the work of Dawa. Okay. And today we are attending us Salah camp. We call it Solokha. During Ramadan, we have been fundraising for Salah camps as you can remember, or maybe you can remember because we were doing live almost every other night in Ramadan to raise funds for new Muslim support. So there are people who have accepted Islam like if you look, they're in front of me, right now they are having lunch. This is an indigenous village. When I say indigenous village you cannot get more indigenous

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than this. They live in the traditional way. They have bamboo houses, they make houses from bamboo. Okay, you can come come come behind me

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very simple lifestyle. Very simple homes. The homes are made of bamboo. Okay. These are indigenous people in Philippines, in central Philippines. Right now we are with them. Many of them have accepted Islam in this village and we're doing a Salah camp that goes for seven days, right? So they learn how to pray. They learn the basics of Islam, they learn how to read Fatiha they learn the basics of the Quran. Okay, so as you can say, Pray with ease workshop. Okay, so that's the poster there and Ira

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these are indigenous people in Philippines and they look slightly different as well from other Filipinos because they are a different tribe. They are different ethnic group. If you like

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homes, they're very basically even the sharpest made of bamboo and straw. Remember the prophets Allah Salam said, Iris vision is what what is Iris vision? It is based upon a Hadith of the Prophet Salla Salah, the prophets, Allah some said, Islam will enter every home on the planet, whether that home is made of mud of grass, or bricks, I'm paraphrasing.

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So this is the Hadith of the Prophet that drives Ira work, IRAs work that drives us to come to places like this to go to places like Latin America go to Egypt can Asia Pacific countries go to Africa, this is why we are here it is this. So this work is very important. Because I want you to understand and I want you to realize that if we can do not continue to support each other in this, okay, this work and stop. That's why we want your support looking at his house is made of straw. And Islam has entered already in this area, and it will enter into the places with you or without you. The question is do you want to be part of it? That's the question is a very, very basic village with

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basic facilities. I've been told there is no water. There is no water so people can watch they actually have to go a long way to fetch water for the basic needs. Right? There are no toilets, for example. Okay.

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Even if I mean is that a mustard knife?

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We're gonna see.

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We're gonna see a small machine. But I want you to understand brothers sisters. Look at look look how basic the lives are. They are cooking on firewood. Okay, look at the house inside. There is no furniture. I mean hardly anything plastic furniture, beds, simple beds made of wood. Okay. And this is central Philippines.

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These people are indigenous people.

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In fact, I've been told they are the first people of Filipinos.

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These are the people who came here first. So we're working with them, they are accepting in large numbers, and we cannot abandon them. We cannot leave them without support. Hence, the salah camps, hence the new Muslim support. Hence the follow up if we don't follow up look how simple and basic these people are. If we don't teach them Islam, there is nothing. There is nothing they don't know anything. They don't they don't know what to do what to do. So how can people come and give shahada and walk away? This is not what we do. Our work is entirely focused on follow up. Okay. We call it new Muslim retention. The new new Muslim support work okay, the called Basic funnel Look at that.

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That's a house by the way. Well, maybe.

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Is it like a cafe or something? Okay, right. Okay, I know there are people sleeping. I don't want to disturb them going. Yeah, I've just got the permission to go in.

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Don't mean to

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It's really nice. Okay. They're very welcoming, hospitable people. Very open. Look, look, this is the dwelling. This is what they live in. Okay, that's the kitchen. Okay.

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Right next to a bamboo tree or a bamboo plant, right? And you can see this

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house, if you recall it that mashallah tomato actually is a beautiful place very

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soothing to the soul. And it's made of bamboo look, straw roof is made of straw. So we're gonna thank you. Thank you very much

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you may not think that Philippines is like that, but this is Philippines. This is not Africa. This is not Africa. This is Philippines. There are indigenous people who haven't who haven't received the message of Islam. They don't know anything about Islam. There are many Filipinos who go to Turkey who traveled to who traveled to say you can stay back. Okay.

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Who traveled to Middle Eastern countries experts to work the many Filipinos you might have seen 1000s upon 1000s of Filipinos working in the Middle Eastern countries. And yet they don't receive Dawa and possibly not even get positive image of Islam due to all other challenges they may face right? But here we are in the country to bring the message of Islam to them.

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Are we doing Dawa? Or do we hide the local

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through the locals, we hire local dots or we train them how to do

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this is the machine. This is a machine. Okay? This is how water comes look. It's been filled then the wooded area operates like that. And this is

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using the drinking water.

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And and it's leaking guys. Look it's leaking. Yeah. So this is the masjid

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recently, and we have a Philippine team here with us on Hamdulillah. And

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it's a new Muslim community. It's a new Muslim community, they are just coming up they're developing, we cannot leave them without support. This is at least for those who accept we have to be there for them, reach them and continue the work. So those of you watching right now, don't hesitate to support you can support them to come down here physically yourself. How about your own expenses, catch flights, if you want to come as volunteers get in touch with Ira Okay, through the website, okay, register as a volunteer and you can bring yourself there to support these people we can tell you where these people are you can go and live with them, teach them encourage them that's

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one way and in other ways support financially

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You go to the website and you will see the donations link ie R A D ie r Okay. Or the third way you can support it which is the least way make golfers make the half of this work with golf are all the pioneers with God for all the workers all the brothers and sisters working here in Philippines on the ground, they are doing an amazing job. So continue to make dua if you can't do anything else, but most Muslims can do something. Okay. And this is an obligation upon Muslims. Okay, we were supposed to be doing the centuries ago. We were supposed to be doing this long time ago. Right? We need to continue Dawa is life thou brings Islam to life. Okay? Where is where there

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is no doubt people even the children of the Muslims will leave Islam and this happened in Philippians by the way, okay, once upon a time this was Muslim territory. The Spanish came in the 16th century colonized the land and then majority of Filipinos today are Catholic. How did that happen? While this was ruled by so fans, pre 16th century this was Muslim territory ruled by Muslims for pawns they minted coins. Okay, so, brothers sisters, that's a very short message for me. Just remember that this work is very important. And we cannot we cannot possibly allow these people to be without support. We're gonna continue Sharla if you want to be part of it, I've already given you

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the options

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this is the first time that you have attend