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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a historic building in Singapore that was founded by a Muslim institution called the Masha Sayed Mohammed, and mentions the use of technology to produce content for schools. The building is also a historic place for students to study in English and create their own videos and videos for their own students. The speaker also mentions a historic building in Singapore that was founded by a family and is a legacy of generations to continue.
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Bismillah Khan Rahim Assalamu alaykum everyone I am in Singapore. I am visiting an Islamic school. This is a historic building is more than 100 years old. And this particular school, madrasa was established by

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Pioneer, a Muslim pioneer of Singapore is named Masha Sayed Mohammed bin Mohammed, the Sokoloff hence the name of the institution madrasa to photograph Allah Arabiya. Okay. And it was established in 1912, as you can see, so historic place and the building is pretty much in the same state. There are this is a girl school, by the way, right and there are close to 300 students students say and this is one of the most modern Islamic schools I have visited in my life. They are using modern technology they are encouraging children to produce content they are doing mashallah a lot of good work. Check them out. I'll madrasa Madonna staff in Singapore. Okay. Also, I'll segue off Arab

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school. I'll say golf is spelt with Al as a GE o FF

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also got Arab school. So the teach Arabic here that teach English that teach the Islamic curriculum and the teach the national curriculum. So it's a very powerful model for the rest of the Muslims to follow in terms of education systems, curriculum and methodology. Even the even the local schools are very inspired, you know, in Singapore is an affluent country, very rich country. There are very strong schools, even they are inspired by the models. Muslims are following in this particular institution. And this is basically a very well to do area this building was made when none of this existed. Look at this. Look around me the skyscrapers. This is Singapore. downtown's, Singapore.

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Very important place share.

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So your Mohammed bin Ahmed cough was

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also an ottoman officer. He was an ottoman ambassador. He was from Hadhramaut, Yemen, Yemeni family, the same family still runs the madrasa and they manage it. I've been I've been blown away. I've been really impressed by the system they using. I encourage anyone around the world who wants to build a modern Islamic institution or modern Islamic madrasa where modern technology is being used more than modern curriculums or modern methods of education are being used, this is the place okay, so this is a very beautiful blend of history with modernity. Okay, so there is this historic building. There is history of Islam and Muslims in Singapore at this very spot. This is where you can say Muslims came

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up, okay in Singapore, and they started to establish institutions at the same time. Now we are moving into the modern age. So the kids are being taught through modern methods like they're using iPads, they're using Apple technology in the school. Kids are creating content online, they're making their own videos, they are making their own animation, they're explaining the Quran and the some of the some of the messages of the Quran are being explained through animation. A lot of beautiful stuff is being done. I wish I could share more. We really have to go for Juma. I'm in Singapore brothers sisters. Watch out for Madras at Osaka. Allah Arabiya, or El sac of Arab school

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in Singapore established in 1912. Thank you so much. I wanted to share this with you very quickly maybe we can have a

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very historic building

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the structure is pretty much the same. It is a heritage site in Singapore The government is basically has declared it a heritage site because it's more than 100 years old. You can see there's a lot we could you know even look into the classrooms where the classes are taking place so we can't just you know bhaji did check it out in sha Allah online. And you will see the history of this school. This family you can check out Arabs in Singapore online. You can check out a scarf family in Singapore online as well. You can do research on them.

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Thank you so much for listening as salaam alaikum.

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Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait. Did you stop it? Yep, no. So

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we have our share here. Who is who is who is the moderator? I just want you to quickly introduce him, check please introduce yourself. Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My name is Syed Mustafa. I'm from the center of the Gulf. We are family from origin from patrimony Yemen.

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What I'm doing here is to continue the legacy of our forefathers to continue to spread Islam to continue to train our future in Ghana, insha Allah Akbar Allah, the legacy is very much alive the legacy of Sheikh Mohammed bin Ahmed Asaka. So you Hamad bin Ahmed Sokka and he's one of the descendants he's from the family. And he's still mashallah very much involved in the management and the running of the project and may Allah subhanaw taala carry this project into the future generations for centuries to come. Amiata Malala and Salaam Alaikum