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The speakers discuss the importance of praying and setting boundaries in one's life, as well as the significance of the royal family in the Middle East. They emphasize the need for a culture of control and the value of bringing it into one's behavior. Additionally, they touch on the topic of the "med strict" concept and how it can positively impact one's behavior.

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within you, January he decided in Hudson RW Jebel Allahu Anhu call

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it that a collection when I'm dealing with he has a reasonable chance duration Rachel's by my eyes they've been juggling. And it's within the theme of understanding email and this will be the 10th Hadith or so that I've been raised with Him this concept today. It's all scholars who put this hadith and in their collections or put it under the banner of iman even though it doesn't necessarily get that out. And I think there's a reason for it from the film of the scholars that this hadith, the the outcome of it there, the basic understanding of it is very much attached to the comprehending email and you'll you'll see what I mean once I once I narrate to you the nice Hadith

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admire those who I know have you they're always interesting, there's always a little bit of a personal touch to it. I couldn't do

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it yourself Allah Allah you early he was salam, if you suffer in elsewhere, we all men, Caribbean men who I was with the Prophet, Allah usados, and we were on a trip or traveling, meaning we weren't alone. There's a lot we were just traveling regardless of the reason for it. And one day I find myself close to him. Because when people are traveling on different on horses and camels and whatnot, they kind of dispersed in different ways. And one day he found himself close to the property so often. So he came up typically to ya rasool Allah,

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community enamelling you don't need a janitor or yoga I don't even know tell me of a deed that will allow me to enter Jannah and it will take me away from the hellfire. Alcala Salalah alayhi salatu salam ala consulta and Aleem. But you know who will ever see your own Allah and your Salah who Allah who died Allah Allah asked if something extremely profound and very important huge this is a massive question that you just asked me something to allow you to understand and go from Jahannam it was a big deal, but it's easy for those who Allah subhanaw To make it easy for him and he said that I will do Allah La to shriek will be he che and what to team was Salah there were two these two assume

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Ramadan will bite a pound a counted for him Alia so to sum the five pillars of Islam, pull them you bear witness of the Oneness of Allah subhanahu wa Dahlem you perform your prayers establish your periods appropriately. You pay your zakat you've passed your month and you perform high Jr.

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The Prophet alayhi salatu salam to the advantage and he he continues for God I am alive. I don't look at Allah Ebola Bill higher however I point out to you the doors of goodness meaning the channels that allow you to do something good, but go to bed Ayala Surah Takada somo, Juna well for sadhaka to two feet will hopefully come up with an email now, for Salah to Raju Lehmann JioFi lane to Makara teta Jaffa Zhu, boohoo Manuel MOBA, GA the owner of boom Hold on wacana me ma Rosa canal whom young people when I follow Allah Moon Epsom Viola hmil Karate union Jezza America and

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we said how to use a lot to a cinema so Majan a fasting is a protection as a form of protection protecting yourself and giving sadaqa giving charity it puts out bad deeds just like water puts out fire and praying at night just like you said didn't even it just praying doing pm Elaine and then recited I just thought those are the two verses and sort of soldier that you hear almost every genre on Friday that the Jaffa Junu boom there's tides can't even stay still in bed. They want to get up so they can pray and be close to their Lord. subhanho wa taala. So Macalester Allah Islam, Allah Moroka Moran, mela seal Emery moody he was ill what is in me? How would I tell you I'm gonna add

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the head of this estate and the pillar and the pinnacle of it. The whole Dubai era sort of like yes, please tell me Bacala so Emeril Islam, the head of this of this affair is submission while I'm moving to Salah, and the pillar of it established is establishing prayer with everyone to see now me here and the pinnacle of Vienna to Siena is the highest point of the hump of the Campbell and it's just it means the pinnacle and the pinnacle of it is LG HUD is striving for the sake of Allah, the MK allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam availa of mural gamma be Nila key though he couldn't be here. How would I tell you what all of that is based on? What contract what drives all of that? What

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controls all of it? Meaning what owns it and we like something that the Ask the one aspect that owns all of this everything you heard about what's actually going to make a difference. But when

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he asked one question, why do you got it Michelle? You got all this, but go to bed. I also love Southern Lights and Pakala it's like you sell them daily, so I know who will be he took his tongue. Carla Kufa Lika her Heather. Be careful what this does. It took me a long time like this

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eldest son, alcoholic, I had to be very careful with this. Hold on to this. Control this call to rasool Allah, we're in limbo earth I don't wanna either OB man at UCLA movie, where we held accountable for what we say. Carla Lee tequila Chico mukaiyama If it told me May your mother and weave your your grave, and this is a way that would make you do not

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Making do out against someone but I need in the form of pointing out a mistake because as I said I'm thank you let's go Oh no mukaiyama Well your code will NASA Allah will do him Oh ALLAH mana city him for no Illa Hassan Cena team, what do you think throws people face first into jahannam? Omar, aside from what their tongues do? What do you mean? are we accountable for what we say? What do you think most people are gonna fall into Janome for the things they said is for things they said. I'm talking about Iman, the man is yes, it's a it's a comprehension, it's a belief that exists inside of you. But if it does not translate into a specific amount of control that you have over your tongue, then

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none of it means anything.

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If the man is there, but somehow does not translate into your ability to command your tongue to command what it is that you say, and how is it you'd behave that he might he's not doing is just not really Iman, it you can call it other stuff and call the claim you can call the basic acceptance you can get acknowledgement or recognition, whatever you can give it a lot of different names. But if you want to call it Iman, there has to be a translation into something that is practical. And there has to be control of this tongue which will be told that it was on a sawtooth and this hadith is under the banner of iman the chapter of iman in every book of Hadith that those who are underrated

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isn't the collective I'm kidding me the you find in other collections as well. They always put it under Iman, because it was talking about that. That's how they understood Iman, that's how those people understood him. And that's how we're supposed to understand it today. It's not just an issue I believe this okay, you believe it. If it's not translating into behavior that you don't really believe it,

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which is the point that I'm trying to Yanni hopefully make for you I hope that was a benefit. You're really telling me that you feed Jamia and he said I did Hassan in Marathi Mujtaba are the one who call going to Monterey is Allah Allah who only will sell him if he suffering for us back to human body by men who are called to Yara Sula, Allah the army anomaly nuclear agenda Yuba uni Mina Nora Bacala Salah Holly semla John albimanus Julio see Allah Manya Salah hula hula Allah

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Allah Hi that usually Kobe he che no to Paymo Salah musica water flume Ramadan otaku jewel bait I further ado Luca

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Dubai Yasuda Allah Nakata Sol Moon was sadaqa to toto fate will hopefully you know masala to Raju Lehmann, JioFi Latham Metalia Tata Jaffa General boohooman in Baba Jaya to makalah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I know you haven't seen me while I'm moody he was really what you seen me he referred to by Allah Allah, Allah Allah Baba and in Islam what I'm all Salah will deliver to Xena means you had to do Luca Isla Mila Kedah Lika Cooley. Call to Bala jasola *a waka Lisa Anna who be Eddie he co five acre harder for call to we're in Kaduna be Mana dhikala movie here was Fatah. That's it. Let's go oh my

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goodness. I learned at him Oh, and I will show him for now. In the hustle scene at him. Salah colossal Roma he said Allah Allah he's like he's gonna spoken with Huntington Allah, Allah, Allah and just told people to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Muhammad Allah early he was like