Haifaa Younis – Get comfortable with being out of your comfort zone

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman named Jihad who struggles to express herself and struggles to admit to herself. She talks about a woman named Nadia Nahum who struggles to admit to herself and expresses her desire to be in her comfort zone. The woman in the transcript suggests that she is a threat and encourages the speaker not to worry about it.
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When Nadine Agia hydro fina and Nadia Nahum sabudana were in hola hola my mursaleen

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those who struggle is look at the word, Jihad Allah who is jihad. It's not about fighting. There is no word here Jahad struggle, Sheena for more than a handyman, Nahum subordinate. He will take you guide you don't worry, Allah I love you that you know hope no. And I said that by his name. He wants to see to me first. I wanted and I'm ready to work for it. And I'm ready to give up things for him. You do that, as she is a wonders Allah will show you. But you want to be in your comfort zone. And you don't want to be different as beautifully. You heard what difference is mean? I lived it also. When you are the only woman the only the only and I'm sure you live the two. The only the only woman

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in that room looks this way. The only woman in that room doesn't speak this way. And I kept on saying all bargain.

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jar and scam Mareeba will say I will do our era. Islam came as a stranger. And we'll come back as a stranger. Look around you, aren't we strangers? And what did he say to you and me and every stranger, Joe Biden or Abba someplace in Jannah. Don't you want to be that person?

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Why do you worry?

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Why do you waste your energy

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